(Re)Introducing the Preview Grid: Aditi

In addition to Second Life, the main service that many thousands of residents log into each day, there is a second grid open to the public. This grid is known as the Preview Grid, or “Aditi” (in comparison with “Agni”, the name we give the production Second Life environment). Aditi is where we test server software that is under development, or that will be coming to Second Life soon. After being dedicated to pre-release testing of the Havok4 physics code for many months, we are again beginning to use it for true server beta tests. It will give all of you a chance to test at the server software we’re planning to deploy to Agni in the near future.

What We Do with the Preview Grid

The Preview Grid is used for a number of different things. This means that there, much more frequently than in Second Life, you will find that as you move from one region to another, you will be moving to regions that are running a different version of the server software. To get the most of the Preview Grid, you need to know where you are.

How do I know what version is running on the region I’m in?

Some regions have a “channel name” imprinted into the ground over and over again. If the ground texture doesn’t make it obvious, look at “About Second Life” in the help menu. There, you will see a wealth of information about your own system, as well as about the server software that the region you are in is running. The image below shows you where in the help dialog to find the channel the region you’re in is running. (Just to the right of that is the version.)

The Channel and Version of your current region.

The most important information in the image here is “Second Life Server”; that’s the channel that you’re on. The version number is also important, but the biggest changes you will see are between different channels.

Reporting Bugs or Problems

This will vary depending on the channel of the region, and on the state of the release. If you find problems in the “Second Life Beta Server” channel before that version has been deployed to the main Second Life service, please use our Issue Tracker to check to see if that problem has already been reported, and to report it if not. When reporting a problem, please give as much information as possible: what region you were in, exactly what you did and what behavior you saw, when it happened, and the version of both your viewer software and of the server software running in the region where you saw the problem.

In general, you will use the same procedure for problems found on regions in other channels, but sometimes those channels are being used for a focused test by other developers.

What is on the Preview Grid

We will be using Aditi for beta testing of the next server version, but we will also be using it for early previews of software that isn’t going to be on Second Life right away, and for some specific public testing of bug-fixes being worked on by some teams of developers.

The regions on Aditi are divided into different channels. There will always be two core channels:

  • Second Life Production Server : this has the same version of the software as is running on the main Second Life hosts. This exists for purposes of comparison. Sometimes, it will have the *previous* release, right after a new server has been deployed to Second Life.

  • Second Life Beta Server : this channel is designated for the version of the server we’re planning on next deploying to Second Life in a rolling restart. Generally, after a new server version is deployed to Second Life, it will be at least a few days before the next beta version goes out to Aditi.

    At the time of this blog post, the Second Life Beta Server channel has server version 1.22, which is tentatively planned for a deploy to Second Life the week of May 26.

In addition, there are a few other channels:

  • Legacy Havok1 Server : these few regions have an old version of the Server left over from before Second Life was upgraded to Havok4. It exists so that we may, where needed, test the behavior of objects that may have changed with the new physics engine.

  • Physics Beta : these regions are used by the Havok4 team as they continue to improve and fix the physics code.

  • Mono : these regions are used by the team that is building the new scripting infrastructure for Second Life.

How do I log in to Aditi?

You can use the same Second Life viewer you already use to log into Second Life! At the login screen, hit CTRL-SHIFT-G. At the bottom of the screen to the right of the “Quit” button, you will see a dropdown widget that allows you to select the grid that you want to log in to:

Selecting the grid to log in to

Select “Agni” to log into Second Life. Select “Aditi” to log into the Preview Grid. (A number of other grids are listed in this dropdown. These are internal development grids which are not available for public access.)

Be aware, however, that with the standard Second Life Viewer, you will not be able to compile scripts in the Mono region. If you want to test your scripts under Mono, you will need to download a special viewer viewer. You can find this special version under the heading “Beta Viewers” on the “Test Viewers” section of our downloads page.

Aditi has a copy of the database from Agni. We refresh this database typically every few months. If your account is very new, you may not be able to log into Aditi. Once you do log into Aditi, you will have all of the inventory that you have at the time when you first log in. However, new items acquired in Second Life will not be available to your account in Aditi. In no event will you be able to transfer money or objects back from the Preview Grid for use in the production Second Life environment.

NOTE: At the moment, because of a bug, the first time you log in to aditi you have to specify the region you will log in to. Under the Edit menu, select Preferences:General, and choose “show start location on login screen”. Then type the region name “Ahern” into the start location box. After the first time you log in, subsequent logins should be fine.

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119 Responses to (Re)Introducing the Preview Grid: Aditi

  1. S J says:

    I don’t understand. What is the difference between the Beta grid and this Preview grid? Or is it the same thing?

