Who are Lindens? – Video Tip of the Week #37

In Kindergarten Cop, Arnie-as-Detective John Kimble firmly asks:

“Who is your daddy and what does he do?”

In Second Life®, Torley-as-Resident Enlightenment Manager Torley Linden often hears:

“Who are Lindens and what do they do?”

“Lindens” (not to be confused with Linden dollars, or L$) are employees of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life. We’re inworld as avatars too, and I advocate us to experience SL so that we both (1) share the enjoyment and (2) understand what’s important to you.

In this funtastical video tour, I’ll show you: you how to meet Lindens in-avatar via Office Hours, where to find out more about specific employee expertise, how to tell if a Linden is genuine (impersonation is not only stupid, it’s against our Terms of Service). And… are you familiar with collectible Linden bears? All inside:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=978629&dest=-1]

01:04 – Search for Linden profiles
02:08 – What Torley sees at login…
02:32 – Visit Linden Office Hours
04:01 – Lindens do different stuff
04:22 – Linden bears
04:50 – Get help from the Support Portal
06:33 – What does each Linden do?
08:10 – Office Hour example time!
09:40 – The Official Second Life Blog (you are here)
10:46 – Don’t be fooled by fake “Lindens”


Working for/at Linden Lab is awesome! If you have questions about my or a fellow Linden’s work, come to our Office Hours and ask. Find out more about our vision and values @ The Tao of Linden. Also peruse info about our Management and Culture.

Thanks to the kindly Residents who commented and wrote in that my voice sounded distorted/clipped in last week’s embedded video (among others). I wish I could apologize more, but it’s a YouTube bug which I’ve contacted them numerous times about, and it still goes unfixed. That’s why this time around, I’m testing blip.tv, a different video-hosting service which is noticeably sharper. Let me know how it plays for you. I’m still uploading videos to YouTube via TubeMogul, and if you want the crispest, clearest experience, download the high-quality version above.

But, I also need to note that my audio hardware has been on the fritz lately, so I am directly sorry if you hear clicks/choppiness in this week’s video. I cleaned a lot of it up, but it’s not as pristine as I’d like it to be for you. I’m getting replacement gear and I’ll do better next time.


Torley Linden https://i1.wp.com/torley.s3.amazonaws.com/little-watermelon-eye.png
     Resident Enlightenment Manager 🙂
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125 Responses to Who are Lindens? – Video Tip of the Week #37

  1. Darien Caldwell says:

    I would have to counter that with “They are overworked, underappreciated group of hardworking people trying to realize a system who’s scope and scale is vast, and in some ways beyond today’s current techology.” You can’t look at Second Life and say ‘they do nothing’. It’s a true wonder of the modern world.

  2. Ann Otoole says:

    Audio issues? Thats ok Torely. We already know your a guy. 😀

    @1 – Out of bounds comment.

    Of course there was a blog somewhere that had a picture of a couple of LL proggies playing GTA4 on the big screen 😛 Necessary programmer research. Everyone in the game industry knows of these requirements.

    If you know where to look you will know they really are working hard. Sometimes we may not agree with what they are working on or how but working they are.

  3. Oni says:

    well at least Torley Linden does some thing for us,and that I cant complain,very helpful video tips,thanks Torley

  4. Britpop says:

    Oni, you can’t even spell right, so what’s your point in judging others? I don’t really want you to answer that question. Just sit back, take a deep breath and reconsider what you just said and how silly it was. Cheers. 😛

    awesome tutorial torley, as always 🙂

  5. Ron Crimson says:

    Too little, too late, Oni 😛

  6. Ron Crimson says:

    btw, am I the first one to suddenly notice that “Resident Enlightenment Manager” shortens to R.E.M.? 😀

  7. Alpha says:

    Keep up on the help full tips torley thanks for sharing


    do you really make your self special Britpop,then dont answer the question,opps sorry I guess you use the queens English and from england right ,if you want a flame war do it in world and not on the comment page .

    but anyways looking forward to more of your video tips torley

  8. Rex says:

    Why don’t LL use a real database? Ever heard of Oracle?

  9. Seka Babii says:

    lf Lindens did nothing, Second life would not be where it is today. Sure there are problems with it, but in the time l have been here l have seen improvements- Windlight and less crashing are just two things, (still need more work on the lag). As Lindens develop Second Life there will be more problems to over come. One could ask why N.A.S.A. have not put a man or woman on Mars yet, but they are working on it.

  10. Shakeno Tomsen says:

    I am sorry, but I laugh of comments like #1…

    In a nutshell, I say that Lindens do a very hard work to keep SL open for you. They might not do things as we wish, but at least they still develop the product for the angry people. What really drives me crazy is when people say that they hate the Lindens when there are problems like database cluster failures, or problems with the asset server. Well, you guys NEED to understand that they don’t use the function llCrashGrid(); or the command /break_database 101. Things fail, as usual, and their systems are running at 110% of their capacities. I just blame Lindens when they do something I am not happy with, but once fixed, I don’t mind it anymore. People need to start noticing differences.

    Why Torley looks like he is the only guy who does something is because he does things open to the public, but things such as updates and improvements are made by ALL Lindens, just people only see what is openly public.

    If you guys don’t like SL, leave it and stop insulting the Lindens. Complain if there is something not done right, but do not insult them, because they work way harder than whatever you want.

    Nuff said.

  11. Rocky Pickles says:

    Torley works on video tutorials.. he does not solder wire.. route cables or write code.. other Lindens do that.

    If you have server or client performance issues that work.. there are Lindens that work on that stuff too 🙂

    argumentum ad hominem attacks do not help with the conversation or progress of the project. Please jira your bugs with repro.. this has been a public service announcement 😉

  12. alf lednev says:

    12: JIRA and wait for the age pension to arrive? simply saying submit a problem doesnt fix it. One ofthe most common complaints is JIRA is elitist catering for a select few and not the general paying users.

    I agree with the general consensus (excluding customer service and an complete inability to listen to paying customers). Lindens do an excellent job, I enjoy Torely’s videos, Sidewinder, Propsero and co are interacting and sharing information, huge positive strides forward.

    The competition is fast approaching though, no longer a cloud on the horizon. Whether Lindens can or will keep their market share when viable competitors are here , remains to be seen. The IT industry is littered with the remains of arrogant companies who once held a monolpy (remember IBM and mainframes). When competition arrives, people can vote with their feet if they think they have been treated unfairly AND there Lindens is vunerable. Hopefully Kate will play a large part in correcting that perception.

    Im still amazed at how so many never took business 101, so again, never tell a paying customer to leave. SL is a business, if money starts to go out, sooner or later it will not be a viable business anymore. The converse applies, a paying customer has a right to demand value for their money, if they don’t get it, they will take their money elsewhere.

