Land Store moves out of Beta

The new Land Store is now officially out of Beta, and therefore open for business to all eligible residents. The previous restrictions on who could order through the new Store have been removed.

Known bugs have been squished and the user interface polished; it has been operating smoothly for long enough that we believe it to be ready for prime time.

Obviously if we do encounter any new issues we will move quickly to deal with those. Work will now begin on the next iteration of the Land Store, mainly focussed on allowing island services to be handled through the Store itself.

A big thanks to those of you who used it during beta and provided feedback on what worked and what didn’t, it was greatly appreciated!

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  1. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Any chance of letting people auction their own parcels?

  2. Marianne McCann says:

    I must be missing something, ‘cuz it looks jes like it did a couple weeks ago when I bought my Bay City plot.

  3. Gil Druart says:

    @1 Let me pretend to be a Linden for a moment ….

    mmmmmmmmmmmm…… No

    Selling land in the Land Store is an LL monopoly. Why would they allow competition? As a service to Residents?

  4. Meade Paravane says:

    ‘Grats, Jack!

  5. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Gil@3: To perhaps cut down the load on the grid from the continually teleporting libsl landbots?

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    I don’t recall seeing any restrictions on someone setting up their own resident to resident land auction website.

  7. Moll Dean says:

    Hi all

    Jack Linden. I would like to know (maybe I will stay wondering) if land monthly tier is going to be reduced too.
    Also if all new istand are on class 5 servers.

    Keep the good work

  8. @Argent Stonecutter – #5
    interesting point.
    how much load does that cause?
    are data/estimates about that available?

  9. Tanya Spinotti says:

    Only 1 out of 8 comments saying congratulations, so I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who worked on the new land store. Some people seem to forget that these things take a lot of hard work and effort.
    It was a good move to not release it to the masses and make sure you put out a good product.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

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  11. Paulo Dielli says:

    Very well done, thank you. One question though: how to zoom out on the map?

  12. So the 3,422 new islands added last month, something like a 7th of total land mass added in one month, were just to chums of Linden Lab? :-O

    You think all that extra land and database load has anything to do with the chronic bad performance of the last few weeks?

    Any chance of the viewer software moving out of Beta?

    Or May Key Metrics appearing, so we can see if things have got even worse than they did in April? I notice the Economic Graphs have not been updated yet to show all the dips in numbers in April lol. But that would spoil the “growth” fiction wouldn’t it? lol

  13. Moll Dean says:

    There is just one unique single post where LL spoke about robots (landbots, copybots, camperbots, sexbots)… They said that robots are allowed because they HAVE LEGITIMATE USAGE.
    Maybe does not matter how people use those things. They can even slow down SL but while they are generating good trafic their are still HAVE LEGITIMATE USAGE.
    Some Cylon is making the rules there.


  14. Carrie Grant says:

    What about this wonderful new search you’ve landed us all with – when will that officially come out of beta? I’m sure a lot of people don’t even realise it’s not a full and complete version.

  15. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    All of us who lost 600 dollars per island value over night last month could we atleast get 2 months we dont have to pay tier fees for our islands we lost so much value on ?

  16. Keera Woyseck says:

    Well done! The new land store is an amazing bit of programing!

  17. Aryou Lykin says:

    is anyone having issues not being able to log in?

  18. Yamdev says:

    Yes….getting the following message: Login Failed. Due to high demand, logins are currently deferred. Kindly try again in a few minutes.

    **I thought awhile back they were saying paying customers get preference, no?

  19. jazzman says:

    “…due to high demand” ???

    But I’m paying, does that mean there are free accounts doing nothing but camping and padding traffic when I could be using that server space? If so, you guys better sort this out pretty damn quickly. It’s unacceptable.
    Buy some new hardware, hire the right people, whatever it takes to provide your end of the contract. Stop fooling around with land nobody wants and a bunch of graphics crappola.

  20. Looks nice. Now will you address the bug that is now 14 months old that prevents us from seeing sims east of the northwestern tip of the Japanese Continent? That would make the Land Store a lot more useful as a standalone tool to shop for land.

  21. Storyof Oh says:

    sorry to hijack this post but in absence of an alternative….in-world services were put on hold only the post doesnt appear on the front login page under grid status..only top left on the blog…the advice to cease in-world transactions was completely lost. I suspect logins were closed while the problem was fixed (if fixed).
    I took the time out to download the new release only for my av to appear as a cloud of glow dust in that!!!

