My First Week

Greetings friends of Linden Lab! M(ark) here. I am starting my second week on the job as CEO of this fantastic enterprise and I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you, as I experienced them from the moment I accepted the job, right through my first week.

My avatar was created by Linden Lab well before I was on the payroll. I began my Second Life experience like any other noob. I fell into the world in a white t-shirt and jeans with generic brown hair. Before I could take over my avatar and dress him properly, I/he was found sleeping on a job that I hadn’t officially begun. Here is the amusing but incriminating photo. I blogged about it in my farewell note to my old company. It put me on notice that Residents are highly engaged and very observant

Fast-forward to announcement day: Philip announced my arrival to the great people of Linden Lab inworld. I logged in to listen and was instantly surrounded by Residents offering best wishes, welcome cards, gifts, friendship and thoughtful advice on how to make the Second Life experience better. It was a heartwarming (and, frankly, overwhelming) introduction to this amazing world. Thanks to all that stopped by to say welcome.

Fast-forward to Day 1 on the job: I started in the Battery Street office in San Francisco on 5/15. Many of Linden Lab’s staff work from this office. The other Lindens work in offices stretching from Seattle, Washington to Brighton, England and a good number work from home. I learned people who work remotely are called Moonlabbers. This highly flexible distributed model works because Linden Lab is completely open and transparent. Everything you’d want to know about anyone or anything is a few clicks away. My first day was spent meeting Lindens. Everywhere I went a concurrency monitor (a big screen with a chart tracking the number of concurrent users over time) was in view. Any blip in the line would indicate a problem and it was comforting to know that everyone at Linden is attuned to platform stability. Platform stability is a key strategic priority for the company as it has been a severe pain-point for residents (especially recently). We understand Residents’ pain when they can’t log in or manage their businesses, connect with friends, travel around inworld or communicate. An equally important strategic priority for the company is the new Resident’s first hour with us (from registration through in-world orientation).

On Day 2, Philip (Philip Rosedale, the Founder and Chairman) and I had a brown bag lunch with the staff inworld. I was mesmerized as more than a hundred colorful avatars came walking, hopping, rolling, floating and flying in. You can see what I saw in the photo at the top of this post. I sent the photo (see above) around to friends who agreed my avatar was the most vanilla. You can guess which one I am. Listen, it’s hard to shine when you’re sitting next to a giant bunny with a pitch-fork. One of the most unusual avatars was a jello mold with fruit. I commented that I’d like to be a tray of donuts for the next staff meeting. Jello Mold mentioned it to the industrious Resident who had created the jello mold avatar for her and less than 24 hours later I was transformed into a walking tray of treats.

Philip and I had a Q&A with Lindens asking (via voice or text chat) all the questions you’d expect them to ask about their new CEO. Torley (whom I have since nicknamed Prolific Linden – check out his great tutorials to see why) captured the session on video, cleaned up the sound and posted it for other Lindens to enjoy. It was a remarkable first meeting with the team and I can tell you I have never attended another staff meeting like this anywhere. It was visually arresting and very engaging. Second Life’s communication tools (text chat and voice) worked brilliantly for a meeting like this – far superior to a video conference or web-enabled teleconference. If we had wanted visual aids, we could have screened a Power Point show, a web page or a video inworld. Philip even did an audience poll. I imagine this is why businesses and educational institutions are buying a lot of land. Inworld collaboration is going to be a killer application.

The next five days were spent in immersion meetings to learn more about our diverse customer groups (Residents) and how we serve and support them, the robust economy inside Second Life, our product (Second Life and the Second Life Grid), our developer partners, how we communicate to the market, how people manage time and projects inside the Lab, how we hire and motivate talent and how we make money doing all this.

As I start my second week, I can happily say I have a sense of what makes Linden Lab and indeed Second Life such a magical place. It’s people with passion for the virtual world. And, it all starts with the Resident community. Thank you for a wondrous first week!

— M Linden

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150 Responses to My First Week

  1. Obvious Schism says:

    Welcome to the grid…

  2. Zen Zeddmore says:

    May your days here be ever fruitfull… er doughnutfull (if you prefer) 🙂

  3. Elvis Orbit says:

    Welcome Look forward to hearing from you more 😀

  4. Welcome, M!
    Very interesting blog post not only introducing yourself, but giving us an even greater look inside all that is Linden Labs. The idle snapshot is priceless.
    -Ipenda Keynes

  5. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    the twins love yours, and nicole linden dont forget that

  6. JJ Niven says:

    Welcome to your new life!

  7. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    welcome Mark….I hope you enjoy your time here and look forward to seeing what effect you have on our little 2nd Lives.

    Please do something about the asset servers 🙂

  8. Electronics Aeon says:

    hi M, i understand We (the Resident Community) are the end users and customers of the platform and thus your obligations are first and foremost to the Company, but just a few questions if you please: a) will you hold inworld office hours; b) could premium accounts/memberships be reviewed (e.g. increase the free-to-hold from 512 to 1024 sqm); c) can estate and mainland tier pricing be reviewed due to the ever growing population; d) will grid stability and functionality improve before Q3 2008; e) can we please revert to streamlined linden to resident communication and just have the one website to check and f) are you able to shed any light towards new developments and bonus’ or discounts for Residents? thanks

  9. Welcome to the latest frontier people have found. Pet Request: Can we get someone to finish the roads? 🙂

  10. Welcome to SL Mark!

    I hope you enjoy your stay and improve the SL experiance!

    Don’t let us all down! *jk*

    Once again, welcome to your new life, I hope you enjoy it and are here to stay!

  11. hugsalot says:

    oh no.. another noob!

  12. Spontaneous Radio says:

    Welcome M Linden, One thing you should try, as you touched on great ways to communicate in SL, try having a convo in a group IM and see how great that is. Well its not, check it out and maybe you can get that looked at in week 4 of your journey as CEO. Other then that, I wish you well, enjoy.

    PS I can also pick out Torley Linden in the pick, and actually notice Torley before anyone else. All the Linden keep up the good work.

  13. Shannara Snowdrop says:

    Welcome to SL…hope you have as much fun here as the rest of us 🙂

    p.s. when it gets rough hope you have armour and shields on…I wish you luck

  14. torridluna says:

    Hi M, and very welcome to Second Life!^^
    As I usually say, we all were Newbies once. 🙂 And although I had to laugh about that first CEO-spottings, it gives me the hope that you will actually be a part of and not “just” the boss of this fine world.

    Ah, yes. Please, tell your techies to build up a fault resistant, redundant asset server, hopefully compliant to the AWG plannings. And establish a german branch office, we need it.

    Torrid Luna

  15. Tmayla Rotaru says:

    Welcome to your Second Life. Thanks for joining us.

  16. I look forward to the progress Linden Lab has ahead of them. Welcome on board M. Here’s to a more stable platform we call Second Life…

  17. Nyoko Salome says:

    🙂 hey wow, finally a chance to say ‘hi’!! 🙂 hehe grab onto the railing and hold on… 🙂 welcome aboard!! 🙂

  18. Porsupah Ree says:

    Welcome! You’ve found what could be your most important professional role. Not just the SL we know today, but the work that’s being carried out within the company, and by IBM staff, and other interested parties in the AWG, towards the interoperability of other SL-based grids (whether LL’s own server code, or OpenSim) and indeed, to whatever extents are practical between other virtual worlds.