    A core Linden flaw is they do not provide readily accessible avenues for their general paying customers to air concerns, hence the frustration on these blogs. That does need to be corrected and these blogs moderated to remove most of the cr*p that swamps them. I see individuals posting 5,6,7, and more times regularly, hogging the slots on an ego trip. Moderate and limit user comments to two only – one post on topic and one reply later on.

  13. Hewitt Huet says:

    Torley’s vid tut’s are like sex:

    When its good its great, and when its bad its better than nothing.

    At least now I can fly from hover. For now. Database has a slight headache, I hear. Mine is not slight. XD

  14. Garn Conover says:

    Another point to make Torley, there are certain Lindens who have their own unique account name

    aww i missed that office hour 😦 damnit hopefully i makei t next week

  15. Alyx Sands says:

    #8: Wow, and you’re so special, too, right? *Shakes head* Apparently advising someone to spend a moment to actually reread what they type and correcting mistakes before angrily hitting the “submit” button is a flame war, right? I wonder why some people still think stuff published on teh intarwebz doesn’t have to be spelled halfways correctly, or why grammar is something to throw in the bin, too. I’m not talking seriously dyslexic people-they can’t *help* it. I’m talking lazyness resulting in stuff that is sometimes unintelligible. And whenever someone dares complain about people being lazy writers like that, several others will point out how very evil it is to complain about someone’s spelling. I’m talking basic communication skills. Something Torley *waves* knows about. And no, I’m not British.

  16. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Thanks Torley, another great and helpful tutorial, especially the end where you warn about people trying to scam others.

  17. Razor says:

    @ Katt Lindens Previous reply

    Katt, the answer you gave me, is not the answer to my question. my question is, why isn’t it possible to block all copies of a stolen item (either block them the way some griefer objects are blocked, or block the UUIDs of stolen textures)
    The webpage only tells how to remove ONE specific vendor inworld, which sells your copyrighted content, but not what to do when your stolen item is spread full perms,l ike when it is in hundreds or thousands of resell shops. When your item is stolen and spread full perms, its a lots battle. its impossible to sue hundreds of or thousands resellers separately, since full perm items spread faster than you can DMCA.

    That question is not answered in the DMCA webpages you reffered me to.

    This question is asked many times on the blog http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/04/11/protecting-your-copyrighted-content/
    but never answered. Both laurap and blue answer a few question but not this one, (laurap mentions it, but doesnt answers why it isnt done) even though it is asked many times.

    The answer also is not on the http://secondlife.com/corporate/dmca.php
    since it only tells how to send in a DMCA for one specific vendor, and not for a whole line of copied objects (erasing the image on an UUID or blocking of all copies, like linden labs does with certain griefer objects)

    Several creators have tried sending in a DMCA for the UUID of a stolen item, and have asked this, but get no answer on why their requests are ignored. We would like to know: Why? Why are their requests ignored? Why does linden labs not allow to block all copies of stolen items at once?

    The issue I am referring to is described in greater detail on: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1446

  18. Razrcut Brooks says:

    @ 20, hijack the blog much?

  19. UM ™® says:

    Fake Lindens?
    I don`t think I ever seen one…..

    @1……..Don`t like some rah rah people fool you some are just kissing up to be a Linden themselves……

    A better handling the questen is how do those speciality lindens handle their roles.

    Another questen is how well they handle the themselves in the general Public?

    How do Lindens that do the programming deal with Jira and those bug reports that at times are nothing more then ego building bug reported. Not forgetting which bugs are important and which that are totally wrongly put on jira for the pure pleasure of saying “I FOUND A BUG”……But infact they are nisunderstood bug that could have been soled by playing withthe settings…….

  20. UM ™® says:

    “17 Garn Conover Says:

    June 7th, 2008 at 6:10 PM
    Another point to make Torley, there are certain Lindens who have their own unique account name

    aww i missed that office hour damnit hopefully i makei t next week”

    Hi Garn how are you 🙂

    Many have felt the same way……

  21. Nice Job Torley, and a perfect blog entry for me to say “THANKS” to all the Lindens for all that they do.

    And with that….Back to my world, my imagination, where i want everything to go my way all the time and will voice my dissatisfaction in a more fitting blog entry.

    Again thanks,

  22. mimi says:

    @20 Read some back info on the topic before you call it ‘hijack’ please. its not your shop which is beeing destroyed and ripped down, so dont whine untill you know what the matter okay?

    Secondlife promised us copyright protection in the TOS but there are many problems.
    Many of Secondlifes biggest creator’s items have been stolen, and many have requested help agains the copies spreading very fast in full perm in resell shops and inworld and so far they have gotten zero help and zero answers in over a years time.
    They have met linden inworld, have started a JIRA, done anything to get an answer to this simple question: why don’t we get help, because the current way things are handled isnt working. So far, after a year this is still beeing ignored and we don’t get answers. Half of the skins and many hairs in resell shops are stolen copies, and nothing is beeing done, even after multiple request for help.

    More info see:
    http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/svc-676 (900 votes included from about any big content creator) and related and read on the internet about ‘secondlife ip theft’, ‘content theft’ and wonder what all those “I rather go naked than wear stolen items’ signs are doing inworld. Then judge.

  23. Zai Lynch says:

    Woah, thx for linkin’!

    Won’t be able to wipe that smile of my face for the next few hours ^^ Woot! =)

  24. Day Oh says:

    Haha, he said his Linden bear violates the trademark policy

  25. loebe Xi says:

    When they gonna finnaly solve the ATI driver issue ?
    The latest is 8-5_xp32_dd_63030 and because of the ATI issues, I have to use 7-11_xp32_dd_54435.

    Further more: open the Forum for residents that can’t get a premium account (like me from Belgium, no visa and…. no, paypal doesn’t work either because U do need a Visa) and are more then a year (!!!) member of SL.

  26. Ron Crimson says:

    Every blog entry comes with a flame war attached… but this one just takes the cake. So much arrogance, insults, hypocrisy and contradiction, and it’s only been 29 posts (counting this one). God, I wish the Lindens would ACTUALLY just disable comments and be done with it. o_O

  27. Here are ~300 photos of Linden avatars:

    If you’re on Flickr, please share with this group your photos of Lindens.

  28. about blip.tv:
    please note that 2 residents are known to have been banned from blip.tv because “gaming videos” don’t match blip.tv policy.
    feel free to contact me in-world for details.

    by the way, my account and many other ones with SL videos are still working right now.

