Knowledge Base Article of the Week #25: Liberal Media (On A Parcel)

Hello everybody! This week on KBAotW, I’d like to introduce you to a little feature called Media On A Parcel. With Parcel Media, you can share your movies, music, images, and even webpages with other Residents on your land. Movie night, anyone?

As always, if you have questions about Second Life, and you think the answer should be in the Knowledge Base, please stop by Documentation Office Hours today at 2pm PDT. We love to hear from you! You’ll find our valiant and scholarly Documentation team lounging on couches at our usual pier-shaped office in Beaumont.

See you there!

Jeremy Linden

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128 Responses to Knowledge Base Article of the Week #25: Liberal Media (On A Parcel)

  1. Martin Magpie says:

    That’s nice, but your product crashed and burned again. Must be Friday.

  2. Angelic Greenwood says:

    How about some WARNING? Thanks!

  3. Alvi Halderman says:


  4. Jeremy Linden says:

    @Angelic Greenwood

    Well, I guess I could post a warning on the blog next time before I post an article on the blog…


  5. src says:

    kbaotw just in time 🙂

  6. Jenda Starbrook says:

    How about instead of posting tutorials, you address the fact that people are unable to log in??

  7. Jeremy Linden says:

    @Jenda Starbrook

    As a technical writer, I’m pretty sure you don’t want me working on the login issue personally. We’ve got our best people working on it instead, and you can track our progress on the shiny new Status Updates blog!

  8. Midorii Akina says:

    SL is messed up again, guys. Why is logging in taking half an hour? And why can’t I teleport/edit appearance/buy lindens/ or generally do anything? Lol.

  9. MarkByron Falta says:

    Liberal media on a parcel? I’d like to get Rush Limbaugh on the parcel, but it’s not large enough.

  10. TheGOGOL Linden says:

    hi lol is fun

  11. Jo says:

    “Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.” I am getting that Friday feeling- It’s still broke

  12. Schakal says:

    We will one collect-complains for remuneration at each place its traffic on 0 stands against lime trees lab at height of USS 100 to submit, if the Trafficsystem to 05/09/2008 – 11:30 is not repaired TO (PDT). We call each land owner, shop and club owner auh around these ways to collect-complains itself to close! If at Linden f… Lab (TM) such more lamer work, should for their unkompetent and because of its damage caused to also arise!
    Now are enough! They are lehrnen finally responsibility to carry! We pay for an achievement, Premium membership, real estate tax…. and we become for our contribution for months with not furnished achievements and only with partly functioning Game as well as everyone mix only partly funtioned Sims fraudulented!

  13. Michael Timeless says:

    Thank you for the post. One of the things you might do to help is to have someone sit down and write a beginners guide to SL. One of the most frustrating things (besides the Friday down syndrome), here is the fact that most of the User Interface features are not documented anywhere. I’ve been asking for information on many of these features for well over a year. A beginner step by step guide to bug posting for the non technical would be nice and I’m sure I could come up with a wishlist for many other things that revolve around incomplete or incorrect documentation.

    One thing that might be interesting would be documentation (From a Linden) of the second life experience. A walk a mile in our shoes first person where you see some of our frustrations.

    The worst documentation I see here is the lack of understanding. I know you are not a coder. But when you or Torley come out with the bright shiny happy feel it’s like watching a belly dancer try to be happy in a rapist lockdown at the jail. No matter what you do your going to get attacked. It’s human nature. Maybe what we need are two blogs. One for the good news and a much larger one for the bad news and surprises. I wish you luck it has to be tough to put a good spin on how bad it’s getting around here.

    PS. Having been a technical writer don’t sell yourself short.

    Mike Timeless

  14. Schakal says:

    Sorry …. Babelfish … “lime trees lab” – Linden Lab (TM)

  15. Share movies with others? Isn’t that a violation of copyright laws?

  16. thekizz says:


  17. Jeremy Linden says:

    @Michael Timeless

    Great post! Interestingly, I think we’ve got all of your concerns covered:

    I am in the process working on a PDF-style quick-start guide for Second Life, which sounds like exactly the kind of thing you’re asking for.

    Many Lindens, including me, are active Residents when we’re not busy being Lindens. Our shoes are more worn than you might think. 🙂

    As for separating the bad news and technical updates into a separate blog, look no further than

    There’s plenty of “technical” in my technical writer, but you still probably don’t want me to replace the people we already have working in a crisis. I appreciate your encouragement, though!

  18. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Don’t forget, you can use parcel media to sniff people’s IP address, just like in CSI:NY (except this isn’t television)! Just convince the people visiting your parcel or estate to have “Automatically play media when available.” checked, and as soon as they visit you their address will show up in your HTTP logs.

  19. Bobo Decosta says:

    What about some guidelines on copyrighted material? I would suspect from someone working at an internet company knowing that when he or she recommends its users to share music, video and such to be sure that the users also know that they can’t just share music or movies they bought somewhere.

    For residents that are not familiar with copyright speak: music and movies are sold in RL, are NOT sold with full permissions (No Mod/No Transfer).

    I don’t understand that a company like LL that promotes DRM as a business model, doesn’t really take action against online piracy on it’s servers. Oh yeah they have DMCA complaint page but it’s not like they pursue pirates like they do on gambling machines.

  20. Linda Brynner says:

    Heuh… Torlely Linden has already tuts on this one.
    Why the doubling…. ??

  21. Ree Indigo says:

    @ Mike Timeless and Jeremy Linden

    Yes, TRULY walk a mile in our shoes, Lindens. I cannot believe that any Linden really does. Come down and try to build in a Class 4 sim on a GOOD night on the Grid. The rubber-banding will bring you to tears. Try having a script run as intended … anywhere … that you’re being paid for. You do NOT have normal residencies, you do NOT share our frustrations. Quit acting like you do.

