[DONE] Second Life 1.22 Server Update – Tue 5/27 – Fri 5/30

Update 2008-05-30 09:20 : The rolling resart is complete (as of about 1/2 hour ago).

Update 2008-05-30 07:49 : The second-half rolling restart is 81% complete.

Update 2008-05-30 06:54 : The second-half rolling restart is 47% complete.

Update 2008-05-30 05:30 : The second-half rolling restart has begun.

Update 2008-05-29 17:00: We’re updating some of the central systems to 1.22 over the next hour or so. When we get to the updates of the hosts that store agent presence, there may be some brief disruptions of logins and the concurrency count (seen on the secondlife.com page when logged in) will briefly dip.

Update 2008-05-29 13:36: The first-half rolling restart is complete (as of 10am this morning, sorry for not updating the blog earlier.)

Update 2008-05-29 09:01: The first-half rolling restart is 69% complete.

Update 2008-05-29 07:59: The first-half rolling restart is 30% complete.

Update 2008-05-29 07:03: The rolling restart to deploy 1.22.1 to the first half of the grid has begun (a bit behind schedule).

Update 2008-05-28 12:24: We are currently deploying an updated “1.22.1” version of the server code to the Preview Grid that reverts the sound throttling change and fixes the issues with flight assists. Our plan is as follows:

  • Proceed with QA validation of the changes over the afternoon of 5/28
  • Update the 1.22.0 regions to 1.22.1 on the morning of 5/29
  • Update the remaining 1.21 regions to 1.22.1 on the morning of 5/30

(Times/dates are Pacific Daylight Time)

Issues with 1.22:

  • We are receiving scattered reports that the new sound throttling (mentioned below) is impacting content. This is not intended behavior.
  • We are also receiving reports that “flight assist” scripts are not functioning as before (motion continues after keys released, and so forth). This is not intended behavior.
  • We are currently investigating and evaluating our options; it is likely that we’ll need to adjust the code (or revert to a previous version) and may need to re-restart the affected regions. We’ll post more details when available.

Update 2008-05-28 09:50 : The first-half rolling restart is complete. There was a database hiccup in the middle of the roll which caused some manual cleanup to be required. Regions should all be back up.

Update 2008-05-28 08:37 : The first-half rolling restart is 75% done.

Update 2008-05-28 07:32 : The first-half rolling restart is 46% done.

Update 2008-05-28 06:32 : The beginning was rocky, but we’re on track now. The first-half rolling restart is 13% done.

Update 2008-05-28 05:42AM : The first-half rolling restart began at about 5:20AM.

Update 2008-05-27 10:00PM : it was more rocky than usual, and a handful of regions were down for about an hour or so, but we have deployed 1.22 to 150 regions. What we learned from tonight should make the rolling restart over the next two days go more smoothly.

We will be rolling out a deploy of an updated version of the Second Life server over the course of the next three days. The release notes for this, server version 1.22, are as follows:

* Changes to eliminate storage wasted by single-use, temporary assets. (Helps our asset server!)
* Introduced automatic sound playback throttling for scripts. (Should not affect existing well-behaved content, but should help reduce specific instances of griefing.)
* More specific IM-to-Email subject line: “Second Life – <name> has sent you a message”
* Corrected text encoding issues in classifieds.
* Addition of several metrics for tracking system failures. (Helps us fix more bugs.)
* Made viewer->simulator message queue length configurable at runtime (Helps address teleport failures.)
* Several changes to reduce load on central databases.
* Several Havok4 fixes. (Will be listed later tonight.)

Physics Updates (Sorry these did not make the original post… my schedule was too crammed to get this list assembled by post time. /Sidewinder):

DEV_14452: Grey goo fence enhanced

VWR-6267: Can now log into “last location when last location is above 768m

SVC-2216: Avatar no longer rotates when unsitting

DEV-13444: Physical sphere roll duration reduced (balls would roll too long)

DEV-14808: Sit target rotation corrected on Dominus Shadow

DEV-13057: Missing move object error message added (explanation for why an object did not rez due to permissions failure)

SVC-1648: Push applied to avatar by another avatar’s scripted attachment now pushes correctly (pushed minimally if at all pre-fix)

DEV-14056: Can now sit on object within a huge phantom or volume detect object

DEV-14658: Removed simulator crash mode

DEV-14646: Added higher resolution simulator performance tracking and logging to use in investigation of cyclic time dilation issues

DEV-14805: Tall avatars no longer get stuck in falling state in objects that they fall on

DEV-14057: Avatar no longer twitches and stops when changing flying direction

These changes have been in testing on the Preview Grid for the past week or so.

The rolling restart will proceed in three stages.

* Tuesday, 05/27, 7:30PM : we will do a pilot rolling restart to about 150 regions
* Wednesday, 05/28, 5:00-9:00AM : we will do a rolling restart of half of the grid
* Thursday, 05/29, 5:00-9:00AM : we will do a rolling restart of the rest of the grid

As with all rolling restarts, regions should only be down for a few minutes. If your region stays down for more than 20 minutes, it almost certainly means something went amiss; in that case, please contact support. There is no easy way to predict exactly when a given region will be restarted, and it will not be possible to delay the restart once it has been announced for your region.

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150 Responses to [DONE] Second Life 1.22 Server Update – Tue 5/27 – Fri 5/30

  1. Ron Crimson says:

    Ah, perfect, thanks. We were all waiting for this post to be made. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the detailed list of fixes, esp. the Havok4 ones. Hmm, are hugs going to be working properly again? 😀

  2. Marcus Antonelli says:

    Hugs have always worked for me, except for the usual alignment problem. What was wrong with them?


