[Updated] SL5B: Birthday Expanded and New Submission Deadlines

Five years of Second Life is a big milestone. Together, we’ve created a remarkable community, platform and collaborative world and there’s a lot to celebrate.

In recognition, Linden Lab is collaborating with Residents to expand the celebration to 2 weeks. The first week, June 23 to June 29, will be kicked off by speeches from Philip Linden and M Linden. Themes for that week will feature exhibits from cultures past and present, arts, fashion, machinima, and music. For these exhibits, we’ve extended the deadline to Thursday, June 5 at 6pm PDT. [Update: the deadline for week one is now closed. ]

The second week, from June 30 to July 7, will feature exhibits from business, education, health care and nonprofits. We’ll close with a ceremony including a special guest speaker with a very important announcement. The deadline for these exhibits this week is Tuesday, June 10 6pm PDT. [Update: the deadline for week two is now closed]

This also means that Linden Lab’s role is changing, and that change has raised both legitimate concerns and misinformation from some Residents. So, in the context of the new plans, I’ll respond and clarify where we are.

All exhibits, in substance and form, are PG on Linden Land. Any Resident can submit an application to exhibit. A team of Lindens and Resident organizers will review the applications, and if accepted, builders can be in any avatar form they choose (provided they are within PG guidelines).

Anyone who wants to participate in organizing is welcome to apply. Dusty Linden is the principal Linden organizer, and in collaboration with Resident organizers will make the appropriate assignments. In particular, we are really looking to expand international participation from previous years, so multilingual Residents are highly sought.

Why the change? Simply put, the increasing complexity of these events requires more staffing and infrastructure than an all-volunteer organizing team. Second, we are responding to calls by Residents to take a more active role in improving the quality of life on the Mainland. Our intent is always to keep SL growing, vibrant, safe, diverse, astonishing….and eventually even stable ;-).

On to celebrating the 5th Birthday of Second Life!

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148 Responses to [Updated] SL5B: Birthday Expanded and New Submission Deadlines

  1. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    So can adults who have child AV’s have exhibits or not?

  2. Indigo Mertel says:

    Hi Everett. I can’t find any information on the page you provided the link for on where to apply as a multilingual resident organizer. Any lead?

  3. I am trying to read this undoubtedly fine entry, but there appears to be a large elephant in the room, which is blocking my view.

  4. Annabelle Babii says:

    I’m running out to buy a child avatar just for this event!

  5. MarmelaGramela Doesburg says:

    Well said… I am also asking myself why the HUGE adult community in SL generally never mentioned or supported in any LL sponsored event. Something america does not like to talk about, as usual or still the attempt to make Sl look like a competitor to Disney Toontowns?

  6. Lukas Mensing says:

    Hello Mr Everett Linden
    you said: “[…]So, in the context of the new plans, I’ll respond and clarify where we are.[…].
    Could you clarify please? what answers to whatt questions exactly and about what changes in Linden Lab…
    About birthday:
    Few days ago, it was the fourth birth/rezzday of the giant Mr Yadni Monde.
    Who did never use one of the freebies in his fabulous junkyard?
    Who didn’t get any help from him in a form or another?
    Millions of new residents have visited his place and took clothes skins, scripts, houses…
    Why Linden Lab forgot what Yadni gave to all of us?
    I thought such rezzdays should be celebrated grid wide…

  7. Khamon says:

    What elephant, I only see the giant ostrich? Or a better question is what does “responding to calls by Residents to take a more active role in improving the quality of life on the Mainland” have to do with planning and executing a birthday celebration?

  8. Marianne McCann says:

    Carefully worded, a day late… I win the pool! 😉

    Seriously, though: while it means everyone can apply, does this also mean that — barring mature content concerns and other obvious content issues (copyright, etc.), that any group could sumbit a build celebrating their part of Second Life?

  9. Darien Caldwell says:

    Here is the words from Everett Linden as posted at Massively:


    “5-31-2008 @ 2:31AM
    Everett Linden said…

    Hey everyone…there’s a lot of misunderstanding here, so let me try to articulate our policy here.

    Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event. “

  10. isitcatcotton says:

    Let me say this as clearly as I can so there is no misinformation.

    Water lamp have child mellons in a like field of muddied ostrich Lindens.

    Well almighty then?

  11. isitcatcotton says:

    @10 Blinks.

    “Child AV’s are welcome in SL, but you in no way are part of the collective we wish to show the media.”

    I’m sorry but that has got to hurt.

    Spanks a Linden with a feather. Tisk Tisk

  12. Loki ELiot says:

    im assuming that a Child avatar can build sumfin in SL5B, but we still can not build somthing to represent our Child avatar community?

  13. omi yip says:

    So the question still avoided is, can child avatars participate in creating exhibits?

    Omi Yip & Mai Yip

  14. everettlinden says:

    Indigo–good point! To apply as a multilingual resident organizer, you can send an email to either dusty@dustylinden.com or dawnryder@cocoabeachmusic.com

  15. Winter Ventura says:

    Googled SL5B lately?

    While Rome burned, Nero played on.

  16. Shin says:

    If this years candidates for president need lessons on how not to answer questions, I know where to send them.

    I read this as a tacit reversal of the previous position, without at any point suggesting that avatar groups consisting of avatars that could, in any mainstream society, possible be confused with any entities having any relation to human beings who may be under the control or guardianship or protectorate of other, possibly more mature human beings, may indeed once again apply to create an exhibit for the birthday celebration, more in keeping with the original announcement.

    I suspect that this is because, in the long run, they could not really have prevented a group from making a build and then all appearing at it..en masse…as NAA’s (Non Adult-appearing Avatars). This seems a sane and rational announcement (albeit very slow in surfacing), and phrasing things as done in the announcement quite sanely avoids the C word.

  17. Gully Miles says:

    So let me see if I’ve understood this.

    If a group of child avatars plan to build something that’s entirely PG-compatible, as an exhibit for SL5B, it will be rejected solely because it is considered to be representative of that community and therefore unsuitable.

    How is that kind of automatic declining to be considered “respectful”?

    Perhaps it would be respectful to spell out exactly why LL have an issue with that community. If they are breaking the law or violating ToS, say so and deal with them. If not then what’s the problem? Why not celebrate them as part of the diversity that makes SL what it is?

    Incidentally. what raises the frustration levels a hundred-fold in situations like this is the traditional LL “dance of the blog post”; someone pokes their head up over the parapet, writes a smiley happy cheery evasive post that fails to address people’s concerns, then runs away again. Sometimes it’s better to be a little more direct, you know?

  18. everettlinden says:

    @1, @8, @17: anyone means anyone, as long as it’s accordance with PG standards.

  19. Qie says:

    Ah, I get it: It was all just a clever plan to *highlight* child AVs: Now all those builds that were being planned for Kids5B will be in SL5B… so, probably half the exhibits will be from kids. Stealthy!

  20. @21
    Don’t think all kids groups wants to be a part of SL5B now.

  21. Porsupah Ree says:

    This looks like a wonderful turn of events indeed! It’s deeply regrettable that the debut of the plans was marred thusly, but if everyone involved still wishes to be, we can still have a genuinely inclusive celebration – one we can all enjoy, and be a part of.

    Many thanks!

  22. Marianne McCann says:

    @21. It was all a plot by the FIC! You know…. the Feted Inner Children!

    If I’m reading this right, it is good news — and a change from a week ago. Thanks for the clarification, Everett.

  23. I’d like to see a direct, exact confirmation on whether or not child avatars, BDSM, and Gor are included in “anyone means anyone, as long as it’s in accordance with PG standards.”