    * please keep comments on topic, thanks! *

  29. UM ™® says:

    @30 thank you great..thank you for posting

  30. Ann Otoole says:

    Kindergarden cop quotes eh?
    /me looks at the deformed sculpty and sez “ishnot uh tooomah”

  31. Patchouli Woollahra says:

    I would clarify that Linden Lab employees are Residents who have only one line in their account type description (all normal residents have two lines describing their account type and their use of payment info). It’s usually “Linden Lab Employee” as Torley points out in their video, but certain higher-ranking and veteran Lindens may have decidedly more… crazy… titles.

    The other thing to note is that UnitTester is also another Linden surname. (This was accidentally given out a few weeks back, but has been rectified ^^;)

    Does anyone also remember “Mole”?

    @1, @34: I’ve seen more highborne crud-eating loaches in my RL aquarium.

  32. Cherokee Landman says:

    I realize that Lindens want to keep normal hours, too, but I can’t get to office hours because I’m (RL) at work. I realize that some people work evenings, work from home, are students, have a chance to login while at work, etc., but I’m sure a lot of people can’t get to office hours.

  33. Tegg B says:

    Ron Crimson Says:

    June 7th, 2008 at 8:25 PM
    Every blog entry comes with a flame war attached… but this one just takes the cake. So much arrogance, insults, hypocrisy and contradiction, and it’s only been 29 posts (counting this one). God, I wish the Lindens would ACTUALLY just disable comments and be done with it. o_O
    Dont like it, don’t post in it, better yet, don’t even read it, take your flamemate Razor with you too, as he seems be have Torley mixed up with Katt (send Katt a notecard if you want to flame her).
    Torely is one ofthe acest Lindens inworld, if you can do better apply for the position yourself.

  34. kirstenlee says:

    @40, Torley Linden is an employee, as is Katt etc etc

    We pay the wages, the majority of the highest paying residents have little or no interest anymore in who does what. They are sick to death.
    Arrogance, insults etc depend entirely on your point of view.
    For the most part the reason these blog entries descend into oblivion is out of sheer frustration.
    Birthday bashes, office hours, are trivial

    Our world our imagination, The residents ARE Secondlife ™

    And they can say what they damn well please, lets hope the paid staff don’t forget that…..

  35. Lukas Mensing says:


    Well, I have a proposition about the “lindens”…
    There are two kind of Lindens:
    1-Those who work hard and for real, like the concierges, the guys who do support, those who are creative, who bring better SL experience etc. Technics and creatives. And Torley of course…
    2- Those who have brilliant ideas like the VAT, the traffic algorithm, the land prices dumping, the communication between LL and users, etc…
    What about keeping te name Linden for the first ones, and calling the brilliant second ones something like “rosedales”…??
    does it seem bitter ? (normal, just paid tier…)

  36. UM ™® says:

    that should be………….”SOME of ” Those who work hard and for real, like the concierges, the guys who do support, those who are creative, who bring better SL experience etc. Technics and creatives.

    Not all support people are good rep…..lets get it set the record straight

  37. mcp Moriarty says:

    Thanks Torley, interesting as usual.

  38. Resolved (TM) says:

    The “Lindens” are employees of Linden Lab (r) tm (c).

    They have applied for the job, have been interviewed, possibly have negotiated their salary, then they have stepped on board to perform the work.

    Their mission is to develop and maintain an on-line game named Second Life (c) tm (r).

    The rest is of few interest.

  39. Oliver Pratt says:

    You mean the guys who won’t respond when called when something goes wrong? Are these the Lindens they’re referring to? Because if it is sl residents pretty much know all about them already. Nothing new here, guys!

  40. Everyone only thinks of what they don’t do instead of what they -do- do….

    On an offhand: The last server release bug is annoying, my temp rezzers are spamming me to death.

    Also, thank you for another video tutorial Torley, I wish I had these when I began!

    And re: “Oops a trademark violation”… you do work for LL, and represent LL.. therefor you should be able to use it? >.>

  41. Razor says:

    @40 I don’t have mixed up Torley and Katt lol. Katt wrote back on the previous blog where I couldn’t write back, so I posted the answer here. I’m happy she writes back, I did not expect she would, but my answer wasn’t on the pages she refered to.

    I tried to contact her inworld as well, but I think her IMs get capped and she gets too many notecards, talking here is a good alternative.

  42. Elle says:

    All other probs aside, i think that the strategy that LL is taking with their more open side, btw i say LL loosly, this isnt all their efforts, but this stratgety of showing us what you see, and answering Qs you might not have even 6 months ago, think its great ! also it really encourages noobs to stay playing in a sustainable way,by educating them about the possibilites, i remeber when i started and people dont have time ect to spend hours explaing how to build simple things or move around or jus know whats what, this is good Torley.i havent watched, broken mic.
    fix the dam game LL, same thing we alays say, now if we can get a few more lindens to do their jobs we might actually get through a weekend in one piece hmm?
    keep it up dude but try to spread some of that motivation around the office lol, also crap prgramers?pay them more !!! you might attract talent!

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  44. UM ™® says:

    “Dont like it, don’t post in it, better yet, don’t even read it, take your flamemate Razor with you too, as he seems be have Torley mixed up with Katt (send Katt a notecard if you want to flame her).
    Torely is one ofthe acest Lindens inworld, if you can do better apply for the position yourself.”

    Ummmmmmmmmmm this person should talk about himself do this……:/

  45. The video was very smooth for me, Torley – didn’t notice any clicks or choppiness, at least not enough to distract me from the content 🙂 Thank you for the continual hard work that you put into these tutorials.

  46. Artemis Kangjon says:

    I really hate to be the negative one here, but things are not-so-slowly going downhill. I’ve begun referring to every Friday as a disease. That is sad. I like to call it the “Friday Epidemic”. PLEASE, if you think you are doing a good job, then, great, keep working to make it BETTER, and otherwise, well, you know what I’m going to say.


  47. Paulo Dielli says:

    The intention of Torley’s video is good: showing how many people are working at improving SL and who does what. Thanks for that. But the timing isn’t ideal, to be honest. I’m really amazed at how many grid problems we have almost every single day! With so many problems for the customers, talking about ‘The Lindens’ and give-away Linden bears isn’t a smart communications strategy.

    But I won’t rant or flame. It’s just a badly timed video, that’s all.

  48. Resolved (TM) says:

    Just a thinking out of nowhere, sort of intuition: I believe the good old days are gone and there’s a radical change in LL governance & policy since 2 months or so. I pick some refences to explain my view:

    – the CEO post about two weeks ago now, really vague, without any true committment
    – the mysterious invitee announced for SL5B
    – this post by Torley pinpointing the importance of LL employees in-world

    I fear the strategy like not being no more “your world your imagination” — now that’s only me.