  3. Elendir Axon says:

    * Changes to eliminate storage wasted by single-use, temporary assets. (Helps our asset server!)

    I assume this means something like objects that are used once are eliminated from the asset server? If not some clarification please.

  4. Zena Juran says:

    HIyas JOshua, thanx for the update. Any word on openspace performance issues?

  5. Charlton Roffo says:

    Why cant I login to the beta grid somone please lend me a hand it says login failed unable to complete your request at this time what does this mean!!

  6. Tiny Mind says:

    And please explain more about the ‘Sound Throttling.’ Does that mean the usual ‘screamer’ objects lose their sound levels?

    Inquiring Tiny-Minds want to know.

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  8. Thordain Curtis says:

    I’m also quite interested in some more detailed info regarding the sound throttling and temp asset changes.

  9. Mech Gears says:

    to #3
    * Changes to eliminate storage wasted by single-use, temporary assets.

    unless I’m mistaken this refers to ‘objects we never really SEE, temporaries created and then distroied when say a transaction takes place

  10. Christos Atlantis says:

    What are the text encoded problems in search?

  11. Marianne McCann says:

    /me hopes “Hugs” is one of the H4 fixes. I’m gettin tired of floating when I try to hug someone.

  12. Darien Caldwell says:

    Actually the Temporary, Single Use Asset they mean are attachments. The item is rezzed from inventory, assigned a UUID, and promptly destroyed when you detach the attachment. There has been some discussion about it in the SLDev mailing list recently.

    Sounds like a good list of fixes. Will be interested to see what the H4 items are.

  13. Charlton Roffo says:

    Anyone know why the beta grid wont let me log in?

  14. Xavier Felwitch says:

    @13 charlton 2 things could be up…. either they are patching/doing maintanance stuff or if you have joined after jan 2008 and your profile is not copied accross yet.

  15. Jahar Aabye says:

    @6 Tiny

    No, I don’t think it refers to the Screamer Boxes (although you might want to check out http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1462 for a potential fix for those).

    The sound throttling is to prevent a specific nasty little exploit that fortunately didn’t get very far before it’s getting patched. In worst-case scenarios it could have resulted in DoS-style attacks.

  16. march says:

    >* More specific IM-to-Email subject line: “Second Life – has sent you a message”
    >* Corrected text encoding issues in classifieds.

    how about SVC-42 ?
    >Include “Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8” header in the messages forwarded from second life.

  17. Ron Crimson says:

    Marcus @ 2: I’d love to know which hug attachment you use… mine is part of something called the MultiTool (not to be confused with MystiTool), a fairly basic, freebie all-in-one hug/kiss/find attachment. Anyway, the problem since Havok4 came to be is that one of the avatars participating in the hug often (not always) keeps jumping and tripping, trying to walk closer to the other avatar, while the hug animation is playing. o_O

  18. Sound playback throttling? We’re going to need some more information on this one. I have a lot of scripts that play sounds multiple times simultaneously to boost volume. I hope this isn’t going to break anything.

    Also, where are the group chat moderation changes. We were promised the ability to mute group chat for 1.19 . Where is it?

    And where is tradeable windlight skies. The ability to set a default sky, etc. Windlight is still unfinished at this stage.

    Lastly, what’s with the version number inflation. We’ve gone from 1.19 to 1.22 rather fast, compared to how long we had 1.18. This release doesn’t seem to introduce any specific widely hailed features, or massive changes. Nor is there a mandatory viewer download, as far as I can see. Why doesit deserve an increment of the second digit ?

  19. Winter Ventura says:


    /me giggles.

  20. Winter Ventura says:

    Seriously… Looking forward to a smooooooth deploy.. Can’t wait to see the list of fixes.

  21. My hugs are working, but then I have a new one, Havok 4 compatible, but older huggers others have still seem to be working fine. What isn’t are Babbler and gTranslator are not. And 2 times out of three now money never loads, constant Loading… message, which was a bug that went away ages ago. And you promised to revert the step height that makes us go into falling mode at the top of stairs and moving over low objects. It also means irritatingly you have to fly over many store steps as they are now too high to walk up.

    PROTIP: Next time you change a parameter like that that has been out there and used for years, lease give some more warnings and publicity about it or just plain don’t do it!

    Let’s hope you don’t have to roll this one back…

  22. Wyald Woolley says:

    While we are talking about fixes on the grid, tell me please what is the difference between “Closed”, “Resolved” and “All-Clear”? Is there some kind of meaning to all these different terms, or is it just whatever comes to mind at the moment?

    Regarding hugs: I know that it makes a difference depending on which hug a person is using whether it works really well or is a joke instead of a tender moment. Can anyone recommend a hug by a specific designer that really works well, post-Havik4 ?

  23. Ron Crimson says:

    Yeah, Montana, out with it! What’s this new hugger ya usin’? 😛

  24. Your Conscience says:

    “VWR-6267: Can now log into “last location when last location is above 768m”

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  25. Your Conscience says:

    @18 Warkirby

    This is a server update, not a viewer update.

  26. Your Conscience says:

    I’d also like more information on the sound throttling though. The current LSL sound functions need a workover because they are far too weak. There needs to be some way of boosting volume. Otherwise we all have whispering jets and heavy machinery. Sometimes we _want_ audible sound.