    There’s a lot being designed now, the foundations for future iterations of SL, and probably other worlds too, just as the creation of the hypertext transfer protocol and its markup language laid the basis for some other projects. And at least as much fun to be had in the process. ^_^

    Great to see you’ve met another of our lapine kin, too. =:)

  19. Wyald Woolley says:

    Great intro! I hope you are able to bring SecondLife® into the kind of place it has been claimed to be. Adult supervision at LL® is sorely needed.

  20. UM ™® says:

    Welcome to Second Life 🙂

    U sagi M usashi

  21. 2k Suisei says:

    hai mark!

    Have you managed to find the ship’s compass yet?

    I think Phil might’ve dropped it overboard.

  22. Mills Gazov says:

    Welcome to the grid M.

    Here in Second Life there are some pretty amazeing things here if you know where to look or are luckey and stumble apon them in your travels. The problem is with grid outages makeing it hard to find theese gems within the grid.

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  24. Macphisto Angelus says:

    Hello and welcome to SL again M.

    We have a lot of hope that your fresh insites will improve our inworld experience and our real world support from The Lab.

    I hope for you to find this position as rewarding and enjoyable as it will be challenging.

    There are a lot of us on this ride with you. Glad to see you are already listening to our voices. Thanks and good luck.

  25. Christos Atlantis says:

    Welcome Mark… that was a great post, thank you so much for sharing, I hope your job in SL brings you great rewards, happiness and knowledge and in return you help the virtual world community come closer to a widely used online invironment, for all to enjoy.

  26. Hi M, welcome to SL 😀 One of these days I hope to get a ‘follow-up’ pic with you in your spiffied up av — if not that, then your tray of donuts lol.

  27. Midnite Rambler says:

    Welcome aboard M(ark). Looking forward to seeing what great things you have in store for this wonderful world.

    PS. Would love one of those remote home-based liaison jobs 🙂

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  29. Ann Otoole says:

    So you are alive after all. BTW this AWG? who are they and why are they making decisions about our intellectual property rights without our permission? There are serious ethics questions that need to be addressed. When would you care to confront the content creation and land business community about all these issues? What exactly is LL’s plans for SL and LL for the next 5 years?

    Thanks in advance for your highly detailed, professional, business response that is not laced with “everything on the internet wants to be free” *nix geekydom.

  30. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    Welcome aboard Mark, nice to have you here. I was not aware that you were in world, so sadly missed meeting you. Maybe one day our paths will cross and at that time I will regal you with my tales of how second life has made many great and wonderful changes to my first life.

    until then, I bid you a fond farewell and will be watching for you in world.

  31. Marianne McCann says:

    Welcome, M. Best of luck, and I can’t wait to photograph ya. Hopefully not sleepin. 🙂

  32. Zi Ree says:

    Welcome, M! You will see, the residents can surprise you even years after you joined! I hope you will settle in quickly and enjoy your work at the Lab!

  33. Aloha and the best of luck to you!

  34. la le lu says:

    actually i don’t know what to write because nothing is stated.

    just a view things, maybe:

    * get rid of US autistic attitudes,

    * change the in-world (SLT) time and blog announcements times to standard GMT and time format in 24 hour notation.

    * open a more comfortable and responsive feedback channel for current issues.

    * and, finally, let us know your plans and discuss them with us before you dictate them.

    well, and some greetings to, mr. freshman m linden


  35. Daten Thielt says:

    @Ann Otoole: Ive seen alot of this AWG stuff and i swear its like the consiparacy about the US Goverment being run by the Illuminati so many plans that sound like there gona ruin the SL Econemy but anywho

    Welcome Mark. Phill did a good job but lets hope you outshine him and live up to residents expectations. you got big err taking on such a big job but from your record i can see great things. dont let us down be the man who fixes secondlife and keeps residents happy 🙂

  36. Angy B says:

    Meeeew on Grid Big M

  37. Cheque Falta says:

    Welcome aboard M(ark). It will very nice to have inside the grid with us. Enjoy your work.

  38. la le lu says:

    to those who a curious about AWG, the Architecture Working Group:

    AWG’s mission is to develop the protocols that will open up the Second Life Grid from something operated solely by Linden Lab to where others can run parts of the grid.

    * Linden Lab’s overview of Architecture Working Group
    * Learn more about scope, timeframe, getting started, process and best practices in About AWG.

    find more about it here:

  39. Brenda Maculate says:

    Welcome to SL, M! Remember: Mentors are here to help! 😀

  40. bigmoe whitfield says:

    Welcome From Starfleet command Secondlife quadrant

  41. Desmond Shang says:

    Welcome aboard!

    By all means we need our stability, our logical strategics, all that good stuff.

    Yet somewhere in there, the soul and spark of the grid is lit by a whimsical dream that knows no boundaries.

    May you hold onto that throughout the difficult days to come.

    And count on Caledon if you need a band of adventurous eccentrics willing to take a few risks – even big ones – for the sake of anything truly important. For that is who we are.

    Desmond Shang
    Independent State of Caledon

  42. Thank you M, it was great to hear how the world is like from your point of view and to get a glimpse of things behind the scenes at LL!

  43. Welcome, M! You have my best wishes for an enjoyable and productive experience with Second Life. And ‘experience’ is the keyword. As a consumer I find that the most successful companies … i.e., the ones that get my money and a lot from others, too … are ones that focus on the user experience. Think Google, Disney, Apple, and Regal Cinemas, among others. To best experience this I highly suggest you create an Alt (alternative avatar) so you can explore and see Second Life™ as other citizens see it.

    @34 Yes, I like the idea of using GMT instead of US Pacific time. I wince, however, at your pejorative use of the term ‘autistic.’ Please take some time to learn more about autism and how Second Life™ benefits them and others with different abilities.

  44. Amalia Broome says:

    Welcome to the world of imagination! Around every corner is something that will take your breath away. SL is the most amazing Utopian society ever..welcome home!

  45. Nadine Neddings says:

    Hello, M, and welcome to SL!

    I enjoyed your candid “journal” and appreciate your sense of humor.

    It’s outstanding and reassuring to see the CEO in-world and actively blogging. I am certain I’m not alone in my hope that this will not be a rare occurrence but rather a regular feature, maybe even weekly. Believe me, even if many of us complain, knowing you’re on the job and listening cultivates satisfaction and confidence among residents.

    May your tenure with LL prove a productive and enjoyable experience for you!


  46. Jerr says:

    May the force be with you . . .

  47. Welcome to the show, I hope you enjoy the ride!


  48. Jessicka Graves says:

    @ M, welcome to your world, your imagination, we only inhabit it’s near-entirety.

    @ La le lu, so you’re asking them to be foreign autistic? :/

  49. Cairo Dabu says:

    “Prepare to be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctives to our own. You will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

  50. Welcome, M Linden. Thanks for the glimpse into your first week — sounds like you’re hitting the ground running, and that’s definitely what our world needs right now. I encourage you to spend as much time in-world as you can, as the Residents will definitely point you towards what *our* priorities are. Hopefully they line up. 🙂

  51. Welcome Mark. Glad to hear from you. Hope to see you inworld soon!

  52. Contra Demonia says:

    Welcome to SL! Phillip Linden did his best, and let’s hope that your best is even better.