  49. Darth Juniper says:

    Thanks Torley for showing us good ways to get in contact with your team. Often people who post here express frustration at “voicelessness” – you show us how we can make our voices heard, which is a good thing.
    At this point I’d like to say I hope a Linden or two reads this post, because thinking back on what my SL experience was like when I arrived nearly 2 years ago and how it is now – it is undeniably improved over the last two years, in every respect I can think of. Sure there are bugs, yes things go wrong, but SL is a constantly evolving work in progress so that’s inevitable. I do agree that weekends are glitch city though and perhaps appointing someone as Weekend Linden might be wise, but it just shows how much effort goes on behind the scenes during the week to keep things running.
    Hell, I couldn’t do it. And I am not going to complain when I don’t pay a penny to come play in your world. Anything free is a bonus to me.

  50. Curtis Dresler says:

    Just three points, and yes, I’ve made them before, but since I pay monthly, I’ll keep making them until I leave, in the very few places possible.

    1) The last outage and all outages could and should have been posted to the log-in splash screen. Since there are sooo many reasons for intermittent log-in failure, each and every person should know when SL is down. Inexcusable that this isn’t done. Period. No technical issue – a simple ‘we really don’t care issue’.

    2) The new viewer path, after watching the ‘progress’, is IMO a complete failure. The foremost reason is that there are no vistas anymore. When I had 32K in land, long ago, it was nice that from the landing point you could see the tops of much of my effort in builds and might want to go see them. I could see from the greeters that people landed in one place and visited the others. Now I can’t see one of my neighbors from an 8K plot. i visited a site with one of the larger and taller castle builds in SL and couldn’t see the castle until I moved to it. Not all of us are ocean freaks. Not all of us want to see just a bit of land surrounded by sea. No grand vistas, no grand builds – just small views of everything. Pure, plain wrong as a path. Yet LL is locked into tech issues, not experience ones.

    3) The result? The maps are all yellow when once you had to look for land for sale. LL is in denial. People are leaving. They may be signed up, but they are visiting to check on visitors to their land for sale. The sim my last piece of land is on is 50% yellow (Highlander – check it out), as is the one next door where I used to be. The others on the map from my home spot are all 33% yellow or more. People, the land you own may be yours until you abandon it. I assume that I will not find a buyer if I were to sell, no matter how reasonable the price – the last 8K is lost money. When I leave, I’ll just click the abandon button and consider it money gone.

  51. KellyM Watkins says:

    Woot! \o/ Torley and your watermelon friendlyness. Another great video tutorial 😀 Keep it up !

  52. oO says:

    @8 Alpha Says

    What has him speaking real english got to do anything? the first poster had spelled wrong even for an american, and your implying he is just the same for replying to him…. but you done the same thing oO

  53. Catherine Foulon says:

    what do i like to read in the offical linden blog?

    i give you a few examples:

    – issue #3465757 has been resolved.

    – groupchat issue has been resolved.

    – we announced to our value customers, that we will give an xx% uptime-garantee and if we failed we give some credits.

    – we stop working on unnessecary crap e.g. windlight and voicechat and concentrate 100% on stability and performance.

    – we have a *sneak peek* new database and transfer stale is something in the past FOREVER.

    – we have a wonderful support and all tickets will be reviewed within 10 minutes.

    – no rollingstart needed anymore, because we find out we are on a linux-system with all your sims.

    to be continued…

    YEAH, thats what i love to read here!

    know what i think if i read here about “kindergarten cop” and what the lindens are doing … bla blaah?

    i think the company is just laughing about those customers who come here, do business and spend a lot of money an second life.

    thank you

    (english is not my first language)

  54. @57: By your definitions, there will never be a “good” time for such a video. People have complained about problems in Second Life as long as I have been a resident (October 2005). They will continue to find things that are less that perfect for some time to come; this is not yet a mature technology.

    Right now, virtual worlds are in the state that the internet and World Wide Web were in around 1996. Among other things that means growing pains as Linden Lab tries its best to deal with the explosive growth of the medium. (Remember the capacity problems that ISPs had in the early days?) The other parallel with 1996 is that we’re past the first big influx of corporate money. Right now, they’re stepping back a bit and analyzing their return on investment; I expect to see another round of major investment in virtual worlds later this year or in 2009.

    Timing of these videos must be difficult for Torley. The longer ones likely take a few weeks to make, from the idea stage (what is this video going to be about), then gathering information, writing a script, and finally making the machinima. They may roll out on a weekly basis, but I don’t think that Torley finishes video A before starting to think about video B!

  55. Second Life has been acceptably stable for me. I use the newest RC and the performance is rather good. If anyone at the Lab has some spare time, could you consider adding a few new enhancements to LSL:

    1) First and foremost – a user without modify permissions should not be able to change the object name or object description. Right now – we can store small amounts of data in the object name/description permanently but any owner of that object (even without mod perms) can alter the data you store in these two fields.

    2) Can we get an LSL function that allows scripted data entry to the Notes tab of an avatars profile page? I would like to see it behave like a read/write notecard (even if you have to place a size limit). This will allow user specific settings to be stored and retrieved by scripts in a permanent storage area that travels with the avatar. In addition, since the avatar cannot see the data entered in this area it would be a secure storage facility for sensitive data like authorization keys, encryption hashes and other manner of data the user should never need to see.

    3) Can we PLEASE review the LSL commands that FORCE us to give an object full perms if we choose to use script function that requires it? I’ve said this a couple time before.. these limitations do nothing to enhance our ability to protect our assets. On the contrary, it forces us to give our assets away freely.

    4) It would be extremely useful if we could set the permissions on individual prims in a linked build. There are times when I want the user to be able to modify some prims and not others.

    5) If the above ideas fail (the data related ideas), please consider adding a small area of non-volatile storage that is not visible to the end user of a product, which can be used to securely store sensitive information that the end user never needs to see. I basically want a place to safely store security and financial related info. For instance – let’s say I want to create a product that allows the user to add credit to the system – how do I safely store the current credit value so that it cannot be hacked? How will this credit amount persist between uses? Right now the only option is to store this info in object description, or overloaded prim properties all of which can be altered by the end user.

    That’s all for now, thanks for listening.

  56. IAm Zabelin says:

    Well apologies for having to hijack the blog as well, but since the last rollout my and many other sims have been pretty useless so as LL has hijacked me I’m returning the favour…

    CAN YOU PLEASE WORK ON IT AND ROLLOUT AN EMERGENCY FIX? I really don’t care that you “are aware of it”, I’d like it fixed.

    Niether I, nor any of my group can rez objects from our inventory on our group owned land – regardless of what group we have as active. (NOTE: I repeat that for the wiseguys who will say I must wear my group-tag … whether I wear the group-tag or not – I am also group owner ).

