Let friends & groups edit your objects – Video Tip of the Week #36

Sharing is caring! (Or something like that.) And a big benefit of Second Life is being able to collaborate with friends & groups of people you share interests with — live, in realtime.

Ever wanted someone to help you reposition furniture? Or perhaps remodel your house? That’s what friends are for. What about giving other group members the ability to change your objects so you can build together and (hopefully) make magnificent stuff?

But remember, with great power comes great responsibility (like Uncle Ben said), so only give your permissions to those you trust.

This video tutorial will teach you how, now!

(For keeps! Crisp and clear!)

Here’s what’s inside:

00:28 – Share objects with a group
02:22 – What does “Deed” mean?
02:39 – Intro to group Roles & Abilities
04:24 – Let friends edit your objects
07:52 – Allow anyone to move and copy your objects

For more info on this, I recommend perusing our Knowledge Base articles.

In the future, I’ll be going more in-depth about several related avenues, including group functions and the joy of building. Just you stay tuned… Torley’s here to amplify your awesome!

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82 Responses to Let friends & groups edit your objects – Video Tip of the Week #36

  1. Artemis Halpern says:

    Very nice job, Torley – it’s nice to see that you’re still here trying to help us with our Second Life. =D

    Just going day by day wishing the other Lindens took the same attitude you do.

  2. Verdana Klaar says:

    May i suggest you keep quiet for a while Mr Prolific ?

    Once a while that was funny … now is simply boring. Has the CEO asked you to overflow the blog ? How is going your career at LL ? Any foreseen job as THE comm. director ?


  3. Wilma Philbin says:

    Love every vid tut you do Torley. While Verdana there takes a nap keep entertaining and educating the rest of us 🙂

    Oh and a vid tut on those interesting little permission letters would be soo welcome. I’ll read the KB article again, but permissions can be really confusing.

  4. Hyddin McMillan says:

    @2 ,….I guess they were expecting Robin Williams or maybe Jackie Chan?? O.o Great job as always!! Keep em comin’!! 😉

    P.S. I sure wish I knew it all like Verdana,….but then again,….no,…;-)

  5. Verdana Klaar says:

    Yes please keep them “educated” so that they can whine all along against other LL employees. All this really sounds poor – no vision, no information (but lots of useless “communication” – that famous USA made faked concept).

    Keep on the chat-chat small talk w/ video blah blah Mr Prolific, so that the same ones that “adore” you can continue blaming other Lindens that are very likely more useful than you can be for the sustainability of SL.

    I do not like you.

  6. Elsbeth Clary says:

    I always learn so much from your tutorials and am among those that really appreciate you taking the time to make these. As a mentor, I frequently refer new residents to the tutorial to learn how to do everything in SL. For those that don’t like them, guess what, you don’t have to watch them. Thanks again.

  7. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    @2, 5: No one is making you watch Torley’s vidtuts. Personally, I think they’re some of the most useful tidbits of info for anyone playing SL.

    Also, I think it’s funny that while producing a vidtut, Torley found a bug (4th row of checkboxes on friends tab not updating). Fantastic!

  8. Uberstorm Arnold says:

    Great video Torley just so sad that “modify my objects in friendslist is broken ( see here : http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1121 for more details.
    would be nice torley if you kicked some butt around LL and got it fixed.

  9. This is a tricky topic and I’m glad Torley covered it, if not to my personal advantage surely to people younger and less experienced than me.

    But if some of the tutorials are not specifically aimed at me they are to my clients and friends which is, in the end, knowledge and economy they all revolve and wrap up to better integrate at a larger scale.

    Personal attacks are therefore pointless as I notice there are better places and better ways to wage those than the present context.

