New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC8 Available

We are releasing a quick turnaround to this Release Candidate (RC8), to address the issues with new Thread monitoring, buying L$/buying land in the previous iteration. Thanks for the great reporting in the Issue Tracker of the problems you encountered! We are working on additional bug fixes as well for an upcoming version of the Release Candidate.

Please visit the Test Viewers page to download the Second Life 1.20 RC8 Release Candidate viewer.

Fixes in RC8:
* Fixed: VWR-7347: ‘For sale:’ amounts in object Hover Tips show a garbage character
* Fixed: RC7 is unable to buy Linden Dollars
* Fixed: Tuned behavior of thread monitoring (also called watchdog) to deal with extraneous crashing in RC7
* Fixed: Disabled thread monitoring for Mac and linux versions
* Fixed: Fix the premature start of thread watchdog mainloop timeout

IMPORTANT: Known Issues with RC8

  • In RC7 and RC8, a rectangular block of “pixel static” is sometimes rendered nearby avatar impostors. We are investigating this issue and expect to fix it in an upcoming version of the Release Candidate.
  • The Known Issues from previous RC iterations with camera behavior using the SpaceNavigator in “Flycam” mode, as well as using the SpaceNavigator with Apple’s USB Mighty Mouse on Macs, continue in this Release Candidate.

As always, please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate“.

Reminder: Release Candidate viewers are optional viewers that contain the latest round of bug fixes in the upcoming next version of the Second Life viewer. If you have been using the 1.20 (RC6) or (RC7), you will be required to update that installation to this latest version (RC8). But the Release Candidate is always an optional version that you may choose not to use — or better– to have installed side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page or

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC8 Available

  1. Ron Crimson says:

    That was quick! You Lindens rock, no matter what anyone else says! 🙂


  2. pantaiputih korobase says:

    downloads too since 30 minutes, ahahahahahaha

  3. Ron Crimson says:

    Ohyeah? Mine finished in less than a minute. o_O

    BTW: Whoever re-introduced the ability to stretch image preview windows and ‘unsqueeze’ snapshots into their original 4:3 (or 16:9) format… THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I’ve missed that for so long… 😀

  4. Sjonnie Villota says:

    The new RC is pretty nice, however i’d like to see that the link name to profile thing in public chat was optional, not mandatory.

  5. Merry Gynoid says:

    These 1.20 viewers have been really good, much better at handling ATI graphics. I hardly have a stutter at all!

    Keep up the good work and the quick turnarounds!

  6. Marianne McCann says:

    Can’t wait to make sure that horrible thread monitoring has truly gone away on my macs!

  7. Robert Dalek says:

    Linux client just segfaults 😦

    It’s a shame you wouldn’t let me connect with the previous version..

  8. JB Kraft says:

    No offense all but why are you doing this thread monitoring on *nix systems anyway? Seems to me if you need need a watchdog to monitor threads there is something seriously wrong with your implementation of them in the first place or in the underlying protocols. Why not fix the thing that’s broken instead of building something to watch the thing break? :/ Anyway, I hope everyone has better luck with this RC. Keep ’em comin 🙂

  9. Dytska Vieria says: and other camera bugs really make building larger builds impossible when you have to move the camera to various positions/rotations.

  10. Sophia Debevec says:

    despite our best efforts something has gone wrong……

    Mac OSX 10.4.11 1.67 PPC

    So RC 8 doesn’t crash… but doesn’t get much further than the majorly borked 7.
    I understand the idea of wanting everyone to be on the latest release candidate but maybe allowing 24hr window for issues would be a good idea.

    Reverting to the last non windlight viewer i can log in just fine .. but i’d much rather revert to release candidate 6 which was by my reckoning a pretty good viewer!

  11. YoKo says:

    Thanx for quick update!

  12. Adham DeCuir says:

    Please fix the re-sizable “search” window.. and the “about land” window…


    /me nods…

  13. khorus magne says:

    Mac version cant find SL… ahem.

  14. Your Conscience says:

    The texture constant “TEXTURE_TRANSPARENT” is _not_ transparent! It’s a blank texture about 50% opaque. This is _not_ useful! At least not to me. If I want something that is only partially opaque, I would rather set it using LSL alpha. What would be helpful is a totally transparent texture, which I know for a fact is used by many others aside from myself.


  15. Your Conscience says:

    @8 JB Kraft
    That’s the very thing they do with the watchdog. It gives them information about what’s happening so that they _can_ fix the underlying code causing issues. If they already knew precisely what was wrong with it, they wouldn’t have to monitor it and it would probably already be fixed. Sometimes you have to “watch” code break in order to find out what’s wrong.

  16. Adham DeCuir says:

    Please fix the “slurl” website to detect the new viewer. I’m clicking on a slurl and it does nothing with the new viewer.

    /me nods twice..

  17. Autumn Heyse says:

    Someone explain how these can be considered *candidates for release* with such glaring problems.

    “expect to fix it in an upcoming version of the Release Candidate”. Does that not in itself mean that this is clearly a beta and not a RC?

  18. Matto Destiny says:

    I have never had any problem with any of the RC clients but now i am having the same problem with RC8 as i did with RC7. Never get any further than the screen saying secondlife logging in. But hey it’s RC so musn’t grumble.

