New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC10 Available

We are releasing the next iteration of this Release Candidate (RC10) with six new crash fixes. We have also repaired the inability for Mac PowerPC users to log in, and other hardware which failed to login until the second try. Thank you for your patience while we investigated these tough bugs!

We are working on a few additional crash fixes to release to you next week; please expect just one more Release Candidate after today while we focus on any remaining Showstopper issues. Please of course continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate”.

Thanks again to all of you who participate in the RC cycle — we have appreciated the great high-quality reports of bugs with reproducible steps and system environments that help us track these down before an official release.

Please visit the Test Viewers download page to download the Second Life 1.20 RC10 Release Candidate viewer.

Feature Note about changes in RC10 to llSetLinkTexture:

  • We have iterated on the new constants that were introduced in 1.20 RC7, and have added five texture constants for referencing in llSetLinkTexture:
  • TEXTURE_BLANK is the non-transparent blank texture, equivalent to UUID
  • TEXTURE_DEFAULT is the default plywood texture, equivalent to UUID
  • TEXTURE_PLYWOOD is the default plywood texture, equivalent to UUID
  • TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT is a fully transparent texture, equivalent to UUID
  • TEXTURE_MEDIA is the default Media texture, equivalent to UUID
  • Note: TEXTURE_DEFAULT is a synonym for TEXTURE_PLYWOOD
  • Compatibility Note:
    • Scripts using these constants will run smoothly in all Second Life viewers, however previous versions of the viewer will NOT be able to edit and recompile scripts using the new constants. Older versions will report “(XX,YY): ERROR : Name not defined within scope” when trying to compile such a script.
    • If you are using an older version of the viewer that does not support the TEXTURE_ contants and want to edit and recompile scripts with a TEXTURE_ constant, then you have to revert to the earlier LSL requirement to use the UUID of the texture you want to use.
    • The TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT texture will be gray unless you view it with a viewer that supports this transparent texture (viewer 1.20.10 or above).

Changes in RC10:
* Watchdog is disabled in settings for final Release Candidates
* VWR-7315: “TEXTURE_DEFAULT” is a bad constant name (See above – this now refers to Plywood texture)

* Fixed: VWR-7612: PowerPC Mac unexpectedly quits when SL runs
* Possible Fix: VWR-7400 Mac PPC 1.20.8: Unable to connect
* Fixed: VWR-7069: Can’t login to v1.20 RC until the second try (Openssl hangs on first https request)
* Fixed: VWR-7261: pixellation static/rectangle seen nearby avatar imposters
* Fixed: VWR-1715: Macintosh: cyclic short-term freezing of display, getting worse over time: does not respond to commands, eventually change of POV attempt crashes app
* Fixed: VWR-7338: New Texture Constant “TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT” is NOT transparent!
* Fixed: crash on LLSpeakerMgr::findSpeaker
* Fixed: crash on LLAudioData – llaudio/audioengine.cpp
* Fixed: crash on LLGroupNotifyBox::moveToBack
* Fixed: crash on LLPieMenu::show
* Fixed: crash on LLFloaterWorldMap::buildLandmarkIDLists
* Fixed: crash on LLDrawable::destroy
* Fixed: Automatic linux font selection doesn’t override legacy data in config file
* Fixed: viewer sends no grid choice to the web server
* Fixed: Any change to preferences “restores” the viewer window size

Localization Fixes:
* Partial Fix: Repair truncated text in 1.20 localizations

Reminder: Release Candidate viewers are optional viewers that contain the latest round of bug fixes in the upcoming next version of the Second Life viewer. If you have been using the 1.20 (RC9), you will be required to update that installation to this latest version (RC10). But the Release Candidate is always an optional version that you may choose not to use β€” or better– to have installed side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page or

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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147 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC10 Available

  1. trinity bailey says:

    Has Voice been fixed ? it is 2 months now that is is unuseable on MacBookPro…

    Is the debug mode available again ? I wasn’t till now, with a MacBook Pro. The command to activate it hadn’t any effect at all…

    These two issues have been reported many, many, many times by many, many, many customers.

    Thanks to fix it now, or I’ll assume you want to put us McBookPro users aside.

    Sorry it might seem quite a sour comment, but I am fed up.

    Thanks for your efforts, anyways.

