Rolling Restart for Half of the Grid, Friday Morning 2008-05-16

Update: 05-16 08:30 — The rolling restart is complete.

Update: 05-16 07:58 — The rolling restart is 92% complete.

Update: 05-16 06:56 — The rolling restart is 54% complete.

Update: 05-16 06:02 — The rolling restart is 22% complete.

Update: 05-16 05:10 — The rolling restart has begun.

We are going to perform a rolling restart of half of the grid on Friday morning. This rolling restart will not include a new server deploy. This is related to work we are doing on the asset servers (specifically, we are redirecting the grid towards a backup asset server we have that we hope will be more stable; this will also allow us to do more serious work on the current asset server). To this end, we need to restart all of the simulator processes. The Server Deploy that completed this morning effectively did that for half of the grid, but we need to redo the half of the grid that was started on Wednesday morning.

All class 4 regions will be restarted as part of this, and a little less than half of the class 5 regions will be restarted. If you look at Help:About Second Life, you will find a line that tells you the host on which your region is running. That will say something like If the number after “sim” is less than 2133, the region you are in is a class 4 region, and will be restarted. If the number after “sim” is over 7000, the region you are in will not be restarted as a part of this rolling restart. If the number is in between 2133 and 7000, the region might be restarted.

The rolling restart will proceed between 5 and 10AM on Friday.

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143 Responses to Rolling Restart for Half of the Grid, Friday Morning 2008-05-16

  1. Cincia Singh says:

    Awesome! The work on the physics is complete, now the new server code is complete, and the last big contributor to crashes (the asset servers) are going to get worked on! Two down, one to go … you rock guys and gals!

  2. Ann Otoole says:

    How is the asset data sync’d between the main and the backup one half the grid will be redirected to? Is this just service handling and the data remains on one unified database?

  3. Maarek North says:

    How recent is this backup asset server? Is it always in sync with the main server? Will we need to watch our object creation/script editing/etc for the next day or two? Also what happens if this backup does not work as intended? Will we be expecting SL to be down all weekend? I also wonder why these interuptions cannot be tested/replicated first?

  4. Cincia Singh says:

    @2 and @3 … the notice says that half the grid is already on the backup asset server since this mornings restarts … next question?

  5. Darien Caldwell says:

    Sounds like an SL lottery 😉

  6. Prospero Linden says:

    The two asset servers are synced. There *may* be some short delays between when you save an object and rez it again as a result of the fact that some simulators are writing to the one that has to get synced to the other, but we don’t anticipate any content loss as a result of this.

  7. Tensai Hilra says:

    Very Very nice, and an intresting note about the lag-line between sims, you know, that 2-5 second or better lag as you cross sim lines…

    The other day when all asset data was offline, the transition between sims was un-noticeable. Quite the difference. A thought, possibly assigning an avatar a constant asset resource, a home-sim, or one of several sims, to filter this data, instead of the intesive hand-off method we seem to be using now. It would reduce the teleport-in resource lag we see now.


  8. Tensai Hilra says:

    @6 heh, do we ever anticipate content loss 🙂

  9. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Shouldn’t there be a post about this in

  10. Meade Paravane says:

    Can you confirm that “If the number after ‘sim’ is less than 2133, the region you are in is a class 4 region” bit please, Prospero??

    I thought that LL declared that the server class could no longer be figured out via the hostname. This is sortofa FAQ in the forums…

  11. Michael Timeless says:

    Prospero that is good news and while I am cautiously optimistic I wish you the best of luck with this fix.

    Although slightly off-topic, since we never see Katt Linden anymore, I would like to ask you to carry a proposal about the blog to whoever is in charge of communications. The proposal is simply this.

    Going forward, to foster more honest communication, can we start tying our REAL SL identities to these blog posts? It is frustrating to have someone making either deroggatory statements or “fanboy” posts without knowing anything about them. I’ve been a part of assorted online communities since my first “deaf baud” modem and it really helps to know that your not watching the same person take both sides of an argument or one person with multiple personality disorder arguing both sides of a point.

    Yes, I know one person can have multiple avitars but at least this makes it more difficult than simply using an e-mail address to change names multiple times.

    Communications, in many ways, is what SL is supposed to be about. Yet in many ways with few exceptions, it is difficult for your residents to communicate with the Lindens. Not to pick on Katt specifically, but she has either been “muzzled” for lack of a better term. Or, she was hired simply to communicate with corporations the good news and avoids us “Bad news” residents like the plague.

    While many residents have created their own blog it would be nice for LL to have a resident blog where we could, after talking to a Linden, initiate a topic. That might be an ideal role for Katt to be the person who helps us initiate those topics and that communication.

    Just my 2L

  12. Raymond Figtree says:

    Would any of the blog authors like to clue your customers in on why the US$ auction site is down?

  13. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Michael@11: My sock puppets all agree with you! 🙂

  14. toric says:

    HI, is that 2133 a reliable way to tell what is class 4 and 5? That is, are all the higher numbers class 5, or is there a mix in there? Thanks.

  15. Andromeda Quonset says:

    If you look at Help:About Second Life, you will find a line that tells you the host on which your region is running. That will say something like

    Uh, no, there is nothing like “” to be found anywhere at Help:About Second Life. What I do get is “You are at 257962.2, 280672.7, 301.7 in Queue located at . (
    Second Life Server”

  16. Prospero Linden says:

    Can you confirm that “If the number after ’sim’ is less than 2133, the region you are in is a class 4 region” bit please, Prospero??

    I can confirm this right now.

    But this statement may not be true next week.

    I thought that LL declared that the server class could no longer be figured out via the hostname. This is sortofa FAQ in the forums…

    At the moment, it can be figured out, but I wouldn’t count on what I just told you applying past tomorrow.

  17. Very Frustrated Owner says:

    I reackon Katt Linden was either fired or left Linden Lab………

    No word from her for a week now, yet lots of comments for her to pick up on.

  18. MarkBryon Falta says:

    Does this restart have anything to do with the auctions coming to a virtual halt? I hadn’t read anything in the blog, status, or twitter abaout the auction status – maybe I missed a blog about it?