  2. Prospero Linden says:

    Same thing. We’re going to stop calling the Preview Grid the Beta Grid, because we’re going to start using the term “Beta” for the client, and we want to avoid confusion in conflating the two. (That is, you can use the regular viewer to connect to the Preview grid, and the Beta viewer can be used with the main grid; they aren’t going to be linked together.)

    It’s a little confusing because we’ve called this the Beta grid before, and you can still find the term in some places, but going forward we’re going to use this terminology to avoid conflating the two.

  3. KMeist Hax says:

    Beta == Preview

    also is there a way to change the gridlist? I’d like to add some extra lines in there for opensim grids… or is the dropdown hardcoded into the client?

  4. Antonius Misfit says:

    @ S J: The Beta grid is the Preview grid.

    @Prospero: Wow! I didn’t know about the Ctrl+Shift+G trick. Am I right in assuming the reason that the stable viewer can’t compile scripts in the Mono region is because the viewer doesn’t have the right functions to interact with Mono for compilation?

  5. Sindy Tsure says:

    Hiya Prospero!

    Any plans to improve how stuff makes it over from agni? If you can do individual residents instead of having to do _everybody_, some easy way for people to trigger a refresh would be great.

    Also, can I have a bear? 🙂 Your freebies area doesn’t have one! 😦

  6. Prospero Linden says:

    Re; listing other grids, I believe that’s hardcoded. Of course, you’re free to download the source code to the open source client and edit it to include the grids you want 🙂

    Re: Mono and scripts, yes, to compile new Mono scripts you need new functionality in the viewer which isn’t there in the standard (or RC) viewers.

    Re: a better way to import stuff over, at the moment there are no plans, but I’ll look into that– ask a few questions, think about it. It **may** be possible to do something similar to what you’re asking without too much trouble.

    For questions about bears and things, contact me in world or come to my office hours 🙂

  7. Winter Ventura says:

    SO does this mean that we get a “Stable Client” and a “Beta Client” (RC) and a “Alpha Client” (Firstlook)?

    Because.. that would make me so amazingly happy, to wean so many of the firstweek noobs off the idea that the RC client is “better to use”.

    For that kind of “natural language” solution to the problem of “too many non-tecnical-users using unfinished software.. I’m willing to wholeheartedly embrace the new Preview Grid.

    And as a content creator and business owner who caters to new users… I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  8. UM ™® Says says:

    Looking forward to this…Thank You

  9. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Yeah…this seems like a good change of terminology. I had read that you could log into the beta…I mean preview grid…with the RC but I was still trying to figure out how…thanks for the info Prospero.

  10. Wyald Woolley says:

    Woohoo! Good move…more sanity!

    This means that the bug-infested Release Candidate won’t be called that in the near future. It was sooo scary to keep seeing that you were about ready to dump that pile of fetid hog poop onto the grid. 🙂

  11. Krys Undercroft says:

    I noticed there is no way to logon at all right now.. been trying for days with the beta/mono viewer and it keeps saying my password is wrong and cannot connect.

  12. Welleran Kanto says:

    I wish you nice LL people would let me log in to this grid. I’ve been waiting for months and still can’t get in.

  13. Welleran Kanto says:

    Oh, good news! It seems you’ll be refreshing the database soon, and I should be able to get in after that. I look forward to it!

    Here’s where I learned about the coming db refresh:


  14. Vincent Nacon says:

    Good luck Lindens… Beta grid is always be Beta grid. “preview” is such a silly name.

  15. Ron Crimson says:

    One thing I’d like to know… Where do the words “Agni” and “Aditi” come from? Are they Latin? What do they mean? 🙂

  16. Yakumo Fuji says:

    They’re Hindu gods. Agni is the fire god, Aditi is the goddess of sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility.

  17. Matto Destiny says:

    Great news LL, now maybe the blog wont have so many people moaning about RC’s on the Agna grid and the teminology also with the RC’s being beta and so on. Also will there be a seperate blog for the Aditi (preview grid) or will they be combined with this one or just jira info. Once again welldone.

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  19. thumbs up for expanded testing periods, making it more prominent to test it’s behavior! Seems hiring “M” starts paying off!

  20. coventina dalgleish says:

    This is all well and good but you want to know something until you get your asset server functioning you can introduce all the extras you want and it will not be any better than the machine that is the heart of the game. Again with low concurrence the game refuses to attach items, rez drops, move scripts from inventory to an object and is generally just irritating. As long as you persist in ignoring or hoping the problem will go away the game will remain just another oddity. It is a great game when it is not irritating and it has been increasingly irritating. Did you get my point it has become an irritation more than a pleasure….

  21. Christos Atlantis says:

    Good job guys, I have some ideas to help you out:

    1) Hold a party every Thurday and give out stuff, so you can get a large amount of people on the grid and see the results, I think one of the main issues in your beta test program is lack of fully loaded sims.