  27. Your Conscience says:

    @19 Winter

    If you fix the hugs, Winter will give you one!

  28. Allen Kerensky says:

    Well.. this seems ominous… 45 minutes after the region restart, a second restart comes through?

    The second restart, and the region has been down a lot longer than the 20 minutes max advertised.

    Hitting about 45 minutes down at this point.
    Scared for tomorrow.

  29. Allen Kerensky says:

    Ah… all I had to do was post a blog comment and it came up.
    Interesting… 🙂

  30. Soy N says:

    Keep up the good work Sidewinder! Your (and your team’s) work is much appreciated!

    Thank you!

  31. Dajobu Ling says:

    VWR-6267 – Thanks! That one’s been a real pain.

    Glad to hear more implementations of bug catchers and database pain-relievers. I hope they work well! Keep the fixes coming! : )

  32. Errafel Eccleston says:

    Regular sound objects (even using tricks to play louder) would not behave in the same way as the exploit does, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Of course, what the fix actually entails remains to be seen.

  33. Great news – every bug killed is a good news 🙂

    What comes into my mind when thinking about server side bug fixes: As I am German I often answer to IMs by writing a reply email to a IM forwarded by email when I’m not online inworld. It is annoying that I cannot use German umlauts in those reply emails as they are returned with an error. If answering without German umlauts all is fine – using one of the German umlaut chars ä, ö, ü, Ä, Ö, Ü, ß, I get an error reply only.

    It would be very great to have this fixed one time as we German as able to use all umlauts inworld too. Maybe this is a good place to bringt this to attention again 🙂

    Besides this: Keep on the good work. At least the asset server runs noticably smoother now 🙂 Seems you did a few steps in the right direction – Thank you! 🙂

  34. **DEV-14646: Added higher resolution simulator performance tracking and logging to use in investigation of cyclic time dilation issues

    Excellent!! I am hoping this will help in assisting in the TD spikes that are happening in so many sims, particularly the OS Sims. I know this has thrown a huge unexplained monkey wrench for many sims owners who have anxiously looking for this bug to be resolved.

  35. Dekka Raymaker says:

    What about fix for the RC so that Mac users can actually log on?

  36. Pepper Haas says:

    Eversince the bad asset trouble in april, I have an earring missing from database. It’s there but when I try to wear it, it says, missing from database. Every copy I have in my inventory, including the original item, returns that message. Then I found a set in a prim I had inworld, at one of my sales locations, so I took the earrings out of it — and get the exact same message, object missing from database. I don’t even get how that’s possible, how an object can disappear from a prim inside a prim, inworld.
    Yes, I did clear cache. And I solved my problem by making a left earring into the right earring so now it’s a set again. But I wonder what else is going to turn up missing even from prims I have inworld?

  37. Suzan says:

    VWR-6267: Can now log into “last location when last location is above 768m

    Thanks for this!!!! No more crash landing…

  38. la le lu says:

    what did you changed here??

    DEV_14452: Grey goo fence enhanced

  39. With the list of physics changes up now, I’m seeing a notable absence. When will we get a fix for avatars sinking slowly while hovering ?

  40. Pepper – your earring is in the backup system. Next time wait half an hour and then try rezzing it again.

  41. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Can we get % done on this one also?
    and a time started

  42. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I’m guessing the blogs are now longer on PST???
    If not what time zone are they on lol

  43. Prospero Linden says:

    Whoops. Forgot about the round Earth. I’ll update the timestamp for PST instead of the time zone where I am….

  44. Twisted Laws says:

    hmmm… getting regular crashes of latest release candidate client in Sandbox Goguen since server updated, was working fine before update…. 😦

  45. Ron Crimson says:

    LOL Prospero, just because the Second Life world is flat doesn’t mean…

    …Um, it IS flat, right? *shifty eyes* 😉

  46. Elvis Orbit says:

    Just got this update on one of my regions and set home at 1500 meters whoot! Great Job!

  47. Blabla2 Eponym says:

    Jumping has been edited, it is now slower and less high. I actually enjoyed being able to jump higher.
    Especially in the C:SI(Katana fighting) community this is pretty welcome.
    Now that it’s less high isn’t such a problem. but that it’s slower at initiation is kind of annoying.

  48. Prospero Linden says:

    Ron : it’s flat for now, but I have evil plans to introduce support for full Riemannian geometry to model curved spacetime….

  49. Chalice Yao says:

    No, the sound playback throttling will not affect existing content, if they did the fix right. It targets content where the sound playback makes no sense, to put it that way.

  50. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Prospero@48: Riemannian geometry is a pain in the locus. I’ve found that a 2-toroidal manifold bounded only in the 3rd dimension works extremely well for virtual worlds, since there are no local singularities. Would it be possible to get estates that are completely connected in X and Y? They would be particularly useful for games subgrids.

  51. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Blabla@48: Thanks for the heads-up. I added a double-tap ninja jump to Flight Feather a couple of versions back, I’ll have to see if I need to retune that.

  52. Forrest Leichter says:

    All this is well & good, but now i cant log in…login stops at “waiting for region handshake” any Ideas?

  53. Prospero Linden says:

    Argent @50 : at the moment, no, it’s not possible to get a toroidal topology given the way the grid is laid out.

    When we have region domains implemented… maybe? It will depend on how we implement and address things.