    Obviously, the SL Kids community exhibit was going to be within PG standards, probably falling to G.

    How about an exhibit of in-world photography that includes pictures of SL child avatars doing G-rated kid things? Is that allowed?

    Just come out and say it, because all this beating around the bush is pretty annoying when some of us are trying to decide whether or not to lend our support or attendance to this event which has now undoubtedly become a big push for corporate PR for LL.

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  25. Alyx Sands says:

    Everett, does that mean what you said on Massively is no longer the case? Because although you did say everyone can apply, you did not explicitly state that exhibits from SL’s kid community would NOT be automatically declined as per your Massively comment. Please clarify.
    *helps Ordinal to get the elephant out of the way*

  26. Sparkly Rainbow says:

    I don’t represent any “Kids” group – so I’m only speaking for myself.

    Even if I was capable of creating a build on my own, it would definitely be going to the Kids5B celebration and certainly not to the official SL5B one.

    I am sure that any submission which actually depicts the kids in SL will be turned down by the committee for one reason or another. I am also very sure that I will be having a lot more fun at the Kids celebration and enjoying the SL culture that I have been a part of for a long time.

  27. Just another kid says:

    And so there goes my idea for a Million Kiddy March on Governor Linden’s mansion with kids, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, granparants,in-laws, and the creators whome provide us content, (MAW, Bratz, Kids at heart, ect). I am very pleased to admit I prefer this much more. While I understand LL’s policy on ageplay, roleplay, and other child avatar issues, I don’t fully support it. I’ll gladly take part in this community event in my child avatar and NOT use my child avatar to make a statement. (ie. clothing or otherwise that states my opinion of SL’s TOS regarding ageplay). I consider this a priviledge versus being banned from the activities completely.

    Thank you Linden Labs, this is a community event that should strengthen our ties and unite us as a whole. To everyone who discriminates against child avatars, please remember we can just as easily find a bone to pick with you.

  28. Happy B-Day then hope the important anouncement does not mean that LL finally gives up and Google runs the show (for deleting all the VidTut’s from You Tube)

  29. Again The Data Based Is BORKED says:

    Can you tell me just “WHEN” you are going to fix the constant data base borks???

    How many more businesses do you have to run out of SL???

    How many more no copy items go ozone before you fix this??


    I would really appreciate you answering this – seeing how you have ignored post after post after post after post !!!!!




  30. Just another kid says:

    /me blinks @ 28 and suddely looks in world for the alternative as a better solution for supporting SL kids. Thanks, Sparkly 😀

  31. Again The Data Based Is BORKED says:

    P.S. There was or is NO IN WORLD NOTICE

    So people go about there business as usual and loose money and inventory!!!!!

    GIVE AN IN WORLD NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Polka Dot says:

    *enter generic everything is broken comment here*

    *enter anti-linden lab comment here*

    Just thought i’d get it out the way for everyone. =)

    I wont be in-world when all this happens but all the best! 😀

  33. Katt Linden says:

    @6 Lukas

    I think YadNi is involved with the Birthday.

    Hey Lukas, as a newbie (years ago) in Second Life, I was a very appreciative visitor to YadNi’s Junkyard, many, many times. I learned a huge amount, thanks to YadNi, both in terms of objects in SL but also in terms of magical builds — his door-behind-the-waterfall, to Paradise Island, has always seemed to me to be a brilliant lesson on what can be so cool and fun about building thoughtfully created experiences, inworld.

    YadNi, I believe *is* on the volunteer team of organizers, although I haven’t spoken with him myself I’m pretty sure I saw his name on the list.

    — Katt

  34. Maggie Darwin says:

    Well, this kerfluffle has certainly proved to be an effective distraction from speculation as to what “a very important announcement” from “a special guest speaker” might be.

    Would it be considered disingenuous to call any Linden a “special guest’ at SL5B? It *is* their party.

  35. ac14 Hutson says:

    i think the whole thing about child av’s is because this is a public event. think about it, pictures get posted on internet “real childen” see them and want to join sl, thinking there are other kids on sl. and bam kits on mg or kids on TG who are lost because no one has a child av there XD.

  36. Katt Linden says:

    @28 Sparkly

    I hear you sounding pretty discouraged, Sparkly — I hope that when you see that your fears do not prove out, that you’ll attend and enjoy the Second Life Birthday along with us all.

    — Katt

  37. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    I’m not part of the child avatar “community”, but after making a kid avatar just for the creative fun of it, I find the most deeply disturbed people are those who have a problem with it. I made a big spider avatar…people joke with me about tentacle fetishes. I made a fire hydrant avatar. No, I am NOT into water sports, thank you. I made an avatar specifically to get an ARC score of 1 and still look good. There is a challenge I put to everyone. They say a true artist can make a masterpiece even with children’s crayons. Let’s see how good you can look with an ARC 1 av. But I digress.

    Along the way I made a couple child avatars. It was a creative challenge. A fun one at that. For me it was no different than making a hydrant. a big spider, a prim av, my springy clown av, my cat toy av, or for that matter my castles. It was a fun and interesting artistic challenge and most seem to accept it at that. But a small minority just go instantly ballistic. I got to the point where I simply responded to them that the only ones who have a problem with child avatars are people who instantly associate children with sex. They need to ask themselves why they are making that connection. I certainly am NOT.

    I now only show my cute little kid avs to friends in private when we are having one of those who-has-the-most-avs contests. I do everything I can to make sure it is seen in the light of artistic expression along with my furries, hybreds, nekos, tinies, robots, spiders, girls, guys, prims, missing outfits, cartoon characters, Star Wars characters, various dancing household appliances and, oh yeah…a couple kid avs *OH NO! GASP!*

    To be honest, if I had a choice I would wear my kid avs a lot more. The main reason is that it stops guys dead cold from hitting on me when I am busy with other things. It certainly would have stopped that Second Life Mentor from muting me and telling me I was a “time waster” because I wouldn’t stop looking for info on a jira issue right now to have cybersex with him…or would it have?

  38. Ceera Murakami says:

    If Marianne McCann and her kids group can build their giant sand castle, or whatever it was that she had planned, as an official part of the SL5B, and not be rejected solely because her G-rated group was planning on representing “kids in SL” in a G-rated manner, then I will attend.

    If the initial groundless rejection if their group’s bid is not reversed, then I won’t attend.

  39. Allvaldr says:

    Boo. I won’t be there this year. Linden Labs has betrayed their user base one too many times. I’ll be celebrating when OpenSim turns 5.

  40. My question about this, would be in past birthday celebrations the sims have lagged so bad you cant even move. Is there any way to set up enough sims to controls the lag. Maybe sims with the same content kind of like how the CSI sims were set up. Just a spontaneous thought.

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  42. Yeah, whatever… Seriously, SL can’t go 5 days straight without some kind of database “Sadness” anymore – resulting in the loss of thousands of no copy items, millions of L$ and the overwhelming ignorance of the L_labs. Frankly, Sir I do not give a (large stationary object used to hold back or retain water).
    I know it’s all pan flash and PR but I’m really sick of it :/ I’ve been in SL since ’04 myself – and I no longer expect more than a pathetic beta testing experience out of the grid… Speaking from experience it pains me to be the ‘whiner’ of the blog – but you don’t put up places for us to vent – so you are going to terse words in your “OH PLEASE WORSHIPS US…. CAUSE WE ARE SO GOOD WE IS STILL IN WORK FOR FIVE YEARS” …
    Know that for every one person complaining, you’ve got hundreds screaming the same thing(s) [and there sure is alot of people complaining…].
    Hit Them Where It Hurts -> Sell your virtual land, support opengrid/osgrid – And welcome to the newly pimped out secondary virtual life style. Perhaps whoever takes over L’s place can effectivly keep the grid open for more than a 72hour period.