    2) Hold weekly bi-weekly building competitions to give the sandbox’s a good workout before deplying.

    3) Have a giveaway day and that giveaway can be claimed in agni grid to get people to come to aditi and check it out and help with beta testing, you need masses of people wearing difrent configuations of clothing/huds etc so we can find bugs.

    4) Offer a couple of regions with 512 plots where people can actually live and work in Agni your preview program will have better results this way.

    I am sure, if more people brainstorm we can come up with more ideas to get people to the test grid thus making sure the main grid has more stable releases and less bugs.

  22. Vivienne says:

    Well done! Now residents probably should be encouraged to use the Preview Grid and really check it, maybe by some kind of reward. I think a lot of newbies would rather test the Preview and give feedback than overfloating the camping places of the main grid for a reasonable, still small amount.

  23. Zi Ree says:

    @22 Christos Atlantis: In the past there were “Pile-Ons” condukted by Vektor Linden, where a big number of residents logged on to the test grid and performed certain actions to generate log data for the debugging team. One of them was for example to address the “Missing Image” problem. We all started to change clothes ono command of Vektor. That was big fun 🙂

    @23 Vivienne: As the system works now, the new people can’t log in to the preview grid. The database snapshots are done only once every few months. And I believe, most of the campers are not sitting at their computer all the time, so they wouldn’t be available for testing anyway.

  24. UM ™® Says says:

    Loved “Pile-Ons” 🙂 those where the good old days 🙂

    Sean they been throwing out fake UM. For some reason the banned all UM(s) so I took this one. There was a kids faking this one too then the baned that kiddy also…. I do agree they should have left the blog alone.

  25. John Altman says:

    Only 41 concurrent at the moment and still asset problems (saving script not going all the time) How is it possible the whole system is getting worse instead of better this year? Even at low concurrent numbers?
    I really realy hope this time you guys thought and talked about the renaming. Your biggest problem is that you change is too often and have not been consequent in using the names. “Preview Grid” is not the best clear name that explains what it is either. Why not call it: “Test Grid”?

    Its not important for me. I only use Nicholaz viewers and the normal grid feels like a preview/test arena, more then enough, as it is.
    But for all those others who get confused more and more.

  26. Wow. It just hit me! If there is a Havok1 region I can go swimming again! Is there a list of regions with Havok1? The introduction of Havok4 “broke” Siggy Romulous’s Swimmer 1.1 and similar animators as reported in SVC-1281 (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1281). The issue was closed as “Won’t Finish” so I guess LL® doesn’t want us swimming in our gorgeous waters. So I figure visiting a sim with older physics is the only way I can use the swimming and scuba items that I’ve purchased.

    A little help, please?

  27. UM ™® says:


  28. Argent Stonecutter says:

    They would get fewer people using the beta client who shouldn’t be if they’d release a new stable client with the building limits removed.

  29. Prospero Linden says:

    Winter — yes, the idea is that the client will have stable and beta, and we’re going to move in the direction of calling it beta precisely for the reasons you state. (That is, typically only the ones later in an RC series are *really* release candidates.) I am not sure what will happen with the nomenclature of “First Look”, but those aren’t exactly alpha software according to the standard parliance. That is, the “first look” clients typically are from another branch of our source tree and are there to test a specific new feature (things like Windlight, Dazzle, etc.). They only get updates of everything else that goes into the beta and main clients every so often; they really do exist primarily to test out some major change. (I’m not an expert on the client releases.)

    There will not be a separate Aditi blog. Also, because it is a preview grid rather than the production grid, we won’t necessarily post about every planned restart or software update there. However, important update announcements will go to the status blog, at least for now.

    Re: which region is which, the Havok1 regions on Aditi are “Freelon Havok1”, “Fame Havok1”, “Texture Test Havok1”, and “Fortuna Havok1”. I hope at some point to have a regularly updated page that lists which regions are running which version, so that you can find regions on a version you’re looking for. Regarding objects which worked under H1 but not under H4, if the bug is closed “Won’t Finish”, the right thing to do is contact the in-world vendor of the script or object at this point. Some things did need to be changed, and quite a number of vendors did work to update their stuff during the extensive and months-long test period for Havok4.

  30. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, now you’re confusing me: “That is, the “first look” clients typically are from another branch of our source tree and are there to test a specific new feature (things like Windlight, Dazzle, etc.).”

    This implies Dazzle should still be “first look”, with 1.20 just having the fixes to support Havok4.

  31. Prospero Linden says:

    Dazzle is now out of First Look and in the main client tree. It *was* a First Look for a while, just as Windlight was (for a much longer while). It’s not in the stable release (1.19.1), but will be included in the 1.20 stable release.

    There aren’t fixes in the *client* to support Havok4; Havok4 was a server-side change.