  10. Fiona says:

    Keep up the great work, Mr. Torley. Thank you so much. Will be watching this when I get a chance. *Hug*

  11. Drac Coalcliff says:

    If you want a suggestion about a tutorial, how about “Why the release Keys button is a good thing” tutorial because well… I just fail to see why its still there (and so close to the stand up button or Im window) other than to annoy ppl

  12. FLUX BASHLY says:

    the wallpaper used for SL might be several megs in size, i wonder if a lower quality picture were used if it would help the SL program

  13. Artemis Halpern says:

    No, I think LL is as much of a mess as you all do – I’m supporting Torley because he goes and tries to help us and make SL more pleasant.

  14. Cat Cotton says:

    Please be sure all the functions of SL are working properly before giving us a tutorial that cannot be fully followed. Seems to me it’s putting the cart before the horse. Groups are good for interesting titles.


  15. #2 I agree with what you said, just one think that should be changed, it shoud read like this:
    May i suggest you keep quiet for a while Verdana Klaar?

    Then in the next post #5 you talk about everyone that whines. Let me get you some cheese for your whine. And if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Better yet SHUT THE F*#@ UP AND LEAVE SL. I can tell by looking at your 1st Life Pic you are unhappy before you got here. So don’t go away mad, just go away.

    Just a spontaneous thought

  16. Esch Snoats says:

    From my experience this is buggy at best. Even if someone lets you edit their objects, you can’t set textures to specific faces of the prim or change the texture repeat on a specific face. Sure you can edit the prim itself, but this “feature” doesn’t allow you to do anything really with the texture tab.

    It’s all or nothing, you have to apply the texture to the entire prim and then you have to get the owner to actually go in and tweak the texture repeats to each individual side (if it’s anything other than a cube.) I’ve helped many friends with their builds and were given edit rights to make modifications to what they have, but texturing has always been a problem and needs to be fixed.

  17. Bob says:

    When, oh when, oh WHEN, will we be able to edit other people’s attachments. Not everyone’s good at fitting their attachments correctly, so some poor friends have to walk around looking like dopes even though they know people who would be perfectly good at fixing their stuff if only it was possible.

  18. Temperance says:

    Thankyou for the great tutorials.

    5. For Verdana. Torelys job includes this and he does it cheerfully.

    We get to see how cute Torleys Av is so he gets star treatment. Torley Av is an actor, getting more attention than the huge team putting together the show because it is seen, Torely’s voice is cute, the message is upbeat and frank, and the tutorials help a lot.

    The unidentified “they” (meaning government/s or society at large or some unknown group) who are sometimes held responsible for all things first life, have a name in second life, and it is Linden. This doesnt make “them” actually dualist agents of either good or evil any more than the unamed “they” are in rl.

    Very few people actually believe the lindens are “out to get us” even if we have bad lag or something and grumble that “they” must be.

    Im going to be captain obvious and point out that ALL the Lindens are helping our SL experience or they woudnt be there.

    I love that when tutorials comeout there is a ripple effect of goodness in world. An example is prettier eaves of houses. The planning mapping (that is so great for the tricky bits roofing) being explained in one tutorial has had a visible effect on many sims I visit.

    11. Drac great idea

  19. Kitty says:

    You missed a few things:

    * if you select “Share with Group” on a transfer object then *anyone* who belongs that group can “Take” the object

    * the same is true for mod rights: anyone you grant mod rights to can take anything you have rezzed that’s transfer, or they can make copies of anything that’s copy and transfer for you (next owner permissions apply in that case)

    * obvious but still missed: anyone with mod rights can drop scripts into your prims. Partners seem to generally grant each other mod rights without a second thought and then months after a bad break-up one of them suddenly finds an eavesdropping script in one of the walls

    * deleting something when you have mod rights was recently changed to act like a “Return”. Someone with mod rights can’t permanently delete anything anymore, it’ll just return to the Lost & Found

    “Only do this if you’re sure” is helpful, but as long as you don’t explicitly tell people the worst that can happen with either one they’ll just assume it’s only about moving things since that’s the only aspect you choose to highlight.