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  55. Ann says:

    Is it at all possible to have a permanent map that shows which are the 150 pilot regions, which regions are in the first half, and which are in the second half?
    This is for people who have to bring First Life to a screeching halt to deal with Second Life rolling restarts. It would be nice to be able to commit only one early morning to sit and wait instead of a late evening followed by two early mornings…:D

  56. Zena Juran says:

    This sound throttling has KILLED all my windchimes. YOU HAVE TO UNDO THIS!!!!

  57. Zena Juran says:

    The automatic sound throttling is OUT OF CONTROL…. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

  58. Zena Juran says:

    Prospero….. you must visit me at my island NOW!!!!!

  59. Dianne Davies says:

    Ok Lindens..this time you went just too damned far!!

    I go back to my wilderness island..full of awesome sounds..sights..animals and birds everywhere – gentle flowing streams and a fishing pond to find what????..script errors all over the place..are you guys nuts??? We spend endless hours making things are realistic and pleasing for others as we possibly can and in two seconds you blow it all to hell?

    Try something? Get your heads out of your asses – a pose many of us have been in lately thanks to your lack of knowledge on fixing problems around here!!..You are losing people faster than you are attracting them..oh..and…give us our sounds back..or give us back the thousand bucks you happily took for the purchase of the island..seriously..damned stupid move!!!

  60. Zena Juran says:

    All of my products are now TOTALY USELESS. This needs to be addressed NOW!!!

  61. Zena Juran says:

    Not only has the sound throttling BORKED ALL MY PRODUCTS… my avatar is in a continual state of SEIZURES!!


  62. Dianne Davies says:

    Unreal!!…I cannot believe this!!..so basically..if I remove everything making sounds on our land I have what??? nothing..thats what..so the price should be..you guessed it..NOTHING..so..cough up the money you have been paid..by me..and thousands of others..if we wanted open sims damnit we would have bought them!!!…

    Revert this asap…like I said before…get your heads out of your asses and fix the real problems in this place..like missing textures..crashes..and the fact your whole program is about as unstable as me when stuff like this happens..

    You are really unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Zena Juran says:

    The code not only needs to be adjusted but so does the thinking behind this!

  64. None says:

    They don’t read this. File a support ticket, call them, or whatever. They’ll never read this, because they want to see you putting on a happy face and not complaining about anything.

    So, stop complaining, because they don’t listen do what I did cut your loses and sell land and leave. I log in 1 time a week to pay for my mall spots. I don’t even bother with this thing anymore it was way too borked for too long and got worse instead of better.

  65. Prospero Linden says:

    Folks, we are aware of the sound throttling problem (as is noted in the main blog post above), and are working on it.

  66. zacthespack fizzle says:

    Hi on top of all the above problems i can tp into any of the sims with the new update is it just me? if not theres another problem for your list 🙂


  67. Darek Deluca says:

    Until you people put in a proper system of regressive testing you will constantly get unintended consequences. In a system so complex those consequences are getting more numerous. I see from the latest server release a few problems were fixed and others were introduced, and some were reintroduced! I could spend alot of time submitting JIRA issues, but I have become somewhat discouraged, mostly because many of these issues have been “fixed” in the past and should now be part of a comprehensive test suite. You should not be adding enhancements or even fixing problems if you have no way of testing to ensure those changes can be tested for proper functionality in the future. PLEASE!!?!

  68. zacthespack fizzle says:

    sorry meant can’t i can not tp into any sim with the new update

  69. toybodacho Ireland says:

    Uh oh, issues with 1.22, today’s rolling restarts to be done again on Friday (wait and see). Same thing happened with the last “upgrade.” When is LL going to start testing thoroughly before applying changes to the grid?

  70. Jenrose Meredith says:

    Well, my AO seems jerkier, and basic movement is broken. I built my skytower in 1.21, and movement was fine. Walking around, fine. Running around, fine. When running, if I went up a ramp, I dropped into a “walk” animation (which was fine, it looked okay) and could go smoothly from the ramp to the next floor.

    Now, I walk, and half the time, but randomly, while my finger is held on the up arrow and I am walking across a smooth surface in a uniform space with no furniture, I keep stopping and the camera zooms in for no apparent reason. Walking is jerkier (the loop is more visible in walking and running animations) and when I try to run up stairs, instead of dropping into a walk animation, my avatar goes spastic. Sometimes I can walk up a ramp, and sometimes I go into a fall animation halfway up and have to start over or give up and fly. I feel like I’m now fighting movement, instead of moving fluidly, and I’ve invested a HUGE amount of lindens in moving fluidly.

    Not fun.

  71. Ron Crimson says:

    Prospero (@ 48): that sound awesome. Will be finally be able to teleport through *time*, too? 😀

    BTW…. haven’t encountered any issues on the new server version yet. How come I’m always the lucky one? o_O (I’m not complaining, mind you) 🙂

  72. broads Lindberg says:

    hope someone from Lindens ie reading these , since you did rolling start biuld takes so long ojects appear 5 mins later walking well i dont seem to glide along also on lag free island and getting frozen HELP!!!!!!!!!

  73. Leo Mission says:

    PLEASE sort out the sound throttling issue. My sim which has been happily chugging away with atmospheric sounds is now behaving very oddly. Every single sound scripted item is sending me error messages constantly (and I haven’t added any new sounds), it’s extremely annoying!


  74. broads Lindberg says:

    help got script errors with grey goo fence need help

  75. Zena Juran says:

    The 29th??? How about fixin it NOW!!!

