New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC9 Available

We are releasing the next iteration of this Release Candidate (RC9), to solve further crash issues as well as some important functionality bug fixes that you identified in earlier Release Candidates (such as with Local Chat and Flexi prims). Thank you for the continued feedback, especially detailed notes in the Public Issue Tracker! There are some additional crashes (especially on the Mac PowerPC) that we continue to investigate, test, and hope to provide in a future iteration of the Release Candidate, coming soon.

Please visit the Test Viewers page to download the Second Life 1.20 RC9 Release Candidate viewer.

Note about changes to Search:

  • We are continuing to iterate on our improvements to the Search feature. Thank you for your feedback! Although the release notes for 1.20 RC7 indicated that Search>Places was changed to use web-based search, this tab has been returned to its previous client interface, which includes “Sort by alphabetical” or “Sort by traffic” options. Please see VWR-7335 in the Issue Tracker for more information about this.
  • The ongoing Search project does aim to transform more functionality to the web-based feature (as currently present in the Search>”All” tab). These plans included the switch from “Popular Places” to Showcase (as earlier announced here). We are continuing to research and discuss the future of traffic with the Resident community. Together we’re working toward an improved method of providing metrics both to land owners and to all Residents of Second Life.

IMPORTANT: Known Issues in RC9

  • The Mac PowerPC will quit unexpectedly when trying to run this Release Candidate (RC9) viewer. This iteration RC9 will not be usable on the Mac PowerPC. We very much appreciate your patience in these last two iterations RC8 and RC9! This has turned out to be a complicated problem that we are actively tracking down. We hope to have this tested and resolved shortly in an upcoming iteration of the Release Candidate.
  • As with RC8, in this viewer a rectangular block of “pixel static” is sometimes rendered nearby avatar impostors. We are testing this issue and expect to fix it in an upcoming version of the Release Candidate.
  • The search results from Search>Places will show up in white text. We will resolve this issue in the next RC iteration.
  • The Known issues from previous RC iterations with camera behavior using the SpaceNavigator in “Flycam” mode, as well as using the SpaceNavigator with Apple’s USB Mighty Mouse on Macs, continue in this Release Candidate.

As always, please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate.”

* Fixed: VWR-7335: Revert to non-HTML search for Search>Places in 1.20
* Fixed: VWR-7322: Chatter’s name is not beside chatter’s text in Communicate Local Chat (when ‘Show Timestamps in chat’ is unchecked)
* Fixed: VWR-7342: Linux 1.20(7) not found, exit on load
* Fixed: VWR-6948: Flexi prims are rendered differently in 1.20 – breaks products
* Fixed: VWR-6107: When uploading animations the Ruth model appears dimly lit and unshaded
* Fixed: VWR-2679: Joystick flycam breaks after switch to fullscreen mode
* Fixed: VWR-1352: A strange copy operation of LLStyle
* Fixed: VWR-6244: Building outlines get dissorted/out of position by one frame when moving the object with SpaceNavigator
* Fixed: VWR-6016: FMOD problem: update3dPosition error
* Fixed: VWR-7234: llcommon/files.lst has two entries for lllog.cpp
* Fixed: Pasting multiline clipboard content into chat loses newlines
* Fixed: RC7 doesnt show the release candidate login screen
* Fixed: RC7 grid selection doesn’t persist
* Fixed: Change Linux viewer default compiler from gcc3.4 to gcc4.1
* Fixed: crash in LLFolderViewFolder::setSelection
* Fixed: crash on LLSurface::resolvePatchRegion()
* Fixed: crash on LLViewerRegion::setCapability
* Fixed: Infinite loop in wearables (LLWearableList::processGetAssetReply) causes a crash
* Fixed: Critical message window should not say “Critical message” because it is the Community Standards document
* Fixed: Remove First Use dialogs for sitting and movement key binding during Orientation Island
* Fixed: Default the mini-map to off for new users
* Fixed: Text on Send button for Group IM is right-justified
* Fixed: Region/Estate> Estate tab has a misaligned outline on Estate Managers box
* Fixed: Parcel tag overlaps image on Sell Land floater if longer than 36 characters
* Fixed: Increase thread monitoring mainloop timeout from 10 sec to 20 seconds
* Fixed: Additional thread monitoring tweaks, added a timer to confirm if the watching thread has been hung
* Fixed: Minor bugfixes to thread monitoring during crashes, purgeAllTextures, and the user setting whether to submit crash reports
* Fixed: option to Send Crash Report is not persisting
* Partial Fix: VWR-1715: Macintosh cyclic short-term freezing of display, getting worse over time; does not respond to commands, eventually change of POV causes crash

Localization Fixes:
* Fixed: Added new translation strings for German, Korean, Japanese

Reminder: Release Candidate viewers are optional viewers that contain the latest round of bug fixes in the upcoming next version of the Second Life viewer. If you have been using the 1.20 (RC8), you will be required to update that installation to this latest version (RC9). But the Release Candidate is always an optional version that you may choose not to use — or better– to have installed side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page or

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC9 Available

  1. Ann Otoole says:

    Outstanding. Looks like you are really into the finalizing nitty gritty last few bugs stomping. I’m hoping that http texture pipeline can soon get done and the cache system be enhanced to store more, work faster, and not have to reload textures frequently. And maybe some work on those annoying sculpty issues.

    Keep stompin!

  2. Meade Paravane says:


  3. Penguinfan Beck says:


    WOOT!! 10th day in a row with asset issues!!

    WOOT!! 20th day in 45 days with asset issues!!


  4. June Oh says:

    Will this fix the problem of the vertical bright band at left hand side of screen with Nvidia 7000 series?
    Love June

  5. Mercia McMahon says:

    Doesn’t work on Vista either, so I can’t test for you on any of my 3 SL capable coputers: PPC Leopard, PPC Tiger, Vista.