    The reason this happens is I have “Create Objects” disabled on the Land settings for ‘All Residents’ and ‘Group’, so that it can be controlled at the group roles level – so only users with a certain group role can create objects … I am sure I’m not the only one using this level of granularity to control who can create objects and it’s been working like this for ages.

    I can create new prims, but cannot rez inventory content. Yes, I can work around this by allowing all group members to create content, but that doesn’t suit the way this sim is setup, and its not right to just blindly roll out serious changes like that into a production system, is it?

    By the way – who tested and signed this change off? One would think when working with code which affects group land ownership, the basics would be tested!!! Not thats its much help to us … but who gets the shrek ears?

    I guess asking for a few days refund on tier fees is not going to be considered either?

    @9 Rex – Why should LL do a complex downgrade to Oracle? They already use MySQL db. Its the SL architecture thats the bottleneck – its just outgrown its scalability, the dB is excellent and capable of millions of transactions per day – as long as the architecture supports it.

    @20 Razor – I am with you 100% on the IP protection … it really sucks that years after promises by LL were made to build in functionality to help keep it under control by Cory Linden, Robin Linden and others, they have gone the complete opposite way on this and stabbed content creators in the back – I really hope it was not just a case of saying anything to keep content creators in to help build the world, and now that so much is built use the “who cares” attitude. I look forward to them proving me wrong on that.

  57. Pingback: Who are Lindens? « Daniel Voyager’s Blog

  58. Solomon Devoix says:


    “5) If the above ideas fail (the data related ideas), please consider adding a small area of non-volatile storage that is not visible to the end user of a product, which can be used to securely store sensitive information that the end user never needs to see.”

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again: we already have 255 bytes of non-volatile storage available with the “float text”, which each individual prim has, and which can be set to 100% alpha so it’s not visible.

    Or we WOULD have, if we just had a very simple llGetText command to go with llSetText.

    I have suggested this to Lindens before, and have yet to hear why this wouldn’t be a simple and easy addition to fix this problem. After all, it’s just another non-volatile prim property like color or size…

  59. Resolved (TM) says:

    @67 – Torley is the TQM guy of LL I believe. That means the employe who delivers the Kaizen — or derived — message of the day.

    Not good not bad. But do customers care ?

  60. Hewitt Huet says:

    Sung to the Tune of “Frere Jacques” :

    Who are lindens
    Who are lindens
    They’re not you
    They’re not you
    Still waiting for sup-port
    As you know my sim’s borked
    In the queue
    In the queue

    Who are lindens
    Who are lindens
    Can I be one too?
    Can I be one too?
    You can if you try hard
    Just submit a notecard
    In the queue
    In the queue

    Torley Linden
    Torley Linden
    Who are you?
    Who are you?
    Tutorials of your choice
    In the surfer dude voice
    That’s nice too
    That’s nice too

  61. Brenda Maculate says:

    Thanks for the VidTut, Torley! 🙂

    A simple question for you, because it’s kinda escaping me at the moment: what are office hours FOR, if not to talk to a Linden about a particular problem? (I’m basically wondering what the line is between looking for an answer to a question and what needs to go to Support.)

  62. Alyx Sands says:

    I wonder what would happen if the client were full of spelling mistakes that make it hard to understand? Or Torley’s posts? I’m not talking a few typos, I’m talking very basic rules of a language, and that has nothing to do with not being able to speak a language properly-I did not mean learner’s mistakes, I was talking basic lazyness.

    Oh, I love being harrassed by random people in world because I dared to say people should spend at least a few seconds to make a message intelligible. Now THAT’S so courageous, especially quoting from my profile and telling me where to stick it. I wish people would actually read what I write before showering me with the f word, the c word and several other anatomically related terms in world. Wherever did I say I am dissing dyslexic people? And oh hey, English isn’t MY native language as well.

  63. Hewitt Huet says:

    “A simple question for you, because it’s kinda escaping me at the moment: what are office hours FOR, if not to talk to a Linden about a particular problem? (I’m basically wondering what the line is between looking for an answer to a question and what needs to go to Support.)”

    Hhahhahah!!! To congratulate them on doing such a fine job. To be told to “put in a ticket”. To be told it’ll all be fixed in the *next server update*!!!!!!

    If you look up Hewitt Huet in Google (I’m famous =\ ) you’ll see a transcript of the session in which I tried to bring up something. Read for yourself. If I would have heard the word “metrics” one more time I would have nuked the place. Ooops, thats a ToS™ violation. I would not have done that I suppose.

    @76 Alex: Oh come on, typos are a fact of life in SL™© — like greifers and Database “headaches”.

  64. Penguinfan Beck says:

    Not to go off subject, but since no one will allow anyone to post a reply on the Grid Status blog.. I am forced to post it here.

    What is up with the sudden increase of “Login Failed” messages?? I get this at least 3 or 4 times a day.. unless I stay logged in ALL DAY.. which.. I try not to do lol..

    Anyone else having this issue?

  65. Penguinfan Beck says:

    Well.. got my answer.. SL is BORKED AGAIN!! Imagine that? How many times now in the last 30 days? Hmm.. would it be maybe 30?

  66. Tiernan Lefavre says:

    Aye! Just to be able to log in would mean the world! We love the world you Lindens have created, but grid stability before enhancements seems to be a universal theme. Thank you for your hard work. Can you please focus more resources on basic stability? Thanks!

  67. Login Failed Again says:

    @ 78 It is never ever off topic to expect a product to actually work.

  68. tilin9 says:

    “Login failed”

  69. KJ says:

    Who are the paying customers??? And what do they do????

  70. abused user says:

    Linden Labs is the Enron of MMOs. They care more about how pretty they can make bling or poofs look and nothing about the functionality of the software. They take people’s money and profess that money can be made doing business in Second Life knowing full well that it is a lie! I had three friends try to use SL for the first time today. They can’t log in now. What a piece of junk SL is!

  71. Cairo Serevi says:

    Login’s are restricted? To whom? Why do I have a Premium Account, > 50K online and I’m not allowed to join the free campers? I normally not about to bitch here, but please tell us once again, for what do we have premium accounts?

  72. sloopy cooder says:

    I see we have drifted way off topic, but since we are there I feel the need to comment.

    LL: Please let us know what is in the queue for dealing with the database issues… The database is taking dumps on a regular (daily on average) basis and has for months and months. Can you please let us all know what LL is planning to do to fix this issue like you let us know what the plans are for the viewer and sim server code? I don;t think anyone expects the problem to be solved overnight, but all we ever hear is “we are working on it”… It sure doesn’t seem that way…

  73. Vivienne says:

    “Due to high load log-ins temporarily restricted. Plese try again…”

    High load. 50,000 online. Hey will this be the great log-in lottery soon? What do i pay premium fee for? For a lottery number? Bingo? I thiught you banned gambling from Second Life?

