Mono Beta Refresh 9

The Mono regions on the beta grid were updated with a new version on Wednesday that resolves the following issues:

* SVC-2192 Fixed nested list in list initialisation.
* SVC-2309 Fixed a regression with nested lists in LSL.
* SVC-809 Fixed an old LSL bug with nested list initialization.
* SVC-1393 Rezzing scripts now uses a more efficient method of verification
* SVC-1522 llBase64ToString() Improved. Now 6x faster than LSL instead of 100x slower.
* SVC-2247 Changed the error message when trying to upload a no mod script to be more meaningful.
* SVC-2280 Fixed signature of llMakeFountain() deprecated function.
* SVC-2182 Fixed an exception for some functions returning keys.
* VWR-6643 Fixed recompile scripts in selection for group owned (deeded) scripts.
* SVC-1499 Added the unused print keyword to Mono.

We’re now getting really close to deploying Mono across the main grid, so if you haven’t already tested your scripts on Mono, please log in to the beta grid, recompile your scripted objects to run on Mono and if you have any problems file a JIRA report here or tell us at the Mono office hours held in Sandbox Goguen MONO on the beta grid on Wednesdays at 8AM and Fridays at 3PM. Please also let us know about your Mono successes – here’s a video of Amanda Levitsky’s maze generator running on the LSL virtual machine on the left and over 4 times faster on the Mono virtual machine on the right:

Thanks again for your continued support throughout the Mono beta process.

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85 Responses to Mono Beta Refresh 9

  1. Paulo Dielli says:


  2. Winter Ventura says:

    Who do I talk to about getting my beta-grid-inventory refreshed? I’d like to compare some recent scripts… I have one that just takes “oppressively long” in LSL.. I’m interested to see how it performs in mono.

  3. Hewitt Huet says:

    I think we need more info for less experienced scripters – I get a lot of questions as to just what Mono is, why it is, and what it does.

    Well, Periapse, I guess “here we go” – hope the depoloyment to agni goes smoothly =\

    I hope…

  4. Sean Heying says:

    Can’t wait, another project that will change the Second Life Grid ™

    Are you going to run an early adopter program, or does the nature of the beast mean all regions need to be switched as the new bytecode won’t be recognsed?

    Either way, here is hoping the more popular gadgets and devices get converted into Mono compiled scripts fast.

  5. Hal says:

    Totally agree about the Inventory problem – how can I test recent scripts if they’re not in the beta client’s ‘out-of-date’ Inventory? Weeks of recent work is missing from the Inventory within the beta client.

  6. tenebrouspau says:

    Can’t wait for this to get rolled out πŸ™‚ And ooh! Maze generator!

  7. Elvis Orbit says:

    Congrats Looking forward to this πŸ˜€

  8. Motor Loon says:

    If this one goes well on Agni, can we expect to see Mono soon on the maingrid?

  9. Ralf says:

    That’s impressive…

  10. Alexan Rosca says:

    Hey, no-one has said “don’t add new stuff, just fix bugs!” yet.

    Maybe – just maybe – people are starting to learn that this kind of fundamental work is necessary to bring stability to the grid.

  11. Creem says:

    @3 Hewitt Huet: the wiki is your friend:

    I’d like to echo the requests for an inventory refresh… my inventory on the beta grid is from January, which makes it completely stale. I guess we can take backups of some scripts from ADITI by copying them into external text editors, but that’s a pretty tedious process.

  12. Winter Ventura says:

    @8… Agni *IS* the main grid.

  13. Creem says:

    Oops I meant taking backups scripts from Agni :<

  14. Thank you for letting us know, and thank you for all that you are doing. I would like to test some scripts but have a question. Is it possible to get a refresh of my inventory from the main grid mirrored to the beta grid? It would make it much easier to test things.

  15. Britpop says:

    @10 (Alexan Rosca): Maybe: “Stop adding new features and make the grid more stable and less laggy” – as in “I don’t read blog posts but I am the only one on the planet who knows whats right?” πŸ˜€

    I found most people have no idea what mono is, mainly because it has no “visual” effect. once it’s out some people will go like: “was this really necessary, everything is more laggy now.”

    the mono team is doing a fabulous job so far, can’t wait to see it live πŸ™‚

  16. Jan Hird says:

    All my scripts that failed the last test, are now runnig. :))

  17. Shani says:

    Great Work guys!! I add my vote for an inventory refresh.

    would be nice to transfer from beta to main and viceversa -without recreating from scratch…but that’s just wishful thinking (and lazy) on my part,:P

  18. Ghost Menjou says:

    Just copy over your scripts by hand,they need to be recompiled in Mono anyways.

