Knowledge Base Article of the Week #28 Region Transfers

This weeks article is geared towards helping private island owners, and those of you who wish to own a private island in the future. Take a look at this weeks article, Private Region Transfer FAQ

Check out this weeks KBAotW if you would like to know more Private Region Transfer FAQ. This article answers some frequently asked questions about transferring your Private Region to someone else.

As always, if you have questions about Second Life, and you think the answer should be in the Knowledge Base, please stop by Documentation Office Hours tomorrow at 2pm PDT. We love to hear from you! You’ll find our valiant and scholarly Documentation team at our usual pier-shaped office in Beaumont.

Kate Linden

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39 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #28 Region Transfers

  1. Vivienne Daguerre says:

    I look forward to reading it Kate ๐Ÿ™‚ However, the link above does not take me to it.

  2. Kate Linden says:

    Thank you Vivienne! The link is working now ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice KBAotW for those looking to bail, i mean transfer their region, very handy, informative & timely.

    Thanks for keeping us “in the know”

  4. Daten Thielt says:

    I would like some more public awareness brough in about what the words “light use” mean and the current status of memory allocation on openspace sims. seeing people put 14 residents on an ocean sim and then letting them open shops is appauling and not just that , the memory allocation is so buged that if you lag one openspace the other 3 DO lag -.- please bring light use awarness in LL’s ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. Imogen Saltair says:

    Thank you Kate. and I REALLY like the idea that you have a face. Lindens are usually faceless… except our dear green/pink Torley.

    I know that skin…


  6. Ciaran Laval says:

    How about some reference to acting repsonsibly to fellow residents during the island transfer, for example the seller shouldn’t be looking to take tier fees, sell the island and run with the loot and the buyer should be wary of buying without asking questions regarding the status of fellow residents.

  7. Darien Caldwell says:

    It might be good to note a typical transfer takes between 2-3 weeks, As compared to the 2-3 days one would expect.

    Also, sellers, make sure your buyer specifies a new location, LL *will* leave it sitting in the middle of your estate if they don’t! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Kate Linden says:

    Thank you for your feedback so far! Our Knowledge Base article has been updated to provide information about region transfer turnaround.

  9. Iason Jun says:

    Kate, I think a note about how Open Space sims are handled should be included because reading this would make one think that they can sell off a low prim sim as full transfer to a non-sim owning resident.

  10. Argos Hawks says:

    Why does it cost more for an owner to rename and move a sim than it costs to transfer, rename, move, revert terraforming, and redo billing during a full transfer? The full transfer costs $100. Moving a sim costs $150. Renaming costs $50. Should moving a sim and renaming it really cost twice as much as the full transfer?

    The problem is even more silly when you look at Open Space sims. An open space sim costs $250. That’s $175 plus the $75 monthly tier. Moving and renaming an open space sim costs $25 more than abandoning it and buying a new one if you do it when the monthly tier is up.

  11. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    I think you have to include some specific cases that are discussed today, in the past and it will be discussed in the future.
    Example: what happens if i’ll sell the sim while i’ve sold parcels of it to other residents. *I know what happens* but many didn’t figured yet (it seems).

  12. Ron Crimson says:

    *swoons* I think I wuv your avatar, Kate…!

    …Oh, sorry, am I being off-topic? *blush* ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Sedary Raymaker says:

    am I being off-topic?

    Yes, but I doubt Kate will mind. *winks*

  14. Darien Caldwell says:

    @11, the parcels and renters go with the sim, or have ot find new homes. I recently sold a sim with renters included, the new owner and myself worked out an arrangement so the renters could continue to live there while paying the same rent. It doesn’t always have to go bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Jonathan Snow says:

    Darien Caldwell Says: “It might be good to note a typical transfer takes between 2-3 weeks, As compared to the 2-3 days one would expect.”

    Yup, Linden is very behind in acting on all tickets involving land changes already for a long time. So Kate, if you really seek to give honest information, you should “update” this 2 a 3 days to 2 a 3 weeks.

    and About renters(landowners) on a private sim:
    It is very simple. It all has to do with trust. It is wise to think twice before renting on a 1 sim private estate. Especially if the tier prices are low. Just compare to the larger Estates. Competition between them has seatled the prices to, about the same, healthy prices for them to survive. If you can pay way less on some one-sim private estate, the chance is much bigger that it won’t last. Of course it is always better then the anarchi Linden mainland without any service at all, but thats another story ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just be carefull and ask and ask and compare a lot before you decide where to seatle down.

  16. Jonathan Snow says:

    Some more hints about renting(buying) land at a private Estate:

    These hints are meant for residents who want to own land but cannot affort ( do not want to take the risk) of owning a complete full-prim 295US$ per month sim.

