Knowledge Base Article of the Week #27: Get It Together

Welcome back to another edition of the Knowledge Base Article of the Week! This week’s topic should be near and dear to the heart of anyone who has anything at all in their Second Life virtual closet: Inventory management tips galore. We consolidated a couple of stray inventory-related articles (including some of Torley’s delicious video tips) into this one to make it more comprehensive.

As always, feel free to stop by the Documentation team’s Office Hours at our couch dock in Beaumont on Friday at 2pm SLT and chat about your experiences with the Knowledge Base! Support requests, of course, are best reserved for the Support Portal.

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96 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #27: Get It Together

  1. UM ™® says:

    Thank ZYou Jon 🙂

  2. JZ says:

    Cool I need all the help I can get with my mess fondly known as my inventory!

  3. sirdragon wind says:

    one thing I like is that you hav made it easy to give you feed back on these articles whereas it has become almost impossible for some who is not technical savvy to give you feed back anywhere else.. like about the fact has caused be nothing but grief since I down loaded it and there is no site available to allow me to redownload the earlier version of the browser that worked fine. It is important there is an easy way for citizens to give feedback and forms like this are is your wonderful knowledge base articles.. even though I have been here for two years I learn something all the time from these..keep up the good work..

  4. Ener Hax says:

    how large an effect does your inventory have on general performance? i’m sure it must. one tip that i use a lot is searching for “worn” in inventory, it really helps see what i may still have on from some outfit.

    i am pretty organized with outfits and entier avatars. i just make folders that include my shape and skin and drag them onto myself. i can go from a little teeny beaver to an armored fox to a robot in a matter of seconds.

    but . . . i need to follow your tip on organizing textures! omg, they are a mess and all over the place, i like your example of grouping them by types.

    now to get a little discipline . . . that must be the new viewer’s fault (it certainly can’t be mine!) :p

  5. Christos Atlantis says:

    Nice collection, thank you for the continued work!

  6. Al Sonic says:

    Wow, “Since Logoff” does the job more reliably than the regular Recent Items tab! Oftentimes the Recent Items tab looks like just another All Items tab but with all of the folders open! BUT, once I apply that filter, I can’t undo it, as unchecking this turns it into a “1 hours ago” filter, which re-checks “Since Logoff” when I set it to 0, so I have to set it to a really high number instead. Except, there’s a more complete workaround: Open a New Window, and close the busted one.

    This one’s near to us all indeed; thanks for the effort.

  7. Noisey Lane says:

    Most Recently Used words would be great in inventory and the login screen for that matter.

  8. Ewan Mureaux says:

    And what’s this? Main blog on the startup screen? Wooooo someone listens.

  9. Jesse says:

    #3 go to the url without the filename and you’ll see an xml formatted file with all the releases back to when they started using amazon 3s servers to serve the clients from, just replace the filename that you erased with a different filename for the one you want. I recommend giving the release client a whirl though, i swear it is the best client released in more than a year . There’s even a retro skin mod available for it (I’d post tthe link but that may be frowned on here) if you don’t like the bright silver ui.

    SL might have it’s technical troubles, and the sheer size and scope of it may be tough to completely manage with 100 percent effective success to everyone’s satisfaction, but I am glad there is still an attempt to help residents, new and old, with reducing the arc at least of the eternal (fondly referenced) learning curve that is as much a part of SL as the pixels.

  10. Kara Spengler says:

    It would be nice if we could somehow do the organization locally (we do not need to download the items, just their locations in our inventories) rather than always in SL. Part of why my inventory is such a mess is that it is a pain to organize: folders opening/closing when I try to over things. Items landing in the wrong folder (usually with my having no idea where that folder is). I could go on. Even a search does not always help, as I just may have two folders matching the same search string.

    If I could organize it on my mac all of those problems would go away. Plus I would gain the file management tools I have here. Not to mention less load on the SL servers.