  22. Ree Indigo says:

    BECAUSE … when the grid goes down, you can always switch to your Linden account to log in. When griefers sack your sim, you have that handy Linden account to sack back with. When your Class 4 home region is less than ideal for building, you can go somewhere else, because you don’t have a fear of griefers or copycats.

    And I’ll bet money that not a single one of you is invested. In fact, if you get a paycheck for being here, which I bet you do, I just won that bet. You do not rely on SL’s performance to make money, you make money regardless. You haven’t been charged late fees on parcel rent, I bet, because you couldn’t log on to send the payment.

    You don’t know what it’s like from our end. You can’t know. It upsets me a great deal that you would even THINK about telling such an bold-faced lie.

  23. Malachi Petunia says:

    “Heuh… Torlely Linden has already tuts on this one. Why the doubling…. ??”

    Umm, because despite their best efforts they lost track of certain co-located tutorials?

    “I don’t understand that a company like LL that promotes DRM as a business model, doesn’t really take action against online piracy on it’s servers.”

    Because the **AA has taken longer to nail the middlemen in internet infringement and SL is still small apples to them (cf. MPAA v. Torrentspy)

  24. Donna says:

    @ 21, Ree. Hrm. Lindens already do all of that… Go visit Hazzard County and Hazzard County South, a Linden built that, and has Scripts running there.

  25. Ree Indigo says:

    The argument is that Jeremy said, “Many Lindens, including me, are active Residents when we’re not busy being Lindens. Our shoes are more worn than you might think.” In response to: “A walk a mile in our shoes first person where you see some of our frustrations.”

    I’m not saying they haven’t built things, or that they don’t deal with class 4’s or whatever. Don’t be like the Lindens, Donna, and read only what you want to, then respond to things that aren’t part of the argument

    I’m very explicitly arguing that they CANNOT experience our frustrations while they have their paychecks and their god-mode logins, and that it insults me that Jeremy thinks I’m going to buy that statement.

  26. Great post, thank you, Jeremy.

    i never did get an answer about what happens when a recorded IM log runs out of space (file size maximizes) 😉

    This is actually a timely one for me as I just spent 40-minutes trying help someone figure out the music URL the previous land owner left (that he accidentally deleted) LOL

    Think I’ll point him here.

  27. Rayy Giles says:

    SL moved server trouble from blogs so we cant tell them how BAD they suck at keeping inworld issues we have. I did notice we cant reply on all there screwups after they moved server issues to a new location. TSK TSK LINDENS, bad move, thought you wanted to know what the community had to say. Guess you don’t, just 1 more move on Lindens to go off into their own little make believe world that everything runs so smoothly in SL.

  28. Polka Dot says:

    oh ree, just be quiet please. You’re giving me headache -.-

  29. Donna says:

    @ 25, Ree. Ree a paycheck doesn’t take your ability to be human. Cause they can see the frustrations, even more so having to experience and deal with the problems with the Grid. God Mode or No God Mode, if the DB Plays up, and Rezzing fails, or Uploading fail then it happens to everyone, just because they have God Mode, does not mean the problems don’t hit them. God Mode does not fix the problems JUST for them, nor do their pay checks.
    I think what Jeremy was saying is that they are active Residents to, experiencing everything we do. And that’s right.

  30. Taco Rubio says:

    Depending on where you live, there may be some legal issues with a “movie night”, if the movie in question isn’t public domain.

  31. AWM Mars says:

    Any ideas why this new ‘function’ has been put into SL after all this time, when in reality, you are years behind the business in SL that has been doing this already?

    The new functions are borked btw, they mess with textures, autoscale has always caused around 50% overhead to the client when watching, when a smarter way has been to adjust the playing texture, simple script function.

    I also get the impression LL are phishing each url as it seems to take forever for some moviee to play, when they streamed straight away previously?

    Anyway, enough griping, keep up the good work.

  32. Jo says:

    Now I have got back on a while back and am not feeling cross (as if I do). We use video like vidtut’s to illustrate what our stuff does and how to make it work to non English speaking. We find illustration is an excellent way of communication. We set up our own server a while back and it works fine, Obviously you have to scale video down a lot.

  33. U M says:

    Thanks to you very much for another crappy friday starting off whats probably going to be another crappy weekend where nothing works right and cant log in or get lagged out all the times you try to do anything but the grid will be up so you dont have to refund people’s monies ever. just take take take take is all you do and give this crappy service in return. Its disgusting to say the very least.

    Quit with this crap stuff in the blogs and put the technicals back here so we can see whats going on easier and pass up these fluff blogs that noone cares about and yeah, sharing stuff without having the right to is against your very countrys laws. Nice move.

  34. Martin Magpie says:

    @18 WHAT!?! Oh god.

  35. nikki bechir says:

    #33 said it all, another weekend and things not working and nowhere to post.

    #18 thankyou for that tip, obviously privacy is not a major Lindens Concern. It will be another bug and log it in PJira im sure will be the response 🙂

    But none of this is Jeremy’s fault other than being the Linden who has posted an article . I would visit, but seeing as my skirt disappears always, i dont want to get an AR for going to a PG SIM in a state of undress.

  36. RichD says:

    Since people are using this blog entry to talk about the Inworld Failure… I will be off topic just a bit. I have opened a feature request to have coments reinstated on the new status page. Please log in and vote

  37. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Rich@36: Voted. 🙂

  38. Katt Linden says:

    UM, if you’d like one page where you can see this information not mixed with other posts, which sounds like just what you’re asking for, read the Status Reports, at

    And please, try not to curse on the blogs, ok?

  39. Donna says:

    Katt, please sign in so that your posts are Yellow, I am sure it is Protocol. And perhaps you could post a little bit more? in Comments?