    I’m so happy to hear that your getting to personalize your Avatar. You’ll find that this new world you rule is full of people that are kind and helpful.

    You are correct that Grid Stability is probably concern number one. For a long time it has felt like such a core issue has been neglected in favor of shiney new toys which don’t really matter in the scheme of things.

    You might also want to consider sending several of your blog-posting Lindens to a class on communication skills. Pastrami Linden in particular needs to realize that not everyone wanted Windlight and that SL was actually more stable before that particular shiney. It’s not our fault that his baby causes a lot of users client software or computers to crash. Plus, a really great way to lose customers is to blame them for a company’s problem. Sadly, that is exactly what he did not to long ago with his post on the Avatar Rendering Cost monitor.

    I hope you have even more face to face meetings with actual SL residents in the future. I think you’ll be surprised at just how many good ideas there are out here.

    My advice, just what your teachers in business school hopefully told you. Focus on your core product and make sure that both sells and works. If you keep your core product working great and steadily improving then your customer base with grow. If you neglect the core product and try to impress people with shiney beads and trinkets, then you’ll lose customers.

    Lately it has seemed like Linden Labs was in the Shiney Beads business and had forgotten that they were actually selling us a virtual world. Hence the silly suggestions from people like Pastrami and others, that to keep from crashing we needed to wear only basic outfits, little to no prim attachments, few if any scripted objects, and to keep our builds absurdly simple. Essentially that means that for the vast majority of the users they have to give up the reason that they came to SL in the first place just so that Pastrami & his team can call Windlight a success. Windlight is just one example of how LL has taken its eyes off the core product.

    Why bother to log in to see the pretty sky & the wave reflections if it means not being able to create and engage in our preferred daily SL lives?

    You’ve got a tough act to follow in that Phillip Linden really started something amazing here. But you also have a tough job ahead of you, because things have been sliding treacherously downhill for the past year.

  53. Troy McLuhan says:

    You have your own page on Wikipedia now 😉

  54. Mrc Homewood says:

    ya wellcome to the grid if you ever show up in lestern sim beware of me

    /me pulls up with glitchy cop car

  55. Welcome M! Delightful post, and I hope to read more from you. I appreciate your humor and also the glimpses into the staff.

    @52 expresses many of my thoughts, and of course I fully support @41 and second his offer. Go Caledon!

  56. Sans says:

    Welcome to SL™, Mark. Can we get a pic of the donut avi?

  57. Knowl Paine says:

    Greetings M,

    Thank you for deciding to join the team at SL. Most residents are all ready on-board, just point us in the right direction.

  58. Teeny Leviathan says:

    I for one, welcomes our new Corporate Overlord. Seeing that I’m an Ancient who has been in SL way too long, I now offer a bit of advice to the new CEO

    1. Attaching a cabin to your head was old years ago.
    2. If you meet a Clone Trooper in world, he is most likely broke.
    3. If one really has to walk around naked, get a set of genitals that match the skin tone of the rest of the avatar.
    4. Lose the flip flops. They just scream “NOOB!”
    5. Free leather pants from strangers never ends well.
    6. Radio Linden is about as timely as Mad Magazine (that’s a hint).
    7. Wearing a Darth Vader av is not badass, because Vader is a Momma’s Boy.
    8. The purple noob shirt is a girl’s shirt.
    9. If you find a skybox with two green dots inside 800 meters up, leave it alone.
    10. Its all your fault. It will always be your fault. Even if the source of the problem is external to SL, its your fault.

  59. MartinMagpieIsnotallowedtoposthere says:

    Hello. I will hold off my enthusiasm until I read what changes you will be making in the weeks and months to come. Sorry but I don’t jump up and down for my utility company CEO either.


  60. Calin McKinney says:

    Hi Mark!


    1. Make grid stability your top priority
    2. Promote Torely Linden…he really cares about us
    3. Reduce tier pricing
    4. Don’t flood the land market
    5. Get rid of ad farms
    6. Punish griefers severly
    7. Outlaw land bots
    8. Start an in world court of our peers to address issues and assign/recommend punishments
    9. Allow residents to auction their own land on your land auction system
    10. Take care of us….we need you to look out for the residents who have helped make this place so wonderful!!

    Best wishes!!

  61. Mishka Butuzova says:

    Yeah, M. Bring your A game.

    The suggestion that you create an alt was excellent. Get yourself into a few groups and experience the joy of having your requests for (or offers of) help show up 45 minutes after you send them into the dark hole that is group chat.

    Go try to build something in a public sandbox and experience Nightmare Dench’s griefing as an average citizen without any hope of getting a timely response from the LL support desk.

    Try running an in-world business when there are weekly random reminders from your company to stop all transactions while your techs fix some other part of your network and viewer. No fair running down the hall and whining.

    Sink some money into some land and actually pay the tier out of what you make from your business as you watch the land value plummet.

    But none of that will happen, will it?

    Sorry to be a cynic, but the best imaginable news for the core residents (the ones who have actually created this world despite your company’s platform) at this point would be if your real job is mergers and acquisitions and your bonus rides on how big a sales price you get. It is obvious that the Linden Labs “management system” is all about vision, not execution. Maybe if the next guys pay enough, they’ll pay attention to what really matters here; and it isn’t Windlight or Dazzle. And it sure as hell isn’t the “feature” of displaying Avatar Rendering Costs, LL’s cheap attempt to blame the most creative residents for the miserable performance of your network.

    Do hurry with that sale…. remember, Steve Case barely made it out in time when he offloaded AOL onto Time/Warner.

    Make no mistake. I am a huge fan of Second Life, and I have probably spent more time, emotion and money here than I really should have. I’ve spent weeks learning so I could pass along some useful knowledge to new people, and maybe create something of value. Most of all, I’ve met amazing people from all over the world. I think I’m a pretty good citizen, and most people I meet are, too.
    They persist in their commitment to this world despite LL’s best efforts to discourage them.

    But Linden Labs? The funniest blog post I’ve seen in years was “Bring your A game.”

  62. Johan says:

    Welcome aboard M, if you need any clocks to keep you on schedule, I’ll send you over some clocks 🙂

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  64. Hi and welcome. Well, what you need to do is use search for Freebies, and watch Torley’s tutorials lol. Seriously, better documentation and introductions for noobs who don’t have a bunch of Lindens backing them up would probably stop the new user haemorrhaging that has essentially left active user numbers static for a year according to your own Key Metrics.

    Asset server issues are probably the most important that people want fixed. In January Philip promised the focus would be on stability and not new shinies: so far we haven’t seen any of that, just more bug ridden shinies and worse performance.

    And yes, realising that two thirds of users are outside the US and having somewhat less US centric views and time frames might be good. The other thing is to note @43 Uccello. You can start by making all LL interface designers read Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, at least Part 1:

  65. Ann Otoole really wants to know who the AW Groupies are, I think, since the AWG is really businesses and organizations while the AW Groupies are the people who participate in the AWG. And for that, you should read what we say when we’re alone:

    Oh, and welcome, Mr. M. Hope you enjoy meeting the natives. We’re a bit… odd… but friendly.