  43. Solomon Devoix says:

    Marianne McCann Says:
    June 3rd, 2008 at 11:46 AM

    Carefully worded, a day late… I win the pool! 😉

    Seriously, though: while it means everyone can apply, does this also mean that — barring mature content concerns and other obvious content issues (copyright, etc.), that any group could sumbit a build celebrating their part of Second Life?


    Of course you can submit it, Mari… and be summarily refused for no good reason. This is simply an attempt on their part to *apparently* reverse a highly-unpopular decision and yet still keep you out.

    If any builds celebrating in-world children avatars / children’s groups get approved, I’ll be HIGHLY surprised.

  44. I’ve been in the SL kid community for over a year now and I am totally disgusted in Linden Lab’s view towards child AVs and SL5B. They are totally PG players (the ones that want to submit) and will create PG creations.. .but they aren’t allowed to?? Seriously now… it’s insane. People see SL kids and they’re like OH NOES WHY WOULD AN ADULT WANT TO DO THAT?! then see violence and guns and go “OK that’s fine… that’s normal” doesn’t this seem a tad two sided?! Things rated PG-13 or R are totally acceptable… but G is wrong?

    I won’t be going to SL5B unless they open it up to SL kids, allowing them to submit. They have not done anything wrong- 98% of them are PG or G players, wanting to have FUN and play and swing and do hopscotch… they aren’t looking for sex. Maybe if LL would show THIS side of kids in SL they would stop being bombarded with ageplay and negative things- by ignoring it and not allowing them to participate it seems like they are trying to hide it and push it aside, like a skeleton in the closet- showing outsiders they aren’t welcome or invited which makes the tension even WORSE.

    Why not support the fact that people are allowed to be who they want- and that they are being PG? It may actually give the Linden’s a better image rather than a bad one. Just a thought.

  45. musha says:

    so guess I am allowed into slb5 then. Got told that since I was under a certain height that I wasnt allowed. I am not a child AV. Jogauni female. Jogauni are short anyways but being told I look like a child is outragous. So after that comment I switched to a bigger shape. no longer look like a child *wipes brow* ^.^

  46. Katt Linden says:

    @45 Solomon

    You’re in a cynical mood, sorry to see it!

    The only exhibits you can expect to see “summarily refused” will, I’m sure, be those which are really inappropriate and adult.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing you at the Birthday celebration, Solomon!

    — Katt

  47. Let me guess: anyone is welcome to apply… but applications representing certain communities will mysteriously slip through the cracks. Woops!

    Words used in blog post: 350. Issues actually addressed: 0.

  48. Solomon Devoix says:

    @48 Katt

    You better believe I am; the “we won’t let the most PG/G community in SL participate as exhibitors” started that. The oh-so-clear (NOT!) blog entry we’re commenting on hasn’t helped that. You’ve still not said if Everret’s comment on Massively has been revoked/rescinded or not. And YOUR absence during this, Communication Linden, hasn’t helped things either.

    Just remember something, Katt, if this wasn’t included in what you learned for your position of communicator:

    If you put something behind closed doors because you’re afraid of what the press and public will think about it… all you do is confirm to them they are right in their thoughts about it.

    I am so thoroughly cynical about LL and the way you people handle things, especially so-called customer service… you have NO idea.

  49. whatever says:

    Amazing it needs a birthday for Linden Labs to ask their residents to help and work with em. Seriously instead of celebrating a non workin version of second life you should spend this time fixing your servers, services and plenty other things. I would like to say Happy Birthday LL to ya 2 year because the other 3 years is not worth talking about. Sorry guys but I do play SL since 2004 and I loved it alot now im glad when I can enter the game at all. But I let you guys celebrate because that will be the last Second Life Birthday it seems so please everyone enjoys it :))

  50. Katt Linden says:

    @49 Jacek You have spent a great deal of time writing on this issue in the past few days, and I’m glad to be able to let you know that you are incorrect in your worry.

    Along with everyone else, child avatars are welcome to submit exhibits, and Everett addressed where the line is drawn in defining acceptable exhibits:

    “@0 everettlinden Says:

    @1, @8, @17: anyone means anyone, as long as it’s accordance with PG standards. ”


    — Katt

  51. Alexander Regent says:

    So….I would like to create an PG exhibit to devolution of SL.

    Anyone try to do a Linden or Land transaction earlier today?

    Anyone have trouble logging-in in the last (insert time period here).

    Inventory loss?

    Miffed by the burying of embarrassing “it’s broken, it’s fixed, oh wait no it’s not” announcements in a part of website that noobs and media probably won’t visit?

    Billed early for an island or other parcel this month?

    Contact me so we can get our PG exhibit build to Emperor Linden who wears no clothes.

  52. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @48, katt why are you getting negatively personal to solomon? calling someone cynical was not included in your coaching. continue just to encourage us with your excellent communication skills that reflect the companies ones

  53. Geoff Gavaskar says:

    Thank you Linden Labs for providing a showcase and celebrating another years The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of SL have submitted an application to participate this year again, and will happily join in the celebration as we have in prior years. It’s a great time to see the other creative builds and especially to show off our scouting skills, our sense of fun and adventure, and especially our traditional camping pranks. It’s gonna be a blast!

  54. Katt Linden says:

    @46 Alexandria:

    “I won’t be going to SL5B unless they open it up to SL kids, allowing them to submit.”

    Alexandria, that’s exactly what this blog post said. I look forward to seeing you at the birthday celebration!

    — Katt

  55. Benson Willis says:

    So let me get this straight, despite the hard running, buggy system being overhauled, the constant teleport and flying issues going unfixed, and the thousands of other problems that should be looked into and solved, you’re worried over a birthday celebration?
    This is propaganda, sheer propaganda hoping to make more money or bring in even more people the grid cannot support.
    I’m sure the community would be more enthused and less likely to bork over your celebrations if the system would quit borking over the community…watching things go down hill so bad for the year and a half i’ve been around just upsets me when i see these rainbow posts.

    “Your arm’s off” LL; no it isn’t! “what’s that then?” LL; Tis but a scratch!

  56. Katt Linden says:

    @48, Pantaiputia,

    Nothing at all negative intended!! In acknowledging a negative emotion, I’m simply trying to say that I do see it, and I addressed the issue Solomon brought up.

    I’m sorry if that came across oddly! I have the greatest respect for all of you.

    — Katt

  57. Alyx Sands says:

    @Katt: I would feel better if Everett would actually SAY that his post on Massively is REVOKED and that SL kid builds will not be summarily turned down-allowing someone to apply for something and actively considering an applicant for something are different things.

  58. Ninja Kawabata says:

    I love how they still wont say if child groups can build or not, They say only PG builds can be done but it has been said that while only PG builds can be built if they are built by a PG rated group “the Kids community” then it can’t be built. What in the world is up with that?
    I still say the community needs to stand together on this and not build anything on the linden Sims. Let them judge the build and not the builder. Come join us all in the kids Build locations and see what linden labs in afraid of. Shame on the Lindens

  59. Skyler Goode says:

    I’m going to sound an optimistic note. There are so many of us child avatars in SL who only want to have good clean kid fun; to remember what is was like to be a kid and to think the fun thoughts children think. SL is the world’s first real opportunity to do just that. I can’t imagine any SL children’s group’s build to be anything less than the cleanest and most positive submission of the whole celebration. I love the whole idea of keeping SL5B PG – or better! Let’s put this whole thing aside now and join in wishing Second Life a happy 5th birthday – and may they have many more!