  6. Tycho says:

    No more double-logins required on Vista! Looking good.

  7. Tillie Ariantho says:

    When are you going to fix the scrollbar in Search results? I cannot really use the ALL search anymore, it’s completely broken for all the entries that do not fit into the window but would require the scrollbar.


  8. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I forgot it is not working in the ingame browser either, besides that resizing the ingame browser window doesnt a refresh afterwards… so you have to load the URL AGAIN to see anything in there.

  9. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    Sorry if this is “Off-topic” but you really should re-evaluate your decision to promote businesses on your Popular Place pages unless you intend on giving ALL businesses free advertising.

    Giving none business SIMs publicity = good
    Giving businesses that YOU like publicity = bad

  10. Kilikan says:

    Why is it that when I try and log into second life it tells me that 1.20 v.88980 is required — then when I try and download it (firewall completely off) it doesnt let me, and when I try to download it from the site I have to download the full client which takes like an hour?

  11. Doris Haller says:

    The link in the blog downloads directly something called Second_Life_1-19-1-4_Setup.exe


  12. KellyM Watkins says:

    When the RC becomes the main viewer wiill it be in the Dazzle skin? and also could we have our Tools menu back, still plodding along with 1.19.1(4) as I miss the Tools menu on the RC Client.

    Thanks 😀

  13. Raul Crimson says:

    Aww, i had the hope the issue with Mac PowerPC computers were fixed. 😦

    Well, hope it will fixed in RC10

  14. std says:

    The linux RC client is downloading very slow form that mirror (~50kbps), can you guys do something about it ?

  15. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    As long as it doesn’t break for me like it has been the previous two versions, I’m happy – RC7 and RC8 have been completely unusable on my Vista laptop.

    I still say we should revert to RC6 for the final release, and try adding NEW features in 1.21 RC1.

  16. Jessicka Graves says:

    It’s still Dazzle, no optional skin provided. Doesn’t look like the memory leak issues, stackheap errors, invisible “ruth” avatar, group chat, or any bugs were really fixed. Just another ‘filler’ update, as far as I care. Who cares if it’s Beta, between .1-.9 SL LL has only fixed the problems they created, and no old bugs were fixed =/

  17. Zena Juran says:

    I much prefer the Search>Places as a web-based search. The rationale of VWR-7335 in reverting back to a traffic search only serves those who have traffic bots. Let’s get rid of the traffic bots and lower the load on the grid… what’s so hard to comprehend about that?!. I don’t mind a few extra clicks and a few extra milliseconds!

  18. Zi Ree says:

    Great fixes! Flexies back to full beauty!

    One bug I found on Linux x86_64: resizing the inworld web browser window crashes the viewer. I can scroll nicely, though. And gcc4.1 as default! Finally! 😀

  19. Sophie K says:

    If you go into build or edit mode…Tools appears.

  20. Chaos Mohr says:

    Hmmm not good so far, first try freeze on the logon screen, second time, get inworld then crash, third time, lasted about 10 seconds and crashed. Kind of hard to test when it continues to crash upon logon.

    Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, nVidia 8800, Vista X64

    I am really hoping that has been addressed, or will be before the next release. This has had a DEV ID since 1.19, yet still persists.

  21. Dante Tucker says:

    Why doesn’t everyone having problems with the RCs revert to the release client. Stop acting like it’s a big deal that you are having problems with the RCs.. thats what they are for.

  22. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    Seems I still need to double-log on Vista. Still broken, give us back RC6…

  23. maisara sautereau says:

    It’s very sad and disappointing as premium member with three premium alts that i can’t use this grid with my iMac. I have issues with the regular grid and before these new problematic issues with the RC, i found the RC refreshingly lag free, easy to use, and allowed me to use the windlight features which the regular viewer just does not allow me. I have waited patiently for this new release and am now deflated. I have resigned myself to using the OnRez viewer which is like the RC but not with as many bells and whistles. I find it is more stable and lag resistant. In a way its sad that a second party viewer is better for a mac user than the primary one. I will continue to hope you will resolve this as i am a builder with a business and the regular grid just bogs me down. Thanks for listening for I fear that’s all you all are doing with mac users at the moment.

  24. Marianne McCann says:

    @12, seconded on the tools menu. I actually see the point on it only coming up while in build, but there are items within it that I’d like to be able to use outside of building (for example, turning on and off the selection beam) that are not easily accessible while in a no build parcel.

    PowerPC? Is this the non intel Macs, or pre-G3 Macs? I always knew the term to refer to the latter, and would be surprised to know if anyone of them even ran SL in the first place.

  25. Dante Tucker says:

    Clarifying my last comment. It was only directed at those who complain. Not those who report issues appropriately.

  26. Wouter says:

    Although I am happy with all the updates, it is slightly annoying when I am forced to update and the speed of the download will not go over 25KB/s on my fancy ADSL line.

    Isn’t it possible to allow the old client to run for a day longer but advise the userbase they will have to upgrade within 24 hours? Right now I am missing an online appointment 😦

    PS: I am on Linux so the update doesn’t work from the client.

  27. Roisin says:

    @10 I had the same problem; gave SL permission to access the internet and everything, which has always worked before.

    @26 I like that idea, giving residents some notice when a new client is coming out. I’ve been late for a scheduled event a few times when I start to log in and find that I have to download a new viewer.

  28. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Hmmm…my comment seems to have been moderated out. I can only conclude that it was because I used a rather inflammatory term (not pointed at others but a software moderation program wouldn’t know that). So I will try again with a bit of self censorship.

    Thank you very much for backing off a bit from the web based search. I can now search places again without having to completely log out and log back in using run in a window (which crashes the client every 2 minutes and lags me to death running SL @1920×1200) I still am unable to use any inworld browser functionality as outlined in . I do hope you are actually still looking into this. The only Linden input we have had on that issue so far seems to be the conclusion that those reporting the issue are i***ts. I certainly hope that is not the last word on this.