  66. ralph doctorow says:

    A very warm welcome!

  67. Knowl Paine says:

    Nobody wishes to flood you with problems. Some issues mentioned are not the reasons we need you.

    We need to be able to buy product from stores we recognize.

    I need to be able to hire in world independent contractors and have a legal binding agreement.

    Product sellers and land dealers need an easier way to keep track of any positive income, which may be a required filing for a business tax, or personal income.

    Rights to the objects we create or some mutual agreement. Items would have to be truly unique in their creation.

    Clean up the main land. Start to rezone each region. Top of the list would be clean up the shoreline no more building in the water. We need residential regions and business districts and parks and recreation.

    I could go on forever but I wont.

    Good Luck M

  68. Your Conscience says:

    Congratulations M, and welcome! I look forward to seeing where you take us.

  69. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    hmmm..a lengthy, in part humorous introduction…followed by serious concerns of residents..and not one Linden reply (needn’t even be by “M”)?

    Things that make you go “pffft” in the night….

  70. Welcome to Second Life, M Linden. Things don’t suck nearly as bad as you might think from reading this blog and the forums. That’s not to say there are not definite pockets of persistent suckage to be addressed, but based on your announced priorities, it looks like you have a handle on that.

    I’d like to second the previous recommendation to spend some time in SL as often as you can as an alt. Also–spend some time wandering observing the various Orientation Islands (LL and non-LL) and see what works and what doesn’t.

    Also–feel free to stop by one of our NCI/New Citizens Incorporated Campuses and talk to people–both newbies and helpers–around there.

    Carl Metropolitan
    NCI/New Citizens Incorporated

  71. Lane Luke says:

    Welcome Mr M. I hope this is a beginning of wonderful new and better things for you and for us.

    But umm … “I was mesmerized as more than a hundred colorful avatars came walking, hopping, rolling, floating and flying in.” No crashes? No lag? Still managed to eat lunch and talk? WOW Wish I could have an event like that. LOL Just kidding. Well, sort of. 😉

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  74. Welcome to our worlds, Avatar!

  75. Aenea Nori says:

    Welcome to SL, M! 🙂

    I can only support what’s been suggested; you *can’t* understand SL without actually living in-world.

    Get yourself an alt. Go shopping. Buy some land. Go dancing. Go exploring. Make friends. Build.

    All of us who have become committed to this world have to go through this whole process. There’s a moment where you just *engage*… you’ll know it when it happens.

    Then you’ll truly understand the passion, dedication, engagement and intelligence of the residents who drive and make this world all that it is today, and that we hope will continue to be.

    Welcome, and we’re all wishing you the best. 🙂

  76. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Welcome and comiserations too M ….

    Look out for the bunch of ……… “Instantly surrounded by Residents offering best wishes, welcome cards, gifts, friendship and thoughtful advice on how to make the Second Life experience better” .. Timeo Danaoo et dona ferents” (Translated from Latin .. I Fear the Danaoo eve when he offers to the Gods” would have liked to say my great great great great granduncle the Roman … They just like you because of your position. (satanique Smile)

    A new broom in the closet ? Well let s hope that this broom will clean up most of the mess of the Augias Stable that LL is apparently.

    I Hope that your right hand will know what your left hand is doing too … as that s a feature that LL didn t know for a long long time.

    Some advice too … Don t talk stability, reliability of SL .. It does not exists. This died some while ago. And pls try to refrain “those shinies” been build … of no use for starters. Try to FOCUS on Stability and Reliability. (ie … Make them at LL test extencively the new soft … before it is unleached upon us the resident.)

    But still welcome aboard ….

  77. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ Fellatione Aabye:

    ” .. Timeo Danaoo et dona ferents” (Translated from Latin .. I Fear the Danaoo eve when he offers to the Gods”)

    actually is: Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” and means: “I fear the Danaeans even when they offer gifts” (Kassandra, Illyiad)

    But the thing we have to fear are Lindens who don’t understand what they have unleashed..and come to us with gifts like “Dazzle” and unneeded features, while there are serious issues abound that have not been addressed (but well documented) for months, while LL policies are inconsistent with their own TOS, while LL tries to market one thing but does the other thing…

    … and no one from the elevated Linden-ranks listens…

    … 77 posts, this blog-commentary getting filled, and still no substantial statement from “M”. As you were…

  78. Vee Richez says:

    Welcome to Second Life as the new CEO M(ark).
    I wish you an excellent experience at your new job and that your being there will prove to be a productive experience for all concerned.

    There really is no other platform out there now where people can
    engage so fully with one another online and in such a brilliant
    and creative way. Sharing creativity draws people together and so
    for that, despite all its issues of late, Second Life is still the place I want to be when I’m online. For me as an end user I am primarily concerned with two things:

    1)Stability of the product of course for a majority of users.
    2)Implementing policies that help rather than hinder peoples creative ideas, talents, and fires to burn bright.

    The creative side of SL is just as important for me as any business applications this product may be used for. For I feel that creativity is the “heart of SL”. I am willing to pay for that stability and that gift of living in a world of my creation. Users such as myself are some of your most loyal customers and we dont expect much, mainly the two things mentioned above.

    Just one end users point of view.

    Cheers………and again Welcome.

  79. Raymond Figtree says:

    Welcome, M. Please don’t let the day to day issues distract you from the one thing you MUST fix for SL to survive: its performance.

    As a marketer, you know nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. So before you spend a single penny to promote the product, make it more reliable.

  80. Tod69 Talamasca says:

    Welcome! And good luck!

  81. Magical McMahon says:

    Welcome M, and good luck.

    Ditto to #80: Performance has been going downhill month by month. Rez times are horrible. Shopping just isn’t much fun anymore when I have to wait 20 minutes to rez, even with graphics cranked down. This can’t be much good for business. And recently, that’s even been at non-peak times.

    I hope you keep your eyes on the jira, and on some of the relatively issue-to-fix issues which would mean a lot to us, e.g. (1) group limits: how about increasing the group limit for Premium members? creating “group lite” for just tags, notices and IM? (2) parcel rights: ability to eject encroaching prims, continuing the fight against ad farms and other mainland uglification (3) parcel privacy: ability to enforce camera constraints with a parcel, or to keep cameras out of parcel (preferably also with other viewers, but at the very least with the standard viewer) … etc. etc.

  82. Yo Brewster says:

    Can’t wait to see if you’ll be able to steer LL in the right direction. Good luck!

  83. River Ely says:

    Welcome Mark (M): Second Life ‘could’ be one of the most exciting challenges you ever had. I don’t have a crystal ball for a Tray of treats in flip flops taking over a Company so badly assembled it is only the strength of the product keeping the addicted on line 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for about 25 USD profit. I joined over a year ago, so I may be able to use my experience to predict the forward events. Before I do, let me offer three suggestions: 1. Stay out of SL, we don’t need you as a newb floating around making all the newb mistakes and learning all the newb experiences, you’re a CEO, people person, business professional, Intelligent, rational, articulate and educated. Use those skills, let us play while you work. 2. Set real goals for your business teams and adhere to them regardless. Make the promises and follow them up , ignore the howls of protest how we need this and need that and need the other to fix this , fix that, and fix the other. Reduce the number of needless money suckers from the business and invest in technically competent professionals. Create Goals and Stick to them, goals that will grow the business. 3. Listen to the users. You don’t have to walk amongst them, you don’t have to be feted and lauded and congratulated… You have some people that invest not just time, but a considerable sum into SL, people who had a dozen islands are struggling to stay in business these days because they have been shafted, robbed, keel hauled and bollixed up by the existing Linden structure of price hikes, self inflating currency, unbalanced rules, additional taxes, and now we have our investment cut by 40 percent and a free for all for the one thing we all need, land. If you want to see what it is really like, go home and join as a true newb with a new name and float out to the islands where some of us are dying daily because of the crud your predecessor handed out. Incognito might show you a side of SL that is anything but attractive.