  60. pantaiputih korobase says:

    possibly cross cultural differences might be still alive, katt. where I come from, we are a bit tired of simply empty words, we are looking for trueth, honesty – and of course a plan. this applies for SL too.

    best regards,
    pantaiputih, love you and all your efforts, you do a great job as all Lindens do, I appreciate your transparecny, your proactivity, your vision, thanks, katt!

  61. isitcatcotton says:

    Why did LL feel it necessary to point out child av part of the population? I think a blanket statement of “We will only accept PG submissions, from any community.” Would of sufficed.

    I must now pause and ponder the why indeed. As for the celebration will the shoe be big? Will we need helmets?

    That’s gotta be worth a dollar three eighty. 😉


  62. Erbo says:

    Nice try, Everett. But no cigar.

    I reiterate the call I made in my most recent blog entry on the subject: I call on M Linden to make an immediate statement to the community regarding Linden Labs’ policies for the Second Life Fifth Birthday Celebration. In detail, and with footnotes. I do not propose to have the members of this community foisted off, again, on some PR flack or low-level messenger with no authority over policy; I want the unvarnished Word from On High.

    If you guys are scared to death of Mark Kirk and his ilk, just say so. At least you’d be being honest.

  63. Oryx Tempel says:

    Since LL has backpedeled so gracefully, I’m sort of curious as to why it made the original decision to reject child avatar creations in the first place…

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  65. menubar says:

    This is why I’m afraid to hug or kiss my kids and grandchildren in RL. You never know when some pervert is going to see it as molestation.

    I think the problem isn’t with child AVs, but the deviants that see a child and immediately think “sex”.

    On the other hand, I assume Gorean slave girl auctions are considered okay, because nothing says good, wholesome, americana like apple pie and a woman in chains resigned to forced servitude. 😉

    I’m sure it will be a fun event, despite (maybe even because of) all the bigotry, perversions, deviations, griefing, hucksterism, zealotry, and instabilities.

  66. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I think I need a Freddie avatar. Angry Flower fans will understand. 🙂

  67. SL5B??!!! says:

    Can i have a pressie Then like..
    A new graphics card as SL burnt my other out cos it being ATI and SL dont support it.ALSO i dropped my subscription cos its been like 8 weeks now that i cannot log into SL as SL states my graphics and system is not supported by SL and therefore cannot be connected..

    soo your birthday celebration gift to peeps who been with SL a longg time and feel despondant..would be to improve customer relations as atm i agree with a few It Sucks ..
    and for me well till i can afford a new system my SL business suffers i lost all my land that had to be repossessed as i couldnt make the L$ to pay for it so im down now equiverlent of 12000USD in L$ and still having to find $3000 to update my system cos Lindens celebrating there 5th birthday?!! whoopee doo <- is a rather dull sarcastic tone ..sorry but like others we feel let down by you..:((

  68. Artemis Halpern says:

    I really don’t mean to upset anyone, because that could easily get me banned, but you have got to WAKE UP! Not to put words in anyone’s mouth, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’d rather have SL out for a straight week where the Lindens just hammer away at all these problems then have it closed every other day with bandaid solutions! Not to mention that you really need to keep us in the loop, and that you always tell us that there’s the Preview Grid to beta test new features, but to be honest, and I sound like a broken record here, but the REGULAR GRID feels like the Beta Grid!

    Please! If all that matters to you is your bottom line, then think of it this way. You don’t fix things, we leave. There are plenty of games out there. The main thing keeping us tethered to SL are the people here. But we could easily all pack up and leave, just like that.

    Suddenly, your bottom line plummets. I don’t know how else to put this where you’ll understand what’s going on!

  69. Artemis Halpern says:

    And to anyone with that “Out of sight, out of mind” philosiphy – start getting the blog INTO your sight. You go everyday as if nothing bad ever happens, but you really need to learn what really goes on.

  70. Kara Spengler says:

    In Robin Linden’s office hours today I asked her what was wrong about the submitted kid’s builds that were rejected. Her answer was to resubmit them but did not answer the question I had asked.

    So two questions:
    1) Why did they fail the first time?
    2) Why would they do better now?

  71. Again The Data Based Is BORKED says:





  72. Alyx Sands says:

    #69: Weird. I have an almost four year old laptop with an ATI card, SL works. I have a two 1/2 year old Dell desktop with an ATI card, SL works. It doesn’t “burn out” graphics cards. You either overclocked it (bad idea) or it had accumulated too much dust (very common). And seriously, who needs 3,000 bucks for a computer? You can get a cheaper system that works fine with SL.

    Now back to topic.

  73. 5th birthday \o/

    And we’re hashing child avvies with it, seems ironic, no.. it’s appropriate.

    People have often told me in world that their avatar is their heart’s perception of who they really feel they are. I am a firm believer in that stance as my own avatar definitely reflects who I am on the inside regardless of how the real world wants to judge my cover. Its a level of expressionary freedom which can be communicated indirectly to others and is by no means a crime to be “A Kid at heart” in fact as it was briefly covered in an earlier blog post. Many scholars in the feild of mental health have found that there is a great benefit from being able to regress to a time when life was a little more rose colored and devoid of the stresses adulthood gives.

    I beg onto Linden Labs and the Committees involved that they stand back and think of these things before judging the “kids” of secondlife. They may very well be much more “adult” in this matter than you.

    (also, to the chap who has notified the blog of “borked” databases… Dude… Welllllcome to Secondlife, and please sir that horse you are kicking has been dead for a while now please stop, thanks)

  74. Martin says:

    70, Artemis:

    I agree, assuming they can fix it in a week. Not sure if they can.

    Actually, Linden Labs are losing money from me as a result of the instability. Every time I decide to exchange and spend real money either the asset servers go down, or people are unable to make transactions or one is unable to teleport. I then decide NOT to spend the money and wait a week or two before trying again. And of course the same thing happens the next time.

    At least I am saving money…

  75. Raul Crimson says:

    I was waiting for an official communication, and now i have it here.
    Now you say anyone can apply, just respecting PG rate of the event.

    But, well, the damage is made.

    What was a resident event (with the support of Linden Lab) is now a Linden event. The trust and illusion a lot of people had in the event is lost for a lot of people.

    I know your work is hard, Katt, i mean, you have to deal with us, and we are upset. I know you saw that measure was too extreme, and, of course, not popular. Now you say all that changed, but now not much trust is remaining.

    Just hope that trust may be restored soon.

  76. Again The Data Based Is BORKED says:

    Calling All Cultures to the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration
    Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 at 6:16 PM by: Katt Linden

    Each year, on the date that Second Life came out of beta (June 23rd 2003), Residents and Lindens have gathered to celebrate the amazing world we’ve been creating. This June 23rd, our community marks its Fifth Birthday, and the volunteer Birthday Team (who has been planning this party since last year) picked a theme that will be hard to resist– “Celebrating the cultural diversity of Second Life”.

    Who do you hang around with in Second Life? What are your communities’ traditions and signature characteristics? Are you proud of your sexy blue fur? Your excruciatingly detailed tea ceremony? Your murky environments? Your sculptures? The help you’ve given to others?

    Build an exhibit!

    Whatever it is you do, flaunt it at this years’ Birthday celebration by entering an exhibit and showing off your unique culture. The team has put together an entry form that will initiate your application process. Fill it in, make your proposals, and wow the team with a description of your vision and skills. The form contains a pull-down list with some obvious “culture” choices already on it, but many of you are not obvious, are you? So, fill in that box marked “other”, as the team will be attempting to put the exhibits of related cultures near each other.

