Knowledge Base Article of the Week #26 What are those region server notifications about?

Have you traveled between regions and seen pretty yellow-gold messages on your screen letting you know that the region is running a different server version? Welcome to Het Grid, short for Heterogenous Grid.

Check out this weeks KBAotW if you would like to know more About the Heterogenous Grid. This article is packed full of information and will also explain those region notifications you’ve been seeing!

As always, if you have questions about Second Life, and you think the answer should be in the Knowledge Base, please stop by Documentation Office Hours today at 2pm PDT. We love to hear from you! You’ll find our valiant and scholarly Documentation team at our usual pier-shaped office in Beaumont.

Kate Linden

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49 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #26 What are those region server notifications about?

  1. Ron Crimson says:

    Kate! OMG! You’re beautiful!


  2. Linda Brynner says:

    TY Kate.
    I have filed a ticket concerning the yellow message.
    They told me that the responsible people will handle it.
    The yellow message is most annoying.

  3. Trella McMahon says:

    Thanks so much Kate for sending me in the right direction, I had pondered on this and searched for answers, this helped greatly. Awesome to see your lovely face too! Keep up the good work.
    Many Blessings!

  4. Dahlia Trimble says:

    “pretty” messages? lol you *are* a communications specialist 😉

  5. Joshua Philgarlic says:

    It would be a good idea to be able to switch those messages off. They are of absolutely no interrest for most of the residents.

  6. katykiwi song says:

    When moving back and forth between your own sims and you see this message displayed each time it is extremely annoying. The viewing of these messages should be made optional in the same way that other notifications such as money transactions and friends online are optional.

  7. JohnCarlo Forzane says:

    I preffer “This Sim is running Havok 4, Havok 3, etc. Version” than:

    The Sim you entered is running a different server version.

    my 2 cents.

  8. GettingIrritatedWithNonAnswers says:

    What about all the noob how to messages? Every time I log on I have to go to preferences and disable them. Those too are spam and annoying.

  9. Seth Ock says:

    JohnCarlo is absolutely right. Why not simply have the popup tell you the server version and other pertinent details instead of leaving us to dig around for that data. That first notice is when we should know what’s going on.

  10. Teal Freenote says:

    Pretty yellow messages? They are so annoying. Most users do not want this information. Instead of giving it to everybody, just let those who want it be able to turn it on and leave the rest of us in peace. Barring that, PLEASE give us a way to turn it off.

  11. Fnordian Link says:

    Being informed that a sim is running a different server version is (I’m sorry to say), rather useless, unless we know what’s different about it.

    Is it a different version of Havoc? Is it running Mono? Does it include the most recent server update? Is it a special test region with other characteristics? Without any of this information the notices serve only as a mild annoyance.

    I also agree with several of the other posters that an option to disable this notification would be nice.

  12. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Yah, at least put the server version in the message so you can make it go away when you click on it like other messages down in that corner do. ^^

  13. Nad Gough says:

    Thank you for this information. I had assumed it was letting me know if xcite parts would function in this region or that, but was unable to get specific information as to the on or offness of the matter, just the fact that it was “different”. More details would be help eliminate my confusion I think. BTW, I found that particular shade of yellow rather suggestive…

  14. frozenkayvon says:

    I agree the announcements are more hassle than help, ability to disable them would be my preference. If they are going to be there, relevant info right in the pop up would at least be useful.

  15. Kenny Devoix says:

    @7 John what version of Havok a region is running is very simple. All regions are running Havok4.There are none running havock 1,2,3 or 5.

  16. Toy LaFollette says:

    more useless info to hide the fact that SL is constantly screwed up anymore. Ahhhh the good old days.

  17. Kate Linden says:

    I appreciate all of your feedback about this weeks KBAotW.

    @ 2 & 3 I’m glad this information was helpful. 🙂

    The current server version for any region can be viewed by going to Help > About Second Life, i.e Second Life Server

    Also, as a bonus tip to this weeks Article, you can go into the Knowledge Base and search ‘feature’ which will bring up an awesome Article telling how to create a feature request in the Public Issue Tracker.

  18. Toy LaFollette says:

    since a ‘special’ pop up is needed about versions ever think that maybe, just maybe we are trying to run to many versions at once? I honestly think most Lindens have lost track of what is running where. I dont need a knowledge base to explain it to me, I just use experience.

  19. Shai Khalifa says:

    So has the Mac version of the viewer been fixed yet to that we can actually tp or cross into regions – and get the yellow messages that we now understand???