    Please halt the massive growth of Land. It prints money for you, destabilizes the financial structure we all have to live by and gives you a false indicator of company strength. Please stop the guys from adding more widgets, gadgets like dazzle, voice and havoc. They plain do not work as they should and the opportunity cost has been staggering. So many fixes could have been implemented, but instead, they have been promised fixes that are now lost in the volume of changes. Nothing is fixed and more and more is Broke each day. At one time, it was a hiccup crossing sim boundaries, it’s now a nightmare. When you have a dozen islands and need to be able to move around, the need to constantly log in or crash on endless teleports is simply damned annoying if nothing else. The dazzle viewer may be fine if you have a reasonable new PC, unlimited graphic ability and live close to the servers, in reality most of font and cant so we get a cruddy experience. Example, at one time I had my draw length at max all the time so that I could work with my residents, now I am forced to have it set to 96 meters or I can’t even move due to the amount of time and effort the system needs to simply draw what was done in a heartbeat at one time, now takes significantly longer.
    For 18 months we have been slowly growing clusters of islands, my partner with 15, I with a dozen. Each growth supported by the income from the existing islands. It’s a lot of work for one person and we do it because we enjoy it. Many of us have been doing this, giving your customers the experience that keeps them current and spending their money here. We may have been earning, say a couple hundred bucks a month, but through our efforts we have been supporting and generating your economy. Now, as so much land is being introduced, and the cost of new islands has been cut, and the Open Space sims(low prims sims or Voids) virtually free for anyone instead of needing to buy them four at a time, means that we now have fewer residents, our islands are shrinking. We already work 16 plus hours a day to try and fill them so we can survive. We are not on your payroll, but we have contributed to your economy in a very healthy way for the last 18 months. Now we are dying.

    Further, the way VAT was introduced created a designed non-level playing field. Yes, it meant that USA people paid no tax or a few percent tax, while Europeans started to pay 17.5% VAT in England and 25% in some other countries. So now, we cannot compete fairly with the Americans as without the tax burden, they have room for massive profit and still undercut the eu players such as ourselves. VAT and other taxes should have been INCLUSIVE to comply with British Law, but your predecessors chose to simply ADD it to the existing high charges. We know why you banned on line gambling, to allow a couple of States in the USA to cease the threat of taking you to court. It was a knee jerk reaction and one that should have been reviewed. We suggested a long time ago, different but joined platforms on each primary Real World Continent. We could have been generating you all a good income from gambling while you still complied with us law and we would have paid the tax happily as we always seem to do. A blanket ban was childish and still hurts your economy.

    Creating large tracts of land is simply printing phoney money, it’s a short term gain only, it does not endear long term growth. If you were in advertising or car manufacture or even camera equipment, you would know that turning cheap product endlessly turns you into to a Woolworths with a stock load of Edsels. Letting the residents fight for the land and introducing more, as demands warrants, keeps the prices stable and keeps the interest there. You’re a successful business person, you know this. I doubt my letter will get read, but if it does Mark, I hope you take one thing from it, Your customers are seeing things in a different light to many of those that line up for their pay packets and produce very little that actually contributes to the good of Linden Labs, irrespective of how loud they shout and how clever their wish lists are.

    We gave and give you everything a customer could, even our loyalty, but many of us are starting to give up simply because we cannot keep up with the incompetence, the broken promises and the unfair tactics used against us. We are your customers, we love the concept, we give freely and generate income, please, listen to us from time to time.

  84. nina says:

    i wish i was optimistic.

  85. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    Welcome 😉

  86. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    Like many others posting here, I find this article to be encouraging. The new CEO is (almost) as good as promising the important things (stability, performance, speed) will be looked at BEFORE the new shiny toys (Windlight, Dazzle). Personally I’d like an RC that’s even able to log me into the grid without crashing itself, the new toys introduced in 1.20.RC7 (Watchdog) just became a little overbearing.

    @70: What do you want from them? Everyone clamors for the Lindens to stop making shiny stuff and fix things, then get upset when they won’t drop everything and respond to blog posts. Sorry, that’s not what I expect – I expect them to focus on doing their job first even if that means I can’t get my blog posts responded to in a timely manner.

    My concerns are stability, performance, a working viewer, better IP enforcement, more benefits for premium members (sorry, L$1200 and ability to own 512m2 land ain’t worth $9.95), pure bandwidth, and shiny things. In that order. True, shiny things shouldn’t even be there, but there is one shiny toy I would like – the ability to change between several UI styles or even create new ones. First I want to see the Homewood sim be able to take 20 people without lagging the hell out of everyone.

  87. Verdana Klaar says:

    Welcome M 🙂

    Your speech on this blog page is playful together with a good sense of humour.

    Yet i would have expected that as a a CEO you came too with a mid-term vision (order of magnitude planning and broad directions), and a schedule for shorter term issues that we encounter at time (not entering details).


  88. DD Ra says:

    Welcome to Second Life M. !

    Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It, will be to stabilize the grid, make the voice and politic of Linden Lab clear and resident friendly, or, to put it simply, to save our Second World.
    Should any team member be caught or fired, the Secretary would disavow any knowledge of your actions.
    This tape will self-destruct in five seconds…

  89. Sandor Balczo says:

    Welcome, M!

    All other residents who posted comments have said pretty much everything I wanted to express. Therefore, I have an emotional suggestion, having been here for a year and feeling a bit discouraged by some of the experiences I have had:

    In one year from now, read this post and the relevant comments (I suggest you copy the HTML code as LL tends to clean up the blog now and then), see if your impressions are the same, candidly express your one-year-after views in public and see the reactions. You might be amazed.

    And yes, I agree that some people tend to be extremely kind to people in power. I have experienced that too, until I publicly said I was incline to quit a job which automatically attributed me power in SL. Only sincere friends remained at my side. It feels like First Life, doesn’t it? And that is the point of SL, it is like your normal life, only with superpowers, unless you are a Linden and everyone wants to have you as a friend because you have EXTRA superpowers. :D.

    And no, I don’t agree with those who say that people will blame you and you alone for the errors made by LL, if any. They will blame EVERYONE. There is a tendency of some residents to say it is always someone else’s fault if they are having a problem, and in 85% of the cases they have originated it and do not know what to do.

    Permanent Education and Training (even for oldbies) and internationalization on a larger scale should be two of the main staples of SL, because it is absolutely true that from the moment you are rezzed, you either sink or swim, and it is up to you to find the right resident who might help you without a second intention (and believe me, there are a lot of sharks there, too).

