Group Permissions Bug Fix Deployed to Preview Grid

We have deployed a new server version (version to the “Second Life Beta Server” channel of the Preview Grid. This server version fixes the group permissions bugs described in the SVC-2489, SVC-2495, and SVC-2499.

The “Second Life Production Server” channel on the Preview Grid has the same 1.22.2 version that appears in the production Second Life environment; that is, the “Second Life Production Server” channel includes the bug with group permissions. If you log into the Preview Grid, make sure you know the version that the region you are in is running when drawing conclusions about whether things are fixed or whether new things are broken.

Assuming that testing goes well, we will be deploying this bug fix to the production Second Life environment in a rolling restart this week. More information about that rolling restart will be posted as it becomes available. This version will be called 1.22.3 when it is deployed to Second Life; the version number currently used on the Preview Grid is temporary.

Please drop by the Preview Grid to test this release! Instructions for logging into the Preview Grid can be found on the recent blog post about that grid. All accounts except for those created within the last few weeks are available on the Preview Grid. If you find problems relevant to the issues mentioned above, please add your problems in the comments. If you find new problems, you can enter them as a SVC bug in our public issue tracker; please indicate “1.22.3 Server” as the version under “Affects Version”.

For testing purposes, we’ve created a group named “Group Permissions Bug Test” that has open enrollment, and “Always allow ‘Create Objects'” enabled for everyone in the group. We have carved out a parcel of land in two sims on the Preview Grid owned by this group, with Object Entry and Create Objects disabled:

  • Old (production) version, “Second Life Production Server” channel : Periwinkle (232, 122, 22)
  • New (in test) version, “Second Life Beta Server” : Purple (22, 125, 21)
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67 Responses to Group Permissions Bug Fix Deployed to Preview Grid

  1. juliafairlight says:

    I don’t see anything here about the massive collision bugs introduced in the last server update. Will the recent physics changes be rolled back or updated to correct the massive delays and/or total failures in object-object and object-avatar collisions?

  2. Prospero Linden says:

    Fixes to those physics issues are not included in what has been deployed to the Preview Grid. Fixes to those issues will probably not go out this week, but they may. We will update you with more information as it becomes available.

  3. Rex says:

    How about getting rid of the “pixel noise”. The RC9 viewer still has this problem.

  4. Prospero Linden says:

    This is a server release, not a viewer release. Watch the blog for posts with updates about viewer releases.

  5. AO says:

    Can someone at LL please clarify what the expected behavior is.

    I have seen almost the whole range of possibilities as people’s understanding of how it is meant to work.

    My understanding is that an object/avatar must have the correct group currently set in order to interact correctly with other such avatars/groups. So an object must be in the right group to rez stuff (if allow rez to any is off), and an avatar must have the correct group tag on.

    If my understanding above is wrong, and infact it only needs the avatar/owner to be in the group (with perms to rez), but not active/set, when are the other ways of interacting with groups/group objects going to be fixed to work the expected way.
    One off the top of my head (and this would make life *much* easier for a *lot* of people with groups) is the LSL function llSameGroup().

  6. Jessicka Graves says:

    How about Group Chat errors, group notice’s not going through, and other critical bugs that haven’t been fixed in years?

  7. Ron Crimson says:

    How about staying on topic for this particular bug fix, Jessicka?

  8. Ron Crimson says:

    AO @ 5 (sorry, I did it again…using two comments when one would have done it…apologies):

    I think your understanding of the way group permissions are supposed to work is 100% correct… assuming that my understanding of your post is correct. Admittedly I had to read it twice, slowly. But yes, an object must be set to the correct group and an avatar must have the group active (wearing its tag).
    On my own land (which has building for group members enabled but disabled for ‘all residents’) I find that I can still rez/build even if I have the wrong group active…but then things get auto-returned to me within minutes (since I have parcel auto-return enabled). If I have my own group tag on I can rez/build permanently.
    At least that’s always been the way it works, to be honest I haven’t done much of that since 1.22.2 rolled out so I didn’t notice any strange behavior. All the better that these critical issues are being fixed, though. 🙂

  9. Ron Crimson says:

    Forgot to mention: my land is deeded to my group and I’m the owner of that group (one of 3 owners, actually). 🙂

    OK, I promise not to waste any more comments o_O *shuts up now*

  10. Jessicka Graves says:

    The topic is completely relevant, group bugs. Albeit more aimed at building, rather then chatting, group bugs none-the-less.

  11. Ron Crimson says:

    Point taken, Jessicka, but still – this blog entry adresses building/rezzing, not chat. This is about group *permissions*.

  12. Yes ive seen this,LL why could you not fix this?….
    i *know* you are a good at making Second:Life
    Isnt this a Small Problam to you?