  2. Thx for your great work. Keep your heads up and move on :))

  3. lulz says:

    Finally, the download mirrors are fast! πŸ™‚

  4. Scott Bristol says:

    Is it just me or are the download speeds getting slower with each new release? I am downloading at ~ 10 kb/s now for this one even though my own connection has enough speed available to load it in a few seconds instead of the hour or so it takes now…

  5. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Lets try this one πŸ™‚ If SL would be stable then the viewer would be more handy then its now

  6. Vylixan Fallon says:

    Scott , thats your connection , I am at 55 KB/s

  7. BETLOG Hax says:

    Download is running at 6-7KB/sec. Unsure if this a ‘me’ issue or a server issue.

  8. Scott Bristol says:

    If it were my connection wouldn’t the other downloads I started from different servers to check for that be slow too? πŸ˜‰

    It is just SL for the last 3-4 release candidates or so.

  9. Norma Desmond Junior says:

    Thank you for your work appreciate ,your care and feeding of Apple folks–I have to use because I crash repeatedly on my iMac on EVEN with lowest draw, half video RAM and all goodies off. File all the crash reports.Until a few days ago was fabulously stable -now it is starting to crash out too. Help!

  10. trinity bailey says:

    I am at 240 KB/s… it took me approx’ 6 minutes to download it…
    So… I am afraid it is not SL… but your connection…

  11. backeroo says:

    Also slow Download here. Maybe BitTorrent should be considered for future releases.

  12. trinity bailey says:

    No, no, no !!!! please don’t change things that actually WORK !!!!
    Downloads are ok.

    The grid stability isn’t.
    Features aren’t either.

    Let’s keep this as a priority.

  13. Kira says:

    Is there a date you are shooting for , for the final release?

  14. trinity bailey says:

    The later the better, imho…

  15. Destiny Niles says:

    Have the snapshots been fixed?

  16. trinity bailey says:

    oh yes !!! i forgot about the snapshots !!! thanks for the jira link, Destiny… I’m going there right now to vote for it.

  17. VWR-1715 appears to be a thing of the past. Enjoying 60 FPS all around on Windlight ultra and no interruptions. Good Job.

  18. June Oh says:

    As the the bright vertical band at left of screen been fixed?

    (Downloading now, says going to take 55mins.)

  19. trinity bailey says:

    Ok… I downloaded it..

    guess what ???
    still no debug mode available…


  20. votslav hax says: is obvious at least to this Av that you have been working pretty hard to make sl a stable environment… thanks again for your diligent work to make sl all that it can be…

  21. Bubles Lurra says:

    My Download seems very very slow this time 20KB/s
    I also hope the snapshots are fixed, I have to keep changing to the old client to take snapshots for business purposes.

  22. About downloading speed: I’m in Italy and I’m downloading at 130 KB/s.

    I always get the file from – I never use the automatic tool (slower, AFAIK).

  23. Phillip Hultcrantz says:

    …Well maby you should stop and think…

    This client was -just- released.. did you ever consider that thousands of people trying to download the same damn file might make the server run just a tad bit slow?

  24. Bubles Lurra says:

    yeah thats what i did….hmmm

  25. Ann Otoole says:

    That little issue with sculpties being deformed till the sculpt picker is opened seems to have vanished. Hope so. If this proper sculpty behavior continues through tomorrow i’ll resolve fixed on the one I opened.

  26. Kenny Humby says:

    What are those error messages? I can’t even install RC10…………….only me?

  27. Raul Crimson says:

    Thanks!!! Really happy about the fix of the issue with Mac PowerPC!!! Thanks!

  28. Ann Otoole says:

    figures as soon as I mention it the defect returns. Oh well.

  29. trinity bailey says:


    thanks again for your diligent work to make sl all that it can be…”

    what if “what it can be” isn’t what it SHOULD be ?

    but oooooooohhh…… I can postcards again to an email address !!!!!!

    It is a miracle !!!!!

  30. Jeroen Ra says:

    @3 lulz: Is there a list of mirrors available for this viewer? Any torrents maybe?

    Do I really have to wait three hours before i can start SL again on my macbook 3rd gen. Because the stable viewers are not supported I depend in de RC. wheheee 😦

  31. Patiently Waiting says:

    Full bright fixed on this yet? hmm been waiting a looong time for that fix as many have… would love to use this but I’ll wait till full bright is fixed… glow is cool… now lets see if we can fix what is on the jira… thanks for some fixes though πŸ˜‰

  32. Saiki Spirt says:

    Same bugs, new viewer, Camera is still VERY buggy, it has been a problem since RC0 of 1.20 I don’t know what you guys did, but it needs FIXED or I won’t be able to do much of anything in SL

  33. Dytska Vieria says:

    I sure hope you can fix the wacky camera skew problems such as:

    If you are a builder and work on large builds doing a lot of overhead, or on-top looking down camera positioning and move the camera along the build, you will be =seriously= impaired to be able to build anything!