    I have seen a lot of group and individual efforts by both LL and residents, but no clear commitment to assist newbies (I prefer to call them that, noob is offensive and patronizing) and no Italian-speaking mentor to speak of (I am Italian, and speaking English should be an option, not an obligation). If I am incorrect in this assessment, may some Italian mentor come along to prove me wrong on this blog.

    When you are in Orientation Island, you are alone, and if you do not speak English or Korean, you are lost. I still remember an Arabic-speaking newbie who was desperately trying to ask for help in Orientation Island and no-one could understand him. I was the only one who made an effort, although I do not speak Arabic, but felt very uncomfortable in this situation. Even refugees are treated better than this.

    I am sure there will be the usual posts telling me what I am saying is not true and is pure negativism. I am used to that. If one disagrees with the residents who complain the most, they are met with criticism on these pages constantly. That is why the blog has lost its value as an informative page with feedback and has become the flame wars forum.

    One last thing: if I wanted to search for your profile in-world, would the engine return the “too few letters in the first name” error? :).

    Benvenuto ancora (that’s Italian for welcome again, and as a proud member of a foreign community I salute you this way).

    Sandor 🙂

  90. Soap Clawtooth says:

    See M? Your first week and already the pirahna’s are snapping at your heels. Welcome to SL. lol.

    I only have some input in that there should be more benefits for Premium users and that there should be a faster turnaround time from Support – my turnaround from support is usually three days. If you have an immediate problem this becomes as useful as a flammable fire extinguisher.

  91. Verdana Klaar says:

    @77 Said: “.. Timeo Danaoo et dona ferents” (Translated from Latin .. I Fear the Danaoo eve when he offers to the Gods” ”

    Not exactly : the latin citation is “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” and the generic translation (outside the epoch context) can rather be “beware/fear the (greek) enemy bearing a gift for you”

    @78: No : i guess it’s part of Virgil’s Aeneid 🙂

  92. Peeved says:

    Here’s the best advice you could follow right now.

    1. Quit adding new stuff, and fix the crap thats broken.
    2. See above.

    Things got bad enough that I sold off all my islands, displaced alot of residents, and all because you couldnt keep the product working. It became a nightmare. Luckily for me it was before the company decided to slash island pricing and kill a lot of people’s investments. I feel bad for the person who bought them all now, but damn am I glad I got rid of them when I did. You could have cost me a fortune, but I turned a tidy profit in the nick of time.

    Maybe if LL gets their act together, a lot of us ‘former’ investors/creators/residents will be willing to give you another shot. But blog posts are cheap. Put your network where your mouth is, and fix it. Then we’ll believe you again.

    A Former multi-island owner, creator,Resident

  93. Peeved says:

    (ps- 94 blog entries without a single Linden response is showing that your new communication Linden hasnt done much for you other than split the grid status blogs on to a page that noone can comment on. Time to get a new one. That Linden is broken.)

  94. Dinohunden Paine says:

    Welcome to the grid from here too….. How often did you crash? Or does that not happen, when you last name is Linden?
    Best of luck, and PLEASE…… Stort working on the server issue, servers to Europe, thanks!

  95. Tegg B says:

    Welcome from Down Under, nice blog entry, with some cool insight to LL us residents don’t see. You got some extrodinary performers on your staff, listen to them and give them the rope they need when they need it, and try not to let the lions here get you down too much, we roar and growl a lot, but really haven’t eaten that many Lindens 🙂

  96. Hi M(ark),

    wish you all the best for this great but also very challenging job. Quite sure you are not the first shot so you must be someone really qualified for this task. Work hard, show us your best. And we will LOVE you like you have never be loved in any job before 🙂

    Good luck and all the best!

  97. Vicar McAlpine says:

    At last – someone not afraid to make a whole paragraph from just one sentence. Well done and good start!

  98. Vicar McAlpine says:

    @92: strictly speaking, perhaps you should make more of the ‘et’ in its sense of ‘even’. So an appropriate translation would be – ‘I fear the Greeks even when they are bringing gifts’.

    Interesting to see that in this context, though I hardly think one should be fearful of the Lindens CEO. Cautious, probably. After all, they are taking our money. Like so many others I hope they will spend it on resilience and a 24-hour failover service. Then I can use it for business. Till then it’s just fun, only occasionally swearing at the screen.

  99. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Welcome Mark.
    …and good fortune to you.

    I hope that donut avatar has a good thick skin.
    While most of us look at donuts for the substance, others of us just look for the holes. 😉

    I hope you have in mind to create a totally anonymous account as well. Live like we live from OI/HI right through to building on your own land. No corporate help now! No cheating.
    Be the avatar. 🙂

  100. Matto Destiny says:

    Welcome or Greetings M(ark)
    Congratulations on getting through your first week and may you journey be joyous and fruitful.I hope you keep up with your blog here as its great to see how/what people are upto at Linden Labs and not just a name.

  101. Welcome M and good luck in your new job!!

    I wonder if anyone has a dodgy pic of me as a noob? (I don’t!)

    I’ll IM you a whole long list of my problems, demands and wishes! lol only joking! I hope to see you inworld though!

    Have yourself a super day!

    ~ VR ~

  102. Pepper Haas says:

    I’d like for your avatar to have my sl job for a week — hostess at a dance club. Let’s make an announcement for the event — oops, group notice no longer reaches all group members. Let’s make the announcement in group IM then — oops, group IM borked, won’t let me post, closes window on me when other people try to.
    But it doesn’t matter: TP isn’t working so nobody can get there anyway, including the artist. When they finally do show, and get the stream and rez their tip jar — transactions fail, you can’t tip them, and nobody can tip me, either, or the club. Can’t announce the transaction failures or TP problems to the group, since group notice and group IM are borked.
    Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  103. Dnali Anabuki says:

    Welcome M(ark). I really liked your post and your enthusiasm for SL. I do have to point out that some of us do like shiny new things and even the ARC!
    I like being part of something that is always growing and changing but I do want it to be stable and reliable too.
    The land dump was painful however…and I really wish the effort that went into Bay City went instead to protecting the rest of the mainland.
    LL seemed to go out of its way to destabilize the land economy and impoverish biz owners. And it happened when the grid was especially unreliable (Black April 08).

    I agree with you about the communication during events..using voice, chat and IMs as well as all the visual aids at the same time. It is a unique way to communicate and I love it. Finally enough input! I think there will be a strong market for it as flying around to conferences and events is expensive, polluting and the fuel will stay costly.

    I love SL and hope you can make it healthy and strong and double the population!

  104. Jamie David says:

    Thank you for taking the time to see what our world is like. I hope that your enthusiasm will protect you unlike so many of the staff. We used to see Philip and the other Lindens wondering about but sadly over the past year and a half Linden staff have been disappearing.

    As I understand it Indiana Jones was meant to be off searching the net for these lost members of our community. I guess that it was a task even too hard for him. The lindens are still missing.

    So please be careful out there. Would be a tragedy to loose yet another linden, especially one as important as you.

    Best of luck,


    PS Could we have a list of the Lindens who are still accounted for and their job titles?

  105. katykiwi song says:

    We all can share what makes SL magical; we look forward to also sharing what can make it stable, responsive to customer problems, and user friendly for actual users and not just new members. Let’s hope your enthusiasm lasts and that the lines of communication remain open.