    You have also neglected to repair the camera functionality you broke in the last update as described in . The Linden conclusion there seems to be the same – that those reporting the issue are i***ts. If you don’t mind my saying so, there seems to be a pattern here. But saying you broke something just to prove it was broken…? If it was broken before, why did we notice it stopped working the day you broke it?

    I don’t mind waiting my turn for the efforts of the hard working Linden programmers. I understand that there are more pressing issues. But sticking your head in the sand like this isn’t helping anyone, especially you.

    Overall, though, I really want to thank the programmers for putting in strong effort to straighten out issues that are important to many of us. I have watched this 1.20 client develop and I think it will be great. You are doing great…just work on the communication a bit more…Two way communication. you need to listen a bit better.

  29. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    hmmm..nice work LL.. and i do pray from the bottom of my heart that the recent persistant crashes will come to cease…but why is the downloading of the new viewer indicated at 9hrs + i’ve checked my’s running at almost 8kbps and no other applications using bandwidth 😦
    at this rate..i’ll see you all tomorrow

  30. Argent Stonecutter says:

    * Fixed: VWR-6948: Flexi prims are rendered differently in 1.20 – breaks products


    * Fixed: Pasting multiline clipboard content into chat loses newlines

    Crikey! That’s such an old and dry bug… good on ya.

    * Fixed: Default the mini-map to off for new users

    Has this fixed the mini-map state getting lost on logoff, more or less at random?

    KellyM@12: I’m afraid Dazzle is a done deal, it has too much Executive Interest at LL. I’ve been applying an XML patch to every RC to kill Dazzle, fix the Windlight settings to increase the nighttime brightness, and get rid of the Release Keys button.

    Zena@17: Concur, traffic should have been dumped 2-3 years ago when they killed dwell. Imagine SL without camperbots… you say that I’m a dreamer? Well, I’m not he only one…

    Dante@21: “Why doesn’t everyone having problems with the RCs revert to the release client?” Because they didn’t fix the 768 meter limit on the client side in 1.19 when they updated to Havok4 on the servers, so many people NEED to use the RC.

    Marianne@24: non-intel. The G3/G4/G5 are all Power PC.

    Wouter@26, Kilikan@10: change the string in the “–channel” command line option.

  31. MikeTom Carter says:

    would be nice if camping was outlawed… i usually skip the first 20 or so results when searching cause those are usually filled with campers. it seems like those who lose the most money to freeloaders get the highest traffic, pushing some place that may be better down

  32. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    ummm…make that 7,144kbps..and now my download has stopped and reset…scratches head

  33. Bridie Linden says:


    KellyM, the Tools menu now displays in the main menu when editing/creating objects. Click on the Build button or right click and select Create. Existing short cuts (CTL + 1, 2, 3) all still work and will also activate the Tools menu.

  34. Moll Dean says:


    I would like to ask you, once again, to:
    1- Please, remove “RELEASE” button or tell us how to hide it.
    2- Do not force us to use DAZZLE SKIN. At least give us the option to swich it back to classic skin.
    3- I would like drag floating windows (building tools, Cnmmunication, inventory) into a second monitor but they do not move out

    looking forward


  35. Doris Haller says:

    i still can’t download it.


  36. Matto Destiny says:

    Welldone LL i am so happy that RC9 works as not been able to run the RC’s since RC6. Now i can go on aditi grid and do some testing and use agni for the purpose of not testing and full use.

  37. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Just found out the 1.20.9 is not working for me. I cannot really move with this client. If I hit a cursor key, the avatar first does NOTHING, then after a while it slides forward like drunk, bouncing against items and walls as if it is a physical object.

    I tried several times with Nicholaz BE based on 1.18 and then 1.20.9, Nicholaz works all well, 1.20.9 does not.

    Besides that textures don’t finish to load in this version… same all well in Nicholaz…

    no idea what you did, but you broke something in there.

  38. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Molly@35: For #1: in skins/xui/en-us/ find the section that looks like this:

    And either delete it or put around it to comment it out. If you’re on a Mac right-click on the Second Life application, select “Show Contents” and navigate to “Contents/Resources/skins/xui/en-us”. On Windows the skins directory is in the same folder as the SecondLife.exe application. On Linux, you’re on your own, I haven’t run SL on Linux.

  39. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Just to be sure my previous statement is not misconstrued – I am looking forward to a completely web based search in SL. I think this is one of the best improvements happening right now. It won’t mean a complete end to gaming the search. There will always be people who try to cheat any system. But this is a huge step in the right direction. I am truly sorry to see the step back from the places search being web based. Unfortunately it needs more work. I hope it will move forward again soon.

  40. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Molly@35: Trying again (I wish this had preview), in skins/xui/en-us/ find the section that looks like this:

    <button bottom=”1″ follows=”left|bottom” font=”SansSerif” halign=”center” height=”20″
    label=”Release Keys” label_selected=”Release Keys” left=”229″
    name=”Release Keys” scale_image=”true”
    tool_tip=”A script has taken control of your keys. Click here to release them.”
    width=”102″ />

    And either delete it or put <!– … –> around it to comment it out.

  41. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Molly@35, Ack, three times the charm? That section is in “panel_overlaybar.xml”.

  42. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Bridie@34: How about giving us a “View->Tools” item so we can open the tools floater easily in no-build areas where the “build” button is greyed out?

  43. PONK! says:

    Why does this beta software not work perfectly?



  44. Dahlia Trimble says:

    Still the “despite our best efforts” error on first login? hmmmm well at least my flexy hair looks better.

  45. raudf says:

    I’m very glad to see the fix for the flexible prims! Thank you!

    While I am not crazy about the bright blue, if there are more colors or at least the ability to change the colors, I’ll be happy to see this.

  46. Autumn Heyse says:

    @45 its not beta software. It’s a “release candidate”.