  40. Jo says:

    Nikki actually we are all posting here mate LOL, I used to beta AOL years back – you were privy to actually programmers that talked and listened to you. As a result AOL got very big because the did listen to common folk like myself. They took on the UK FAT cat BT brought down charges for what was then modem connection at a premium rate, then rolled out broadband at a truly consumer level. I have to say I don’t use AOL, but they did set a good standard for internet connection at a good price. I think this is why Linden Lab is trying to lower the price of land. I hope stuff get’s better on SL grab an AOL Programmer LOL – they were nice guy’s who could enjoy a laugh – that is what SL missing perhaps?

  41. cosa nostra says:

    @ 39 Donna

    thats not THE katt linden …….the real one is being her ass kicked by M today because she is too friendly to the fix customer base !


  42. Donna says:

    @ 41, cosa. I think I have to agree with you today LOL That’s why Lindens should be bothered to Log in and make the post Yellow. And she needs to post more, what is she doing? It’s ok to post on the Internal Linden Lab Blog, but we need her to be out here with us. hehe

  43. Jo says:

    Katt I looked at that page earlier and it told me summat like “problems had been resolved” ? Was at least half an hour before I could log on

  44. Donna says:

    @ 43, Katt Linden AKA cosa. LMAO Can’t we get in trouble for that? hehe you made my stomach hurt just then laughing too much! hehe

  45. cosa nostra says:

    @ 45 Donna

    trouble … rofl …..if I would have trouble for this, I just delete my sims and cancel my account !

    then fly to california, and pee at the entrance door from LINDENLABS, the smell will immediately affect all the servers and LINDENLABS would crash worldwide !

    so who is in trouble now ?


  46. Donna says:

    hehe very true.

  47. Donna says:

    Ooh the comment got removed I think?

  48. Jo says:

    There don’t seem too many people writing stuff here tonight so – Jeremy your blog has been a blast, good luck mate – take care x

  49. Jeremy Linden says:

    Hey guys, please remember the rules here:

    We appreciate a good laugh as much as anyone, but please remember to apply some common sense before you hit that “Submit Comment” button! Cheers.

  50. cosa nostra says:

    @47 Donna

    yes it was a ‘boobytrap’ to see if everyone was still awake @LINDENLABS, wish they were so fast in resolving ISSUES


  51. Donna says:

    @ Jeremy. Please apply some common sense? I am not one to be even slightly negative here but when a Linden posts on the Second Life Blog, especially the head of Communications, it is common sense to do it properly and make the post yellow. You set yourselvs up for that one… let it be a lesson to ya… LOL


    @51 Donna

    that wasnt KATT LINDEN ….. u can fill in any name you want in the
    Name (required) section……(mmhh thats why the post was deleted)

    cosa (ps look at my cosa aka …. )

  53. Katt Linden says:

    We’re awake and paying attention too, Donna, cosa,

  54. Donna says:

    haha I know cosa but look at Comment 38
    “Katt Linden Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 4:43 PM

    UM, if you’d like one page where you can see this information not mixed with other posts, which sounds like just what you’re asking for, read the Status Reports, at

    And please, try not to curse on the blogs, ok?”

    @ Jeremy. I have a few Articles on the KB I need you to look at and rectify as there is grammar mistakes, bad ones. Post back if you can do this.

    @ Katt Linden. Please make sure all Lindens sign in and make sure their posts are Yellow, common sense and also pleasee stop using caps for Resolved, It should be consistently [Resolved] and so on…

  55. Katt Linden says:

    @54 Aw Donna! And here I’ve been going into the Status Reports and changing them for you to all caps!

    It’s true, I posted above without realizing I wasn’t logged in, so thanks. And thanks to Jeremy for taking down a post pretending to be me. This one? it’s me:

    UM, if you’d like one page where you can see this information not mixed with other posts, which sounds like just what you’re asking for, read the Status Reports, at

    And please, try not to curse on the blogs, ok?”


  56. Jeremy Linden says:


    I’d love to hear your suggestions. I’m in the middle of cleaning up all the grammar and style issues in the KB; if you’re serious about wanting to help, just submit your suggested updates as tickets through the Support Portal, and use the ticket type “Knowledge Base Suggestions”.

  57. Donna says:

    LOL Katt. I’m picky, you’ve really been changing them for me? What do you think looks better? All in caps or like [Resolved] If it remains consistent I don’t mind but it has gotta be consistent. What’s your opinion, does it look better in all caps? And you gotta admit the post pretending to you was SLIGHTLY funny lol

    BTW I am touched that you’ve been changing them 🙂

  58. cosa nostra says:

    @53 Katt

    nice to see you are alive, while it is getting quiet here in this blog, ya dont have some strategic news that would interess us here ?


  59. Donna says:

    @ Jeremy. I’m all for that you silly so and so, I’m an InWorld Testing, finding mistakes is what I do lol.

    What it is, is that when the post was written out where it should have a’ it has a ? so it looks very odd, that’s all. Easy mistake to make.

  60. Donna says:

    @ Katt. Looking at what cosa just said, I think you should consider the idea I sent you about doing a Meet the Linden post, atleast weekly. It’s all in the mail. I can help you with that.

  61. Jeremy Linden says:

    @ Donna

    Is this in the Knowledge Base, or my post today? Sometimes different web browsers or document viewers get confused and don’t know how to read certain characters, so they put in a question mark instead. It’s possible this sort of corruption got “baked in” on a few KB articles we imported from the old KB or an extraneous document file; if it’s true, I’ll fix ’em as soon as I see ’em!

  62. Donna says:

    ! Jeremy. I’ve just found one of the articles.
    Here’s the details for you;

    Topic Information
    Topic #: 4051-4899
    Date Created: 1/8/08
    Modified: 2/26/08
    Times Viewed: 278

    Also, I suggest maybe a Jira Issue where people can submit erros like this on the PJira when they come across it on the KB.