    Until bugs such as these are fixed, the RC should not be made into an official viewer. The new bugs introduced in the RC that are not in the current official viewer that are not new features, such as manipulation of the camera controls must be fixed first!

  34. Alyx Sands says:

    *waves* Hello, ANY word on all the bugs with snapshots, i.e. HUD objects in pics or (in my case) totally black snapshots?

  35. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Now that we have explicit support for transparent textures:

    Can the transparent texture ALSO be added to the library so people can use the same transparent texture when building?

    Can the “transparency” box in the editor be extended to let you enter 100% now?

  36. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Oh, for snapshots, can we PLEASE have the ability to take-and-upload snapshots in any aspect ratio restored? They’re being forced to a power of two square these days, so I have to snapshot to disk and then upload, which is inconvenient and also changes the *type* of the snapshot from “Photo” to “Texture”.

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    PS: yes I know they get rescaled, but when I’m taking a snapshot to put on a non-square prim I can’t use a square aspect ratio, OK?

  38. Astryd Moore says: is still broken.

    I really hope you can fix this before the release — otherwise you’re in danger of having an all-new Search function that actually doesn’t work for quite a few people…

  39. Creem says:

    Thanks for fixing the PPC Mac login issue; running the “stable” viewer with worse performance and 100% crash rate on logout was a real thorn in my side!

  40. Lyrah Shpherd says:

    I also found that the download from the log-in screen was excrutiatingly slow….

    So I had a look at the blog download page and am getting much better speeds!!!

  41. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    You are still refusing to recognize many of the problems that some of us have worked very hard to bring to your attention with clear repros such as and

    I am beginning to understand why many knowledgeable people here are saying your jira is useless. But I will resist the urge to turn this into a rant. It has all pretty much been said.

  42. Razzor says:

    I seem to be the only one getting this, but whatever it is, it’s preventing me from running SecondLife. During install I get the message:

    Error opening file for writing:

    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\app_settings\mozilla\components/xululil.dll

    It goes on to give several others regarding other files in mozilla, and a few just before finishing, including:
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\xul.dll
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\ssl3.dll
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\softokn3.dll
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\smime3.dll
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\plds4.dll
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\plc4.dll
    C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\openjpeg.dll

    And that’s just a few of them, there’s a lot of letter/number ones, but the end result is Second Life won’t even start to load. Just me or universal?

  43. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    Well at least now I can log in reliably – the FIRST time I hit login on my Vista machine.

    I would be EXTREMELY happy now if I had a function like the one described in SVC-215… but since that one’s been open for over a year without being assigned, I guess I can craft my own code to do what I need… and then be happy.

  44. Olaf Bosch says:

    nice, a new viewer rc πŸ™‚

    I am looking fwd to lesser nvidia errors – and an accurate install: Have a look at the install routine, I am localized (arrrrgh localised) in austria -the default OS (msFista) language is german, after selecting english, the viewer still starts in german. so I use my own shortcut ””C:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate.exe” -settings settings_releasecandidate.xml -channel “Second Life Release Candidate” -set SystemLanguage en-us’ in the mean time..

    Keep up the good work, its highly appreciated πŸ™‚

    muchas kudos!

  45. Vivienne says:

    Great, i can log in with the RC now.

    And real ,progress on my G5: Instead of rendering my avatar completely black when anti-aliasing is enabled, it now projects the current screenshot (!) onn my skin. Woooot! Colored horror is better than black horror. Tho this is only bearable with black humor…

    Oh, my, oh my, get some guys from Apple or IBM on the phone. Mwybe they teach your coders abour how to adress their hardware…

  46. Bubbles Lurra says:

    Ok..Snapshots NOT fixed 😦

  47. !!!~ !!!~ !!!~ !!!~ !!!~ L O G I N F A I L E D ~!!! ~!!! ~!!! ~!!! ~!!!

    …Why are they always unable to complete my request at this time… ?
    Could they perhaps ‘specify’ a time that would be more convenient… ?

  48. DanielRavenNest Noe says:

    WTF is up with a required update? Im already on, isnt that the official viewer at this time?

  49. BigManu Greene says:

    Still can’t connect to the grid on my MacPro Dual Quad Core, 8 Go Ram, NVidia 8800, Mac OSX 10.5.3…

    Freezes while “connecting to region…”

    Please test the Mac client on recent Macs πŸ˜‰


  50. Vivienne says:

    @ 42

    “I am beginning to understand why many knowledgeable people here are saying your jira is useless.”