    That means they have worked all the bugs out internally and based on the public feedback they get, they will decide whether they will release it as is or clean up a couple of things and release one with minor fixes. Sometimes developers will release a second or third candidate just to be safe.

  47. Astryd Moore says:

    Great to see all these things getting fixed!

    Please don’t lose sight of — it’s really annoying, and should probably get fixed before the new viewer is officially released 🙂

  48. June Oh says:

    Could not get the update to load.
    Unistalled RC, then downloaded it took an hour.
    Love June

  49. Moll Dean says:

    * Agent Stonecutter

    Thank you very much. LL should offer you a job or they will be loosing a great talent.

    hugs all

  50. yuki says:

    great update really! i get a neverending annoying message: Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region ,but everything is rezzed completely.the bright bar attached to distant avs is annoying,so are the clouds instead of ruthed avs.other than that i like the dazzle dezign better than the depressing dark one of the final viewer.

  51. Drew says:

    Ahh, Beg for to be fixed, or at least add it to the known issues 😦

    WorkingOnIt Linden is so depressing.

  52. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @24: PowerPC refers to pre-Intel Macs and always has in my experience, including G3s and G4s.

    (And before a nitpicker jumps on me, yes, I know that Macs used Motorola 680×0 CPUs before PowerPCs.)

  53. Elrik Merlin says:

    Any idea when we will have a fix for aerial vehicles (VWR-6432)? A partial fix has been proposed which would at least allow riders in aerial vehicles to ascend (which they cannot at present). A full implementation suitable for aerial vehicles would be excellent.

    I am generally in the “fix broken stuff before adding new features” camp but SpaceNavigator support is sufficiently significant (like Windlight) that I regard it as worth moving forward with. Thanks!

  54. @48: I think by the time you’re on RC9 (actually the tenth, since for some odd reason we start counting at zero), and there’s still a list of critical issues that will require more release candidates, it’s not actually a candidate for release any longer, and is thus a piece of beta (or at beast, gamma) software.

  55. Elrik Merlin says:

    Needless to say, #55 should say “aerial vehicles with SpaceNavigator” (VWR-6432). Apologies.

  56. Your Conscience says:

    Are you not going to change/fix TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT being a 50% opaque “blank” texture?

  57. Your Conscience says:

    Oh, and having to log in twice in order to actually get online.

  58. Your Conscience says:
    (Should have posted this along with #58)

  59. Bridie Linden says:


    Tillie Ariantho, can you provide more system details? File an issue in PJIRA w/repro steps? Thx!

  60. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    @34: Yes, the intent seems to be to only display the Tools menu when you’re editing objects. Alas, some of the most used commands in it (for me anyway) are the ones that determine which objects you select. So, if you don’t have the right mode set for selecting an object, all you need to do is select it, when the menu will appear that will allow you to check or uncheck the option that you need to BEFORE you’ll be allowed to select it. Does anyone see the problem here?

    Yes, I know, I can hit Ctrl-3 to get the menu. The point is, what was easy to do is now harder and involves an extra arcane keystroke we’ve never needed to use before. I’m puzzled as to how making the interface more complicated and arcane is considered a usability improvement. I suppose the menu being gone for people who don’t use it is fine, but it sure would be nice if there was a preference somewhere. You know, “[X] Don’t dumb down the interface to the point of making it much harder to use” or something… (you can probably find a better phrasing — how about “Always show builder tools”?).

  61. Bridie Linden says:


    Yes, Your Conscience! Fix coming soon. Thx for your patience!

  62. MaCelia Morane says:

    Another RC version I can’t even login to… Ah, well. Back to the main viewer for me!

  63. silvian says:

    Snapdragon island is down now for more then 4 hours :((

  64. Moll Dean says:


    How can I drag floater windows to a second monitor?


  65. Still takes twice to log in. 😦

  66. Tokes says:

    well due to the problems with sl. i do Regret signing up for a years account.. but wont be renewing it. as soon as i sell me stuff i have purchased in SL i will be outa here. Cant afford to waste any more money on this.. SOOOO Disapointed with it, and will be advising people on all Blogs and forums i use to AVOID SL like the plague… 😦 😦 😦

  67. yuriko nishi says:

    i cant disable “show hidden selection” when editing stuff. thats a bit annoying 🙂

  68. lea Parnall says:


    this RC is another anti-release for my PowerPC…

    Why dont permit to use the RC7, this was fine on my Mac?

  69. Alyx Sands says:

    Ah well. Works fine, BUT I still have to login twice with my Vista SP1 machine….

  70. Excellent one over here.

    VWR-1715, which has been quite a damning one on the MacBook Pro is described as a PARTIAL FIX but seems gone for good on my system. TP IS faster. Was the same function being called prior to touch a new sim?

  71. McCabe Maxsted says:

    @48: HAHAHAHA! No, this is very much beta software, and a bastardization of the term “release candidate” (another way of putting it would be, LL doesn’t use the term the way it’s supposed to be used, another example of the linden’s odd release cycle, I imagine).

    I hope some of the memory leaks in 1.20 will be addressed in RC10. RC8 has been solidly crashtastic.

    For all those interested in skinning the new viewer:

    There are tutorials there, from a basic guide to some more in-depth items, as well as a tutorial on how to remove the release keys button if Argent’s comment above was meaningless to you.

    There are already several skins up for people to download:

    and I just posted an update to my classic skin this week, even. Which reminds me. Those of you who haven’t uploaded your skins to the wiki (you know who you are) please do so! The more we get on there, the better!

  72. Julien Catteneo says:

    It’s impossible for me tu use this RC. It crashes on start up (even after X-log) since the 1.20.7 one (OS: Vista, Graphic card: Intel 945GM). :/

  73. Ron Crimson says:

    Complaints, complaints, complaints. Why does ANY of you even use the RC if you get so much trouble with it o_O

    And don’t give me that “logging in above 768m” stuff now, unless you stormed right ahead and built your skybox home at 4000m just to be on the bleeding edge – then you only got yourself to blame for not waiting.