  74. Mizar Korobase says:

    At all thgese people pathetically BAWWWWWing “Teh server are borked wat I do? Lindens are teh sux!” and such, I say simply “Get over yourselves.” They’ve got far better things to do than listen to your inccessent whining. The have made progress – lots of it – and I’m sick of all these naysayers.

    I honestly appriciate the Lindens, and their hard work and effort. As for the other people crying about their precious server I say read the status updates, and you might be a little more aware of what is happening. Beyond that, simply have patience.

    If you can manage that, get someone to call a waambulance.

  75. Paulo Dielli says:

    This is getting ridiculous… There is something completely wrong with the whole database architecture and the hardware infrastructure. And it looks like it’s totally out of control. I’m afraid this cannot be easily fixed. They will have to make an entire new hardware ans software setup. It’s like a – once – popular sim that became outdated because of new building techniques. You’d have to throw everything away and start all over again from scratch.

  76. coventina dalgleish says:

    What is wrong with you lindens restricting log ins due to load well this month my payments for islands is going to be restricted due to your new incompetent policy

  77. coventina dalgleish says:

    Again I want to thank lose lab for trashing sales again Every time sales stabilize you people do one of these crappy updates and trash everything. I call for a cessation of this game destroying patches for at least 4 weeks. Give us a break as every time you do this you absolutely trash the game.



  78. Ron Crimson says:

    Tegg @ 40: unfortunately you just demonstrated with that post that you’re not much better than the other flamers. o_O And you seem to have grossly misunderstood mine since you’re throwing me in the same pot with them – my point was that I’m fed up with complainers and was wishing (in a moment of desperation, not REALLY wishing) the Lindens would disable comments…. in order to prevent these flame wars. But I didn’t really mean that, comments are important and quite a lot of people are making sensible, intelligent and valid comments as well.

    SL has problems, sure, but it works amazingly well considering its vast scope and complexity. What makes me sick is people blowing every little issue completely out of proportion and downright insulting the Lindens (not to mention other residents) in the process. I for one love SL, appreciate all that Torley, Sidewinder, Prospero, Katt, Jon etc. etc. etc. are doing, and only have one more thing to say:

    Dear whiners and ranters… Learn some spelling. Then learn how to be more sensible. And then figure out how to make yourself heard concisely and clearly without getting personal or losing realistic sight of whatever issue it is you’re talking about.

    *steps off soapbox* 😛

    And whoever’s about to tell me how high and mighty I am now: don’t even bother. 😛

  79. DR Dahlgren says:

    Torley, I think you do a great job. There are many Linden’s I have had the chance to meet and get to know. They are the ones I meet in world.

    So far, I can’t find the one I have a gripe with.

    But they’re there, hiding someplace. Who is that Linden, I have no idea, but they are the one that sets priorities, the one that decides what to tell the account holders, the one who decides to add a feature or make a major change no matter the opinion expressed by the majority of people questioned. (Dazzle anyone… arrrggghhh)

    I wonder if that Linden has ever even been in SL, let alone used it for any length of time.

    Torley said ““Lindens” (not to be confused with Linden dollars, or L$) are employees of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life. We’re inworld as avatars too, and I advocate us to experience SL so that we both (1) share the enjoyment and (2) understand what’s important to you.

    This is not something that should be ADVOCATED… IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY…. at least several hours a week….


  80. Vivienne says:

    “SL has problems, sure, but it works amazingly well considering its vast scope and complexity.”

    Amazingly well? it works, somehow, however. If it would work amazingly well, there would be no decline in online hours and premium accounts. But there is one, and LL should rethink their tactics, if not their strategy regarding disfunctional “updates” and realses of premature features.

  81. Vivienne says:

    “Torley, I think you do a great job.”

    He does, DR. Torley IS Second Life.

  82. isitcatcotton says:

    @49 as much as this may seem like a joke it’s not. Keep an eye on google news section for both LL and SL. Anyone half intelligent can see where SL is headed.


  83. Cairo Serevi says:


    Dear Ron, I’m not english, well, that could be wrong by itself, so, you are telling me to just post here when I’m correct on spelling. Thx for this, so is SL only for english speaking ppl? They didn’t told me when I get an account, also, when I got a premium account. What do you advise me to do then, my US guru…be with you?
    Thank you dear, really thankfull of your thoughts…so enlighting

  84. Be hive says:


  85. Bee hive says:

    ^_~ y *hi**

  86. Dekka Raymaker says:

    oh wow look at the numbers in the replies, look like a they have decided to enforce their right to delete the posts of unsatisfied customers!

  87. Darth Juniper says:

    Why has the post count on this declined since my last visit? And why is my second post not visible?

  88. Ann Otoole says:

    @88 indeed you can see how LL/Sl is doing by googling. Like how LL is number 11 on the SAI 25 list. Digg and twitter are not even in the list but are listed as contenders. Why? Because of LL’s true revenue stream which puts it’s value at 1.1 billion. Not too shabby for an upstart crazy place that is bucking the shackles of “normalcy”. However, one might question all the support for opensim given the nature of LL’s revenue stream. Let’s hope Phillip will not go down in history as being the guy who gave away the most lucrative revenue stream in the history of technology. Kinda like the guy that sold the golden code to Bill Gates. DOH!

  89. Mortar Mopp says:

    The video quality was fine, audio too, but I miss not being able to go full-screen.

  90. Ann Otoole says:

    Support gone home. Can’t take to inventory. Perhaps someone at LL will notice this post and clear the db logs? 😛

    Hint: need 24*7 hands on manual monitoring DBA staff.

  91. Ron Crimson says:

    @ 84: Good grief, you’re automatically assuming I was including non-native English speakers, aren’t you? Of course what I said about them doesn’t apply to those whose native language is not English. This is EXACTLY what I have a beef with: people always looking for something negative, even if they have to twist things to find it.

    Vivienne: Dunno what to tell ya, I only speak for myself, no one else (like you seem to be doing). If there’s a decline in premium accounts what do I care? *My* SL works very well, thankyouverymuch.
    And I still think SL works quite well overall, it just isn’t as black-and-white as some people want it to be. I’m just sick and tired and fed up with the constant griping and end-of-world prophecies and what-not. Let those of us who enjoy our SL have our peace.

  92. Ron Crimson says:

    Darnit, I said @84 and that was my own post, lol… I meant 89.

  93. annotoole says:

    Logins are down now. No status page update, support gone home.

