Department of Public Works – Progress

The hardworking moles of the LDPW have been making the dirt (and lava) fly this week!

Work on “Route 1” has begun, starting from the Agirus region (see here ) and onward to Lyonet (see here ); and by another mole in Rivula (see here ) at the big crossroads there.

The volcanic island at Ichelus (see here ) has reportedly begun erupting; fireballs are flying, new land is being formed — no doubt by the lava flows. Be careful, damage will be enabled in the Cone Zone at some point!

A version of Bay City has been added to Teen Second Life — check it out, teens! For teens interested in getting parcels in TSL Bay City, please check the forums for more info!

Three locations for the new Region-sized hubs have been chosen, and design work is underway at the Mole studios.

Bay City parcels should be seen in the land auctions starting this week (not before Tuesday). You can be part of “Bay City, the city by the bay”!

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100 Responses to Department of Public Works – Progress

  1. Someone who knows says:

    Yawn. “Second Life is down for maintenance.”

  2. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Okies! I really have to whine about the volcano.
    I used to drop down inside it and sit on one of the inert blobs of lava hanging there. A great place to chill out and have a chat.

    BUT NOW….
    ….. well all I can say … is that it looks like some ….. volcano!!

    BWAHHHHAAAAA! LL broke my chillout place!! FIX IT LINDENS!!!!

    Well, it’s still ok πŸ™‚
    The lava at the top is phantom, so I can still drop down inside.
    I just have to dodge the erupting blobs.

    Pretty please?
    Could a mole put some things for people to sit on down there?

  3. Martin Magpie says:

    “Bay City parcels should be seen in the land auctions starting this week (not before Tuesday). You can be part of β€œBay City, the city by the bay”!”

    How very nice for you, too bad regular residents can’t compete with Linden Lab; and also put parcels up for auction on the Linden Life/ website.

    I suppose the splash screen when logging into Second Life will also have this information advertised; to ever subscriber of Second Life.

    Thanks so much for putting 20 regions on the grid; woot can’t wait to sell my new parcels at cost.

    Unfair advantage much?

  4. Marianne McCann says:

    * VERY glad to hear that the Ichelus volcano will be causing damage at some point. Will the same thing happen to Mount G’al in the Mahulu region?

    * Glad to hear about a TSL Bay City. Any pictures of the region for us Main Grid folks?

    * I assume one of those region-sized infohubs will be the site near Squall in Gaeta?

    * I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those Bay City regions hitting the auction block. I definitely have my eyes on a couple little numbers A couple thoughts, though:

    – Why is the playground in Imaginario purely for decoration? The spring prims don’t rock, nor do the swings work. The wood climbing platform is also too tall for child-size avatars. I would LOVE to see this actually more than a static sculpture of a playground. If any moles need a pointer on playground, give a hollar.

    – One of the bridges in Handa seems to be missing half a span, and there is a phantom spot on the bridge into North Channel from Barcola. Many of the smaller bridges suffered during the “pile on” last weekend. I assume they’re being watched?

    – It would be nice if some of the “food” locations had interactive foodstuff. I’d also love to see some of the more empty locations fleshed out a bit – the deco building in Imaginario for example, or the yacht club.

    – The boat rezzing location near the yacht club seems hard to find. Maybe put it over the slip? This would seem logical to me, and was where I first attempted to rez my Tako.

    – Will residents be able to rent or reserve locations like the bandshell, gazebo, bar (non the beach) or even the movie theater? It would be nice to see these areas used by residents in some fashion.

    – The NASA stream in the theater is fine, but why not present machinima, or even Torley tips?

    Just some random thoughts. Nit picky, but only because I love the Bay City look and feel, and want to see it be all it can!

    (Who hopes to see some LDPW repair works soon)

  5. Simba fuhr says:

    I cant wait to get land in bay city !!
    i loooooove these sims

    i hope the prices dont will go to high πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah, we’re aware of the missing bridges in Bay City (I am told a few are out in TSL Bay City, too). Still looking into why.

    Handa was put up a couple of days after all the other Bay City Regions, hmm.

  7. U. M. says:

    So why does LLab still avoiding the questions about unfair land practicing by advertising their ‘plots’ for sales on the auctions but not allow users the same courtesy? This seemingly says too bad residents. we now compete for your land dollars as well as selling the lands.

    #4 deserving an answer. Answer him.

  8. Yo Brewster says:

    I don’t sell land but must agree with #4.

  9. les says:

    Should be renamed the department of commercial works.

    Now if you can just convince some suckers to make hair, skin and sex balls for you to sell.

    You guys Rock!