  11. Z Grigorovich says:

    Is anyone else’s water jacked?

  12. Scarlett Glenelg says:

    Indeed Ewan, great !!! The Blog is back on the log-in screen and Grid Status Reports too !! W2G !!!

  13. I did notice in the tip, the area that mentions copying inventory items, for example, the same shirt into multiple outfit folders to create mix and match outfits.

    Since this is basic stuff to me, I didn’t read it in depth, and just scanned it. I did NOT notice that you mention permissions are involved: the item must be copyable. if you did, then I apologize for being redundant. heh.

    Perhap a feature request might be to create what are known on the Macintosh as an “Alias” and on Windows as a “Shortcut” – where even non-copy items can be copied inside the inventory folder, but when rezzed or worn – all instances are “removed” or “hidden” from inventory?

    In other words, there is only one “master” item and several references to it. So only one (no copy) item actually exists.

    heh… yes, I’m rambling.


  14. Argent Stonecutter says:

    What I’d really like is to be able to add inventory tabs that are folders or prepared filters other than what you can define in “recent”, so I can have an inventory view that’s just skins, or just my avatars folder, or whatever…

  15. Ron Crimson says:

    Kara, Ari, Argent… brilliant ideas, all three of you. Go, guys (and gals) 🙂

  16. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ Ari..yes, kinda funny that LL recommends copying items to create different outfits, but at the same time (though not in the same article) points out that this creates more load on the asset servers.

    It’s better NOT to copy items throughout your inventory, but keep them in “logical places” and “hand-assemble” each outfit as needed, until we get Aliases as part of the inventory-system.

    Also: purging your trash can can dramatically increase performance (that folder tends to overflow). Same with the Objects-folder (check it every now and then and delete / purge unneeded items). And if you collect textures: unload them into texture-browsers and leave those somewhere in-world, if you can. The fewer items in your inventory, the better sim-crossing and tps work.

  17. Alvi Halderman says:

    I have at a 4 secret places some boxes with a secure copy of my inventory in case something goes wrong.

  18. Coquette Montague says:

    Please …please please say that they fixed the inventory files popping open every time i take out or put back each and every item each and every time.. I waaaaaaste 75% of my time trying to close the folders just to get to the next item i need. This is very bad if you have a deadline to build something. I would like to see a grep function and difference function to sort better and get rid of dupes. AND I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT FOLDER I WANT TO UNPACK MY STUFF INTO!!! Like a regular FILE SYSTEM does. But then i guess all those preeettyeeeee astrix and slashes and brackets, dingwahs and wingdings that i can neve rembemer to add would actually matter when hunting that specially cute pair of pink panties. And it sure would be nice if my files stayed put when trying to place something instead of slamming open and pageing halfway down. haah ..yeah it would huh. But I still love eewwww SL !! ..and you guys too! Waves 😀

  19. Jimmie Rubble says:

    Great ideas on here. Ari, the shortcuts idea would solve a lot of woes and Argent’s Tabs ideas would be helpful as well – especially for those who find those itty bitty folders to be difficult moving targets at times.

    If I may share a tip, making a folder that is dated so you can put all your recent items in it. Better than having an Objects folder that looks like the shelves at Costcos and very helpful when the (of course rare occassion ah-hem) that the system throws us off while in the middle of a buying spree.

  20. Phoenix Linden says:


    When you copy an item in your inventory, we only copy the data for the inventory reference to the asset and do not generate a new asset, and thus no asset server load. I designed, implemented, and deployed the inventory databases (now called agent store when we bother to use the new-fangled language) in Second Life 1.4. Currently there are something like 60 machines in that cluster and other than the simulators themselves have proven themselves to be one of our most scalable technologies.

    However, we do not currently cap inventory count on a per-agent basis, and too many inventory items can degrade your performance. When originally authored the inventory was never meant to hold more than 1,000 items. After a few iterations and optimizations I estimate that current viewer systems should be able to track around 20,000 inventory items without serious performance degradation. Periodically cleaning out your lost&found and trash will improve your experience and reduce system load.