  19. Your Conscience says:

    @16 Autumn
    Betas are not the only ones with bugs. RC clients are _purposed_ to flesh out bugs. What “release candidate” means is that they have finalized certain features they want to implement, and that for a certain number of residents, it is (usually) stable enough to use and chase out the remaining bugs of various monstrosity. They use the release candidate to get the platform out to as many people as possible, to find as many bugs as possible that escape their internal systems, since the difference between one computer and the next can be huge. There will be bugs, and sometimes the bugs will be big. That’s why it’s not a main client.

  20. Your Conscience says:

    @17 Matto
    I’ve been having the same problem, but without fail, on my second attempt it lets me log in. I don’t know why this is the case, but it does. There’s a JIRA on it you can vote for, and the lindens are looking into it:

  21. Just like with RC7, I get as far as “Waiting for Region Handshake…” then get the message about having trouble connecting. So I can’t login with this RC either.

  22. Judi Newall says:

    17. I’m getting the same problem, with the same two RCs I’m back to reg. client again 😦 Nevr had a problem before with a RC. The Jira gets harder to navigate by the day tho. You match any of this Matto?

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (2133 MHz)
    Memory: 4094 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7900 GS/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.15356 (Mozilla GRE version

  23. Your Conscience says:

    @20 Katanya — See #19, it may help. Also check out the JIRA. Apparently the person found that “Web Proxy” was checked in the preferences, and though that wasn’t the case for me, it may be the issue for you.

  24. Judi Newall says:

    19. How bizarre! TY for the tip a second try worked for me too! Off to the Jira, appreciate the link 🙂

  25. Lasher Oh says:

    mac Man here looks like you guys are having a bad time getting it right for us guys Why the the problems all of a sudden. RC’s were were fine and dandy until you started this latest round, so nothing to report other than I can see nothing cause it crashes out the minute I try to log in … just like the previous one oh well back to old faithful 🙂

  26. JB Kraft says:

    @14 Your Conscience: Ah, ok, so it’s a debugging thing. My impression was it just watched for hung threads and restarted ’em. If it sends info back to the lab though, I’ll let it have some cycles. Thanks for the info 🙂

  27. Autumn Heyse says:

    @Your Conscience. You prove my point.

    “They use the release candidate to get the platform out to as many people as possible, to find as many bugs as possible that escape their internal systems” – This is what is generally referred to as a *public beta*. In any event if they choose to call it a RC then just as you said, it IS working on their end. In this case though, it’s NOT. They admittingly know there are problems and yet this is somehow a *candidate for release*, but not really as they said they will be releasing a new one, making this only a candidate for the trash bin.

    I think their flamboyant usage of the term “Release Candidate” should be an embarrassment in this case. If this is truly something they think is an actual candidate for all of us to use then we all need to be VERY concerned with who is making these decisions. This is a beta for all intents and purposes and should be labeled as such.

  28. Vivienne says:

    “This is a beta for all intents and purposes and should be labeled as such.”

    It is a better alpha, in fact. They should stop this “RC” stuff and create a good and adequate betatest program (main grid) with the help of a bunch of dedicated secondlifers instead feeding the planet with that extremely premature code which nobody needs and nobody really wants. This RC mess only causes trouble and bad PR.

  29. Tegg B says:

    Imagine RC = betaviewer —> Resolved 😛
    Yeah get pedantic about terms if you think it makes the viewers perfom better

  30. Johns says:

    It appears that your update site only has an earlier version of the viewer but I could get it off the login screen. A firewall thing wouldn’t let me just update and it was annoying so I thought I’d post.

  31. Tegg B says:

    Good work getting this out so fast too guys, some of us realise you put extra into fixing it when it borjked

  32. Hope Dreier says:

    @ all the carping

    RC have proven to me much better that the standard client.
    Thanks Lindens.
    If you don’t like the RC, run the standard client

  33. Cincia Singh says:

    @26, 27 … Why do you download and install RC’s if participating in RC trial and error upsets you? No one “has” to download and install an RC, go back to the current regular release viewer which, by the way, is NOT non-windlight. The RC’s add Dazzle to the Windlight.

  34. Autumn Heyse says:

    @28 What I think is that they are trying to give people a false sense of completeness. Something the masses can generally say “ok the public beta phase is done and all the major issues are worked out. what I am downloading is something that all the beta testers gave their thumbs up to so it’s unlikely to hose my system”. This isn’t anywhere near that case.

    RC7 should have been released with a statement such as, “our users have discovered show stopper bugs that were undetectable on our internal systems and we are going back to a beta phase until they can be worked out”. RC8 is just infuriating at this point.

  35. Fenrir Reitveld says:

    Chat is still run together.

  36. shaq Merlin says:


    Well… poor in my opinion is the new Search->Places and group version !!! No traffic info, no clean list just chaos 😉 and not so quick update entry, e.g. teleport point like it was before. Now the update is longer. One day like in case of Search->ALL tab?


  37. Very bad… my computer crashes and the screen goes black. Sorry, my english is very bad.

    HP Pavillion dv 9085 EA
    Windows XP Media Center Edition Ver. 2002 Service Pack 2
    nVidia Geforce GO 7600

  38. Hipster Triangle says:

    I cant even connect to SL,with the 1.20.8

  39. Vivienne says:

    1.20.8 mac version (PPC G5) is STILL not able to connect to the grid.

    “Something unexpected went wrong….”

    Sorry Lindens, i am way too tired to file ANOTHER showstopper on the JIRA, Just get your act together , please, before you throw this on us labeled as the “final” version.

    My oh my.

  40. bigjr Slade says:

    Please give us the next time a 5 min warning..