  19. Fustrated Oldbie says:

    Yes please do the rolling restart on Fri. we don’t need to be up on the weekends.

  20. When LL closed the entire grid a few days ago to apply a patch so that the asset servers would stop malfunctioning, I knew it would only get worse.

    Today I have paid for 3 image uploads, and all of the images have turned out to be empty.

  21. NoCopy ByeBye says:

    I hope after this latest update I won’t have to do the no copy rez test anymore. These days, before I rez any no-copy item of value, I first try to rez a no copy cube and if it disappears, than I know the asset server is borked and I haven’t lost anything. Came up that idea after losing a 4000L no-copy item and getting an outage notification 30 minutes after the fact.

  22. Jared LC says:

    I don’t suppose this transition to the backup asset has anything to do with half the prims in our sim having mysteriously vanished during restarts in the last 24 hours does it? And if so is there any plan to do a rollback, or is everyone who lost no-copy items just out of luck?

  23. Fustrated Oldbie says:

    “Prospero Linden Says:
    May 15th, 2008 at 12:50 PM

    Can you confirm that “If the number after ’sim’ is less than 2133, the region you are in is a class 4 region” bit please, Prospero??

    I can confirm this right now.

    But this statement may not be true next week.

    I thought that LL declared that the server class could no longer be figured out via the hostname. This is sortofa FAQ in the forums…

    At the moment, it can be figured out, but I wouldn’t count on what I just told you applying past tomorrow.”

    Come on, think more than one step ahead. Every class 4 owner will then be saying they are a class 5 and in the end be ripping ppl off on the rent they charge. Leaving the honest ppl few and far between. This is not the right way to run a business.

  24. Rug Halberd says:

    Oh dear, it’s a weekend again, don’t they happen every few days?, and yes there are asset servers failing, lag more than the usual weekday lag, now let me guess, is there some strange factor that makes more people use the grid at weekends,… why don’t LL stop trying to mess around with new features and pushing the limits and sort out the base hardware that the grid is running on, I’m sure that there are upgrades to ZX81’s these days, I have some old 486 chips somewhere if you’d like them,…

    it was not possible to ,… in a timely manner,…
    there is a ,… pending,…

    how would it be if my bank said to LL, their servers are screwed and its not possible to transfer these funds,…

    profesional,…? Mickey Mouse might be able to do it better.

    yours sincerely
    getting fed up with it in UK.

  25. Fustrated Oldbie says:

    Hold on a second! If LL can’t tell the difference between a class 4 and 5 does this mean the tier fees for the class 4’s are about to go up?

  26. Ann Otoole says:

    @24 – Mickey finally went with a real transaction manager… Tuxedo.

  27. Prospero Linden says:

    Re: telling the difference betwen class 4 and class 5 servers, of *course* we can tell the difference. The reason we don’t want to tell you “this range of host names is class 4, this range is class 5” is that host names can and do sometimes change. As such, any information that gets out there may go out of date, and we don’t want people relying onit. That’s the only reason I’m telling you not to rely on the host names

  28. Clutch says:

    “As part of our continued effort to increase the stability and reliability of Second Life, we are happy to announce the Havok™4 project”

    Rug, mickey mouse wouldnt work at linden labs since his ears probably wouldnt rezz. “Sorry Mickey your ears are missing from the database”

  29. Meade Paravane says:

    @ 16 Prospero..

    Aww.. You had my hopes up there for a minute. TY for the reply anyway.

    This (figuring out server class for a sim) actually comes up pretty frequently, especially by people looking to buy land that’s advertised to be on a certain class of hardware. Any tidbits you’d like to feed us on how to figure that out, aside from asking a estate manager, would always be appreciated. 🙂

  30. Katt Linden says:

    @9 Argent, yes, you should now see the Status Report on the Rolling Restart (duplicating the post here.)

    @11 Michael and @17 Very — Glad you missed me! Looks like the last time I posted in comments was Monday. Michael, you asked about logins tied to identity, rather than random ones, and more features — that’s all related to projects I’m working on. Logging in to comment on a blog is something that some would like to see here – but not all, and there are good arguments on both sides. Regardless, we’re evaluating that and many other issues. Please understand that I can’t disclose plans or timelines, but I am here working on the blog and forum.

    I’m checking on the auction system.

  31. Ron Crimson says:

    Oh, shut up, Fustrated. Before you come up with any more wild inventions and bogus reasons why LL will be ripping us all off, learn to spell “frustrated” correctly first.

  32. Fustrated Oldbie says:

    @27 Ok and how will renters be able to verify what kind as in class 4 or class 5 of a sim or estate they are renting from?

    Also are there any plans to change the tier fees for class 4 estates this year?

  33. Meade Paravane says:

    /me points to which, among other things, asks for scripts to be able to determine server class for a sim. Vote!

  34. Prospero, why doesn’t LL stop all work on new features, projects and enhancements and designate every single Linden to fix the asset servers and the memory leak in the viewer? And why aren’t “upgrades” thoroughly tested for a few months before being applied to the whole grid?

    These are not rhetorical questions, by the way. I’m still hoping to get an answer from a Linden some day.

  35. Disappointed Oldbie says:

    Thank you Meade.

    Ron not that it is any of your business but; I am asking LL questions that will help me determine if it is wise for me to continue to invest in SL or not over the next year. It was because of the lack of information that my current investments went sour. I am ASKING ahead of time so I DON’T lose any future funds that I may invest. Just because you don’t understand where I am coming from; doesn’t give you the right to tell me to shut up. My concerns are as valid as anyones.

  36. Ann Otoole says:

    just a point: what i said about mickey (disney) going with Tuxedo was not a joke at all.

    Anyway I will be very interested to see how things go with the asset servers running in parallel with real time data syncing. That will be a massive achievement if it works and i will want to know what was used to accomplish the feat.

  37. Angelica Seaton says:

    Most discombobulated……has this restart anything to do with my losing all my groups which means as a builder unless I am wearing the correct group tag I can’t build on that land? And…the play music tab isnt activated together with tps seemingly blocked. Any ideas?

