Ask Torley: Video Tutorials & Resident Education!

Friendly greetings!

[UPDATE – 2008-05-23 @ 3:44 PM] WE’VE REACHED 150 COMMENTS! See my closing note, and thanx each & everyone who awesomely participated! A new video Tip of the Week comes tomorrow and it has something to do with the initials “Y.T.”!

Torley Linden here. I work on “Resident Education”, which means teaching you skills for a better Second Life. It often comes in the form of my popular video tutorial series, yet I’ve also written guides โ€” like photography tips โ€” and done myriad other things to boost your creativity (free textures!), in addition to collaborating with other Lindens on making your experience smoother and more memorable. More info…

I love sharing info to benefit you, and I’m making a fantabulostical opportunity available right now: I’m going to answer your questions about my work! Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask me any question related to Video Tutorials & Resident Education. Each person gets 1 question; I’ll consider more if they’re exceptionally awesome. I’ll reply in the comments.
  2. We’ll keep going until we hit the 150-comment wall, so don’t hesitate, and give me your best. ๐Ÿ™‚

I won’t answer questions that aren’t actionable or off-topic; for other Lindens’ expertises, visit the Office Hours page. If you’d prefer to chat live inworld, I have office hours on Thursdays at 12 PM PDT (noon!), but I know not everyone can make the appointed time, which is why I’m also available here for your benefit.

Have at it, and shine!

Torley Linden
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149 Responses to Ask Torley: Video Tutorials & Resident Education!

  1. OK… who’s up? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. what softwear do you use to take some of the screen captures in SL?
    adn what do you do at LL?
    I know its 2 but all my other stuff i will ask in world might have your thoughts running

  3. @Stephen Posaner: Thanx for asking! What I do is described above. You can click through for more info. You can also use ๐Ÿ™‚

    My preferred software for recording video tutorials is Camtasia Studio (v5), and I have details on my step-by-step process right here:


    Anyone who wants to make video tutorials (or other types of Second Life machinima) are totally welcome to adapt that to their purposes however they want. I’d really like to hear what you come up with.

  4. Edward Griffith says:

    I’m on a Mac. Machinima movie capture seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs in SL. ( It crashed the client instantly for several versions and has now been removed.)

    Do I need to get 3rd party software to do SL movies now? If so – what do you recommend?


  5. @Edward Griffith: Ah yes, the inworld movie capture was botched in many ways; I fell to that sword on both Mac and PC. On the Mac side, there are some pretty cool new tools like ScreenFlow (Leopard-only), and some people also like iShowU. There’s a partial list of other softwares you can try here:


    and I bet there are more than that, so if anyone knows the missing pieces, plz do login and add them!

  6. Toy LaFollette says:

    T-T-T-Torley!! good to hear that text tutorials will stay. Not sure where I heard the rumor that vids were replacing text. Scared the bejusus outa me. I happen to enjoy vids as entertainment but I really learn from text ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. @T-t-t-Toy LaFollette: Of course they’re staying. We’re going to keep making the Knowledge Base better and I’m working with the Documentation Team (Jon, Jeremy, Kate Linden) to do so โ€” I’m a purveyor of multimedia and here’s my take on the whole matter:

    Not everything makes sense to be a video tutorial! Vidtuts are great when it’s much easier to show than tell. Each medium should be used for its strengths. For example, scripting snippets are effectively parsed in their raw text form (and copied-and-pasted, for that matter) whereas a wordy description of how moving some sliders will improve visual quality is simpler to record and playback on video.

    Multimedia can and should be combined for unified knowledge and communication. For instance, detailed reference tables of the permissions system accompanied by video tutorials on how to grant permissions to a friend.

    If putting something into words with still pictures doesn’t passionately communicate an idea well enough, I’ll consider making a video tutorial.

  8. Autumn Heyse says:

    I would love to be able to view your videos in world. Is there any plans to port them over to a “streaming” Quicktime format or better yet view Youtube/flash videos natively within Second Life?

  9. @Autumn Heyse: You can sure do that RIGHT NOW. I should advertise this better, it’s clearly my fault since you didn’t know, but EVERY video tutorial is available as a QuickTime-compatible movie, and here’s how to get ’em for streaming:

    * Go to
    * See all the links that say “DOWNLOAD”? Copy those links into parcel media inworld.
    * You can see this in action @ , that’s a SLURL to my inworld office where I have a movie screen which uses the URLs from that page.

    I’ve also got another exciting (I mean it!!!!) development coming in my next tip of the week, due this weekend.

    Thanx for watching!

  10. Any change of you creating a techno soundtrack for SL that can be played when there is no audio stream set for the region we are in? ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    When you make the vidtuts you often use the RC’s. That is of course needed for the bleeding edge tech stuff, but when documenting more “normal” things that is allready available, why not use the major viewer release?

    And btw. it’s highly appreciated when you put text into the vids to highlight or explain somthing ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. @Colin Kiernan: Haha, I’d luv to get back to full-scale electronicmusic production in the future. Not enough time at the present, nor do I know a way offhand to have my existing pieces stream for free on a station (but I bet someone out there does know!), but it’s a fun idea. Maybe if Radio Linden is ever reincarnated, part of the programming might be DJ TORLEY IN THE MIX!

    @Jessica Hultcrantz: OK OK OK VERY VERY GOOD question. So here’s why: the RC stuff eventually *trickles down* and becomes the main viewer. By filming vidtuts in the RC, that gives them somewhat of a longer life. I acknowledge with so many changes in SL, there’s a lot of things that get deprecated/obsolete in a fairly short time compared to, say, Adobe Photoshop or other software development which vidtuts are made for.

    And I’ll keep using subtitle text to highlight additional notes and points of interest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Erica Kessel says:

    Have you thought about creating pages for the vidtuts that contain a transcript of what you say plus screenshots to illustrate things? This would be accessible to people who may not be able to watch a video because of a slow connection or other reasons. It would be much easier to update when the viewer changes as the text can be edited and new screenshots dropped in without having to create a new video.

  14. Hi, i remember you made a tutorial about moving your camera view into a position and leaving it there wile you moved with your AV all over the place….and putting it in a angle and it would stay like that and follow you in that angle even after you moved..thing is i cant remember how it was done and since this is very handy in making a video inworld i was hoping you could explain it one more time?
    Thank you.

  15. @Erica Kessel: Absolutely. I don’t have enough time to do it by myself, but I’d love help. Infact, what I’ve done recently is gotten text transcripts for 2 of my tips of the week; they’re not illustrated, but you can see:


    Look for “Text versions”.

    Eventually in the future, I’m highly suspect there’ll be tighter integration between video tutorials and text/pictures in the Knowledge Base so we have those… bases covered.

    Anyone who can access Second Life should have enough bandwidth to view the videos, tho โ€” I optimized them as such.

    I’m also open to dropping in/overlaying screenshots, but due to TtPaU (Time to Publish and Update) factor overhead, it’s not all that faster. YouTube has no way of replacng old videos without uploading the whole shebang again. I guess a recent interesting example was when I had to do an Advanced menu QUICKTIP (that’s coming soon!) because it’s no longer the Debug menu.

  16. Gac Dagger says:

    Heya Torley, Love the Q&A format. Thanks for doin’ it! Here’s my Q:

    The reason for the ‘Release Key’ button (on the interface toolbar) escapes me, is there a way to make it go away… debug menu command or some other trick to hide it?

  17. @Nigel Goldflake: That sounds like FollowCam scripting calls! It’s shown within this video:


    Tech details:


    I still have the free cams @ if you want to get one and attach it.

    Since that time, I’ve seen some Residents make kewl gadgets which use it to enhance immersion/make stuff more fun.

  18. @Gac Dagger: I’ve mulled doing a video tutorial on that but we may be changing the UI on that… you can click “Release Keys” to make it go away ๐Ÿ˜‰ but long story short, when some scripted attachments (and possibly inworld objects, vehicle) take over your controls, that will appear. The reason why you’d want to click it is to free yourself from your controls being overriden.

  19. Mech Gears says:

    Hey Torley, ages a go youmentioned this in one of your turoials and I missed it ( and cant find it now ) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ How do I get rid of the Search bar in the top again, I’s rather have my bandwidth meters back

  20. @Mech Gears: Get “Hiding the Search panel in the menu bar” here:


    And for future reference, you can click on the columns to sort them by name or topic. ENJOY.

  21. Urantia Jewell says:

    @19 Mech Gears,

    Edit Preferences > General Tab

    Near the bottom there ‘s a checkbox with “Show Search in Toolbar” (or something like that). Just uncheck it and you’ve got your meters back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Tensai Hilra says:

    Sorry for the long post but here it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a question about the SpaceNavigator (mine arrives tomorrow!) but considering the one question limit, I’ll divert. I noticed a VERY big lack of data on creating Precision sculpty’s. Maybee I have been looking in the wrong places, but I only accidentally stumbled on using Wings3D to create my parts (slightly hindered by the VWR-2404 bug). This technology has so much potential and was wondering if you were planning any detailed vid-tuts or have direction to some?

    Until I poked and prodded Wings3D I was very Very frustrated with sculpties and was completely without direction, almost to the point of giving up. it seemed a guarded secret that an elite few were using for cornering the market!