  74. Zena Juran says:

    Hmmm… RC9 is a step backwards in usability for me. RC8 worked great… anyone have a link for RC8?

  75. Aryou Lykin says:

    i downloaed the new viewer release, i have crashed 4 times in 10 minutes, with last viewer i crashed 1 time in 5 days,

  76. Rip Rieko says:

    Advanced->Character->Show Look at……….been broken for the last 3 or 4 RC’s please please fix it. It is an invaluable tool.

  77. Autumn Heyse says:

    @71(McCabe) Heh, I was being tongue in cheek, unfortunately they removed my previous comment so that may not have been so obvious.

    Hopefully they are going to change things like Ramzi Linden suggested here:

  78. Ron Crimson says:

    BTW, I just downloaded RC9 at about 300KB/sec…in just a few minutes. Maybe those of you with slow downloads really need to sit down and check your Internet connection – I highly suggest giving a visit and making use of its many speed test and tweaking tools.

  79. Bad Maladay says:

    I still need to logon twice to get in with Vista. After the first logon failure the SL client nearly stops my computer if I have switched to another program while waiting for it to fail.

  80. Elliott Eldrich says:

    I used the new RC 1.20.9 for nearly three hours today on my Intel based Mac Pro with the Nvidia 8800GT video card upgrade. I did have occasional freezes, but they cleared up after a few moments, and did not go into the previous “death spiral” where they happen more and more rapidly before finally forcing me to log out. Overall the performance is greatly improved, I feel that I can now actually use this viewer instead of being forced to use the release. So good news indeed!

    Whatever you’ve done in this release has greatly helped the “freeze/lockup” bug that was in all the previous 1.20 Release Candidates, as well as so you are definitely on the right track. *whew* – I was actually beginning to wonder if that was ever going to be fixed…

  81. silvian says:

    Snapdragon is back online :)), thnx Guy’s

  82. McCabe Maxsted says:

    @74 Old versions of the release candidates can be downloaded here:

    @77 Ah, there you go then 🙂 I really hope they get their naming conventions sorted out soon. I had an awkward moment today where I was trying to ask people if they had the latest RC installed, and four people in a row had no clue what Dazzle, 1.20, or RC even *meant*, and then they were confused by not being able to find the download page, and then they didn’t know what the difference was between the RC viewer and the beta viewer.

  83. Miran Ashbourne says:

    @69 and many others who have been the problem described in VWR-7403 – the problem of having to log in twice in Windows Vista SP1 still persists for me. I would assume that’s a problem which should have been easy to fix, especially when it has persisted for 3 RCs now (since RC7). If you are facing this problem, please comment on VWR 7403 – Workingonit Linden is assigned to that problem and the more feedback he/she gets, the sooner it would be solved. I hope it gets solved without the next RC.

  84. Nicoletta Jarman says:

    This new one is crap! It has wiped out 1,20.8 but will not run! Thank God for 1.19.1(4) which runs very well. Come back Windlight – all is forgiven!

  85. Still having the “double-log” issue with my eMachines Vista computer. Othereise doing fine 😉

  86. Keera Woyseck says:

    can you put back the fly on the movement controls? .. i really miss that!

  87. Paulo Dielli says:

    Yep still having to login twice on Vista 32

  88. Zena Juran says:

    @82…. Thanx 🙂

  89. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    ahh too bad .. Torley you promised in the Jira Issue 6350 taht Runitai Linden applied a fix to the Flycam issue .. ( Word “Flycam” Appears In Flycam Mode, Does Not Disappear With UI) .. this time it doesn`t made it into that RC 9.. another round of waiting for us Machinimistas —


    Sadly greetings

  90. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Moll@64: dragging windows out of the SL window is unfortunately too hard to do with the current viewer design. It would require completely redesigning the whole UI layer almost from scratch.

    Lea/Iea@68, Nicoletta@84: Change the string after “–channel” in the command line to the viewer an it won’t force you to update to the new RC. It’s in the shortcut on Windows, and in the Contents/Resources/arguments.txt file on the Mac.

    Ron@73: You have no idea how eagerly being able to work out of easy flight range of n00bs, ratbags, and general scum has been awaited. High altitude skyboxes are a long way from being privacy pockets, but when the alternative is ponying up a couple of grand for a private sim? No contest.

  91. Raiya Hastings says:

    Why is it that every time you guys come out with a new candidate release there are more and more problems with SL I just don’t get it I was djing at my club and the sim crashed for what reason IDK and then after all that crap went down I come back and had to finish my event asap so people wouldn’t get mad and then I log off and then log back on and now I cant attach my clothes or anything and haven’t been able to for the last 15 min even longer by now but this is just insane sl was not like this when i first started almost a year ago all this mumbo jumbo about how you are releasing a new candidate that has fixes what fixes is there anything ever being fixed in SL Im not thinking there is I always have problems with the group IM’s oh and this random money orb crap that you wear that stuff is going around and completely sick of it we had to turn scripts off on our sim just to get rid of it why not get to those type of problems along with the sim crashing and not being able to attach things and amongst many other things fix everything not just lil minor things we dont really care about

  92. Zena Juran says:

    Ahhhh….. RC8 is locked out. RC9 is required! Is there a Linden who can and will remove the lockout? and RC9 are useless!

  93. Vivienne says:

    Oh, oh…

    Wonder what IBM thinks of the PPC delay…anyway, if you fix this please think of fixing the anti-aliasing bugs and avatar black rendering bugs in the PPC version too.

    Thank you.

  94. Vivienne says:

    @ 24

    Nah, the PPC is a chip made by IBM and Apple went Intel only since 2006. And yes, my G5 still beats any 3 or 4Giga Intel chip.