  38. Cincia Singh says:

    @35 … I think that just like in any job, only so many people can work on a project at one time. Having extra people sitting around waiting for something to do would hardly be productive, get more code written and QA’d or solve anything.

    @25 … read more closely. You misunderstood. Also, a) the sky is NOT falling, b) the end is NOT near, and c) we were not all abducted by aliens. Sheesh the rumors and conspiracy theories are amazing in here lol.

    @31 .. .a little less flame would be nice.

  39. Cincia Singh says:

    @36 … gee that’s really scarey. This is not a 401K or hedge fund, it’s a game. A sometimes very serious game, but none-the-less a game. Keep it in perspective. Invest in stocks, bonds and securities … login to SL to play a game and have fun and maybe make a little money. Remember the TOS … this could all be gone tomorrow with no recourse. That’s hardly “investment grade.”

  40. Disappointed Oldbie says:

    @39 No the sky is not falling. However land is for sale again at around 4L$ per m. Haven’t seen it like that for a few years. The land I have been watching has been sitting there for a few days. Now that the open sim projects have opened and are selling entire regions for 75US$ per month. I fear ppl will leave SL for something cheaper. More for less. My regions and rental regions like mine have been sitting at 50% vacant for the last month. No the sky is not falling. But I am making a hard effort to make sure I am well aware of what the future is going to be. My questions may be hard hitting but I am tired of hearing what LL is taking away or changing for their benefit only. People are getting turned off and it is abundantly clear why; at least to me. Every weekend down is really bad for business. Our businesses.

  41. Disappointed Oldbie says:

    @40 Good advice I will pass it along to Anshe Chung.

  42. Jossy Joffe says:

    Boys and girls,…think, observe and make a note on your calendar everytime SL crashes or behaves strange or bad. In the past year i have almost 400 notes of bad SL behaviour. Thus,…you dont ask if you should invest money in SL,….you simply dont invest in it.
    Its not a bussiness one can take seriously, because the program is too unstable. Its a nice game to pass some time, but nothing more.

  43. Gabbi Rotaru says:

    Are others experiencing a high number of crashes, tp failures rezz errors and other SL problems over the last 2 hours or so. I have crashed about 10 times, and people I was with were also going down like flys.

    Current LL theme tune : Queen : Another one bites the dust 😉

  44. @44 Gabbi: I am, since this morning, but I have yet to see anything with regards to it in the Grid Status Report page.

  45. MikeC Althouse says:

    The grid is very unstable right now! Thursday, May 15, 2008 02:57:28 PM … can only stay connected for 7 min. or so… then freeze up of the client.


  46. Delora Starbrook says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, LL. I had a big event scheduled at my sim for Friday, I’ll just cross my fingers that this doesn’t make the asset server any more grumpy than it has been lately, since I can’t easily reschedule.

  47. Angelica Seaton says:

    Ratta-tat-tat..anybody home LL? Crashing, blocked tp’s and no word on the grid status offering any info about it…..looking for the statement “We are getting reports of……..” cos we sure is reporting the probs!

  48. This seems to have broken megaprim creation in the Nicholaz client.

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  50. hollie wood says:

    I would very much appreciate an in world message about asset server/teleport/login/ etc difficulties when they occur. posting it on the login page is nice but does not do those of us who are already logged in much good.

  51. Mako Minogue says:

    @49 and to Prospero Linden, whom I hope has his lighting protection on:

    This is confirmed ( Server side code is clamping new prim rez to 10x10x10.

    This is a Most Unhelpful single sided fiat accompli decision on Linden Labs part who has, sans discussion or announcement, removed a very potent tool from our creative pallet for no discernible benefit to the community.

    We are now left scrambling over the next 12 hours or so to find a sim running the older code to create a library of useful mega prim sizes prior to the rest of the grid being rolled to the emasculated new server version.

    We are deeply Not Amused.

    Disappointed and Highly Annoyed In Second Life,
    Mako Minogue

  52. Lilly says:

    Yes, here too. constantly crashing (everyone in sim), failing tp’s etc. Called helpdesk online, but nothing is wrong according to them. But.. we keep crashing!! Something IS definitely wrong….

  53. SL is In Serious Trouble says:

    @53 …yes… some of us cannot even get the client to load let alone log on right now. SL needs an immediate change of leadership… there is no time for a “learning curve” for the new ceo who has no expertise here.. so a word from someone who has watched organizational hubris fed by foolish worshipers lead to sad endings… here we go again… fix it this weekend you guys… or forget cashing in on some hoped for ipo… it just ain’t in the cards for you.

  54. Hydra says:

    I have really enjoyed Second Life, but like @54, I am increasingly concerned about whether Linden Labs even HAS a future, let alone what that future might be. On the one hand, I am thrilled that they SAY they are addressing the stability problems; on the other hand, though I could probably count the number of times I have crashed this week (with some effort), if I take it out longer than that, the number becomes virtually incalculable. And the constant sim restarts! I teach in SL, and have had three classes interrupted by restarts THIS WEEK! Get a grip, Disappointed! Investment? I don’t think so!

  55. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    you guys shoud go back to shutting the grid down and fixin stuff that needs to be fixed properly instead of waiting to see how it goes in the grid.. Seach and things have been boked for over a week and yes no posts about the problems of course. How many regions a day have been reduced to 0 traffic for no reason? Ho many regions are running half speed and LL fails to report these issues??? How many peoples sims never recovered from the restarts and were down for over 2 hours yesterday? ?? This last week has pretty much done it for me as the past month has. been the worst time i have ever spent on Second life. I do not look foreward to more unfair downtime nor do i look foreward to a future in SL. i have been here since 2006 and have never seen such a sad display of system failures . People spend a lot of money for promotions and search and never get 1 cent back if LL destroys it because of Search being borked.
    Yes I am sick and tired of it

  56. Renee Faulds says:

    Why when I shut down the viewer do I get an Internet Worm Intrusion from; Default Block Bla Trojan Horse

    Translates to:

    Level 3 Communications, Inc. LEVEL4-CIDR (NET-63-208-0-0-1) –
    Linden Lab LVLT-LINDE-3-63-210-156 (NET-63-210-156-0-1) –

    # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2008-05-14 19:10
    # Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN’s WHOIS database.