  10. Zen Zeddmore says:

    So when did the inner sea road become #1? I was almost certain that #1 was the OUTTER rim road. Is it just me?

  11. This sounds pretty cool. Glad Lindens hired actual users of second life. Maybe they need to hire more for positions like this. What about a SL Jail & Prison system.

  12. Argent Stonecutter says:
  13. You are aware that the land auctions section of the web page has been listing Linden Owned land for some time now – aren’t you people?

  14. WiLLuMPJuH says:

    “Je lippen maken vlekken op mijn hemelsblauw humeur.

    Want mijn wang rust tegen de jouwe .. en mijn hoofd is bij de deur… ”

    Account expires: Wednesday, 2008-05-28

    Counting down …

  15. Hank Rucker says:

    Any chance we can have the satellite buzz by over Rivula and snap a newer picture? The current one has an obstruction that has been gone for a couple of weeks now.


    Friendly mole building there, pity they don’t get rights to alter the original road prims/textures, or at least that was the impression I received.

  16. Ewan Mureaux says:

    What side of the road are we supposed to drive on? Please make a call

  17. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    @16: right. πŸ™‚

  18. Very pleased by the concentration on roads. Easier motion around the mainland will revitalize SL and the economy for vehicle builders. Similar attention to waterways and banning ban-lines would also help. A big move against ad farms and we’ll really be getting somewhere.

  19. U M says:

    Ad farms are still alive and well…….Thats just fact. Reports have gone unanswered……

    But Michael Linden keep up the great work

    U sagi Musashi

  20. Rachel Darling says:

    Excellent news about the roads; this is a much-needed enhancement to the mainland, and remains true to the original purpose of the LDPW. I was also very pleased to see that Torley’s most recent video tutorial featured the Ivory Tower of Primitives, a long-standing and stellar example of the kind of content that residents create for the good of the community. I would love to see more pointers to these sites and sims — perhaps Robin Wood’s in-world texture tutorials in Benton would be another choice location to feature.

    Is there somewhere we can get further information about LL’s other plans to create new themed communities, and about the “region-sized hubs” that were mentioned in the above post, please?

    In fact, many of us would be very appreciative of some detailed information on LL’s overall plans and strategy for content creation and community building, going forward — especially in a commercial sense. I’m also interested in finding out how long-time residents can be featured on the Fashion and Hot Spot pages on the website, and what the criterion is for becoming one of the LL featured Communities for new residents, which are presented to new registrants. I’d hoped to find a link to submit applications and proposals, but didn’t see one.

  21. Marianne McCann says:

    @20 – the texture tutorials moved form Benten to Livingtree about a year ago. πŸ™‚

  22. Cherokee Landman says:

    The theatre popcorn–you may not be able to eat it, but you can make a throwing gesture with it. Better than nothing.

    Bay City still has some glitches. There was a trolly and a ferry that had wandered off to odd places. Love the working ones, though.

  23. Rachel Darling says:

    @21 – Thank you, Marianne; obviously it’s been a while since I visited in-world, but it is the place where I learned about texturing when I first started SL, and the resource was invaluable. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to know about building and textures to visit both Robin’s parcel and the Ivory Tower.

    In the spirit of community service and public works, I would love to see the Lab offer space free of charge to such places, and other free, public builds that encourage and teach creativity — the Louvre is another spot that’s worth a visit, to see some excellent examples of SL Art. Perhaps rather than “auctioning” the land on Bay City, its double-prims could be put to good use to host works such as these.

  24. iliveisl says:

    hmm, me needs to check it out! the trolley mentioned caught my fancy. the rest was, well not enticing. but trolleys =D I’m hooked! LOL

  25. Jaca C says:

    I have to agree that residents should be allowed to put parcels for sale on auction if LL is going to do this with their new land – OR – at least create something on the blog that says “land for sale” that residents can list their land. Fair??!!

  26. Broccoli Curry says:

    …. and still those who applied but didn’t get accepted first time round don’t hear anything about it?

  27. DisQ Hern says:

    Ok, so it is tuesday now!!

    Hit me with those parcels in auction, lol.

  28. Electronics Aeon says:

    woot ldpw πŸ™‚
    could we have a bay city region auction per month? and has there been any prethought for remodelling of regions (ie shermerville)/mole & resident project?

  29. Arlo Gilbert says:

    I like this kind of blog. it can help for us. I like blogs that can displayed informative things.

  30. Ric Mollor says:

    I’m very curious about the focus on roadbuilding when vehicles in Second Life are horribly broken. The combination of poor physics, sim crossings woes, and other assorted problems make vehicles close to worthless and certainly bring attention to one of the worst performing aspects of SL.