  95. Bridie Linden says:

    @22 and @85

    We have a fix pending for the double login issues on Vista (not in this RC)— thx for your patience!

  96. Dekka Raymaker says:

    “The Mac PowerPC will quit unexpectedly when trying to run this Release Candidate (RC9) viewer. This iteration RC9 will not be usable on the Mac PowerPC. We very much appreciate your patience in these last two iterations RC8 and RC9! This has turned out to be a complicated problem that we are actively tracking down.”

    That’s so lame, the fact that you release a new RC knowing it’s screwed for Macs makes it even more so. However, thanks for your endeavor to sort this problem out. How about that praise and total criticism in one sentence!

  97. bigjr Slade says:

    Why did you not say 5 Mins before you change to a new RC .. Ladies and Gentlermens we are have a new RC-Update ?!? please save your works.. you need the new version ?… Hy thats 1 min for you write the text…

    Im lucky with the RCs, only when im running marathon 🙂 im bad )8=(

    MfG from Germany
    bigjr Slade

  98. Alias Schilling says:

    @16 RIP Ruth… The gas cloud has replaced her in the new releaase I believe?

  99. Dytska Vieria says:

    I really think and other camera control bugs introduced with the FlyCam mods and such should be fixed before this RC goes mainstream. with, the RC is useless for doing large builds when I need to pan the camera along a build (as described in the jira) for above or below editing. is unassigned, but it has an “Linden Lab Issue ID”. What does that mean?

    Cannot build with RC!

  100. Tegg B says:

    Hmm RC9 been working fine for 3 hours with 2 logins and no crashes 🙂

  101. axe bikcin says:

    does this release fix the invisible skirt bug?

  102. Tegg B says:

    Dekka Raymaker Says: “The Mac PowerPC will quit unexpectedly when trying to run this Release Candidate (RC9) viewer. This iteration RC9 will not be usable on the Mac PowerPC. We very much appreciate your patience in these last two iterations RC8 and RC9! This has turned out to be a complicated problem that we are actively tracking down.”

    That’s so lame, the fact that you release a new RC knowing it’s screwed for Macs makes it even more so. However, thanks for your endeavor to sort this problem out. How about that praise and total criticism in one sentence!

    Knowing that I guess they should allow mac users to continue using previous RC’s till it’s fixed, no reason not to let the rest of us test the latest release.

  103. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    I see the search listings in places are now in white against a light blue background. Do you guys actually look at these things before throwing them at us? It is now even harder to read than the black on light blue.

    Go back to the black background with the white lettering in both the inventory and in the search listings. That is the easiest to read. Why you guys changed this to begn with is a mystery to me. Change shouldn’t be done for the sake of change itself.

    And fix the damn floating camera issue!

  104. UM ™® says:

    * Fixed: option to Send Crash Report is not persisting

    What? It doesnt eve transmit the data back to LL servers for me..Have you fixed The crash reporter?

  105. Volker Bing says:

    Well Bridie…for some of us, our patience is deeply founded in our concerns for the many hours, and money we have put into SL, trying to run a decent business.

    You Linden are not allways giving us a fair treatment, to though we try to be patient and maby a bit naive, each time you come up with something new, that you just have to push on to us, no matter what the concequences are, for the residents and business runners:(

    These last month has really been some kind of test on our patience, with endless rolling restarts viewers double login and things that add new problems to our daily presence here in SL.

    We know that SL is a complex system, with a lot of challenges, each fix can be a complicated process putting in to this world…Here I know that some ppl probably will complain now…but not every fix is a positiv experience for all residents, and sometimes it might be a better thing to postpone some of them, just a bit longer, to make the experince for those of us that uses SL on daily basis a bit more positive.

    We are still some that belive in a better world for tomorrow ;D

  106. Alyx Sands says:

    Um, I just tried RC9 again, and THIS time it only took one try to log in? Have you already DONE something? 😉

    #101: that was already fixed in RC7. Try rebaking textures if it doesn’t work yet.

  107. shaq Merlin says:


    Thanks to revert to non-HTML search for Search->Places. The “old style” is more clean and well-organized. The same thing, I mean revert to non-HTML search, should be done for Search->Groups. The HTML style not show how many mambers are in the group. So the listing result cannot be sorted by memebrs. It is little poor too.

    Best Regards,

  108. Amaterasu Cinquetti says:


    Yet again an RC that totally ignores this showstopper
    This has been an issue ever since November last year and effectively stops many from using Windlight or any Release candidate.
    Will there ever be a fix for this or are those affected just supposed to live with a frame rate of less than 5 (what happens when you turn off VBO)?

  109. Kitten Radio says:

    Nice to see a new RC client, hopefully you start adding the skin feature to revert to the real SL skin and not a Vista themed one.. other than that, keep up the good work. 🙂

  110. Iosef Mikoyan says:

    My wife and I are still having to attempt to log in once, then after we get the Despite our best efforts notice, we can then actually log in.

  111. Wondering says:

    Would it be possible to make both available choosing a setting in preference, or maybe a check box on the tab in search it self?
    The new search has some nice features but the old on is more useful.

    The old search has – sortable results, traffic and membership numbers, don’t need to click through to see ad pictures then go back and repeat to see next, more results per page! Its actually a lot faster to find stuff.
    The extra detail is nice in the new search tho.

    It would be nice if we could have th function of the old search but be able to access the detail of the new one on demand.

    Just my suggestion. Hope somebody is listening.
    Glad somebody did listen to what already has been said.

  112. Kristi Maurer says:

    AHHHHH! WE CAN’T TAKE PICTURES! The snapshots are now “screenshots!” Shows all my HUDs, heck, even my Vista taskbar!

    As an SL Photographer, this will simply NOT do!