    Just WHAT is up with this now??????

  57. Michael Timeless says:

    For once I have to agree with the fanboy.
    There is no reason to invest any further money in SL. Since this is “just a game.” There is no reason to create new content, no reason to create new textures, no reason to train noobs because since it is a game why should we take it seriously. Cincia Singh is correct, this isn’t a 401k. In fact, why shouldn’t we spend just as much time/money on other virtual worlds? Since this is “just a game” I plan on questioning DePaul University and others who spend money on multiple sims here. We should be asking Congress and State Legislatures why taxpayer money is wasted on this game and why should corporations spend money on these games.

    When I thought this was “our world, our imagination,” it was worth spending several hundred dollars a month on. But Cincia Singh you have convinced me this is a foolish expenditure.

    Katt as for your arguments. No, you can’t share plans that have to do with us because it might be miscontrued as someone sharing with residents things that affect them. We wouldn’t want that would we. We need to keep the pot boiling by surprising residents and not giving them ANY input into the future. As for your statement about good arguments on both sides that is simply not true. If there could be posts without LL knowing who was making the post that would make sense. But hiding LL participation from residents is the only reason for the current level of hidden ownership.

    I really don’t know why I bother to post. Increasingly I see that the only way to make a point is to vote with $ not words, just like the content creators who are leaving. Honestly I can’t understand your business strategy. Other than a pyramid scheme it makes no sense from a business perspective except to use us as guinea pigs until you can sell it to someone who will make it really work…at which point all of our investment will go out the window.

  58. Disappointed Oldbie says:

    Thank you Michael. My thoughts exactly.

  59. U M says:

    “56 Dilbert Dilweg Says:

    May 15th, 2008 at 5:00 PM
    you guys shoud go back to shutting the grid down and fixin stuff that needs to be fixed properly instead of waiting to see how it goes in the grid.. ”

    Many agree but LL can`t do that any more because they have to explain it to those commerical islands that are paying much much $$$$$$$$. Atleast shut the game down 2 times a months for repairs…..

  60. Jossy Joffe says:

    @58. Disappiontment; I read disappiontment in your comments and so you should be and so am I.
    SL could be a wonderful platform, where dreams could come true; but for reasons of many malfunctions, the Lindens have reduced it to a mere game. Thats a pitty.
    As long as this program is as instable as a mentally disturbed person, you must be out of your mind to invest $1 in it.
    Better idea: all paying residents, dont pay tier this month.

  61. cosa nostra says:

    FYI (ofcourse this doesnt apply on the problems due to the 24 hr downtime rule, but when adding all the downtime together this would be an answer ……. )


    Under certain circumstances, you may receive service credit for unscheduled downtime.

    You will be eligible to receive Service Credit toward recurring service fees (e.g. monthly account fees, 90 Day account fees, annual account fees, and Land Use Fees) for Unscheduled Downtime. “Unscheduled Downtime” is an unplanned or unscheduled interruption in Service availability for a period of at least twenty-four (24) hours during which you are unable to access the Service. Unscheduled Downtime is measured from the end of the time the Service is 100% unreachable for a period of at least twenty-four (24) hours until Service is once again restored. The following are excluded from the calculation of Unscheduled Downtime: (i) scheduled maintenance downtime; (ii) problems outside of our Service (upstream providers, or your inbound connection) not affecting 100% loss to our Service; (iii) interruptions or failure of Service caused by you or your representatives (including inaccurate configuration, third-party software, abuse or over-utilization of resources, hacked servers, attacks, exploits, or server hardware failures); and (iv) causes beyond Linden Lab’s reasonable control and occurring without Linden Lab’s fault or negligence, including natural disasters, wars, terrorist acts, riots or other violent upheaval, governmental restrictions and actions, and performance failures of a third party outside Linden Lab’s control. The amount of any Service Credit will be based on the pro rata percentage of Unscheduled Downtime during your billing cycle (e.g., if there is 1 day of Unscheduled Downtime in a 30-day month for your monthly account, you will receive a Service Credit for 1/30th of your recurring service fees). Any Service Credit will be credited to you during your next billing cycle.


  62. Uber Stein says:

    #57: Something like that happened to me almost two years ago. At that time i could actually get ahold of life help, and the guy explained to me, if i remember right, that some virus checkers will be falsely alarmed by something that is very close to a virus but not. it has to do with the texture cache, and normally you would not see that and probably related to bad asset server. there is more danger in having yahoo instant message open than anything with SL.
    Let’s hope that is all it is.

    On another note, i hope this restart takes care of the stupid traffic counts i am getting lately. i mean a traffic count of ZERO has to be wrong. and my person traffic counting showed a sharp rise last night, and the numbers should have reflected a doubling of traffic, but instead it was half as much as the day before.

  63. Jazzman says:

    YAwnnn..I’m sorry did something change.

    This is getting terminally boring LL.

    As hard as it is to believe, you guys are making television look entertaining again.

  64. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Oldbie@41: You write: “Now that the open sim projects have opened and are selling entire regions for 75US$ per month. I fear ppl will leave SL for something cheaper.” — I don’t understand how reducing the cost increases the chance that someone is going to leave it for something cheaper.

    Zachary@49, Mako@52: that was explicitly stated as a reason for the last rollout, so it was already too late at 5AM this morning.

    Renee@57: sounds like your security software is crying wolf. As someone who spent 20 years in the business, I’ve seen more snake oil than good software… it probably MISinterpreted some leftover packets from Linden Labs.

  65. U M says:

    Whats going on with login failures? Is LL once again reseting accounts passworlds? is this Sept 2006 all over again?

  66. Mako Minogue says:

    @65 I obviously missed that well publicized meeting… .

    It remains a very massively uncool move on LL’s part.


  67. Renee Faulds says:


    The RL company I own does computer security.