  21. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I know this doesnt belong here but I cant find it anywhere..
    Is it true that child AV’s CANT have exibites at the upcoming birthday bash.. that they have been banned? not from going there but having displays?
    and whats the url for the rules for the birthday bash?

  22. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ Phoenix

    Thanks for clarifying this.

    I did notice dramatic improvements in sim-crossings and tps once I offloaded my texture collections into in-world objects. That put me back to less than 20k items, so your estimate seems head-on.

    Since you are the right one to ask then: how about implementing an aliasing system like suggested here? Many outfit items are no-copy, but can be used in various combinations. It would make inventory maintenance much easier if we could create say an inventory object that references individual actual objects (like clothes); that item dragged on the av then would put on those items and we could keep the originals in the vendor-defined folder, no matter how we combine them.

  23. Ann Otoole says:

    Hey Phoenix how about explaining the impact of having a lot of “friends” on your performance too?

    Hint: Clean that friends list and don’t forget to clean out the calling cards folder too since a lot of database query time gets eaten up on this.

  24. Chantal Otsuka says:

    You idootssssss
    dang wedding at sl and you mess up
    Jezzzzzzz on a sl wedding day great work pieces of @@@@@@@@@@@@
    Frik frik i need to be at that sl wedding and them to great work smart asses

  25. @ChatNoir

    There used to be inventory aliases, but they were difficult to maintain once we added concepts like ‘no-copy’. With some care and effort, we could re-implement it but we are currently focusing on removing actual and perceived content loss more than new features.

  26. Chantal Otsuka says:

    ow and still cant change cache dir great work realy

  27. Cat says:

    There are database issues in sl right now and reports of ppl not being able to log in.

  28. Get it together is the headline that sums all of SL up, since weeks. I’m usually not a complainer but this is reaching the UPPER limits of unaccepable.

  29. Ann Otoole says:

    sl borkage in progress. hey must be the weekend when the place gets busy. Hey CEO get some database staff that CAN DO eh?

  30. Alexander Regent says:

    Yeah thanks for writing this up, I’d love to try this out …. except …..well…. SL is borked……again.

    To paraphrase an AMEX commercial …. “Island, 199 monthly, premium membership 22.50 quarterly…. not being able to log in to SL during normal business hours…. endless.”

  31. vax says:

    “Please visit

    “ : 500 Internal Server Error

    An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.”

  32. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    I know others have suggested this but I would really like to second the idea of a quick way to find and delete duplicates in your inventory. I know I could easily eliminate thousands of items…if I just had a way to quickly find them all

  33. Ann Otoole says:

    @33 Disq Hern sells such a tool. Search SLX for “DisQ’s Inventory sorter ” and it might help you.

  34. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Ok, really big gripe here…

    If it’s going to say “Closed for Emergency Maintenance” on a login attempt?



    Done nao.

  35. Chantal Otsuka says:

    hey just whant to say thank you
    My best friends wedding got messed up now
    Her wedding day sl witch sh epayed good lindens for is now dead
    so her wedding day sl is wasted
    lindens gone
    and still cant change my url chache
    you update and update
    make sl ask pc to work harder
    But leave in same old bugs thank you for messing up Crissy and Daly’s wedding 2 thumbs up for sl

  36. Peeved says:


    Of course, you could just wait until you login and notice that half your inventory has mysteriously dissappeared, send a support ticket in that goes completely ignored for over a year, then quit SL in utter frustration of the laughing stock the system has become. Worked for me.

  37. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    In World Service Interruptions
    Posted by Status Desk on May 30th, 2008 at 11:01 am PDT
    Due to a problem with our central database we are experiencing several service interruptions, such as inworld asset issues, the website being inaccessible and transaction failures. Please refrain from making transactions for now

    Inventory is unlikely to be much of an issue if you can’t log in because the central database is down, YET AGAIN.