    I honestly believe most people get what they seek, best at a private estate.
    – The service at a larger estate is almost always way better then having to depend on Linden on mainland sims.
    – Most private Estates have a covenant with rules to obey right to prevent mainland looks and lagging.

    Watch following and ASK (yourself, other landowners living on the estate, estate management) before buying:

    – Are there any additional costs, paypal fees, besides the listed buy + tier prices?
    – Is there a buyback polocy incase I want to leave again? How much would I get back from the paid buy price? When can I stop my tier?
    – Are the covenant rules really enforced or is it just guidelines text?
    – What is the reponce time of a manager when I need help?
    – Is the sim really managed to prevent lag? Can I call a manager for that and will they really do something about it?
    – Is it possible that, next week, someone opens a heavely visited shop or club in the same sim? Then what about lag control?
    – What are the building restrictions?
    – What are the other (limiting) rules
    – Is this a healthy financial estate?(how long do they exist?)
    – What are the payment methods and what if I miss a payment by accident?
    – How much meters can I terraform the land?

    Take in mind that this it is important to know for yourself, and for the future view on neighbours, what the restrictions are. Estates have to balance between freedom and looks with their covenant. It is human to want the rules to be enforced to your neighbours but not to you. This of course won’t happen. ๐Ÿ™‚ Restrictions are often mentioned in the covenant and some theme description.
    If you can live with all the rules of that private estate, the chance that you feel really at home there is best.
    Good luck and happy hunting for land.
    The largest Estates I know are ACS Anshe Chung and Otherland but there are a few more solid large estates.

  17. coventina dalgleish says:

    I have always thought the charges were a little pricey for simple keystrokes. For example to revert to the original island terraform is a very simple operation since there are only a few island configurations.

    It also seems a bit steep for the transfer since LL is maintaining a customer and not losing the revenue. It also seems a bit strange that one can transfer plots of property with out the extra charges. It seems to me that LL could come up with an automatic transfer system just as there is in mainland plot transfers. Naming is a different question since it does require back end work and that the name is approved.

  18. Zi Ree says:

    17 coventina dalgleish: You can revert the landscape yourself if you are the region owner. Saving a terraform RAW file on your computer and re-uploading it later is working without problems.

  19. Kate Linden says:

    There are many insightful comments on this post. This KB Article of the Week is about Region Transfer, yet we also have a plethora of articles about Private Islands, Open Spaces, Land FAQ’s and tips for beginning land owners. Check them out! If you would like to suggest updates to any of our Knowledge Base articles, we would love your feedback. We have a special ticket type called Knowledge Base Suggestions available to you as well. And of course we welcome your comments here and at our Documentation team office hour in Beaumont Friday’s at 2 p.m. PDT.

    Thank you for your productive comments. Keep them coming!

  20. mimi says:

    any news on the DMCA issue you would look up for us?

  21. Sorry to post off topic;

    Will llTarget Omega ever be fixed again? it is now 3 months without this LL command working properly? (place a rotation script into one prim; link it as the child to another prim. Unless rotation is a whole integer, it will not rotate…) Hoping this is repaired soon…

  22. coventina dalgleish says:

    @18 Yes Zi , have done it many times as it is the only protection for my terraforming efforts on my islands. But it does not matter much since it is again Friday and the game is in the dumper for the nth time with slow rez bad delivery and no take a copy function. Who knows what else is borked again making slug life a joy for all to behold.

  23. TC says:

    the last day without any asset server/database issues was may 29th, that makes today the 15th day in row with severe service interuptions.

    since the consistency of those interuptions became ridiculous and unacceptable long ago already does that mean that people are supposed to get used to it?

  24. Yann says:

    I cannot even buy items without asking the seller to send it to me, since they don’t arrive automaticly into my inventory. So why the hell would i even considder buying a full prim?
    I’m sick and tired of these neverending problems.

    “We love to hear from you….”
    Well, you better start listening instead of ignoring.

    Yes, i’m disgruntled……it finally got to me too…..thanks LL.

  25. This is unrelated, but I’m not sure of where to post it… so, please feel free to move it to where it should be… as, I am unaware. My ‘issue’ is that since the three-or-four day grid outage (during which the new server vers. was installed), I haven’t been able to login to my main. I get the ‘unable to complete your request at this time, login failed’ message which I was getting all through that time in which the grid ‘was’ in fact, out. Should this problem be persisting? My ‘current status’ says ‘on hold’ but what does that mean… ? I don’t want to be too rash and cancel my main av’ (losing money and land) but, like an evil alternate aeon, my alt gradually assumes more of more hold over my second ‘soul’ (assuming I’ve any left)…

  26. I think you have big problem…or you are confusing?
    about you ‘current status’
    login failed is a normal sometime computer data is moving slow,so
    don rush to login.