    Once is crying wolf – 4 times is a security problem

  68. Renee Faulds says:

    Discovered: August 16, 2000
    Updated: February 13, 2007 11:52:49 AM
    Also Known As: Backdoor.Trojan
    Type: Trojan Horse

    The Backdoor.BlaTrojan allows unauthorized access to your computer. It tries to mask the infection by displaying a program interface that is actually the interface of the backdoor client program.

    Norton Internet Security/Norton Internet Protection users
    If you are using either of these Symantec firewall programs, the name that is used by the Trojan Block rule to prevent the Trojan from being downloaded to your computer is different from the name that is used by Norton AntiVirus to detect the same threat if it were actually run on your computer or received in email.

    Norton Internet Security/Norton Internet Protection will block Backdoor.Bla.Trojan from being downloaded to your computer using the Block Rule “Bla”.

  69. Belle Franciosa says:

    Hmmm… has anyone gotten “Expired region handoff” when trying to cross sims? I am trying to get to my openspace and can’t seem to get there 😦

  70. U M says:

    “Your account has been disabled by Linden Lab.”??????????now what in the **** is LL doing?????? They are randomly shuttingdown accounts?

  71. Disappointed Oldbie says:

    Oldbie@41: You write: “Now that the open sim projects have opened and are selling entire regions for 75US$ per month. I fear ppl will leave SL for something cheaper.” — I don’t understand how reducing the cost increases the chance that someone is going to leave it for something cheaper.

    You don’t understand that ppl prefer the same product only a lot cheaper?

    hmmmm lets compare shall we so you can see the bigger picture:

    Second Life Grid
    Any Estate Region:
    Islands are priced at US$1,000 for 65,536 square meters (about 16 acres). Monthly land fees for maintenance are US$295.
    (down from the $1695.00 cost not too long ago)
    ($295 up from the not so long ago cost of $195 per mo.)
    OpenLife Grid
    Region Name: Jimboo Location: 992,1004 – Openlife Grid Size: 256mx256m, 65536m2 Monthly Fee/ Tier: $75 (1st Month Included) Setup: $15 (one time included)

    So for the cost of 1 (one) Island in Second Life I can buy 13 (thirteen) and still have $25 bucks left over for a pizza.

    What part about that is hard to understand?

  72. Your Conscience says:

    @117 & 123
    I have to agree. Unfortunately, I get a sinking feeling of dread at the mention of the upcoming blog concerning the “issue” (read: problem of people having a widely expanded range of megaprims to use). I’ve created many, many things with the new megaprims I could never have created with the old ones, because most of the old ones are “fake” sizes, prims cut and tortured into the proportions listed in their names. Is all of that work, and the work that I fully suspect that all of these frenzied residents such as myself have done, going to be destroyed? I can’t help but stop and ponder at the well-spoken case presented by #115. You promise these things for megaprims in the future, but when? They’re right, the massive lunge for as many possible combinations of megas as we can get should be an indicator. Please don’t rip away from our fingers our now larger (pun intended) opportunity for content creation, to creation things feasibly on a scale that actually has _meaning_ for the avatar, not something we have to duck under, and not something that is too awkwardly proportioned to be aesthetically or practically functional, or too cookie-cutter similar to anything else that uses the exact same limited number of megaprim sizes. I mean think. People are actually _less_ likely to overrun borders if they are able to create custom prims over the 10m limit, than they would if they only have a range of megas with are _mostly_ over the average lot size (512-1024). Please, don’t let this upcoming blog post be a “Sorry, but the new megas have to go. Be happy with the old ones.” Especially if you _honestly_ and _truly_ plan to support megas in the future, don’t destroy everything that we have worked on and created in our short time of freedom.

  73. Your Conscience says:

    Augh, sorry guys, for some reason when I refreshed, this came up on a different blog.

  74. Concerned says:

    LL needs to either officially support mega prims or get rid.They have sat on the fence so long that now people consider them tools despite the fact they have never been endored.

  75. Concerned says:

    It appears that security issues raised in this blog might not be a 1 off,there has been a simalar incident on a laptop im running that has SL running.

  76. Ann Otoole says:

    If you are crashing a lot then try a clean install to make sure the cache is not corrupted.
    Also make sure your hard drive always has more than 25GB free and is frequently defragmented.

    That is a couple of hints I don’t see mentioned very often.

  77. Concerned says:

    Good advice ann its a shame LL does not consider with all it’s corruption issues to make a removal tool so it would clean any registry entries,files and folders and any cache files hiddens away.

  78. Ann Otoole says:

    @78: Be careful which registry entries you “clean”. I suffered for a while because I removed entries with Secondlife text in them and wound up having to reinstall directx (why? dunno) to get sl working again. So now when I say clean install I mean nothing more than deletion of the directories associated with Secondlife after uninstalling and then empty trash and the temp folder, reboot, and reinstall.

  79. Fatz Scheflo says:

    Outstanding 🙂

    I appreciate the level of detail you’re giving us. Just telling us 1/2 the servers would be restarted would have been a little less detail that we need.

  80. Fatz Scheflo says:

    I don’t believe SL puts anything in the registry. What settings you see are MRU settings from MS and other housekeeping things. I think the idea is to keep the .NET MS CLR and mono CLR codebases similar–mono won’t handle those registry read/writes unless there’s a registry emulator somewhere

  81. Do something about content theft. says:

    Do something about content theft. Redgrave stopped designing, minnu model will not release any more skisn. How many more shops do we have to lose before you fill finally make your DMCA promise come true?

  82. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    To all those experiencing crashes/freezes/etc – tell me about it. It was the same yesterday afternoon. And Anne O’Toole before you start going all Infinity on me – every time I crash I clear my caches, so it isn’t cache corruption. It’s Second Stability. And I agree with the suggestion that Second Life be closed down at least twice a month for repairs. But I don’t like the chances of Linden Labs listening to us, though.

  83. Do something about content theft. says:

    Secodnlife doesn’t even takes the effort to remove a texture UUID after a DMCA from a lawyer so you can bet on it that they won’t take the effort to remove megaprims as well. They are a lazy company.

    “Your world, your problems”

  84. Frip Da Bing says:

    I want a Yellow Icon.