    How about a Knowledgebase article for your technical staff on how to fis something and have it stay fixed?

    This does not bode well for this weekend.

  38. Darth Juniper says:

    I know this is off topic but where else can I point this out:
    I am getting a “SL is closed for maintenance” message on login yet the title page says it’s online and shows 35,000+ users.
    As Mark Knopfler once said, two men say they’re Jesus, one of them must be wrong…

  39. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Thanks Ann, but copy my entire inventory to a box??? tested with up to 900 items??! and name based dupe finding instead of UUID.

    ok…I admit it was a nice try but this really isn’t a sane solution. Would love to have something like Kara suggested…being able to sort it using the file tools on the Mac.

  40. Cat says:

    Please change the Login screen to reflect that SL is closed for emergency maintenance.

  41. Laraya says:

    I also add you some knowledge base item of the week, since we have no other way to let ourselves been heared: It is Friday, nearly noon SLT – and the whole system does not work. No map, no tp, no payment, no profiles rezzing (I verified this with several avatars from different continents a few minutes before. Since Linden Lab is out for lunch probably, I tell you: Do not do anything of importance at this moment.
    And count the time with me how long it takes until the Linden Labs will remove my bolgpost, since it is not appropriate to tell the truth in USA. Have a great weekend everyone – Lara

  42. Celebrian Ceawlin says:

    Same for me, Darth!

  43. Wish LL would get it together. This is more directed towards Katt. Grid closed for emergency maintenance, check the blog, but there is nothing on the blog or the Status reports…

    Another weekend, another rolling restart after another server deploy, and another weekend of problems. Another fine mess…

  44. Cathy says:

    How bout an in-world message…not everyone keeps the blog or the grid status page up 24/7, but I guess we should start doing that given the endless problems we have to deal with everyday now.

  45. Kira says:

    The problem with storingin boxes i have discoverd is occasionaly the obejcts in them will be pulled out wit hthe ” no longer in data base error” where you can not rez wear or do anything with them. I am the queen of organizing but is it me or am i the only one that has never seen recent items work right going to use this tut t o see if my setting are off thanks.

    @22 Tristan, i believe its fine to hang party decorations, what you want to avoid is hanging the tykes themselves or hanging decorations depicting sex with them. in other words birthdays for your child AVs are fine birthday orgys for your child AVs are not.

    And finnaly Just loged out of SL in utter frustration why and i ask this again WHY do you keep telling us your fixing the data base but there are still problems with it. only 45k online cant wait for later today when theres 60k weeee.

  46. std says:

    Very good idea, Cathy. 🙂

  47. Flint Stantz says:

    Thank you Phoenix for letting us know that someone is indeed focusing on inventory content loss….over the last 2 years many things have vanished from my inventory….sometimes simple things like ONE of my shoes, but other times I’ve lost some expensive items such as a BOX of 5000L beds….very irritating to say the least. I guess the bottom line here is, in spite of the daily difficulties and irritations…I AM appreciative of the efforts to help us keep what we do have!

  48. Sandra Syaka says:

    hums a mantra its not my pc its not my pc its not my pc its not my pc its a database problem its a data base problem,……………

    and now a performer stands on stage alone lol great its fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sl hell!!!

  49. Milo Bellow says:

    Has Anyone Noticed That Whenever There Is A Database Issue…
    1.Log Ins Are Stopped
    2.Frustrated Residents Log Out Or Crash
    3.The Number Over Users Online Drops By 20k Or So
    4.Log Ins Are Enabled
    5. We Are Told The Issue Is Resolved
    6. It Happens All Over Again When The 20k Who Crashed/Logged Out Log Back In

  50. Unhappy Owner says:

    Am i the only one who seems to notice for the past 6 months sl is a mess every Friday!Nice blog about nothing lets explain why every friday sl is down or totally unusable!