  19. Sedary Raymaker says:

    The Wiki says that pushing Mono onto the main grid is targeted to happen before June. Is this still in the plan? I’ve got a nearly finished script that’s bumping the 16K limit now, and I’d rather not pull it apart and implement a bunch of data-passing logic if Mono will obsolete it before I even finish coding the changes.

  20. Jay says:

    I also second that for a refresh of inventory on the beta grid. It would be nice just to see how things compare thats been made/scripted recently since the last refresh which seems to have been a while ago.

  21. Winter Ventura says:

    Yeah, the problem is the 80+ prim model that the script works inside of. I could just copy the script, but reproducing the model…. eh no.

    Refresh my inventory please!

  22. BigManu GREENE says:

    For teh one complaining about their out of age inventory under mono, just copy/paste your scripts from a version to the other and you got them in mono πŸ˜‰
    Magic, isn’t it?

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  23. yuriko nishi says:

    if you recompile attached scripts to mono and detach them, reattach them they are set to “not running” πŸ™‚

  24. Winter Ventura says:

    @22 Yeah, the problem is the 80+ prim model that the script works inside of. I could just copy the script, but reproducing the model…. eh no.

    Refresh my inventory please!

  25. isadorafiddlesticks says:

    this is a great step in a direction towards stability and faster rezzing. i’ll have to download beta again and see for myself..:)

  26. I’d more than love to test my scripts, but my inventory snapshot is MONTHS old, please refresh the inventory snapshot.

  27. U M says:

    mono.if the grid hanges together long enough

  28. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    When you say “really close”, do you mean days.. weeks… months…?
    If there will be an open beta…. put me at the top in the list pls.

  29. RE: Inventory Refreshes

    I remember a post some time ago (back during the Havok4 testing) stating that inventory refreshes and region/parcel copies to the beta grid are done on an individual basis, since updating the entire thing would take days.

    If you want your inventory copied over, submit a support ticket or get in touch with a Linden directly.

    Also, I don’t think they’ll be taking advantage of the het grid for the Mono rollout, simply because scripts compiled under Mono won’t run on sims that don’t have it yet.

    Comments/corrections, Babbage?


  30. JB Kraft says:

    Bring it on! All my stuff compiled and ran like blazes in mono. Nice work peeps!! πŸ™‚

    Now you can put real arrays into LSL too and some kind of import statement and maybe a hash/dictionary type, right? right? You will right? πŸ˜‰

  31. Darien Caldwell says:

    Nice list of fixes! It’s good to see this project maturing. I’ve been doing what I can to find issues and report them, but I’m just one Avatar.

    The more eyes looking at this, the better we’ll do to identify and eliminate bugs *before* they make it to the main grid. So don’t be afraid to give Mono a try on the Beta grid. πŸ™‚

  32. Alvi Halderman says:

    OMG sounds AMAZING

  33. Darek Deluca says:

    I would be more enthuseastic if after being part of the Havok4 early adopter and filing errors in the Jira, if all the bugs had at least been commented on if not fixed.

    I also get tired of the arrogance of highly paid software engineers who consider paying customers who volunteer as “users”, and blame them for not testing enough when errors make it to the main grid. While you are great technicians, you need to work on customer service. A policy of “if you didn’t test it, it’s your fault” has a way of alienating your “user” base. Carrots work better than sticks.

    And just because people don’t report errors or “vote” on them does not mean they don’t exist. With daily asset server problems, a non working product is a minor annoyance comparitively. Try wading through the Jira as a customer sometime, filing an error, and gettting absolutly no feedback. Or submitting a ticket and waiting weeks or months for an automated answer.

    While you may need more programmers to fix the problems and enhance the product, you need alot more administration to find out what the problems are and to try and keep your customers happy.

    That said, I am sure Mono will help in many ways, but I cringe at the problems that it will bring. The bleeding edge is fine when it’s not your blood.