  32. Razor says:

    Who cares to report bugs?
    Most of them are ignored. Also the rising content theft issue is still beeing ignored. Noone listens to the voices that are against dazzle.. linden labs does exactly what it wants itself and doesn’t cares for what the customers think or what is fair or unfair (like content theft). as long as they earn money on it it’s okay, and linden labs makes money out of stolen content as well as original content so who cares.

    After reporting issues for a year i’ve given up.. its a waste of time.

  33. Winter Ventura says:

    Prospero.. to you, and everyone else in the area of LL responsible for this change in nomenclature, thank you. Deeply, seriously, THANK YOU.

    I have a story from a long time back. A customer came to me, complaining that her HUD didn’t work. She was new to SL (only a couple of weeks).. and I spent HOURS with her, basically teaching her how to use SL in the process, trying everything I could think of. Yes the HUD was visible, YES she was standing on script enabled ground, yes she could rez the HUD and it worked fine on the ground, once she wore it it simply didn’t work. I sent her replacements, had her remove every other HUD attachment, hide every other floater.. and spending hours with her and getting nowhere, she mentioned “well at least the sky is pretty”.

    Turned out she was using the very very very early windlight firstlook.. and there was a bug in the way that it calculated clicks on invisible prims on the hud (the hud buttons were 100% alpha). I then had to spend more time, explaining to her that she wasn’t using “the best” client, she was using the new, experimental, may not be working yet client.

    A cute story.. if it hadn’t happened a bunch more times after that. From trying to help people do colour matching (while I was using pre-windlight and they were using experimental windlight) to weirdness on how hovertext was rendered.. to even walking people through the simplest things like “opening my profile and sending the item back” (you moved the profile icon on the IM window).. to full on redesigns of the “friends” list and how to explain to people how to give me “permission to edit their items”. Communicate window.. how I hate thee.

    As a business owner, the one thing I’ve always relied on as a “constant” was the GUI of the client. Now, customer support sessions involve a lot of “depending on what client you’re using” and “you’ll have to figure out where that is for yourself, on my client it’s here”.

    I am glad to see the nomenclature changing.. because the people who are using SL really need to be able to make an informed decision about using the beta software. while it’s good to have a lot of people beta testing for you, with varied interests and techniques (that is the beauty of an open beta).. it’s also important that the fragile “new user” be given a stable platform with which to learn how Second Life is supposed to work.

    Imagine the poor fellow on noob island.. hammering dutifully away on his passport HUD.. only to have some weird bug in the beta software keep the HUD from working properly. That new user’s decision to stay or leave SL will be largely dependent on their experience of SL.. and if things look wonky to them, if things don’t work as well as they should.. the odds are that they won’t come back. If the official client is SL’s “best foot”.. then that’s the foot to put forward.

    So kudos for one small step, that could improve the SL experience for a LOT of people.

    Regarding what to call First Look… I’d vote for “Sneak Peek”

  34. Winter Ventura says:

    .. or just plain old “Experimental” 1.20.b8 1.21.x1

  35. @29 Prospero – thanks for listing the Havok1 regions. I’m gonna go swimming as soon as possible. And, yes, I understand the reasons for closing the ‘swimmer” issues. But I’m still upset about the change (I can deal when my cheese is moved as part of growth, but this was a completely sideways whack).* If anyone knows of a working swimming device — much preferably a HUD — please let me know in-world. I might even be able to get you some free vendor spaces for your product.

    Rat Hole Note: More thanks, for the really cool freebies you give out at your office.


  36. Adz Childs says:

    “Aditi has a copy of the database from Agni. We refresh this database typically every few months. If your account is very new, you may not be able to log into Aditi.”
    Also note that if you changed your password in the last few months, you may need to use your OLD PASSWORD to log into the preview grid.

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Prospero@31: There absolutely are fixes in the RC to support Havok. 1.19 has all the 768 meter Havok 1 limits, if you want to build or do many other things over 768 meters, as Havok 4 allows, you absolutely need to run 1.20. You can’t use this feature of Havok4 in 1.19, it’s simply not supported.

  38. Nibb Tardis says:

    @30 Argent. I think you’re right, and somebody screwed up when Dazzle made it to RC status.

    Dazzle is FAR from being ready to be release, and should not be as long there is no skin preference to revert to the old style UI.

    On the other hand, 1.20 has lots of essential improvements that are being held back because of Dazzle’s unreadyness: scripted glow, build altitude, space navigator interface, and the upcoming new LSL functions.

    So really, Dazzle should have stayed in the First Look stream while these other improvements got pushed into the main viewer. 1.20 is simply not ready for consumer deployment as long as there is no easy way for the user to select skins, and we don’t get the other goodies because of it.

    Prospero, Is there any chance we will get a 1.19.2 including the LSL and build height improvements before 1.20 is pushed into the mainstream ?