    This is a Resident-created, Linden Lab-sponsored event, which means that Linden Lab has donated the land and various basic resources, but the rest comes from you, the community. And there is room for many people to get involved. Even if you don’t want to enter an exhibit, you can volunteer to help the Birthday Team build-out the event infrastructure, help with publicity, translate signs into various languages, give tours of the exhibits, etc. Please send an IM to SignpostMarv Martin or email birthday@signpostmarv.name if you’d like to help with event logistics.

    Application Deadline

    The team will be accepting exhibit applications until May 25th. You can expect to see the regions open for building on or shortly after June 1. The deadline for completing your builds is June 20. Gates open on June 23 and the event runs until June 30th.

    Got Images?

    The team is putting together a retrospective of scenes from previous SL Birthday events. If you have movies or still images of 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007 that you can share with full permissions, please drop then on Evie Fairchild, and include a notecard that explains which year the photos are from. If you have photos on a photo-sharing site, please send Evie a notecard with links to them. Once the photos are compiled, you may be invited to donate a voice remembrance to add to the slide show. Please remember to give full permissions on anything you’d like to submit.

    As the launch date gets closer, the team will be back with more details of the festivities planned. Until then, let’s start building a diverse and memorable event!

    Teen Second Life

    The Teen grid will be having it’s own celebration– more details on that coming up in a later post.

    This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 at 6:16 PM and is filed under Announcements & News, Community, Creativity & Ideas, Resident Experience. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

    How about a cultural Mass Protest????

  77. Budd Raymaker says:

    I hope Second Life continues for another 5 years. Keep up the great work and Happy Birthday!

  78. Stevie Dawg says:

    will this also be going on for TSL or just the MG?

  79. Pingback: So… are you invited or not? « A Crimson world

  80. This is interesting stuff. I realise that LL is subject to corporate policy-making these days, and admission of a mistake is not within the remit of “responsible” corporate behaviour, but there is certainly some major PR work to be done here.

    Either someone at LL spoke out of turn in saying that the child avatar culture exhibits were being declined or LL have bowed to public pressure. Whilst I am as frustrated as everyone else at the way any blog post gets dragged back and forth wildly off-topic, I think everyone here would appreciate an honest answer to:

    WHY the apparent change of policy?

    We all mistakes, and we all change our minds. Some frank honesty would go a long way here.

  81. Oh and in case my last post was not clear, I am DEEPLY glad to see that LL have changed their minds. The child avatar culture is a wonderful celebration of fun within SL and deserves to be there as much as anyone else does. It will be my very great pleasure to see what they make for the celebrations 🙂

  82. Tengu Yamabushi says:

    From https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-1231:
    As far as I know, this comment of Everett Linden’s has not yet been explicitly rescinded:


    “…Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event. …”

    None of the Linden responses have said that the above is no longer in effect.
    Well, Lindenfolk? Is this still in effect, or not? This should be a very simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer’. Not that not answering defaults to ‘No’.

  83. Mairead Fitzgerald says:

    /me kicks up some dust as she stamps her fooot, grumbles under her breath and walks away.

    I had hopes of participating in this event, alas builds/imagery of the Gor community are now verbotten. Hiel Lindens!

    If anyone is organizing a comunity run counter celebration that sees all communities as viable to SL please contact me in game.

  84. Tengu Yamabushi says:

    Argh, no ability to edit… post #84 should read:

    “Well, Lindenfolk? Is this still in effect, or not? This should be a very simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer’. Not that not answering defaults to ‘Yes’.”

  85. alf lednev says:

    Beside the child avies, I wonder how many other groups will be exhibited. There are a lot of “adult” themes in SL ie the Gor community is highly sophisticated and detailed sub world. will they be allowed to exhibit their D/s mediveal lifestyle in a PG manner?

    As I understand the reading anyone can submit an exhibit (that is PG) but not every exhibit will be accepted. I suspect the pattern of refusals will be anything that may potentially make Lindens look bad. if it aint dinsey or all whizz bang techo gadgetry, it won’t be shown. Its “your world, your imaagination” ROFLMAO. WOFTAM is the term best suited. (waste of time and money for the PG world)

    The best birthday present for the users? Lindens unwrap a huge new farm of asset servers and a working code. That will go a huge step in restoring some confidence, 5 years and still beta testing uh huh.

  86. elise sands says:

    Wondering why “change” must always be to complicate and be to the users detriment…

  87. musha says:


    Ya really need something to calm you down I think, They own you nothing, Get it, Nothing. Simple as that. User created means just that user created. Ya lost it, ya rebuy it or talk to the person who made it. Also your rants about the asset systems and other odd thigns, So ok they fix it, but they wouldnt be able to run this 7 days aweek or 365days a year like they are. One reason in point this is an expandable system and it currntly runs no stop now. Things will break. thats just life it happens. If I was them and with the way you treat them I wouldnt help you either.

  88. Elvis Indigo says:

    Katt Linden, you are a patient person. Your ability to stay positive in the face of, well, let’s say vitriol, is amazing. Keep up the great work. You are appreciated.

  89. Samara Barzane says:

    Folks you are missing the REAL elephant in the middle of the table.
    I quote” We’ll close with a ceremony including a special guest speaker with a very important announcement.”

  90. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    @51 Katt Linden
    “@49 Along with everyone else, child avatars are welcome to submit exhibits, and Everett addressed where the line is drawn in defining acceptable exhibits:”

    So what you are saying is that this isn’t a retraction on Everett’s statement at all? If someone can find a different way to read that be my guest. So all kids exhibits will still be automatically declined (as robin linden’s silence on the matter imply’s) and this is just spin. Well lets just hope folks that the open sim people get to work faster so we can go where everyone really is accepted.

  91. Ann Otoole says:

    @91 – What? Will they be announcing SL is now open IBM sim and L$ is history and all IP rights are null and void?

    Or maybe the CEO od Disney will announce they have bought SL/LL and it’s all PG happily ever after?

    Or maybe Larry Ellison will announce his granting a free license for SL to be run on a serious database platform called Oracle?

    Whatever it is I hope it is not an economy ender and it means an end to the daily transactions and asset outages.

    And I do seriously hope it has nothing to do with USA politics. *rech gag*

  92. Vint Falken says:

    Let me see? This means that
    a) you don’t have enough applications?
    b) it has indeed become ‘your world, our trade demo’
    c) you have nobody left to organise it?
    d) we’re still waiting for a response to our jira issue.

    yeey! *rolls eyes*

  93. I’d hate to think what I might be accused of if I came as a cat…

    On a brighter note, I am happy to see another mention of progress on and attention paid to the mainland. Three cheers, LL, say I!

  94. Xe Oh says:

    @ Katt and Everett Linden

    Our Group application was already submitted on the original “application form” from the first SL Blog post for SL5B, and from what I understand we received a conformation that it at least went through for the committee to consider.

    My question, now that things have changed, is this: Do we now have to re-submit all over again?

    Our group, which also represents our RL non-profit organization now falls under two categories: Arts & Culture/video art and non-profit. So which category/week do we fit in, if any?

    The new application has some of the same time consuming problems as the first application form, specifically the following: Under the sections “Short Bio” and “Exhibit Description”, as before and as now there has never been a listed maximum word count, and that is a big problem with the form itself. Not knowing the maximum word count is exasperating to say the least. I can’t even remember how many times I had to edit and re-edit the last application because of this lack of information. Without knowing the maximum word count allowed under these headings people will submit and re-submit until they turn purple in the face or blow it off as to much trouble.

    So to make it easy on others and perhaps myself if I have to re-submit our application all over again can one of you please clarify these issues?