    It is not useless, as you can see. They “fixed” the avatar black rendering on PPC/Nvidia macs, indeed, It is screenshot rendering now. He he.

  51. The END is NEAR …!!!!!!!!!
    make preparations………

  52. Patiently Waiting says:

    @ 55 & 56… possibly banned? or maybe should be?

  53. But it doesn’t say that in my accout… it say BANNED in ALL FIVE of my OTHER ACCOUNTS but not the one I use now…

  54. Tsula Love says:

    For those complaining about the RC not working for them, this is the RELEASE CANDIDATE, not the REAL viewer. Have a look around at the other ones!!!!

  55. Astryl Arai says:

    Downloaded the new version and now I can not log in at all nothing happens just sits on logging in

  56. SAIRUS says:


    Thanx for the Amazing and Great work ..
    The Problem with the attempt to log in twice is Finley solved .. now i can log in from the first time .. yeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Thanxx and keep up the great work ..
    urs the Best .

  57. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    chuckling @ 53 Vivienne

    Nice to see someone laughing at the probs. I am trying not to fall into the trap of taking myself too seriously as some here on both sides of the fence seem to be doing. Maybe we should just all take a break for a day and put on the party hat in the library and act like clowns πŸ˜›

    I do know the Jira isn’t completely useless. I have seen the programmers and residents get together in there and struggle to figure out serious problems. and I am just gonna shut up there and leave it on a positive note. πŸ˜€ now if I can just get that party hat to rez….

  58. Broccoli Furry says:

    I love it! Keep up the Yiffing

  59. Cathy says:

    OMG,,,the biggest piece of crap yet,,this is amazing,,,,i am on right now and have been for 10 minutes and everything is still gray,,nothing is rezzing.. I have been in the typing motion since I logged on,,However,,,IM NOT TYPING,,lol,,is there anyway to down-grade this back to RO9? this is not going to cut it at all,,un-usible.. i was able to log in very quickly but noting in world works,,,lol,,JUNK RO10

  60. Aspect ratios wont matter…
    isnt fixed
    I was hoping for more photo shoots!

  61. Jan Hird says:

    Download with 3,4 KB/sec, i love this very fast server….
    and after download 22% of it read-error on the download-server.

  62. Bitova Loon says:

    as a general comment .. works for me… XP SP3 .. ATI GFX

    no better .. no worse .. BUT WORKS πŸ™‚

  63. Jan Hird says:

    and the next try with 90 KB/sec

  64. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    i was looking forward to this update..thought 6 crash fixes.. wow!
    downloaded, installed, started ..and crashed within 2 tp and error indication..just crash..and report :(((((

    the last two RC candidates have crashed me more often than any system is still the same..regularlymaintained and no other applications’s not getting better and i’m really disappointed 😦

  65. Shani says:

    hmmm, with this update i now have black stripes all over my skin…but since no one else has mentioned this it must just be me?


  66. Jessicka Graves says:

    You fixed various crash bugs, but have significant bugs everywhere else, who cares if its as release candidate, the final version is going to be what you’re forced to play on – so the “it’s just in beta” argument is flawed…because they don’t fix much on each beta, most of the time generate more bugs when fixing other ones, and then force it to be the final release which you have to play. Listing “known issues” that should have been fixed before the final release.

  67. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    @59: Maybe if you weren’t doing stupid things like your earlier posts, you wouldn’t have been banned 5 times from SL.

  68. trinity bailey says:

    Global crash of my MacBook… 2 months old…
    Had to make a hard shut down…


  69. RaptonX Zorger says:

    It still crashes during teleports

  70. Zi Ree says:

    (Linux) I crashed twice after about five minutes while doing nothing πŸ™‚ But after that I stayed online until now, so the RC9 was more stable for me than RC10, but maybe it was just some bad texture in my cache or something.

  71. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    “* Fixed: VWR-7069: Can’t login to v1.20 RC until the second try”

    YAY! thank you! πŸ˜€

  72. Satori Taringa says:

    Yep, 1st download running at 4K/sec… killed it… restarted, now at 340K/sec

  73. Marianne McCann says:

    Like the constants for llSetLinkTexture – nice addition

    @34 Dytska: Yes, that behavious drives me kinda nuts. Overall, the camera seems “more floaty.” This makes it hard ot line up a decent photo sometimes, too.