  63. Katt Linden says:

    Yeah, Donna, I’ve really been changing them, for you 🙂

    Haven’t decided if I prefer all caps or sentence case, but have been trying to make them consistent!

    Donna and cosa, we do have lots in store for you on this blog, I hope you enjoy it — but it’s not all going to happen on Monday, ok? but it’ll happen.

    “Meet the Linden” is a good idea.

    Thanks for being here.

  64. Jeremy Linden says:

    @ Donna

    I just took a look at that article– It does indeed render incorrectly when published. Interestingly, there’s nothing wrong on the editor side, so more investigation is in order; thanks for letting us know what’s up! 🙂

  65. Cocoanut Koala says:

    What do you mean, “liberal media?”


  66. Donna says:

    @ Jeremy. That’s pdd. And no problem, glad to help!

    @ Katt. Thank you for being here! And thanks for changing them lol I am very picky, I’m a Capricorn you see 😛 But yeah I can’t decide if I like all in caps or not better o.0 Consistency is great though!
    Also, I understand that it wont all be on Monday but with the Meet a Linden thing you don’t wanna be thinking bout that for tooo long, as there’s allot of Lindens and Roles to cover hehe. I can help you with that anyway! Contact me if I can help! You know how 🙂
    And Thank You for being here!

    @ cosa. *high five* That’s for making me laugh so much tonight, you naughty puppy you LOL

  67. Jeremy Linden says:


    If you would be offended by any political attachment, I suggest that it mean “a liberal application of Digital Media”.

    Really, I was just trying to be witty. I’d love to hear some good alternate titles for a blog post about an article named “Media on a parcel” 🙂

  68. cosa nostra says:

    @Katt, Jeremy & donna

    I need to help my RL wife, she just crashed, think something is wrong with her AO in RL … lol

    anyhow, I am interested in more transparancy/communication around the business strategies/plans of LINDENLABS. This would create some more trust and could help LL + residents reaching a common objective, which will determine the success for both parties !

    anyhow thx for the live reactions


  69. Donna says:

    Oh Katt, Jeremy. I’ve been meaning to ask for ages! Can Basic Account Holders access the Second Life Forums? I’ve never been able to, and tried everything, it isn’t clear if Basic Account can or not.

  70. Katt Linden says:

    cosa, hope your wife is ok!

    Thanks for your interest in transparency and communications, we share that interest, but of course it’s always a question of what’s appropriate. We’ll keep working on being more transparent and on good communications, that last part being as you know one of my own main goals.

    And Donna, well ok, there’s cosa’s “news” announcement…yes, you can, now, log in and read and comment in the forums with a basic account (no payment information is required to be on file.)

    That’s one small change we’ve made already in the forums since I started, and not yet “announced.”

  71. Donna says:

    @ Katt. Thankies, I’ve had trouble with Logging into the Forum since I started and it’s confused me, there’s been some confusion in the Second life Mentor Chat about it today too, thanks. 🙂 Don’t think that changes are going un noticed, because they are! 🙂

  72. Donna says:

    @ Katt. Sorry but I still can’t get into the Forums, with Basic and un Verified account. it justs takes me back to the Login page over and over again. I can’t even read the Forums. Is this intended or a Bug?

  73. Katt Linden says:

    @Donna, My understanding is that you should be able to log in with your Second Life account even if you have a Basic and un Verified account, but we did just recently make that change so it’s possible there’s something I don’t know, I haven’t personally tested it. I’ll check it out.

  74. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Fantastic on letting basic accounts read the forums!

    And Jeremy, thank you for your reply!


  75. Donna says:

    @ Katt. Yes I’ve always been under the impression that Basic accounts can log into the Forums too, I haven’t been able too ever since I first joined, over a year ago. Perhaps it’s a Bug. When I go to log in, I type in my Password etc. and log in then it takes me back to the Login page again telling me I must log in. Perhaps you can try to Log In to the Forums using my Account? Thanks.

  76. U M says:

    Jeremy Linden , you now that is not me posting but a very childish person that seems to have a very deep emotional problem. as you can tell by the little graphic to the right and my IP this person is faking being me……….contact me in game if please to settle this problem……..Usagi

  77. Xe Oh says:

    @ 15 Montana Corleone:

    We are in total agreement; Yes sharing ripped media violates copyright laws. I am in the process of working on a collaborative event in SL streaming media (location and dates withheld at this time.) In my particular situation it is absolutely essential to get release documentation from the creators of the media. The organization I work with demands it. As a creator myself I totally agree with and respect the copyright laws.

    @ 18 Argent Stonecutter:

    Normally I understand what you post about, and given what I do I should be able to understand your thoughts on this, but frankly I don’t. Would you please elaborate on your comment above? It concerns me.

    Thanks, Xe

  78. Pepper says:

    (This comment is for the post about grid availability – but the comments were full on that, so I’m having my say here – sorry for posting in the wrong spot, but.. gotta vent somewhere!)

    I’ve read many blog posts here today pointing the blame at the residents for investing their money into SL.

    “It’s your fault for sinking your money into a game!” “How stupid!”

    Let me remind those of you saying this, that “Second Life is a world created by it’s residents”. If the residents did not invest in land, or rental spaces and such, where would we create – in sand boxes that are wiped every 24 hours?

    We would in turn have an empty world, with no stores or fun places for the non-creators aka “gamers” to play or purchase products. Lindens surely aren’t going to give us free space to create attractions for you to visit, so obviously if you haven’t invested any money into the game, you’re here to “play”. And if you’re here to play, where would you expect to go.. orientation island or the Ivory Tower? Because thats the only type of places that would exist if someone didn’t invest money into this game.

    And in turn, LL’s would be making no profits at all if residents did not invest. If if they’re not making money, why would they put up with all of the hassles and headaches it takes to keep SL running. They wouldn’t.