    There are some very advanced things that I had to discover on my own that were very fustrating at first. namely using compounded vertex info to sharpen a sculpt. I think a series along this route may help the community alot, I would even be willing to contribute to this cause if needed, though my schedule prevents me from a full out tutorial series ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. None says:

    I have a question about land. I have a huge piece of mainland and the people next to me have a small piece. How come they get more prims to use on their land then I do on my land?

  24. @Urantia Jewell: Thanx for helping out! ^_^

    @Tensai Hilra: Glad you asked YES… I am hoping to create more video tutorials about sculpted prims and better building in Second Life. For good humor’s sake, I’ve taken to referring to the umbrella project as “The Joy of Building” a la Bob Ross. I’ve only used Wings3D a bit but it was fairly easy, albeit an odd interface. I prize useful tools that are (1) free and (2) cross-platform but not everything is like that. Have you also tried Sculptypaint? That’s a lot of fun, too…

    And by all means, if you’ve already made video tutorials, point me to them PLEASE. Paste the links here, or email me… torley at lindenlab dot com

  25. @None: No name? What the heck? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously: alas, I don’t know for sure without more details, but if you supply coordinates (SLURLs!), perhaps someone here can help you โ€” be sure to check About Land > Objects tab very carefully.

  26. Broccoli Curryยฎ says:

    What is up with the 50 or so GESTURE MISSING FROM DATABASE i get everytime i log on?

  27. Ron Crimson says:

    Torley ^_^

    With local light sources being so widely used in SL – think street lamps, inside illumination for stores and homes, and last but not least FACE LIGHTS (often using more than one light source all by themselves), the global limit of 6 nearby light sources in OpenGL has long been a problem as it leads to all sorts of flickering in-world (depending on movement of lighted objects and the camera). Is there ever going to be a chance of that limit being broken, and if yes what does it involve and what’s the roadmap/time frame for getting that done? In the meantime, what can residents do to get more consistent lighting out of their in-world experience?
    And wouldn’t it be nice if we could “mute” light sources since some residents insist on destroying their immediate surroundings with absolutely ridiculous blinging torchlights and throwing everything into a harsh light-and-shadow scenery reminiscent of walking on the moon? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. sylvie matova says:

    Hi Torley

    In the latest versions of the viewer in the communicate window, the person’s name tab doesn’t flash any more when you get an IM from them. It just sort of lights up in grey on a grey background.

    I know there’s a debug setting to make it flash again can you remind us all what it is?

    And also, is there a JIRA to get it put back the way it was?

  29. For specific bugs, as @#$%ing maddening as they may be, please refer to ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Ron Crimson: Better education of that IS SO important. A lot of people simply aren’t aware of that limit. I don’t know about having more/better lights *yet*, but being aware of one’s facelights and turning them off/detaching them when not needed (e.g., when there’s numerous nearby illumination sources) is a fine first step. I also think Tools menu > Show Light Radius and selecting nearby objects to see where the lights are is a somewhat kludgy, but sage thing to do, as shown here:


    General theme here is an awareness of resource usage. Just like in the “real world”, resources have a cost; the costs in a virtual world aren’t the same, but knowing about them empowers us to do more creatively and be good/understanding to each other. On a sort of tangential note, ARC is also an example of where “knowing is half the battle”:


    And interestingly, as some of you’ve noticed in the RC, muting people also mutes their prims… see a video:


    Sometimes, I feel partially to blame re: facelights, ๐Ÿ˜‰ and this is why:


    But it would’ve happened anyway. Invention can be like that.

    Some have also suggested setting local lighting priorities, or having inworld objects override attachments, etc. Definitely a thread which’ll continue…

  30. @sylvie matova: I don’t know the debug setting for that, but if someone wants to share, I’d welcome it.


    ^ That’s the one.


    so if you want to come and hang out, TP here:


    It’s in the Grasmere region! I welcome your attendance and look forward to a fun time.

  32. Welleran Kanto says:

    Torley, I wonder if you can offer any prediction or guess about this: will a future Second Life client offer users the ability to change keyboard shortcuts, or create their own?

    As a left-handed user with perpetually sore hands, I’m one avatar who would truly appreciate that. I believe people with disabilities, different abilities, or merely tired hands could do ourselves some good if we could assign our own keystroke combos.

    It’d be great if I were assign a key for something that doesn’t have one yet, too, such as a key combo that opens my Groups window.

  33. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    Hi Torley
    Do you ever plan to put out up to date info on how traffic is generated. The KB says it is based on a unique points system, but residents who have tested it says it seems to be 1 point per 1 minute an avatar is on a parcel.

    Any up to date info on the way traffic is generated would be cool.

    One other question, do they ever plan to do anything about the friends list? The JIRA I submitted has a lot of votes but nothing done yet. (the one about having the friends list so we can divide them into groups or folders much like msn messanger or such)

    Keep up the good work!

  34. Meghan Dench says:

    @ Torley!

    Where was you last night? I managed to attend the Triage, and you wasn’t there! No sarts for you! (Also, that wasn’t my proper question :D)

    Dunno if this is ‘On Topic’ But will you give us an Update on the damn error with the Wiki and Jira, the Microoutages and not I’ve just discovered that some edits arnt taking place, when I save them!

    For example, just edited a Wiki page, and when I save it and go to the Page it is the same as before I edited i! Refreshed etc.

    Here’s the Jira Links;

    Public Jira Issues WEB-654 and WEB-646

    Linden Lab Issue DEV-14764

    Thankies! *hugs*

  35. Colin Kiernan says:


    They won’t and shouldn’t release the details about how traffic is computed, because that would allow people to develop methods of artificially increasing their traffic score.

  36. @Welleran Kanto: I’ve heard requests for that ever since 2004. I’ve no speculation on when/what will happen, but do know in the meantime, if you have an able, external macro program (like QuicKeys or PhraseExpress), you can remap some keys. There’s programs like SharpKeys which can help in this capacity too. My hands sometimes get sore, too, and I have a hard time pressing Ctrl-T for opening IMs, so I changed it to Ctrl-Space (as an example). You might be able to do a macro that automatically opens the Groups window for you by clicking in the right places.

    @Rhaorth Antonelli: I think it more likely that like in Jeska’s earlier post, we replace traffic with a method that makes much simpler, practical sense:


    Traffic bugs obscure how it’s counted too, ugh. I don’t know about friends list plans to but I love the idea of that change, to make it behave more like IM programs a lot of people are already familiar with… I hope calling cards get killed in favor of that. They’re like, useless, vestigial organs… !

    (I’m at my office hour now! Woot. Keep asking…)

  37. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    @Colin they already have info on the knowledge base, but it is old info, and up to date info would be nice
    as for people gaming it they already do, having more information is not going to change that.

    (My main reason for wanting the info up to date is so folks will stop telling me I am stupid or lying when I quote the info)

  38. @Meghan Dench: I was making video tutorials. I apologized to Bridie in advance to let her know I wouldn’t be there. I’ve spent less time on the Issue Tracker recently because my job focus has shifted to Video Tutorials & Resident Education.

    Those micro-outages bug me and I’ve been in touch with Rob Linden + Cascadeo (hosting company) about them.

  39. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    I too would love to see the calling cards get booted. Push them, nudge them, beg them, nag them to do something with the friends list hehe

    as for the traffic, even though there are plans to do away with it as it stands, does the old info still pertain to how a traffic count is generated?

  40. Meghan Dench says:

    @ Torley.
    I missed yeeew! lol
    Oh and give em a kick Torley! Not Rob… Cascadeo LOL

    Ooh I got a good one for ya! I think…
    Why did you join Linden Lab? (Make it good :P)


  41. @Meghan Dench: Because I love Second Life and the awesome people here.

  42. Drew Dwi says:

    When you normally make a post on the blog, how much time do you spend following up on comments?

  43. @Drew Dwi: Generally anywhere from 0-6 hours, and this includes comments not just on here, but all the emails I get, and messages on other sites (YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook… I’m sure I’m missing some out…). It’s always well-worth it when followup results in video tutorials helpful to many!

    (This doesn’t include the time it takes to make the vidtuts, just replying/research.)

  44. Meghan Dench says:

    @ Torley.
    When are you coming to the UK to do a talk?!?!?!?
    I guess we’re just not ready for your awesomeness…! FTW

  45. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Very sorry, unrelated, but are there database issues preventing login? If so, could an announcement PLEASE be made? (I get a generic “login failed” on the client, and “SL is down” message when I try and log in the website.)


  46. @Meghan Dench: May do public speaking tours in the future. We’ll see.

    @Alexandra Rucker: I just had a slow relogin and our Lindens are on it โ€” see for updates on that, it just got posted.

  47. Meghan Dench says:

    Second Life Grid/Service Updates can be found at

    And yes there’s some DB Issues at present, here’s a link to the posting regarding them;

  48. sylvie matova says:

    @30, thanks Torley. I can never find anything in Jira.

    The setting is halfway down the page thanks to Iskar Ariantho

    “The flashing tab can easily be put back, they put in a Debug setting ‘ButtonFlashCount’ which counts the number of times an IM tab flashes before staying selected. Default is 3, but if you change it to like 9999 you have a good approximation of the old behaviour.”