  113. Rift Rehnquist says:

    I hope you fixed the 1/2 mm deviation of prims when attempting to rotate them. I moved over to the RC clients because of “gimbaling” when rotating a prim in the Primary client’s building engine and now I have to put up with my builds all looking like they were made by some 3 day old Noob cause your engine doesn’t care to actually align things according to the numbers. Near enough is good enough seems to be Linden Lab’s motto right now.

    Oh yeah Double login for Vista a is NOT fixed. “Despite your best efforts” something still prevents login #1 from connecting to the grid so have to wait 2 minutes while the client figures out that it has been badly coded and then apologises for being rather crap. Nice.

  114. axe bikcin says:

    #106, I have rebaked textures more times than I can count, it doesn’t work!

  115. Trautman says:

    RC9 crashed, too.
    Power Mac G5 2GHz Dual-core, 4.5GB, VRAM 256MB, Mac OS X 10.5.3.

  116. Max Kleiber says:

    Funny how every new RC release triggers another outcry to abandon the horrible, horrible Dazzle colour scheme of the UI.

  117. @94: don’t believe in actual benchmarks?

    “Nah, the PPC is a chip made by IBM and Apple went Intel only since 2006. And yes, my G5 still beats any 3 or 4Giga Intel chip.”

  118. UM ™® says:

    No, we just want so bug s fixed and not ignored…..LL is going to release this as the main client. But i sure hope its when atlest 80% is workable..

  119. Tiny Mind says:

    Menu… Advanced…Character… Show Look at… WRONG!! Still Broken as usual.

    Tiny Vision.

  120. Geister Pfeffer says:

    works fine with me, Pentium4 – 3GB, ATI Radeon x1600,
    No problems at moment, better then .8 version.

  121. UM ™® says:

    As a side note. Withthe Sims On Line stopping operations on July 31st……. Do you think the servers on SL can handle the load of future TSO users that will be over flowing the game? If we don`t get this client stable and playable for atleast 70% of population its going to be a long long summer. Add on the under 18 age kids out of school is this a nightmare in he making? I sure hope we can handle the extra users and god helping the support Portal starts to act like humans and not threating some of its users in the time of need. I am hope we have a good summer, god knows we can use alittle more Pos thinking and feed back………

    Usagi M usashi

  122. Dream Resistance says:

    Heya. I saw one other person complain about this, but I’m not exactly sure how to bug report this. When one takes a snapshot, and saves it to the hard drive, the preview shows all is well, but when you open the file, its basically a screen shot. All UI and HUD are there too. This is a big problem for businesses and photographers in SL. Pleeeeeeease fix this.

    And, as opposed to some, please go back to the new search. I like the concept far far better then the current search, and I’m working on learning how to increase my standings in a manner that doesn’t depend on bots and such. Please bring it back!!

  123. LegsLover Lusch says:

    Does this mean that rezzing has got faster and when riding a surfboard or a jetski half of you is not sunk under water?

    Does it also mean that the problem with the camera has been fixed, it’s hard to build when ya camera keeps jumping backwards and forwards all time

    I agree with someone up the list, when you bring out a newer version and/or after a rolling restart there are more problems.

    Where’s the new technicians who know how to fix things, are they on their way yet.

    I don’t think you people realise just how p3ssed off people getting with SL, you are slowly killing it.

    I believe the old CEO knew what they were doing when they left.

  124. #21

    The main client is riddled with memory leaks making it impossible to run for more than small lengths of time. Why don’t YOU try using it for more than a few minutes at a time, then come back and apologize for your remarks.

  125. Jan Horsforth says:

    As with RC7 and RC8, I can hardly ever log in with this release – maybe once in 20 tries. It always freezes toward the beginning and doesn’t connect. You;ve messed something up and forced me to use an open source viewer.

    Additionally, the official release is unusable for me because it kills my explorer.exe process – effectively totally hogging my computer. Does anyone know how to fix?

  126. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Zena@92: Change the string after “–channel” in the command line to the viewer an it won’t force you to update to the new RC. It’s in the shortcut on Windows, and in the Contents/Resources/arguments.txt file on the Mac.

  127. gizmonic panda says:

    @54 it’s a piece of SOMETHING software, that’s for sure

  128. wheelerwod Oppewall says:

    For a month now have not been able to film in here. So much for my vid biz. And now my bank card is blocked by LL site. Clearly LL isnt’ going to get their act together. So …. Closing my club, dumping the land and getting the F out of here. I’m done.

  129. Latif Khalifa says:

    Thank you for reverting to the old Search>Places! I really wish you could keep it like that since search by traffic in not that bad at all, you skip the first few offenders with impossible traffic and your find what you’re looking for. The new search is totally gamed already to the point of being nearly useless.

  130. Three Viewers for the Avatar-kings under the windlight sky,
    Seven for the Hacker-lords in their halls of code,
    RC9 for Macintosh Men doomed to comply,
    One for the Lord M on his newfound throne
    In the town of San Francisco where the people fly.
    One Viewer to rule them all, One Viewer to find them,
    One Viewer to bring them all and in the Agni bind them
    In the Land of Linden where the patches try.

  131. Ann Otoole says:

    Vista 64 bit and never a double login issue here.

    @128 – I would bet its your bank blocking SL and not the other way around. Anyway a phone call to billing and/or your bank should clear it up. Note: Use of debit cards for online purchases is a poor idea. Try a gift card instead to protect you *assets*.

  132. Antonius Misfit says:

    @Nulfux Negulsco:
    That was awesome!

    Oh, and thanks for the Search reversion. The Web interface really needs more work, especially in finding groups.

  133. Bridie,
    The “double login issues ” are not just on Vista.

    The fix needed to have been in RC9 after the bug was reported existing on RC6, 7 & 8.

