Bring your “A” game

So, you know a lot about Second Life, right? You’ve got ideas, big ideas, and are tired of waiting around for Linden Lab to make it just so. The challenge of stabilizing, maintaining, and extending the Second Life Grid, and the dozens of services and thousands of machines it entails, excites you. If this describes you, you should check out our job listings!

Three of the prioritized positions are web developers, production operations engineers, and production operations developers, but many other openings are currently available.

Web Developers
Web development is where the Second Life Grid meets the world outside of the viewer. The Lindex, Land Store, registration and account management processes are all examples of services created and maintained by our web developers. We are looking to add top quality talent to any of our offices, but particularly Mountain View, Seattle, and Brighton.

Production Operations
Our Production Operations team is a high performing group of *nix achievers, consisting of 100% remote employees and 0% pager duty.  The team is responsible for the health of the Second Life Grid, and provides monitoring, diagnostic, escalation, and resolution support. We are currently focusing our search in Australia and Singapore, but are also considering candidates from the United States and the United Kingdom willing to work Asia-Pacific hours.

Go to to see all our job listings.

About Storrs Linden

Program Manager at Linden Lab, home to SecondLife. Currently recruiting web developers and production operations engineers in order to ensure that everything about SL gets better.
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  1. Dreena says:

    Hope you get a lotta inquiries and applications since there seems to be a lotta members that know stuff, unlike me! hehehe! Good luck 🙂

  2. non says:

    i will join t htat, cool things

  3. Razor says:

    Hire someone to handle content theft.

  4. Cammi Hudson says:

    I’ve tried to apply for a linden labs position. guess I’m not as dynamic or impressive as they would like. Oh well

  5. Linden of communications™ says:

    Hire a linden of communications as well. The one you have now doesn’t communicate much.

  6. Linden of communications™ says:

    Where is she when youneed her? Oh wait your only supposed to say positive things, otherwise she doesn’t reply. Thatshe doesn’t reply to my blogstuff that was supposed to be on the statuspage, thats okay, but she doesn’t answer important questions either.

  7. hey know it alls! it’s your chance to shine by joining LL! 🙂

    i don’t mean know it all in in a negative way, ok? you guys just plain know more than i would lol…

    cammy, try again, and again and again 🙂

    i agree with # 3. content theft will kill LL in the end if stability won’t.

    if there’s a job on community relations and customer support, i’m here 🙂

  8. Jaca C says:

    I always wonder why a ‘virtual world’ would not hire ‘virtual’ specialists. There are lots of us out here that know a lot, not just about SL but web design, graphics, flash, video, and sooooo much more – but don’t happen to be in the cities you name. Perhaps it is time that SL look ‘virtually’ since that is exactly what SL is!

  9. Patti Frye says:

    Okay, Okay now you all are just showing your intelligence. Put it away for now children…

  10. katt?

    time to clean up the blog before any self respecting potential applicant gets discouraged. you guys need all the help you can get…

  11. les says:

    I think you require a brain more then worker bees.

    I don’t think any tech person hired will be able to have any sway with this products direction.

    What’s needed is someone who will erase the hippydaze tao of linden and instead create a results focused work place, you the real world.

    Will M step up and do anything? I really doubt it…

    Anyway, bitch moan, groan and complain. SL sucks. yadayada. Same old same old.

    Good luck!

  12. Prankster Loon says:


  13. Doris Haller says:

    Wow, was this another “write and forget” blog entry?

  14. MauricioJr says:

    That was funny 🙂

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    If the system will be unavailable for an extended period of time,
    we will distribute an e-mail that provides more detailed information.
    Our system maintenance schedule can be found here.

    If you have questions you can contact us at 1.866.894.7563 (toll-free) or e-mail us.

    Thank you,

    ADP Employease Service Team

  15. Concerned says:

    Well LL has obviously been understaffed for a while is this expansion or people fed up and walked away?

    Any web developers thinking of applying please for the sake of everyones sanity get grid status back on blogs.

    Anote to whoevers idea it was to have a status page,great idea,to remove it from blogs?you lost any kudos there.

    Good luck to all aplicants and hope anyone applying would be there for the love not the money:D.

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  17. Donna says:

    @ 16. The Status is still found here, ate the top left of this page and it is on the viewer as you log in, and on it’s own page and on twitter, RSS… should I go on? When the blog went down for over an hour the other day due to WordPress outage, the status page stayed up because it has been moved, just need to open your eyes.

  18. Concerned says:

    @18 I know that but the fact that i cannot get any info ask any question or have any input what so ever on issues that might be occuring on the fly is not a good move and will only cause people to complain in unrelated blogs.

    As is happening right now.

  19. Donna says:

    @ 19. Yep and it happened before, and will continue to happen because that’s the way it is. And Katt has always said that feedback is welcomed, Constructive Criticism is fine, but damn right rude posts arnt. And she’s working on allowing comments on the Status page, really it is better to have it separate, for easy reading. I really do understand your point though.

  20. Concerned says:

    @20 As i Stated having grid status is a great idea but it should be duplicated on the blogs to so anyone with issues can mention any issue that might not be known about/or people with some experiance of SL can let others know yes its normal just wait it out.

    It would be much more useful to remove constant spammers that are here to disrupt any input.

  21. Concerned says:

    I am all for new ways to get infomed about SL but removing the main way i interact with issues of the day means theres a new page i will only visit if its really p@#:ing me off where as i visit blogs every day and vent if i feel the need but also say nope thats not happening here might be your system.

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  23. Martin Magpie says:

    @23 thats no way to talk me into the customer service positions!

    Dear Linden Lab;

    Hire me so I can no longer bad mouth you on this or any other blog.

    I have 5 years experience in Second Life. The money really isn’t important and part time is great it will leave me time to build.


  24. Khamon says:

    Why do web developers have to be added to offices when there’s a whole planet full of talent that can work from home. Are you afraid they’ll not finish their jobs professionally and in a timely manner?

    ha ha ha ha ha

  25. Alynna Vixen says:

    I have already submitted a resume, I would like to become your Release Engineer. I would have explained what I would do for the position, mostly revolving around actually making Second Life updates, actual updates, rather than redownloads of the whole application every time, and also, making the updater cross-platform and packagable .. but it seems that theres no place for a cover letter anymore.

    I also attended the recruiting party in San Francisco a few months back, but noone has gotten back to me. Of course I had not applied for release engineer at the time, which I believe is my current best fit position. I could so revolutionize the update process.

    In any case, please do IM me in-world anytime, or email me. My resume is in the pile and waiting. I would actually like to talk about my vision for future releases. If there’s some other outlet I should mail about it, send me an IM and i’ll email there too. My resume is on the pile there (its the only one with a email address). I know i’m qualified enough and I am prepared to write the new updater entirely by myself. I already submitted a updater for Linux to JIRA once, though it had GPL components to power its GUI and was rejected on that basis. That’s fine. Let me sit on the inside and I’ll write what you need under whatever license you want.

    Seriously, contact me. 🙂

  26. Jayden B says:

    The Identicons are cool… they show Linden of communications™ is Razor.

  27. Alessandra Pinklady says:

    why did in world related issues have been taken of from the blog?? I’m as a SL merchant am really disturbed that issues of not working SL service has been taken out from the blog and been moved to some page nobody dosnt ever look at. Is this some way of LL trying to blindside users to make this look like a fine working place where in fact failed transactions are a reality of SL every day? . this is such a lame move and I hope somebody has a good explanation.