  13. katykiwi moonflower says:

    When will the permissions change bug reported on JIRA almost one year ago, and categorized as critical, be fixed? Why isn’t the fix of this content theft causing bug taking precendence?

  14. Day Oh says:

    Great job everyone

  15. Sierra says:

    Damn, for a moment there I thought you said SVC-2498 was going to be fixed… that would be useful.

  16. Eren Padar says:

    I have discovered that spheres no longer roll on the main grid. This has completely ruined any game that has to do with speherical objects.

    First, Havok 4 caused spheres to roll too far. LL “fixed” that problem… and now they roll hardly at all? Maybe it’s just me… but I think making them roll as they’re supposed to might be a better option.

  17. aSwede says:


    Then supply the equation that describes how “they are supposed to roll”. I’m sure the developers will appreciate it.

    And to begin with “spheres no longer roll” and end with “now they roll hardly at all” is not a good thing. Either they roll or they do not. If they actually *stop* rolling at all you should rush to the pJIRA and submit a bug report.

  18. Prospero Linden says:

    So, yes– this is a very small, very scoped fix. It addresses the specific unintended behavior change introduced with 1.22.2 that was causing some problems for people who have group-owned land.

    Members of groups who are in a role that has the ability “Always allow ‘Create Ojbect'” are supposed to be able to rez and create objects on group land even when that group land has it’s settings in the “About Land” dialog to *not* allow Group members to create or rez objects. The reason for this is it lets you have a very broad group without necessarily allowing everybody in the group to rez on group land– but to have *some* people, in a specific role, who *are* allowed.

    What happened in 1.22.2 is that the “Always allow ‘Create Object'” ability in group roles was no longer being honored. What’s more, the error message that resulted from a failed attempt to rez (that should not have failed) was very confusing and incorrect, saying something about you not being allowed to enter the parcel.

    This affected rezzing from inventory, and also rezzing from an object owned by somebody who had a role in a group that should allow them to rez on group-owned land.

    Avatars who are members of a group role always allowed to rez on group land do *not* need to have the group tag active in order to rez on that land.

  19. coventina dalgleish says:

    Ho hum well in game right now and your asset server again is working like crap I will tell you something until you fix the basics of the game the rest is just so much busy work nice to have if you have a base to build on but totally worthless with out a functional platform.

  20. coventina dalgleish says:

    The more you modify the deeper the bug hole becomes maybe someday you will actually set up a decent test facility but I doubt it since the bulk of your users have no clue, they just exist.

  21. kunoichi says:

    Thanks very much Prospero ! This is exactly the problem I do have on my land. I have a lot of group members, however only 5 of them should have permission to build. I hope this fix does it and soon will be released !

    Thanks for all the great work and taking the time to explain to us in detail here !

  22. Is anyone having trouble logging in? I have tried on 2 separate computers this morning to log in and it just freezes and will not log in.

  23. Mech Gears says:

    to #5
    if you own the group that owns the land you can rez items to your hearts content HOWEVER they weill likly be returned. Other Group members must have the group active in order to Rez (assuming rez for all is off and Group rez is on , which it should be by default)

  24. Mech Gears says:

    Logins are failing for me as well

  25. wabisabi matahari says:

    I tried this preview grid and I am still having the problem. I am convinced this group thing is NOT a solution to my problem because I have changed my parcels, removed my rezzers, done everything the Lindens tell me, and nothing works. They keep closing my tickets and telling me it is resolved. Again, I repeat, this preview grid does NOT show my problem fixed. Every few seconds I get: [5:17] Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region
    [5:17] Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region

  26. Mech Gears says:

    Wabi, whay eaxactly are you trying to rez? if I read that error right the item in question may have been ‘blocked’ from rezzing for some reason (it may have been marked as a Grief tool or , and more likly, your hittig the Grey goo frence for some reason)

  27. coventina dalgleish says:

    QUESTION is there ever a day that goes by that you people do not have a problem with you well thought out data base asset server array? If you owned a car that operated like this you would sell it wouldn’t you…….

  28. How can we find out why log ins are failing? I dont see where we can post a new topic here?

  29. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Just thanking Prospero (@18) for a well written explanation.

    More like that in the future, please!!!!

  30. Mech Gears says:

    on Status page :
    Temporary service disruption for some residents
    Posted by Status Desk on June 10th, 2008 at 05:12 am PDT
    [5:15am PDT] One of our inventory database servers is currently offline. Residents on that server will be unable to log in until it can be brought back online. We anticipate that should happen very soon and update when that happens or if it is going to take longer than expected.

  31. A. Aeon says:

    @ #25 I have this problem as well. With something as simple as butterfly rezzers. I went to the creator and they attempted to fix it within their product, but its definately something that was created with the last rolling restart. But i believe its a different issue that what they are discussing here.