    So why all the ado about roads? Does LL really think that it’s customers are so unfamiliar with driving simulation that they will consider SL ‘driving’ fun?

    It does appear that region handoffs work *much* more reliably in the Bay City area than in the rest of the grid. Different servers? Special Servers? Ensuring that adjoining regions run on the same server? Something is different there and many would love to know what it is.

    And certainly the “unfair competition” commenters would be interested in the answer.

  31. Qie says:

    To celebrate progress on Route 1, I’ve created a special, limited-time-only entry on the wiki, at, showing the highlights of this tour.

    (That is, I suspect it will be limited-time-only.)

  32. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ewan@16: You could solve the problem the way they did in the early days of automobiles in Noumea: since it was a British-French colony, they settled on driving down the middle.

  33. Georgette Whitfield says:

    Torley, can we get a video on how to use the Land Auctions site, please? I can only find a few parcels for sale so I think I’m searching wrong. Or is the list just much shorter than classifieds?

  34. Simba fuhr says:

    @34 Land auctions are not land for sale. you must bid there for a parcel and you can be overbidden by other residents.
    inworld you often see more parcel for auction than on the website because the parcels will not be in the auction at the same time.

  35. RightAsRain says:

    on 9, it is public works just like camden here in UK is publically giving us all parking tickets and making tons of money. Public in SL would benefit from improving grid stability and up-time, but is that the private department? The one land owners pay but don’t get service level agreements from! I think it is unfortunate to see LL compete with content creators and land operators.

  36. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    While they are at it, could they fix the road that goes through the snow sims in front of the Linden snow lodge? The road segments overlap and cause annoying texture flicker, which I have also heard can cause lag. I am sure there is someone on the team who knows how to build roads without overlapping the segments like that, and can make them look nice and neat as they should be for Linden content. Thanks!

  37. Martin Magpie says:

    PS: 51210.00 L$ is US$179.70
    20 bucks more and a person could pay the tier on an entire class 4 estate. Instead they get 512m. LMAO!

  38. Marianne McCann says:

    @37 – I’d JIRA that. If you do, send me the number inworld, and I’ll vote. I’ve got a number of JIRA entries on LDPW-related issues, and can relate well with ya. Here’s a couple others in the snow sims for ya, Snowflake – troubles at Chalet Linden – busted chairlift.

  39. Alexan Rosca says:

    @32 Qie

    You are a visual poet. I was nearly moved to tears by the beauty of your photography and it’s celebration of SL landscape realities.

    If everyone expressed their points of view in such a fashion, the metaverse would be a far better place πŸ™‚

  40. My main concern is “REZZ access” to the new roads. I love riding the Linden roads on my Les White BMW R-50 or HD CC motorbike with the Lady Outlaws MC. Without a few rezz points the roads are just nice to look at.

  41. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    @38: so 35 ppl (bidders) are stupid, and you’re smart coz you think different? πŸ˜›

    @38 PS: tier != land costs. πŸ˜‰

    PS: i wouldn’t bid there…. but i don’t think they are “stupid” just because they wanted to do. Enoy *your* SL! πŸ˜‰

  42. Sandor Balczo says:

    As a passionate bicycle tourist in SL, perhaps due to the slower speed of my bicycle, I have seldom had a problem with sim crossing (I fell underground and had to teleport out a few times in sims that had ad farms…coincidence?). Perhaps we all should use bicycles! πŸ™‚

    I really love the road crossing in Rivula and the direction signs and road signs make it very realistic. That should be the way to go.

    Sandor πŸ™‚

  43. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Sandor@44: is your bike a vehicle or an attachment?

    At one point I was able to fly my Mehve above the roads all the way across the Southern continent, but haven’t been able to get the land to rez fast enough lately.

  44. Verdana Klaar says:

    ** You can be part of β€œBay City, the city by the bay”! **

    Best advertizing mottoe ever πŸ˜€

    “Part of”, burst out laughing. Our Linden world, your “part of” money.

  45. Georgette Whitfield says:

    @35 Thanks! I just want to make sure I am actually searching for land properly. I know Torley covered that a bit in his land tutorials lately but (and correct me if I’m wrong) he didn’t go into it in much detail and didn’t cover the land auctions website at all.

    @39 isn’t that only about 1 month’s tier for a whole sim? I guess they’re paying a lot ‘cos it’s a good clean spot in the heart of the old mainland.