  85. Jenta says:

    I gope the megaprims will not be destroyed 😦

  86. Verdana Klaar says:

    I gope too.

    Cup of tea anyone ? 😀

  87. U M says:

    There are alot of problems happening now. passwords being one of them!

  88. Locke Traveler says:

    @Verdana: That’d be lovely, I really need to stop reading blog comments. It’s given me a headache. Half of it is off-topic whining and the rest is either uninformed, or valid questions that *might* get answered. It’s like panning for gold in a fishpond…

    Anyway, hope the rolling restart goes well, if it synchronises right and improves asset rez performance, I’ll be well chuffed. Otherwise, you’re gonna have even more complainers in here and I’ll need another cup of tea just to begin with.

    I’ll be back on the grid later to see how it all went down. Cheers LL, keep up the good work, try to cut down on the bad work. 😉

  89. brother nadezda says:

    good to see more positive comments….its all part of making sl better and is inconvenient to everyone….keep the good work going guys….i would be more worried if you were doing nothing….happy to be restarted or whatever it takes….has to be for the greater good of everyone in sl

  90. Verdana Klaar says:

    I have to COMPLAIN that i am able to login normally, that i do not crash neither do i freeze, that i’ve rezzed about 30 to 40 prims since some one hour or so, and that while writing this message, i am logged in twice (with my alt) so that i can adjust pose-balls neatly.

    LL, i strongly suggest you take my PERSONAL complaint in account asap. Am i clear enough ?

  91. Petro says:

    crashes happen so often.i give up. secondlife is pile of problems no good

  92. Tomato Curry®TM says:

    You promised us to be able to have our own windlight settings at our islands. Where are they?

  93. pantaiputih korobase says:

    be careful, Fanboy, they might beleive you 🙂

  94. Winter Ventura says:

    *Off Topic*

    @85. Frip Da Bing: “I want a Yellow Icon.”

    The geometric icons come from a site called gravatar. (

    Each time you post on this blog (and many many other places on the wen) you give your email address. The blog company (in this case wordpress) formats an automatic image call, based on your email address, The idea is a sort of “avatar for your unique email address”.. so you no longer have to register for every little blog site JUST to have a custom avatar.

    Pop over to gravatar ( and click “Sign up now”.. it’s fast, and it’s free. You can create an account for each email address you use, or you can link several email addresses that you frequently use, to your account.

    It’s pretty cool.. as silly little web toys go.

  95. Linda Brynner says:

    Can’t complain at this moment. My SL runs smoothly… 3 year old notebook. I follow Torley Linden´s video tutoral and all goes well.
    Lag can easily be reduced with good graphic setting in the preferences.
    My experience is that SL is becoming more stable as the hard work seems to pay off…
    And this is another step towards it.

    And yes we all want the same cheaper… ermm do we?
    If we could really compare apples with oranges… I would agree.
    However we can hardly say that OpenLife for example can be compared to SL…
    I mean come on… no business will survive with almost zero revenue.
    To stay alive… we all need revenues, and sooner or later also Openlife cannot keep prices like that… I am very very very sure.

    Naaaa, I stick with SL.
    Fast and friendly service… Very social active… many international residents… Open communication… Good webpage…
    I hear all the whining, but I also see a lot of people just click things in a hurry without thinking… and whining afterwards.

    Doing great Linden Lab !!

  96. Ghost Menjou says:

    I agree with Linda 😀

  97. Verdana Klaar says:

    I have to complain that i agree too.

    However, i have a special thought for Toybochado (comment #20). I suggest a solidarity fund so that he (or she) can get back those 30 L$ lost upon upload. As for myself, i can contribute up to 0.01€… Yet 9 persons to go and this resident will be happy again. Please donate.

    ciao ciao,

  98. Ann Otoole says:

    @91 – Verdana if you love it that much then why don’t you just pack your bags and LOG IN! geez!


  99. Verdana Klaar says:

    Because i logged off. Any other question ?

  100. SMT says:

    The rolling restart will proceed between 2pm and 7pm central european time on Friday. Thank you for being french. LL

  101. What a joke says:

    Hey Katt, here’s something for you.
    Since you’re the communications person, try wrapping your head around this:

    The residents now have FIVE places to check for status updates on the grid:
    – the blog
    – the grid status page (on secondlifegrid)
    – the twitter page
    – messages inworld (random and sparse)

    This is a desaster since none of them actually displays all of the available information (twitter has some info that the grid page doesn’t and vice versa).

    I just thought I’d point it out to you guys and I’m pretty sure this will get ignored untill someone finds out how stupid this is in about…. hmmm… 6 months or so and will try to fix it, fail and break even more stuff while working on it.

    You guys are disgusting.

  102. Puppet Shepherd says:

    I love how most of the comments to blog posts have absolutely nothing to do with the blog post! (sarcasm)

    Katt or other Lindens, I would looove to make a suggestion – could you a) limit the number of comments one person can make to a blog post and/or b) allow people to edit their comments so if they forget something, they don’t have to make another post?

    And thank you for informing us about the region restarts.

  103. pantaiputih korobase says:

    agrees@what a joke 103, it makes much more sense to make information available on one site only to avoid an information/misinformation jungle

    communication can be pretty simple, so KIS (keep it simple), katt or KISS (keep it soo simple) me katt 🙂

  104. Lonny Miasma says:

    Well it is Friday again. And well its maybe morning in pdt, which was former SLT. But well Europeans don’t count at all in here.
    After April we get another nice month as it seems. Some more months like April, we won’t need anymore to discuss something here. As obviously more and more people do not log in anymore.
    Thank you for restarting again and again, I would really wonder if anything would change at all.

    Have all a nice day. 🙂

  105. pantaiputih korobase says:

    fanboy, I am ahead, my support tickets are answered before I send them, lol

  106. Sylvia Sonoda says:

    Is it only me or does it happen to others too that the landingpoints of parcels don’t seem to work anymore, or one lands some 10 to 20 meters away from the parcel landingpoint?
    I usually teleport to a destination using the map, via click/teleport.