    Please poke Tofu Linden.. he’s the one who says he’s putting it back in soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    And as soon as I can get back on the grid I’ll set it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  49. Sophia Debevec says:

    Re post 31: i’d love to Torley, but i’m currently being good and “refraining” from logging in … like i have a choice!

    Seriously though keep up the good work your video tutorials are great and i regularly watch them and pick up little gems of useful info i’d not known about :).

  50. Torley!

    Hope all is well with you and yours ๐Ÿ™‚ Will you do a video tutorial on all the kewl Advanced features?

    …(if there is not already one :/) There’s so much there that is useful. A lot of those Advanced menu items go unused because folks don’t know what they are for or even that they exist.

    Thanks Torley!

  51. @sylvie matova: Thanks for finding that! I wish JIRA was easier/faster to search too.

    @Sophia Debevec: It’s appreciated, thank-you!

    And I hope for all of us that Second Life feels better soon. Never underestimate my frustration when I can’t enjoy it like we should all be able to!

    @MadamG Zagato: Thanks! A few notes here:

    * I’ve done numerous video tutorials on the hottest Advanced features. Some are way more useful than others. If you have any particular faves I haven’t covered yet, let me know.

    * The most useful ones, like Force Sun (as some of you remember from ’05), end up finding a more accessible place in the viewer so they CAN be used more. But Advanced menu, for all intents and purposes, is meant for diagnostics and is unsupported.

    * There’s a list of what a lot of Debug Settings do @

  52. vaxstation says:

    I can’t login ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  53. carmichael says:

    omg,at the exact same time lindenlab pulled the plug a half hour ago i send a lot of money from slexchange to my avatar and i could briefly log in and see i didnt get it,omg
    what do i do

  54. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Torley, are you planning on doing any tutorials on IP rights and prevention of content theft in SL? The community needs educating on this. Ignorance is not an excuse but at least if folks have been educated that it is wrong, then they can’t use the ‘oh but I didn’t know’ excuse. Please consider doing this as theft of our creations makes us less motivated to create more. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  55. Ash Meersand says:

    Ah, darn it, Torley, I teleported out of Watermelinden Land intending to retexture a scripted cannon I made to make it green and shoot pink cannonballs.

    I guess I’ll have to save that and all the questions I had been keeping in my notecard for next Thursday.

  56. Sphire Ziemia says:

    Torley…I think about now you’re the only Linden we now love. *sighs in frustration at the message.* Issues with the database are currently affecting inworld services, logins, and the website. Please refrain from attempting inworld transactions, rezzing valuable or no-copy items, and logging in until the all-clear is announced.

    I think maybe the other Lindenโ€™s like you need to attach a face to there name. Itโ€™s to easy hurl frustrated and angry insults at those we donโ€™t get to see.

  57. Danno Spiegelblatt says:

    I notice in your vdo’s that you always have a gorgeous screen with no ‘jerky’ movement. Care to give us you computer specs and what might be good minimum specs to have in a system to run second life on high to ultra graphics performance setting whilst walking about?

  58. Russ says:

    Torley, I would love to see a tutorial on how to set up audio streaming in-world, so I can start DJ-ing! I know I have to sign up for Shoutcast or something somilar but beyond that, I’ve no clue how to proceed.

  59. @vaxstation and carmichael: I hope things get better soon. Please, for you and each & everyone who’s wondering what’s happening with grid issues, please go to and keep an eye there.

    Continue to keep comments here on-topic; as much as I agree it sucks when we have problems (never underestimate *my* frustration โ€” !), it doesn’t help any of us to redundantly complain/troll. I removed some of those comments because they weren’t making things better. In addition to the info we’ve been making available I do wish we had a “vent bucket” to Lindens & Residents to let out tension in a healthy way. Sometimes you got to let it out or want to feel someone’s listening, and I understand… but here is not the place.

    @Georgette Whitfield: The idea’s come up a few times and Marketing/Legal @ LL has chatted with me about it… but I suppose the key thing I’d need to know is: what would particularly help being shown in motion a video tutorial, compared to text/still picture instructions? Haven’t had a clear answer on that yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    You’re doing a great job Torley. I just wish the techies did a similar good job. Alas, they obviously don’t, because SL is borked again and pretty much everything is failing. Teleports don’t work, inventory items don’t rez / can’t be worn, the inventory of prims can’t be accessed, profiles don’t load, search seems to be down, in short: the usual borkage plus additional login server troubles.

    Well, at least there’s an entry on the Grid Status blog now. We had the same problems yesterday for some hours, without the blog mentioning it. Sorry for posting off topic here, but commenting on the Second Blog isn’t possible.

  61. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    I love what you’re doing here Torley! Thanks for being more approachable this way.

    Ok, my question (well, a statement in the form of a question) is do you plan on mirroring articles in the KB with a video tutorial? Perhaps even linked/embedded on the page?

  62. Frank Northmead says:

    Danno, Doesnt take a new high end system:

    Second Life 1.20.7 (87883) May 19 2008 21:40:37 (Second Life Release Candidate)

    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (Unknown model) (3192 MHz)
    Memory: 2046 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 GT/AGP/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.15334 (Mozilla GRE version

    Runs everything maxed out except hardware antialiasing smoothly – when SL is running that is…


  63. Jazzine Jewell says:

    Hi Torley – this is such a wonderful idea – I wish more Lindens would do something along these lines (yeah I kno they r busy, but mayb once a month or so ??)
    ok- my question – I have several times been willing to vote on an issue in Jira, but every time I go, its just a jumbled incomprehensible mess to me – like a whole other language. Do you have a vidtut for it (and if yes what is the link) – or just some general help for those of us (I KNOW I’m not the only one!!) who dont understand it??
    thx :))) Jazz

  64. The grid is down for “emergency maintenance” and Dr Linden is feverishly working to save the patient. In the meantime, we’ll watch Torley Tuts to keep us occupied ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Jazzine Jewell says:

    may I post a second question?? its NOT gripin – I just dont know the answer and this IS resident education, right?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    ok- so why has the grid status (along with other info) been shifted to a dif site? – why isnt it posted here on the blog anymore?

  66. Hollywood Mureaux says:

    Torley, can you explain/show how to stream music on land I own, using shoutcast/winamp (or some other method) and NOT renting a server in SL or RL. Essentially I’d like to be able to play music off of my PC at various times (not all the time) and talk over the music if necessary. I’ve read various convoluted forum posts, but there seems to be no concise tutorial on how to do this. Thanks! Keep the great vidtuts coming!

  67. @Ash: Good to see you again at the end of my office hour, in any case. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Sphire Ziemia: There’re a lot of Lindens behind-the-scenes, working on this. So I can’t possibly be the only one, and I agree re: “attach a face”. I wish we had an easier way to show that. I know it’s damn upsetting looking at a page and wondering if anything’s happening, then refreshing periodically and seeing updates… but it’s not *real-time*. I look to communication examples from other companies; Linden Lab is by far more personal than most, at least in my experience.

    @Danno Spiegelblatt: My computer specs are here for the taking:


    I’m very budget-conscious; for video capture, I recommend dual hard drives tho. I can run @ Ultra graphics reasonably in most situations, but there’s still noticeable slowdown in very geometrically-dense areas.

    @Russ: That’s a good idea, thanks for the suggestion! There are some logistical complications with recording that (it might take a couple computers) and last time I tried to do it didn’t work successfully, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind. In the meantime, there’s this related Knowledge Base article:


    @Ishtara Rothschild: Thanks, but Second Life is incredibly complex and a lot of it is beyond even my understanding. Whenever I check on how things are going internally, our engineers (including operations) are busy about doing lots of work, even when things seem “fine” on the surface.

    In a way, it’s a shame there’s nothing else quite like Second Life… sometimes it feels lonely that way. On the other hand, we (including you in our community) are unique and special. I don’t mean that in a Sesame Street way, that’s really how it is. I figure in hindsight we’ll have a better judgment of how things went, but that’s what happens to pioneers… uncharted territories, get arrows in your back. The least I can do is say thank-you for being with us!

    @Cliff Dieffenbach: YES, we’re doing some of that now โ€” including video tutorials with KB articles โ€” Documentation Team is helping me with that, and there’s going to be more in the future.

  68. Kuroyanagi Habsburg says:

    Torley: Thank you for all that you’ve done with video tutorials. They’ve been a wonderful resource.

    One question I get asked from time-to-time that has not been covered by your wonderful tutorials is live streaming music. i.e. setting up and playing music from one’s personal computer to stream into SecondLife through a shoutcast (or similar) server. Do you have any future plans to make this video tutorial? Maybe you could use some of your wonderful solo piano inprovs to demonstrate. ๐Ÿ™‚ At one point in time you had a wikipage where residents could post suggestions for tutorials. Is that still active? I recently searched for it, but could not find it.

    Thanks! I hope to see helpful videos!

  69. Cold Spitteler says:

    you had a recent tutorial where you explained terrain textures / settings on an estate, but the tutorial stopped short of explaining RAW files for terrain mapping

    the knowledge base info on this is also very limited, it would be nice if both the knowledge base could be improved, and a companion tutorial be made to go with it

    and for an actual question.. at what height are objects excluded from being displayed on the map?