    So telling residents to stop investing in a piece of crap game, is a double edged sword for both LL’s and the residents. And obviously if you’re here reading and posting on the blog, you’re into SL enough to not want to see it shut down. Brown nosing Lindens will get you no where. So get off your soap box.

    The bottom line is, we’re all here for a reason. And those of us that choose to invest, pay LL’s for a service. And anytime you pay for a service, you expect to be compensated when the service goes out.

    Sorry’s don’t cut it. Those of us that invest, pay the Lindens salary. Without us, they wouldn’t have a job… so one would think they’d gain a certain level of respect towards their paying customers. Instead, they show us complete disrespect (ie: Katt’s cold, sarcastic apology above).

    Like me, other residents are staring out of the window hoping some sort of competition will emerge to deprive LL’s of their monopoly. And when it does, maybe then and only then will they get an inkling of how it feels to be an invested member of society whose entire fate is controlled by the strings of an ultimate puppetmaster. When your competition finally comes, and it will come.. you will then realize what its like to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for, over night. Maybe then, you’ll wish you would have listened to our concerns and opinions, and compensated us for our losses. But by then, it will be too late.

  79. Code Tracer says:

    And Now… You can watch YouTube videos in Second Life!

    Please visit YouTube Video demo room at

  80. logistyka says:

    That post is very good, thank you it is very interesting 😉

  81. Renee Faulds says:

    Philip – where is your part of my $54,000 a month land tier plus compensation for now 6 weeks of borked asset servers!!!

    You have ruined MANY businesses here! But now that Linden Labs is in the content creation business I suppose it is, “Linden Labs gives a rat’s ass about the people who built the grid, we have relieved you of that duty.”

    Many people are starting to feel you people are just thieves in the night.

    You owe us compensation!!!!

  82. Renee Faulds says:

    Katt Linden Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 10:11 PM

    @22 toybodacho: As @30 Partington notes, the top three Status Reports show up in a feed at the top left side of the page. You can also mouse over the feeds there (just checked it with both Firefox and Safari) to read the initial text in the update.

    You can also subscribe to the RSS feed or to the Twitter

    They are also always in the Login screen in the Second Life viewer, so each time you log in you see the latest.

    @12, Aminom, and @26 Ash, and the rest of you, I do hear how frustrating it is.

    @23 Netsuko, and Paulo, Kahini, Verdana, Jayme, Cocoanut, Partington, and the rest of you — thank you. I’m glad you’re here.

    What a joke Kat

    We want word your opening your wallet to pay us for your failures..


    GET A CLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Donna says:

    Can I just point out that Linden Lab BUILT the Grid, and maintain it, in a technical sense. Also it is not Katt’s job to compensate anyone, nor is it her Job to open up her wallet and pay from her own pocket.

  84. Renee Faulds says:

    Well Donna – I open mine every month

  85. Ms. Faulds, for the umpteenth time: You are owed absolutely nothing. You took a risk, a gamble on Linden Lab’s creation. Unless you plan on getting a lawyer – and any real lawyer will tell you to cease harassing the company you intend to sue – you will GET nothing.

    In addition you must have missed the part in the Terms of Service which defined how long the Grid had to be wholly inaccessible – meaning Dearie that no one can even log in and is told as much via log in failure dialog – before they will compensate anyone at all.

    I may not be able to speak for everyone but I can say that – for myself and my friends – your inane blathering really has gone on long enough: It is now time to either attack Linden Lab in court or to simply slink away.

    I highly doubt you are the type to do either however – people like you are rarely ever the sort to do anything at all aside from lodge useless, meaningless and inane complaints.

  86. Dana Vanmoer says:

    I agree jeremy does a wonderful job and its a shame that has to be overshadowed.
    Unfortunately there is a lot of anger directed towards any Linden that posts simply because there is no-where else to post it.
    There is nothing like frustrated people feeling like that have no right to comment about grid problems and feeling like they are not being listened too.
    I can understand Linden Lab wanting to move the grid status – honestly I can – and having it in one place is also a great idea. BUT why remove the ability to comment? most people get the true status of the grid from the residents comments NOT from the ubiquitous [RESOLVED] posts.
    Katt speaks of keeping communications open but then immediately closed the one place there was two way communication!
    The anger is justified fully as is the frustration, it is a simple check box to allow comments, as katt previously said she was looking into.
    It makes it hard to believe anything she says if this simple thing is not done.
    I will not comment on grid status or the current problems and rarely do, BUT people need an outlet and they also need to see the real status according to residents NOT Lindens [RESOLVED] over and over again because although they consider something resolved that is not always the case.
    A Communications officer that has now closed the ONLY two way communication? Sorry that is not good enough and I hope Katt is reading this and realises how disappointed a lot of people are.
    Its great to see Lindens answering in the blogs, but they are not answering where they are needed which is grid status and inworld problems.

  87. U M says:

    @ 87 Ms. Faulds, for the umpteenth time: You are owed absolutely nothing. You took a risk, a gamble on Linden Lab’s creation…

    LL (tm c r etc puke) banned gambling. They are now just stealings by not giving peoples the respect and refunded they are to be deserving of. You will kindly notice that —NO— ____ Lindens are ever to be responding to the peoples on this. They put on their lipstick and glosses over the mess, pick and choose what they will say to who, and ingore the complainters.

    So, it’s not longer a gamble. Its just theft.


  88. Medesever Criss says:

    I wish sidewinder would take one one of these projects.. he is the only linden who truly communicates.

  89. Sorry U M – no, wrong false.

    You and others gambled when you decided to put money into Second Life. The in world gambling ban has no relevance to that fact whatsoever.

    Kindly remove yourself from the delusional world you live in – no one is currently entitled to a refund, that is unless you’d like to take another gamble and take Linden Lab to court.

    If you do I hope you have a good lawyer as currently you’d not be owed a single penny if even one user was able to log into the Grid for even a minute.