    And thx for the way to 1.21 ,,

  41. Ewan Mureaux says:

    Video tutorial on how to skin the viewer so you dont blind yourself with shiney blue nonsense. Quick and easy, using JB Krafts dark skin as an example.

  42. Nowhere Mannonen says:

    “Despite out best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong”
    Takes TWO attempts to log on, each and everytime. First attempt hangs for about a minute, then I get the above message. Immediate second attempt logs in normally, but it has to be immediately after failed first. The watchdog command-line fix suggested for RC7 didn’t work. I was hoping this was just an RC7/watchdog bug that would get fixed with RC8. Where do I go to report this RC bug, anyone?

  43. Tuyula Cazalet says:

    The BIG black triangle top left, introduced with windlight, is still there and still covering a large part of the screen. I guess mac users are not the concern of Linden.

  44. Fenrir Reitveld says:

    JIRA bug filed for chat run-together problem:

  45. guljana Janus says:

    umm it does not work but the last one did, sorry

    Second Life 1.20.8 (88152) May 22 2008 15:26:00 (Second Life Release Candidate)

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1463 MHz)
    Memory: 2038 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: Intel
    Graphics Card: Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator
    OpenGL Version: 1.5.0 – Build
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.15357 (Mozilla GRE version

  46. pantaiputih korobase says:

    same here@mannonen

  47. Vivienne says:


    “@26, 27 … Why do you download and install RC’s if participating in RC trial and error upsets you? No one “has” to download and install an RC, go back to the current regular release viewer which, by the way, is NOT non-windlight. The RC’s add Dazzle to the Windlight.”

    I can tell you why. Because i like to file reports on the major bugs and vote on the JIRA even BEFORE someone at San Francisco decides that this is “final”.

    Did YOU ever file a report? If not, please tell me how you manage to ignore at leat a dozen showstppers and a bunch of citical and majort bugs reported by users on the JIRA amd “worked on” by LL: If you cannot answer this questeion, please don´t bother me again.

  48. Aisling says:

    Couldn’t download. Kept crashing. Then kept saying I may have a firewall that is preventing it from not downloading. Never had this trouble with previous updates.

  49. Ron Crimson says:

    Autumn: how is the RC8 release “infuriating?” It is, in fact, a quick(!) and important bug fix of RC7. Aren’t you reading the release blogs all the way through?
    But you know, some of you just don’t get it. Never will. That’s sad.

  50. JB Kraft says:

    @27 Vivienne: I’d happily spend some time beta testing code for a few linden bucks before it went RC. I’m sure other would feel the same. Have an LL partners program or something. 25+ years of C/C++ and *nix experience behind this avi and I know there are plenty of other like folks on the grid. I might even fix something with some incentive. Give us a reason to fire up xcode et. al. ‘cos I personally lost the doin’ of it for love in an asset server mishap I think, ye wacky Lindens. You know where we live. 🙂

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  52. Vivienne says:


    No need to shout. Btw., since 1.20.7 we macc PPC users can only report on bug: We simply cannot log in with this “RELEASE CANDIDATE (shouted)”.

  53. Hipster Triangle says:

    uh,nevermind,i just got connected,an also for the ones that say
    we complain when usin the RC,when i use the regular version,
    I stll get those wierd triangles with my ATI card 2600HD,wth the test viewer i dont,thanks.

  54. Vivienne says:


    Yes, JB, it would be the best to keep the betatesting closed on the main grid. Anyway, i like the idea which is behind the pJIRA very much – but am afraid it simply does not work as it is, however. So a closed betatest program is what i would vote for, including a direct communication link to the development teams at LL. This would make sense to me and prevent me from SHOUTING around.


  55. Autumn Heyse says:

    @48 I get it all too well. What you describe is a beta not a RC. Yeah the quick bug fixes were needed, but that isn’t my point at all. I have no prblem with public betas. But they act like this is ready to go by labeling it as such when it’s clearly not.

    Tegg said I was being “pedantic” about it. He’s right and he at least gets it. Point is this is something worth being pedantic about. It’s a blatant lie being served up to the masses as one giant steaming pile of dookey.

  56. Jessicka Graves says:

    Auto-update failed every time, no significant bugs were fixed, waste of time and energy.

  57. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Buy land box also seems to be fixed now (VWR-7323) good work on that whoever fixed it!

    Looking forward to fixes for VWR-6000, VWR-7353 and VWR-3277

    I especially love the move to the web based search

    now just get it fixed so I can use it…PLEASE!!! 😀

  58. Amy Faddoul says:

    * Fixed: RC7 is unable to buy Linden Dollars

    Seems the quick turnaround is mostly about this. Something that effects Linden Labs, income. When it just effects residents they will get around to it, gut good lord how they turn into busy little bee’s when it in any way effects thier bottom line. They know for a fact that we will wait. We have waited for months, in some cases years for things.

  59. Raudf Fox says:

    Since it still has bugs with the flexible prims, I’m sticking with the regular viewer.

    Kinda hard for me to get the desire to test a RC when there’s a bug that distracts me from further bug-hunting.

  60. Autumn Palen says:

    Unable to even log-in with the Mac client at all, even with numerous attempts. “Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.”

    The usual SL splash screen doesn’t even show up, just black.

    Unchecking Web Proxy in preferences makes no difference.

    The standard viewer works just fine, however.

  61. Moby McCarey says:

    Oopps, doesn’t works on Mac yet. :o)
    Black screen with only the login area at the bottom.
    When “Connect”, unable to reach the server.