    And, BTW when will we all be notified of the results of the committees decisions?

    Thanks, Xe

  95. Marianne McCann says:

    @Everett – will I have to resubmit my application, or will it be automatically reconsidered now?

  96. UM ™® says:

    WOW both of them here……….Philip and M Linden
    I like the Idea about PG guild lines,,, Its going to be a great 5th Birthday……….

  97. MarmelaGramela Doesburg says:

    I still do not see why everything officially conducted here has to be distanced from “really inappropriate and adult.”” (the combination alone – personally I find dispensing free weapons to griefers in mentioned freebie places more than inappropriate).
    I don’t put a foot on PG sims unless by error -(cause i don’t want to deal with complainers ad hypocrysy) – and I see myself and many others once again left out here. Why not do it for the eternal immature and the mature audiences seperate? Anyone should by now have noticed that this is 50% a sexworld and not a child playground. (not meaning child avatars with this, who are treated 3rd class citizens, while the adult oriented places probably are considered 2nd class citizens)

  98. Ceera Murakami says:

    @97 Marianne, lacking any other replies, I would expect that you will have to re-submit. And yet, again lacking any statement to the contrary, I would also expect that even if you propose nothing more controversial than a giant sand castle, that Everett will again reject the proposal, with no justification other than his own choice.

    I wonder… If my sim building business, Fox and Ground Construction Company, submitted a proposal to build a giant sand castle, celebrating “the youthful creativity of Second Life residents”, would it also be summarily rejected?

  99. everettlinden says:

    @47: Height restrictions. On Real Life Rollercoasters, yes. At SL5B, no.

    Sorry you got bad information, but I wouldn’t even know HOW to measure you 😉

  100. SL Player™ says:

    5 years and 5 more years to fix it.

  101. MarmelaGramela Doesburg says:

    Oh yeah – and I also don’t see any adult oriented places in the new
    “showcase” …guess they don’t exist despite the high traffic numbers…

  102. UM ™® says:

    @99 its more like 80% mature contenting sexual content………..

  103. everettlinden says:

    @27, There will be no automatic anything.

    @49: There is no reversal. Linden Lab will always review exhibit applications.

    To answer a common thread here:

    We will review the applications to make sure that the content fits within the guidelines I mentioned above.

    I recommend that if you are submitting an application, include as much information, context, and especially examples of your work to support what you are doing.

    If there’s anything that is adult-themed, or suggestive of an adult-theme, we won’t accept it. If we don’t accept all or part of your application, we will tell you why, so that there is no mystery.

  104. Annabelle Babii says:

    @101 everettlinden Says:

    “@47: Height restrictions. On Real Life Rollercoasters, yes. At SL5B, no.

    Sorry you got bad information, but I wouldn’t even know HOW to measure you ”

    There’s any number of freebie height detectors available. 🙂

    Seriously, though I am pleased to see LL(tm) is taking the appropriate stance on this yet still saddened by the original. Hopefully by SL6B we’ll beyond such things as appearance.
    Perhaps if we judge an avatar by the content of his or her character rather than the shape of his or her mesh…

  105. UM ™® says:

    I understand the meaning of adult content. Like any cutural based themes for events like this IN REAL LIFE. You want to promoto postive images not neg ones. Like example of southwest asia. On TV they promoto travel to this island countries as benaches and sun. But others view them as sexual travel locations where sex is free minded. Seond Life indeed has many sexual content related themes worldwide but showcasing this also shows a NEG view …….Nothing wrong with everettlinden views here or the rules. Its just how RL companies and countries view in pushing a Positive view of their products and services……

    Usagi M usashi

  106. everettlinden says:

    @96, @97 If you have already submitted, I suggest reviewing your content based on post @105 and resubmitting if you make any edits, or have context to provide.

    Include URLs if that helps save space and time.

    When will you hear back? Depends on how many submissions arrive–I will have more info after the application deadlines.

  107. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I’ve been posting on these blogs for a year now and all of a sudden I get this, “Your comment is awaiting moderation. Please don’t submit your comment more than once.” My post was one word and it was completely PG, what are you hiding?

  108. Sean Heying says:

    Weasle words… and **WHO TO TRUST**?

    Who’s word is correct Everett linden, when he is on record as saying kids are not allowed to submit or his boss, Robin Linden:


    M Linden passed your concerns on to me about child avatars being excluded from the upcoming Birthday celebrations.

    I want to be clear that child avatars are welcome to attend the celebrations, and we look forward to seeing you there. We believe a community sponsorship, however, is not in the best interest of the event or of Linden Lab, so we have to respectfully decline your participation at that level.

    Best regards,

    Seems to me that the Kids5B celebration, which is now 2 sims large is far more inclusive and a better celebration that the Linden hijacked party.

    Search out and join Kids5B group in world.

  109. Katt Linden says:

    @110 Sean,

    Everyone may submit exhibits.

    If any exhibits are not accepted will be because they’re too adult, too suggestive, rather than PG.

    — Katt Linden

  110. Sean Heying says:

    Katt… Is this statement from Robin Linden, on order from M Linden rescinded

    Yes or No:

    “We believe a community sponsorship, however, is not in the best interest of the event or of Linden Lab, so we have to respectfully decline your participation at that level.”

  111. Katt Linden says:

    @100, Ceera,

    I’d love to see your giant (PG) sand castle build, sounds fun!

    No exhibit will be “summarily” rejected unless its far too “adult,” as in the opposite of PG.

    — Katt Linden

  112. Tengu Yamabushi says:

    My question as follows seems to have been blocked (why is this?):


    “…Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event. …”

    Everett, do you still stand behind this statement, or not? A simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ will suffice. Not replying indicates ‘Yes’.

  113. What disturbs me about this is that when I reigistered for Second Life over 2 years ago, it was an adult world We were verified “then” as adults or to be adults based on the requirements then. Since then, after Linden Lab has grown due to the monies invested by its residents, LL wants to re-verify us. Fine, to come up with new procedures but for us who were already here, that should not legally effect us. We were then considered to be adults. For some of us, age verification just does not work.. such as me, an American who lives in France. I even submitted my phone bill and no one had the decency to get back in touch with me. I am not French so I do not have a French passport or a French identity carte.

    You may wonder why am I addressing this issue now on the SL birthday extension announcement? I will explain why…. because it erps me to no end to see you say that if there is anything that is remotely adult themed, you will not accept it.

    What a a slap in the face. We are supposed to be adults. Are we not? Is this not an adult world? If I knew I was joing Disney Land, I would have never joined. I joined “because” it is or was an adult environment. I am an adult and wish to be with other adults.. without children around (not referring to SL kids). If I want to be around kids, I will simply turn off my pc and hang out with my own children in reality.

    I come here to escape.. to create.. to express myself artistically, musically and or even sexually, yet I cannot even submit a simple machinama because perhaps it is adult suggestive due to the clothes my avatar wears or maybe due to a song that I have written and sing or could it be due to the urban environment in the video?

    I am utterly disgusted that LL is treating the “adult” community like dirty rags to be thrown away. Yes, this is exactly how it feels to me.

    Here is the video in question .. so I guess the song is “too adult” so the video could not possibly qualify. But the video is nice and it was done by a friend Susi Spicoli and myself dipicting a build that I did and featuring an original song of mine. We have two versions but I think maybe both version might be considered too adult themed.

    Finally, I prefer to express myself as the real life adult woman that I am.. creative, sensual, erotic, artistic, zany, eccentric.. and well .. just me. Please give me that freedom that I was assured that I had upon signing up for Second Life over 2 years ago… otherwise, I want a full refund of all monies paid to LL because they were paid in deception and promises have not been fulfilled or have been altered.