    This is day 3 of a useless SL service…one day is forgiveable, 2 is mildly irritating, 3 is not on….

  22. Moll Dean says:

    β€œβ€¦due to high demand” ???
    Too many bots?

  23. Common Sense says:

    I strongly recommend this land effort be shelved immediately so that the money spent on these kinds of “projects” can reallocated to reliability. Usability tonight is in the toilet yet again. Jack, why are you trying to sell something that cannot be used? Is that not a deceptive practice?

  24. Jasmin Marquez says:

    Great does this mean we wait now 5 weeks longer as we already do till you finaly deliver Island and Open Spaces ? If so I would recommend planing your Birthday, Highways and other BS noone needs because that might attrack the new Newcomer you will need at the end of the year because otherwise LL will be pretty alone on the Grid to celebrate their so “professional” Business πŸ™‚ with changing the CEO I finaly thought LL did learn something out of that and start working, my bad…..

  25. Chaos Mohr says:

    I must say that I do like the look and mostly the performance of the new land store – I ordered some Open Space sims, which I recieved almost instantly (within 1 minute on one, within 10 on another) This is a great improvement over the waiting of days and weeks before. With the 100s of islands already created and in the que, this is definitely a boon to those who want to buy an island.

    Then again, not the greatest investment with the constant flood of mainland – 10 sims a day, land prices at 3.3/m according to the latest metrics, and over 457 sims worth of land currently for sale – sad too when the L$ auctions are starting well above the current low end of the in-world market – what’s up with that? The goal of making land affordable for everyone was a good one, however when full sim auctions go by without a bid, as they did last week, perhaps it’s time to slow down on the mainland and put more effort into supporting all of the people who have bought the land.

  26. Not very user friendly.. too many clicks to get all the information instead of having it all one page per category such as mainland or private region.

  27. FLUX BASHLY says:

    i believe if the loading screen was reworked to load quicker it may even help the sim be more stable. now we’ve all played the game driver from the 1990s and all the buildings were ‘prebuilt’ so we could drive around at the normal 40 frames per second – i think it could work out for SL to have buildings sorta in ‘memory’ to be there without re-rezzing just ‘boom’ its there 100%. hope this makes sense

  28. yomama says:

    @6 why bother if it were sucessful LL would just GOM it anyways; then announce that it was full of bugs and doesn’t function as intended. THEN promise for a few years that it will be fixed. THEN in the end have what we have today. Oh wait….
    @1 and others “RIGHT ON”

  29. Tegg B says:

    Moll Dean Says: “There is just one unique single post where LL spoke about robots (landbots, copybots, camperbots, sexbots)… They said that robots are allowed because they HAVE LEGITIMATE USAGE. Maybe does not matter how people use those things. They can even slow down SL but while they are generating good trafic their are still HAVE LEGITIMATE USAGE. Some Cylon is making the rules there.”
    Bots themselves aren’t the problem, the real problem is anyone who can create hotmail accounts can run dozens of bots completely anonymously hammering the grid with continual TPing from sim to sim, taking camping spots, spamming residents and harvesting avatar names and land information. They TP in and out without even rezzing to you, you have to have a visitor tracker to spot them. If you do AR them or ban them from your land the bot runner can just make another dozen. The bots have flight paths, how well your sim runs just depends on how whether you have a spy parcel in your sim and how many bots use it. There’s the legitimate reason for those wanting a 16m plot in every sim.
    Someone noted the beta grid always seems to run smoother, probably because it doesn’t have 100 different people running multiple bots across it 24/7 like the main grid.

  30. Wallace McAllister says:


    Actually Island deliveries under the new land store have been immediate, like less then 5 minutes immediate. I have ordered 4 Open space sims all of which were delivered promptly with no wait. On hitch is you need to log on directly to your sim until the GRID recognizes it

  31. Tegg B says:

    Anyone can hold auctions, just announce the auction date and time, stand on the land, take bids and transfer the ownership to the highest bidding avatar πŸ™‚

  32. Abigail Merlin says:

    @7: there are no more class 4 sims being sold by LL, the only way to get those is from other residents.