  39. Prospero Linden says:

    Argent — ah, yes, you’re right, the building limits. To be fair, I’m not sure if that’s really a H4 fix, or if that was simple a change in the limit that H4 enabled.

    Adz — yes, thank you, your password dates from the time when the db was copied, and (to my knowledge) there is no way to change your aditi password.

  40. Wonder if Money transactions are more stable in Aditi, because then one could use that option permanently.
    The transaction service in the so called full version sucks.

  41. Prospero Linden says:

    Money transactions in Aditi are not “real”. That is, you can’t buy Lindens, cash out, nor transfer money from Aditi to Second Life. Aditi really is a testing environment.

  42. Andromeda Quonset says:

    My own thought on naming things “Aditi” vs “Agni” : Not being a Hindu, I am likely to get these 2 names reversed, seeing as how they are both short words starting with the letter “A”. Couldn’t you rename one of them to something that starts with one of the other 25 letters?

  43. TaraLi Jie says:

    Could we get notification of the rolling restart and what’s up with it here on the main blog? It gets annoying to have to flip back and forth between the main blog and the grid status blog.

  44. Apachie says:

    I like that and i have Idea to used for trick i hope you all be careful …..lol

  45. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Andromeda@42: Just think “Agni” – “Ignite” and remember that Agni is where you can get burned. 🙂

    I don’t know if there’s an actual etymological link.

    Prospero@39: whether it’s because of H4 or H4 just made a convenient time to change the height limit, it’s still a feature available because of Havok 4 that requires a viewer update… and there isn’t a mainstream viewer available.

  46. Can Avatars from the Teen Grid enter any of these? I can’t, But is it possible?

  47. Prospero – I am having a most amazing time with this RC – it is extremely stable, much more so than any client that has been released in at least 3 months. Is there a possibility that you can push these improvements to to the main viewer so this (working!) viewer won’t be lost when you update the RC next?

  48. (yeah sorry it’s off-topic but there hasn’t been a relevant blog topic in quite some time.)

  49. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Please don’t make Dazzle the only thing, with only something else that involves going into places on one’s computer and changing bits of code and whatnot; I’m not good at that.

    Dazzle is not good for people who don’t have 20-20 eyesight, or, more to the point, 20-year-old eyesight.

    Whatcha trying to do, get rid of all the older players?


  50. Patchouli Woollahra says:

    I would have sprung for Nrsimha as the name of the preview grid.

    Nrsimha is the name of an aspect of Krishna who fixed a problem with some major innard ripping. that’s as much as I can say without getting this comment moderated out. Google is your friend.

  51. Very nice!
    I go to look early.

  52. #49 – All I know is that the last three months have been a living HELL trying to get any work done in SL, if it isn’t the down time or services offline it’s the client crashing every 5 minutes. Not just the RC clients, the standard (“stable”) client is a horrible mess of bugs and crashes too. Since this latest RC release I have been getting MASSIVE amounts of work done because it is a) very stable b) very fast and c) there isn’t any major show stopper bugs.

    What I fear, is that LL will AGAIN update the RC and break it so that it’s unuseable again. I want them to push this client to main release because if they update the RC and break it again, I can revert to the main release which will be stable (if it is updated with the current RC).

    If you can deal with the baby blue interface long enough to install the old skin (yes there is one available on the wiki) then I think most of you would also agree with me that the current RC is the MOST STABLE SL Client in recent history.

    I for one can say that I DON’T like the color scheme for Dazzle however, what is most important to me is the stability of the client and the plain simple fact is the RC with Dazzle is the most stable client available.

    Please, don’t listen to these people who don’t like the interface – if that’s all they worry about then they obviously haven’t had to deal with the same problems I have had to deal with these last few months.

  53. Sling Trebuchet says:

    If the higher build limits are still not quite ready for showtime, could LL pretty please take some time out and think about holding back on allowing the higher limit for all?

    IF age verification is going to be eventually implemented, then restricting access to say 1000m plus for Age Verified only would solve a huge bunch of problems at the lower levels.
    We are headed for an insane mainland world where restricted parcels share boundaries with unrestricted parcels. The place will be a maze of ban lines. On top of that, unless visual muting of restricted parcels for non-verified is implemented then cams get past the restrictions.

    A lot of the grief could be avoided by putting naughty stuff way up high where even the cams of the non-verified can’t reach.
    (I’m non-verified btw, and intend to remain so until such time as that status becomes a total pain)

  54. Prospero Linden says:

    Re: Teen Second Life residents going on to Aditi, the following regions on Aditi are available to Teens:

    Sandbox Island 4 (TG)
    Sandbox Island 3 (TG) MONO
    Sandbox Island (TG) MONO
    TSL Weapons Testing Sandbox
    TSL Volunteer Island
    Orientation Island 5

  55. Prospero Linden says:

    Re: the client RC, it is off topic for this post, and I don’t know enough about it to cogently answer questions. Please hold off discussion on the RC until the next blog post about the client RC.