  28. Action Jackson says:

    Well, consultants/contractors would find much of the work interesting, both from a technical perspective and for the other kinds of challenges. And the good ones have thick skins.

    Sad to say, though, there’s not much compelling for top-notch technologists in the way of permanent positions at Linden Lab in comparison with other high tech companies that are hiring right now.

  29. la le lu says:

    i’m qualified and i applied earlier with no reaction. why should i apply again?

    is it now best practice to close logins on each minor hickup?? yday i was excluded for more then 4 hours again.

  30. Laetizia says:

    Nay! Nay! Nay! (Just joining the usual choir, don’t worry)

  31. la le lu says:

    @18 – oh and the status in the upper left corner has a delay of about 15-20 minutes.

    i think the lindens need more in-world experience. on a 24 hour basis just 18.48 lindens are in-world, from 4AM GMT to 12PM GMT only 5.87 lindens are in-world, in average.

    they also need some techies with snmp skill and ability to write monitoring systems with ‘sensors’ on server side and in-world. also make this measures visible for the public.

    i suggest to buy machines from for more stability and a better uptime quote.

    lindens, wake up. the IT world starts laugh at you.

  32. Verdana Klaar says:

    At first i thought that blog entry was a somewhat ironical reply at the attention of those who endlessly claim and whine for a more reliable system: “you’re not happy with us, you think we’re all incompetent… ok no problem… come on work at our home”

    In the end, that could have been funny in a way.

    But the point is that this blog entry is serious.

    And well, i must say that, to my big surprise, it’s the first time i see a call for employment campain done in a so amateur manner.

    – First, the Ops working-process is unveiled at least partially, while usually companies recruiting infrastructure engineers do it together with an NDA signed upon the candidate interview.

    – Second, this blog entry reveals that all web development (i.e.: this web-site) is performed in-house, thus telling publicly it is a direct G&A cost, while other companies nearly always have this kind of easy job sub-contracted for cheap so as to lower that expense center at the benefit of core job functions.

    – Last, it seems a bit strange and contradictory to me that Ops are not required on site while web progrmmers are.

    As a whole, all this is not plain communication clumsiness, it is information management poor strategy. And that (among other stuff) is rather concerning for the future of SL and the confidence we can place in Linden-Labs.

    PS: some comments and replies are also top naive, such as “ok, i apply, just IM in world please”.

  33. Atlwolf Blabbermouth says:

    I’m glad to see the status messages moved to an obscure site. Those who want to know, can grab the RSS feed. Allowing hundreds of comments on every bump and hiccup is ultimately counter productive.
    If you look at other service providers like Comcast etc, they rarely post outage messages. People have just learned to accept them or they go elsewhere.
    I am hoping the new CEO makes a lot changes and we start seeing a clear strategy emerging. Good luck LL.

  34. Grim says:

    @ 35, Shut up.

    On topic, what is this maintinence for, I didn’t read the announcement.


  35. Razor says:

    Hire someone to handle content theft

  36. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    wtf guys you give 15 min notice the grids gona be down for 2 hours min what the hell are you playing at?
    Get a bloody clue!!!!!!!!!
    Fire your coders cause GOD they SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  37. Michael Timeless says:

    One thing that might help qualified applicants is replying to their applications. Ignoring applications without any feedback discourages others from applying.

  38. The Inquisitor says:

    WHat about a new team?
    SL was closed 3 times the past 24 hours….
    Asset server problems. (like always)

    How about looking for some professionals who understand their job?

    Honestly… I see a lot of old people leaving SL bec. of all the latest
    issues with instability – website problems – billing issues and other
    problems which are LL homebrewn.

    Then there are the content thieves…
    How about a Task Force of SL professionals?
    Who are allowed to freeze an account asap and lock a place down
    for further investigation by LL?

    But… I don’t think that this will come… and our beloved content
    thieves go on like that or even worse.

    I’m not unfair by any means… but at the moment there is NO reason
    to be positive about the ongoing crap which LL is producing.

    SL was buggy since the day I came on the first time
    (all in all about 3 years ago)
    and it got sometimes worse – sometimes there were times which
    were simply awesome.
    But right now in these days I have to say that I better keep my
    butt away from the PC and ride my bike.

    Cummon you guys at Linden Lab (r) I know you can do better.
    And Torleys Video Tutorials or goodies won’t keep the ppl. eternally


  39. CC says:

    LOL…. it does smack of desperation when after hours of downtime and things not working, an advert goes out for tech jobs.

  40. NEW Linden of communications™ (joke) says:

    Hello people, here is your new Linden of communications. My name is Reply Linden. I will from now on reply to all on topic coments, both positive and negative, and make new blogs with new topics we have ignored for too long. I will reply on all blogs I created and you can contact me inworld, I have regular office hours, where we will every two days have a meeting about a certain topic and you can attend. I will listen to you, reply and communicate and not ignore your problems.
    I will not try to get rid of you by apologizing and saying “I dont know the answer to this questions and I dont know the linden that tis resposinble for it”. After all I’m the linden of communiactions, so I can ask my superiors who are responsible for certain tasks and contact them ask ask them for an explanation, which I will communicate to you. Ideas and tips are welcome at my email

  41. Razor says:

    @41 Looks like they very much need those tech job people. They need one for content theft too.

  42. atlwolf says:

    Re: #39. You can’t reply to applicants or else you end up in a legal problem. If you tell someone they didn’t have enough C++ experience, then they hire somone with less experience who may have a great attitude, or is a just a better fit, you end up getting sued for hiring a male or non-minority. It’s a no-win situation.

  43. Tegg B says:

    Hmm, maybe you would get more applicants if it were seen at the FrontDoor Blog, rather than hidden here at the Backdoor Blog.
    And is anyone going to do something about that racist posting No35, more proof we need verification of ALL residents.
    If SL really were an 18+ grid, you’d need more than a hotmail address to enter it’s XXX places.

  44. bell says:

    # 35 oye chico,wats going on,meng?

  45. Mishka Butuzova says:

    What a politically expedient solution to move status to its own page. (“Convenience” my hiney.) But, typically, too small a vision from LL. How about separate pages for separate problems …… like issues — issues — issues — – ——- ……………………

    I’m not one to bitch and moan, but really, LL, your “management system” seems to be no system at all, chaos reigns, and the commenter who wrote, “Your world, your problem” hit the nail directly on the head. Avatar rendering cost, indeed ….. one more time, the problems are our fault and Linden Labs is off the hook, except for some cost-free apologies for “the inconvenience”.

    The BEST news at this point would be that M is a mergers and acquisitions whiz who can manage to offload this hideously flawed infrastructure to an ownership with the courage to clean house on the current anarchy (and anyone fool enough to utter the words, “but it’s working pretty well”) and impose (gasp) incentives and negative incentives for meeting performance metrics that actually matter to the users and the SL economy. One can only hope that will happen before the fast-approaching competition figures out how to let me port my inventory and skills over to their system. When that inevitable day comes, I’m gone and I imagine so will be most of the long-term residents unless SL’s performance has dramatically improved by then.

    Enough is enough, and this past month more than surpasses the “enough” mark. LL, ask yourselves, why aren’t your headquarters in some pissant third-world country? Oh, because the basic infrastructure there is undependable and the living conditions are insufferable? Huh …….. imagine that.