    Only drawback I have noticed with the landstore is that you have to select a location on the grid before you can see what island shapes you can pick. Would be nice to have that info somewhere more accessable.

  33. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Tegg@32: Stand on the land taking bids for a couple of weeks? Hey, how much lag would having a bot on all the parcels currently for sale cause?

  34. Moll Dean says:

    Jack Linden
    Why don’t you answer us?
    can you confirm that all new sims are class 5?


  35. Chaos Mohr says:


    “The newest class of Regions is class 5 and was introduced in November of 2006 as described in Ian’s blog post ( ). All Regions added since November 2006 have been class 5

  36. Sedary Raymaker says:

    I’ve added three new regions to my estate since the landstore beta came out, two void sims and one regular. They’ve been delivered immediately (one so fast I didn’t have time to alt-tab from Firefox back to my SL viewer to watch it appear), and the only glitch was one was created with the underwater terrain rather than the grassland terrain. Since I was going to upload a terrain file immediately anyway, that was a non-issue.

    Congrats, LL. This is a great effort. Well done!

  37. ken massey says:

    All sims are the same whether it be class 5 class 4 and so on although i think people go for 5 if they are trying to make a game sim or something like that uses alot of load i personally dont see any diffrence in 4/5 for what i use them for, As for Mainland prices when I started selling land the market was at 18ls per meter then with the 2 big land pushes a year it halfs the basic market value every time they do that anyway if my calculations are correct land Mainland will soon be nearing 1ls per meter if they do another flood after this one, Atleast this will stop landbots making such a large amount of cash for doing nothing at all not like us that are actually present at the times of land transactions and spend time at our pc looking for land comon jack give us all a landbot then i can spend more time in rl like these bot guys do lol. Brilliant Platform credit to all you guys that work on this its really amazing πŸ™‚

  38. Moll Dean says:

    *36 CAOS

    Thank you there.


    Sidewinder Linden – we are all missing your professional attention to our community.

    BTW. Well done! Land Store looks great. Congratulation to all team members.

  39. Ree Indigo says:

    Great, now if only you can move the rest of SL out of beta.

  40. Geister Pfeffer says:

    I get 2 new Sims with the Beta, and it was so fast, its amazing !
    I wish the Client works so fast , *smile

    Congrats to this new Landstore !

  41. Tegg B says:

    34 Argent Stonecutter Says: “Tegg@32: Stand on the land taking bids for a couple of weeks? Hey, how much lag would having a bot on all the parcels currently for sale cause?”

    No, stand on the land for an hour like they do in RL realestate auctions πŸ™‚

  42. Scythe Elfenbeim says:

    I wish I’d been more aware of what was going on before buying my first land. I think I must be funding most of SL from what I’ve lost so far because some low-life decided to try to put an ad farm on adjoinging property.

    Ad farms need to be considered outside of the terms of SL usage. Why? What’s is the point of them other than to blackmail other users into pay extortionate prices just to be rid of them, and get their land value back up. We don’t drive in SL. There is no point to ad farms!

    Rezzer boxes that lag sims need addressing. Rezzer boxes are used to get more prims on a plot. They screw it for the rest of us. Solution is to allow residents to sell unused prim usage to each other when on the same sim. Of course, one would then have the possiblity of buying land for much lower prices that had fewer prims available.

    Coastal prices are still ridiculously high. The land availability boom has not altered that. People are leaving the prices high and just sitting on the land until prices recover again. That ruins it for the rest of us. I can’t see away around that.

    I don’t think there is ANY legitimate reason for any bot to teleport between sims, or parcels in the same sim.

    Tree planting bots are an absolute menace if programmed incorrectly (I suspect deliberately sometimes). They consume enormous resources and plant over boundaries with total disregard.

    I agree with the others in this thread that call for lowered tier rates, or at least some sort of discount for creative or public spirited usage, anything! They are a serious RL cost, way out of proportion when one is faced by the fact that one can see ones pride and joy purchase go down the pan in an instant.

    I’ve only been in SL for a short while so you will probably ignore this diatribe, but I hope not.

    On a plus note. SL is an amazing achievement and for that I really am grateful!

    To the Lindens: Be careful about raising commercial expectations too high before the grid is ready, and please try to resolve these misuse issues (bots/rezzers) that are in real danger (even as a new resident I can see it has a real detrimental effect) of spoiling an otherwise wonderful project.