  56. @Prospero:
    Apologies for the off-topic post, but I’d just like to thank you for being so responsive to the replies in this blog, especially considering that this is a holiday weekend. I hope we continue to see more of your colleagues following your and Sidewinder’s example.

    Take care!

  57. bigmoe whitfield says:

    bene playing around on beta having some fun and buying things I need. Please tell me I wont lose my current collection on the beta grid? With the lindens you provide it has helped me gather some nice tools for helping to test lag issues. This has helped me on the main grid diagnose problems there.

  58. Xavier Felwitch says:

    yup bigmoe, thats exactly what it means… your account on the test grid will be a mirror of how your account was on the live grid on 21/05.

  59. Shai King says:

    OK..Ive read alot of the posts here and I may sounf silly when i ask and say this but I will anyway..I dont quite understand. I guess my question is this..Ive been using the Relase Candidate (thats linked in REAL time to the main grid)and does tihs mean that things will change in any way for me after this db refresh? and if so, how? Thanks for the patience!:)

  60. Shai King says:

    excuse my typos ugh lol

  61. Urantia Jewell says:

    @57 bigmoe whitfield,
    Unfortunately, everything you have in your Beta Grid (Aditi) Inventory will be lost and replaced with whatever you have in your current Main SL Grid (Adni) Inventory. Inventory cannot be swapped between the two grids.

    @59 Shai King,
    There will be absolutely no change for you on the Main SL Grid (Adni). The db refresh is for the Preview Grid (Aditi).

    Hope this helps 🙂

  62. Prospero Linden says:

    Shai : what Urantia said.

    Think of it like this : the Second Life viewer you run on your computer is like a web browser. Second Life is like a website. Aditi, the Preview Grid, is like another website. If one website completely changes their pages or goes away altogether, it doesn’t affect anything you do with the first website, regardless of which web browser you use.

  63. Krys Undercroft says:

    So is the test grid actually up and working or not? one minute it sounds like it’s not up at all and other times people are talking about what they are doing on it.
    I’ve never been able to even get on.

  64. bigmoe whitfield says:

    ok thanks. not the best answer I needed by hey got to be happy. refresh of stuff and means that my old partner who I havent been with since january will be moved off and my wife will be put on yay. ok 🙂 enough of me lol

  65. bigmoe whitfield says:

    krys I was there for quiet a while and it was working and it did so. ctrl shift g and select whats listed above. if you have changed your password since this refresh also you will have to use your old one. trust me had to rack my brain over that one too lol

  66. Joshe Darkstone says:

    Are we just not talking about grid issues anymore? today has been rediculous – cant get a member list in my groups right now, couldnt read parcel data throughout the day, every other day we are having massive grid issues, and no grid status updates whatsoever. Its like, once the grid status was moved off the blog we put blinders on… “Grid issues? What grid issues? What grid?”

    According to the grid status everything has been rosy for days.. Id like to know when my second legs are being chopped out from under me.

    Yea, i know… off topic 😛

  67. M U ™® says:

    They are censoring the people now. All the coments about the badness of the grids are being deleted. All mine are gone gone gone and there is nowhere to vent frustrations now.
    They are trying to making things look good for investors by keeping the people quiet.

    Our world, their censorship. So much for a free world. LL Fails.

  68. Pepper Haas says:

    A nice feature of any testing site would be, a box where you can check “whip person who thought up the Communications GUI” and “whip others who think what we need is more GUI changes”

  69. John Altman says:

    Is it only me or is the worldmap not working ?

  70. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Sling@53: the higher limits are absolutely ready for prime time, and age verification is a joke. But if you want better control over your own skybox, I suggest you vote for my proposal to allow the controlled access zone in a parcel be flipped to the skybox zone. That would allow landowners to implement what you want, if they want, without forcing it on anyone.


    Prospero@62: I would say the grid is more like a colo facility, and individual estates and islands and parcels on the mainland are the websites.

  71. Vivienne says:

    @ ZI, 23

    “As the system works now, the new people can’t log in to the preview grid. The database snapshots are done only once every few months. And I believe, most of the campers are not sitting at their computer all the time, so they wouldn’t be available for testing anyway.”

    Sure. But nevertheless, if LL likes ti get as many feedback as possible from the beta…err..preview grid, the most effective way to achieve this is to reward the submitting of this feedback. I am sure that some people would happily crash 10 times an hour or eagerly discover some horrible bugs for a certain amount..and not mutter. This can be expected then, you know, and it would not hamper their main grid experience (on the contrary, it would improve it financially as well as technically, in fact).