  106. Welcome, M Linden! 😀

  107. Yamanote Magic says:

    Welcome to SL! ignore all the flamers/trolls on the blog, most SL residents are a good bunch.

  108. Verdana Klaar says:

    @104 said “I agree with you about the communication during events..using voice, chat and IMs as well as all the visual aids at the same time. It is a unique way to communicate and I love it. […/…]”

    As a person that works from home i cannot see what is the benefit for a company to use SL for that purpose. And as for big business corporations more or less involved in here (IBM or some others), i really doubt any important remote meeting is performed onto the LL platform.

  109. Joshua Sao says:

    Welcome M!
    Myself as well as most of the community are on the edge of our seats waiting to see the path you choose for SL. I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see how you improve the quality of second life as well as increase the value of our investments. Philip has done a great job thus far and leaves quite a pair of shoes to fill.


  110. Cat Cotton says:

    @84 Us American’s are also going bust for some of the same reasons you wrote about. I applaud your letter and am in complete agreement with it. Thank you for saying it so very well and complete.


  111. Lostmedia Ares says:

    Hi M … Welcome to the Grid 🙂

    Can’t be easy coming into SL as a noob and also having the task of maybe fixing it ..and making it better in the future .

    I think pretty much everyone that creates an account for SL is blown away by it we then have the task of trying to figure it all out … you have that to deal with …and also your job to try and make a world that you don’t understand yet better …

    I think people need to remember that and give him some time and some room to figure it out …No doubt M will get way more help as a noob than anyone else did …but still a huge learning curve 🙂

    Good Luck M … I hope your input here will go towards making SL a better place for all .

  112. Hello & welcome Mark

  113. Alvi Halderman says:

    Wellcome Mark to this Amazing Place

  114. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Welcome to Second Life, more important than Real Life to some residents, my friends call it half Life, make of that what one will.

    Kick the butt of the Linden that doesn’t check that the latest RC will open for Macs, if we don’t have access we can’t look for bugs.

    Is there a Mrs M, not wanting to be personal with this question, just wondered if there is indeed one, does she have a avatar and presence in SL, if not why not? I’m sure she would be excellent at giving bedroom feedback.

    Do you have land, if not, will you have some soon?

    Have fun 🙂

  115. Verdana Klaar says:

    Re-read it all through, and could not refrain from burst out laughing at some comments stating more or less : “please come in-world and try to see how hard it is to rezz this and that or to post an IM or etc…”

    Yes indeeed that is for sure the role of a CEO. More than that i bet that the main reason why “M”(ark) accepted the challenge.

    Some residents are funny (or a bit looney – you choose)

  116. Daniel Voyager from TSL says:

    Hello, M Linden!

    Welcome to Second Life, Good Luck!.

    Greetings from Teen Second Life 🙂

  117. Deira Llanfair says:

    Welcome M – the name is Llanfair, Deira Llanfair (double oh six and a half).

    In between doing all your excellent CEO things, do make sure you enjoy your Second Life – despite what it can sound like on the blog here, it IS fun, fun, fun. 🙂

  118. Dings Digital says:

    Hello M!

    I am curious where the road in 3D-Internet will lead us. In spite of all its well known problems (what is wrong with rezzing these weeks?), Second Life is the best platform for accomplishing rich interaction. Go on, make it work better 🙂

  119. Sonja Felisimo says:

    Welcome to you M.

    Only piece of advice i would give you is :

    COMMUNICATE with the residents, but more importantly get the other LINDENS to do this……especially the ones who have it as part of their JOB DESCRIPTION 😉

    Here’s hoping things will change……….good luck 🙂

  120. DrBob Margulies says:

    Hi M,

    Just wanted to say welcome, good luck and make sure to visit lots of bits of the grid – there’s a whole host of great stuff out there. Oh and drop by Caledon some time, I’m sure you’d be welcome.

  121. Nectere Niven says:

    Excellent, always good to hear from the new CEO within a week or so. I hope all goes well settling into this new medium while you get yourself immersed. Thanks for the update and I am sure we all look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

  122. M says:

    M here. Thank you all for your kind words, your support and your thoughtful advice. I have read every comment — some two or three times. Your passion for SL is what make this job such so exciting. We have a lot to do clearly and you’ve identified the most important things (starting with reliability). I’ve been in Second Life for more than a year (with my ALT avatar) so I have been a newbie twice. I have experienced the challenges new and experienced residence face first-hand. Both have helped me see what we need to do from a user experience standpoint. Back to work. Lots to do. Thank you.

  123. Zai Lynch says:

    Welcome Mr. M!

    I think it was a great decision to join LL and the enthusiasm this blog is written in seems like you think the same. Please keep it =)
    I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of complaining about things over time. Just keep in mind that it comes from people who are dedicated to this world and who would like to see it shine. Well, at least some of them ^^
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful time in SL and with LL!


  124. Soeur Soleil says:

    Hey M(ark)

    I have only two things to say:

    1) just remember what they say about the worth of advice that comes ‘free’; and

    2) if you ever just want to have a dance to get away from it all, IM me

  125. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Welcome M(ark) Linden! “I was transformed into a walking tray of treats”. Mmmmmmm. /me eats you all up! =P
    I love the afk pic and ‘moonlabbers’ is a great name 🙂

    On a more serious note, I was a little concerned by the comment left on your Organic’s blog: “surprising move I must say, knowing the industry perspective on Second Life these days.” What does the commenter mean? What is the industry perspective on SL these days? Is this something residents should be concerned about? RSVP.

  126. Alsea DeSantis says:

    Welcome to Second Life M Linden

    Do the same as I, take a coffee, take a cigarette and hope that all is running well ;-))

    Wish you good luck

  127. Chaos Mohr says:

    Welcome M 🙂

    Thanks for the informative blog post! Communication between LL and residents is something that is definitely a priority. While I am sure you have already heard many complaints, in my own time here on SL I have seen both progress and a few regressions. The progress has been nothing short of incredible.

    A year and a half ago, 20k online at one time would bring the grid grinding to a halt, now we have triple that (not always smooth, but still an amazing accomplishment)

    Providing a viewer that runs on multiple OS platforms is without doubt a challenging endeavor, and although there have certainly been some serious bumps, just the fact that Second Life runs on Windows, Mac’s, and Linux is quite an accomplishment considering the vast differences in architecture, not to mention the huge amounts of varying hardware.

    Much has been done to try to improve the in-world experience for residents, such as the huge growth of in-world help for new residents, tutorials from LL employees like Torley, and interaction with residents from a handful of great LL employees (although having more inworld Lindens should be a priority)

    There are still some areas though that need serious attention, such as some better viewer stability – which could be greatly enhanced by improving the bug reporting process and better communication with residents on what is actually being done (not all residents can attend bug triage’s, nor do many have the technical predisposition to sit through one – this doesn’t mean they can’t contribute though)

    Land is a mess – from the continued proliferation of ad farms, to the completely non-sensical (from a residents point of view) way that the land development is done, ie: no new sims for months, then completely over saturating the market. While certain things that have been implemented over the past couple years may be understandable from a corporate point of view, many of these decisions have seriously pissed off many people in the community, much of which could have been mitigated with better and more timely communication with residents.