    PowerBook G4
    OS 10.5.2

    Maybe the 1.20.9 will work. Be careful, after it’s 1.30. hahaha.

  62. magnus says:

    30 minutes ti download the update? ARe you freaking kidding me? Why don’t you leave well enough alone. I can already tell I am not going to be using this one.

  63. scottirhode1 says:

    I have been receiving the message the Despite our best efforts message when I attempt to log in. Also no splash screen, as in the previous RC update.

  64. scottirhode1 says:

    I’m using the Mac version of the RC, sorry 🙂

  65. Ramzi Linden says:

    @ Some of the previous comments about Thread monitoring: Yes, indeed the intent of this monitor “watchdog” is to derive new information about lockups, so our developers can aggressively identify and fix them… So the Watchdog is one means to a more stable viewer, not an end in itself. The quick turnaround from RC7 to RC8 was mostly to get this important tool working smoothly, so onward progress can be made.

    We have attempted to divert more attention to bug fixes in this 1.20 cycle, including a pending fix to the rendering of flexi prims. I know this often does not feel fast enough. 😦

  66. Rex Cronon says:

    This RC is unbelievable. It crashes when I switch applications, it crashes while i wait for textures to download, it crashes when rotating camera, if I don’t do anything it also crashes. What do I have to do or not to do in order to stop it from crashing so often?
    And, can the name of users in the chat window have a different color? I would like to have same color as text, but it would be ok if we could change to another color.

  67. Edie Hartunian says:

    Just to add my voice. This does not work at all on a PowerPC mac. Same as others, no splash screen / unable to connect. Repeated tries change nothing.

    Did you test this on a Mac? I mean, seriously, did you?

  68. Uptp RC6 all was well, RC7 made me laugh so hard i nearly pee’d, and RC8 sent me to Jira, my voting is done, now heading all the way back to until taunted with an RC9.

    Oh and Hi hi hi you, you, you and #YOU TOO!


  69. Day Oh says:

    Terrific work, alot of great fixes recently, this RC is achieving epic status (:

  70. Ramzi Linden says:

    @16, 27 and others: I agree that our Release Candidate cycle uses the term (perhaps not well) for both its early iterations, which perform more as “beta software”/many deltas in appearance and performance, and its later iterations in which a candidate seems near-final.

    To confound things, in version RC7 we consciously rejoined for more code fixes in the pursuit of better crash information… which carries the risk of behaving like an early/beta iteration again, across a wide range of hardware out in the open. On the surface this would certainly not instill more confidence from you; but we hope to show that RC9 and beyond will again approach a more final-quality status.

    The volunteers who try, bang on, and report issues with the Release Candidate are incredibly valuable to us! Again, thanks, feedback positive and negative!

    In addition, we are working to create an earlier more limited “preview” audience of the beta-like viewers. It is a good suggestion, and we’re working to set that up.

  71. Web Page says:

    Was I wrong in thinking the previous version was supposed to have lip sync for voice and improved lossless uploading? It had neither.

  72. Mace Redstar says:

    * Fixed: Tuned behavior of thread monitoring (also called watchdog) to deal with extraneous crashing in RC7

    Whew, I sure hope this helps. Before RC7 I would pause for 40-50 seconds and come back fine and be able to stay on for hours. with RC7 I was “force crashing” every 10 minutes or so. I hope the tuning resolved this nightmare. Otherwise it seems to be getting better all the time. Thanks.

  73. Michael says:

    great news ! thank you !

  74. Vivienne says:

    “In addition, we are working to create an earlier more limited “preview” audience of the beta-like viewers. It is a good suggestion, and we’re working to set that up.”

    Thank you!

  75. Darien Caldwell says:

    Will give it a try, thanks 🙂

  76. magnus says:

    36 minute downloads and it doesn’t even load all the way? There is no way you tested this on a mac. I knew life was too good when everyone was having a hard time with the last release but me. I suspect I am well good and F___’D. Thank you, I didn’t really want to go online this weekend any way. Or I could use 1.19 which stutters stops and crashes every 8 seconds, Great choice.

  77. Autumn Heyse says:

    @Ramzi – Thank you for acknowledging my concerns. I’m glad to hear you guys are working on clarifying this. I don’t think anyone minds super buggy software so long as it is clearly labeled as such.

    It would be nice to see a RC go out and then actually released as is (or nearly as is), like a RC should be.

  78. Balpien Hammerer says:

    hmm, this still has weird must log in twice bug I saw appear in RC7: VWR-7377. Also, the performance loss as time goes by remains: VWR-7376 . On that one, it seems to be correlated with either a memory leak or a changed behavior in the in-memory texture cache. I see committed memmory start at 100MB upon launch. It then quick climbs to around 400MB. Then it continues to climb at a rate of 1MB/5seconds. If I just spin in place, i can accelerate that memory growth at which point the frame rates drops to around 4FPS.

    You folks really ought to work on this one as I imagine a lot of the lag complaints are related to this leak.

  79. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    “In RC7 and RC8, a rectangular block of “pixel static” is sometimes rendered nearby avatar impostors. We are investigating this issue and expect to fix it in an upcoming version of the Release Candidate.” Personally, I think it is great and do not think you should fix it. Actually what would be even more cool is if instead of the default “Ruth” shape when an avi does not load is to get this same “pixel static” .. kinda like “Star Trek” in a way when a person is “materializing”.