  20. Johnnie Goff says:

    I totaly agree with Spontaneous there was no apparent reason for Post 2 to even say such a thing. You’ve been in SecondLife for what a year now and you have the audacity to form your hands to say something about Torley here. Judging by your pick you look like a two dollar trick looking for her next cutomer but back to the conversation at hand, If you feel that way why in the world would you read the blogs. Word of advise Try not being a arrogant bastard.

  21. Samantha Glume says:

    Is there anyway to share scripts?

  22. Caemy W says:

    I agree woth you #16.
    #2 if your not part of the sullution your part of the problem!

  23. Zorin Frobozz says:

    @5 Verdana said:
    >I do not like you.

    And I don’t like whiny brats, either.

    Seriously, with all the problems SL has, you should be *encouraging* people who try to make this a better place, like Torley has done. Why don’t you just leave, Verdana; I am very thankful that people like you don’t get their way.

  24. AL mic says:


  25. mcp Moriarty says:

    Regarding posts @2 & @5

    Not every Linden is a coder. Some are not in the position to fix things so they focus on other things or do things more in line with their talents. Torley is obviously excited about SL, enthusiastic and it comes through in his work.

    Many of the videos are results of user suggestions. Maybe Torley should make a tutorial on God mode, and show us how a user account is removed from the system? Wouldn’t that be cool. You could be the account deleted in the tutorial. Sounds good to me. lol

    I find the tutorials useful, versus wading through pages of written text. Keep up the nice work Torley!

  26. Tiny Mind says:

    Yo’ Torley.

    Just wading through this comment-clutter to let you know, that your last couple of Video Tutorials (this one and the short series of Tips you made last week) was noricibly *louder* in overall volume than your earlier installments. Especially on the Mic. It just reaches the point where any louder and you would be clipping into the Microphone.

    I know you keep good watch on your editing and mixing parameters, but this one I thought was just an accident from last week, yet I hear the same ‘overdriven’ levels on this latest tutorial as well. And I know you wouldn’t want to have future videos suffer the ‘overmodulation’ phenomenon, right? So just letting you know.. it’s not quite ‘over the top’ yet, but you might want to check to see if anything in your production set up has changed, and cosider softening those volume-levels just a tad. 😉

    Tiny Torley-Tutor.

  27. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Caemy@23: if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the precipitate!

  28. Ener Hax says:

    lol, Verdana has her right to speak her mind. Plus, that is actually a pretty cool name. me? I’d end up being called Comic Sans, or maybe worse – Papyrus! Eegads!

    anywho, thank you Torley for the tuts, I always learn something new, get reminded of something I forgot, or just plain enjoy listening to you. you have such passion and that by itself is priceless. 🙂

    thank you Torley (and Linden Labs), you always come through for me 🙂

  29. Razrcut Brooks says:

    While I truly admire Torley’s videos and his blog, Torley.com, I think Verdana raises a good point. The man behind the excellent videos has self-inflated his persona and has become omnipresent. Like RL celebrities, too much of a good thing evolves into over-exposure.
    I would suggest one video every 2 weeks and the blog-gobbling mini-videos be relegated to the Torley section of the Wiki. It seemed very odd to see M Linden call Torley “prolific” in his blog post–then see M’s post shoved down the page due to the 3 feet long , mini-video post.
    My comments may seem harsh but I think they are simply an accurate description of what is occurring.

  30. Sean Heying says:

    Picking on people’s 1st life photos and calling them whores looking for their next trick is pretty mean Johnnie Goff, in fact it is uncalled for.

    To edit a script collaboratively set “Share with group” on the scripts own properties tab and the containing prims properties as well. Then everyone in the group can see the script and edit it. (Not at the same time of course)

    Good advice Kitty, there are many pitfalls in allowing others to touch your objects, the biggest being trust.

    It would be cool to edit other people’s attachments Bob, you are right. What I have taken to doing is rezzing a pose stand then having my friend rez the attachment on the ground where I edit it into place and resize for them. This works well with hair and even belts which need individual prim editing to shrink smaller than the creators minimum size.