    Thank you..

    Vryl Valkyrie

    an adult avatar
    a real life adult woman

  114. UM ™® says:

    114……There is one person that is always inthe middle of the BS as they say( not going to Promoto people like this it jst causes mre problem)…..Always looking to stir problems. I wouldnt put much IQ in that blog you posted. Because its only intention is to start issues.

  115. For the record, without the adult themed communities and business in Second Life, it would not be the thriving metaverse that it is today.

  116. Tengu Yamabushi says:

    @114 – “…There is one person that is always inthe middle of the BS as they say( not going to Promoto people like this it jst causes mre problem)…..Always looking to stir problems. I wouldnt put much IQ in that blog you posted. Because its only intention is to start issues. …”

    The person who posted that was, ostensibly, Everett Linden – not some internet troll. So, I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to say. But I would like to know (and I suspect many others here would also) whether he made that statement and and if it still applies.

    It’s a pretty simple request, I think. That it hasn’t been answered is also telling.

  117. Darien Caldwell says:

    I think what stirs people up is this position that sex and sexuality is a ‘negative’ thing. It’s not. However, being an American, and Linden Lab being an American company, I understand the societal pressures they face. To be seen as a serious, upstanding, and dare I even say, moral company, they have to walk the walk and talk the talk, of this squeaky clean completely devoid of anything meaningful, Knottsberry Farm mentality (disney getting old as a comparison).

    I don’t blame them in the least for that. If i was in their shoes (and often am in RL, just different shoes), I would do the same.

    However, What really bothers me is that they raised false hope in many people by billing this as mature event open to all at the beginning. If it was never meant to be so, it should never have been presented that way. Someone was very remiss in reviewing the plans for this event beforehand and preventing this travesty from occuring.

  118. UM ™® says:

    Not Everett Linden gesh thats for sure. But there is one person in that blog you posted that is always inthe middle of starting problems. Thats what I am saying….. The person posting inthat blog you posted continues create problems in soical issues in SL. If its Not the KKK its Child avies, if its not that its LL workers attacks she is playing..Now this is getting oput of hand again and I wish she stop trying to create issues where there is none!

    On a side note its LL right to edit content in events where they are formal host of events of this matter. There is nothing wrong with PG themes for Promotoing SL ( even though tLL is always telling. at east in Japan here Its more of a shopping game then sexual game)……almost 4 years and sex is indee what sells on SL. But for this birthday 5th.

  119. @120 lmao .. the Japanese are here in full force with their adult themed sims, escorts.. anime, the whole 9 yards. Check out theloveho when you have time .. only one small example to name a few.

    The reality is that this is suppose to be an adult world. There is no shame to be an adult. If LL wishes to make a church world, then fine.. but this one was suppose to be adult.

  120. Shin says:

    Tengu (118) I think it was finally answered pretty clearly in 113 by Kat, unless she is flat out lying. I just don’t understand A) what took them so long to just come out and say it, and B) why and how they could have made the original decision in the first place. A real explanation of the thought process there might go a good ways towards calming the oceans…but I think the answer is pretty clear now that all groups will be allowed to submit and their builds will be judged for inclusion based on their suitability for a PG environment (although I have to admit their idea of PG is a lot closer to G than mine..^_^). If they are just saying that, and turn down NAA (Non Adult-appearing Avatar) groups purely upon their NAAness, I suspect we will soon know it. Until then, they must be taken at their new (and vastly improved) word.

  121. Tengu Yamabushi says:

    @120 – I’m not concerned with the non-Linden comments to that post. There will always be trolls. However, the only Linden comment, from Everett http://www.massively.com/2008/05/30/calling-all-cultures-not-any-more/2#c12403549 states:

    “…Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event. …”

    I have yet to see an official retraction of that statement. I think that if we were to see one, it would resolve much of the tension here.

    That we haven’t seen one as yet… says a lot.

  122. UM ™® says:

    hate to tell you 121 but those Japanese are not Japanese but eurpeans etc pretending to he Japanese. Those are not Japanese users from japan….. Then again The users stats on Japanese from japan in sl are always faked by LL……

  123. UM ™® says:

    If you don`t care you should because they are just using the situation for their own means. Its the time of year when people need theme paper for their PH.D reports. It happens this time of year with the same people that involved YET AGAIN…Not trolls but paid LL workers doing this…….

  124. Tengu Yamabushi says:

    @122 – I’m sorry, and with all due respect to Katt, in regards to http://www.massively.com/2008/05/30/calling-all-cultures-not-any-more/2#c12403549 I submit that only Everett is in a position to confirm/deny the statement, and to state whether or not it is still in effect:

    “…Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event. …”

    I’m still anticipating some response. If none is forthcoming, I’ll assume that it is still in effect.

    Also, this is my last post on this topic… I don’t want to spam, and I don’t want to deny anyone else’s opportunity to place their opinion here, and we’re drawing close to the magic ‘150’ comment count.


  125. Georgie says:

    I am not in the least interested in SL5B. What I am interested in is services reliability. When will we see 100% database reliability? –> Auto fail-overs to duplicate servers when faults occur. There should never be any stoppage of a database.

    My Mac client experience is rapidly deteriorating. When is LL going to fix these memory leaks which have been with us for so long now?

    Havok4 is an unstable load of cobblers. When will this be fixed?

    I am so cheesed off with Second Life that I am ready to quit permanently. Fifth birthday? Absolute BS and a diversion from SL’s faults.

  126. UM ™® says:

    126…122 is right here the lindens have made it clear about the rules……….The blog in questens is just the same people that are always in the middle of social issues like this……..

  127. @124 I know for a fact what I am talking about. I can list TOO many examples and too many Japanese sims but will not here and they are not European either.

  128. Shin says:

    This will be my last response also..but the reasoning suddenly became crystal clear.

    Note that there are now 2 parties..we have been neatly segregated from their corporate/educational prime customers, and, at the same time, been limited to PG regions even for our “official” celebrations..^_^

    Can you imagine what the fuss would have been if they had said in the first announcement “All participants will be restricted to PG region rules”. We are happy to buy that now, as it allows any NAA groups in.

    Really nicely done in a certain way of looking at things..^_^

  129. UM ™® says:

    Well believe waht you like but Japanese don`t Role Play in this fashion as much as the world is lead to believe……Its a VR and some people well go to extreme to leave their Rp games…You believe that there are that many japanese girls as escorts in sl? Well its your SL if you want to believe it wonderful. But if i was a guy i wouldnt be going after them…….and how many are BIsexual …… there it is.

  130. Here is a website that many Japanese advertise on and use.. http://www.slmame.com/ Become more informed and stop living in the past @131. Last post.

  131. Ann Otoole says:

    @127 – Georgie there is no such thing as 100% database reliability. Thats a tad vague to say it that way. But there is a need to get the twice daily transactions failures out of the way and scale the asset system to meet the demands being placed upon it. However you could say there is adequate reliability in the form of backups. I think thats been proven with all the repairs/restores lol.

    There is some weirdness with the viewer related to sculpties that has been going on for a long time and I hope someone at LL decides it is important enough to look into and fix. The odd behavior, as it turns out, is 100% repeatable on vista 64 bit but never was on xp 32 bit. Perhaps there is hope yet for that bug to be squashed. And then fix the memory leaks with windlight lol.

    As for LL and *their system*, they can and should do as they decide. Whether we like the results or not it is a simple fact that this is not a government. This is a company and SL is a company’s product and that company calls the shots. Like it or not thats life in the USA. I don’t care much for how things wound up being handled. Next time LL needs to be more proactive up front so people will not feel like something was offered and then taken away. Nobody wins with the current situation.