  80. Ramzi Linden says:

    @66 Rex-, @71 Web- I think you can find answers to some of these questions in the Release Notes. The color of clickable names is settable like URLs. Basic lipsync is there but under the Advanced Menu. Lossless uploading is not in any of these releases (still working on it internally).

    I realize that searching through old Blog posts is not the most efficient, so we aggregate the release notes here on the wiki. Just updated them this morning with greater clarity about some of the changes in RC7.

    Thanks! I hope this helps.

  81. magnus says:

    Am I the only person waiting a half hour for this to download? This is ridiculous.

  82. RADO says:

    It updated however it is good, but as still in the machine my to push the search button, it tried probably to put out group information it crashes instantaneously. Since applying ServicePack3 with R6, both RC7 and RC8 the same phenomenon (it is reset to ServicePack2). But as for latest CandidateRC8, when it starts, the window becoming small, after one time trying to indicate, as for the phenomenon which the window converts maximally as for being improved that it is good, as for me you think

  83. Geister Pfeffer says:

    You make a good viewer, but i dont like the dazzle colours. ok..
    BUT !!!
    Its so slow as never before !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I must wait for every texture not seconds, not minutes, it cost a half hour to see everything near me.
    All on Pentium 4, Windows XP and ATI 512MB

  84. Nahh and NAHH … never been so bad as now, cant evan use this. Frame rates bad on 3 dif OS on 3 dif comps w. 3 dif videcards. At best its works for about 20min and evan then useless.
    Tire of messing w. BETA labe rat tests. what the point?
    Filed many reports , waised alot of time i could have spent doing something more productive. Beep me when there is an acutal working version.
    Im done w. Debugging it. back to normal version and not going to look back .. nuf

  85. Feldspar Millgrove says:

    The prevous version crashed instantly on launch (faster than 1/2 second after clicking the launch icon). This one gets much farther — it puts up the Second Life window and lets me type in my login and press the Connect button. Then it immediately says “Despite our best efforts…” can’t connect. This happens within a second or less.

    OSX 10.4.11 PB G4

  86. Balthazar Fouroux says:

    Geez. Still not launching on my Mac G4. How about taking a deep breath and figure out what the problem is and fix it before rushing a band-aid solution which cause so many, so much grief. Seems like a waste of time and bandwidth. The previous RC worked so much better.

  87. I have no popular list…
    AND i’m a member of the TG, and when i search, i get MG reseults…I can’t TP though 😛

  88. Fox Hwasung says:

    SL experience on Linux gets worster and worster for me, totally blows up Xorg about every 8minutes… Also the black brick in the loadingscreen still present.

  89. Joshe Darkstone says:

    I am unable to download this RC, it complains that the installer failed to download because it was unreachable and that I might have a firewall issue, Nothing has changed on my network since the last RC which downloaded fine (yesterday?).

    One thing I would like to address regarding the RC’s and hope it doesnt make it into the release version. The Teraforming selection distance has been wildly inconsistent from RC to RC, in the last one (yesterday) It reverted to a problem I have had with it in the past, If I disable camera constraints and zoom out so that i can see the entire, or even alot of, the island i am teraforming, the land selection fails, as if it were a prim with limited selection distance. This is an extremely disabling problem for those of us who have learned to use the limited (when are we ever going to see multiple selection or selection shapes other then big squares?) land terform tools to their full advantage.


  90. Danball Tureaud says:

    79 Vryl Valkyrie “Actually what would be even more cool is if instead of the default “Ruth” shape when an avi does not load is to get this same “pixel static” .. kinda like “Star Trek” in a way when a person is “materializing”.”

    Actually, since RC7, they added a whitish green cloud that is over avatars as they load. Pretty cool, no more ruthed avatars.

  91. And Eun says:

    I was using RC6 and was actually very happy with it. The client moved much faster than any previous version on my Mac G4. Then I was forced to upgrade to RC8. Now it will not connect to SL at all. The splash screen area is black and when I click , I get an error stating:

    “Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check to see if there is a known problem with the service.”

  92. jerome colman says:

    At the first attempt to connect, i get “Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check to see if there is a known problem with the service.”
    I will get online at the second or third attempt.
    This happened on RC7 too, but never on previous version.

  93. Dael Ra says:

    The New ‘Places’ Search no longer has the option to view the map of the location. Can we have this back please? I relied on it a lot.

    I’m also not too keen on the html style search results. I have nothing against the fact that it’s a html page but it looks untidy, there’s too much scrolling involved and only 10 search terms is not enough to find anything useful.

    If we’re going to have html in search, wouldn’t it be better if the whole search windw were resizable?

  94. tosher tatham says:

    Yet again the Mac update can’t find SL. Please stop releasing updates with this same problem.

  95. Shai Khalifa says:

    Ramzi – you’re answering everyone else – what about the Mac users who’re asking things???

    I seriously doubt that LL test anything at all on any Mac op systems

    And the number of Mac users who would be complaining would be far higher except that there are a significant number of us who have to use the PC versions of the viewer in Bootcamp – just to operate inworld.

  96. Sanpierre Juran says:

    It’s working nicely for me. A few comments:

    – I had to manually download it – the usual auto-download-and-install-during-login did not work.

    – The fog-instead-of-Ruth effect is kind of nice. But I’ve run into a couple of avs that never did de-fog

    – I don’t like the extension of web search to the Places tab. It’s making it much harder for me to navigate to known places, that is, it takes more clicks and slows me down. For frequently visited shops, clubs, etc. Search used to be quicker than a landmark since you didn’t have to lose your place in Inventory or open a 2nd Inventory window, but now it’s a rather cumbersome process. I’d prefer to have the old Places search back.