  31. Hey Guys and Gals!!! Don’t mess with my Torley!! Especially you Verdana. Where did THAT come from?

    Torley is a force for GOOD in SL. It may have been a long time since a lot of people in this thread were nOObs but one of the downsides of SL is the barrier of entry of learning how to use the tools so you can start taking part in the possibilities of virtual worlds. Torley’s work shows the value propositions and presents tutorials in a friendly, effective, and extremely useful manner. And sometimes Torley spends times on expert tips and tricks.

    I always get SOMETHING out of his demos and never miss an episode. Torley please keep them coming.

    If there is ANY suggestion I’d give to LL, it would be that maybe the Torley videos should be a separate RSS stream like the grid status screen. But I’d wanna see access to it at the BLOG section of the website and in some kind of highlights section in the viewer’s login screen. A feed just for video tutorials by Torley or any other Lindens that occasionally also make vidtuts.

    And, for the record, I agree with M too… Torley is extremely prolific. We Torley fans wouldn’t want him any other way. He is someone who consistently keeps me pumped about how far this platform has come and consistently offers creative possibilities for getting the most out of SL.

    Whenever a newer resident joins SL and asks me to explain something to them, I constantly refer them to Torley’s videos. The guy is EAGER to help people get the most out of there SL. That should be treasured and encouraged. Just like on TV I say if you don’t like it, change the channel, if you don’t like Torley, just click to the next post. Linden Lab: consider the separate blog stream idea. I think that would be welcomed by all if it was equally as prominent at login in the viewer and at the website.

  32. Gil Druart says:

    @16, 21, 23 et al

    Don’t agree with Verdana’s PoV – but she is entitled to it and entitled to express it. What you are not entitled to do is to be abusive or make ad hominem attacks. Might I suggest that if you can’t stick to the rules for these blog posts that you refrain from posting at all.

    Gil *would* speculate over why Mr Goff is so familiar with a depressed look on the face of a two-dollar whore but she is far too polite to do so.

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  34. djaya says:

    WooooW I love that “can’t touch this” ahahahah. Torley u r the most crazy teacher I ever saw lmao.


  35. Anylyn Hax says:

    I must agree with the idea that torley is doing a good job.
    Thats why I must agree with verdana.
    now for all the harassing nuts who will nag me:
    1) everybody who needs sharing has discovered it long time ago. because sharing is somthing you get shown by the ppl why hack you.
    2) all rest never need it because they never build anything.
    3) the red green combination hurts my eyez.

  36. Tom Bender says:


    A couple of days ago there was a question about the flashing
    IM Buttons… (hard to recognize due to the missing flashes and such)

    Now here comes the answer to that Problem for all of you who want
    the flashing IM Tabs back.

    First of all you need to switch your UI to the “advanced” setting.
    You can do this by pressing Ctrl – Alt – D simultaneously.

    Then you’ll see a new drop down menu named: “Advanced”

    There you’ll go down to “Debug Settings” (click that)
    A lil Box at the lower left side will pop up – it’s very minimalistic
    but with great powers.


    o.k. I assume you you can see the box now
    You can a) click on the drop down box and look for “Button Flash
    Rate” or b) simply enter “button” in the lil grey input field
    Then you should get a certain value.

    I guess it’s button flash rate 200 and button flash count 1.500 by
    Increase the flash rate up to 2000 or even 5000 (this value defines how often the tab will flash)
    you can… but you don’t need to increase or decrease the button flash rate. (this defines the frequency how fast the tab will flash)

    The best is you play with these values ’til you found the most fitting
    setting for your desire.

    Mine is 3000 – 1.000

    And please – please don’t play with other settings – you may crash your UI if you don’t know exactely what you’re doing.
    WCS (worst case scenario): you’ll have to uninstall your viewer and delete ALL remaijning fragments of the Programm manually.
    (This ain’t not funny if you don’t know what to delete.)