  72. Ron Crimson says:

    Sounds good in theory, Vivienne, but again – Lindens can’t be transferred from Aditi to Agni.
    Besides, personally I just don’t see newbies who aren’t even familiar with the software and the concepts in SL being that willing to crash and put up with bugs in order to get Lindens. o_O

  73. Ron Crimson says:

    I’d just like to add that I was of course talking about the in-world currency, not the people at LL. 😀

  74. Ron Crimson says:

    Sorry for wasting yet another blog comment :/ but I just noticed on the grid status page a planned deploy of server version 1.22 to the grid, with the pilot rollout starting tonight at 7:30pm and the rest taking place tomorrow and Thursday. Is this deploy to the main grid (Agni), and if so, how come there’s nothing about it on the blog yet? What’s new in 1.22?

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  76. Wyald Woolley says:

    @21, 23, 72,73 Interesting thoughts. Of course, newbies couldn’t tell the difference between unusual crashes and regular crashes…then they wouldn’t know how to report what happened to jira, because you need to read lots of blog crapola to understand the idiocyncracies of jira and the terminology of SL® to even express yourself… if that matters at all, since most Lindens don’t read it anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I think this is a great step in the right direction (although “Test Grid” makes a lot more sense than “Preview” especially since some parts of the “Preview” are really “Post-view.”)

    Now, I’ll shut up and drink my Kool-ade®.

  77. Shani says:

    Ackk! I’m glad that we are getting a refresh but we will be losing our current beta-grid inventory? (or at least anything recent added to it that we don’t have on the main grid yet) -D’oh!

    Hurrying off to take notes on those models I’ve been working on.. before they go poof!

  78. Ron Crimson says:

    That’s right, Shani, anything you have in your *ahem* preview grid inventory will be OVERWRITTEN with what’s in your main grid inventory, completely and irreversibly (though I’m not 100% sure on the latter).

    Think of it like having two harddisks in your computer and you decide to clone one HD to the other, overwriting whatever was on the second drive before.

  79. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Tuesday, May 27
    7:30pm Rolling Restart (1.22 Deploy) Pilot.Wednesday, May 28
    5:00am Rolling Restart (1.22 Deploy) 1st half.WhenWed, May 28, 5am – 9am
    more details» Add to Calendar
    Thursday, May 29
    5:00am Rolling Restart (1.22 Deploy) 2nd half.

    A planned update and restart to the main grid yet no BLOG entry?

    I think it’s time for a new communications Linden, the one you currently have seems to be broken.

  80. alex says:

    katt is eating salad, ravanne or she is on vacancy again

  81. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Um, there’s a BIG problem with the latest blog post on the grid status page:

    “Information Request: Region Teleporting

    Thank you to the residents who have contacted support to provide information of teleports not working in some regions. We believe this issue is restricted to a small group of private regions. If you are experiencing inability to teleport into your region, please add your region name to the comments below for data collection => resolution.

    “To add comments, please click on the post heading.

    “Leave a Reply

    “You must be logged in to post a comment.”

    The only problem is nobody can actually log in on that blog. o_O

    Should that message have been posted here? o_O

  82. alex says:

    hahahah argent, Lindens never test the functionality of anything, didn’t you know it? they need to learn from us if something works or not, lmao

  83. Ron Crimson says:

    Same here. Apparently we have to register with WordPress, but I can’t find anyplace to do just that – not even on wordpress.org itself! o_O

  84. alex says:

    I am registered with SL, why should I register with a? b? c? other company, other site? what for?
    one channel for commuincation pls!

  85. Feldspar Millgrove says:

    @42 confusing “Aditi” vs “Agni”:

    Another mneumonic: Agni is agony.

  86. Argent Stonecutter says:

    OK, this is weird. It now says “Comments are now closed. Thank you.”

    I guess that means Lindens can’t comment on it any more. Yesno?

  87. R. H. says:

    Argent Stonecutter@87
    >>OK, this is weird. It now says “Comments are now closed. Thank you.”

    >>I guess that means Lindens can’t comment on it any more. Yesno?

    Har har…
    didn’t miss the irony on that post for long…
    Linden Lab bloggers are apparently drinking their own kool-aid©
    these days….or just fscking the population 🙂
    gotta wonder who DID think it would be funny to ask for comment on a forum that explicitly dis-allows comments to posts?

  88. Twisted Laws says:

    I’d suggest just naming the Preview Grid, the “Test Grid”. And when there is no new software to test, developers in SL could use it to test their new ideas instead of testing on main grid with occasional impact on others.

    I also suggest you consider testing new server software in the sandboxes before moving to rest of the grid (put them in the initial installation group at a minimum). This is to test the software under a fairly steady heavy load.

  89. Samantha Glume says:

    I want to bring my sim over to the Preview Grid so I can do proper testing in a comfortable environment. I’ve had an open support ticked for a week now. If there a “proper” way to request a copy of your sim be sent over?