  34. Gully Miles says:

    Assuming all goes well, and Mono is deployed to the main grid shortly, what’s the expected timeline for making languages other than LSL (e.g. C#) available?

  35. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Unless Linden Labs has changed their mind completely on this:

    Mono doesn’t need an “early adopter” program because Mono (CIL) does not replace LSL (LSL2)… both virtual machines are going to be running in parallel for the forseeable future. Existing LSL scripts are not going to get recompiled as Mono and will continue to run using the existing LSL2 VM.

    There is no current plan to support languages other than LSL. Mono is an implementation change only.

  36. Gully Miles says:

    @33 (Darek): “While you are great technicians, you need to work on customer service.”

    Yeah, good luck with that πŸ™‚

    As you correctly observe, technicians aren’t much good at that customer relations stuff. And because companies, like dogs, resemble their owners, LL aren’t much good at it either.

    And there’s no pressure on them to get any better at it than they are, unfortunately. I think there are two main reasons…

    1) high resident “churn” rate means there will always be new residents who have just discovered SL, and will sink loads of enthusiasm and energy into working on SL, on the assumption that it will get them somewhere (e.g. the new Department of Public Works, who are basically doing Linden work for free). This new intake makes up nicely for the people who tire of it and don’t bother any more.

    And 2) lack of competition; there isn’t anything sufficiently like SL out there for people to get their teeth into.

    Of course once SL has serious competition, and the people who cut their teeth on SL find out about it, then SL will be dead. It’s a shame, but honestly people have been warning LL about this for a long time now. Linden Lab will be remembered as pioneers, and they’ll have a nice Wikipedia entry, and maybe Philip and the others will get some money for their retirement. SL will be remembered fondly as the “geocities”, but someone else will get to be the “Facebook”.

  37. Gully Miles says:

    @36: Thanks Argent. I’d kind of assumed they were going to support other languages at some point, given that Mono would (among other things) make it easier for them to do so. And I thought I’d read something to that effect, but quite possibly I imagined it.

  38. Simba fuhr says:

    SL dies and linden plays with mono… *rolleyes*

  39. Davina Glitter says:

    Gimmie gimmie gimmie!!! hehe I am so wanting to have Mono live on the grid soon; looking forward to an improved SL experience and more programming to learn.
    Will Mono be ready for this year’s Relay For Life?

    Thank you

  40. Meade Paravane says:

    It looks like the MONO maze starts rezzing bits after about 13 seconds and the old VM doesn’t start until past 2:30..

    Both sides take about 1 minute to rez their maze but llRezObject includes a .1 second delay so the close timing may just the built-in cost of rezzing, instead of script execution speed.

    If the scripts on both sides started at the same time, your “MONO is 4x faster” statement may be a bit off, Babbage. Off in a good way, though. πŸ™‚

  41. Ahab Schmo says:

    Both maze generators start at the same time. I think they generate the maze first then create it.

  42. Winter Ventura says:

    Can someone with a permium membership please post a support ticket for me? I’m *just* a worthless Basic account.

  43. Winter Ventura says:

    Gonna try that “filing trick” that someone pointed out to me the other day.. to see if I can get a support ticket filed that someone will see.

  44. la le lu says:

    i can’t test my pay functions in beta grid. do they work?

  45. Alexis Gaudio says:

    no more Mono Beta Refreshes!,
    I want Mono running on the Main Grid – ! N O W ! lol

  46. I did some tests a few days ago in MONO beta and ran into problems when taking several objects into inventory while they were running (mostly) tight do{}while loops. Somehow, at the instant I ‘take a copy’ of these running objects the scripts go awry and fail to perform the scripted actions or appear to deadlock for some unknown reason.


  47. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Works for me, can actually load this version, thanks πŸ™‚

  48. Winter Ventura says:

    Yes Virginia, there is a Periapse Linden!

    Periapse-tos… the re-fresh maker.

    Okay I’m WAAAAAAAAY over tired.. but yay I gotted all refreshed, new car smell and everything!

  49. Damanios Thetan says:

    Ty for the update.

    To test my objects reliably against mono, it would be useful to update the database snapshot of the beta to something a little more recent, I’m missing a lot of my latest changes…

    Currently testing several of my more complex scripting objects in beta, and sadly my score of objects malfunctioning after a recompile lies around 25-50%. I haven’t been able to debug the individual issues yet, and will see if i can find time to report them into JIRA (again).