    – Also in Places search, the two different “Include Mature content” checkboxes are a little confusing. At least they’re confusing me. Why are there two?

  97. Shai Khalifa says:

    Anna are you on a mac – if so, see my Jira VWR-5521

    that’s been an issue with me for every single release since 1.18.4

  98. Allen Kerensky says:

    RC7 rocked my socks!
    I felt bad knowing there was some already known stuff coming in even as the downloads were starting.

    Lipsync: hell yes. I *love* it. Haven’t given up on Motor Mouth until lipsync goes release… but it works great.

    Cloudy Login: hell yes! Its like star trek gas creatures turning into avatars. Or Melbar from Futurama. Whatever, its funny.

    Watchdog: hell yes. I *love* it. Death to lockups! Death to bugs! Death to FROZEN screen! Just turn it off before uploading… or set the timer > 60 seconds.

    Dazzle: hell yes! I know how to use the brightness, contrast, and color controls on my monitor, so… a nice fresh interface look that isn’t dark green or dark mausoleum grey. YAY!

    Windlight: hell yes! Rocks my socks every day! Especially with the Torley pack installed.

    Havok 4: hell yes! Good bye wriggles! Hello faster vehicles!

    Yes, I crash a lot. I run !release (alpha, beta, release candiddate, who cares what you call it, it ain’t DONE).
    So what? I have toys.

    I am glad to see the open-source mantra of ‘release early, release often, release again’ is taking hold and stuff is getting done.

    Replace the login image for RCs with a “No Whiners” box, and keep on rocking.

  99. Youri Ashton says:

    i can’t use teleports nor attach or rezz anything, nothing at all 😦

  100. coventina dalgleish says:




  101. Gabbi Rotaru says:

    I dont like “The fog-instead-of-Ruth effect” can you please make it optional.

    Im also experiencing agin my AV spinning uncontrollable in a clockwise direction. I had this in an RC back in Jan, and again in RC8.

    MAC system btw.

  102. Mathue Taxion says:

    RC 8 does not connect for me. : )

    “Despite our best efforts, something has gone wrong.”

    Dunno if it ever gets far enough to report back to LL what the issue is.

    10.5.2 2.5ghz Quad G5 Quadro FX 4500

  103. I’m sorry, but this is a CANDIDATE for release? I logged in just trying to pick up a couple of things I saw in a blog and it was practically unusable. Shall we begin with the login? My character never rezzed in. I was logged in for a good 10 minutes and all I showed up as was, mysteriously, a light blue particle ball, despite the fact I was not wearing any particle emitters. The particle ball followed me through walking and teleports so I can only assume it was “me”. Next I tried to find the group I needed to join. The new search system makes finding anything obscured by needless descriptions and has a very cluttered appearance, and when I was finally able to even find the group I was after, I then had to click the group name, and open its profile (groups have PROFILES now?), adding an extra step for newcomers to learn, as if they weren’t having enough trouble finding groups and such. There is a reason I wasn’t using Search All before. Next I went to try to search for the store itself to pick up what I wanted and was unable to figure out which link was the store, at all, amongst the search clutter in Places. It used to be very simple to find anything I needed with the old system. I was NEVER one of those people who begged others for landmarks to a place I knew the name of because it was pretty simple to find anything in that search system. This new one is obscure and draws the eye in too many places, providing too much information to take in easily and glance through to find what you are after. Finally, as I was about to ask for help from one of the groups I regularly chat with, I find that group chats now appear as such:

    :Hi, how is everyone?Maegen Parvenu

    And the “Maegen Parvenu” part shows up as a hyperlink which I could click, although I didn’t find out what clicking through it did. I’m sorry, you are SERIOUSLY considering releasing this? Please don’t. This isn’t even a good BETA.

  104. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    The use of “Release Candidate” for software that is clearly still beta is as bad as the use of [RESOLVED]™ for issues that are clearly not [RESOLVED]™. I know that LL is supposed to have recently hired a new person to assist in communicating with customers, perhaps this person can sit down and have a training session with LL bloggers on the meaning of words.

  105. Hikaru Dreadlow says:

    *The following post is 100% grammatically correct!*

    All right… the teleports aren’t working. Again. Rezzing isn’t working. Again. I just lost a prim I was working on because I hit “Take” and it vanished without going into my inventory. Again.

    Please, Linden Labs, for the love of all that is profitable, fix stability before you start fixing the viewer! People like Henri Beauchamp are doing the viewer-fixing job for you, Henri’s is almost impossible to crash and has a ton more features than yours! Just fix the servers so we can USE your fancy Release Candidates without having to wait hours every day for you to fix an asset bug!

    THIRD time submitting this same message, it just won’t show up!

  106. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    Thanks for the quick update!
    ..i don’t know if this effects only the RC8..atm..asset servers seem to not want to play..invo doesn’t load at all and tp is not possible..the grid status page is not indicating any problems’s too slow on announcements anyway..i’ve noticed several times over the last week that it takes, whoever is supposed to be monitoring the grid status, hours for any problems to be announced

  107. Electronics Aeon says:

    dear ramzi, i realise this is not your area but regarding bay city auctions couldn’t linden retain 1 sim (which i’m certain will be paid by the sale of others) and rent to residents?

    the auction prices, although expected to fetch L$100 per sqm, is beyond the average residents affordability to which affecting the communities second life experience.

    at this stage i’m assuming bay city, although a public area, is restricting the average resident participation in this region which is a shame. i understand the buy price is determined by the seller but the matter at hand can be rectified or at least considered by linden labs to provide alternate solutions to improve the second life experience and not exclude residents from bay city.