  76. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Sounds like a polaron radiation leak from the subspace tachyon relays, captain.

  77. Zena Juran says:


  78. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Prospero@53: I know you can’t do it now, but if you’re experimenting with higher dimensional manifolds anyway… 🙂

  79. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    These changes have been in testing on the Preview Grid for the past week or so.

    The rolling restart will proceed in three stages.

    * Tuesday, 05/27, 7:30PM : we will do a pilot rolling restart to about 150 regions

    And yet you allow all of these major problems and bugs to go live. This is leaving the competancy of your technical staff in serious doubt. These continuous problems and major botches of updates will soon kill off SL entirely.

  80. Day Oh says:

    Will you learn to consult the content creators before adding things like sound throttling? I guess it turned out awful but if it hadn’t, its behavior was also totally undocumented. Yet again they had no input and no clue.

  81. Marianne McCann says:

    I have a business partner who is currently flying all over hell and gone turning off birds, wind chimes, and other objects on the island, many of which are for-sale goods. I can imagine some other locations that are also going crazy right about now, dealing with sound throttling.

    Sounds like that would have been a *really* good feature to beta test.

  82. Cincia Singh says:

    Has anyone considered that they’re fixing it as quickly as they can? Of course we could all go play on “Sims Online,” it’s nice and stable. Oh wait no we can’t … it was stable BUT boring as watching mud dry and was cut off. And which content creators should they consult? More than those who went to the preview grid and checked their builds? There’s enough blame to go around because many people don’t check their content when given the opportunity on the preview grid.

  83. Cincia Singh says:

    /me hopes the fix goes well … waits it out.

  84. Nectere Niven says:

    Well this is pretty strange, I have an island full of atmospheric sounds myself and not a single script error, which I find curious. The only issue I am having is with my flight assist. Mind you I am not complaining about the lack of errors, just curious that it doesn’t appear to be across the board.

  85. Prospero Linden says:

    Hey — so, yeah, the sound throttling in fact was in place on the public preview grid for a week or more before we put it on Agni…. This points out part of the challenge of all of this. Second Life is such a rich and varied place that it’s hard to find in testing everything that might go wrong, even when those changes are available for testing to the public.

    That being said, we are working right now on fixing the bugs that were identified with 1.22, and will get a fix out as soon as possible. The fixed version *will* go to aditi (the preview grid) before we put it live on the main grid. Watch this space for more information.

  86. Day Oh says:

    * The new simulator was only rolled out to a fraction of the grid
    * The problem affected people who own an entire region of objects that trigger sounds; their regions weren’t available on the beta grid
    * There was no notice that the sound changes were present on the beta grid, and ServerReleaseNotes isn’t being put to use
    * Kudos for rolling back the change, but it’s depressing because this pattern of making changes without communication is ongoing, and it was evident that no documentation was intended

  87. Zlad Voom says:

    i see a really bad framerate in updatet sims, if you fly from a old version to new version the framerate drop from 45 to 25.

  88. GC Continental says:

    Gotta check the previews… if no one checks the previews and doesn’t tell LL anything, those who get all screwed up have only got themselves to blame. The main grid isn’t the only grid, and things do not get tested there unless specifically noted. Remember the months and months of posts on Havok 4 testing, anyone? Who went and looked? I did. I even tried out Mono.

    The main grid’s servers don’t get updated until the new version has been through the preview grid and aditi. The time to go and look is in any beta grid refresh… they’re listed here just for that purpose, so you can go rez your stuff and see if anything gets screwed up. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the last few posts here over the past month or so. It’s not their fault stuff doesn’t work if YOU don’t go check it out.

  89. Zlad Voom says:

    i don’t get paid to test software, they charge us. I expect a value for the money.

    If i buy a new car i expect it is working under all conditions, if not i will complain to the dealer! :))

  90. Marianne McCann says:

    @82: great idea, checking things on the preview grid. I wholeheartedly concur. Um.. can you make sure that the island sim I work with is fully mirrored on the preview grid? After all, one or two atmospheric sound items would have tested just fine on the preview grid — but seeing the results for how sound throttling works on a sim-wide basis is another story.

    Of course, a number of items would not have been too readily available in preview as it is with the then-outdated snapshot, but I digress.

    If anything, this is one of those frustrating hard-to-plan for eventualities in an evolving world. It’s the same sort of thing that could be pointed to with a number of other post H4 content issues.

    I’m glad it’s being addressed, and quickly — but please understand that not evey problem could have been prevents with “test it on the preview grid, you schmuck.”

  91. Marianne McCann says:

    @82: great idea, checking things on the preview grid. I wholeheartedly concur. Um.. can you make sure that the island sim I work with is fully mirrored on the preview grid? After all, one or two atmospheric sound items would have tested just fine on the preview grid — but seeing the results for how sound throttling works on a sim-wide basis is another story.

    Of course, a number of items would not have been too readily available in preview as it is with the then-outdated snapshot, but I digress.

    If anything, this is one of those frustrating hard-to-plan for eventualities in an evolving world. It’s the same sort of thing that could be pointed to with a number of other post H4 content issues.

    I’m glad it’s being addressed, and quickly — but please understand that not evey problem could have been prevented with “test it on the preview grid, you schmuck.”

  92. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    @88: Gotta check the previews… if no one checks the previews and doesn’t tell LL anything, those who get all screwed up have only got themselves to blame.

    That’s like saying that since you did not pull unpaid guard duty at your local bank and it got robbed your money is gone and you have only yourself to blame.