    As for elected representatives looking for a way to get press time to ramp up for an excuse to get reelected, well the game has to be played. If someone “exposed dirt” on a elected official then that would be it for that official. Politics is a full contact sport. Don’t play if you can’t afford to take the hits. Oh. and if your just trying to learn how to do the beltway two step… It takes more than money. If you back down to the weakest of challenges then your weak and will be driven into the dirt as sport. Just to get rotunda cred at the club.

  132. UM ™® says:

    I didnt say advertisers or paid ads………. .I know i been to those sims …….everyone knows that LL and Japanese content CREATORs are paid ads are all over sl. But what i saying is just because they are paid islands doesnt mean the users are japanese themselves. What i sayin gis the people living in those sims are not as many real japanese as people are lead to believe…What you explanining is paid islands not users based japanese users……

    Thisis my last post. theis topic needs to get back on its line………….
    150 coming soon.

    Usagi M usashi

  133. @134 one last word.. the users on those adult Japanese sims are indeed mostly Japanese. Research.. most Japanese men and yes even women prefer virtual sex over real life sex.. less complicated and time consuming. This is a reality for Japan. As I said, stop living in the past. Japan is not as it was, nor is Second Life.

    Second Life or rather Linden Lab needs to stop discriminating agains the very people who butter their bread and that is the adult community. Adult does not necessarily have to be sexual either. I just hate the whole rating thing in the first place. It is not the responsibility of the residents to rate this software program.

    Second Life is supposed to be for adult only. Why is there a need for PG or other ratings? Why exclude adult cerative expressions from the birthday event? My original post sums up my feelings on the entire topic. Time for Second Life to grow up .. time for Linden Lab to let us grow up as we were initially promised years ago.

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  135. Dusty Lindley says:

    Yay! My brotha! ;P

  136. Xavier Felwitch says:

    being a member of the child and babyfur community of SL, i too want the Lindons to just come out and say the Massively blog is no longer the case. stop beating around the bush and just say it, if you want to repair the damage done. This just set back everything that was gained over the past few years bcause if LL is kicking the kids well it must be open season for everyone else.

    I for one at this stage will not be contributing or attending this as it looks like a media promotion sham rather than a true celebration of SL and the utpoian dream it was suposed to be.

  137. Khamon says:

    What does “responding to calls by Residents to take a more active role in improving the quality of life on the Mainland” have to do with planning and executing a birthday celebration?

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  139. Xe Oh says:

    @ Katt and Everett Linden

    Is it possible to not cap this thread at 150?

    My guess is that there are going to be some more important questions regarding the changes and I think all interested will would appreciate the extra space for feel back.

    In terms of my comment/question about the application word quota: The new application has some of the same time consuming problems as the first application form, specifically the following: Under the sections “Short Bio” and “Exhibit Description”, as before and as now there has never been a listed maximum word count, and that is a big problem with the form itself. Not knowing the maximum word count is exasperating to say the least. I can’t even remember how many times I had to edit and re-edit the last application because of this lack of information. Without knowing the maximum word count allowed under these headings people will submit and re-submit until they turn purple in the face or blow it off as to much trouble.

    It still has gone unanswered. Can we plese get an answer to this?

    Thanks, Xe

  140. sirhc deSantis says:

    katt l – still not clear. please define suggestive. i helped a friend out last year and there was a pyjama party – does that still work? i i never ever thought i would stand (because i had to) with the gor community

  141. sirhc deSantis says:

    and can we still provide free beer?
    in which countries?

  142. The Great Sandwich Debate says:

    Well LL has made it’s 5th birthday i have been here since it’s second ans this is the first year i have had reason to doubt it would make it this far.

    I am not generally here to moan i support more than moan,Sidewinder,Prospero and Torely have made these blogs still worth checking unfortunatly since moving status Katt has only had negative effect to my experiance,I am sure other residents feel positive about this but for me it was pointless and has left more residents wondering what actual status is.Forum moved to blog because it was a 1 stop shop now its moved to 2 stops sorry Katt bad idea all around new status is ugly unintresting and pointless.

    So 5 years on what are we really looking at celebrating well there is now 15 million users,but 60000 online at once max and at least 50% bots so we have really grown about 7 fold since 2006 but opening enrollment we were told this will be good for community and have no long term impact,2 years on we are still feeling the database issues,lag?no lag is mostly down to pc spec and connection,although region crossing bugs are plentiful.

    On plus side windlight,havok 4 and mono all seem to be positive moves and kudos to those involved as you guys work your butts off bug fixing,torely is a god send to the education community and for us old school his vidtuts are still entertaining even if we have nothing to learn on the subject.

    So is this a happy birthday?Well for me its a mixed bag i still earn quite a lot of money within Second Life but here is my problem with Mainland i don’t want to explore anymore because of ad farms and parcels divided up in to 64m that have destroyed most of mainland creativity,I do not like minding my own buisness and getting spammed with web links for free money,I do not like the fact that your DMCA takes the person with a complaint to us post over a digital rights issue(using Payment on file should be enough to send digital psd/riff/files ect with would prove how textures were made).

    Over all from when i joined id have rated 9/10 you would now get 4/10 and your good staff make up half that score,maybe a wake will be needed next year.

  143. The Great Sandwich Debate says:

    I am sure Katt will have a positive efect but it will take time right?Well it took no time to get status moved any communications officer would have made sure it was up to scratch before taking it off a working blog.Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but in my opinion you have had a negative effect on communication.Making a seperate status page is great but removing it from blog is like saying i will phone you with status but you will have to go to your neighbours house to get the call.

  144. Razrcut Brooks says:

    ….laughs at all the manufactured negative comments above. I have said this before and I will say it again: LL could announce a one-time lump sum payment to everyone of 10,000L. While most of the population would be happy with that gift, the VM (vocal minority) would show up here on the blog and bitch about it.
    The VM do not represent all of us LL. 🙂

  145. Solomon Devoix says:

    On the forums, Everett said this:
    “”Child avatars are welcome at the celebration. However, we do respectfully decline the submissions we received to create exhibits for the event. ” is the quote as written on Massively.

    This not a rejection of child av submissions, builders, communities or attendees. However, as submitted, the exhibits either lacked enough information to make an evaluation, or contained material that was non-PG or suggested adult themes.”

    Now I ask any of you to imagine Marianne submitting anything that was non-PG or suggested adult themes.

    Something doesn’t add up here, and that something is in Everett’s words and deeds.

  146. Toy LaFollette says:

    I have come to believe that participating in any LL (sponsored?) events are accepting the hyporicy that is LL. I have been a child av in SL since there wasnt a name for us. The only reason I return is to see my friends in SL. The joy is gone, the wonder is gone, all replaced with hypocricy. I have sadly watched, over 4 years in SL become a wonderful thing to something I am ashamed to be a part of.

  147. Ann Otoole says:

    If Time Warner follows through and implements metered bandwidth and the rest of the cable modem ISPs follow suit then the time online per month for sl will look like about 24 hours total. You can kiss SL goodbye. If LL and IBM wants all this to survive they best play ball in DC and get congress to take some control over this problem and put an end to movie downloading so the rest of us don’t have to suffer because of criminal use of the internet in the form of torrents for “movies and music”. I guess the challenge will be if there is a SL6B at all or if the internet gets shut down by greedy ISPs that refuse to upgrade their systems and refuse deal with IP theft by eliminating accounts that download movies and music without a license. Happy Birthday.

  148. Interested Citizen says:

    ***We’ll close with a ceremony including a special guest speaker with a very important announcement. ***
    so who did you sell LL to?

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