  108. Ron Hawker says:

    @96 – the times that Ive seen a av not get out of the cloud it was resolved by them going to appearance for a moment..


    RC downloaded in about a minute here.. but I havent been able to get through Login since.

    Will have to check it out when it lets me back on:)

  109. la le lu says:

    @104, thats right.

    i also wouldn’t call them release candidate. normally you have 3 or 4 concurrent release candidates from which one get chosen for release. they should be free of major bugs and show stoppers..

    but hey, the ll people call there beta phases now release candidate. sometimes new beta clients appear or first looks.., now release candidates.

    btw,: isn’t m linden in charge from now on? i thought he would like to introduce himself.

  110. Kira says:

    Log ins are torqued period its not just the RC , cant log in with the regualar viwer as well……

  111. Morgan Chaplin says:

    I can log in after two tries but then it takes forever. When I teleport to a different region or come back to mine I get logged out or SL just shuts down. Except for the invisable prims which is always a promblem every thing was working fine. Why fix it if it ain’t broke.

  112. Avalon Asturias says:

    Can we work in fixing the log in problems currently being experienced by many of us right now??????

  113. lea Parnall says:

    So… I have prob with this RC8 (MacOSX 10.5.2 Powerbook G4 1.66hz 17″)…

    When I try to login … the login failed (RC dont crash) a window say:;

    ” Unable to connect to Second Life.
    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.
    Please check
    to see if there is a known problem with the service”

    I can use the SL standard Viewer… but … I am waiting for the RC fix… the RC is faster…
    thank you to fix this…

  114. Djarum TIgerpaw says:

    ummm, when logging everything rezzes fine except for ME….yep my avi is a cloud of white heavenly smoke, which is far from heavenly…

    MAC OSX 10.4.11

  115. Ox64 Sachs says:

    Ok maybe I’m not reading far enough, but would have figured an announcement would have been at the top of the page anyways or somewhere obvious….but not able to log in either.

  116. Djarum TIgerpaw says:

    another thing…. I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ (although i claim no religion) that someone would create a viewer that works for everyone….without WINDLIGHT! Im on a regular old macbook with 2GB of Ram… and im getting more play than those with powerful G4’s….without much lag at all…
    the mainstream viewer is excessively laggy while the RC use to be da bomb! i mean FPS was thru the roof, (february 28th release) Can i have that back please?? Or at least tell me where to get it… and no Im not building it, (thats just ridiculous)

  117. Youri Ashton says:

    nice, the crashes started again =\

  118. Youri Ashton says:

    ow yeah, sorry for this second one LL. got a bug to report. your crash reporter cant find the server again…

  119. Blodwynna Smalls says:

    “Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong”

    Let me rewrite that:

    “Despite our best efforts, we cannot provide a release candidate for Mac users that will log in.”

    Hope that helps!

  120. gizmonic panda says:

    crashed simply trying to type in the chatline. something about mangled network. you’re not making it so sensitive it can’t run on DSL are you?

  121. Kai Fleischfarb says:

    Well, RC6 was awesome for me.

    RC7? I’d start it – it’d crash. Start it again, it’d take forever to login then have the “can’t reach SL, check the status blog” error. Login again, it’d work – until it crashed.

    RC8 has the same bugs, except it doesn’t start upon crashing. Since they’ve kicked out one of the crashes, I’d call that ‘progress’.

    My vote is to make RC6 the release – as long as we can change the interface to the 1.19 “classic” view.

  122. Isabelle Inshan says:

    I have crashed about 10 times w/ no warning since I downloaded it 4 hours ago. Please update again soon 😦

  123. /me yawns. This is getting boring now

  124. Poppy Vanbrugh says:

    I can’t log in with this RC 😦 So i am stuck with main viewer. If this becomes main viewer i won’t be able to log in again.

  125. Djarum TIgerpaw says:

    HEY LL! IM waving at you /me waves, give us back our viewer, the one that worked!

    stop throwing mercury soaked fish at us and calling it gourmet!

  126. Danball Tureaud says:

    103 Maegen Parvenu

    Do you not read release notes? That particle ball is a nice new feature to cover up ruthed avatars that just logged in

  127. alf lednev says:

    to No #1 . of course it was rushed out fast. Unable to buy Linden Dollars in Release 7? Bet all the alarm bells were ringing in LL Land over that one. Magazines dropped, pizza dropped etc when they realised by their own incomptence they could endanger the golden goose of making money.

    Kinda shows their QA sucks and model testing obviously means those plastic build kits of planes and cars and things.

    Money Talks, thats the only thing LL really listens to..

  128. MaCelia Morane says:

    I’ve tried RC7 & 8 but neither have worked for me (gets into the login screen for a second then straight to the crash logger it goes). As long as the main viewer is still available, I’m okay. Just hope that when the RC becomes the main viewer it’ll finally work (or I’ll still be able to use the old one).

    I’ve seen RC7 & 8 (on my work computer) and it looks pretty cool, so I’ll cross my fingers that things will work out eventually 😉 Maybe my crash log data will help…

  129. Lloyd Newman says:

    OK, another Mac user who can’t get past the black screen for login. Powerbook G4, 2 gig, ATI video card.