  94. loebe Xi says:

    I suspect Toreley is a alt, used by all the Lindens 😉

  95. Ron Crimson says:

    Ann @ 99, funny how I logged in just fine right around the time you claimed logins were down. No status page update because there was no problem to report, and support *never* goes home.

    loebe @ 100: LOL, that might explain how that man can be so hyperproductive 😀

  96. Resolved (TM) says:

    @101 Yes — that works fine for me too. Logins, TP, attachments (including detachments 🙂 ). Just a side remark: that may possibly not work for all of us (my 2 cents).

  97. Ann Otoole says:

    @101 – yes funny indeed eh? and a few minutes after that frustrated post suddenly logins worked again. Wasn’t just me. there were others. But when there is no support to talk to there is no way to see whats going on. I wish LL would staff support 24*7. Just doesn’t seem right fot a 24*7 operation to not be support staffed 24*7. BTW the support staff I have had the pleasure to deal with have all been outstanding. We need more of them.

    I am using v1.20.9 (88980) almost exclusively now (with the dark skin) and have experienced no deploy stoppers or crashes. Maybe that was it eh? No. I think RC9 is ready to go live.

  98. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well the log ins were limited for at least a 30 minute period today around 2:30 slug life time. The point here is very simple kick non paying users instead of restricting premium subscribers, oh wait they have no idea if you are a premi at the log in process, unlike WoW.

    Perhaps a way to reduce all the complaining is to present a functional system that does not irritate the holy beegeebers out of those who actually do something in the game.

    If this game is worth a billion then I certainly want to meet the person who would pony up that kind of scratch for this 3 legged dog.

    Perhaps they will never learn the cardinal rule of systems management that Friday is not the day to make changes to any multiuser operating platform. Well )) every time they do they get what they deserve, a large chunk of their asses laying on the floor being kicked around by those who have come to dislike them for the incompetence displayed on a daily basis.

    Oh and I saw another database server failure notice a little earlier tonight nothing new in that is there.

    Yes the game is quite amazing and enjoyable when it works but something of this size requires 24/7 staff to support but that would take from the cash flow

  99. Ewan Mureaux says:

    When did the library get updated? Have I missed the new avatars etc or is it a new thing?

    Looks pretty cool anyway!

    Yay for new skins and noobs not loking like noobs!!

  100. Ron Crimson says:

    Where do you folks get the idea that there ISN’T a 24/7 team of people watching stuff? How many times have there been Lindens fixing things when they broke in the middle of the night (US time, mind you) and/or on weekends? And blogging status updates whenever they could, too? Let’s give them a little break… and let’s all be a little more patient. OK, so logins don’t work – you check the blog, you wait a few minutes and check again. Most of the “massive failures” are little more than hiccups that affect a small percentage of residents. I’m not saying nothing catastrophic ever happens – it has, and we’ve all suffered, and it’s been documented well in the past – it’s not like I’m simply denying that problems do arise and they’re sometimes a real pain in the bunghole. They are – I know. And it’s frustrating – I know. All I want is for the obsessive complainers to pipe down and take a time-out next time something goes wrong.
    Heck, if you hate SL so much, take the opportunity to sign up for yoga classes or learn to meditate 😉

  101. Ann Otoole says:

    @106 – Ron you realize that incessantly complaining about complainers is the same as complaining right? Anyway my point is that there is no way to find out what is going on and there has been a past history of problems at night going on till someone shows up in the morning. Therefore we have no guarantee there really are people at work. Especially on a Sunday night.

    I do think maybe they need to have some consultants look into their database logging and see if there isn’t a way to prevent the logs from filling up so fast. At least thats what the symptoms look like to me. 🙂

    And suggesting people leave? I consider such statements a form of harassment under the ToS and CS.

  102. Roman McCullough says:

    The fact that SL is an evolving technology that engenders a lot of hiccups isn’t news to anyone. What LL’s main problem has been and what has been igniting a good deal of the anger is their near total inability to make the right public relations gestures to keep users, especially the content creators that make this thing interesting to play on, on their side. They actually could do this with rather minimal effort, but whether it’s an ego thing for SL’s management or just sheer laziness, they just can’t seem to figure out how to “work the room,” as it were.

    The consequence is that people don’t feel listened to and that is extremely frustrating.

    While the technical hurdles to making SL work are formidable, they have a great racket going. People actually pay to use SL as their canvas, which is akin to a developer paying a locality for building amusement parks, sports stadia, dwellings, etc that will attract a population that will spend money and help the community prosper in a larger sense without that locality having to rely on its own planners or make tax or other revenue concessions to get that done while being able to charge the developer big monthly fees to keep those things operating. Thus that SL doesn’t do more to to build an esprit d’ corps with content creators just makes me scratch my head.

    Writing this makes me feel better, but I’m sure it will be totally ignored by the SL managers. That is SL’s problem in a nutshell. Katt is here more to fend customers off rather than help them. And people will keep being angry as a result. None of us doubt that the code writers are working their butts off. It is that management is dropping the ball on communicating and empathizing with SL’s users.

  103. Tegg B says:

    Ron Crimson Says:”Tegg @ 40: unfortunately you just demonstrated with that post that you’re not much better than the other flamers. o_O And you seem to have grossly misunderstood mine since you’re throwing me in the same pot with them – my point was that I’m fed up with complainers and was wishing (in a moment of desperation, not REALLY wishing) the Lindens would disable comments…. in order to prevent these flame wars. But I didn’t really mean that, comments are important and quite a lot of people are making sensible, intelligent and valid comments as well.”

    You are right Ron I apologise, I did grossly missunderstand your post.
    I am just cheezed off a lot on how we have all lowered ourselves by desecrating one of Torleys threads so badly.
    I hope he forgives us.

  104. Georgette Whitfield says:

    LMAO at Torley’s trademark-breaking bear hehe. I want a copy! =P

  105. Ryu Darragh says:

    Have you thought about vimeo, Torley? They do HD as well as STD and in both MP4 and FLV.

  106. Vivienne says:

    @ Roman

    “Writing this makes me feel better, but I’m sure it will be totally ignored by the SL managers. That is SL’s problem in a nutshell.”

    They won´t listen anyway. Every serious builder/creator in SL told them early enough that Windlight renders the vast majority of textures ugly, that the lighting is absolutely awful and even more unrealistic than before if it comes to anything else but sunset adorsement. They didn´t listen and threw the crap on us. Instead of taking care of the people who made this world (and still try to do so in spite of this scary monster) they went for the sunsets. So now we have greenish wood, pink concrete and a lot of more visual montrosities hurting the eye. Luckily, more than 2/3 rd of all residents can not enable or refuse to enable this really “breathtaking” feature. But this won´t help attracting new customers and will not help growth, cause watching sunsets is not exactly what the ppl get into SL for. Maybe the SL management is? Maybe they really think this is more “realistic”????