  51. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:

    we need a new resident communicator,, kate where are you and why is there NO COMMUNICATION AGAIN!

    how many blog posts do we all have to scream for lindens to get the message we want to know what is going on we want IN WORLD notices hell i cant even get a damn group notice anymore.
    when will this be fix? why does it take so many months and years to get any of these areas that are critical to running businesses in SL fixed?
    Why have we had so many of these server asset upgrades and there is absolutely ZERO impact on fixing things…. it just breaks things over and over again???????

  52. Michel says:

    Ok, so… Another friday, and SL starts with the problems again… I guess it’s true what I’ve always thought… That they always have problems around the weekend, they start 3 days before saturday and go all the way 2 days after sunday; otherwise, on those rare weekdays that end in “y”…

  53. sirhc deSantis says:

    You guys are seriously sucking right now. I dare not log off but i can’t do anything. At All. At least I am on land I own. On a friday. Get a grip M (I won’t use the L word)

  54. Laraya says:

    @44/ Montana: You address yourself to Katt? You maybe have not understood this completely, but since Katt is here, they partned the blog….and took our voice away for when things like downtimes and inworld issues happen.
    Katt will say then something like “…oh, you poor residents, I really feel with you…”or so. But truely s h e is Sauron’s Voice (if you read “Lord of the Rings, you catch it)…

  55. GRRRRRRRRR says:

    I am getting so extremly tired of the way they tried us. I pray for the day other grid get advanced and stable.. because that is the day I will leave SL! I want simple honesty, but somehow this word is not known by SL.
    Don’t they see what they are doing? SL is making us madder and madder….

  56. Ann Otoole says:

    @40 what you need is a simple query interface that shows all the columns available in the asset database. Then you would query by name, acquired date, modified date, Central Asset UUID, etc. Then you could go through and manually verify the items are indeed duplicate and delete the dupes.

    I would love for LL to give us some generic data interfaces that we could use from the website to manage this sort of activity.

  57. Keef Klaar says:

    Woohoo, it’s SL friday again!!

    Seriously this is getting beyond the joke. A ‘little birdy’ told me about certain LL employees on short term contracts who actually introduce bugs on a friday, this way, when they return to work monday morning, they are guaranteed to have work to do – hence continued employment.

    please, Mr New CEO, stop this immedietly, you are hemmoraging customers here!!

    (whinge over)

    (new whinge)

    (whinge over – again)

  58. Flint Stantz says:

    Ok…the sign says emergency maintenance….so…to keep you entertained till the emergency is over….I’ll tell you a short story…
    A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his eyes, and bows down in prayer. His friend says: “Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man.” The man then replies: “Yeah, well we were married 35 years.”

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  60. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    I have figured out the reason LL™ has such trouble running their SL™ business.

    I watched CNBC last night and saw “Playing to Win”, it showed Phillip in the SL™ section. He’s a kid! and it makes sense now that LL™ and SL™ are run like a playground.

    LL™ needs to hire a few “Grey Hairs™” and put them in upper management. Hire some people who actually know how to run a business and aren’t just doing it for fun. Until LL™ decides to treat this like a real business it is doomed to failure.

  61. Sphire Ziemia says:

    Say, since the other Linden’s seem to be dragging their feet about whether or not to providing something inworld to help protect our sculptie textures, I was wondering if you could help. How about the next tip is how we can all protect our sculptie textures using Paint Shop Pro ect. I’ve found a few vague directions on the web regarding blacking out the alpha textures and it would make the sculptie appear as a transparency in the edit menu. I’ve had no luck with it. And maybe a tip to help with preventing content theift would really be well received, Torley. -thank you.

  62. GRRRRRRRRR says:

    People… it seems we can log in again!!!