  70. @Jazzine Jewell: Glad you think so. I decided to do this kind of spontaneously. I have a couple video tutorials for the Issue Tracker to make it less painful; see “QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker” and “How to report a bug” on here:


    Once you get used to it tho, it gets a lot easier. Like with anything… like riding a bike/swimming. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And grid status posts are on their own blog in large part because that makes them easier to find; there’s so much happening with Second Life, it’d be a shame if there was a lot of worthwhile-but-not-as-critical stuff that came up which buried the status updates โ€” that’s what happened before.

    Historical post:

    @Hollywood Mureaux: Similar case to what Russ asked for above. I’d like to do one and the first step is likely figuring out how to do it easily *without* Second Life, but then simply applying the media stream inworld. That’d complete the puzzle.

    Thanx for all the great Qs! I just had a fun office hour and thanks much to those who could make it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. topmate says:

    @ Torley re. comment 12. has free audio hosting and shoutcast streaming (if you dig a bit).

    Techno it up real nice!

  72. Ninna Dazy says:

    Hi Torley!
    I have question about Groups. Well, i have joined French France group, by not knowing its spam group and now i cant delete it from my list. Group is showing in my profile, but not under Group tab, where I can click on it and leave it. I sended report to LL, but problem isnt solved.
    Thank you for your help. Ninna

  73. @Kuroyanagi Habsburg: I can clearly see what a popular question that is! See my response above to Russ and Hollywood Mureaux; I’ll definitely research it closer. I’m also looking for a better way to gather video tutorial suggestions; the wiki page was too clunky. For now, ALWAYS feel free to send vidtut suggestions to torley at lindenlab dot com with “video tutorials” somewhere in the subject line, it’ll get flagged for me to check out soon!

    @Cool Spitteler: I’m happy you asked. RAW files currently have some broken-ness, which is why I didn’t go further with that. I’d like to see that fixed before I painfully try to explain the shortcomings.

    As for your Q, I believe that’s still 400 m. Cheers.

  74. Your Conscience says:

    Hey Torley, I sent you this email the other day, and I know you’re busy so you can’t answer everything, but I figured since you were devoting time to this I’d go ahead and post it here in case you had the opportunity.

    “My friend and I recently started renting an openspace sim, and we share the land. I live up in a space station at the new build limit, and he lives down on the island. We have it set up so that a ship will carry passengers up to my space station, which is as the name implies in space. The problem is, though we both love the new windlight settings, and we look forward to them being server-side and estate settable, that my station is in space, and the island looks beautiful in sunset or sunrise. It was then that I happened across this idea: Being able to set certain windlight settings for certain elevations in the sim! This would allow for many interesting effects, not to mention a very cool transition from beautiful atmosphere to starry-night space for my passengers as they travel in the shuttle up to the station. I know for a fact that many people I know would use such capabilities. I wanted to drop this idea in your lap, as I thought it would be best sent to you for further consideration and perhaps even development by the windlight team before windlight becomes truly server-side.”

    Also, I was wondering if perhaps you could do a video tutorial on megaprims? What they are, how they can be used, how not to use them, etc, etc. It might also be a good idea to do a few tutorials on scripting various things, especially such things as vehicles, since the actual behaviors and functions involved can sometimes be a bit vague.

  75. Daniel Voyager from TSL says:

    Hiya Torley ๐Ÿ™‚

    Awsome Tutorials and Tip of the Week’s so far, love them to bits ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just wondering when will you be able to film tutorials in Teen Second Life?
    It would be also excellent to have Torley Linden TSL Office Hours sometime too?

    Take care
    TSL Rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Meade Paravane says:

    More a suggestion for a tutorial than a question about them: how about something on group finances? I don’t think anybody _really_ knows how this stuff works.

    (and a ‘common mistakes/WTH is this?’ one for forum FAQs like people turning on Show Updates/Highlight Transparent/Beacons by mistake)

  77. Thordain Curtis says:

    @#16 — Gac Dagger:
    While Torley’s explanation was entirely correct, it may not have quite been expansive enough to answer you ;-).

    Certain scripts are able to capture your controls. Some scripts totally override them (such as vehicles, where your movement controls no longer move you or your camera, they move the vehicle). Other scripts merely listen to your controls. These types of scripts are the most common, and allow AO’s, flight assists and other attachments to do their job better. It lets them know what direction you are walking or what you are doing.

    In any event, with many attachments on your avatar, it could be difficult to find out the culprit if a) an attachment were to have an error and erroneously override your movement keys (sticking you in place) or b) maliciously do something with your control input. The “Release Keys” button will automatically:

    1. Detach any attachment that is currently using llTakeControls.
    2. UnSit you from any object that is currently using llTakeControls.
    3. Revoke PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS on any other object taking your controls (although the run_time_permissions event is not called, so the script isn’t notified.)

  78. @topmate: The tip is appreciated! *bookmarks*

    @Ninna Dazy: Sorry I can’t help more from here, but sounds like this bug: I haven’t tried Zai Lynch’s workaround in those comments, but have a look. I’ll followup with the right folks (but please keep in mind my workload is overflowing, so I’m usually not an available resource to ask about specific bugs nowadays). Hope you can get out of that group soon!

  79. mcp Moriarty says:

    Hi Torley,

    Has there been a tutorial on using JIRA? I know the level of frustration here gets maxed out at times on the blog. Maybe such a tutorial would help reduce this, as users who are avoiding it can then see how easy JIRA is to use. Seems to me a lot of info gets posted here in the blog that really should be placed in the JIRA.

    One of theses days I have to make it to your office during your office hours. ;o)

  80. @Your Conscience: As you and others may recall, I worked on community communication for WindLight (“phase one”), and one of the beautiful possibilities that came up was scriptable settings. So, using your example, someone could ascend and, through a means like sensors, WindlLight settings could change. That is definitely uber-interesting sounding… not sure yet *when* it’ll happen, but it’s a FINE idea. So thanks for sharing.

    Re: megaprim video tutorial, maybe. That’s still kind of a fuzzy area, isn’t it? I’d need to clarify things with Linden experts on this first; it’s part dev-challenge and part GTeam-knowhow. I may eventually do more scripting vidtuts, gosh do I hope for crisper video that text snippets can easily be copied-and-pasted from! (In nearer, realistic likelihood, it may be videos that are embedded on a webpage with the code already on it, providing a richer level to the whole process.)

    @Daniel Voyager: You’re so supportive, I’m glad you’re continuing to share YOUR knowledge! You did ask me this before and I didn’t forget. ๐Ÿ™‚ Srsly, here’s my warm shoutout to the Teens of Second Life! And I may film some there in the future; I might have office hours if I knew there was gonna be a big interest in them (who, how many would show up?). I have a good feeling you’d be there; would also be classy of me to ask current Lindens with TSL office hours about their experiences!

    @Meade Paravane: Including the confusing “debits”? That puzzled the nerve out of me when I was new, too. *makes a note* Thanx for suggesting!

    And oh yeah, I’ve covered “Show Updates” and the beacons before.

    @Thordain Curtis: This is why I love the Internet and Second Life… distributed help, shared info, pooled resources. Your great explanation is super-appreciated!

  81. Jazzine Jewell says:

    @mcp – see post #70

  82. @mcp Moriarty: What topics would you like to see besides “How to report a bug” and “QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker” (I linked to above)? =o)

  83. Your Conscience says:

    Re: Torley
    Well, I wouldn’t want the whole island to change, since there might be people down on the island, “Whoa! Something swallowed the sun!” Hehe, but yeah, scriptable windlight settings would be fantastic.

    Here’s another vidtut suggestion, though! Ctrl-Shift-1 brings up a console with a wealth of very useful information for the sim. I know that if people knew how to use it, it would help them understand what exactly is going on with their computer or the server. Perhaps you could go through that and explain what the various things are and mean.

    Also, on your minimap tutorial (I know, looong way back), there were two things that didn’t get mentioned that I think would be useful. The minimap turns “pink” when the client is disconnected, and object marks on the minimap will turn maroon when there is severe lag (or at least, that seems to be the correlation. I’ve had multiple clients up and sometimes it’ll show in one and not the other, so I’m not sure what it really means).

  84. @Your Conscience: Viewer Statistics (Ctrl-Shift-1) is due for an overhauled text guide. The last one I saw was from relative ages ago. I’d be happy to help illustrate some of the more visual points but it sounds to me like at the very least, an easily-updatable reference is good. For newcomer and non-technical Residents, Help menu > Lag Meter is easier to read.

    And glad you remember that Mini-Map tutorial! Ah yes, the “redmapping” problem; not sure exactly about the “maroon” objects but it sounds vaguely familiar…

  85. mcp Moriarty says:

    I failed to see @70, uhm sometimes many posts appear that were not there between the time you start typing a comment and pressing Submit. lol

    Anyway, thanks for the tutorials!

  86. Durga Dryke says:

    Sorry if this was asked above, i read to about 50 and then thought i better ask fast so it wont reach 150 without me asking ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway question : Torley are you colorblind?or at least partially colorblind?

    I ask this because of 2 things.