    Assuming that the switch to the main grid will not force an automatic recompile (= disaster), this shouldn’t be a big issue. Although it will prevent a lot of scripters from quickly making the switch.

  50. Periapse Linden says:

    We all agree that it’s time for a db refresh of the beta grid. There is now an internal JIRA requesting it of the build team. Please understand that it takes about 48 hours to do the refresh, and the beta grid will be down that whole time. This is why we normally hold off on doing a refresh until just before a new beta debuts.

    Unfortunately for Mono, the Havok4 beta was already well underway when Mono went to beta, and there hasn’t been a convenient lull since then. Sidewinder Linden has an idea on how we might mitigate the downtime for the beta grid while we do the refresh. We’ll see if it plays out.

    I will ping Bridie Linden about the schedule for the refresh, and then publish that as a notice for the Mono Beta group (open enrollment, join if you are interested, both on main and beta grid).

    If the next weeks of testing go super smooth, we will probably have Mono merged into release the first week of June. After that it will go gridwide with the next deploy, probably a couple weeks after merge. Of course, when does software development go smooth?

    If you want more details, please come to my office hour on Friday, 3pm PDT, at Sandbox Goguen MONO on the beta grid.

  51. Locke Traveler says:

    @JB Kraft: Hush you, none of that. Just need regular arrays that can be iterated over, and everything is wonderful.

    Spoiled brats and their “dictionary types”… =P

  52. yuriko nishi says:

    recompiling no mod scripts would be something i like πŸ˜€

  53. Winter Ventura says:

    Well the good news… Our go-carts work just as fabulously compiled in mono. The bad news, that 80 prim object with the llSetLinkAlpha in the while loop.. is still slow as snot to update. So it looks like mono will not save me from having to rethink my approach a bit.

    But yay. Thanks again Periapse.. (falls over into a coma)

  54. Jillian Callahan says:

    I’d love arrays in LSL, too. And a hash/dictionary type would be useful as well. And I’m not just saying that to bug Locke, that’s just a bonus. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and regex would be cool too.

    But, stop adding feaures and get the grid stable!!!1one! Oh, wait… that’s what you’re doing here. Um. Yay lindens! =^_^=

  55. Damanios Thetan says:

    Small update:

    – Deleting items while recompiling crashes client.
    – on recompile 10-15% of scripts are randomly switched off or not recompiled. Using tools, sets scripts to running, will not fix this.
    – random ‘syntax errors’ which disappear after another save

    Sadly, this testing environment is not stable enough to run complex scripting tests of items containing 30+ scripts divided over multiple prims. These problems are NOT related to mono itself, but the testing environment. (Mono seems to generally work fine.)
    Please provide a suitable testing environment for complex items.


  56. Verdana Klaar says:


    May i tell you a fairy-tale ? Yes ? ok πŸ™‚

    Once upon a time there was a little girl whose name was Verdana Klaar. She lived in a nice small cocoony in-world with her friends, her uncle and auntie. And that world was SL.

    One day, as the shades of the evening drew on (E.A Poe), she decided to take her little red riding hood bag with her to visit a SIM named San Francisco. And more precisely a shiny, blinging and sparkling parcel that was referred to as LL. “That will be so great a place, with all the funny and impressive fireworks they do there” she said to herself, while she was flying over the Atlantic ocean (since she was from western europe).

    After one or two unsucessful still playful landings onto “invalid locations”, she managed to get hopping here and there from Greenland to Alaska, and from there to straight on to San-Francisco. And she was so very happy (with her little bag). A quick look at her mini-map indicated that the very famous LL parcel was a cosy and quite welcoming 512 sqm plot surrounded by deserted places on the one hand – presenting to her pixel blue eyes all the benefits she could take from buying land onto a nearly vertical soil, while on the other hand she was impressed at how people were “grey-dancing” under rotating spotlights flashing of yellow and green. And all those places were so nice…

    All along the way to “LL parcel” she was joyfully walking her newbie pace together with her little rad riding hood bag firmly attached to her upper right forearm. Still at times she was bumped out of her destination by some strange red tape, she kept on walking innocently up to the holy 512 qm “LL parcel”, and finally managed to get in (despite being orbited back twice to Alaska due to some property violation unknown to her but in which she eventually lost her lovely bag).