    Sometimes it’s useful to delete the Secondlife ™ viewer from time to time to make sure that old Program related files will be really up to date… which prevents some bad crashes.

    I hope this lil off topic comment was useful for some of you.

    If you like… I could share some of my knowledge with you I collected during the past 2.5 years of my Secondlife.
    (I appreciate any comment or questions)

    Be safe and enjoy your Secondlife even if it’s bumpy sometimes 🙂

    *** Insanity is not a handicap – it’s a gift you should use wisely ***

  37. Verdana Klaar says:

    Take a look back at this recent blog entry, and read or re-read starting around comment #28-#30 and after.


    Why are residents so useless bitter in that blog entry – and indirectly agressing a guy that gave far more useful information than Mr Prolific can ever do ? Any idea ?

    Oh yes…. his Majesty Torley Linden is so nice, so funny.. so this and so that (and so-so)… and then what ??? What is the point ? Can you explain please ?

    WHY ARE OTHER LINDENS BLOGS ENTRIES ALWAYS A SOURCE OF AGRESSION – with the SOLE EXCEPTION of this very delicate, sweet, lovely, cute, funny, awesome, great, brillliant and blah blah …”Prolific ” ? hm ?

    As for those that find my RL pic no fun (to say the least), i simply hope they are laughing, smiling, enjoying every day – every hour and every minute in your life.

    Don’t you realize all that “Prolific cosmetics” is only a blur, a cloudy corporate flood on purpose… or are you really kinda sheep ?

    PS : Mr Prolific, pls it would be useful to have a “preview reply” option onto the comment before sending it btw (just as on any blog). Any Vidtut coming on this point soon ?

  38. Verdana Klaar says:

    @36 Anylyn – thx

    Not because you are supporting my point (btw that’s only my resident’s view), but just coz you did explain in a few words the very essence of it all.

    It’s useless

    Anyone that is interested in creating items, building, or manage any “your imagination” practice will learn far more from friends he/she got in world than with those vidzzztuts.

    And obviously yes, those that keep only dancing all over the night onto blue and pink pose balls, or have some strange cartoon sexy experimentation together with curious bd-sm practices (note : all being utlimate property of LL TM) will never see any use in all that “sparkling blur”.

  39. Darth Juniper says:

    Torley, thanks for the continued tips. I value them highly and refer to them a lot to remind myself things.

  40. Millie Thompson says:

    Keep the tutorials coming Torley! 😀

  41. Hrmm…. Given Verdana’s attitude, perhaps “Times New Roman,” “Courier,” or perhaps “Terminal” would be more fitting… 😛

    Group functionality is buggy at best most of the time, and that includes the “Share with group” option as well. Combined with the asset cluster problems, I think it’s safe to say that many of us are afraid to mess with it.

    In addition, Kitty (#20) raises some important points that should be addressed, both about the behavior of SecondLife itself, and the behavior of the people in it. The “Take” issues, in particular, should be considered bugs, as that’s not behavior anyone would reasonably expect.

    And Tiny’s right, you might want to adjust your mic gain and other volume levels, Torley. You’re getting dangerously close to clipping and distorting.

    Thanks, and take care!

    – SDW ^..^

  42. Ron Crimson says:

    Whoah… someone doesn’t like Torley, it seems. (Is that possible? LOL)

  43. eku Zhong says:

    you know the grid status…. its patronising.. stupid and infuriating..
    the database is as usual BORKED
    not sad
    not depressed
    not anorexic or ADD

  44. mda says:

    I can’t login 😦

  45. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update

    No, it’s not. Maintenance and updates are proactive, LL®™ is currently reactive. Lets call it what it is, BROKEN!. LL®™ claims to have updated and replaced equipment on the central database yet still it fails constantly. Could it perhaps be that they have no clue as to the real problem?