  90. Daten Thielt says:

    I wish i knew what this damn rolling restart was about i dont think its for the beta grid cause it wouldent be part 1 and then part 2 with a pilot. so could we please be informed on what its doing befor it happens?

  91. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I registered for WordPress and you still can’t post on it.

    One possibility is that because it is “The Grid” – for real-world corporations and the like – perhaps only they can post on it.


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  93. Rhonda Nessen says:

    @21……Great ideas!!!!!

  94. Krys Undercroft says:

    O so is there some seperate signup for the preview I don’t know about. I’m a fully paid member and following the instructions above and using my name and password that I always do on the live grid, I cannot get on. It brings up the Caps lock message but nothing else.

  95. Xavier Felwitch says:

    @96 krys… did you join after jan 08? if so you will not have access till they do the refresh tomorrow 🙂

  96. Ron Crimson says:

    Well, Krys, no offense – but you just provided another example of someone not reading the entire blog, or you would’ve known what Xavier said. :/

  97. bigmoe whitfield says:

    I said it too ^.^ but thats ok.

  98. Zena Juran says:

    ahhh…. the viewer keeps telling I need to update but when I go to update, it tells me it’s already installed…. lol

  99. UM ™® says:

    Prospero Linden,

    May I ask when the crash reporter wil be fixed. Mine hasent worked in months How am i suppose to show why the system crashed if it does work right?

    U sagi M usashi

  100. Alexi Maruti says:

    whats the difference between the aditi agni and all the other grids listed in the ctrl shift g menu on log in? can anyone help me out on this?

  101. Prospero Linden says:

    Alexi — as per the original post, agni = second life, aditi = preview grid, and all the others are internal development grids used in Linden but which aren’t available for public access.

  102. UM ™® says:

    I assume there is no answer for this problem.

  103. Prospero Linden says:

    UM — I’m not an expert on the crash reporter, I fear. (Part of the reason we say “avoid off topic conversation” is that you use up responses asking questions that the person monitoring the thread may not know the answer to.)

  104. UM ™® says:

    Ok then fell free to remove me replies…..I mean this no bad feeling on my side……

    But If the crash reporter fails to work in the past 5 releases for me why even bother havin git buildt in to the client to start with…..Should you beware of falures in the client in all stages?

  105. Kitsune Lisle says:

    Umm… Since the recent changes, i can’t log into the “Preview” Grid at all anymore… It says “cannot connect to a simulator”… Am i the only one with this problem? Or did I miss something?? :S

  106. You have to log into one of the available regions. I wondered about this at first and then figured only a few sims were actually up and running. I logged into Ahern and sure enough, it was on.

  107. Kitsune Lisle says:

    It worked with Ahern! Thank you 😉

  108. Prospero Linden says:

    Cristalle, Kitsune : thanks!

    Yes, it turns out this is a confluence of three different bugs. (Well, two bugs plus the fact that the database gets imported from agni.)

    The *first time* you log in, you have to specify a specific location. After that, the data should be in the database such that logging into last location will work.

    We’ll try to fix this bug so that this won’t remain necessary, but in the mean time the first time you log into Aditi you have to specify a region.

  109. Rex Cronon says:

    Why can’t emails be sent from the preview/bet grid to outside(using the llEmail function)?
    Why don’t IMs get sent to a user email address from the beta, even though the user has selected to have IMs sent to his/hers email address when the user is not logged in?
    I think that port 25 is used to send emails to objects on the grid. Could a different port be used instead as ISPs usually block packets sent to that port?

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  111. lokilance torok says:

    Wouldn’t it be so much easier to call the preview grid the alpha grid since alpha comes before beta?

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  113. elephantsunm says:

    We need I remember wasn’t at I even their names I know then. the forests the wild even know parents other things to our It is

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  115. Aaron J. Freeman says:

    Well, we used to have a Beta Grid for new features, and an Alpha Grid for Loading. We actually have a First Look Grid, for Open Grid Protocol, but that’s presently techi only.
    I’d like to get into both Main and Preview with the Beresford 1.18, but that’s still a bit steep on the learning curve. I haven’t seen an RC of Windlight, that has a look-feel better than, and I no longer have that option on Aditi.
    there’s an update tangle, where, if I try to go on Aditi with the wrong viewer, I’m only allowed to download the newer viewer, which I’ve downloaded before, and I can never remember which is which. Getting onto Aditi with the correct viewer, however, left me without my sarong. I don’t think we want to update to something with missing skirt phenomenon.
    Now, I’m wondering, where on the Wiki, can we find the pre-dazzlesque skin?

  116. i want to start playng im from puerto rico i ame borde

  117. it sais that is closed that u are working on it so i want to play

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