  32. Thank you so very much Mech..I have searched everywhere on this site and could not find any info about the problem. Thanks!

  33. IAm Zabelin says:

    Prospero Linden @ 18 : Happy to hear this is about to be restored, having your groups set up this way is extremely handy.

    However, there is another important bug which is related to using the “Always allow ‘Create Object’” on group land which I haven’t seen any action on, and it would be nice if that were looked at too :

    If I owned land and set it all up as you have described, and I as the owner buy some objects for my land (eg a fish rezzer). I then rez that rezzer on my property and all works well. However as soon as I log-off, the rezzer stops working. When I log back in it runs again, but only while I’m logged in.

    As you’ll appreciate thats quite a serious bug affecting sales and use of objects in SL and sellers are having to refund buyers becasue of this all the time. I doubt that the fix is rocket-science either.

    The bug is in Jira (MISC-488) as MAJOR and although its only been opened a year without assignment, it’ll really be handy to get it resolved and make millions of business people’s items work better.

    Unfortunately for this bug it was not “created” in a rollout (or was and nobody noticed) as fixing mistakes seems to be where most of the dev time goes.

    Please consider assigning that this year.

  34. Risa Kangjon says:

    it wont even let me log on when i try it just brings me to the log in page then crashes is there something wrong with the logins

  35. IAm Zabelin says:

    Damn sry abt using 2 posts …

    Prospero Linden @ 18 the bug number getting the smiley (its not really cool) .. is MISC-488

    Thanks and look forward to the response on this related issue.

  36. Mech Gears says:

    to 33 Wow that is a really odd bug, never seen anything like that.
    10 32 Most Welcome, Tossing my Hat into the race at this point, Mech Gears for Linden (j/k)

  37. Are you sure it’s a bug introduced, and not just failures to retrieve the perms from the daily failing asset servers and other databases? lol.

    Any comment on the extra db load all the 3,422 new islands added in May caused? That’s growing the total land mass by about a seventh in one month. Must have a huge performance hit on db performance.

  38. Marx Dudek says:

    Rezzing objects is failing, so are inventories.

  39. Anonymous says:

    @ Ron Crimson

    Quit being a junior high hall monitor fan boi. Since when were YOU made a moderator? Sheesh… (her point was very relative to this post…)

  40. IAm Zabelin says:

    Mech Gears @ 36 … JIRA bug ( MISC-488 ) is easy to see if you like … just set your property up as per this thread, rez an object with a timed rezzer (i think it even happens if the rezzer is made by yourself), log off, and ask someone to watch the rezzing stopped. When u log back on you will probably have similar blue messages to what the bug this thread is abt displayed … saying item could not rez.

    In fact it even stops rezzing (and you get the blue boxes) if you travel far enough away.

    Really nasty MAJOR bug to be unassigned after a year. Obviously its not happening on Linden land.

  41. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @16 Eren: Spheres no longer roll? I just created one on my plot on Longfellow, marked it as physical, and it obligingly rolled down a gentle slope on its own. They do not roll as far as previous builds, which was much farther than with the old simulator. They do still roll, and in a way that is more reasonably similar than they used to. Is there a specific case where they do not roll at all? /Sidewinder

  42. Enysy Mikita says:

    Well, I know this is a small fix.. and most welcome.. to say the least…

    Please indulge me in mentioning this. I would like to know if this is a bug, a limitation, or something else. I would ask for the Lindens to comment please. I hope I am explaining this correctly. Please be a patient reader 🙂

    This is on topic from the standpoint of group permissions behaviors.

    Why is it that if I have say a TP unit, that has group access rights set, that I must leave the group res permissions enameled for objects (for all group members) for the land for them to be able to use it when the land is group owned by the same group? Why can’t I turn land group res objects off yet have Owners, other assigned roles have rez rights and not just everyone in the group regardless of the specific rights in the role? If I turn the land group res rights off, then the tp units only work if I (owner of the TP units) is online. TP units are not the only things (scripts) effected by this issue.

    Again, I hope I have explained this correctly.



  43. CC Manen says:

    I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not very savvvy about the bugs and jira’s that everyone keeps referring to, however, I’m wondering if this group permissions issue will also address the inability to deed land to your group? I purchased land a couple of weeks ago to use for a club, as did a friend of mine on the Perfect Land region, and we have not been able to deed the land to our groups. Because of this, media controls and land rights are useless except by the owner of the land.

    The sim owner and myself have both submitted trouble reports, but it appears they haven’t even been opened.

    Thanks in advance if any help is available.

  44. Darien Caldwell says:

    @43, You have to contribute Tier to the group before you can deed a parcel to the group.

  45. Resolved (TM) says:

    @43 that’s coz there are far many too clubs — take it easy.

  46. IAm Zabelin says:

    Enysy Mikita @ 42 : What you are describing I think is the same bug I described in 33, 35, and 40 … things owners rez only work when they are logged in.