    That said, I love Torely’s Video Tips, it’s rare that I don’t find something of use even on subjects that I am familiar with. I hate coming in on his blogs and ranting about the failures of LL®™ but we are left with this as the only venue in which our complaints might possibly be viewed by anyone in LL®™. On the issue of communications, Katt has made many promises but so far all that has happened is a net reduction in communications with the status page being taken to another siter and no comments possible there. All messagtes when there is a problem point people here to the blog but there is no longer any relevant information on the status of the grid here. Great job Katt.

  46. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Thank you Torley. and thanks for letting us vent too

  47. Me says:


    From the status blog :

    “[UPDATE 12:04 AM PDT] In order to allow the database to recover, we have to close logins for a while. We will let you know as soon as we open up again.”

    They know the problem…to many avatars..to many stuf in there inventory’s …that is why they close the grid…let the load go down…and that is why it keeps happening again and again and…..

  48. Ayesha says:

    As a newbie, and even now that I’ve been on SL for over a year, I find Torley’s tutorials extremely helpful. His enthusiasm and clear explanations are wonderful and he is clearly a Linden that cares. It upsets me, however, that the other Lindens seem to trot him out whenever SL is having problems. To echo the above comment, the database is not sad, it is BROKEN. This is not a rare failure, it’s a weekly, even daily one. I’m not one of the usual angry peanut gallery on here but I’m really starting to understand their frustration! IMO ALL coding staff should be put on the database project, with no other viewer or other updates until it is fixed. The current viewer is decent, it doesn’t need a million changes right now. The database, and some Havok 4 bugs, are the real issue.

  49. Cathy says:

    No in-world notice……..what a surprise. Why is this such a difficult thing for the Lindens to do? We have been pleading for this for years and still no notices in-world. I dont understand that. Whos head at LL ( and notice..no trademark B.S.,,screw them) do we need to hit with a hammer to get this point across to? This is totally borked and getting worse daily.

  50. eku Zhong says:

    i also agree that
    1. Torley’s tuts are great
    2. his tuts come out in droves when theres problems.. almost like a balm to try soothe

    LL should ditch MySQL for the database thats the problem.

  51. I like Torley’s vids, and it’s even nice when he jokes or is caught out by situations, bugs and borks lol. But at least he’s honest. That said, Verdana has a valid point that bad news is always swept under the carpet as quickly as possible on the blog. I mean, the master stroke was removing status reports from the main blog so it doesn’t mess up their nice web site, not that that will fool anyone for longer than a few seconds.

    Sure, not everyone is a coder, and some are too prima donna to look for bugs it seems. Thus new shiny people should be laid off for a while, and take on some new coders who can bug fix and get the core functionality done. Once that is done, the thing stable, and fully functional, then they can think about rehiring shiny engineers. So they can either roll up their sleeves and fix bugs and performance issues, or leave.

    Now only one thing Torley. Quite nice you are releasing the vids on the podcast, but can you please slow down the rate of releasing the old ones? I have gigabytes now of unviewed tut vids, and you get like 15 or 30 at once. When some are 20 mins or 30 mins each, that’s a heck of a lot of downloads and drive space.

  52. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Scripts inside group-deeded objects cannot be edited or viewed. By anyone. Not even the one who did the deeding, done after setting permissions to the script and the object to full.

    I recently tried this. So in other words SVC-316 doesn’t seem fixed.

  53. Celina Kamachi says:

    Please teach us, i always enjoy the clips you make. 🙂

  54. mcp Moriarty says:

    I had this problem also after deeding an object/script I made. I have to right click the script inside the object and adjust the properties, ala share with group. Then it lets me edit it again. It’s a bit odd, since it refuses to let me view it initially, but I can alter the properties, then view it. 🙂

  55. Hey Torley everything you write is great , but , i have mixed reviews on this…Here’s what’s inside:

    00:28 – Share objects with a group <only if it isn’t worth selling on slx.
    02:22 – What does “Deed” mean? <Just write a book for sl dummies.
    02:39 – Intro to group Roles & Abilities <Limited abilities.
    04:24 – Let friends edit your objects < Read share with group.
    07:52 – Allow anyone to move and copy your objects < What are you crazy! This is a cut throat game were others create objects to sell , renting or selling land just to get your linden dollars. Dear Avatars: you must pay to play & believe this i live like a king in SL thanks to you , just keep shopping on slx buying my created objects. Just remember NO TRANSFER you think im going to let you sell something i made Yeah Right in your SL dreams.