    1)The yellow circle you use around your mousein your vidtuts, i don’t know if you use it so we the viewers can spot where your mouse is more easily or if its there to help you.

    2)The second reason is because you really like the colors pink and green, so i thought it might have something to do with you possibly being (partially) colorblind.

  87. @Durga Dryke: Intriguing question. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not colorblind to my knowledge but I have acute sensitivity to dynamic range/contrast. Which is partially, yes, why I like green/pink. It stands out. But the yellow circle is definitely there to help video tutorial viewers see where the cursor is; in earlier episodes before it, I got questions suggesting that I make it easier to see.

    Of course, I listen.

  88. Rascal Ratelle says:

    The following issue has not been addressed:

    Mac RC & crashes a at start up.

    if you are already aware of this at least let us know.

    Thank you

  89. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Sorry to wate a post but yes @ 89 this is a big problem for Mac users, this problem did rear it’s ugly head with Beta mono release, so why didn’t they learn from this for RC7, of course Torley can’t answer this, only Pastrami can.

  90. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Can you please do a video tutorial on skinning and Dazzle? Most people *still* don’t know the improvements in skinning 1.20 has brought, let alone that there a few skin options to choose from already. I’ve been creating text tutorials under but I would love to see something for you to really jumpstart a skinning community (let alone spur people into making more skins. Four isn’t enough!)

  91. pantaiputih korobase says:

    what about a tut about what SL/LL does to improve the game in terms of stability, less crashes, less TP failures, less transaction failures, less inventory loss, towards a more playable – reliable game
    – sorry, my 10 seconds are over and I crashed –

  92. pantaiputih korobase says:

    and…. why is it that I can only log in each second time?

  93. Urantia Jewell says:

    @26 Broccoli Curryยฎ Says:
    What is up with the 50 or so GESTURE MISSING FROM DATABASE i get everytime i log on?

    This is caused by Activating more than one Gesture with the same HotKey Combination. Instead of one over-riding the other it creates a conflict which needs to be manually repaired by locating the offending gesture in Inventory (which has recently been made easier because the line in chat where you get the warning message should also be showing the gesture name.)

    After locating the gesture in question make sure it is deactivated (you may have to activate and then deactivate it) for this to clear the warning. You will have to do this individually for each gesture showing a warning in chat.

    If you want to Activate any of these gestures for use you will have to either delete altogether the hotkey combination, or, choose a combination that you know is not being used, or, check all your other active gestures for the one using the same combination and either change IT or deactivate THAT gesture.

    Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great job Torley ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the awesomeness ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Ash Meersand says:

    Torley, if you fly too far north, east, south, or west in SecondLife, do you end up on the opposite side of the grid?

    Also, I thought you might be interested in knowing that the surface area of all the land in SecondLife is equivalent to that of the Martian moon Phobos. If it were projected onto a sphere, the sphere would be about 20 kilometers in diameter. (Link to Phobos image:

  95. carmichael says:

    ty torley
    i called lindenlab,they referred me to slexchange to see where the money went and go back to lindenlab with whatever slexchange will tell me.
    so its just a waiting game
    i learned my lesson,always wait and triple check to see if lindenlab behaves and then handle money
    hopefully the mystery gets solved where my money went

    btw love ur videos torley,im subscribed to u on google and youtube

  96. Sylvie Grizot says:

    Hi Torley, this is a great idea!!

    My question – what is “texture decoding (Client menu > Rendering > Run Multiple Threads)” that you mention on your computer specs page?


  97. @Rascal Ratelle: Yes! Updated the PJIRA.

    @McCabe Maxsted: I’m planning (tentatively) to do one when user-skinning is easier. Right now it’s really DIY and I HEAVILY am thankful for the contributions on that page. We could get the word more out about it; the big blocker right now is it isn’t easy for someone non-technical (nothing wrong with that in itself, we all learn here) to apply/change between skins.

    (And yes, this is why I haven’t done vidtuts on some other requested topics yet; I’m waiting for them to be more usable/humane for many, broadly.)

    @pantaiputih korobase: In all seriousness, I’ve done some related to improving performance. I’ve become terribly empathic and so when I say “I feel your pain”, it’s not just a clichรฉ.

    When someone (like myself) gets upset about not being able to login to Second Life, that shows they care about being here, and I’m always grateful for that.

    @Ash Meersand: Apparently we’re closing in on the size of Denmark too. And as for your question, no, the grid isn’t a globe, but we once kicked around some ideas of alternate cartography. They didn’t pan out practically because they were “interesting” but it wasn’t clear what actual benefits would be gained (?).

    @carmichael: Hope it’ll be alright. On the Grid Status Blog, we make it clear ASAP when we’re aware of issues affecting transactions. Thanks for watching!

  98. Hi Torley,

    You do such a great job–thanks always for your energy and enthusiasm. I know you are a Mac user from time to time. My question: Can you tell us what significant work is being done to optimize SL for Macs, specifically MacBooks? I have a MacBook (less than 1 year old), but I sometimes feel like a troglodyte compared to others in terms of graphics, frame rates, etc. Am I really doomed to a constant life of 1 FPS per second or less just because I can’t afford a MacBook Pro? Thanks for any insight…

  99. @Sylvie Grizot: I’d need to get more details from our graphics gurus as to what/how it works *today* โ€” long ago, Steve Linden taught me that turning that on enables Second Life to make use of a multi-core processor (like the Q6600 I’m on) to speed up performance with texture decoding. SL isn’t fully multi-core optimized yet tho. I haven’t done hardcore benchmarks to validate current differences, but back then, I did notice a boost (and having VBO on, which was at the time very experimental, helped too).

  100. @Sunn Thunders: Thankye. Yes, I have a MacBook Pro (not the Santa Rosa ones but an older generation with ATI X1600) and have owned 5 other Macs before. Admittedly, SL runs slower than I’d like on my MBP. As part of the WindLight cycle, there were actually a number of Mac-specific optimizations and performance boosts specified on the Issue Tracker; without knowing more (and this isn’t my forte, I’d check in with a graphics dev), I couldn’t advise specifically: but I wonder how your Second Life performance is when running on Boot Camp vs. OS X native?

  101. Razrcut Brooks says:

    Torley, forgive me if this has been asked: Do you know of any plans by LL to improve the current built-in move making capabilities of the SL viewer?

  102. Saii says:

    Torley, how about a short and simple video integrated into SL when you start it the first time for the newbies who are asking always the same questions:
    What do I do here?
    How do I get money?

    Sound kind of dumb maybe, but hang around an infohub a few days, and that are basically the general questions.

  103. Winter Ventura says:

    Torley, this question is kind of a three parter.

    I’ve asked a few times, and not seen an answer. What software are you using to make these video tutorials? The second and third parts of my question are sort of combined. Do you have any tips for using “whatever the software is? (pt2) and.. “I’ve happened across your personal page on the wiki about your vidtut production process.. (pt3) “Would you consider making a video tutorial on.. making video tutorials?”

    I’ve seen some good (from you) and some bad (from others) “video walkthroughs” on some products.. and I think that you could teach us a lot, in regards to how to keep things engaging, interesting, and informative.

    (besides, if more of us knew how to make video tutorials.. imagine how many more subjects could be covered, and how many more people could be reached. There’s a wealth of information out here Torley.. teach us to teach others.

  104. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Hello Torley Thanks for the wonderful vidtuts. Very informative.
    I noticed that you can only have 1 video Per parcel. Are there any plans in the future to allow the ability to have several videos on a parcel of land without creating seperate parcels for each video?.

  105. @Razrcut Brooks: Our current path is that we removed the built-in movie recorder because it was buggy, difficult to support, and there are many 3rd-party options which are free or well-worth a minimum cost and have superior codecs/editing abilities/etc. What Linden Lab *is* making available, however, is more potential for richer inworld films through feature-bugfixes which better the overall experience like WindLight (gorgeous atmospheres, clearly!), Havok 4 (way easier to do physics-rich movies), and even Mono (significantly more responsive scripts… this’ll play a big role in future machinima-cam automation, I reckon). I’m leaving a lot out tho, as BIG improvements and smaller ones (like the lipsync the RC introduced so recently) all add.

    @Saii: You bring up a gap which I’d like to see connected better: we’re in the works of improving the orientation experience through several means and I did a dozen-or-so BASICS video tutorials about that


    The answers to “What do I do here?” and “How do I get money?” would vastly differ depending on who you are. Not to cop-out on that answer, but they really could be answered in so many ways. Almost as many as your First Life. I feel strongly about making it way easier โ€” through a combination of things โ€” to FIND what you’re looking for within the first few minutes of your Second Life.

    Perhaps a quick movie on our website of “What is Second Life?” would be smart; I know that idea’s been kicked around a few times, and I sure grin whenever I see the little video tour on IMVU’s home page.