    I really do marvel at the way people have seemingly changed over the years concerning an investment. Take a page out of the book of those that came before you: If your investment pans out – it is good. If it flops? Get on with your life and learn from your mistake. No one is entitled to a refund on an investment – want proof? Try that crap on Wall Street. Put some money into a stock and try to get it back if the company goes bankrupt.

    You’ll be laughed at.

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  91. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    @92: In this case, I have to agree with UM (for once). Your Wall Street analogy doesn’t fit here, since we are not only talking investments but also service contracts.

    A phone sales / telemarketing business doesn’t invest in a phone company. An online shop doesn’t invest in their ISP, nor do they invest in the delivery service they hire. They merely pay for a service, and if that service is not being delivered, it’s not just an investment that doesn’t pay out but a contract violation.

    I have a service contract with my ISP, with my phone company, my electricity supplier… and with Linden Lab, my metaverse / 3D web provider. The conditions of this contract are simple: I pay my tier and get “land” in return, land that I can open to the public, whereupon every Second Life user can access my land. Every part of the TOS that excuses LL from fulfilling this contract is null and void in court, in every country where consumer rights are legally protected, such as the USA.

    I agree that my overall costs (in time and money) for buying land, building a shop, creating content and advertising are an investment that might pay out or not. But it’s two entirely different things if no one is interested in my wares or if no one can access my shop because the service that I pay for is unavailable. It’s two different things if my advertisements fail to draw attention or if no one can see them because the grid is down. It’s two different things if people walk through my shop and don’t see anything they want, or if they don’t dare to buy anything because transactions are known to fail and inventory is known to disappear.

    Of course we can all understand a certain amount of downtime for maintenance, occasional outages, so-called “acts of god” – but everything has a limit. If unexpected downtimes occur on a regular basis and service deficiencies (i.e. bugs) are never resolved, we clearly don’t receive the service we pay for. And in every civilized country, customers who don’t receive what they paid for are entitled to get a refund.

  92. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    On topic: It’s great that we can finally display websites on a prim. But only one URL per parcel? Come on, you can do better 🙂 Many shop owners are dreaming of HTML vendor displays in multiple languages, without having to split their land into countless tiny parcels. If realXtend can do that (with your open source viewer), you can too.

  93. U M says:

    @94 Ah yes you are the enlightened one today . it seemingly escaping poor Universal Infinity’s mind that we are not just payings for a gamble, but a contract for thems to be providing the services, and as of right now, they , being the LL’s (tm c r etc etc), are failure to do so.

  94. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Some feedback on the display of web pages: The built-in browser seems to have problems with PHP-generated websites such as SLExchange. I’d like a prim in my shop to link to my wares on SLExchange, so that customers are able to send non-transferable items as a gift.

    Here’s the URL (changed so it doesn’t display any adult content):
    The inworld browser displays neither the header nor the footer, making it impossible to log in and buy something.

  95. Donna says:

    @ 88, Dana. You have a Valid point, but there are so many ways to get heard other than negative and annoying rants on the Blog Posts, and by the way I do think Constructive Criticism is good, I am glad she moved the Status page because last night WordPress went down and the Blog went down because of that, so where would we be able to find out the Grid Status if she hadn’t had it moved? We couldn’t find it on the Blog because it was down. And people can attend Office Hours too, that’s a great way to speak to Lindens. Course people are going to be annoyed, but Jatt is here to help and trying to communicate with us and her team mates at the Lab, and all some people do is tell her how crap she is and what a bad job she is doing, how can she do her job properly when people wont give her a chance? Also it is just a tick box to allow comments on the Status Reports, but she isn’t the one who always posts the status reports and I’m sure she has to run it past other staff before she allows comments there.

    We have a great reason to be pissed off, but we also need to allow Katt to do her job, and give the Lindens a chance. And I know that is going to be hard to do, but you know a few years ago the Grid was so much more Unstable, and if you look at the Blog postings back then, it was rare to see a bad comment.
    After all, although it brings allot of Frustration, Second Life also brings us allot of good too, that’s why we keep using it, right?

    *hugs all*

  96. Renee Faulds says:

    This is a quote from:

    ” The Marketplace

    Make real money in a virtual world. That’s right, real money.
    Here’s how it works:

    * The Second Life world has a fully-integrated economy architected to reward risk, innovation, and craftsmanship.

    * Residents create their own virtual goods and services. Because residents retain the IP rights of their creations, they are able to sell them at various in-world venues.

    * Businesses succeed by the ingenuity, artistic ability, entrepreneurial acumen, and good reputation of their owners.

    * Residents who have amassed lots of Linden™ dollars are matched with residents who want to buy Linden dollars at the LindeX™ exchange (our official Linden dollar exchange), or at other unaffiliated third-party exchanges.

    * The Second Life real estate market provides opportunities for Residents to establish their own communities and business locations. See Land Pricing & Use Fees for details.

  97. DMW says:

    Most can only attend office hours if A] they know about them (and believe me most don’t) and B] if they are on SLT which btw I am not, but that is besides the point the place people come for information is here and as for giving Katt a chance I think we have and she has cut 2 way communication there is no denying that – it is a fact – residents can no longer say that a problem is NOT resolved, except the tiresome submit a ticket. We cannot check to see if others are having similar problems and the grid staus page, as with the blog, is always a long way behind what residents experience.
    Usually we know or report a problem long before the Lindens acknowledge it as a problem.
    Forewarned is forearmed
    Cutting communications is not the way to be a communications officer. I am glad to see so many Lindens responding to on topic blog posts. I am glad to see Katt around, the problem though is still the same until there is two way communication on grid issues then good posts like jeremys here will be lost in the flood of outrage and I feel bad for any Lindens that dares to post here right now.