    We pay to access SL ™ and its services. Our payments pay for LL™ develop and maintain SL™. They are not doing a good job of what we are paying for. We are not paid software testers, we are not using a free beta as beta testers, we are paying customers and should be treated as such.

  93. I would like to bring to your attention these following issues that needs linden attention:



  94. Ron Crimson says:

    Now, now… everybody simmer down. See? LL’s already fixed the sound & flight-assist problems and will have the WHOLE main grid updated by Friday morning. Now who was it who said we’re in for another weekend of trouble? 😛

    Relax! And enjoy! Second Life is beautiful!

  95. jacquelinetrudeau says:

    Bug: While standing on my platform at 500m, my AV goes into the falling animation

  96. @85 Prospero: Then the test period should be longer. Why not 3-4 months instead of just one week? To make a mistake is human, but to make the same mistake over and over and over again is plain foolishness.

  97. Bau Ur says:

    Does the push fix mean that orbiter weapons will work again?

  98. Chorazin Allen says:

    @44 Likewise… had 5 crashes of the RC viewer in about 5 hours, mostly in updated regions. Previously this RC has been 1 crash a day or less. I’ll see if tomorrow’s re-roll improves anything and raise tickets if not

  99. Michael Timeless says:

    In addition to the previous mentioned errors. I am experiencing the script errors on purchased commercial sound packages, but am UNABLE to read the script errors.
    This is becoming tiresome. I have been working with systems for 34 years and have never seen a system where we have to PAY to beta test software.
    Am about 1 more weekend away from putting up with these problems before selling out. Since Jan SL has been more problem than the cost of what I’m paying.

    As for the Linden apologists who are going to jump in and tell me how everything is perfect, save your typing send me a check and you can buy me out. I seriously believe the new LL finance model is just get newbies in, get them to spend 10-15k Lindens to fix up an avi and then let them walk away. There is no point to a business model in an unstable environment.

  100. Your Conscience says:

    I have to say, this isn’t entirely LL’s fault, and any of you that remember my posts will know that I’m not one to just jump in the lap of LL and cowtow. May I draw your indulgence to the following statement:

    “These changes have been in testing on the Preview Grid for the past week or so.”

    The changes were on the preview grid for at least a week if not more. Now then, those changes were available to the public (that is YOU, the content creators!) for review to test your products and created content to see what did or did not work so you could report it! The very reason the preview grid EXISTS.

    So, let’s not go slamming LL because they rolled this out and CONTENT CREATORS failed to test their products on the preview grid to see if anything went wrong, instead of SITTING AROUND waiting to blame LL for sending out a “borked patch” that the CONTENT CREATORS did not take the time to investigate. IF you want bugs in the server code to be fixed before they reach the grid, don’t trust LL. Even LL doesn’t have as much faith in themselves as you all seem to have that every patch will be stellar. They put the code on the preview grid so that you can find their bugs, because you all will create far more varied content than they ever could for testing. Even LL cannot do the work of the entire resident population as far as content creation goes, and you can’t expect them to.

    So bottom line: GET ON THE PREVIEW GRID, TEST YOUR PRODUCTS. Don’t tell me you did. If you did, then this wouldn’t be such a “surprise” for you. The reason these “major bugs” made the release version is due to the fact that the scripts that were broken WERE NOT OBSERVED. The Lindens need to be told when things are going wrong, so do THEM a favor and tell them what’s broken BEFORE it reaches the main grid, as you so vehemently are proclaiming.

    Thank you.

  101. Your Conscience says:


    To those saying that they can’t test because their island isn’t on the preview grid:

    IT DOES NOT take an entire island to test a script! You can take your objects and rez them on the preview grid to test. If your specific island is not mirrored on the beta preview grid, you can go test it out on a region that DOES exist there just as easily! It’s not like the server version is going to be different from your beta-preview region! Sorry, that just is not a valid excuse. If you have a lot of scripts, then just test the ones you are most concerned about. If it’s a lot of work: don’t blame LL if they don’t find the problem. It’s a group effort. You may be paying them, but they are NOT all-knowing, as I’m certain most of you would agree due to what we see. So try and improve their work by testing your own.

  102. Ann says:

    I suggested this before… Pleaaaaase try it!

    When you do the pilot rolling restart to the 150 region, WAIT A WEEK before doing the rest of the grid. The preview grid test is not enough OBVIOUSLY!

    You need live testing, actual interaction with the updates to flush out the problems. What is the big hurry? It’s better to delay the updates for a few days than deal with this nightmare of rolling and re-rolling and at the same time you minimize the number of people you annoy!

  103. Your Conscience says:


    For the last excuse of outdated snapshots. If it’s scripts you’re worried about, there’s this great option that’s included with every major operating system that I’m aware of. It’s called “Copy & Paste”.

  104. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Greetings Linden Lab.

    RE: 1.22 Sim Deploy

    Many of our OpenSpace Regions are no longer reporting 3750 Prims. Some are reporting as low as 2400 supported Prims. I wonder if you are aware of this.


  105. Your Conscience says:


    Because that entire time, people will be demanding and complaining about how their pet bugs aren’t fixed yet, and will be shouting at how LL is being lazy and not doing anything to help their customer base. They will be blamed for ignoring them and just giving their residents a bucket of bugs and doing nothing to fix them for months on end. Because everybody will be ignoring the beta test grid, which they CAN access for free.