    I’ve seen mainland owned by residents up for auction so am not sure what people mean about LL only allowing their own land on auction. Do they mean that they don’t allow private islands or portions of them to be auctioned, but only mainland? The thing is, unless you are the island owner, buying estate land is kind of dodgy ‘cos you end up paying tier to another resident who eventually sells the sim or leaves or whatever. This has happened to me loads of times. I guess people want the stability of the mainland, just without the ad farms. That’s why clean parcels like the one on West Haven go for a lot I guess. *shrugs*

  46. Verdana Klaar says:

    Also, please contact me when you are ready with Miami beach, the beach by Miami.

  47. Verdana Klaar says:

    Georgette : “The thing is, unless you are the island owner, buying estate land is kind of dodgy β€˜cos you end up paying tier to another resident who eventually sells the sim or leaves or whatever.”

    That is not “part of” LL concerns, yet it should be…

  48. Lias Leandros says:

    Michael Linden “Three locations for the new Region-sized hubs have been chosen, and design work is underway at the Mole studios.”

    This is a viable solution. The plan was to add infohubs to existing mainland sims – you actually thought infohubs were great places (massive abuse reports not withstanding). After much noise from concerned mainland residents that plan has now evolved into isolated infohubs that do not impact the resources of the tier paying residents. 10 months later and finally some good public planning.

    Now you need to clean up the mess they left behind.

  49. pantaiputih korobase says:

    can we marry some day, fanboy, I love your attitude and I absolutely love LL and how they manage and create SL, I want katt and that very talkative and utterly present, always repsonding, vision providing ‘m’ for our witness, could you arrange that please, fanboy?

  50. Daniel Voyager from TSL says:

    @4 Glad to hear about a TSL Bay City. Any pictures of the region for us Main Grid folks?

    I’ve got loads of awsome pictures of the news TSL Bay City sims, check them out here:

    My main TSL Flickr photos are located here:


    Thank You LL for the new TSL Bay City sims!

  51. JZ Paine says:

    Wondered if the parcels in Bay City (Main grid) will be available for private purchasing or will it only be offered to people who offer to build a establishment like club , store, or any thing like this?

    Purspective buyers want to know! πŸ™‚

  52. Donna says:

    @ Everyone.
    More details can be found on the Linden Department of Public Works Wiki here:
    This includes links to all Blog Postings, Some Images and More!

    The direct link to an Image is:

    Great Job by the way! There’s some fab builds on Bay City, and the Moles work is excellent! Also, I love that one Sim has been named Bay City – Handa, it’s very meaningful!

    Fantastic! πŸ™‚

  53. Verdana Klaar says:

    Jazzy i’ll tell you a secret – just say you will build a club and afterwards rezz a loony bin there. No one can argue it is not a club, since you say it is one.

    Have a TO(a)S(t) anyone ?

  54. A couple of responses:

    (to #54) Parcels in Bay City can contain any content allowed in a Mature-rated Mainland Region. We’d *like* to see a nice, communally-developed urban style, but it’s up to the people of Bay City.

    (to #37) Fixing older roads is one of the LDPW tasks, BUT it’s actually harder to do (because of permission and group issues involving Linden-owned content, matching textures and object styles, etc.) than making a new road. We’re tracking requests in the Support tickets for the LDPW.

    The NASA press feed in the Bayjou Theater is just filler, we’re developing “something” to provide updated, interesting content there!

    Regarding physics, server issues, database problems: Linden Lab is dedicated to improving our performance in those areas, but the “mole” contractors of the LDPW wouldn’t be writing Havok code, tweaking server and database systems, etc. if they weren’t making LDPW content. Engineering resources aren’t being lost due to the moles making roads and hubs.

  55. Kimo Junot says:

    Well I went to go check out what all the hoopla about Bay City was and all the surrounding sims and all I saw was tons of roads and walls and some masssive robot avatar that was trying to chase me all over the place..guess it wont be long before all of this starts looking like the mainland O_o

  56. Patti Frye says:

    Okay guys the roads are nice…how about a few road signs. At intersections, telling what side of the road to drive on, watch out for animal crossings, etc. Especially at the intersections…Which way do I go??

  57. Come on, we’re fussing with the appearance of roads that run through the middle of eight million ad farms?

  58. Patti Frye says:

    In the Plano area sim…someone forgot to mow the road. Riding lawnmower anyone?

  59. Sandra Syaka says:

    every time i want to log in i get 5 minuts restrain??????when time is up again 5 minuts ehmmmmmmmmmmmmm????????

  60. junky says:

    anyone want to buy a bunch of sims. ill sell them dog cheap. i cant compete with this land giving sl has started so have at my islands i give up!! i have 5 sims and not making anything close to the time i have to put in., buy up there land people. buy into what they are planning to do. its not an open market. its sl thats the market now. just bitter over all this and want out.

    peace out

  61. A lot of estate owners are reaping the whirlwind of other owners’ behavior. How many of us have had land on a private island only to have the island suddenly sold and be told we have twenty-four hours to pack up and clear out? I have. My new landlord even shut off my build privileges before I could pack all my things. What fun, having your house arrive in your inventory in pieces.