    …this is getting old….

  130. @ Danball Tureaud: No, ever since LL stopped listing the release notes before install, I haven’t been reading them. I didn’t see anything about the particle thing when I read this blog entry before I commented on it. If it was in a previous RC version (ie. the one that got rescinded the other day, maybe) I didn’t get it nor read about it, because I didn’t get it. As of a couple of RC ago I was still ruthing, so I guess I should just find a lot more time and read every single blog post here whether or not I think it has anything to do with me. 😉

  131. U M says:

    WOW fast! But its release near ( my weekend ) this at times is not a good sign…………..But thank you

  132. Alexia Hyova says:

    RC8 works fine for me. No crashed so far (knock on wood) and the GUI is really nice.
    The only things that really suck are the cloud around avatars and the paragraph sign in pasted text. I hope both will be removed in the final version.

  133. Rado Arado says:

    Evasion method of the crash phenomenon which I experienced was recognized. For example as for this it modifies the system when Viewer is installed, when name of the C:\Documents and Settings\ system manager \ Application Data \ the content of SecondLife breaks, re-installing viewer, as for this folder as for content it changes and is that way left. It to be decided that the user data of viewer of the expectation which following cleanly is installed that way is left to the same place, because viewer which is installed newly refers to the data here, even with when it re-installs, previous trouble means to take over that way.

    In order to evade this, after un installing first old viewer, it means name of the C:\Documents and Settings\ system manager \ Application Data \ deleting SecondLife by hand. Like this when it does, viewer which is installed newly is initialized in clean state.

    For example when viewer is installed, doing the modification of the system, when (Windows Update and the like) this folder being automatic, it backs up, there are times when it breaks. In that case, because as for viewer when it crashes, after that deleting the program, this folder is left to the same place usually that way, and it reads also trouble that way and becomes cause of crash.

    As for this crash occurs with CandidfateRC7 with the system as SP3, after that un installs and when RC8 is installed and the like, occurs.

  134. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    Sorry folks at Linden Lab , even if i am from Germany ..
    i dont like to have a german translated viewer for Second Life.
    Even if i select english while installing, i have the bad crappy
    German Translation for the RC 8 .. this i s a no go .. !!

    repeat with me .. A NO GO !!


  135. Danball Tureaud says:

    @130 130 Maegen Parvenu
    Linden Labs does include release notes on the blog. Its on the blog for the previous RC7, not this one.

    “Newly created avatars without a gender, or any avatar where “clothing is still downloading” are rendered as a cloud rather than naked/wrong body shape”

  136. Renee Faulds says:

    slimy ash basturds LL

    you owe me 132,718 LD$

    I friggin waiting for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    Schwebetipps : lol
    Durchsichtig hervorheben : even more lol
    Objekt anhängen : ROFL
    Umwelt-Einstellungen : LMFAO

    please let me revert to plain old english ….

  138. radar says:

    @108 Exactly.. so, IOW, it’s the same as being ruthed – they look ruthed, they go into appearance, problem solved. They look like a cloud, they go into appearance, they look like themselves.

    And this is surprising… how?

  139. Jan Horsforth says:

    Quick turn around is right. I STILL can’t log in as with RC7. Viewer freezes and eventually I get the unable to connect message.
    Back to the OnRez viewer until you folks at LL get your shoddy release practices together.

  140. radar says:

    @121 if they make RC6 the release, my mac’s gonna lock up and require a hard power off/on several times a night. Ummm. No thanks. If that becomes the release, that’s when I quit using SL except to get some work done and then log out again.

  141. Chaos Mohr says:

    Well performance wise so far, not bad, however I see the Land search bug reported way back in 1.19 still persists – I really wish this would get fixed.

    Having a few issues logging in, however this could be more SL than the RC.

    A few freaky texture loads, not quite sure what is up with that – at least it does appear semi-stable for the time being, we will see.

  142. Martin Magpie says:

    Wow Renee what did they do this time? Or should I even ask?

  143. Kulayle Anatine says:

    so Release Candidate (RC8) is not a option at all i have to uninstall to us old main viewer just to log on now thanks LL’s

  144. Nowhere Mannonen says:

    Sort of OT: I have been reading about people having mysterious “triangles” obscuring their screens on some viewers. If these are those smeary-looking, multi-textured triangles that seem to be attached to your av at their “point”, well I also had that problem for a while. I updated my motherboard driver (which was the only hardware I neglected to update regularly), and it seemed to solve the problem. I have had no more triangles appear. Hopefully this will also work with others who are apparently having the same problem.

  145. Kulayle Anatine says:

    so you cant release next RC with option to stay with old RC
    kick ass i wish i could log on with RC8 to crash even that would show progress at lest

  146. Argent Stonecutter says:

    RC7 broke the ability to reset the camera cleanly. RC8 hasn’t restored it.

  147. Ryu Darragh says:

    Hehe.. yeah, That was quick. Still can’t get my minimap to show properly (been that way since a very early RC ot 1.20) and the file it’s supposed to live in is missing, but somehow the new installs remember the messed up minimap settings, but it works great otherwise 😛

  148. U M says:

    If you think the german version is bad………

  149. U M says:

    But to release the lcient not even 20 hours after the last release

  150. Jan Horsforth says:

    Normally I try to be tolerant of RC’s but when you can’t log in – gotta shout.
    BTW, I can’t use the official release because it kills the explorer.exe process and effectively hogs my computer. Anyone else have that issue?

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