    I could eventually do video tutorials covering how I’ve explored inworld and how it led to a lot of success for me, no doubt. I’d be happy to present it from my perspective, keeping in mind that it’s a partial and non-neutral one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And BTW, if someone were to ask me, “Torley, what do you recommend for making a living in Second Life?” Let me share… since 2004, I still don’t see enough good documentation writers and usability advocates โ€” many excellent products which took me awhile to figure out are marred by lack of ease-of-use or have poor manuals. We could also use more marketing masters who successfully weave a story to accompany goods & services, like avatar Seth Godins. I always smile when someone has a great ad/video tutorial to accompany their vehicle, board game, or whatever. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Which leads us to…

    @Winter Ventura: Thanks for your curiosity! Re: my moviemaking software of choice, I answered wayyyy above (so much text to go through, I know), Camtasia Studio 5. And:

    (2) Yes. Again, includes tips. Camtasia is pretty hassle-free, unintrusive and their user forums on the TechSmith site are good if you have misc. questions that come up. I learned that different versions of Camtasia can be installed independently, which means that:

    (3) Doing a video tutorial on making video tutorials shouldn’t be that hard. The thing is, I haven’t had a lot of requests for it since comparatively few people are going to be making vidtuts, but of course, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THIS. So it’s still an open possibility, and you make a very good point about teaching/reaching others…

    I’m biased towards doing your own voiceovers instead of just onscreen text, to inject personality and warmth into the mix. I know some people don’t because they feel shy about their voices, but I used to be that way. (Back in 2005, I was still commonly identified with female avies, so some people thought it weird that my male “puppeteer” was speaking… I dealt with that by continuing to speak, people get used to it over time if you give them a chance.)

    Another piece of advice I have is to really be familiar with what’s already out there to get a feel for what’s quality and what’s “meh”. I’ve watched 100s and 100s of non-SL video tutorials: a couple of names that really shine are Russell Brown (Photoshop guru, one of the original guys behind promoting it) and Andrew Kramer (special effects wizard). The latter uses Camtasia too, incidentally. What I do today is a sum of all those experiences, and then some.

    @Dilbert Dilweg: You’re very welcome! No immediate plans to do that, because there are several design problems, including bandwidth issues. There ARE some Resident-created gadgets which cleverly workaround it tho and can show multiple movies at once; I’d look them up on SL Exchange and OnRez (sorry I can’t recall specific names at the moment or I’d share links!). And there are movie players which can read from a playlist and switch from one to another at-a-click. I use one by Geaven Gall on my land in Grasmere.

  106. Connie Darcy says:

    Torley you recently made some very useful guides dealing with land, and have also mentioned the land sales system in other interview(s) aluding to problems that may be encountered. Recently a glitch in the system caused me to lose a rather large amount of land, yet when i submitted a ticket asking for help i was turned down flat. Is there any way such cases can be pursued further?

  107. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    how i can change the look in the interface, because the new colors in the realese candidate are horrible and hurts my eyes, combinations color are terrible and the look is America Online, AIM Messenger? the employer in linden labs make that dont know nothing about styles in web programs

    this soft gray color light is horrid. i hope change this skin

  108. Net Antwerp says:

    Please make sure VWR-6240 ( ) gets fixed before the 1.20 viewer becomes mainstream, since with the current RC viewers high-resolution screenshots are either distorted, stretched or has parts of the image missing.

  109. @Connie Darcy: Unfortunately from your details I can’t provide advice, and even if you did have more details, I’d recommend the best you can do is provide all the evidence (that it was a system error) you have to Support. Good luck with it.

    @Ivantwin Rogers: Scroll up above to #91, what McCabe Maxsted said. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Net Antwerp: Hm, that issue is marked fixed in our internal tracking system and wasn’t resolved publicly… and perhaps there’s a regression? I’ll ask our engineers about it.

  110. Thank you Torley ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Hi Torley

    One big downside I have found with the new viewer is the removal of the nighttime brightness setting. Do you know of an easy way to increase nighttime brightness with the new viewer?

  112. @Rascal Ratelle: You’re welcome!

    @Cotytto Bonetto: That’s been replaced by the environment editor (aka WindLight). World menu > Environment Settings > Environment Editor. While it looks more complicated at first, by clicking “Advanced Sky” button, you can adjust the nighttime presets to be brighter with a lot more control. Move the sliders and see what they do, or just go under the Lighting tab and raise Ambient or Scene Gamma, which both should get closer to the effect you’re looking for.

    In the future, we’re planning to allow sky settings to be shareable/tradeable as inventory assets which will be way easier, but for now, you can overwrite existing presets.

    I’m counting on doing a series masterclass on WindLight artistry in the future. =)

  113. Cherokee Landman says:

    I watched the tutorial about joining and starting groups, but it would be great if I found one about how ownership is handled in a group. If there already is one, please let me know where to look.
    For example, if I own a non-transferrable object or texture and I create a group, can the group use it? Can a bought texture/object be owned by a group at the time it’s purchased? If I create a new object or texture, can it say it was created by the group? I don’t want to start a group and find out I can’t use things in it that I already have.

    And a suggestion: could a notecard be given out on help or orientation island that tells noobs about the availabilty of video tutorials and other available help? Not really a question, just something to consider.

  114. Jayden B says:

    Torley can you do a demonstration of Eject and freeze avatar, especially in 1.20RC7. I would be interested to see someone eject you in your home region/parcel and how you mitigate all your objects being returned.

  115. @Cherokee Landman: I may eventually do a GROUPS series including permissions: some of the permissions subtleties are best shown in a text matrix because there’s a *lot* of them and there are complications, but I’d be happy to address common situations. Incidentally, there *will* be a future Tip of the Week on letting groups & friends edit your stuff; it won’t go into the finer permissions intricacies, but it’s a start. For now, search the Knowledge Base @ for the “Permissions” category.

    Great suggestion too… there’s several projects in-the-works which relate to that. One is revamping the orientation experience (generally), another is refreshing Library content, and I’m collaborating with I-World Team on making videos available on their island, and recently did a Q&A session with Volunteer Mentors to ask how I can help them help new Resis best… LOTS of stuff I’m going to followup on in the weeks ahead.

    I know that was also updated to include a Video Tutorials link. Whee.

    In time…

    I want it to be as simple as clicking a button in the viewer to watch video tutorials without having to go to a particular parcel of land; it isn’t *that* easy yet, but something that keeps coming up. I wish for the engineering resources to get it done!

  116. @Jayden B: In the LAND series’ “Parcel access controls” I did show eject/freeze, booting my poor tester alt about… altho I didn’t do a mass object return, is there something more you wanted shown? ๐Ÿ™‚


  117. Jayden B says:

    /me winks and breaks the rules by replying…

    Your alt needs to eject you Torley on your land using the latest client (as you profess to using)

    I would guess your alt has no objects out or you were not using RC7

  118. @Jayden B: Oh, to clarify โ€” I was describing earlier behavior. Hope that bug will get looked at in the next Release Candidate triage! Everyone who’s got a hot RC bug should attend, it’s the right place to bring up issues:


  119. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    Torley, thanks for the reply. unfortunately the new settings really don’t work as a permanent nighhttime brightness setting. I have worked with them extensively, of course, which is why I asked. Hopefully LL will reconsider as many people I have spoken with want this option returned…one simple setting that stays in every environment.

  120. Hi Torley, I love your videos and I look forward to seeing many more. As a clothing designer I have been seriously hit by the invisible skirt bug and although I have worked out how to use the workaround many of my customers still don’t get it. Would it be possible to do some vids demonstrating workarounds for some of the big bugs like this?

    Keep up the good work, I’m behind you and all your colleagues and look forward to the next ‘well behaved’ release like the one I ran for a good six months until 1.19.1(4) !! The mentioned viewer doesn’t work for me, crashes on login everytime. RCs are great, but for some reason I have to reinstall them after every crash and after every logout :/

  121. Armin Wheatherwax says:

    Hi Torley, I’m so much looking forward for spacenavigator support for linux. When will it come ?


  122. @VictoriaRose Daniels: Definitely, I’ve done a number of workarounds like the “rebake textures” one until we have revamped compositing of textures. Can you please let me know what workaround you’re using for the invisible skirt issue? I’ve heard of some that didn’t work for everyone; BUT the fix should be in RC8 (it was already fixed in RC7 but that was withdrawn… )

    @BADB0Y Dagger: I’ve had odd occasions like that. I’d make sure it’s reported on if it’s not already.

    @Armin Wheatherwax: I don’t know but I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy it soon. As you already know (thanks for commenting there!), it’s an open issue: and Tofu Linden’s been keeping an eye on it. Looks like we’re clarifying usage of a library provided by 3Dconnexion. Stay tuned…

  123. yuriko nishi says:

    hi torley ๐Ÿ™‚

    when will you be showing a video demonstrating full joystick/gamepad support (analogue) with the option to walk slow, fast, run, and the option to control vehicles with that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  124. Andrew Montagne says:

    Hey Torley.

    When did you last visit the Teen Grid, and if you have any, when are your TG office hours?

  125. Brenda Maculate says:

    Torley, do you know if there are any plans to allow for importing objects created with Google’s SketchUp (

    People have asked me about this in-world, and so far as I know the files aren’t compatible with SL. I think it would be an interesting means to build many things.

  126. MaCelia Morane says:

    Hi, Torley: First, thanks SO much for all of your fun vidtuts, I’ve learned a lot about SL through them!!! Plus, when SL isn’t quite working, I can always watch you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, my question is whether there’s an SL movie making basics vidtut I’ve missed – I’ve used Fraps (free version) and have some questions about how to unclutter the screen, make a movie without the UI, etc. Thanks.