    Yes, the land auction is an advantage, but the real advantage is predictability.

  62. Obvious Schism says:

    @32 Awesome ad farm tour. Can’t wait to drive that route myself when its finished. And providing that:

    a) I know what side of the road to drive on

    b) My car actually stays on the road

  63. U M says:

    hi, Michael Linden………….

    Please keep up the great work! for years you always cared about the game and its users..

    U sagi M usashi

  64. Tater Todd says:

    @46 There are many, many ad-free plots of land you can buy. Of course Dreamland comes to mind first, for obvious reasons.. thats the whole selling point of indie island living — covenants.

  65. Regarding ad farms, note our blog post on the subject:

    “Ugly” isn’t the focus of our policy, it is primarily concerned with extortionate activity.

  66. U M says:

    Michael, but why do some ad farms contiue to stand? There are some that breaks the rules for location? I read the blog you posted but it doesnt have any regards to it……

    BTW lands sells are fair with LL. If you don`t like the game anymore leave. Nobody forcing people to stay or buy land if they don`t want.

    U sagi M usashi

  67. fanboy says:

    Hey, don’t whine so much here! Think of the lindens, and their marvelous world. Its not their fault its messed up. They can’t do everything at the same time, so they ignore a few problems with no importance.. ad farms, undelivered sales, content theft are only affecting a small part of the population so they are not that important, and you should understand that. Linden labs is smart and focusses on the important things, like voice and windlight. I hope they keep continuing to focus on thing like voice because they rule!!! And I love my headphones!!! Thank you Torley!! yessss

  68. fanboy says:

    O yess pantaiputih korobase I love to marry you then we can admire the lindens together! we should get married on my favourite sim Bay City or one of the other new sims.. I just LOVEEE those!!

  69. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Michael@67: it’s the ugliness that makes the extortion possible, yes no maybe?

    Anyway… would a non-ad parcel of 512sm with a big black and white spinny thing on it (but with no ads) listing for 30,000 be considered extortion?

  70. Stoner Jenkins says:

    Anytime I read the comments on these things 99% is only complaints.
    While most of us do have reasonable complaints about this “game”,
    I challenge you to find an alternative that even comes close.
    I do not agree with everything LL does, but if sl went blank tomorrow
    a ton of people would have nowhere to go.

    let’s be happy that they even try to convince us they are working to make things better, even if they don’t fix anything…lol

    personally I am happy everyday to sign on and see something new, change of any kind to be honest.

    And yes, my 13824sqm piece of land went down in value quite a bit,
    I’m willing to wait it out..I am not selling anytime soon, only buying πŸ™‚

  71. U M says:

    After almost 4 years ( like those that have been here even longer )
    knows or should think about the following………….

    1.) The game has changed alot.

    2.) Free accounts they are not going away! So why even bother complaining about it. Its too important to the large ad paying islands members.

    3.) This is the year 2008 not 2002 not 2003 not 2004. Its always wonderful to have the history to stay the same. But its doesnt. So like it or not the gae is what it is now.

    4.) Costomer Server………Or the lack of there for. There are some very very good people but there is one or two that can take the “HOW TO” deal and “NOT” to threathen its users In the support portal. Insulting and them threating them is not the way a company support system is suppuse to work.

    5.) Bring back some sort of basic package for allowing already free accounts to pay 9.95 instead of a full membership fee. Some people smoke drink that much in one day in rl.

    6.) Land well its there if you want to buy it, if you don`t nobody is forcing people to buy land. ( hence the people that continue to talk about land prives and unfairness sell system ).

    Frankly speaking people try to make issues with every part of sl because they themselves are bothered with some person issues ( money )in their rl. If they have emotional mental and behavior problems in their rl you get a blog/forum filled with users as we do. Nobody is perfect, but gesh repect people and what they post.

    LL is not even close to being what it use to be, but its do or die for LL. I said my share of Anti-LL remarks in my past 2 years. What i learned from that 2 years? The game isnt going back to what it was. The game will continue to get worse ( if thats the case people that are here can always leave ). People continue to think they can change the face of the game by posting in the Blog with their anti LL remarks and hate comments. I have news for you LL is bigger then we are. They don`t have to deal with users they don`t want to. They can just delete your people pixle doll you run on your computer screen, LL has and will continue to do this.
    If you think this is another 1984 noval we are living on Sl as a perfect world thats controlled by big brother. Well You can alwats 1.) turn off your computer, or 2.) deinstall the game and live Sl forever……..