  20. Prodigal Maeterlinck says:

    I have an alternate suggestion; instead of a lingering pop-up, how about a small, brief logo on the windowbar, along with the other symbols for no-push, no-object creation, voice active, etc. It should be bright enough to catch the eye of anyone concerned, but small enough not to be a distraction to those who aren’t concerned. Clicking on it could be more informative and include information like the name of the server build and some description of it’s features, to be written by the author of the code.

  21. Hey, a quick suggestion for you, Kate. Now that there is a separate Grid Status webpage, there’s no pointer in the startup window to the Second Life blog. There should be. That way, people who want to know what Lindens are saying, will be reminded that these blog entries exist, which can be just as important as knowing when the grid is up.

  22. Saii says:

    No offense, but I’m glad the grid is hetero to be honest. Disfunctional most of the times, but at least hetero. 😛

  23. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 22 …and soon it will also be Mono, so maybe gays will have more fun?

  24. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    Hmmm, I try to imagine that in real life. On a highway between Germany and Austria. “The region highway is running a different asphalt version”… This is so very, very interesting and important to know. Maybe as much important, like, that a bicycle was tumbling down in China (I know, that joke is old and has a long beard), or that a soccerball in Brasil is pumped up with original Rio de Janeiro smog-air, instead of a soccer-ball in Manchester, wich is pumped up with original Manchester smog-air. Also I imagine romantic dialoges between loving couples in game: “Oh darling, the stars, the moon, you, me, the beach, no one around us and what makes that special night really great is: we are in a region wich is running a different server version, oh, mmmm” *toc, toc, toc*

  25. I thought they were all supposed to be on the same version now, apart from Mono Betas. These messages are pretty pointless and annoying. Mine aren’t yellow either lol.

    Of course, if it wasn’t the weekend, meaning everything is falling over a usual, inability to rez, Friends list down, every tp failing, then maybe we could actually tp to these regions and see a message, but I guess we can’t…

  26. Ener Hax says:

    lol, i just put in a ticket to get all my sims on the same dealio? omg, thank you for the write up, i thought i was on some old defunct server in a back room *crickets chirp, tumbleweeds go by* =)

  27. @19. Check around, you can still use which works well on a Mac, without these unwanted shinies that are borking the entire system up.

    @ Katt – well, things have been borked again now or an hour or more, still no message up on the Status Report page bar the one from a few hours ago saying “Resolved”. We should club together and buy LL a dictionary I think.

    And while we’re at announcements, why are there no longer any blog announcements about when Key Metrics are issued? Is it because they are always full of bad news these days? April’s are out, and let’s see, active users are down in almost every country in the world bar Australia, Premiums are down yet again, user hours down, $ USD exchanged down by half a million, and yet LL still pushed out 10% more land in April. So average land price has now plummeted to 3.5/m2, and yet in May to date there are an extra 1650 islands added. That is going to do wonders for the asset servers and the rest of the network infrastructure.

    Do you think these constantly plummeting numbers in Key Metrics now tell you anything? Like maybe people don’t care about new shinies, they want a stable system that works, and doesn’t fall down every single day of the week – several times. Grrrrrrr.

  28. angryhipp McNeill says:

    id personally kill to get one of those messages all im getting is cannot access second life from this computer

  29. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:

    HERE WE GO AGAIN 8 weeks NOW daily ASSET ISSUES!! when will this EVER GET FIXED i never seen such lack of intrest in fixing something all we get is excuses we want this FIXED and we want BLOG REPORTS WHEN ITS BROKEN is it to much to ask or is it to much for you all to put down your donuts and mochas to type a few mins for your PAYING customers
    friday 98:55 can not open notecards can not TP can not change clothes can not do anything in this useless joke of a “business platform” that i have so much money invested into

  30. Jossy Joffe says:

    …and a popup when there is lag and a popup when one cant rezz and a popup and a popup for unable to log in and a popup when you have to pay tier and a popup,…popup,…popup………..

  31. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:

    funny they give us a popup for this but they cannot seem to grasp the concept of needing inworld messaging when things are screwed in the basement

  32. Saii says:

    Mono, Hetero grids… and funny in-world messages about ‘differences’ in regions. I think someone got the terminology wrong, because with the differences it should be Random Grid.

    I bet that the average user just think after all they have been trough, it is just another error message and quickly check if they do not have their hair up their bum.

    I agree with most here that although getting information is good, in this case it is only annoying. Who cares what version is running where. This is no beta software, is it?

    Because, if it is, why do I have to pay? O.O

  33. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Heh, so many people complaining about how this popup is annoying, it’s like they’ve never seen how annoying it USED to be..