    All was sooo impressive. All was wooow sooo great…. Was she in heaven ? And if yes why was heaven only 512 sqm ? Anyway… that was something to be second-lived once at least.

    She re-attached her little bag from her lost+found and decided to wear her so sweet favorite face animator (v.67.15.14b-8u) so as she can smile to anyone in there with a crazy stupid lunatic look. Just because she was friendly by nature. And all around was stunning, shiny, best-efforted, patiently continued, blasting, baffling, amazing… and even mazing. Yes… mazing is the only word that could describe her enthusiasm

    The mere idea of that virtually automated virtual maze made her very ashamed (since she already did some of the sort by hand some months ago). And she suddenly became suddenly more a very humble (and far more red shamy as a coincidence) little riding hood. Or was it the new particle coding beta-effect ?

    At the corner of a phantom door whispering her welcome, was sitting a person hovered by the glorious titlle of “LL dev guru”. She could only gasp at that encounter of the 3rd-D type. Time was suspended, something like one halt (alt?) in the virtual contunuum was on air (and her lovely bag dropped down due to a slip of her mouse in the av. pie menu).

    She tip-toed towards the hovered “LL dev. guru”, and was able to do so only because all shoes in SL are hideous. Carefully, silently, cautiously, oh so cautiously… Approaching. Would she dare to address him in this voice/video/music/smell/touch enabled temple of god ?

    She did.

    – Hello : ) what are you doing ? if i may ask. (said she)
    – Hm? (said he). i’m devlopping a bright new stuff that will be a revolution in all the grid very soon (said he too)
    – Oooooooh, that is sooooooooooooooo brilliant (said she)

    The hovered guru did not answer no more, as one guy wearing a formal costume from one of the most expensive and worst SL reseller went it at the same moment. God… he was hovering the “LL management” tag group…

    – What are you doing in here ? (said god, or alike)
    – I’m just discussing about your fantastic new ideas and how you will incorporate them into you configuration management system (said she)
    – My what ??? (howled god, or alike)
    – Your… config… hmm no am so sorry, i did not want to interfere (said she, and fear mounted like a cold flame in her throat)

    At that precise moment, the hovered manager orbited her back to Alaska


  57. leo says:

    Periapse Linden Says:
    “Please understand that it takes about 48 hours to do the refresh, […]”

    I think you do not have to sync all the user data from the main to the beta grid. If you you just look at those who ever connected to the beta then you have a much smaller amount of data.

    Best method: Sync on demand. Meaning: I log into the beta grid, I click on SYNC_ME_NOW => beta-inventory gets cleared and reloaed from the main grid. This is the most friendly thing you can to both to users AND your database.

    Oh, btw: Connection to the beta under linux fails:

    0: ELF(LLAppViewerLinux::handleSyncCrashTrace()+0x107) [0x81052e7]
    1: ELF(LLAppViewer::handleSyncViewerCrash()+0x11) [0x80d4ac1]
    2: ELF(LLApp::runSyncErrorHandler()+0x32) [0xa06a242]
    3: ELF(LLApp::setError()+0x25) [0xa06a2e5]
    4: ELF(default_unix_signal_handler(int, siginfo*, void*)+0x218) [0xa06b998]
    5: [0xffffe440]
    6: /lib/ [0xb61996cc]
    7: ~/sl/SecondLife_i686_1_20_6_87323_ADITI_MONO/lib/ [0xb631652f]
    8: ~/sl/SecondLife_i686_1_20_6_87323_ADITI_MONO/lib/ [0xb631667f]
    9: ELF(LLControlGroupCLP::configure(LLStringBase const&, LLControlGroup*)+0xb3f) [0x81cf1ef]
    10: ELF(LLAppViewer::initConfiguration()+0xa14) [0x80e9984]
    11: ELF(LLAppViewer::init()+0x58) [0x80ecf98]
    12: ELF(LLAppViewerLinux::init()+0xf) [0x8104bff]
    13: ELF(main+0x65) [0x8104a45]
    14: /lib/ [0xb6140fe0]
    15: ELF(__gxx_personality_v0@@CXXABI_1.3+0x219) [0x80737d1]

  58. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Mid- to late-June at best, eh? Ah well, my laziness can’t defeat my customer’s expectations, so I will be splitting my scripts. At least I can take some comfort in knowing that the memory use won’t be as outrageous once I can recompile them and they aren’t all taking 16K.