    U sagi Musashi

  72. Marianne McCann says:

    Street signage in Bay City and elsewhere (Shermerville, Boardman, etc) indicates that you would drive on the right-hand side, similar to US locations. Given how vehicles drive, and the number one usually sees while out driving, is “which side of the road” really an issue?

    Cool to see the TSL Bay City piccies. It looks *exactly* like the MG version, even down to little details.

  73. Martin Magpie says:

    UM I had an absolutely lovely day today; I read a book, I walked my dog extra long. I made some cookies. I played Lord of the rings online for a little bit. I checked my email. I watched American Idol, I watched hells kitchen, I called old friends, I did some laundry, I took a nice hot bath.

    BUT what I didn’t do? I didn’t miss SL. Funny how rl was so much more entertaining, I may just do more of that and less of SL in the weeks and months to come.

    Why not; any land I have that can’t possibly make me any money now is up for sale. The rest pays for it’s self. Yup time to kick back and live the good life; the real one.


  74. U M says:

    Fighting, posting anti-ll remarks just don`t work. You been around Sl a very long to also. I assume you have a rl Job other then being on sl like i do. I do my daily RL job and deal with my RL family. I just don`t think causing problems saying hateful remarks do any good these days. I post as i feel, the game is NOT what it use to be and it never will be. We are all here for a reason sl right? to get away from rl right? Atleast thats why I am here.

    U sagi M usashi

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  76. Electronics Aeon says:

    RE: Left/Right-handside driving
    couldn’t we simply have another resident survey (per the road building response) and just make it official?

    alternatively i’d suggest you can drive down the middle of the road but must show courtesy for oncoming traffic πŸ˜‰

  77. Cherokee Landman says:

    IMPORTANT potential land buyers, the Molesworth lot currently for sale is NOT in the Bay City Molesworth. And I was all excited. Bummer.

  78. DisQ Hern says:


    Message me ingame. πŸ˜‰

  79. Razor says:

    Posting bad things may help, not because SL is interested in helping users one bit, but because it helps to warn others not to trust this companies often empty promises.

    People will have to think once, twice, three times before they should set up a business in SL, because many business are like gambling.
    Some businesses may be worth the money, many are not.

    “You have to calculate in a lot of problems and SL downtime, and be able to solve your own problems because the SL support is slow and bad when you have a question to which the answer is not in the knowlegde base. Most support tickets I send in get a newbie answer once or twice (usually pretty fast) and I have to reopen them time after time after time again untill i get an answer to the question I asked, and not a completely unrelated knowledge base article (these answers take abiout a month). This all in all takes 1-3 months and in some cases I never get an answer.

    Keep in mind also that your shop should not become to popular, it will be ripped down by thieves and you will end up fighting a losing battle with DMCAs. Linden Labs does not give a fock, don’t expect any help from them. They even removed the knowlegde base article about reporting trademark violations other than their own trademarks, this is how much they care about other peoples. If it’s not their trademark or copyright, they don’t.

    Land may lose its value every quarter change so when you try to make money out of land, you better have earned it back before the quarter ends or your lands value may be halvated.

    Linden Labs once in a while throws in new problems completely unexpectedly (why warn people in advance) like the unanounced VAT, gambling ban and others which may kill your business overnight without a proper previous warning.

    So don’t expect any, but the worst. The work the moles do is good, but unfortunately most projects SL takes up do not help you when you have problems, they are eye candy and very nice for those living there (untill the adfarms pop up) but its useless to wish SL would actually help you.

    This comment will probably be deleted but hey, thats linden labs. “Your world, your problems”

  80. U M says:

    I understand the often empty promises LL has done to us. But then again i say if the cared they would do something. But offen they don`t. I could leave after all the issues and problems LL has done to me. But why? Well because there is something they can`t take away. Thats the people i met over the last 4 years. Oh sure we can make friends anywhere. But why should i leave the ones i have in the game. I don`t live inthe game like some do, ( oh i did in the past) but these days i totally keep the rl and sl apart. Its easy and safe that way. As you know LL loves to change things up from time to time. Why? because well as some say we are all part of some people Term paper, or PH.D paper. 4 years almost and the same event occure at the same time of year. Some drama LL causes on purpose I and many of us can do without. ignore to the best i can and avoid allt he internal and exertal Drama that is caused by LL.