  98. Mariposa Rayna says:

    Speaking of communications, basic members like me(who don’t pay linden labs money every month) don’t get to submit a ticket…what is up with that, are we unworthy of making reports or submitting our SL issues?

  99. Donna says:

    @ 100. Maybe if people tried looking for ways to contact Lindens other than the blog, they would be able to do so. Open your eyes! There is a link to a list of Office Hours right here on this page! OPh and by the way, there’s Lindens in Remote Locations all over the World and so there are UK Friendly meetings too, if you wanted to communicate so much you would find a way to do so.

    So here’s a few ways to contact Lindens;
    Office Hours
    Support Portal
    Phone Support
    Email them Direct
    Blog Comments (On relevant Topics)
    Live Chat (Premium Users)
    Random User Surveys on Login

    This is not enough? Some people are just never satisfied… Oh an by the way, Lindens are not going to come to you, and I am sure they are not going to be ready to jump at your feet when you are posting rude and negative comments on their blog postings.

  100. Henri DeCuir says:

    But Jeremy, when will we get instructions on how to put Fox News on our land?

    [ sorry, a little late on that joke, but I’m pretty sure you were baiting us for it. 😉 ]

  101. U M says:

    Again the “U M” is a fake…..Ingore the childlish Fake stupid blog games kid. Sooner or later they band this no life kid The sooner the better…………..Everyone should be worried about this issues because anyone can have their named faked on this Blog………that Fake U M is Not U sagi Musashi Is a troll thats is trying to cause as much problems for everyone on this BLOG look at the small sign to the right and you see they do not match…..Ingore this troll and sooner of later he will go back to his school work and stop playing Stupid Childish Blog games……………..
    Usagi Musahi

  102. U M says:

    Its the people that are scared to post their own names and ****** that fakes that needed to play these stupid Blog games. Anyone that Knows U sagi Musashi Knows she hows she post and where she does`t that Fake IUM seems to be in Torey Lindens blog posting and starting problems there as well. This same fake U M seems to think he is smarter then al of us by playing these stupid Blog trick. But little Does he know LL knows who people are withthe IP sign that ( little graphic to the right) doesnt change its stays the same…..

    To you you troll, if you really need to protedct yourself by posting under another Users name here maybe you better off stopping playing on sl and start with rl. Because people like you relaly don`t belong on this blog or this game. Crying and ****** is for the people that have no control in their rl and needs to cause harm for others all around them. No be a good little boy………

    U sagi Musashi

  103. Xe Oh says:

    @ many, I know i’ll probably get flamed for saying this. And I do know that everyone needs a place to vent. I have some venting to do myself and I wish there was a more appropriate place to vent about issues that were about problems in-world. But, along comes ant interesting article called:

    Knowledge Base Article of the Week #25: Liberal Media (On A Parcel)
    Friday, May 9th, 2008 at 10:18 AM by: Jeremy Linden

    And what do we get? A few posting on-topic from people that are interested in the topic, interrupted buy pissing contests that leave no room for further discussion about the topic.

    No wonder most people that started on-topic have abbondened this entire post.

    In contrast, I do agree that there needs to be a place to bitch and moan, and I’d like to see the Lindens create a place for off topic issues. But please people, as a community can’t we just try and stay on-topic?


  104. I hate to break it to you Ishtara but unless you plan on taking Linden Lab to court and hiring a competent lawyer … You’re not going to see any kind of refund or reimbursement.

    Currently what you are paying for is access to the Grid – even if it is for ten minutes. Your ‘service contract’ IS the Terms of Service and quite frankly I’ve seen very little contained within it that says they are supposed to give you anything more than Grid Access in a reliable way.

    Unfortunately my Wall Street analogy is spot on when it comes to the Linden Dollar. To see any real returns, you must amass quite a hefty sum indeed! L$6000 will currently equate out to a paltry $21.06. That is, quite frankly, not enough to justify an investment – for that is really what your payments and Linden Dollar purchases are – of a thousand or more dollars.

    Is any of this fair? Nope – it isn’t. Neither is Life.

    In the time that I have been watching all of this Second Life craze I have been reading as much as I can on the workings of this program. I only recently created an actual account in more recent months. Frankly I’ve come to view these continual issues Linden Lab is having as ‘growing pains’ of a sort most commonly seen in a server system or a program that has gotten quite out of line with its original parameters and is now slowly being altered to fit its new task.

    I have adopted the view that, should a user feel that they cannot handle waiting for this process to complete …. They are out of luck if they wish to do more than simply leave.

    If you wish to be in this for the long haul, I suggest you actually understand the bloody system before you decide to go on some sort of ‘pity me, I want my money back’ tirade.

    Renee – just exactly what relevance to anything at all does that quote from the web page have?

    None? I thought so. Gotten a lawyer and filed a case yet?

  105. U M says:

    Remeber some one has taken LL to court? Don`t insult people without really having repect for otehr peoples concerns.

  106. Over an account being locked up and access to their funds revoked U M. This is quite different.

    Don’t respond to a comment unless you can actually understand what is being said.

  107. U M says:

    pardon me but……this not even topic metter on this thread.Sorry But Your account became locked by LL then you have to take it up with them, and not onthe blog. Nobody like to have this happen but they do clear up those matter, I understand this myself and had the matter taken care of and it was fixed in a matter of a few hours. Again I sorry to hear that you had problems..

  108. Key says:

    Wow…I came here looking for media info and all I got was a bunch of people ranting and raving linden this linden that. If the GAME is that hard to deal with and you have SO many problems then why are you still playing it. I have been a SL player for years and to be honest I haven’t had THAT many problems. I own a successful shop I build and it’s like being logged out cause something needs fixed etc ISN’T THE END OF THE WORLD. Go outside and live in the rl world for god sake maybe then you will realize this is just a GAME not the end all and be all of your universe. /me takes a deep breath. A little prospective people..and another thing not every linden has the almighty power of SL god. I find it appalling that grown up like yourself think its okay to be so rude to someone cause of their last names. Maybe ya’ll should head on down to the teen grid where immaturity is acceptable. Stop clogging up blogs/forums etc with your childish ranting about your Slives being destroyed cause omg you cant log in!