    If you want more details, please come to my office hour on Friday, 3pm PDT, at Sandbox Goguen MONO on the beta grid.

    Sadly, I, too, will be at work at this time and can’t attend, but my questions have been answered sufficiently. Thank you.

  59. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Gully@37: Supporting other languages is seen as a long term benefit of Mono, but they’ve said that it’s not close enough to qualify as a “plan”, it’s more of a “wishlist item”.

  60. Siann Beck says:

    If anyone needs help testing and/or filing a bug report, I’m available; I specialize in bug hunting. IM me inworld. My IMs go to email when I’m offline, so I’ll get it.

  61. Ahab Schmo says:

    @59 I think wishlist is a bit far off. The message babbage sent to SLDev seemed to imply a dependency on Mono’s verifier.

  62. Soy N says:

    Just so you don’t think we are whining all the time… I have just tested Mono (first time I tested it with my scripts) and IT ROCKS!

    I CAN’T WAIT – please hurry! This is excellent performance I experienced (FINALLY!)


    please hurry and set it in live grid πŸ˜‰

  63. Ron Crimson says:

    Why Mono when we could have Stereo?

    … Sorry, I couldn’t resist. πŸ˜€

  64. Soy N says:


    “If the next weeks of testing go super smooth, we will probably have Mono merged into release the first week of June. After that it will go gridwide with the next deploy, probably a couple weeks after merge. Of course, when does software development go smooth?”

    Oh Periapse, you will find thousands of developer who think Mono is HUGE improvement to everyday SL life so could you deploy it as soon as you merge it into the tree? Two weeks after merging is too much for those nice nerdy SL developers who can’t wait for Mono to come live so they can now code and see code (besides llSay) actually working at really good speed!

    Without sacrificing QA, could you *please* have Mono in the SIMs the soonest? It’s huge improvement and requires a deploy of its own (my humble opinion).

    Now that I tested it, I just can’t go back to scripting the live grid :/

    Honestly, you will make a lot of RL developers happy and these nice nerd people will tell all their friends how cool SL is and how nicely things go with Havoc 4 and Mono.

    See? A nerd and a marketing guy also πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again guys – with Mono it’s scripting as it should be!


  65. Dexter Rowlands says:

    Has anyone had trouble the past few days with the skyline? It’s been dark every place I’ve been. I had even tried to adjust to different times of the day and nothing.

  66. Mina Sprawl says:

    I only have one real concern about Mono that might seem trivial however for someone thats anal about making sure their products are only the highest quality it’s a big deal. How will we, the everyday residents of SL, identify a Mono Script from a LSL2 script? Will there be an icon change? Anything however small, or even annoying to find, would be a great boon. I can for see two years from now you announce your removing all LSL2 scripts from the main grid and a bunch of stuff still being sold over those years break because the buyer could not beware and by Mono Only scripted objects.

  67. Urantia Jewell says:

    @66 Mina Sprawl,

    Comment #11 has a link to the Mono wiki page, lots of good info about Mono there.

    Also, Mono is not a scripting language. It’s a compiler. So the scripting language LSL2 will not change for the foreseeable future and once Mono goes live to the main grid everything will still be compiled with the LSL Virtual Machine unless you specifically edit the object and click the checkbox so the script will now compile in Mono instead.

    Hope this helps you with your questions πŸ™‚

  68. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @67: unless you specifically edit the object and click the checkbox so the script will now compile in Mono instead.

    Which is fine for your own scripts or ones you can mod (though it would be nice if you could tell if a script was already Mono-compiled without opening every single script in an object). But how about no-mod scripts? I guess I should look into this on the Beta grid. It’s a good question, one I hadn’t thought of.

    I know Mina. She will want to be able to squeeze every last bit of performance out of scripts, and if someone advertises their products as Mono-enabled, she will want to be able to verify that herself.