    U sagi M usashi

  81. Qie says:

    Michael, @67, “‘Ugly’ isn’t the focus of our policy, it is primarily concerned with extortionate activity.” Indeed, and that’s the root of the problem now. The current policy has effectively divorced the “ad blight” from the “land extortion” problem, and both are flourishing as never before. This is neither stewardship of the Mainland for which Linden Research is the estate owner, nor is it good business. Current Mainland full-sim auctions are going for less than islands, despite the huge difference in monthly tier costs. And yellow sweeps over the map, as established sims fall like dominoes at the hands of landcutter extortionists. I’m sorry LDPW finds itself with the task of “porcine cosmetology”, but until Linden Lab stops living in denial with the bizarre fantasy of “market forces” somehow correcting the Tragedy of the Commons in a completely synthetic economy, and instead steps up to the plate with realistic policy, the Mainland will continue to bleed residents and revenue–regardless of how pretty the paving between the advertisements and extortion microparcels.

    One only hopes the roads will survive until somebody with half a mind for business realizes that LL is squandering what should be their prize competitive advantage. Still.

  82. Argent Stonecutter says:

    All of you people who didn’t vote for route 6, so the great wall could be finished, shame on you.

  83. Ann Otoole says:

    @83 – I would like to hear you say your second to last sentence in your comment 83 on a single breath.

    I tried my car in Bay City. It was semi OK on the long straight road the trolley runs on. But there is insufficient room for 2 cars and a trolley at the same time because of physics and the low probability of driving in a straight line. And the sim crossings… I can’t take it out of first gear because SL sims are so small and then the car cartwheels on sim crossings anyway. The rest of the roads all dead end anyway from what I saw.

    Not much use for roads in SL yet. Well maybe for foot powered scooters. but avatars can fly so whats the point other than aesthetics?

  84. “The volcanic island at Ichelus (see here ) has reportedly begun erupting; fireballs are flying, new land is being formed”

    How will this New land affect Current Land Prices?

  85. Martin Magpie says:

    I used to use SL as an escape from RL it was a lovely thing to behold. Now SL has become so much like RL… I now just log into rl as for the friends I have made the important ones know my email address or we could just talk in yahoo messenger. I guess I could just remark on all the good things in SL; however I fear doing so might be borderline delusional. Maybe I spoke out because I had a passion for SL. Lately however I don’t feel a need to waste my time. What’s left to save? Certainly not some commercial product that tries to ruin it’s own customers businesses. Certainly not. LL and SL will be replaced soon enough with a product that really does allow it’s paying subscribers to build their own utopia. Just not soon enough for me. Like I said I manage what I have that breaks even; I will not ever again invest my time, and passion into SL to the extent that I have in the past; Simply because I have little to show for that time and dedication.

    La la la everything is beautiful, everything is wonderful, LL can do no wrong.

    Yeah right; LL will fail because of it’s own mismanagement.


  86. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Bay City auctions started now.

  87. U M says:

    “Yeah right; LL will fail because of it’s own mismanagement.


    YES that you are so correct!!!!!!!!!!! But what are we going to do! shakeshead! Really i mean that!

    SL is more like a Jail these days the way they are treating us. I am trying to enjoy this game for what its worth, BUT it getting very very old how they are continuing to cause problems for us. What I do is ignore all the Internal BS from LL and do my thing. Well you say oh” usagi is saying Neg” well i not crazy to butter up the BS as they say what LL is doing these days to the older users of this game. Its not fair or right for them to do! But what you going to do they phazing us out of the game more and more. Look at the new search its looked good, but its more infomation related then anything else.

  88. Sandor Balczo says:

    Honestly, there is maybe something I am missing here but I wonder why people complain about literally everything and then you look at the auction bidding for Bay City and prices for a 384 sq m parcel reach over 60k L$.

    I think none of the people who threaten to leave SL will actually leave SL. Otherwise they would have left one year ago when I started my SL and the same people were threatening to leave.

    So, could we have SOME way to keep these post in topic, PLEASE?


  89. LMMOS says:

    Yes, looking at the bidding prices for the new “Bay City” land it appears that only the very rich and elite will have a chance to own any of this land, and more than likely it will end up going to a very small select group of people who will either rent it out at highly inflated prices, or try to sell it for even more. It would have been much better if LL would at least consider putting some of this land in a land lottery so that everyone (meaning not just those who can afford to pay 200 USD or more for a small plot of land) has a chance to aquire one of these properties.

  90. Ann Otoole says:

    @90 – depends on who is actually doing the bidding on those parcels doesn’t it?

    Perception of value is as real in sl as it is in rl.

    People want improvements and it has become tradition to complain loudly in these comments because LL has no other means of public feedback. Don’t read more into it than there is.

    I’m astounded at the bidding war going on. They haven’t even released to auction any parcels I would describe as good yet lol.