    Reported in Jira VWR-7069. It was over 20 votes at RC7 ! (now 48)

  134. Dael Ra says:

    Grrrr! Just 5 mins into the new RC10

    Still having to login twice (Vista?)
    Dazzle Colour scheme – wheres that black hack again?
    Lose inventory default settings
    still local light flicker in joystick flycam mode
    some textures still failing to completely rez

    Only noticable positive change is the reversion of Search places. I really want to html search places to work but it’s got to add to the current functionality and ease of use, not make things harder to navigate/messier/less useful than the current system.

    Gonna be jeering in Jira tomorrow but need to get my Beauty sleep right now.

  135. UM ™® says:

    @128 thats been occuring more and more…..Billing is doing something but i not sure waht they are trying to prove. Watchout for some of the billing people because indeed they screwing up some accounts.

  136. Pingback: SL news

  137. Paulo Dielli says:

    Oh, must admit something. First I really didn’t like the Dazzle look, but now I do. In fact I like it even more than the old look. Oh boy, how easy I am. But it’s true. Now only a solution for the double login please.

  138. coventina dalgleish says:

    Smiles-shakes head-wonders why something that has so many obvious problems is released. Why don’t you people wait until you think that you have the known problems solved then make a release. I t is obvious that this RC is far from prime time. Since I have to function in world I suppose I will continue with the Nicholaz viewer… And I suppose dazzle is ok but the contrast in the inventory is not good. I would you suggest that you with hold a final release until you can offer user skinning. You also might want to put some time in on your traffic counter as it has not functioned for 5 days now. Not that traffic means anything any longer.

  139. @138 this isn’t actually released, although i’d argue the previous RC’s in the 1.20 series were a little “damaged” to be called release candidates.

    I will say this: previous versions of the 1.20 RC’s all managed to lock up completely my mac at various intervals depending on the RC version. So far (knocking on wooden head) RC9 will lock up the mac but then recovers or at least switches to only sl crashing vs me having to power cycle the computer (i hate doing that to my puter). So, in that respect, it’s hugely improved. I’d much rather have a long long freeze followed by my computer returning to usability than a long freeze followed by me hard power cycling the puter.

    Now if LL can fix the reason for the long “whole computer UI” freeze in the first place… that would be dandy.

  140. photoinstitute says:

    I was really hoping the new viewer would fix the problem I’ve been experiencing since I bought a new Mac (eight-core, with an Nvidia 8800 graphics card)

    I can no longer take hi rez snapshots, my computer freezes for 5+ minutes and locks up soon after it takes a single shot.

    Since I am mostly a photographer in SL, this is a REAL problem for me. I have to shoot on my laptop which cannot support high or ultra resolutions.

    I am posting here because I cannot find any information about this anywhere. Does anyone have any idea what has happened?

  141. Wyald Woolley says:

    #140 No idea what may be going on. However I use the command+Shift+4 to take all my photos.

  142. Richard Halden says:

    You can “release candidate” whatever you like, but as I need to WORK all day with “land related things”, I cannot even use the official(windlight) viewer.
    – “About land”(not updating in 70%),
    – “Devide/join parcels”(Not working in 50%)
    – Parcel borders(Shining through everything always)
    Luckely we have this great guy Nicholaz and his good working viewers based on older versions.

    But my begging question is:
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Be even more clear to the public, then you already try to be, about that the release candidate viewer is an EXPERIMENTAL viewer.
    I keep running into people, with problems of course, who do not understand this.
    Thanks 🙂

    Keep up the good the work
    (With which I mean: No new things, just repair bugs please)

  143. la le lu says:

    what about the biggest issue: very bad performance? very, very slow.

  144. Jenrose Meredith says:

    I haven’t bothered with the RC since I got the Nicholaz Eye Candy viewer… building above 768, windlight, and *STABLE*. He’s got older style viewers that still work too. Every time I’ve tried the RC since 1.20 came out, I’ve crashed too often for the game to be fun.

  145. Tijn Erde says:

    Does the switch from popular places to showcase imply that you no longer need to be interresting to the users of second life but only to the commercial interrests of linden labs?

  146. UM ™® says:

    OMG this buildt is so slow! what in the world did they do to it!

  147. Tegg B says:

    It’s still a heap faster and better than 1.19

  148. Razor says:

    Why are all our questions about the DMCA shoved under the carpet. WHY?????

    Read back the blog about the DMCA, the questions asked to Katt two times, the questions asked by many creators inword. WHY is it so hard to answer why objects aren not blcoked. We KNOW you technically can, so why don’t you do it. Why do you ignore this issue so hard???

    My question will probably be removed, because this issue is something that is shoved under the carpet all the time.

  149. Razor says:

    WHY is it that no linden can ask this question to the responsible linden and that in a 300 man company its *impossible* for every linden to ask this around, and that NOT A SINGLE LINDEN knows who is responsible for this issue???

    Half of the new Abyss store is already in hundreds of resell stores, Naughty Designs, FNKY RAC, those copyrights are all massively violated and linden labs is making money on it and you don’t care.

    ——— NOTE: Edited by Katt Linden,
    since comments are closed I’m answering here:) ———–


    Hi Razor!! Great to hear from you again!

    Regarding DMCA, I guess you must have missed it, that must be so frustrating! I’ve actually answered this same question for you several times recently — I do suggest that you go back and read the threads where you post important questions! But I’m happy to post it here for you.

    You can read the blog post and the official policy, with links to the Abuse Report

    How to Protect your Copyrighted Content

    DMCA information, and the Abuse Report form

    Thanks for asking! I care, very much, and I’m so sorry that you have detailed questions that we aren’t able to explain to your satisfaction.

    Please rest assured that when an Abuse Report is filed correctly, we do respond — even when we can’t publish the details about what happened, which I hope you can understand!

    — Katt Linden

  150. Ron Crimson says:

    Fergishsakes, Razor, don’t waste several blog spots with your same old complaints…. Prospero has already answered in regard to DMCA and I suggest you go to the proper channels and file your complaint there and NOT HERE… because here, nobody can help you. Or do I have to bash your head until you get it??

Comments are closed.