  74. Jessicka Graves says:

    I almost logged in once, then it crashed before the load bar hit the end, and now I can’t log back in, I just keep getting “Login Failed”, going on 5 times now for about 10 minutes. *Goes to write a JIRA*

  75. Matto Destiny says:

    I have been TESTING RC10 for about a hour and a half with no problems. The log in twice on my Vista has now been sorted and no issues so far to report to jira.

    Well done Lindens and keep up your good work.

  76. Sabine Geiger says:

    Why oh Why is Linden labs releasing new viewers while problems on the grid wont get fixed
    Sinds the itroduction of Havok 4 when someone is walk behind you or there is a object behind youyour cam zooms in to the back of your head and zooms back when the person behind you passed this is very irritating and way more importand to get fixed then that water looks prittyer

  77. Dekka Raymaker says:

    As a Mac user, I would like to say thank you for letting me use the RC again, appreciated πŸ™‚

  78. GC Continental says:


    WOW. Wish I’d known about this earlier.

    DL speed climbed until topping out at 1734/KBs (yes, Kapital K).

    Took about 20 secs to DL the RC. Far out….

    Snaps suck in the RC. Bring back my ability to get a snap the same size as my window.

  79. Leila Larkham says:

    So it now says free accounts are unable to log in to allow paid residents a smoother experience. Does that mean free accounts will never again be able to log in? I can’t believe that the Lindens will ever make SL a smooth ride for anyone!

  80. Autumn Palen says:

    Finally able to login with a PPC mac; however, all UI sounds seem to be gone in this release (for me at least).

  81. GC Continental says:


    What are the perms on those files, or the RC install directory? I’d check that first, uninstall the current RC, and make sure to remove that folder. then I’d give it another shot.

  82. Gwendalyn Darkstone says:

    What id like to know, is why with this new viewer are we non payers being discriminated against. We cant log in until the payers get in? how is that fair? if SL is supposed to be a place to meet and make friends, where there is no prejudice and no discrimination, then why are non payers being forced to wait to sign in? is it the new viwer, or has this been happening awhile now?

  83. maeve yoshikawa says:

    someone said that if you arent a paid member you will not be allowed back in? is this true?

  84. Danball Tureaud says:

    #82, the camera issue has been fixed since RC6 I believe.

  85. Sunshine Kukulcan says:

    How about you remove the REQUIRED UPDATE statement from the plain SL viewer

    Unless I’m mistaken, only the RC was updated to a new version today.

  86. Aaron J. Freeman says:

    Sabine, I don’t know why Camera oddities would be server side, but it seems to be.
    I’ve just discovered a feature, that Basic Accounts are unable to log in. I don’t think it’s going to make 1.20.10 look good, even though I also find it on Is there a blog on this feature?
    Should I be trying to cancel my 6:30 class?
    Torley was just mentioning, that other features were released with Windlight, that my system isn’t friendly with, is there a way to distinguish these features?

  87. Danball Tureaud says:

    Reason why free accounts can’t log in at the moment, is because at least 25% of the SL population are bots or campers who do nothing but wait for the tiny amount L$ they get per 15 minutes

  88. Astryd Moore says:

    The “pay accounts only” thing has been around for ages; it’s not new. I think it’s just a server feature that is switched on sometimes when the database load is high.

  89. Leila Larkham says:

    89 I cant get on and thats what the failed log in is saying… no free accounts allowed for a smoother experience for paid residents. I dont know but if even half of the people complaining is this blog are paid residents then the smooth ride isnt working!

  90. Gwendalyn Darkstone says:


    Just because theres campers, doesnt mean we deserve discrimination

  91. maeve yoshikawa says:

    #93 so does that mean we have to start paying for a membership?

  92. Missy Malaprop says:

    to number 1, what problems with the Macbook Pro? voice and also the debug menu and all the options work just fine for me on my Macbook Pro…

    and to number 32…. there is something wrong with full bright? hmmm guess ill ahve to look that one up, it works just fine for me, even scripting it on and off on items. maybe its something minor about it im not noticing cuz not using it.

  93. Your Conscience says:

    @42 Refusing to recognize? Let me draw your attention to one of the comments in the JIRA (the second one you listed) that you apparently missed.

    “Coco Linden – 22/May/08 04:32 PM
    Just FYI, there are several improvements to the snapshots features coming to a viewer near you that I think you will find useful. One small one that might help you avoid auto-snapshot mode altogether will be that the ctrl-shift-s hot key (current shortcut for File->Take Snapshot) will refresh the snapshot if the floater is already visible. I’ve also removed the one second delay from all but auto-snapshot captures, so you should find it very easy and accurate to grab action snapshots at the click of a (few) keys.”