    That’s it. Said my piece.

  43. Jack Linden says:

    Thanks for the feedback..

    @Argent: We’re certainly looking at different ways to allow residents to manage land sales and providing resident to resident auctions is one option being discussed.

    @Marianne: I think you are referring to the Auction page which hasn’t changed recently, rather than the Land Store.

    @Moll: We have no plans currently to change monthly fees. And yes, all new islands and mainland regions are class 5s.

    @Paulo: Good question, and sadly there is no Zoom Out control as such. The Land Store map is deliberately small to keep it quick and low load on the database, but we may well look at improvements there later on. This is very much a first version.

    @Cristalle: I will look into that issue.

  44. Joshua Sao says:

    Hi Jack!
    Great job with the new land store, I love it! Also the idea of auctions for user to user land sales sounds great! With all the new privet island sales and about (from my calculation) 1000 new land barrens what are you doing to help protect residents from fraud? As we and anyone who understands the land business knows there is no way a majority of those people will be successful. (in fact a majority of them will lose their sims) When all else fails and these people are facing a tier they can’t afford it has been known to cause people to make bad decisions that ends up costing other residents money. It also gives other privet estate owners a bad name. What are you doing to prevent this from happening in the future?

  45. Linda Brynner says:

    #43 Coastal prices are still ridiculously high:

    I understand your point, however “ridiculously” is very relative.
    ( I can say this now, since I’m building a RL business and don’t have much time for SL anymore.)

    My point as former (expensive) reseller should also be understood.
    First it takes weeks to find a reasonable good coastal beach since SL bakes very bad and poor land these days ! Also a reason I stopped.

    Second, despite all efforts LL could never influence the inworld prices
    very much, at least not in my case.

    Third: Why should I spend so much time in SL for almost no margin knowing also that there will always be people appreciating the high price of a good beach.
    Anshe Chung accepted low margins and volume. Another way is low volume and high margins since there will always be people for that and which is more efficient.

  46. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    I used the new land store in beta to buy an open space sim a few weeks ago and it is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the old store. BRAVO to the developers πŸ™‚

    I like everything about it, but I think the best new feature was INSTANT DELIVERY of my new sim!

  47. karazasu says:

    I used the land store twice while it was in beta. Very user friendly. Sim delivered in one or two days and the following order a week or so later for open space had instantaneous delivery. I could not imagine an easier process for ordering. Thanks.

  48. spent says:

    Id just like to ask some questions that i would like answered. For one why is it you allow every newb the ability to get a sim? Is it the fact you want to pocket there money if they can not pay the tier? Let us just say that this continues down the road of overpopulating the grid full of sims. What about us older players who had invested time and money into old sims with great prospects? I have land for sale for nothing, i have tier set below the price of making money. I lose about 30000 per month on all my sims combined. Is this what you are after? This does open the market for you yourselves to make a fortune. Lets forget about the original sim owners or the original builders of sl. is this the intention of sl? The land market is dry and i do remember reading that sl wanted to bring down the cost of land. My concern is not for self gain, my concern is this promise of making money given to newbs who end up losing 1000 usd because they fall for this idea. I suggest everyone looking into land to watch the amount of sims being bought according to the amount of people soming into game. There is definately a huge difference. The population is not increasing enough to fill these growing numbers of sims. Not only this but the numbers show a decrease of people buying per person. Again i dont give a darn about myself. I am worried of sl’s intentions of gaining that 1000 into there pocket knowing the market can not handle another sim. With people losing sims sl does not really have to buy new sims so it goes right into there pockets. To be honest i want someone from linden to im me to explain what is in store for the future. Things have changed and i do not like it. When are sim prices going back up? If not im selling mine off. Thanks. Looking forward to some sort of response.

  49. spent says:

    Yeah, thats what i thought. No response to real concerns and new issues.

  50. Mendy says:

    I will have to agree with what you have stated and gave justification for… its a sad state of affairs that the all mighty dollar comes before the welfare of the people who keep this game running, if it wasnt for these people who join this game, SL would not be where it is today…. I would think you would at least give people the opportunity to learn or require them to learn more about the game before you allow them to set themselves up for failure. Sad state of affairs!!!!!!!!!

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