  107. Anony Mous says:

    Is it me only or have more people that the parcel landingpoints do not work anymore?
    I usually enter a sim/parcel using cleick and teleport on the worldmap.

  108. Prospero Linden says:

    Re: lots and lots of places to check for grid status. The reason that the rolling restart Tue-Thu was not also on the grid status page was my fault. Please do not blame Katt for that. The reason that this post had a mention on the grid status blog and the Tweet, with a URL pointing to more information here, was because of Katt. Just because you don’t see her actually making all of the posts doesn’t mean that she’s not improving things and back there getting the rest of us to improve our communications.

  109. Elvis Orbit says:

    I hope all goes well 😀

  110. I am finding the land points worked for me for the past few days. I had some minor problems TPing from my LMs last night, but that went away.

    In general (and I’m using the latest RC) I am finding SL to be more stable now thatn it has been since I started, over a year ago. Performance is decent, considering I am using an old (4 years) computer.

  111. Ron Crimson says:

    Whoever this Fanboy is… I like him. 🙂

  112. Jennifer Llanfair says:

    This week SL has undergone an emergency downtime early Tuesday AM, a rolling restart deploy to a few servers on Tuesday, half-a-grid restart on Wednesday, the-other-half-a-grid restart on Thursday, and is now undergoing another redo-half-a-grid-restart on Friday. Wouldn’t it lessen the pain to set aside regularly scheduled full-grid maintenance downtime once a week or once every couple weeks? (I realize emergencies must be handled as they arise, but perhaps regularly scheduled maintenance would alleviate some of the need for emergency restarts.)

  113. Prospero Linden says:

    Re: setting aside regular downtime for the grid : no, that wouldn’t lessen the pain. Each rolling restart typically only puts each region down for about 5-10 minutes. Yesterday, where regions were staying down routinely for 30 minutes, was an anomaly, and we’ve already figured out how to make things better when the new way of assigning regions to grids. You are losing a lot less time with rolling restarts. This week, half of all regions have had to be restarted twice because of our asset server problems, but in a normal rolling restart each region only restarts once. This is less disruptive than having several hours of total grid downtime.

    Regular downtimes won’t help with emergency downtimes. By their very nature, emergency downtimes are unplanned and because something has gone south.

  114. Jennifer Llanfair says:

    @ Prospero: Thank you, appreciate your response.

  115. Prospero Linden says:

    Prospero @117 : as a resident of Nashville, TN, I object to your use of “has gone south” to mean something has gone wrong. 🙂

  116. Ann Otoole says:

    sim restarted. No lag in taking objects to inventory and then rezzing them so far.

  117. What a joke says:

    Here’s another one: The secondlifegrid website is utterly useless and confuses the crap out of anyone who tries to understand what the difference between LL, SL, the grid and whathaveyou is.

    And that you posted your info on the grid page instead of the blog/twitter/yoursecondlifeprofilepick#4/the dev mailing list/I could go on… is???

    If you REALLY want people to know about what’s going on put information like that in ONE place. And then STICK with it. Don’t change it weekly.
    I understand that all those negative “the grid is down again/we spilled coffee over half a rack/Phillips cat puked into the router” messages look bad on the blog so lock them away from the media at your twitter feed so only nerds can see what’s broken today and not all those fancy journalists/bloggers.

    And while I’m at it… start announcing which parts of SL are actually WORKING right now. I bet that’d save you a lot of work.
    I mean anyone is already assuming that the grid is broken all the time and transactions don’t work, teleporting doesn’t work and stuff doesn’t rez. How about a nice little post like “It’s ok to log in now if you don’t need to buy anything”. Or “It’s ok to log in now if you only want to check your IMs and don’t mind being ruthed”.

  118. U M says:

    Why are accounts beening locked LL? is there any reason why LL forcing people to call and unlock accounts???????? so answer PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  119. Alex R says:

    soooooooo we’ve gone back to announcing grid status reports on the main blog then?

  120. toybodacho Ireland says:

    @99 Verdana: I’m still waiting for my 0.01€ (~L$4). And who said it would make me happy? I’ll be happy when a Linden answers the questions stated in entry #35.

  121. Prospero Linden says:

    Alex R : no. Announcements of server releases and rolling restarts will come here, so that comments can be enabled. Howveer, if you look at the grid status blog, you’ll see that there’s a status post there announcing the rolling restart and pointing back to this blog post.

    I failed to get the rolling restart earlier this week on the status blog, but the standard is that if you want to know what’s going on with grid downtimes or service events, you only need to watch that blog. You may need to click on a link for more information, but the announcement will be there.

  122. Brenda Maculate says:

    There wasn’t a “link” back to this from there, Prospero. The URL was there, which (because I’m “technically inclined”) I just copied-n-pasted… 🙂

    By the way– what is the preferred means to report a Mainland Sim as down? I’ve looked around and didn’t see anything helpful, but it’s possible I overlooked it…

  123. Calliope Simon says:

    Hello Prospero, I want you to go and tell everyone involved with this asset migration that if the new asset server is also running MYSQL, it will be just exactly as broken and in all the same ways that the old one was.

    Once again, and hopefully for the last time, your dependence on MYSQL should be painfully obviously by now seen by the entirety of Linden Labs as one of the top five major boneheaded moves ever concerning anything related to Second Life.

    MYSQL is *not for* this sort of heavy duty application. It was never for it, it is not for it now, and it will never be for it. If you really, really need to not pay for a database solution, at least use PostgreSQL, which can actually do hot DB dumps for real, as well as handle the sort of insert wads you’re doubtlessly dealing with.

  124. Mathieu Basiat says:

    Map data not updated

  125. Hydra says:

    @ 117 I, for one, appreciate occasionally reading a response from a LL representative. So, thank you, Prospero.

    I have to disagree, though, with your statement that “no, that (setting aside regular downtime for the grid) wouldn’t lessen the pain.” Yes, if all you are looking at is downtime stats, the way you are doing things might be seen as better; however, if you are trying to actually DO something in SL, this way is a nightmare. As I said in an earlier post, I teach in SL and have had several classes interrupted by sim restarts just this week. The interruptions may have been only a few minutes at a time (though one was much longer), but the class is ruined by a sim restart. Most students do not return. And many people give up on taking (or teaching) classes in Second Life, in favor of something more reliable (like watching TV).