  127. Dex Trenchcoat says:

    Hey Torley,

    First thanks for all the great video tutorials, The format of “vid tuts” works really well for explaining the full capabilities of the Second Life Platform. Your tutorials should become a required part of the orientation process in the future.

    I have a number of ideas for improving the Info Hubs and new user experience in general, do you know where I can post these ideas or which Lindens in particular I should contact about stuff like that?…

    BTW, I really like the automatic in-world notices we get about Grid Problems. Keep those coming and even let us know about other things, like maybe Linden Office hours or Linden Special Events (Remeberance Day and SL Birthday) that way?…

    When it comes to Grid Status Reports they should all be sent in world if you ask me…

    Thanks, You Rock ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. Davina Glitter says:

    I am not sure if this has been asked yet, can you please post your computer system specs that you use? My computer is one year old, I built it at the time just for SL and I waited to purchase a better video card because the transition of video cards to directx 10. Do you use more than 2 GB of Ram? Do you use Windows XP? 32 or 64 bit? I am just so curious what hardware you use to live your Second Life. Thank you


  129. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Are Calling Cards still required, or can they be deleted/purged without affecting the friends list?

    Objects: it would be helpful if a coalesced object would be displayed as a folder you can open to extract the individual objects (had sim-wide decorations returned to me once, and that is hell to recover as a coalesced object!). It would be even better if even with a mass-return the individual objects were placed back into the folders they were taken out of instead of Lost & Found (that folder only makes sense to me if the originating folder doesn’t exist anymore). Obviously the location-data is stored somewhere, because when I Take an object it goes back into its originating folder, so why not just use that data for returns as well?

  130. Shinobi Hayashida says:

    Best friendly greetings Torley!

    My small question would be about how much time do you need to invest to create the average vidtut with the high level of SL experience you have (which should logically make things faster and easier)?
    What is the most difficult part to do (in any aspect)?

    As always your endless source of video tutorial and SL education spawning is appreciated,

    Best regards!,

    Shinobi Hayashida

  131. @yuriko nishi: Ha, which joystick/gamepad? I have a Saitek P2600 which I’ve used in limited capacity with the Joystick Flycam; I wish it could do other things, too. Now that the SpaceNavigator is optimized and officially supported, I imagine it won’t be long until more devices are supported for different control modes (avatar movement, fancy camera swooping, and even more fluid steering of vehicles…). I sometimes look at other games on the market and go, “It’d be great if we had those same benefits to pilot Second Life stuff.”

    @Andrew Montagne: I haven’t been on the Teen Grid in over a month, and I don’t currently have TG office hours (see Daniel Voyager’s question above).

    @Brenda Maculate: No formal plans for that yet that I’m aware of, but since you mentioned SketchUp, I should also emphasize they have a good series of video tutorials themselves which were created in Camtasia, same software I use:


    I highly agree being able to use more programs (like SketchUp) with compatible formats that could be brought into Second Life is valuable and conducive to existing creativity flows. For now, there’s various paths (some more complicated than others) to get geometry from other apps into sculpt maps which can be used inworld. Also, there’s mention of SketchUp here in relation to sculpted prims:


    I’m passionate about teaching how other apps can be used with Second Life.

    @MaCelia Morane: You’re SO welcome! Aw! I don’t have a “movie making basics” vidtut yet but if you haven’t checked them out, I’d recommend this resource:


    How to unclutter the screen:

    – Press Ctrl-Alt-D on PC or Opt-Ctrl-D on Mac to open Advanced menu.
    – Go to Advanced menu > Rendering > Features > UI to hide the user interface. Remember that shortcut, Ctrl-Alt-F1! You’ll need it to turn on the UI again unless you relog.

    Note that the UI can still be clicked on, but just is invisible. I also like File menu > Close All Windows when I need to clean up a bunch of stuff.

    @Dex Trenchcoat: Thanks for letting me know and watching, you’re welcome! I’m working with the right Lindens to make video tutorials more easily accessible from the beginning stages, including the orientation process… changes to come on that front.

    Re: Infohubs, we actually have some Lindens working on that very project! Three teams are involved: The New User Experience Team + Linden Department of Public Works + Volunteer Team. So for example, someone working on this is Blue Linden, who holds really active office hours (list @ ). You can seek him out and let him know directly!

    I’ll share your kind words about inworld grid notices with our I-World Team. They came up with that (woot). Historically LONG ago, we used to use those blue messages to broadcast events until we had too many events, but perhaps announcing those special events as you describe could see a return to form. I’ll also share that with them!

    ROCK ON!!!!

    @Davina Glitter: You’re just in luck, I posted it earlier. ( ) And depending on what *you* need, your system specs will vary. Second Life currently doesn’t have DirectX10-only effects as some games do, but if you play those games, then that’s a good investment for the future. I have 4 GB of RAM but only 3.something GB is accessible by 32-bit Windows XP. I haven’t had a comfortable time with Vista, and I HIGHLY recommend multi-core systems (they keep getting cheaper) to anyone who intends to multitask with Second Life, meaning running it in windowed and also running a web browser, Photoshop, video editor, etc. at the same time.

    @ChatNoir Moonsoo: Calling cards can totally be deleted without harming your friends list. The only conceivable purpose they might serve for some (which isn’t done better via Friends tab) is: put a number of calling cards in a folder, and you can right-click the folder and IM a specific group of people. Clunky to setup, and you can Ctrl-click friends and do the same โ€” an ad-hoc IM conference, as it were.

    I asked about that very same coalesced object thing ages ago: my understanding is, at least at the time, it was very non-trivial to do; there are permissions intricacies for showing stuff in inventory (you may’ve noticed if you get properties for objects with different creators involved, it shows “(unknown)” as creator. Confusing!). There’s a number of usability improvements we could make but they’d need to have a priority greater than other stuff. There’s too many good ideas and never enough resources to get it done in the here and now, alas.

    @Shinobi Hayashida: Friendly greetings! You’ll be pleased to know I’ve streamlined the process over time. I’m not sure of an “average” but here’s what I can share: depending on subject matter and excluding research/testing time (e.g., asking fellow Lindens for their expertise in confirming whether some things are true… THE FACTS!) it can take me as little as 15 min. from recording to pre-render (I’ve edited everything and am ready to publish it), but much longer ones can go a little north of 3 hours (some of the LAND series ones). Sometimes I work in phases, I sit down and do all the smooth zooms/pans, and then I take a break and come back to add the subtitles: I have over 2 dozen right now in various degrees of completion.

  132. seissab zarf says:

    Hi torley,

    Love your tuts, and you keep saying you love shortcuts, well so do we
    though keep missing the shortcut to change to nightview, why do two of the settings have a shortcut and the other two don’t?

    keep up the good work thanks..

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  134. IM TAB BLINKING (not):

    Here’s one for you, Torley… I find it IRRITATING (LOL) that the IM tabs don’t keep flashing when an existng IM is updated (new post from the one IMing with).

    So I am told this can be set in the advanced menu -> debug settings. Unfortunately, the person who mentioned it can’t remember the name of the setting, and that list is LONG, and not really alphabetical (funny code names for software engineers and such).

    Can you or someone else pass a hint as to the name of the setting?

    I’d REALLY like to change the wonky default to having IM tabs blink, and blink, and blink, and blink, and bli… you get the idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

  135. @ Cold Spitteler – RE: “explaining RAW files for terrain mapping”

    I’ll indulge you here in “bullet” format:

    – Use Photoshop or other application capable of reading LAYERED RAW files.
    – Open “AS RAW” – settings: 256×256, 13 layers, 0 header
    – Look at the CHANNELS TAB – the RED CHANNEL is the actual height map

    The Red Channel height map is greyscale (256 shades of grey from 0 (black) to 255 (white).

    I use this rule: one pixel = one square meter.
    256 pixels wide in the image = 256 m2 on your island.

    Same for height: each shade of grey equals 1 m2 high.
    So – if you fill the picture with a black shade of 20 (a.k.a. 20%) – that would be the default level of ocean water.

    Yes, I could go into more detail – but hope this quick baptism-by-fire helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Marlon8000 Hastings says:

    Hi Torley,
    Friendly greetings to you too…LOL…I wanted to know…
    In some of your vid tuts you rezz a lot of prims by just keep clicking the ground… I have to click the build button in edit menu between each prim….How can i change that?..Thanks..:-)

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  138. Dael Ra says:

    Hi there Torley.

    I was wondering if you could clear up a few questions I have with the SpaceNavigator.

    Is there a way to get some sort of visual indication of which mode I’m in? I keep accidentally moving carefully placed prims when I ended up in build mode but thinking I was in Flycam mode.

    Is there a way to set the default mode to flycam mode instead of build mode when first editing a prim? I’m much more likely to want to maneuver the camera before changing the prim. Plus it might help stop me accidentally moving carefully placed prims.

    Is it possible to remap one of the buttons to the CTRL key? This would remove a lot of the need to do a lot of Spacenavigator/keyboard hopping.