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  35. Saii – the server messages are usually there for the final testing of newer server code. Usually this is code that canot be properly tested on the Beta Grid: Aditti.

  36. Saii says:

    To Universal (@37):

    Yeah, I know that. Was just a bit sarcastic.
    I’m just getting really fed up and tired of things not working. And I am not talking about the last month, it has been like this for all the time I am in SL now, and that being two years almost.

    Being a developer, i get tears in my eyes seeing something that has a great potential having such a failure in the rudimentary part of the system. How on earth can a system that is based on assets fail on that part, being it 2008 where data loss is fairly impossible, unless you really have no clue what your doing. And i suggest to go look around to all those saying the system is so complex. Because there are some far more complex systems around, redundant to the max and with co-existing server software running which makes it impossible to have downtime including shadow running matrixed data, which makes data loss impossible.

    As for MMO software, I can sum up a few examples of software that have no major bugs whatsoever, run with millions of users simultaneously, have connection recovery build in, auto-update on the fly without the need to download a new client, etcetera.

    In an era where there’s so much achieved in terms of technology already there is no more hiding behind complexity. It’s the ability to manage and having money to hire professionals that determines if you get a professional product or not.

    Anyway, with failure specifically i mean that it is still possible to lose items, which happened to me again last month, losing two hours of work. Because the asset server failed again, without a warning popup whatsoever. Two hours of work lost with scripting does want to make you smash something or someone.

    So you can imagine that popups about difference in regions does not make me happy at all. In fact, it just annoys me utterly, with the knowledge that when you want to know information that matters, you get none.

    All in all I must say, I have fun in Second Life creating things. But I’m afraid that if nothing rigerously is changed it will slowly and painfully die.

  37. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Dear Kate

    Nice, very nice to know that things are going to be badder than ever before … I know that s not your fault … so i won t throw a stone at you. But coudl you explain to those Smurfs at LL that a little notice inworld would do wonders about the appriciation from the residents towards LL …

    But again, instead of adding new shinies, wouldn t it be better first to fix all those buggs, asset server problems etc … NO SHINIES will keep someone in SL when things are borked beyond the imaginable.

    Although was a nice move to get the RSS … so that … no complaints come on the main site …. very nice move … and effective too … now i don thave to check first the blog here .. see immediatly in my ticker IF there are some trouble at hand … ‘and ofcourse no nasty comments about borked things when people log in here … looool

    Don t expect that i will come and visit the laggy office place of yours. Cose … to stay grey unable to move, and chatlag … is of no intrest to me. So dear Kate, wouldn t it be a good idea to inform us Residents here on the main site.

  38. One thing to keep in mind about “shinies” is that often it is easier to add the shiny than to fix the existing code, because the shiny actually *replaces* the buggy code where the bugs might be extremely subtle and due to some programming decision made years ago when Phil, Cory and friends were all programming at breakneck speed trying to get SOMETHING out the door.

  39. DoctorEigen Flow says:

    She said, “I appreciate all of your feedback about this weeks KBAotW.”

    But she didn’t say, “Now shut up and have a nice day”… so I GUESS, …we should all be grateful? Oh brother….

  40. Hydra says:

    Kate –

    No – I have never seen the “pretty yellow-gold messages on (my) screen,” because I have NEVER been able to travel between regions, without crashing, then logging and relogging as many as 15 times. I guess that is one way to avoid those popup messages!

  41. U M says:

    I see this message when i go into locations as stated by Kate. What i like to see is the abilty to turn it off when we already traveled to that part once. Whats the sence of having it done each time entering the location.

    U sagi M asashi

  42. Tenebrous Pau says:

    Don’t forget you can vote and comment on the “pretty yellow-gold messages” 🙂

  43. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Voted and commented.

  44. Dohran Zhora says:

    Travel between regions how nice to be able to do that. I cannot tp between my own sims tickets in and no response for over a week and this is suppose to be quick response. Bahhhh !!!

  45. Vivienne says:


    Now this one does not even LOAD on my Mac. It crashes before it even can display the startup screen. Total Blackout on startup.

    Great work, bye bye Second Life.

  46. kitchenbusyf says:

    to it I never by themselves Years later, neighborhood beech log. Now,

  47. That’s some good knowledge…

  48. very nice article.

  49. Morgy Dinzeo says:

    Hi kate linden my name is morgy dinzeo and i need to ask you something very inportant. How do i install the minimum requirement for second life ? Becuase i really need to know

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