    You do not have to pay for SL. You do not have to pay for access to the Beta grid. You CHOOSE to pay for some nicer features and abilities, but you DO NOT pay to access SL. They are giving you a virtually free service, and they need help maintaining it.

    (Part of this was in reply to 92)

  106. @102 Ann: LL does not respond to rational, sensible, logical suggestions.

  107. @105: In other words, because nothing would change?

  108. Your Conscience says:


    You’re right. People do a lot of complaining and demanding as it is.

  109. cage conacher says:

    in preparation to develope a mountain wilderness island, my partner and i purchased numerous animated wildlife animals with sound.

    my partner and i purchased a sim from linden on May 4th, 2008.

    since may 4th, 2008 my partner and i have been developing the sim into a mountain wilderness sporting all the wildlife animals, birds, and fish that we bnought.

    now, script errors are above almost every single animal, bird, and fish. and the vast, vast majoprity of them no longer have any sound effects (like elk, mountain lions, owls, eagles, etc. on and on).

    and in effect, our wilderness is destroyed.

    my question is this: is this problem going to be fixed or is this going to be a permanent disaster for olur sim?

  110. Argent Stonecutter says:

    To all the people saying this is the fault of scripters not testing on preview:

    (1) There was no announcement that sound was going to be throttled.
    (2) To catch this one you would have to rez many many audio scripts, people don’t normally go on the testing grid and go “OK, now I need to rez 30 copies of my script at once, so see if that makes it fail”.

    To cage@109: the throttling will be backed out in the 1.22.1 deploy, starting tomorrow morning.

  111. cage conacher says:

    ah thanx, argent.

    that’s a relief.

  112. Darling Brody says:

    Just about anything that triggers a sound during a collision event will spit out errors now, no matter what settings the original creator put into them, if another object is scripted to continuesly collide with it.

    It is especialy bad with shields being shot at by a machine gun.

    Every nuke I have seen is spitting errors too, because they trigger a lot of sounds to make a nice rumble sound as the explosion expands.

    Important: there is no need for a script icon to appear over every single object trying to make a sound in the region! It is enough for a single message to be sent to the owner in the same way as no-object-entry messages are handled. At least that way we dont have to live in a world full of little script error icons!

    There is no way for a creator to be sure how many sounds are being played at once in a region when they write their scripts. So there is no way to avoid ugly error icons appearing over content in noisy regions.

    It is about time we get some more region statistic information on all these loverly throttles. eg:-

    integer llInstantMessagesLeft() would help with lost instant messages from vending machines in regions full of vending machines.

    intger HTTPRequestsLeft() would tell how how many more HTTPRequests you can send in that minute before they are blocked. Again, usefull for regions full of vending machines.

    integer llSoundsLeft() could be tested before triggering a sound to avoid errors like what we have today.

    Get the idea? Anything your going to throttle based on objects owned by someone in a region needs to let the script know beforehand if it will work or not.

    SecondLife has been steadily adding throttles to functions for years without giving scripts a way to TEST the throtle limit in the region.

    The most notable example is vending machines that use HTTPRequest are unable to know in advace if the request is going to fail due to a throttle. Often this means someone with a lot of vending machines will get errors on them because each single machine was designed to stay below the throttle, but it cant know what other machines are doing.


  113. Wallace McAllister says:


    Make sure this report goes up onto Jira. Be advised folks mentioning problems here will only go so far, the people that fix the issues use the Jira and support module to track the issues and resolutions. If it’s a major issue like some of the ones here can be set to a high priority level. The other advantage with Jira is that your ticket can be linked with other tickets as well as other users notes providing more information and followup to a problem.

  114. Prospero Linden says:

    Version 1.22.1 is now running on some regions on Aditi. Please see the Aditi blog post for information about logging into the Preview grid. You can check things out there to make sure they are working.

    This is the patched version of 1.22 that we will start rolling out tomorrow morning. It has fixes for the sound problems, and for the flight assist problems.

  115. la le lu says:

    i asked before and still have no clue.
    what is behind this?:

    DEV_14452: Grey goo fence enhanced

  116. Darling Brody says:

    @ Prospero Linden

    Nukes, Guns, and Shields seem to be working without errors at this location on the beta grid now.

    You are at 255250.2, 256351.5, 37.5 in Morris located at sim15.aditi.lindenlab.com (
    Second Life Beta Server

  117. John Altman says:

    Can someone please tell me some hints for my schrink in how to work with me. For over 1.5 years I am filled with amazing unbelieve about almost every change Linden makes. As everybody screams or beggs for bugg fixing, Linden seems to manage to go straight on with its mission to implement new things with more bugs then the number of bugs that get solved, and be proud about it so it seems.
    This server update is another disaster and I am not talking about the sounds. The worst thing is that besides the already present descending at hover, now I cannot stop vertical movement anymore. It’s either going up, or going down, but hovering is all over. That is a real pain. And of course, the low-prim sims performance gets worse with every new update too. I rather have that you tell us that you want those sims back to just water then force us into a slowly but surely performance drop all the time. I wish you Lindens a change of company culture in which the custemor maybe gets a little more taken serious. Oh and it would be really nice if tickets get into any action, a little sooner then the current three weeks waiting time. Must be because our tickets are never beginners problems or requests.
    Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated. It is because I am a lot.

  118. @104: I second that! One of my open space regions is at 3749 prims supported another at only 1525!