  46. NotFeelingTheLove says:

    Hey how about a vent chat room for when the grid goes down? Lets admit it when sl is on the friz we get frustrated and just want a punching bag and throw our tantrums to feel a lil better. 🙂

  47. U M says:

    ummm you forgetting one location in the world in asia. wqhat about japan?

  48. AnnMarie Coronet says:

    Considering the latest update’s date, we might be in for a long wait – alternatively it’s long overdue.

    [UPDATE 12:05 AM 13 JAN] Logins are now restricted to employees only, and the upgrade work is underway. We’ll keep you posted!

  49. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    I go use the bathroom and when I come back five minutes later I find I have been logged out for at least two hours with no warning? Who orchestrates your public relations strategy? Enron?

    Come on guys, giving us some kind of in world warning would not have required that much effort.

    As much as others have suggested that you have a scheduled shutdown to strengthen the integrity of the grid, you now go and do it on the fly when things seem to crumble all at once, something which may have been prevented by some extended scheduled maintenance.

    Come on guys, you can do better.

  50. What a joke says:

    “Bring your A game”
    How sick is that? LL couldn’t point at “A game” if they all sat on it with their combined ‘love machine’ asses.

    Just SELL SL already to ANYONE. Just about ANYONE will do a better job with the grid and marketing and PR and whatever. So looking forward to that HiPiHi english beta in a few weeks.

    I’m outta here.

  51. Sphire Ziemia says:

    @37 ummm they gave us a 6 hour notice-at least of the time they would be down. It was posted on there blog and on the login window. And I think they selected a very good time to do it. Because most of us from the States are in bed and most in Europe are at work. And frankly I prefer to get a planned down time rather then be surprised by it or not given a drastic decrease in performance. Linden Labs …thank you and I hope this time down will work everything out for awhile.

  52. richard says:

    get a new server

  53. coventina dalgleish says:

    Well it is always nice to see a post in the blog that will have a short life.

    Primary considerations the first problem I see is a localized opportunity for in shop staff. Four of the six offices are west coast US locations. It would seem that with the interconnectivity of the net spreading the staff across many time zones would not only be beneficial but effective in covering, what seems to be on going problems in the operations of the platform. As far as content developers there should be no restrictions imposed as to the location.

    Another minor consideration, I would ponder a guess that the center of the SL population is far removed from the west coast of the United States. Realizing the game originated there is no reason to centralize server operations at the very least one might thing an East coast hub might be of some interest.

    The growth of second life has outstripped, by the mass of users, the ability to effectively manage the Reoccurring problems that plague the system on a now daily basis.

    I know several people who would fit the bill for technical ability’s but it appears that Linden Research is not even in the ball park when it comes to paying these individuals what they they make working in the large corporate environment. The problems they solve create revenue for their employers and thus they are extremely will compensated for their knowledge and problem solving.

    Again poor customer relations has be exhibited by the operators of this system in the very short notice given for a two hour outage to AGAIN work on something that could and should have been tested long before this time. I hold little hope of improvement from the latest exercise.

    It seems that every patch is just more of just that, a patch. You can only patch a bad tire so many times before it is totally useless. I suppose someone sitting in an office somewhere in the maze thought about this much earlier today but most likely took a nap and forgot to mention it or just did not have the common sense to broadcast with sufficient warning to appear concerned about the customer base. I am sure the Linden staff does not come to work every day thinking how can I irritate the users, but thats part of the problem no one ever thinks they just do it. Did this new patch just jump off the wall and fall onto your desks, think not. It has been massaged for at least a week if not more. Another solution to a problem that started in November of last year.

    When this company realizes that it is a real company and not an experiment perhaps they will spend the funds required to have the front line talent. Until then, while all do a fine job there is certainly something lacking.

  54. Jan Verhoeven says:

    No Thanks,
    I like to work in a healthy company structure.
    I will wait for the first serious competitor.
    A company gets the people it deserves.

    I really hope that someday I will think differently about Linden Labs
    Second Life is the best invention on internet ever.

    I wish you wise decisions 🙂

  55. U M says:

    a strange time for down time……..still during the peek time in some pats of the world……this looked like it a had to do then a maybe.

  56. Plum Planer says:

    Do we want things to get fixed …. or not….

    Just give the linden kiddies their time to adjust their toy so we can play with it in a normal way …

    And you all better keep an eye on the grid status page .. they announced the downtime at least a few hors ago …..


  57. Jan Verhoeven says:

    P.S. The s in “Labs” was not a typo. It expresses how I think about the company. 🙂

  58. Carrie Grant says:

    Maybe I should apply to be a Linden – after all they are the only people that can access the grid lately….

  59. Hire community managers, local enterpreneurs or small companies from each country. Because lot of region has no representative in the game even thousands of users. And lot of people leaving the game before understand what the hell it is. They can help you for localization issues.

    Help them to create their own mini grids, connect that grids to the main grid, get licence fee 🙂 and create linden controlled alternative universe, virtual federation… You can deal with open grid threat with that way also, because people wants to have a choice.

    You dont need to waste your time with other platforms or interoperability with them, i think. Because Second Life is already current protocol of the futures 3d internet. Use the power of your own residents and participant companies to create biggest online platform ever.

    Ps1: Grid isn’t open, and im bored thats why thinking loudly 🙂

    Ps2: Sign me up as Turkish ambassador 🙂

  60. Ewie says:

    Why is it that this posting sounds like a slap in the face. Well first someone in a previous blog where everyone was berating LL said, “Hey guys if you can do any better why don’t you go work for LL”. Then this gets posted, and lo and behold there are several poeple that sound like they have the qualifications, yet don’t seem to be being contacted about the jobs they are qualified to do.

    Interesting…….. sorry, have I missed the point, I thought if you needed talent in any business you actually contacted the folks that applied for the jobs you needed, not just posted some blog to try and silence the complainers.

  61. Canadian Ice says:

    1 Fire the Monkeys banging on your Servers
    2 Hire REAL Videogame Developers
    3 Get ready to pay REAL Dollars not Linden Dollars

  62. coventina dalgleish says:

    I am here to work in SL not monitor the grid status page. The first announcement observed was 15 minutes prior to the down time. It seems prudent that announcements would be made in world every 15 minutes. As far as the kiddies fixing the toy they have tried many times before and have failed miserably. The game has run poorly since version 6.0 when something happened )).

    In world is the place to let the population know what is going on not the grid status page. It is handy when you sit down and can not log into your past time to get some idea of what is going on.

    As far as the competition as I have stated before I have been monitoring the industry trying the various platforms and have yet to find anything that comes close to the richness and variation of this environment. Many have said they were coming no one has demonstrated anything close yet. Even the open sim platforms of this game are difficult to use and very confusing to an average user.

  63. Verdana Klaar says:

    @50 said : “I go use the bathroom and when I come back five minutes later I find I have been logged out for at least two hours with no warning?”

    Either you have extremely long showers or bathes, or you do not read the status page.

  64. Sumiko Yokosuka says:

    So I guess we are supposed to always have the blog open while we are in world in case they suddenly decide to schedule these shutdowns? Because I have been on a good deal of the day and there was no warning issued from LL, which would have taken them less than a minute, probably, to send out in world notices like they did the last several days for other matters.

    Listen, users of any service are there for their convenience, not that of the corporation that runs a particular service. Corporate advertising has reinforced that with proclamations who convenient and easy their service is. LL, has to realize, for the sake of its own marketing viability, the reality of the marketplace and accomodate it or go do something else.