  63. RichD says:

    Katt….. “M”…. SAY SOMETHING…… While we are on the “Has anyone noticed” track….. Has anyone noticed that when we get a small stretch of no critical problems that Katt pipes up and says “I’m here and I’m listening” and a couple more days and we hear from “M” on how everything will be ok and what a great place this is. But as soon as there is a problem…. PoP….. Their heads go back into their shells not till be heard from again till things quiet down.

  64. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Katt…would you please get comments set up on the status blog? PULEASE!!!

    I say this not so I can go there and complain but so we can actually have an uninterrupted, on-topic conversation here.

    And please don’t anyone take that to mean I am criticizing the complainers. There are problems and they need to be discussed…in the right places.

  65. RichD says:

    Anyone looking to get the Comments turned on on the status page please follow this link and VOTE

  66. Ann Otoole says:

    Only a maximum of 0.3% of the actual 50,000 real SL users (that are not bots and log in at least once a week) could ever complain on a blog entry anyway. No CEO would pay attention to that. Thus why they cut comments off at the 0.3% level.



  67. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Actually, any CEO worth anything would indeed pay attention to that. This is an old political formula…a good office holder knows that one constituent complaint letter (if it isn’t organized astroturfing) generally represents a large percentage who don’t take the time to complain for various reasons. A true professional will always at least skim such complaints to get a reading on public sentiment and, at the very least, adjust their propaganda to fit the situation.

    But I have read several posts from Katt where she recognizes the need for comments in the status blog and says she is working on it. I was just hoping to boost the priority of that project a little for the sake of ALL communication.

  68. Just wants to know says:

    Is game working yet?

  69. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    But I have read several posts from Katt where she recognizes the need for comments in the status blog and says she is working on it.

    Yes, Katt has said that she recognizes many issues and was working on them. However so far she has done absolutely nothing about any of them. She makes many promises, as does almost everyone from LL, but does not carry thru on them.

  70. reacher says:

    I don’t agree with the ‘folder and file’ philosophy. Anyone who has a large inventory will find this becomes impossible after while. It’s akin to the antiquated ‘folder and file’ way of handling email. ever heard of gmail? 😉 just use the search feature to find what you need in your inventory. any organization work should just be to rename folders or items in order to be able to find them in search easier.

  71. Darien Caldwell says:


    You may be pleased to know I currently have over 28,000 inventory items, with no inventory issues whatsoever. Hoping for 30,000 soon! The cache keeps around 20k-25k always loaded, I usually have to load the last few thousand after logging on.

    The most i’ve heard anyone having is 68,000 inventory items. Now that would be a sight to behold.

    And to the person who said big inventory affects TPs and sim crossings, that is false. The inventory system and teleporting/sim crossing have nothing to do with each other. I TP and cross sim borders with ease.

  72. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ 72

    You must know more than Phoenix, since he confirmed my observation 😉

    Maybe he and you should get together and you can explain to him how it really works…

  73. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    [Resolved] In World Service Interruptions
    Posted by Status Desk on May 30th, 2008 at 11:01 am PDT
    [Resolved 12:17 PDT] – The database issues have been resolved sooner than expected. Please feel free to return to your normal activities at this time


    Things are still not working correctly and if they think this is [RESOLVED]™ then there is little hope of making it thru the weekend without major problems.

  74. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Rezzing items failing and no copy items are disappearing, do not try to rez anything you don’t want to lose

  75. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    @70 I do understand what you are saying, Ravanne, and It would be easy for me to agree with that. Many of the “complainers” here I know personally to be very intelligent, knowledgeable people that the Lindens should certainly be listening to (not all of course, but some). It is easy to get impatient especially when someone is not communicating well.

    I guess I am trying to keep positive about this and give them plenty of opportunity to learn. I have also watched as several lindens really have gotten in and worked hard in the Jira to solve serious problems that many of us are concerned about so I am willing to give them more time to get it together.