  107. Resolved (TM) says:

    Sunset apparently seems to be a cause of discorde. Let’s hope Vivienne will never face some more serious problems in her life — first one I mean —

  108. DR Dahlgren says:

    I keep going back to communication, a two-way, communication. By moving the status to a new blog, which we are not allowed to post in, they have eliminated one more, if not the last, real feedback channel. Guess they got tired of residents telling them they did not like what was going on. And sure, we all have our own pet peaves. For example, I have never had any issues with Windlight, though I don’t like some of the effect, I can turn it off. Dazzle however drove me nuts.

    Back to communication. Torley does a great job of it, Sidewinder does too. But where was the long blog on skinning the RC? Guess I missed that someplace. With all the complaints about Dazzle I would have thought Torley or one of the RC PM’s would have blogged about now being able to re-skin the client. But no, I had to see a post in this blog refferring to the “dark-skin” to know skinning had been implimented. And I read this thing….!

    Anyway, I am again using the RC since I can get rid of Dazzle, and enjoy being able to again hopefully help with it.

    Talk to us LL, and please, when you do, listen to us in return. Kind of like prayer, you can pray (talk) all you want, but if you don’t meditate (listen), how will you know what the answer is…


  109. Melody Srace says:

    I think Ron Crimson is doing exactly what he hates so much on blogs. Whine, complain, repeat the same issue many multiple times.

  110. Curtis Dresler says:

    Ron, you will care when enough Premium accounts don’t renew and they have to shift the burden to those not paying. Mainland is nothing but ‘For Sale’ signs. Some of the big builds from last year are gone. I’m here for the live acoustic music now, but I already took your advice, before you gave it. I ride my bike more, walk the dogs more, use SL less, easing into the day that I drop out.

    If we were standing around in RL, I’d be betting you that the current issue in the LL is how they are going to collect from the teens when they start charging all of the avs a monthly rate, premium or basic. The algorithm is broken when the premiums drop instead of increase. I’m guessing there is strain enough when they have enough inventory problems that buying drops and the base remains stable. So the premiums have what they need to live with, the real customer powers that be are afraid to put more resources into SL until they get reassurance that there is a future, the commercial investors are walking (not LL/SL problem – just not a good fit for most), and the source of funds for the free folk has dried up (for actually good reasons).

    You don’t care about the premiums? Well, ten people listening to live music doesn’t pay the LL bills. Eventually, you will.

    By the way, I would guess that the average avatar spends the most in the first two weeks in SL, with the spending tailing lower over the first two months, unless they really get caught up in building (like I did, unfortunately). If the on-line numbers are correct, there has to be a larger maturing base that is spending less per avatar even as they are on-line. LL has to make facilitating a larger on-line population with EASE of EXPERIENCE the main objective, or they will have to run to stay in place.

  111. shockwave yareach says:

    Well, SL wasn’t playable again this weekend. I couldn’t log on, and when I did log in, I was force tp’d to a Governor’s Mansion. And no, I don’t believe that “my region wasn’t available” because I was IM’ing people who were standing on it and waiting for me.

    And Ron, this unacceptable lack of stability after years of hollow promises is why I cancelled my Premium membership. The only thing it got me was the privelage to “own” land in the mainland with griefers, adfarms and crashes galore. Oh, yes, I guess there is the tech support line it gives me, but since nothing is ever fixed I don’t see the point in that.

    I have voted “No Confidence” with my wallet.

  112. DR Dahlgren says:

    Thanks Ann, I found the link using Google when I saw your earlier reference. The ability to create and change skins makes the RC usable again.

    We all know that SL is, and will probably remain, a work in progress. And I think most of us accept that things will be broken from time to time. Many of us remember when 12K online dropped SL to its knees.

    The point I think most of us “whiners” are trying to make, is we feel the priorities are very off, and that when we speak out we are not heard.

    The mainland is for sale, yep. Half the map looks yellow, but is that because people are leaving or taking advantage of the new pricing for private islands? I love the mainland and will continue to maintain my presence there as long as I remain in SL. If however the database issues are not resolved soon, that may not be very long. They really do seem to be getting worse, not better.

    Again, many thanks to Torley and others who take the time to communicate, its just too bad it does not seem to be the LL culture.


  113. Hmmm… what I would like to see are two pie charts, one with Linden labs incomes (premium fees, land buy, land fees, transactions…) and a second one with Linden labs costs (servers, world maintainance, software maintainance, software development, etc. ).
    What I am afraid of is that one day software maintainance cost becomes too large for the company being viable. And the only mean to avoid this is to have a correct quality assessment, modification coordination, etc. Whose Linden is the quality manager? Tell us, because he is the most important today

    SL is a fantastic thing, and I am far from resigning, like some say above. But I am not addicted, it is worse than that: I am interested. SL is a fantastic melting pot where we can encounter like minded people wherever they are in the world, to do so many things, and create fantastic communities… when it works. last saturday I had a meeting wasted: IM not working, notices not working, logins not working…
    It would be really sad to lose SL.
    So please Lindens, don’t just show up, don’t just communicate one way. Heed the community members too. There are important things to do, which are needed.

  114. Ron Crimson says:

    @ 107: I didn’t say people should leave, I said they should take up yoga or meditation. And yes, I’m complaining – but not about SL or Linden Labs. That IS a difference. *grin*

  115. Ron Crimson says:

    @ 109: Thanks so much for your apology, that was unexpected but I really appreciate it. *pats your shoulder*

    @ 118: And your point is…?

    @ 120: My home is on mainland and it’s a beautiful place… only one ad farm and it’s (literally) out of sight, almost at the other edge of the sim. I explore a lot and while I agree the ad farms are a pain in the a– I just can’t agree that mainland is overrun with them… Not nearly so.
    BTW, I’m a premium account, in case that wasn’t clear. ^_^

  116. Letti says:

    The Lindens are hard working people. They sometimes help and sometimes they don’t. I can see them trying to help Second Life, but Second Life is dieing. I would be upset and maybe leave quickly, if i was working for Linden Labs and find out that Second Life is dieing.

  117. Cummere Mayo says:

    Ok, windlight actually does work for most users… and hmm amazingly enough, when I’m out at sunset rl, YES, my concrete and the sand in my yard DO have a pinkish tent.

    Im not fond of the new rc, it crashes when i hit search ro profile too much, but overall sl stability HAS improved wih the last two release candidates. And MOST lindens do listen. as for who controls what goes out when… that would be CG Linden. He’s kinda the gatekeeper for all patches and viewer and rc releases.

  118. Gwynn Blackburn says:

    Thanks for the video, Torley! Informative and enjoyable as ever. 🙂

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  121. Brendan W says:

    Thanks a bunch Torley. This looks like good stuff; will definitely check it out.

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