  65. Saii says:

    You should pay someone that has not heard of Second Life (and yes, those people exist), has extended knowledge of MMO’s, knows a great deal about development and infrastructure and let her/him unbiased take a look at Second Life for a month.

    I said this once before. Second Life is going fast to be the laughing stock of the MMO’s right beside SOE (Sony) with their failure on Star Wars Galaxies (SWG). I know SWG is nothing like SL, but in this view it does not matter.

    Personally I think it’s quite an achievement to have the most basic (database) to fail almost every weekend for not a month, but for over months going back more then a year (check back the logs). And with fail i mean not a hard crash, but the inability to rez, open or attach items. Basically the things that make this world work not functioning. Then the fact that most developers in-game know that working on things in the weekend is too unreliable.

    When i make an update or a new product and are working on it, I make 3 backups every 5 minutes or so, because the system is too wobbly and unreliable to be sure that the things you make are going to be there again the next time you log back in or end up in your inventory at all. I’m sure a lot of serious content creator’s experience the same.

    Drastic measures are needed Linden Labs, to restore confidence.
    Soft hands make gaping wounds we say.

  66. Moe Howard says:

    This is another happy face they spray paint on the sad and decaying wall of Second Life. If you are reading this blog because some shady CEO sent ya, you might be able to find the ‘real’ blog else where… good luck finding it. It will discuss the realities of the grid, and display all the angry droves of people fleeing this game (and yes, despite what they wish to tell you, it is a game).

    Tomorrow! Free hotdogs and Coca Cola in the Orientation areas across the grid!

  67. Verdana Klaar says:

    @63 said “I am here to work in SL not monitor the grid status page. The first announcement observed was 15 minutes prior to the down time. It seems prudent that announcements would be made in world every 15 minutes”

    What about all residents receive a personal phone call each 15 minutes (just in case we click “ok” without readin the notification) ?

  68. eku Zhong says:

    i dunno why .. but i am in world… dunno if its up.. but i am there..
    and traffic is still BORKED
    hard earned traffic reads ZERO on a gazzillion places across the grid…


  69. Sierra says:

    Australia? Check.
    Skill set? Check
    The fact they’ve asked twice now? Check.
    Something in the universe is telling me I should apply I think…

  70. Verdana Klaar says:

    Ok, coming back to more serious stuff and to my first post (#33)… i think i must be dreaming.

    How can the Top-Mgmt of a Company authorize the publishing of this “Your A game, hey come in with us for a great adventure” blog entry, when we know that:

    1) April was not good (would not say dreadful, simply not good)
    2) Since a couple of days we experience difficulties as well
    3) As a consequence it would simply put most residents mood onto fire

    Or may be LL top-mgmt does not even know this blog entry is published ? Which is still worse in that case.

    Unlike some others i’m not blaming the operation guy, or the developer, or the project leader. I would frnakly not like being in their position, always fire-fighting with a bricl and mortar system.

    I simply say Linden-Labs Exec. managers ARE A SHAME. And I really hope the new CEO will take strong measures with them, so that we have a company that is AT LAST MAGANED.

  71. lol, after all that complainers, grid opened few min ago and there is no new message on the blog since that time (!) Where are you people? 🙂

    Just accept it, you cannot live without it, like Osho said “love and hate are one”

  72. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Why is it when the grid seriously goes in the crapper they always post for jobs?

    Could there be a relation? Or is it just coincidink?

  73. Verdana Klaar says:

    @73 Because there’s no professional management in Linden Labs

  74. Razor says:

    NEW linden of communications is Razor too!!


  75. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    @52 nope only 15 min I and most people dont check off site for gide status and YES the coders at 2L SUCK BIG TIME.
    If they had ANY clue why is it 1 man working part time can make a client work so great and a whole team of lindens cant.. ie the Nic viewer… yes 2L coders bite hard.. but that is also why way less people are signing up to 2L.. most are going to other worlds and leaving this one to die like it should.

  76. Pepper Haas says:

    As many bloggers testify on a regular basis, they HAVE applied with LL only to never ever hear anything again. In the newsarticle blogged here above, it says why: Linden is cheap, and won’t pay market rates. So anyone truly qualified won’t ever work for LL who by definition want only amateurs and tech school grads. Which is why sl is such a mess and will stay that way. Cuz Lindens: you get what you pay for, and you’re TOO CHEAP.

  77. Verdana Klaar says:

    Poor Tristin…

    the typical “it is not me but the guy below me who’s bad”. This is really disgusting an attiude.

    I even do not blame you, you are so pitiful.

  78. Razor says:

    Hire someone to handle content theft. All of secondlife is full of stolen skins. Remove sims like BRASIL NORDESTE which are filled with loads of stolen items. Thats sim is owned by…

    Secondlifes most well known self proven thief Ripnet Olivier!

    By far most thieves are from Brasil I bet most of them are his alts.
    Look it up and if they are his alts which sell stolen items again then BAN his IP.

    But no, linden labs prefers to do nothing. Who cares if Abyss has been ripped down and poor Khais animations are all over secondlife?

    Who cares that half of the brasilian sims are full of stolen content? (of which i assume most shopowners are rubnets alts). Linden Labs doesn’t.

    Linden Labs management is crap. “Your world, your problems”.

  79. Donna says:

    @ Razor. maybe you ought to read the rules for Posting Blog Comments? You shouldn’t throw around allegations like that, so why not give it a rest and shut up?

    It’s good that Linden Lab are Hiring, more Engineers and Devs the better Grid Stability will become. 🙂

  80. Razor says:

    its not an allegation, rubnet was DMCAed after selling stolen skins for half a year by several creators

  81. Pepper Haas says:

    …after 7 weeks of this of asshat server unreliability I have found the answer !

    1. I poofed my business and everything on my land.

    2. I abandoned above said land.

    3. I shut SL software down and uninstalled it.

    4. I will never return.

    …sad LL does not realize that so many great content creators have and are doing this.

    my best wishes for those who remain to take this abuse from Linden Labs.

    bye bye


    The blogs in the last few weeks are showing more and more of these Last Straw posts. April metrics confirm the HUGE exodus taking place of people who are tired of warning Lindens again and again in these blogs to STOP adding new shinies and FIX what is broken, who have in the past year been forced to update again and again and again adding lots of useless stuff and now the grid is so borked there are asset server prblems every day.

    You want people to come work for you? Start by hiring someone who will take a shredder to the Linden Tao and who knows that expertise costs and will hire some people who are actually GOOD. Who will LISTEN to the customers rather than ignore them. Who will erase the stuipid JIRA and replace it with a regular QA and CS department.

  82. Anns Atoole says:

    OH about time they employed real database managers . Im in ! And look they want me ..

  83. Karensa Karas says:

    @ SL Grid Status:

    [RESOLVED] Two Hours of Downtime at Midnight Pacific Tonight
    [RESOLVED 12:55 AM, 13th May] – We have completed the maintenance ahead of schedule and logins to Second Life are now back to normal and we’re open again.

    @ SL Blog 5:43am logging in stalling out/failed repeatedly. Assets not rezzing.