  69. Urantia Jewell says:

    @68 Sedary Raymaker,

    My understanding is that all scripts (even no mod) will by Mono compilable. The Mono checkbox acts independently of the script perms. πŸ™‚

  70. Periapse Linden says:

    Mini, Urantia, Sedary (66 ff) — excellent observations. If you have modify rights on a script you can check to see if the compile target is Mono or LSL2 by editing the script (from a rezzed object) and looking at the checkbox. But if you don’t have modify rights you can’t edit the script, so you can’t tell which runtime it is using.

    The most useful way would be to have some visual cue (different icon?) for scripts that are running in the Mono VM. But there are some challenges for getting that information to the viewer (especially for no modify scripts). Babbage, Scouse, Vek, and I will discuss this in our next huddle.

  71. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    It would be easy just to grey out the checkbox after opening the visual window (with no script content indeed)… different icons would contribute to the confusion, especially when (supposed) mono icon will be used then on 100% of the scripts.

  72. Argos Hawks says:

    Another problem for users trying to see if a product’s scripts are Mono compiled or not is that many scripts are not in the root prim. For no-mod objects, a customer can’t even find out how many scripts are in the object. Even if you change the icon for Mono compiled scripts, it won’t help for many of the script heavy products that customers will want to know about. It would still be great to be able to instantly identify which of the scripts you can see are Mono or not.

  73. Mina Sprawl says:

    Once Mono is enabled if I do Tools> Recompile Scripts in Selection will it compile as LSL2 or Mono, or what ever it was before? Will there be a new Tools Recompile Scripts in Selection (Mono)? Will affect no mod if so?

  74. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Urantia@69: There are scripts out there that are no longer compilable because the source for the script was lost, or was not properly uploaded. From what I have gathered the long term goal for LSL2 is to implement it in Mono so that it will remain available for running remaining scripts.

    Ahab@61: The original plan was to have a complete verifier and keep the LSL compiler in the client so users could upload scripts compiled to CIL or LSL2. This was a risky approach, at best, and I think putting the LSL2 compiler in the sim was the best they could realistically have hoped for.

    What I want to know is: are there now enough Mono sims on Beta, next to each other, to give sim crossing with mono a serious test?

  75. Darien Caldwell says:

    @74, I am not sure what is ‘enough’ sims, but there are at least 4 if not 6 that I have seen, all next to each other.

  76. yuriko nishi says:

    @73 mina

    there is an option to choose if you want to recompile all scripts in the selection to lsl2 or mono, you can select.

    it doesnt effect no mod scripts :-/

  77. What about making the Mono-enabled viewer sources available, so that us, alternative viewer builder, can anticipate to be ready when Mono will come on the main grid, and produce the proper patch to enable our viewer with Mono (could be used on teh beta grid too) ?

  78. Davina Glitter says:

    I do have issues sending client crash logs to the servers, what are the ports used for client error reporting?

    Anyone else have this issue also?

  79. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Darien@75: enough sims so that you can make several sim crossings when traveling in straight line, to tell if the serializing-deserializing process is fast enough for flying vehicles.

  80. serdar says:

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    and i wanna make my site like this blog!its very good blog!i really like it.

  81. squiz Clifton says:


    Actually public works people are paid πŸ˜€

  82. We’re getting there! It’s almost done πŸ™‚ With this release, I finally got all my major scripts to compile without errors β€” woot πŸ™‚ I filed a very minor bug, though, but I’m sure that it’s quite a harmless one to fix, and even if Mono were released tomorrow, I would manage to change the scripts with a workaround.

    Excellent work as usual, Babbage!

    As for performance, I can’t really say I notice a difference β€” the scripts I’ve got are only very slightly laggy if you get a hundred people using them at the same time, and even so, the difference might be not noticeable without detailed analysis (ie. running timer “stopwatches”). At this stage, however, I’m far more worried about having everything to work and worry about awesome increses in performance later!

  83. Lee Ludd says:

    Note to folks who think Mono provides a lot more memory: Mono does allocate four times as much memory per script, but scripts compiled under mono appear to require about three times as much memory as when they are compiled under lsl.

  84. mΒͺLuisa says:

    seri buno que estuviera todo en espΓ±ol para los de habla espaΓ±ola

  85. Cay Trudeau says:

    I am very frustated, as I have been trying to go to any of the mono sims on mono beta viewer, but I am not able to teleport.

    How can I test any of my scripts, if I am not allowed to go to the mono sims???

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