    Lastly, is there a way to easily switch between SpaceNavigator and Alt-arrows when using flycam mode? I find quite often I need to use a combination of the two for some jobs but currently the camera seems to reset if I try to switch between the two.


  139. Gosh, I love being asked all these great questions! Keep on rock ‘n’ rolling…

    @seissab zarf: Clearly, you’re very observant. There’s no strict reason why that *can’t* be changed, but here’s a trio of reasons why:

    (1) The two day settings that DO have shortcuts are thought to be more commonly used than others.
    (2) Second Life has many shortcuts and no two can be alike, so what would you suggest for these?
    (3) In the future, I hope we’ll get more configurable keymapping, or even scriptable WindLight so we can, for instance, use an HUD to change between settings with a click (instead of being buried in menus).

    @Ari Blackthorne: Oh, I’ll have to check out your blog post soon. Thanks for your continued blog posts about my work here @ Linden Lab, they’re much appreciated. So’s your reply to Cold Spitteler.

    And see sylvie matova’s comment (#48) wayyyy up there re: IM flashing. I haven’t tried that myself yet but hope it helps.

    @Marlon8000 Hastings: Look in the edit tools palette for a checkbox that says “Keep Tool Selected”. It’s near under where all the different prim types are. CHECK THAT! ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you need help copying/aligning prims, watch this:


    Pass it along to friends who wonder!

    @Harper Ganesvoort: Will check out your blog post soon… thankyouuuu.

    @Dael Ra: Hiya! Your questions are all very good ones. I wish I knew more of the answers here, but since I don’t, if anyone does, please chime in!

    * Flycam mode should be indicated by tiny white text that says “Flycam” in the lower-right of the screen. You can also go to View menu, click the “====” near the top to “tear off” the menu and note when “Joystick Flycam” has an “X” next to it. May be too screen-space-hoggy depending on what you’re doing, tho. I bet there are better ways to indicate mode, too.

    * I don’t know a way to change default mode to flycam mode when editing objects. But, if you go into flycam mode THEN start rezzing/editing objects, it should stay in flycam.

    * To remap buttons, go to the 3Dconnexion Control Panel (aka 3DxWare Panel) > Button Configuration tab, and look for “Ctrl” in the popup menu. And if you don’t see that panel, you’ll need to install drivers from

    * I ran into the same issue with SpaceNavigator in flycam mode + keyboard shortcuts for zoom/orbit/pan the camera. I don’t how to use both at once but…

    as for the things you want to do but aren’t able to yet, please enter them as new feature requests linked to (SpaceNavigator issue organization!) so they’re on the record!

  140. Domchi Underwood says:

    Hi Dael Ra, let me answer your questions so that Torley doesn’t have to.

    Visual indication of flycam mode – if you’re in flycam, you’ll see small white letters “FlyCam” in your lower right corner.

    To prevent moving your prims, go to Preferences / Input & Camera / Joystick Setup and turn off checkbox next to build – that’ll disable build mode completely.

    To remap SN button to CTRL, go to 3Dconnexion Control Panel (you can find it in your tray), and in Button Configuration tab, you can map your left or right button to CTRL key. You might need to save your configuration there – since SN doesn’t specifically recognize SL, you’ll be configuring “Any Application”.

    As for switching between SpaceNavigator and ALT-arrows, alas, no, you have to reset the camera to switch between the two. However, please vote for which is exactly about that.

    There is also a meta-issue about SpaceNavigator support, – please vote if you’d like to see some of those fixed.

    P.S. Torley, this blog entry rocks. Seriously.

  141. @Domchi: Oh oh oh! If only we knew who else was writing a comment! THANK YOU! Good idea re: disabling build mode as a workaround โ€” if Dael doesn’t have to use build I hope! โ€” and thanks for pointing out that specific issue (VWR-4479) which already exists, I forgot about that.

    We rock together! =^_^=

  142. Domchi Underwood says:

    Gosh, Torley, you beat me about 30 seconds to reply. ๐Ÿ™‚ I find it much easier to disable build mode and turn it on only when I need it–and I don’t actually find it to be of much use unless you’re building something organic.

    There is one other issue machinima makers with SpaceNavigator might want to look at:

    Basically, if you don’t want horizon to be horizontal, and want more unorthodox camera movement… go to Joystick Setup, turn off Auto Level checkbox, and set Flycam Roll Scale to 0.05 (it’s 0.00 by default and that sucks).

  143. Artemis Halpern says:

    In response to remapping keys, I have a question…

    When you enter the
    …Second Life[ Release Candidate]/app_settings
    folder, can you not open the config file named “keys”, and remap them manually from there? It seems as though, if you place the correct keywords, you would be able to reassign keys to different actions.

    Any thoughts, Torley?

  144. SWEET! Thank you Torley. My answer was in the Jira hidden in a thread)

    @ Sylvie Matova: I don’t know if this works, but will give it a try…

    And for anyone else who wants to know…

    RE: IM TABS DO NOT FLASH – and you want them to flash like the old behavior:
    (This comment courtesy of COYOTE PACE on the Kira issue: VWR-4575 back in February (THANK YOU COYOTE!!!)

    “”The flashing tab can easily be put back, they put in a Debug setting ‘ButtonFlashCount’ which counts the number of times an IM tab flashes before staying selected. Default is 3, but if you change it to like 9999 you have a good approximation of the old behaviour.””

    For those that need to know:
    In the ADVANCED MNEU is a selection called DEBUG.
    It’s a small window with a drop-down menu about 20 or 30 square meters long (just kidding – heh) – locate the command BUTTONFLASHCOUNT and select it

    I have yet to do this, but apparently this is one with a simple text box where you enter a number. I sure hope it’s sticky across relogs!

    LOL, it’s a TORLEY PARTY in here!
    Knowledge wants to be FREE! Woot!

  145. Kulayle Anatine says:

    how do i get that small parcel that i dont want changed next to a big parcels if their in the same group when i mod the land the small parcel moves with it can i select a smaller location to mod and still know what land i’m modifying

  146. Shai Khalifa says:

    Torley – there are some really really excellent points, reminders and comments here. Any chance you can turn this page into a web or text file of it’s own that we can access whenever??

    I just may have to take the time to turn this into a word doc for quick access.

  147. Kulayle Anatine says:

    yes about cam controls i can no longer at this time for like since 18. viewer to work right was is up with that yo make it not work good so people have to buy space navigators or what i cant get up close like i could before
    and i do art too. cam controls dont work like they did before 19. so we lose as you win a cut of Space navigators profits by making this change in the viewer features thanks i use fraps to take pic’s now Oh yeah you changed the snapshot to cant get a good pic in full screen thanks allot for that too

  148. ~*~ WE’VE REACHED 150 COMMENTS ~*~ and I would first and foremost like to thank each & everyone who productively contributed value to this open discussion. OK, does that sound too formal? I will say, then, that we rocked tha awesome hizzouse here, y0! YAYZERAMA!!!!

    I started this spontaneously because I LOVE sharing knowledge and LOVE to see your Second Lives be made more easier, better, fun.

    I was like, “Why the heck haven’t we done this kinda Q&A on the blog before?” Pseudo-secretly, I hope more Lindens will do it for their specialities if they think it worthwhile. It’s a nice, focused way to really pay & give attention to *your* curiosities.

    There’s always adversity (like yesterday’s grid issues which I was caught in the middle of during my office hours!) but as with just about every situation, helping each other is the bestest.

    I continue to be very thankful for your support… and always emphasize that I do what I do because you find it useful.

    NEVER FORGET: One of the most POWERFUL and IMPORTANT things you can do is to share something you liked & learned with someone you care about.

    Stay tuned for a new video Tip of the Week tomorrow, it’s gonna be a lot of fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @Domchi Underwood: Astute observation, I’d like to see a lot of these SpaceNavigator things addressed in focused batches. I wonder how many Residents currently use one!

    @Artemis Halpern: Yes, that should work โ€” thanks for pointing that out, it’s been a long time since I last experimented with it (and when I did, it worked). Not the easiest, but doable. Better than nothing! If someone created a guide to that on I’d gladly link/promote it since key remapping comes up a lot (e.g., )

    @Ari Blackthorne: Ah, how confronted we are by mounds info, and to find what we seek… therein lies magic! Or at least sufficiently advanced technology. Shareability FTW!

    @Kulayle Anatine: I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you’re asking. By “mod” the land, do you mean “terraform”? You can precisely select 16 m2 chunks to change, so no surrounding ground will be affected. I cover how to do that in the “Terraforming” video tutorial here:


    A yellow selection will outline what you’re terraforming, so you’ll know. Re: camera controls, an alternative to zooming in with Alt-clicking is to press Ctrl-0 to zoom. I of course have a video tutorial for that as well:


    That may work easier to get in to tight spaces. Hope this helps ya.

    @Shai Khalifa: Glad you think so and thanx for chiming in! Our blog posts get archived so they’re not going away. Of course, older posts tend to get forgotten so linking to this from somewhere prominent might be a dandy idea. I intend to make video tutorials based on some the wonderfuliciousness contained within, and likely also some wiki pages to elaborate more on some points, time willing. If you have specific ideas for formatting and/or if you make it into a Word doc, email me, torley at lindenlab dot com.

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