    I don’t know what you guys are up to but these latest releases since 19 have seriously degraded functionality and quality – I’m lagging more now than I did last April when I first downloaded SL to check it out, crashing constantly, textures are blurry if they bother rezzing at all, and if I leave my sim (uh hum, that I just bought for 1675 a month before you guys decided the price drop was a good thing for other people, including the 300mo outgo)…I can’t turn, move, walk or do much of anything.

    Whatever you did, quit it. Fix it back.

    And what’s sad is for the last year I’ve been championing you guys, patient through the issues and bugs but this here has gotten so bad I had to at least say something for a change. WTF is the deal with SL now? What did you guys do that just set it back to 2007 status?

    I hope you can hire people who can actually fix these issues (followed by “and will actually fix these issues”), and not just talking heads and PR reps to blow smoke up our butts.

    Logins still failed despite this “resolved” and “all clear” and “back to business” and “handled” and “solved.”

    Um, nope it aint 😉

  84. Verdana Klaar says:

    Good Luck 🙂

    Hope some day you can get a professional head of infrastructure there, or infrastructure director or call what you wish.

    Now, for the time being just remember that most in here will slap on you, not on your (possibly) incompetent boss.

    “Your world, their Mercedes Benz, your responsility and… their absence of accountability”

  85. Someone who knows says:

    I used to make thousands of US$ in SL and I still make a couple but I can’t be assed to log in anymore. It’s just to painful for content creators.

  86. aSwede says:


    This alternative viewer wasn’t developed from scratch, it’s the result of patches applied to LLs viewer. I don’t know if Nicholaz could have done all the work to write a whole new client from scratch, but that’s not what he’s done.

    So, the developers at LL are to be credited for more than just breaking things and being crappy.


    The JIRA might look intimidating but it’s much better than nothing since it actually lets the users report things in a way that’s informative and enough freeform to allow for different views.

    But it also requires that the users actually put in some effort to make the reports worth something. A bug report that boils down to “It’s borked! Fix it!” is just a waste of space. Also, to add a bug report without searching first to see if someone else has reported the same thing is to add confusion and plain lazy.

  87. coventina dalgleish says:

    Yes you fixed something, the performance is crap. Logged back in to see what you broke and the first thing that hit me in the face was a conover number of 3400, was 5800, so I checked the top scripts .1ms total script time of .7ms up from .4 without a single item added frame time of 1.1 ms this is a 2 day old island with a total of 400 prims and 1 avatar ,me , on it right now. Again you work on things and have no idea of what you are changing or maybe you do and have decided to roll back performance because you can not figure out how to fix the data cluster. Oh and you have the massive concurrence of thirty thousand nice work go back to your day jobs, pathos reigns supreme.

  88. Someone who knows says:

    Oh and:


  89. Solar Legion says:

    @ 84:Hmm, let me see here …. not sure exactly how long after the maintenance was completed you logged in, seeing as your time listed is not in PDT. I can however tell you that I am having no such issues at this time.

    Of course, I know to wait a while before so much as loading the client.

  90. Ewan Mureaux says:

    From the Tao of Linden………..

    “Sometimes you will fail, and in those cases it is very important to fail fast and fail publicly – that is how we learn and iterate and ultimately win.”

    So have you learned Katt? The ongoing technical problems would be better accepted if there was better communication. Shutting down channels when all around us burns is not what the customers want.

  91. la le lu says:

    wait a minute. tp, sim crossing and other things are way better since H4, some physics still need to get adjusted to be compatible with H1.

    i agree, the 1.20 client is a massive fail and it’s announcement is more a menace for me. to many bugs. also with windlight, divergent sun – sim time relations, alpha texture bugs and stuff.. camera movement and avatar turns are a nightmare in dazzle based clients. script performance is mostly an issue of bad lsl coders.

    content thefts???? stolen content???? thats not possible. maybe copied content, but not stolen. this is really a different thing. bad thing but not thievery.

    a lot of critique in the posts of this blog are based on rumors and nescience, which doesn’t get better when they get posted more often.

    all in all i’m still happy with LS (lindens stuff), but they should really listen up. they should react on real issues in a more appropriate way and they should start thinking about better monitoring for issues.

    as i said above, 18.5 in-world lindens out of about 400 each day just show how serious they take their own product. they had a peak of about 90 online lindens at the day where the ominous m linden came to talk to them in-world.

    i hope ll will not shorten tools and possibilities to create new content down for a smoother customer experience. i met a lot of people who started programming in LS.

    oh, and for stable hardware with low fails: check

  92. Ann Otoole says:

    @92 – Perhaps “content theft” would be better described as “unlicensed use of content” for those who copybot (assuming they are using such a tool) for personal use. But the issue is people using various tools that allow them to acquire textures from memory which they then upload to sl and sell without a license. The act of using a tool to access memory to acquire textures for the purpose of reselling without permission is theft. There is no other way to describe this activity and the DMCA law does include the possibility of incarceration for blatant theft and criminal activities which some criminal operations that may be operating in sl may qualify for. Your attempt to downplay clear cut criminal acts is disappointing.

    Good luck hiring LL. If you ever convert to Oracle or need a serious data architect/analyst let me know.

  93. Verdana Klaar says:

    @93 said “But the issue is people using various tools that allow them to acquire textures from memory which they then upload to sl and sell without a license”

    No need for any tool that scan or pick up memory or anything of the sort for that purpose. As any graphical front-end the SL client is vulnerable by the simplest means, it is nothing more than one more web browser in this way.

    Good luck again for your database job (if you survive).

  94. Someone who knows says:

    Just had a look at the concurrency graph of today. Can SOMEONE PLEASE ANNOUNCE THAT SL IS DEAD?

  95. Ann Otoole says:

    @94 Your inappropriate attempt at an attack on my credentials has failed as you revealed your lack of maturity. I don’t need a job but if LL had use for a data architect (and they seriously do need one given the history of problems related to databases) then I would entertain offers for a reasonable contract duration to help solve the problems should they choose to admit they have problems.

    As for your lack of knowledge of computing systems…
    The data is in memory. Be it volatile or long term memory– that is where the data is. The client for Secondlife is not licensed for use to take textures from memory without a license and then upload them to resell without a license.

    If you reverse engineer software and then sell it without a license what is that? It is a crime. If you print US currency it is a crime. If you rob a bank it is a crime. If you steal an identity it is a crime. If you use technical means to acquire an image for the purpose of selling it without a license it is a crime.

    I guess the problem is somewhere along the way children were not taught the difference between right and wrong and then they all aged into adults and are now a growing problem that now requires more attention, taxpayer dollars, and time from mature adults to discipline them. LL could help by not condoning such activities and outright barring people that think it is OK to steal anything from any employment with LL or membership in the Secondlife product.

  96. Razor says:

    @92 “content thefts???? stolen content???? thats not possible. maybe copied content, but not stolen. this is really a different thing. bad thing but not thievery.”

    stolen is not a rumor

  97. Saii says:

    Taken from Ann Otoole (93) -> “Good luck hiring LL. If you ever convert to Oracle or need a serious data architect/analyst let me know.”

    I’d vote for that. Shadow develop a reliable database architecture (read: do not use mySQL), beta test it, deploy it in 8 hours downtime (yes, that is possible) and voila, problems solved.

    Anyway, i’m glad not having much time to login anymore and have to get irritated not being able to rez or pickup items, or lose hours of work because there is yet another asset issue.

    And from what i have heard is that competition is closing in, which will be the neckbreaker for SL. Unless something seriously is going to get changed…. like having no issues for one weekend. That would be an epic achievement.