  56. Dex Trenchcoat says:

    “The greatest obstacle to the growth of Second Life is (at times) its own user base…”

    Great job you and all the Lindens do, day in day out, Torley.

    Also you may want to consider letting only Logged In Residents be able to post replies here. You may be surprised at the sharp drop in negative posts if you do this.

  57. Ann Otoole says:

    I think Torely does a great job. People have asked for more of this type of education and LL is good enough to allow Torely the time to deliver it. There is no “Keep the blog clean” conspiracy. Sheesh.

  58. coventina dalgleish says:

    Torely does a very good job of keeping users informed on topics it took many of us months or years to dig out. If the rest of the linden staff took the time to be as creative the game would at least function and not work as it does again this week end. It is also nice to see blog hogs using more than one or two spaces to hold juvenile arguments about totally meaningless subjects. If these comment forums limited you to one post perhaps there would be informative dissertations rather than the spew of non-relevant guano

  59. Jyrki69 Eldridge says:

    wicked thanks for your help kee[p it up and ignore the haters,they need a nap.
    tc stay wicked and keep the lessons coming !!!

  60. Anylyn Hax says:

    Once again to all of you who like the work of Torley. …:)
    (Torley don’t be mad, but I need to put the point on the I.)
    Everything Torley is teaching you in his Videos, is written very clearly and precise in the WIKI. And I will not explain here what the wiki is. I will let Torley make a Video and tell you this with friendly greetings.
    That’s why I said the videos are useless.
    They just encourage to never read. And thinking that you can exist on this world without reading is the wrong way.
    That’s the difference between Humans and Animals. Animals learn from Videos, and Humans learn from Books.

  61. Anylyn Hax says:

    I like Torley much more when he plays piano. been listening for hours to his music. Most I like “Romance for a lifetime”. Its just a short fantasy. In other improvisations I like the very subtile way how he mixes china themes with European classical music. He plays with moll and diminutives and switches in a moment of silence to guintes and major tones. Wonderful. I think we will experiment a very new world when more Chinese people will be able to move freely around the world, and will be able to mix their thousand year old tradition with our hundred year old culture.
    Personally I don’t like the Chinese people because they don’t respect intellectual propriety. But I been to China and learned that Chinese must copy to show that they are close to the author. Coping is in China a way to express the admiration. But thats not only in China. When somebody steals your car, he takes it because he admires it…
    Thats why I would be useful to know what part of your songs are copied and witch are your creation. Like in the Wiki, you always must specify the author.
    Friendly greetings.
    One more wish I have:
    Change the colors … It hurts the eyes.

  62. Cat Cotton says:

    “# 60 Ann Otoole Says:
    June 1st, 2008 at 4:36 PM

    I think Torely does a great job. People have asked for more of this type of education and LL is good enough to allow Torely the time to deliver it. There is no “Keep the blog clean” conspiracy. Sheesh.”

    Oh really? Try posting as Martin Mapgie.

  63. Dytska Vieria says:

    @Verdana – there are drugs that can help you. See your doctor.

  64. Tattoo says:

    Oh Verdana just get a life, and stop the complaints and put downs.
    Who cares if you don’t like him? LOL

  65. Jayden B says:

    “Who ever is in charge of the LL blogs should be fired.”

    That would be Katt Linden, the one who split them into two parts and promised that she was working on allowing comments on the fault pages.

  66. Jayden B says:

    “Oh really? Try posting as Martin Mapgie.”

    Or Prok, which is who you are.