  94. Leila Larkham says:

    Hey! Alot of residents without paid accounts have jobs in SL for people with paid accounts. Wwell looks like your going to have to find some people to work for you that dont really need the money.
    Not only that but some unpaid accounts remain that way because Lindens have run there credit card through so many times that the credit card company froze the card thinking it stolen… so I for one will never trust a Linden with any real life financial information.

  95. Your Conscience says:

    @42 Cont.
    As I see it, you actually got two Linden comments, one from Ramzi too, on the second JIRA link. That’s more attention than most I’ve seen, and you still say that they are “refusing to recognize” it?

  96. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @96,97: When the load drops then free accounts will be allowed back in.

    Laura18@66: I’m not seeing that problem.

  97. Just stating the facts says:

    @100 Leila…If you will never trust the Lindens with any real life financial information…you may just have to wait to log in until all the people, who do pay$, to get in ahead of you.

  98. Suzan says:

    Download took only a few seconds for me.

    I still love the dazzle look. Works good for me, as good as RC9 worked. Really very stable for me, good work.

    And if the asset-server team and the database-team do as good work some day, it would be really great! πŸ˜€ (Yes, working with computers and I know that was quite harsh.. heheh….)

    btw, my system: Ubuntu Linux 8.04, Nvidia GeForce Go 7300

    AND… what I want to say: thanks for supporting the linux platform that much! πŸ™‚ We are getting more and more!

  99. Satori Taringa says:

    When will the bouncing/YoYo camera get fixed?

  100. maeve yoshikawa says:

    every time i go into appearance there is a green light. another glitch?

  101. Selkit Diller says:

    Still no fix for the nVidia black water issue? That’s one that hits the released client as well as the RC clients (All of them!). Totally wrecks advanced shaders for anyone using nVidia’s 175.16 release driver. See JIRA and *please* prioritize this fix. It’s a critical issue that’s been unsolved for quite some time now.

  102. Satori Taringa says:

    Are money transfer safe with this RC, I just lost 500L$.

  103. The account I just created for the sake of experiment can log in… but, my main account (that actually ‘pays’ and owns land) can’t. That’s it, I have HAD IT …!!! Lolz, well… no, not really… but, I ~am~ confused…

  104. Welleran Kanto says:

    @36: I like the idea of having this new built-in texture placed in the default Library. I was just about to ask, here, whether I should start using that “TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT… UUID ‘8dcd4a48-2…'” from now on, instead of my own “totally clear” texture.

    I still would like to know. Should I stop using the totally-clear 8×8 texture I have now, in favor of using the new one? Seems to me that I should, because that would contribute to keeping SL tidy and less laggy.

    Since I don’t know how to use a texture via its UUID, I tend to favor Argent Stonecutter’s suggestions, since they seemingly would make it easier to use this new texture — if it’s easier, more people will be willing to use it.

    As a Mac user, I, too, am grateful to see any and all Mac-related troubleshooting and fixes (though happy to report that I have not experienced any lasting login problems with any client I’ve used since my first rezz in March). Thank you, Linden Lab.

  105. Tuyula Cazalet says:

    Download as fast as ever, 238 Kb/sec
    I hope the black corner has disappeared now for Mac Mini and Macbook users? Or….

  106. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Sorry Conscience (@99 and 101) Closing the issues is a pretty clear statement that they do not recognize them as a problem. I am kinda stumped as to how you can see that otherwise, but ok. The comments by Alexa in the VWR-6000 thread when she closed it are beyond the understanding of everyone in the thread. I am not sure how you can construe that as any kind of recognition but…whatever. I’m gonna go put on my party hat and have some fun πŸ˜€

  107. Satori Taringa says:

    Web Page account shows the money transfer took effect, however the
    notifications in-world was ignored or never occured.

  108. Tuyula Cazalet says:

    Nope, the dark flickering corner is still there :((

  109. Aquarius Paravane says:

    @82 – for some of us at least who have had unreliable viewers for months, getting a reliable viewer is by far the most important issue, and certainly more important than a fix for a camera movement bug. There is not much more irritating than having to power your machine off and on again every few minutes.

  110. SL Playerβ„’ says:

    As Ol’ Jack once said, “What if this is has good as it gets.”

  111. You’re going to get a good spanking…

  112. Kirk says:

    @1 – Voice not working on my MacBook Pro was fixed by upgrading to Leopard. Dunno if that’s an option for you, but if help me and at least one other MBP user I know.