    I’m sorry to be negative, the originality of Second life, the means to be able to be creative in a virtual world, where you can have a “second life”, fun and communicate globally is great, but greatly overshadowed by the daily annoyances, issue’s and not being able to go anywhere with your SL frustrations other then to kick your computerdesk.

    Most down to earth people will simply uninstall the client and move on. I almost did when i started, after trying to teleport 3 times and it did not work, i saw only avatars without textures and moving was like having 20 packs of chewing gum sticked to your shoes.
    After i was able, i zapped somewhere randomly and got into some church where people were having BDSM sex.
    I logged and pointed to my forehead saying this is the worst I’ve seen sofar. But some friends asked me to have another go.
    And I’m talking about 2 years ago.

    Being able to create and having good friends made me stay, but it (SL) never got professional. Always the same problems.

    As to this topic of getting people hired. Even the title is not professional to me. “Bring you A game” … When was SL labeled as a game? Other then some java-applet type of games, gaming is not possible by any means. Not in comparison to real games like GW, WoW. Some will disagree, but the games possible are limited by the region dimensions, since region crossing will make any game you will make impossible. Not only because it takes far too long, you can crash, lose script interactivity and connectivity. Furthermore having more then 16 agents in a region which is highly scripted to make a game possible, it will render so much IPS, the game will be stopped to a halt.

    To get back to the topic: Hire people. Nice! Get more enthusiasts with LL who are very positive and afraid to say where things stand, because that is what will likely will happen.
    If you truly want to advance, get better as a company. Get people that are not afraid to say what’s wrong, where the shoe is tight.

    Anyway, was fun reading this blog with a lot of whining back and forth. I made my whining contribution. I’ll be keeping a close eye on what will be done, in a serious and professional manner, to get SL more reliable.

    If nothing drastic is done, i’ll stop with seriously developing stuff, because it will die out soon eventually and it would have been a waste of time anyway.

    Good luck there LL, I hope it works out.

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  99. la le lu says:

    stolen means you take something which does not belong to you and the legal owner now don’t have it anymore. right? but since the good is still in ownership of the legal owner it is not stolen. it is copied. copied without the permission of the rights holder, maybe. but it is not stolen.

  100. Saii says:

    In the criminal law, theft (also known as stealing) is the illegal taking of another person’s property without that person’s freely-given consent. […]

  101. Verdana Klaar says:

    Dear (mature) Ann O-Toole

    i know what i’m writing here since i’ve tested it onto one of my own textures.

    As for your arrogance and childish haughtiness … please keep it away from me. Thank you in advance for your kind (and very probably innocent) attention and take care of your precious person.

  102. Sanity says:

    Knock. Knock.

    The grid is down. again.

    Please hire people quickly.

  103. Saii says:

    Oh my, just realized i’m sucked into these useless discussions about what the real meaning of theft is. It’s wrong, that’s what it is. And that LL ignores all these problems is even more wrong.

    I’m outta here. Good luck with broken assets, failing servers and all that 😛

  104. Ann Otoole says:

    @100 OK here is your lesson la le lu. You go to any Disney (R) website and copy an image of Micky Mouse to your hard drive. Then upload that picture to a website put it up for sale to unlimited buyers. See how fast you acquire legal problems related to intellectual property.

    This is not on topic so i’m done with it.

    Good luck on the hiring LL. I have to say your attitude about the *nix folks not having to be shackled to a cubicle in an office somewhere you would have to move to is most admirable and i wish such a company had existed many years ago.

  105. Sabine Geiger says:

    if you realy want to do something usefull make that we get the old style viewer back you know with the old style friendslist grouplist a history button and so on and please give us the possebilety to block IM’s like you did with voice the three choices everyone can, no one can or only on friendslist can and further fix the problems before you think of new gadgets what no one is waiting for

  106. Hey all ya’ll… thanks so much for giving me a chuckle to my day 🙂 You all do such a good job with coming up with funny posts to make everyone laugh, it’s great. Yay!


  107. shockwave yareach says:

    This one is free –

    Today, the viewer gets everything from Asset. Doesn’t matter who the owner is, doesn’t matter what sim you are in. This makes for a 1000terabyte database and a sweet DDOS target.

    Instead, things should work this way: The sim tells the viewer what it sees. The viewer in addition to getting the UUIDs, also gets the OWNER name. By asking USERHOMELOCATOR (where Asset is now) which sim has that user’s database, the viewer can then ask the database on that sim for all the data. Since the database is much smaller, it can respond almost instantly. Whatever sim a character has defined as HOME, that’s where its database resides. And the viewer only needs to ask LOCATOR for the DB location once – it keeps its own cache of user/sim links that are reset with every restart.

    This distributes things easily, eliminates single failure of the Asset, and scales neatly all the way to infinity. I have a billion sims? I have a billion databases to support it.

    Maybe once you implement this, I’ll buy a premium account again. I’ve just downgraded because after a year and a half of waiting and 6 back to back weekends where the game was impossible to use, I’ve decided that SL isn’t providing service worth paying for.

  108. BUTBUTBUT, You don’t allow teens to work T_T

  109. S J says:

    Intellectual property is a civil area, not a criminal area of law.

  110. Saii says:

    @hugmonster (107)
    Yeah, it’s funny as hell sometimes.
    – People trying to convince eachother to trivial things like what content theft really means.
    – People impersonating others (UM).
    – The die hard ‘fanboys’ saying that SL is so complicated and we should expect these problems. (for years? come on…)
    – The ‘expert’s’ giving advice on how to do a better job.
    – The techies explaining what should be changed and even give detailed instructions.
    – The trolls, shouting in caps FIX THE GRID

    All in all it’s getting to be like a soap these comments. Funny, but sad too in a way. Because most people that take the time to post here like SL and want it to get better. People who don’t care will just uninstall SL, move on and could not care less about this blog.

    Keep this in mind before you flame another that is posting here. Whether you like it or not, they probably like SL as much as you do, but not everyone has the same opinion on things. Respect that.

    ok, really gotta get going now. Looking forward to a laugh on the next blog item’s comments.

  111. shockwave yareach says:

    And yet, for all my detailed instructions, and the instructions of Nicolaz on where the memory holes are in the viewers, nothing has been repaired. Now has it?

  112. Ann Otoole says:

    # 110 S J Says:
    May 13th, 2008 at 7:27 AM

    Intellectual property is a civil area, not a criminal area of law.

    To wit:

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
    Copyright Office Summary December 1998 Page 7

    “In addition, it is a criminal offense to violate section 1201 or 1202 wilfully and for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain. Under section 1204 penalties range up to a $500,000 fine or up to five years imprisonment for a first offense, and up to a $1,000,000 fine or up to 10 years imprisonment for subsequent offenses. Nonprofit libraries, archives and educational institutions are entirely
    exempted from criminal liability. (Section 1204(b)).”

    So it depends on what is done to achieve the commercial advantage or financial gain. An area that has not yet been tested in respect to so-called “metaverses”. However the statements to the effect there is no criminal aspect of IP theft is false and may be caused by people listening to college professors who discuss IP in the context of educational institutions that may be exempt from the DMCA criminal aspects.

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse in court.

  113. Razor says:

    @la le lu “stolen means you take something which does not belong to you and the legal owner now don’t have it anymore. right? but since the good is still in ownership of the legal owner it is not stolen. it is copied. copied without the permission of the rights holder, maybe. but it is not stolen.”

    no. when someone steals a password, it is also stealing, even though the original creator still has the password himself. If you copy a CD illegally its also stealing even though the original CD owner still has the CD.