  119. Forget 118, my own mistake.

  120. Phantom Ninetails says:

    #115, about the grey goo fence.. I encountered this error I haven’t seen before during my usual adventures in the sandboxes, and believe it might new:

    “Objects that are overlapping too many other primitives cannot be set dynamic.”

  121. Zena Juran says:

    I didn’t see my island on the Preview Grid Prospero.. which regions have the new update so I can check my products before you release this to the main grid?

  122. Argent Stonecutter says:

    John@117: latest Flight Feather should lock you in place.

  123. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Hmmmm, I was hoping this sound throttling would silence that ungodly annoyingly loud mini-UFO freebie that people love using and leaving behind, and can be heard from anywhere in the sim, deafeningly loud once you get near it.. But nope, no difference in that.

  124. Darling Brody says:

    llPushObject in attachments that are pushing the person wearing the attachment is not working either. That may be the problem with some of the flight assists.


    No time off for the lindens this weekend!


  125. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I use llApplyImpulse and llMoveToTarget when you stop moving to get rid of the sinking feeling.

  126. Ann says:

    Did the rolling restart begin or what? Updates, please!

  127. toybodacho Ireland says:

    What’s the status of today’s rolling restart? Is it under way already? Or when does it start?

  128. John Altman says:

    If you are hovering and your avatar responds only after a full second keeping your keyboard button pressed for any direction, then you are on the new server 😦
    I guess Linden wants us to walk only. whats nexts?

  129. Mook says:

    Uh Oh!! New server is bringing big spikes in up and down rates like before when you first rolled out 120 over 119, please dont tell me youve re-introduced the connection instability again.

  130. angeldeakins says:

    Yay. Now to fix the viewer issues so I dont have to log in once, wait a minute for it to tell me unable to log in then try again and get in. Gets annoying having to log in twice every time I start up SL new or from a crash. 😛

  131. kunoichi says:

    “Update 2008-05-29 09:01: The first-half rolling restart is 69% complete.”

    My clock now says 11:48 (PST) … well ? Perfect customer service here again.

    Oh and also teleports are failing big time – perhaps time for some explanation here ?

  132. Update on the rolling restart, please.

  133. Ann says:

    Also, are you doing the 150 Pilot regions today with the first half?


  134. Mook says:

    Yeah im seeing it more now, some serious packet loss has been introduced between yesterdays update and todays fix update. I thought this was supposed to be just a fix to the already stable server.

    1 day and the connection is all over the place again. I hope you dont press on with the update tomorrow until this is traced and fixed prospero.

  135. Rex Cronon says:

    I am using the RC viewer and I have crashed numerous times today. I wonder if those that use different viewers also have experienced lots of crashes.
    Is also hard to tp. When I try to do it I am logged out.
    I think I heard somebody say that the server is sending some packets that contain some unusual characters. Could that be what crashes viewers?
    If that is true, could the viewer check the incoming packets to see if they contain erroneous data?

  136. Ann says:


    There are about 150 regions still have this:

    Second Life Server

    When are those going to be done?!!!!!!

  137. Prospero Linden says:

    Anything that wasn’t upgraded to 1.22.1 this morning will be upgraded to 1.22.1 Friday morning, wahtever they’re running right now.

    It was my goof not to include the pilot hosts with the hosts I did this morning: I apologize for that.

  138. Ann says:

    Thank you for the reply…:)… Waiting is the worst part of this… Thanks again!

  139. Solace says:

    Has any one else noticed that the descend while hovering bug seems to be fixed but the cost is you now have to hold the descend button for a few moments before you start to go down. Nice attempt at a fix but it really affects the fluidity of flying. can’t tap to move down a little bit at a time. always over shooting my descent because i hold a little too long… this is not cool.

  140. Prospero Linden says:

    Yeah, the sometimes-delay-when-flying-from-hover bug has been noticed.

  141. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    So is the central system update finnished?

  142. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    @94…glad your flight is fixed….the sound is fine for us but the flying is terrible. Crashed more since this restart then I have in the last 3 weeks.

  143. Alora Perse says:

    Great list of fixes, happy to see it, but is anyone working on the inventory issue? Or the HUD contents poofing issue? Or the undelivered items issue? My rain cloud doesnt play thunder sounds anymore..I can deal..but what I would really like to see fixed is the asset server.

  144. Yukinoroh Kamachi says:

    Buoyancy and hovering are still both borked… Avatars behave like cars on the ground even if they are in the air (SVC-2013, SVC-2208, SVC-2013).

  145. Yukinoroh Kamachi says:

    @139 : It’s not fixed, pressing any keys while hovering will trigger the bug, most of the time. And holding any key (like turn left or right) still trigger it all the time too. The only difference so far I’ve seen is that when you start to hover, you won’t go down. You need input from the keyboard to go down. AND the normal flight is also jiggy now.

  146. Argent Stonecutter says:

    @139: AUGH. Why didn’t they just copy the code from Flight Feather? 🙂

    Seriously, I’ve pretty much scotched the sinking bug, but pressing down still works immediately. I wonder if I’ll have to add a fix for the delay bug?

  147. Zena Juran says:

    When are we going to reap the benefits from all these updates? Every uopdate/upgrade since the early April fiasco, I’ve had to go down a notch on my graphics. I’m to the point of changing screen resolution now with this latest update. When do we see an improvement?

  148. Eva says:

    I cant login!

  149. pepita says:

    great… restart finish and nobody can log in…lol

    great job LL u guys did it again.

  150. Barbara Fuller says:

    WHY? can,t i login

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