  113. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I hope they delet 118’s account

  114. SoulsurvivorTOSP says:

    “We are working on a few additional crash fixes to release to you next week; please expect just one more Release Candidate after today while we focus on any remaining Showstopper issues. ”

    “Please visit the Test Viewers download page to download the Second Life 1.20 RC10 Release Candidate viewer.”

    So, there will be another viewer coming out??? And this is just a testing viewer???

    One thing, i am not able to wear any skirt since upgraded to 1.19, my friend don’t see the skirt nor me, but, i can see my skirt when i choose edit appearance, but i do not have such problem at all when i started to play SL till i upgraded to 1.19.. 😦

    I can only wear prim skirt, but that sux…, i really hope this will be fix..


  115. Byakuya Runo says:

    Where the hell are the moderators? Are we adults or are we kids posting on the blog?

  116. Edward Griffith says:

    When I run this full screen – I much right click and select touch to interact with anything. All huds inoperable – they simply don’t get the button clicks. When run in a window – this behaves normally. It this new? Mac OS 10.9.

  117. Jayden Beresford says:

    Listen very carefully, I will say this only once…

    To fix the “bouncing camera problem” you know, the one that makes you nauseous and ill.

    Go to Preferences:Input&Camera
    Set Camera Smoothing to zero

  118. Jayden Beresford says:

    @123 Edward “When I run this full screen – I much right click and select touch to interact with anything. All huds inoperable – they simply don’t get the button clicks. When run in a window – this behaves normally. It this new? Mac OS 10.9.”

    There is no OS X 10.9?

    Maybe related to:

    However I shall test with my version of OS X in full screen.

  119. Ramzi Linden says:

    @51 DanielRavenNest, @120 SoulsurvivorTOSP- Apologies if there is confusion about this, a “Release Candidate viewer”. It is as you describe a “testing viewer” — we release these on a separate track from the official viewer (version as a way to get feedback on pending features, changes and bug fixes before it is an official viewer.

    At the end of June, this 1.20 viewer would become an official viewer available to all/new Second Life residents.

    In the meantime, you are never *required* to download the Release Candidate; and in fact you can use install it AND still switch back to the official viewer too. But for those Residents who *do* decide to participate in the Release Candidates, we always do require them to use the latest iteration (now, RC10)… This is so we can make sure bugs are getting reported against our very latest batch of improvements.

  120. SoulsurvivorTOSP says:

    Thanks for clearing things for me..

    Hmm., in that case, i will get the 1.20 only when it become an official viewer ( the one that i expect with lots of bug fixed :0) ).

    Thanks again.. .

  121. Allen Harrington says:

    I have a large monitor, so I have the viewer in a “window” mode so I can respond to instant messages for other apps. Here’s the problem I have with the “window” mode: the positions for the various SL tear-off windows are not remembered for the next time I start the RC viewer. I have to reposition them each time I restart the RC viewer. I would thing this would be an easy fix. Or perhaps there is a setting I don’t know about that I have not set.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  122. Angel Deakins says:

    Thank god for the VWR-7069 fix. I was so sick of having to login twice each time just to get in SL.

  123. Tiny Mind says:

    For those asking why this DL is so slow for this RC version? It is because the Lindens did an ARC on the DL Server and found it well over 8000. So in the interest of solving Global Warming, they stripped down the hardware to its barest essentials. In effect.. they Ruth’d it.

    Tiny Ruth: ARC 1

  124. Dytska Vieria says:

    @123 – Jayden – the best tip of the day! Thank You!

  125. Geister Pfeffer says:

    I had never before so a great grey experience. it is all for 10 minutes grey and one after one texture is coming,..
    very slow textures, but walking is faster then in the normal viewer. πŸ˜› no problem, no graphics..
    Pentium 4, 3GB , Windows Xp, ATI x1600 – 512 MB

  126. Zak Escher says:

    I am still having a problem with When I launch the RC after install, it works fine. However, when I launch it from a shortcut, the RC always crashes about 1/4 the was through the downloading clothing progress bar. This began with RC9.

  127. Mora Eldritch says:

    *Sigh* Thank you for all your work Lindens.

    I can’t believe the incessant whining from some of you people.
    The download is slow! the camera messes up sometimes! My toes are cold! Fix it, fix it, fix it! Waaaaaah!

    Seriously, the Lindens are doing their best with a VERY finicky technology. It must be so disheartening for them to hear NOTHING but whining and nay-saying.