    But point blank – Linden Labs does have a serious problem with professional communications. It is a lot like the attitude problems that destroyed Sears and their Prodigy online service which once held a position much like SL does today – virtually alone in the market. As a person who trained and managed about 1/4 of the original prodigy chat staff I tried to change things there as well, with about as much luck as I am having here. The first even halfway viable competition that came along destroyed Prodigy almost instantly and the same exact thing WILL happen to SL.

    What I am saying is that I know many lindens really are working hard…they just need to work a LOT smarter. As someone else mentioned here…it is time to get some grey hairs in this company and start listening to them…for the sake of your own jobs, Lindens, if nothing else.

  76. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    I have about 30,000 items in my inventory. I know that I could lose many of them if I had better tools to handle it. I recently set up another avatar with no inventory on the same machine and I see no noticeable difference in general performance. However…it does take time for my inventory to populate when I search for something and that is a problem that can only be addressed by reducing the number of items. I constantly work on that but the tools to quickly find duplicates would greatly speed that task.

    I do tend to depend as much or more on the search and naming things well as on the folder system. That makes it even more important to keep the inventory trimmed down. When I help new people in SL I always introduce them to the inventory search as their “new best friend”. 😀

  77. pantaiputih korobase says:

    who is Katt? Guess they fired her

  78. Argent Stonecutter says:

    anne@57: Yeh, I’d like to be able to, oh, create a tab that does “SELECT * INTO NEW_TAB_NAME FROM INVENTORY WHERE WORN=’TRUE’;”

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  79. SL Player™ says:

    Right Kira. Storing inventory in boxes is a no no. The asset sever tends to only “see” the box and not what’s in it. Items become nonexistent.

  80. Guy says:

    Whatever you do – don’t follow the SL book on creating an object and dumping all your items into it to have a copy away from your avart.
    You will crash the sim and lose all your items and when you open a support ticket you’ll get a “too bad for you” reply from support.

  81. My inventory is less then 5000 items hehe, and quite well organized cause i’m always deleting my unused crap. Thanks for the tips!

    BTW: Sculpty maps are easy to protect without using any fancy tricks. Simply make the root prim a non-sculpty prim… set your item to no-mod and TA-DA, sculpty maps can not be seen.


  82. Solomon Devoix says:

    Off-topic for this, but since there’s no other official venue…

    A heads-up, folks. LL, in its infinite wisdom, has forbidden SL ‘childrens groups’ from having a build/exhibit at the 5th birthday celebration. Oh, child avatars can attend, but they’re forbidden to contribute. Way to go, LL. Trying to set new standards for politically correct cowardice?

    Speaking of standards… why do the TOS and Community Standards shake the finger at discrimination if LL, the author of those documents, is going to freely engage in it?

    Hypocrites and cowards. Every one.

  83. River Ely says:

    Listen up.

    All you clever Lindens.

    Yes You….

    Torley knows this can be done.

    I want to be able to make folders inside prims, maybe special prims that can only be used for this purpose, but it will enable me to store some of my inventory in folders in a prim.

    Its not hard.

    It needs to be done.

    Wish List: No, The wish list is to be able to encrypt that prim and store it locally. Think about it. if my 17000 objects were stored on MY pc instead of yours. Even though I cannot directly access it, its not on the LL system, freeing up space for everyone else. Maybe I could store lots and lots of little boxes securely on my pc, then if I lose em, its my fault, and if I only have to upload an outfit to wear it rather than all 17000 items, wow, what a rush that could be…

    So I would have to upload my secure prims to be able to unpack them, but thats ok, its at ‘My Expense’ for time and effort.

    Think about it.

    Bet you can do it……

    Then we serious buts can really organize our inventory, folders in folders in locked little prims.

    Does ‘M’ ever read ALL the comments?


  84. Smoj Xeno says:

    If the Lindens could do as you say, and of course impliment some system so that I cannot affectivly make a copy of the PC file, restore the nocopy inventory item back to SL, bring back the original file and then restore another copy of the nocopy item, then I think it would be great. Also of course, I shouldn’t be able to pass you my backup files so that you can get my No Transfer items.