    It is on the JIRA – link here :

    Please go there, log in, and vote for it. Its been opened a year as a MAJOR bug and is still not assigned, so it should be about time to fix it now – specially as it goes hand-in-hand with the issue in-hand.

    And about Lindens commenting : I notice there are purposely no comments on the posts on this issue, which is usually normal. But to be honest I’m a bit surprised – as last feedback was from Sidewinder @ 41 who has a unusual reputation of directly taking on issues.
    … and if that doesn’t work, no idea what will.

  47. seriously, reading through all this is simply annoying and makes me realize i have to stay out of all this for my sanity…
    @prospero linden:
    “Members of groups who are in a role that has the ability “Always allow ‘Create Ojbect’” are supposed to be able to rez and create objects on group land even when that group land has it’s settings in the “About Land” dialog to *not* allow Group members to create or rez objects. The reason for this is it lets you have a very broad group without necessarily allowing everybody in the group to rez on group land– but to have *some* people, in a specific role, who *are* allowed.” yeah well, take this piece of text you posted and maybe type it up, word for word, maybe while you do that you will slowly come to realize that this whole interface is a huge failure to begin with and needs to be adressed properly. this whole (really annoying if i might add) issue is no coincidence and is caused by continous lazy design decissions. just stop it, sit down, do it proper, because as it is there will be a million more issues down the road for every single little fix! and i havent even started to whine about how it took me a whole month to figure all this out on my own because in game basically noone has an actual clue.

  48. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Err.. These were mainly things you broke that you fix how much later…

    So is this post to inform us you’re fixing a bug you introduced or am I missing something?

  49. Alyx Sands says:

    #32, Samarah: On every blog page, there’s this big blue linky thing on the upper left hand side-grid status reports-that’s where you get status info-they decided to split blog and status info a while back (I have bookmarks on BOTH just in case!) 🙂

  50. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Space@47: huh? You can allow anyone to create objects, you can allow group members to create objects, and you can allow only specific group members to create objects. What’s confusing about that?

  51. Prospero Linden says:

    bobbyb30 : yes, this deploy is to fix a bug that we introduced. However, the reason for this blog post was to notify everybody that a beta test of the bugfix was available. And, the fix of that bug is working. As noted above, there remain other issues in our code that are not fixed by this release… this is why we keep working on it.

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  53. Hewitt Huet says:

    Well any fix is a good fix I suppose. LOL Prospero, I was getting complaints about not being able to rez. Now I know why! Looking forward to live grid fix =D

  54. Ron Crimson says:

    @ 39: Moderator? Me? I wouldn’t take THAT job if it paid me $1 million. 😛
    BTW, very grown-up of you to get personal while hiding behind an anonymous title. 😉

  55. Musha says:

    @54 Ron I got a couple of guesses go read the back blogs for a couple weeks or heck even last month lol

  56. Mech Gears says:

    to 40
    Ack! I’d better check my holovenders then, but then I do have allow all (with autoreturn set to prefent too much prim litter) thanks for the heads up on this , your right this presents a serious problem. Also explains why the linden balloon in linden village is no where to be seen.

  57. Alan Radius says:

    your support know that ?
    i submissed a ticket for this issue and your staff never say to me it s a bug ! this morning too, this bug is publied on your offical blog since the 9 june, never your staff read this blog ?

  58. coventina dalgleish says:

    5:48AM SL Time and the asset server is again in the dumper

  59. badb0y dagger says:

    dear LLs
    Just to let you know there is somthing rong with IM Voice chat for the past lik 5 days if i try talkn on IM Voice it with become all messd up lik the mic will be lagn and skpin and faden out and all kinds of stuff but if i go into open chat its fine i dont no if u r inaware of this yet but it is a issue at least with me i dont no abouit any1 else but i am lookn into it more but if u no that will be good too :))

  60. Youri Ashton says:

    SL is borked again, way to slow, loads pretty much super slow on every part. Also bug reporter seems to be borked again aswell.

  61. badb0y dagger says:


  62. Planvo Parx says:

    Come On Lindens SL Is Great,How Can You Put It Down Like This
    Its A Small Prob And Your Treating It Like It It Massive!


  63. Morgy Dinzeo says:

    I’m trying to install secondlife but i can’t get the minimum Instarlation becuase i need that one for my computer.

  64. Morgy Dinzeo says:

    Do any of you guys know how i can get the minimum installation for sl ?

  65. Morgy Dinzeo says:

    If you’s do please email it to me at

  66. Glad this is fixed now. Keep up the hard work Lindens.

  67. Planvo Parx says:

    Good its fixed i do think SL Should have a
    Freeze/Ban/Eject/Send-Home button on you sceen when on your own land,

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