  67. coventina dalgleish says:


    and one comment animals do not understand videos and while the wiki is a fine compilation of information so are the dead sea scrolls. Most games such as this do come with a nice glossy book of instructions but that would take profit from the linden coffers to produce, just another example of amateur hour productions that plague this operation.

    quit with everything else until you can make your system work reliably. DUH….

  68. Martin says:

    @63, Anylyn, don’t worry 🙂 People (especially me) do watch the videos and also READ the WIKI. Both are invaluable sources of information.

    And Torley, thanks for the videos. They are very useful for a new resident as well as an old one who may at times forget how to do things they don’t do very often.

  69. Phantom Ninetails says:

    #57, I can’t seem to edit the properties of a deeded object’s contents (properties of a contained script) after it has been deeded. Any checkbox I change reverses the change as soon as I let go of the mouse button.. So I’m not sure how you managed to do it.

  70. Sean Heying says:

    73, Phantom, you need to share with group the contents before deeding.

  71. Raven Primeau says:

    The guy that owns our local Chinese restaurant is stealing my car OMG! Oh no wait I’m not an American so I’m okay 🙂

    Nice kick in the teeth and racial slur against a race of people Anylyn WHY?

    Gonna sit my dog down to watch all the cookery prograams on TV too so he can have dinner ready for us when we get in from work. Has anyone a link to a site selling “teach your dog ironing* vidtuits

    Seriously Torleys inpiut usually helps some and dont forget some people are dyslexic/wordblind or just cannot read English *even the Chinese which makes it difficult for them to copy it*

    Meant lightheated and in jest………….maybe

  72. Linda Brynner says:

    Very helpful vid. Have used this to a shop in shop situation 🙂

  73. The Inquisitor says:

    ZOMG !!1! people – please behave

    Torley taught us a lot of useful things with his tutorials… especially the wonderful trick how to use multiple accounts at the same time
    to grab money other ppl. at camping sites…
    (Legal use of camping bots)

    And then.. the awesome tutorial: How to spam poor residents with
    particles… oh damn.. I forgot – particles do not lag…
    No they do not lag at all… that’s why they are limited on each Sim.

    Oh Lord… how shall I read the Wiki?
    I can’t read… so I need my Videos… (err yeah… ok whatever)

    I will give my thumbs up to Torley… maybe one day he’ll teach
    us how to crash SL with a freindly greeting.

    Live long and prosper… and alway keep on mind…
    your world your imagination – your PC your switch *caaalick*

  74. Saora Tachikawa says:


    Would you address photography and copying, modying, transfering, etc. I’ve scoured sources, asked reputable artist, and still am not sure. When I take a pic am I copying? When I take a pic of a back side of a texture in sl nature that could not be identified by anyone as to the source would you call that modifying? Or is that original? The artist and curator, btw, says it is original. I am experimenting with textures in sl and hope my hands wont be completely bound but I want to DO THE RIGHT THING. Thank you for all your heart felt efforts.

  75. Hmmm, I am totally new to this site. It seems that the Second Life is an interesting concept.

  76. Phantom Ninetails says:

    I think I figured it out… I managed to open the script and edit it.. Gotta make sure the group is set active (I thought it was but turns out I changed active groups between works). Then you can change the flags, must set the “Share with group” flag again, then the contents can be accessed — But even then you must have the group set active for as long as you want to access the contents.

    It’s complicated and seems pointless, but.. That’s Second Life for you.

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  78. Cera Sparkle says:

    Every single video you make is so helpful, Torley. Your videos are much more user friendly than the knowledge base. Thank you for being a concerned Linden!

  79. Some sort of formatting issue on one of the most recent posts in http://blog.secondlife.com (most likely a failure to close some HTML tag(s)) is causing your post to look odd on that page, e.g., bolding is not as intended. Also take a look at your little-watermelon-eye icon; it does not appear to be showing. Cheers!

  80. eku Zhong says:

    Our SIM is still down and so is support…
    how does that work…????
    do i just complain here and hope someone will see it
    Zoq has been offline for almost an hour since the rolling restart.

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