    I think it is time to start looking at SL like a utility. I would NOT pay for cell phone or electrical service, if I could not predict when it would be available, but might accept scheduled downtimes for either (if I had no other choice). But unreliable service is worse than no service.

    Not that I expect anyone to listen, I would much prefer a predictable period of downtime, during which I would not schedule a class or other event, rather than this random nonsense, that makes it difficult or impossible to plan anything.

    Hey, here’s an idea! Schedule downtime once, twice, even four times a month, and set up the events page so that it is impossible to schedule an event during those times.

  126. Calliope Simon says:

    They don’t even have to look at it like a utility, all they need to do is see it for what it is: a provided service. Linden Labs is a service provider. And service providers that want to stay in business long enough to get sold to someone like IBM (which probably won’t happen at this point, but we’ll see) all know that you do not purposely resort to unscheduled, unannounced downtime—and that if you do resort to it, you NEVER, EVER TELL YOUR CUSTOMER BASE THAT YOU’RE RESORTING TO IT.

    At its core, the problem is that all of this was built atop a chaotic business structure (see the tao of linden for details), and a chaotic product is of course the result. And for some reason, everyone seems to be all surprised.

    They’re probably the same people who think that “tao of linden” is actually a correct usage of the word “tao”.

  127. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    Skirts and sometimes even other clothing won’t attach. It was fine up until about 4 a.m.

    So I guess store owners can expect a big drop in clothing sales this weekend if you guys can’t get that fixed.

  128. GettingIrritatedWithNonAnswers says:

    “As Argent Stonecutter suggests, we’re not going to tell you all about the security fixes until after they have all been fixed. Watch this space. I’m not going to comment on any details beyond that.”

    Well have they been fixed or not?

  129. Razor says:

    Will you ever give an answer to all the questions about the copyright violations and the trademark violations inworld? The current amount of stolen items clearly shows your DMCAs don’t work. The jira proves similar. Will we ever get an answer to why you don’t delete stolen UUIDs from the asset server and block stolen items. Will you ignore the questions of all the big and well known creators that have been ripped off forever?

    The level of help and service you get as a creator when your DMCAs is violated multiple times is zero and the way creators questions about this are ignored very rude. You ignored theft and copyboys for over 2 years. Linden Labs is just a PR stunt with no backbone, no service and no help for creators.

    You are treating the creators like trash.

    Katt Linden that was hired for “communications” is still not answering issues like these will she ever or do you ignore her questions too? Is that why she doesn’t answer?

  130. Prospero Linden says:

    Re: which things were fixed : see the comment I put on the deploy blog post:

  131. brother nadezda says:

    i agree with fanboy….why dont we all support sl….use support to do your whining

  132. brother nadezda says:

    ok…maybe i dont agree with fanboy…..its all part of improving sl….why dont we just hang in there and enjoy….

  133. Martin Magpie says:

    I have been hanging in there for 5 years. I don’t however intend to keep hanging in there another 5. Things better start changing for the good of the subscribers and quick. My patience and benefit of the doubt are being replaced by pessimistic thought and disdain. 5 years is a long time to be waiting for stability.

  134. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Prospero@119: You’re still a yankee. The South starts at the Equator, sir! 🙂

  135. Zena Juran says:

    Everytime Linden Lab does something like this, it always proves to downgrade the grid usability another notch. And this time is no exception. What happened to the days when Linden Lab did something to the grid for the better?

  136. Martin Magpie says:

    I hear ya fanboy. I wondered.

    LL I am still crashing every time I choose View> “land owners”. Ya think you wanna try and fix something simple like that soon.
    Also stop the fricken noob messages everytime I log in. No kidding I have just selected an object. GROWLS

  137. coventina dalgleish says:

    And the pathetic joke continues when are you going to get it right LL. The performance is horrible and everything fails to rez when ever it decides to be irritating. Just another day in lala land. New island teleports is borked nice going

  138. @142 Zena & @144 Coventina: My point exactly. Every time LL applies an “upgrade” to the grid, functionality gets worse. That’s why I call them “downgrades.”

    The asset servers have been malfunctioning for years, and the viewer has had the memory leak problem forever, yet LL doesn’t consider these problems priorities. They keep working on new features in which very few people are interested.

    So I ask again: why doesn’t LL stop all work on new features, projects and enhancements and designate every single Linden to fix the asset servers and the memory leak in the viewer? And why aren’t “upgrades” thoroughly tested for a few months before being applied to the whole grid?

  139. Very Keynes says:

    @ 140 Argent Stonecutter
    Im South of the Equator, infact South of Cape Town in South Africa, so please all you northen hemisphere people, going south is not always bad 🙂 ( local politics asside that is)

  140. Almadi Masala says:

    Being in SL is like dancing on thin ice. And when it breaks and you fall through, there is no one there to help pull you out. 😦

  141. Jayme Llewellyn says:

    lol @ those who don’t understand fanboy. Can’t you all see the hidden sarcasm in his comments – i sure can. And Argent, I’m south of the Equator also – Canberra, Australia actually – on the other side of the world from Very Keynes. And nothing bad ever comes out of Australia …. if you don’t count Queenslander’s that is.

  142. Foo says:

    not all features are bad. i like sculpts. but i don’t like windlight. i dont like voice. i will not like dazzle. its looks ok but its unnessecary and there are more important things. like crashes and inventory loss and customer service.

  143. Razor says:

    @145 quoting “The asset servers have been malfunctioning for years, and the viewer has had the memory leak problem forever, yet LL doesn’t consider these problems priorities. They keep working on new features in which very few people are interested.

    So I ask again: why doesn’t LL stop all work on new features, projects and enhancements and designate every single Linden to fix the asset servers and the memory leak in the viewer? And why aren’t “upgrades” thoroughly tested for a few months before being applied to the whole grid?”

    because IMB and other big companies prefer shinies and features and pay linden labs to advertise their spacenavigators and headphones

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