  91. Marianne McCann says:

    @90 – in a world with 12M accounts and 60k in regular concurrency, one can’t assume that the exact same people bidding on those auctions are the same people here complaining about them. πŸ™‚

  92. Hmm, keep in mind that Residents exchange in excess of 1 million square meters per day in land deals on the Mainland. We might auction 10,000 m2 per day. We are an insignificant player in the scale of things.

  93. Oh, and as for putting Bay City parcels into a lottery, we had the same issue with the “First Land” program. The perceived value is still there, so the new owner has a parcel for which a low price was paid, but it’s worth a high price to other Residents. The parcels quickly change hands one or more times until they reach a price about where the auction would have been. The difference in value goes to various Residents (mostly to the Resident who wins the lottery); but it’s not clear why Linden Lab should “give” this value to some lottery winners. The value doesn’t result in some greater social good — it doesn’t cause more interesting builds, or amazing events, it’s just money to some lucky person.

  94. I only just realized that there are only three layouts for the sims in Bay City, and one of them repeats six times. I see the recipe for expansion.

  95. Cherokee Landman says:

    @96 Actually, there are 4 layouts.

    @95 “…they reach a price about where the auction would have been.”
    I don’t know about that this time around. One parcel is already going for over L$96.38/sm. Even if you consider road access, extra prims, and other benefits, this is still an insane amount. My beautiful parcel overlooking the ocean cost me less than L$6.84/sm. (Neither of these is over 512sm.) Most people have no hope of getting a Bay City parcel. The demand is way too high and there aren’t enough 512sm-or-less parcels.

  96. Sandor Balczo says:

    92 and 93: I never wrote that the same people complaining here are bidding on the auction site. I wrote that there are a lot of people complaining here and nevertheless there are those who are bidding real money on PIXELS which is not only a sign that SL is far from dead, it is also a sign of how illogical people are. But that’s a fact of the world these days.

    As for the 12 million accounts, we all know that everyone here can have an infinite amount of alt accounts, so please kindly give me a break.

    And when I started going on the internet in 1993, I remember that one good rule of netiquette was keeping in topic.

    Free expression does not necessarily mean flame wars or constant whining by always the same people, and that happens here every day, and it is not constructive because it is a constant whining against ANYTHING AND ITS CONTRARY. Without mentioning that those who do not agree with whiners are ridiculed and harassed.

    In the long run, everyone will stop bothering reading your posts, whiners! Katt Linden has given up on that already. And she was supposed to be here to help.

    If I want to complain, I use the support chat. And only when necessary. That is what a premium account is for.

    And I apologize for going off topic myself. But I am sorry, there was life (and previous virtual worlds) before Second Life on the internet, and the fact that I have been a SL resident since last year (still a noob for most) does not allow anyone to think I am totally at a loss when it comes to netiquette or experience with virtual worlds. Or the English language for that matter, which some people are killing here! And before you say that some are not English mother tongue, I am neither. But I make an effort to write in correct English.

    Having said this, I think this is my last post. I don’t like being in a place where people jump at me every time I speak my mind.


  97. Ann Otoole says:

    Well Sandor you have the tainted spectacles of vitriolic negativism on so I guess you should take a break until you can read text without applying your own internal conflicts and bad attitudes to everything you see. I wasn’t jumping on you or complaining at all nor was anything I said negative in the least.

    Perception of value. Yes it will keep people that do not earn or buy L$ out of Bay City.

    Too bad LL can’t inform the people on the mess of the mainland that they have to get sims in themes and stop having ad farms and only build in a tasteful manner eh? But then one person’s taste differs from another’s version of taste in folly so it is impossible. Therefore there is an apparent effort *by residents* to make Bay City an “upper class” community where people building glaring neon rotating phallus monuments and ad farms are exceedingly unwelcome.

    So the price for entry will be high. And there is no guarantee Bay City will not become another mainland junk yard either. But there is hope.

    As for the auction site I felt it was quite amusing that the system supposedly went down yesterday but someone was still able to use the auction system to out bid people during the last minute of auctions. Now how can that be eh? Website is offline yet auction system is still taking last second bids. Cute. Really raises my faith level in LL’s ethics. Of course hey thats the way it goes right? tough luck. Better luck next time.

  98. Looks like land speculators ruled the day. Think it’ll look nice with a thousand red, spinning FOR SALE signs? Maybe they could just put up one giant one right in the middle!

  99. Chilko Tardis says:

    Yes, we teen gridders are very excited to have 20 NEW sims added to our tiny little continent. Seriously, it doesn’t seem like much to you MG’ers, but it means tons to us that the lindens showed up the LOVE.

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