    All in all M, you certainly have your work cut out for you, but there is a great group of people who love SL and have poured their time, energy, and imaginations into making it a better place. We look forward to the positive changes to come!

  128. Aeval Okelly says:

    Welcome to the grid. Now please, if you haven’t already, go get some new hair. 🙂 I’m just dying to get the name King so we need new names already. Welcome!

  129. Saz Upshaw says:

    Welcome 🙂

    Second life is important, but real life is too, and so I hope you really love your new job, and that you find it fulfilling and rewarding. x

  130. Ben Kaligawa says:

    Welcome to the grid! hope you keep on enjoying working at LL!

  131. Welcome Mr Linden! I hope that you never lose sight of the joy that residents experience in this world that you have made available to us. This is a place that allows us to explore and create. The freedoms that have been given to us is what makes this such a special platform. Some of us forget that at times, but special thanks go out to all of the Lindens who have the vision to make this such a special place!

  132. Joshua Philgarlic says:

    Welcome to the best of both worlds 🙂 !

  133. Delicious Demar says:


    It’s exciting to see someone starting with a clean slate – someone awed by the endless possibilities of Second Life. I am really happy to hear you say that grid stability is the number one priority, and that you have spent a lot of your first week trying to understand your customers.

    Best of luck M – I am sure you will get as much advice as you can handle from the residents (snicker) – but try to hold on to that awe and let it guide you as you move Second Life onward and upward!


  134. Welcome and good luck!!!

  135. AWM Mars says:

    Welcome to the community. Once your feet hit the ground and you start to find your way around, you will no doubt find a community of passinate and talented people.

    The vast majority, although they complain now and again, are all willing to help in anyway they can. Our goal is to make this platform the best experience for anyone venturing to click the loggin button. Enlarging the vast array of facilities, in the most creative way, expanding facilities and functions not even envisaged by the programme creators. Sometimes it is hard for you guys to catchup with and keep things stable.

    What would help the community, if you make your priority, stabalisation of the platform. The technical aspect is perhaps the biggest hurdle. Reach out to the community, there is a vast array of incredibly talented and dedicated people that can assist.

    Oh, and bring back the ‘face’ of the Lindens within the community.

    Again, welcome :¬)

  136. wait does that mean philip linden gets a cubical now and m gets the huge office :O! o and welcome by the way keep up the cheerful gratitude it helps keep us people sain (where all kids and heart anyways XD!)

  137. Verdana Klaar says:

    Communication, communication and again “communication”. Every one is happy with “communication”. Communication is a mere wording, kinda make-up and face lift that can be performed without any commitment (and the sooooooooo lovely Torley is good at this).

    We do not need that kinda pseudo-informative rethorics. We need a plan from LL. This plan has to be explained to all residents.

    Roughly :

    1) What is the current sched. based on ranked priorities derived from risk analysis and their detailed timing for solving on-going issues that are at time annoying (though they are not as awful as some whiners might say).

    2) What is the short-term for developing an urbanized mainland, getting rid with ad-farms, rid also with laggy stupid places whose sole ego-centric sake is being listed “top-popular”, as well “re-forming” that global no man’s land that is about 70% of the continents (pls avoid replying with the Bay City project that is total non-sense from both a design and architecural view)

    3) What is the mid-term vision for expanding the “world”, what are the core functions used by residents that will be refined and enhanced (not simply corrected), which new major features are gonna be incorporated in the game, etc… (btw the only useful one since 1 year is the search in my view all the rest being useless or un-understandable to the non-guru resident). etc…

    4) there is no point #4

    Communication… lol

  138. Welcome aboard! Hopefully we’ll get to see you at SLCC this year. I’m glad to hear stability is priority #1… things have been flaky (and I’m being generous there!) for a while now!

  139. Georg Runo says:

    Hi M, please see Q about unable to login sometimes. 😉

  140. Toy LaFollette says:

    wow, whatever….. SOS DD

  141. Taff Nouvelle says:

    I huge welcome M
    I second the call for inworld help for people with problems with other residents, There is a group already trying to do this. After proving that a resident had been unfairly and completely falsely accused of theft, I find myself found guilty of harrasment because I asked for proof from the accuser. LL obviously does not filly investigate abuse reports as they say they do, or they would have found that the alt that was used by the accuser had been suspended for slander against me.

    Inworld help from elected representatives would stop this happening, we have the resources and the software set up and ready to go, all we need is support from LL and from the people who actually NEED the help .

  142. cosa nostra says:


    Welcome in SECOND LIFE

    well the grid is too my opinion working great in all its aspects since a few weeks, so no more critizing posts from my side at the moment !

    hope you can get the dynamism and the positivism spread around the lindenlabs team as your positive experience log (subject) with the second life world last week !


  143. shockwave yareach says:

    First, welcome. Your introduction here shows you have the clever wit and sense of humor commonplace among established residents. That’s a good thing. And I daresay, you are going to need it.

    Your viewer has memory leaks; leaks that experts have told your folks how to fix, but your folks have not fixed. Your architecture with a central database is impossible to scale and creates a glorious DDOS target for the script kiddies. We, the users, cannot build without fear of Asset losing our work. We cannot buy anything without fear of money screwing up or asset failing to deliver product to us. People with thousands in real Dollars are abandoning their investments and presence here – you will never get these people back under any circumstance. People are fed up and won’t tolerate “just be patient” anymore. We have BEEN patient for years. We’ve paid good money into SL and we want it fixed – no excuses.

    I know it is very unfair to unload on a gent his first day on the job. That is not my intent. But do understand the rage (and yes, I use the term correctly) we feel after putting in so much money and getting only a broken, buggy system in return. SL has many problems. You will need to prioritize them to get anywhere. But if stability is not #1 on the list, the rest of them won’t matter – your customers are already leaving and you have little time to prevent further exodus.

  144. Athena Rickena says:

    Welcome to SL, M.! 🙂
    The Ship is yours now, go sail it… we’re behind you… hoping & believing…

  145. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Welcome M, and I wish you good luck!

  146. desdemona enfield says:

    Welcome to Second Life.

  147. Ann Otoole says:

    One last focused comment. The “Showcase” inside the client application. The move to remove the gamed and useless “popular Places” tab deserves accolades. However, the decision to replace it with the showcase that includes commercial interests may not have been a wise idea as this move gives the selected merchants an unfair advantage in terms of visibility and cost. I.e.; The merchants on the showcase enjoy a “stamp of approval” from Linden Labs and free advertising in a major way while providing no means of competing to get said advertising advantage to the rest of the SL business community. I will venture a suggestion that it would be wise to have legal counsel review this decision in respect to anti trust law in the USA. Perhaps you should simply order the showcase to include no commercial interests and no interests that are connected in any way with a commercial interest until such time as the market can compete fairly for this type of advertising advantage. In addition, the Bay City sim set may also fall under some anti trust law elements as well.

    I would suggest you clamp down on “ideas” to stop them from going forward until a serious and comprehensive legal analysis is conducted to ensure Fair Trade practices and law is upheld and maintained in the global marketplace of Secondlife. Perhaps LL needs to hire an intellectual property lawyer to sit in on the various groups, office hours, etc.; and ensure people are not violating any rights or laws during their noble quest to enable a true global marketplace.

  148. Salazar Jack says:

    Now just where is Magellan now?

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