  27. Christos Atlantis says:

    @26, Clear your cache and re-install the viewr, it helps re-log in, I had the same problem once and this fixed it.

  28. Thanx, though still not havin’ any luck. Tried clearing cache and a new install of the viewer. Thing is, my alt logs in fine, every time. Dunno if it makes a diff’ but my main’s home and last locale are both in the sim ‘rolypoly’ on me sandbox at 2500m.

  29. Lars Donardson says:

    I sure would visit your Documentation team at their office hours..if TPs wouldn’t fail and I’d be logged out constantly. But I’m sure this is not happening as the status indications tell me that “all is fine and humming”…go and figure for yourself Kate

  30. Musha says:

    I heard that land barons are taking the openspace sims and being strange with them. spliting them into parcels and selling them to unexpecting new accounts who want land. That is issue you might want to look into.

  31. Holly says:

    @ 33

    Musha, why is that strange? That’s part of a thriving land rental business, especially now that you can get one or two open spaces instead of having to buy 4. The only way I can see it being bad is if they told the renters that they could have more prims than actually allowed.

  32. jose rubens gomes costa says:

    como q faรงo para jogar o second life? ja fiz o dwlond e รฑ consigo entrar!

    como faรงo pra mim escrever?

  33. SoulMate Girl says:

    I’m a little worried partially for the indicator that land is slumping. The island sim I am on I rent from a land owner, it is virtually empty, has been that way for a good three months.

    My land price and the general trend on this Estates pricing has gone from 6.9L$ per m/s to 2.9L$ and that is if you can sell it! And people don’t even seem to be able to “give” their land away.

    I would love to design a whole sim, I’ve had the templates for it in my head for a long long time now but is there any point? People are so fed up of crashing out and not being able to get their items then businesses are seeing drops in sales, as have I.

    I think trust of the economic strength in SL is slowly dribbling away. The idea that I am paying for a tier and am counted as a “non-paying” resident is really insulting too. I pay to buy clothes and items. I pay my alt who plays RP games lindens so that avi has skins and items… But it looks as if my alt will get deleted… my account will not be able to log in during peak flow and the bots that contribute nothing to the economy get to run riot bleeding their measly sums of lindens from businesses that just want their figures up…

    The rumour mill has all sorts of stories flying about, that there is a take over coming, that SL is being rebuilt from the ground up again under our feet, that land owners are being allowed to use bots to keep their traffic figures up. I can’t see a take over happening because any company seeing what is going on would look at SL as a huge loss.

    I am not ranting or whining here, all I would like, please LL is some answers about where my tier is going and what the future holds for SL. That’s all, I think transparancy would be the safest option here, for everybody.

    I wish wish wish that LL would make a proper statement. Tell us all what is going on here so we aren’t kept in the dark like mushrooms.

  34. Abigail Merlin says:

    You might want to look into the article about open space sims, right now it says that it has 1 regular sim per CPU or 4 open space sims per CPU, however it’s technicaly per CORE as class 5 servers have 2 duo core CPUs and hold 4 regular sims.

  35. Thanks for the helpful info.

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  37. Gina Dawn says:

    My experience has been that the private estate tier is charged “in arrears” and not “for the coming month” as this blog states. When I buy a sim directly from LL, my first tier is due a month after & when I buy one from another player, he pays for his past month’s use, and my tier to LL will come a month after the transfer. To say the private sim is billed for the coming month means we are getting our sim’s first month use free of charge, from LL, which makes no financial sense (for LL). It’s important to have this clarified before buying a sim from another player. Thanks Kate, for your work on this blog. Cheers! Gina Dawn

  38. Ener Hax says:

    @ 36 SoulMate Girl

    first, way cool name ^_^ and secondly, there is a demand and need for beautifully created sims. so if you have given it a lot of thought, perhaps your passion would translate to a sim that would be attractive to buyers?

    as long as you have something of value to offer, I believe you will succeed. it’s like years ago when Flash first came out. almost anyone could make pretty good money with it. as competition grew and the market became flooded with really cheap providers, many of those people could not make the big bucks anymore. but that was actually because their work was not that good. people with mad flash skills still make good money.

    and the same with land isl. nice landscaping, rules that enhance the property value, prim bonuses, etc, all combine to make some private sims more valuable than others.

    it also boils down to relationships and the human dynamics present in any endeavors. sounds to me like you have some great ideas and passion ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh, lol, thank you Kate! this was a great link and the transfer kb pages answered some questions i had =)

  39. woodlookelep says:

    for the I don’t know for the removing the forests had probably height. leaf

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