    This is not the real world dummie… Linden Labs promised us real life copyrights over our items (including the DMCA – digital millenium copyright act which works all over the internet, webpages, downloads etc). According to that copyright people may not sell them unless with permission. Hackers never get permission, so what they do is stealing and breaking the USA DMCA law.

    They kill off the original shops by havin a skin that is originally 1200 linden created by someone who spent weeks on it, now for free on every corner of a mall and in stupid resell shops. theft ruins the good shops and makes the good creators leave eventually.

  114. Someone who knows says:

    The grid is down again and all they can do is ask for help. Just turn the damn grid off and work on it for a month or two. It’s not as if there’s any business to be lost.

  115. Fmagick Zymurgy says:

    OK Linden Labs, now is your chance. You have my resume. I was even recently in the news and in the newspaper. Was on the team that put together a 1000 node supercomputer in less than a day. Even with that I am bored and need something to keep me interested. You know who I am, and where I am. It’s your turn to contact me.

  116. Saii says:

    I like to see Second Life like the Citroën 2CV car. Innovative, fresh and new at the start, with electrical problems of course (french cars are known to have this) and not going very fast and a bit wobbly in the corners.

    Then they pimped the car to make it look like a Mercedes benz limousine, with all the bells and whistles, more passenger places etcetera.

    But yet, they forgot to replace the engine and the electrical wiring.
    So we ended up with something that looks like a limousine, but does not go very fast, has lots of problems and will never give the experience like a real limousine.

    Replacing the engine and the wiring would be the key. But would that be as expensive as making a new type of car? That is up to LL.

    I for one am very curious as to how they are going to convince it’s users they really taking action, in stead of patching the patches and struggling on month after month without ever losing the rudimentary problems that keep haunting the grid and the viewer.

  117. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Verdana@71: Don’t you think that hiring more people might not be a move to improve the problems during April?

  118. Rayy Giles says:

    I’m sure I’m more then capable because i use to own Killzonez gaming servers and i handled around 42 servers for games and voice. Hmmm Lindens, i’ll try but the NUMBER 1 thing if hired would be that you need to put some $$$ out for better servers and more of them. Thats your biggest problem so that leads to either your to money hungry and wont spend the cash or the heads of Lindens is to stupid that they arent listening to the IT department. Could this be a combinations of both. Now that i think about it, thats something i dont want to get caught in, no win situation. I was smart enough to not load alot of ip’s (aka sims for non tech ppl) on to servers. Whoever was in charge to run voice on the same server as sims should of been fired after you did that mishap. Thats newbie 101 mistake, not a true IT manager decission. I have no doubt it was a trickle down from heads of LL that made that one happen. The new CEO needs to listen to the ppl you have in place about hardware requirements and go beyond what they ask for. I’m sure if hired i’d be fired days later or i would quit unless your willing to make those big decissions. You got my SL name LL and all my info, the ball is in your park.

  119. aSwede says:


    Scalability is needed, no doubt about that. But the idea to put databases on SIMs comes across as not too good.

    The SIMs are stupid clients, and should stay that way. They have well defined things to do: run scripts, run the physics simulation and handle SIM crossings. To add a database would not only require more memory but also more CPU power in them to still be able to do what they do now.

    Scalability when it comes to databases starts, if you ask me, with the basic design. How is the world modelled? What queries will be run? How should the tables be indexed? With which rate will it grow? After that, it’s interesting to look at multiple hosts and more complicated solutions like keeping parts of the data spread over a cluster.

    Data consistency isn’t always a simple problem on one host, and the problem gets exponentially harder as you introduce several hosts and data spread over several hosts.

    There is also the issue of maintenance. With the data spread over several hosts, you need to monitor them all and have a system for backups and rollbacks. This is also a complicated problem as the number of hosts go up.

    You can also think about solving some of the problems in the server before adding more complexity to the database setup. Some queries work very well with write-through caches, for example. You pay for it by keeping more in memory but you make fewer database queries and get both a speedup and less load on the database. The problem with group notices looks, to me as an outsider, as a prime example.

    In the case with assets, and the use of UUIDs, this lends itself very well to partitioning the data but you will always end up with some kind of bottleneck where the requests will have to be inspected and sent to the right place.

    So, to sum it up: adding more hardware isn’t a silver bullet and you need to do things right from the start, database design and up.

  120. Broccoli Curry says:

    I, and many others, have applied for positions in the past – both paid and voluntary – and not even got a courtesy canned response to say that our applications had been received but were not successful on this occasion.

    It might be standard practice in the US but in many parts of the world that’s considered to be rude.

    You might just want to go back through the thousands of applications you’ve had over the past year or so, and check those out – and RESPOND TO THEM – before asking for more applications.

  121. Rayy Giles says:

    @120 its the hardware and some does have to do with cali’s backbone piping, cali has the worse setup for that. LOL you look at cali’s road system and can tell they dont have any idea of whats going on let alone a super highway communication setup. I only ran voice servers out of cali if at all possible but most of the time not at all if i could help it. Kansas and Texas has a much better backbone piping but i doubt if LL would even think of setting up new servers for sims to be sold in those locations.

  122. HA!

    I’d apply, but I’ll be DAMNED if I’ll drive into and out of Seattle every day. That’s your biggest, problem. Finding anyone willing to torture themselves that way.

    You should drop an office further south, Federal Way or Tacoma. heh.

  123. Verdana Klaar says:

    In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.

    Perfect illustration of the integrated spectacular epoch. Testimony of nothingness.


  124. janice79020 says:

    Off topic but thank you for what ever you did to fix the “Driver not responding” glitch that crippled my computer last night just before the grid was shut down for repair.

  125. la le lu says:

    we don’t have a dmca in my country, which is good.

    in my country stealing just handles physical things. what you mean is copyright violation or, the example with the password, spy out foreign data. at least in my country.

    but it’s not stealing nor theft. the copyright violation is a civil law thing, the password spy out is a criminal case.

    but hey, if this is a problem for one of you, that someone uses your images, why not call the police 🙂 should be possible in the land of unlimited possibilities and freedom. or just run amok, you have a liberal gun law in the united states, lol.

  126. Verdana Klaar says:

    In societies where modern conditions of development prevail, all that was directly lived has now turned into a representation.

    “Your blog, your self-affirmation as virtual sub-human beings”


  127. Verdana Klaar says:

    If I – in a given country – am free without any law issue to download MP3 music from a web site located on one other country where that practice is prohibited, it is the the accountabilty of the web site legal entity, not mine.

  128. Verdana Klaar says:

    Verdana Klaar Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Please don’t submit your comment more than once

  129. shockwave yareach says:


    Having DB on the sim itself adds to the cpu workload, yes. Find the cycles, get a better cpu, design with that in mind, or go back to making Fritos. As for coherency, it isn’t a problem when you have ONE site with the data (the sim) and it is backed up every hour, just like the sim server is today. The only issue with differing versions of data is when someone changes homes (and the data moves to the new sim.) It is easily solved by having the change not occur until the user has logged out and the data is in the new home sim, and USERHOMELOCATOR has been updated of the new home sim.