    Personally, I think Linden should sell specially formatted USB memory sticks that required a Linden software driver to access them, then, they could do as they wish.
    I’d pay some hard USD for such a device to make sure my inventory is safely backed up someplace.

    If Linden cannot, hand on heart say that they can protect my inventory 100% (and it wasn’t cheap all this stuff), then at least let me help myself.

    Allas… falls on deaf ears

  85. Verdana Klaar says:

    ” Does ‘M’ ever read ALL the comments? ” (#84)

    Do you seriously think that is the role of a CEO ? …. /me smiles gently.

    Some residents are funny 🙂

  86. Cortex Draper says:

    Please have an option to stop folders automatically opening when the mouse is over them.
    While I am dragging an item from one folder to another, it can be very annoying when a folder in between them automatically opens if it has hundreds of items in it.

  87. River Ely says:

    #85, the point about it being encrypted for download is that only I could open it after upload. If I gave you a copy, and you uploaded it, it would not be able to be opened, hence, I could not give my things away!

    The main point is, my ‘unused’ inventory would live on my system at my risk. If I trashed my Hard Drive and had no back up of the items, then voila, its gone john. If this was for everyone, then we could all be responsible for our own thingies, and I am certain the lower asset level would benefit everyone on the loop as it were. River:

  88. Darien Caldwell says:

    Nowhere did he confirm your statement about TPs failing due to large inventories. He only said it was designed for 20,000 items with no performance degradation, that being degradation of the inventory system peformance. You read a whole lot into that statement.

  89. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Player@80: I’ve talked to the developers about this and they say that may have happened once but they currently follow indirections through as many levels of nested objects you have. If you have evidence that this has happened recently file a Jira on it.

  90. Marni Grut says:

    “There used to be inventory aliases, but they were difficult to maintain once we added concepts like ‘no-copy’. With some care and effort, we could re-implement it but we are currently focusing on removing actual and perceived content loss more than new features.” ~ phoenixlinden


    Although yes a new feature but it with you could change the layout of you invetory like on the windows explore program were you can veiw thins as thumbnails ect

  91. juliana randt says:

    please i cant enter with my password in my account, help me please.
    what i do?

  92. @21 Phoenix. If the asset server is the most scaleable, then the rest of SL must be pretty dire lol. Daily probs with rezzing, the whole thing falling over every weekend, still getting inventory loss. Latest is stuff that rezzes, and then disappears two seconds later…

    I take it that duplicates have the same UUID until they are changed, and Save Object Back to Inventory actually creates a new UUID, since the old one will still exist somewhere, handy though that function is.

    And what about the many items that got UUIDs zeroed out during the 1.15 update? That still has not been fixed.

    And why is it it’s always the expensive stuff that goes missing, never the freebies?

    So what you’re really saying Phoenix, is that the whole asset server db is an antiquated system that was only ever designed for 1,000 items. No wonder it’s broke big time.

    Meanwhile HiPiHi is planning offline inv sorting on your mobile phone…

  93. Hell says:

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  94. Hell says:

    i live in iran i dont konw how to use to second life

    i dont join to second life heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me please

    send answer to my EMAILE bye thank u very mutch

  95. Hell says:

    i cant make user & password help

    i have many problems to login game



  96. Curtis Dresler says:

    Well, even though I did not flame anyone and kept my comments civil, LL removed all of my posts. I assume that this one will be removed as well. Today I will explain to my group why the group land will be put up for sale and will move out of SL as a property owner or anyone that makes any significant purchases. If LL wants to stifle comments, polite comments, from someone that has spent hundreds of dollars in SL – approaching or possibly in excess of a thousand – so be it. I’ll stop in for the free music, but no more spending in SL. Outside of a comment on the other thread, this will be it and when they delete this one (probably before anyone else reads it), I will have made my final comment, because unlike an hour ago, I NO LONGER CARE.

Comments are closed.