    Ever try out the rendering cost feature? There are many people walking around with 5000-15000 rendering costs. This causes lots of lag, why? Because they have millions of prims shoved into their heads spewing bling and candy. A lot of lag IS NOT Linden side, it’s the cause of the inefficient use of the freedom that they’ve given us. If you had any idea about how graphics are rendered, you’d be amazed that SL runs as well as it does.

    Would I rather have a sometimes laggy, sometimes down SL as it is now, or a perfectly running SL with many of the freedoms removed?

    I’d want the SL we all have now, without question.

  128. …yaaawnnnn… *smack..smack*,,hmm lets see here…um…hey.. what happened to the casinos??

  129. Zena Juran says:

    Wil Search>Places be redefined with a web-based search? I really do prefer searching via relevancy vs. traffic.

    Lots and lots of issues to take care of before this RC is streamlined for production. I don’t mind if you issue a couple more iterations for testing.

    I have a memory leak in this version RC… I hope you get the crash logs. πŸ™‚

  130. Ree Indigo says:

    There’s a difference between “available” and “mandatory” and you’d be wise to note it.

  131. Marlena Petrov says:

    Works gredat for me:) While 8 & 9 were totally useless, 10 is great:)

  132. Bionic Merlin says:

    834k/second download.

  133. Theresa912 Jewell says:

    Well I have updated this new version cuz it said it would fix my problems uploading images and saving textures to the computer. Well it totally did not get fixed I still crash the instant I click that upload option!!!!!!

  134. Paulo Dielli says:

    Very happy that the double login is solved. That was the only reason I didn’t use RC9. I have no other problems with this new RC.

    Vista 32, Nvidia 8600GT, 2 Gb Ram, Intel Core2 CPU 4300 @ 1.8

  135. LailaK says:

    Perhaps I misunderstand this, but:
    * Watchdog is disabled in settings for final Release Candidates

    Does that mean that watchdog is told not to, er, watch?

    If that’s the case, I’m not sure I can think of any tangible reason why that is actually logical. Arbitrarily disabling a debug tool to help diagnose crashing bugs? Why?

  136. I wuz banned from RL so SL running ~well~ is really, rrrrreally important to me… 8-p

  137. shiro says:

    Ramzi Linden:
    Currently any Nicholaz patched viewer is not allowed to connect on OSX or Linux (1.19.4). So its either the official viewer or nothing. Why has this happened?

  138. shiro says:

    gah i meant of course :/

  139. Day Oh says:

    “The TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT texture will be gray unless you view it with a viewer that supports this transparent texture (viewer 1.20.10 or above)”

    I don’t understand.

  140. Medhue Simoni says:

    VWR-7136 what about this issue. Some change it to “glow” but is happens when an object has Brightness applied to it, and Bump Mapping is on. So anything that has brightness applied to it can be seen thru walls. Has any1 tried walking around without bump mapping on? It does not look good! Please address this issue b4 it becomes the main viewer.

  141. “The TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT texture will be gray unless you view it with a viewer that supports this transparent texture (viewer 1.20.10 or above).”

    What? This is utterly stupid. There are thousands of purely transparent textures on the grid, and have been for years. Why can’t you just make the constant point to one of them so it works for all clients ?

  142. Xavier Felwitch says:

    @ Day Oh – what that means is if you use the transparent constant, resedents on the older viewers will only see grey as the old viewers dont know how to render it. I would be putting off using that feature until 1.20 is the mandatory viewer.

  143. SpaZZ says:

    Earlier I was on as an alt and was ‘handed’ an object named ‘car’ (by an av’ within the Miramare noob/welcome area) which, when rezzed, turned out to be an object spammer. Even though I rezzed this object thinking it was a car, all of the subsequent object spam held my name as owner. Naturally, all of the impulsive (real knowledge lacking) noobs of the sim were thus quick to file abuse reports, and my alt was suspended. Why, oh why do the lindens NOT consult the CHAT LOGS were I explained ALL OF THIS to the nearby, presumptuous residents… ? It seems that they serve the majority in these situations, even and perhaps especially if that said majority is on the opposite side to the truth. Do they even KEEP chat logs… ? Something appears to be severely lacking in the way they respond to the abuse reports… as I certainly did NOT rez that object knowing it was a cause of abuse (the av’ who handed it to me denied doing so in the heated, following argument), and explained all of this thoroughly in the following discussion which should have been analyzed by the lindens if they were at all fair and responsible in how they handle these kinds of situations (not very well at all).
    I’m glad I use my alts to prove the many failings of their system.

  144. Ann Otoole says:

    soon soon this one will go live i hope

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