  130. Kerik Rau says:

    @ shockwave yareach
    @ 131, 120
    The major problem with running MySQL locally on the simulators is that the database is so massive. In order to do queries, all of the data has to be available. LL tried to migitate this by having several asset clusters assigned to different avatars, which reduces the size of the databases (This is only from what I have read).

    Probably the best solution (but also the most problamatic) is to use a truly distributed database (like Google’s BigTable). The problem there is data migration as well as a complete design overhaul (no joins, datatypes, performance differences, not to mention migrating all of the services to a new backend).

  131. shockwave yareach says:

    @132: You aren’t paying attention. You don’t need ALL the data for ALL of SL on every server. The sheer mass of data is the major part of the problem. Instead, each sim has the data for only those who have their HOME set there. So every viewer on the planet who sees John, gets the textures and prims that make up John from John’s home sim. Said sim DB will be very small compared to the nightmare blob we have today, and will be able to respond quickly and without traffic congestion (like we have today).

    EX) I see 10 people in a sim. My Viewer gets the HOMESIM addresses for all ten, then fetchs the UUIDs for them from the ten homesim DBs. My viewer gets all the textures and prims in a flash because a) the databases are much smaller in each sim, and b) ten computers respond at once instead of one server trying to serve 60,000 at a time.

  132. aSwede says:


    What is Fritos?

    Taking into account the amount of computers in the racks already, upgrading them all to be able to run their own database sounds very expensive. Add to that the migration of data between SIMs. There is already a lot of data flowing around and with this addition, you’d have to implement a transaction handling that works between SIMs to make sure that the migration went well. Taking backups of the databases will also add to the flow of data in a big way.

    There is also the issue of making the cache in the clients respond to the change and handle the transition in a good way.

    I still think this idea has too many weak points to be viable but perhaps there is some way to tweak it to make it better, both when it comes to complexity and cost.

  133. Ewan Mureaux says:

    News from the frontline, real problems with second life.

  134. Kerik Rau says:

    @ 133, 135

    I would guess that the simulator servers are designed in such a way that the actual server doesn’t matter. It can fail and the simulator will switch to a working spare. So with the addition of throwing the data onto the simulators you would have to backup all of those additional servers (which can be a very very bad pain).

    Also you have to factor in the sims which have a large number of avatar’s homes. Then you also raise the possibility for griefers to induce major load on the backend by spamming themselves with millions of objects/textures/notecards and swapping homes with several alts.

  135. Joker Opus says:

    I’d love to work for you guys, being apart of your team would be a great thing in my Second Life, and Real Life business experience.
    I have been wanting to apply for a long time, however I currently have a job so this isn’t a possibility for me at the moment :l.

  136. Dajobu Ling says:

    I’m hopeful they’ll get some good talent in who will push for stability. Good luck!

    Just a side note: I’d find it helpful if there were another section added to each job page that explicitly described the job location. i.e. – “Location: telecommute – 9am – 5pm PST-preferred” or “Location: Mountain View, CA.” It makes it easier to figure out if it fits into one’s current work-schedule.


  137. @aSwede

    Fritos are a crunchy corn chip manufactured by Frito-Lay, Inc.

  138. martin Magpie says:

    @140 Yup I am selling the sim I just bought it’s impossible right now to do the residential sim I had planned. (Because of Bay City) Was doing another project but decided against supplying any more free content to LL. My days of giving 120% are at an end.


  139. squiz Clifton says:

    p.s. please excuse my sucky grammar and spelling 😀

  140. Well, at least the geography has cracked open a bit.

  141. Mykell Ackland says:

    SL crashing every 10 minutes, continual asset server meltdowns and constant problems with even the most basic of basic areas of the program… You would not believe just how close I am to uninstalling SL and waving two big fingers to LL.

    Seriously – FIX the current problems before adding on all these ‘sparky little non-essential extras’ that’re overwhelmingly riddled with bugs *cough*windlight*cough*. It’s no wonder the servers are melting when everyone is being forced to rez things continually and then relog every 10 minutes because they’ve crashed.

  142. With a population size larger than some real world countries it’s a shame that LL is not conducting interview and job search operations in world. My opinion: someone with a vested interest in the stability and overall health of the grid (for instance, if they were already a prominent business owner) would take the reliability of the grid much more seriously.

    Additionally – as the price of fuel rises I see ‘online jobs’ becoming much more prevailent. I would recommend that LL take an in-depth look at the tools ‘RL/SL’ business can utilize in SL to start migrating more ‘office’ type jobs into the metaverse. Some things that are obviously missing from the current framework:

    The ability for businesses to file, organize and handle business documents in world. No, I don’t mean cramming all the documents on the asset servers. What I am suggesting is a method for business owners to interface their work-related material (databases, spreadsheets, ‘word’ documents, etc…) to the infrasture so their in-world employees can perform work related activities. Example: An ’employee’ would log into the grid and teleport to their place of work. Once there, they could access the infrastructure to obtain the necessary schedules, task lists and materials needed to complete the work. This would allow a massive shift from the norm (i.e. driving to work to do your job) and allow businesses to reduce costs and damage to the environment caused by operating normal ‘paper’ businesses.

  143. Mykell Ackland says:


    Windlight – oooh it makes the game look a little prettier. Um, yeah. When your computer is powerful enough to be able to cope with it. It was riddled with bugs and yet was still implemented into the main viewer before these bugs were fixed. The viewer before was so much better, could be used on all computers and didn’t create a huge workload for yourselves. There was notices all around SL with links on how to be able to get back to the old viewer when Windlight was launched.

    Voice – Oooh, people can now speak to each other. Woopy woo, let’s segregate everyone who can’t use / have a microphone. The number of times I’ve seen people ignored from a conversation just because they couldn’t hear it / join in. All SL voice does is lag down your system, burn out your connection speed and crash every so often.

    Teleporting – The most basic of basic tools in the game. So naturally it’s something that is NEVER fixed. I’m still constantly getting teleport issues but that’s obviously no problem because the seawater now looks a little more sparkly than before.

    Payment issues, rezzing problems, asset server continually developing problems, frequent downtimes… All these fancy little tricks and buttons that’re being crowbarred into SL just detract from what the game was all about in the beginning. You’ve put so much rubbish into it that SL is overcrowded, crashing frequently and is making a lot of people very pissed off. Why can’t you see that?

  144. squiz Clifton says:

    Bon voyage, you wont be missed. I’m sure there’s another 50 people waiting to take your place.
    Have a nice life 😀

  145. Katt Linden says:

    Hi folks!

    I’m glad to see you all here discussing the job opportunities (come on, isn’t it cool to think about being a Linden?)

    I’m also glad to see you discussing the issues each of you is concerned with. I’m concerned about the issues too, and while I can’t always comment as quickly as you’d like about policy, plans and the like, I am keeping track of what you’re saying. Making sure that we do indeed listen, and take into account what you have to say, is one of the most important things I’m here to do.

    And by the way, that survey you sometimes see when you log into Second Life? That asks if things are getting better or worse? You might be interested to know that every day, we Lindens see a huge graph showing your overall responses, with quotes from your comments (anonymously, of course.) We watch the line on the graph going up or down with real concern, every day. You matter to us, very much.

  146. squiz Clifton says:

    The voice servers are completely seperate from the sim servers lol.

  147. shockwave yareach says:

    Katt: Glad to hear that all of us abandoning land and leaving SL are creating nice points of data for a beautiful line. When you’re out of beta, please drop us a line…

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