  109. U M says:

    Key correct, why even be here if they dion`t like it? gesh its a game, its business but OMG you can always turn on rl right?

  110. Sonja says:

    Hi all, i rarely comment on the blog (mainly cause its a waste of time) but after reading some comments here i thought, what the hell.

    @Universal… some ways you are right that with the TOS written the way it is, a court case would be hard to win, however not impossible due to the advertising, as stated by Renee, that LL does. This advertising is a blatently misleading, how can any business owner even if he has created content and has a shop etc., make any money if only 1 person is online for all be it 1 min……..hmm think about it. Oh btw I do have legal knowledge and i could elaberate on this further but it would take up to much space, surfice to say in any court her in europe a person would have a very good case, how things stand in the US i can’t comment.

    To the communication situation on this blog or anywhere else for that matter, just take a look at the blog answers that come from LL staff ( in this blog we have some to look at)………..hmm i would say sarcastic, none helpful and a little rude………would be some of the words to some them up ;)…….oh yes helpful answers from them——-pls look at status report page………..lmao what help is that…………that the grid is f..ked again we know already because we can’t log on, can’t rezz stuff, etc etc . Only a few at LL care about what the sl citizens think………look back at previous posts it is easy to see who (Sidewinder) 🙂

    Oh and @ Renee……did i read your post right you pay 54000 $ in tier a month…..are we talking US dollars or Linden dollars………..just interested because if thats US dollars then well i’d loved to know how you made a living from sl because to get a return on that sort of investment each month takes some doing…………if you do then hats off, unless your name is chung 😉

    Ok sorry for all the off topic stuff lol but was bored so thought i would comment, no one here takes any notice of this anyway 🙂

    Oh and on topic……..lets all break the law and stream stuff that has copyrights 😉

  111. Jeremy Linden says:

    I certainly hope I haven’t offended anyone with my responses! When I provide directions to another source of information instead of answering an off-topic question myself, it’s because I genuinely think you will get a better answer to your question there. We Lindens haven’t achieved collective consciousness yet, but I’ll be sure to add it as a feature request for our internal tools 🙂

    In the meantime, if you want to know anything about the Knowledge Base, Jon, Kate and I are your Lindens!

  112. Sonja says:

    Hi Jeremy…first of thx for the answer …..pleasantly suprised 🙂

    However to take up your point….. if people get pointed to other sources of information to get answers then they should be at least pointed to somewhere where they can get an answer……hmmm……STATUS PAGE……really get serious……..most sl citizens know whats happened before it turns up in there…….and the answers that come……[RESOLVED] bla bla……ok i know using this is an obvious gripe however jeremy show me one place on here where citizens of sl get an answer to their moans, groans, bellyaches or whatever. Take a long look if you find this place i stand corrected……oh and before you say JIRA……well alot of people can’t use it because its to complicated and others don’t bother anymore because nothing happens……..oh and if we look at it properly never really gets used by LL either…………….just take a look at the numbers of unanswered or unresolved entries. OK support i here you say………..well as the majority of sl residents are BASIC ACCOUNTS….hmm i ask myself how do they get at support. Oh we have the knowledge base very true but again most residents won’t use it……..takes to much time and to complicated (take a survey ask reisdents if they us it and why they don’t). Oh most of the stuff in there isn’t from LL anyway…..its from the talented people who live and work in SL (does make one think).

    Fazit….COMMUNICATION=2 way talk using the easiest method for both parties :)…….not we write something and then stick our heads in the sand and hope they (we residents) go away.

    Most residents help themsleves by asking fellow residents in world how to solve things or how to get round problems etc…… communication is still alive 😉

    I do seem to remember a blog somewhere talking about…….COMMUNICATIONS 😉 not so long ago either.

    Oh and sorry this is off topic again…………..but i couldn’t find anywhere to write this 🙂

    Sorry Jeremy i don’t mean to insult or gripe at you personally but you had the courage to answer………..hats of for that 🙂 but as a member of LL staff you have to take the good with the bad.

  113. Xero Escape says:

    “We Lindens haven’t achieved collective consciousness yet” hahahaha…. now that’s just too funny!

    Anyway, although I agree with much of the frustration on display (certainly not the infantile manner in which it’s being expressed by some), I have to say, that I keep coming back. I look forward to the new user guide as I’m still learning. As Mike expressed, a user guide would be beneficial to all those who, even on Fridays, appreciate the platform which, ironically enough, everyone keeps coming back to (hmmm, I’m of the mind that if something caused such great distress for me that I would have to lash out against people who provide a service, not a perfect service but better than most, I would just have to go do something else but then again, that’s me). What might also be nice are more advance tutorials on scripting, building, texturing, etc. There are a lot of sources out there, sure, but why not get those right here. Anyway, just wanted to post a comment…. take care Linden Labs… see you inside that world we call SL, flawed as it is.

  114. Taff Nouvelle says:

    asset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactions
    asset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactions
    asset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)
    Aseet server is having problems do not carry out transactionsasset server problem(resolved)

  115. Taff Nouvelle says:

    WHY dont you just take the grid down for as long as it takes tO FIX THE PROBLEMS.
    A week of repairs and refit to give us a stable platform instead of 7 weeks of instability, that would be a good way to do things.

  116. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Awaiting moderation eh? Go ahead and take it off, I don’t give a damn.

  117. …. U M, the court case you mentioned was over someone havign their account locked out – that was not myself stating a problem.

  118. U M says:

    No Jeremy Linden you havent, every little bit helps. specially in this time when there are so many problems. Thank you

  119. Markus says:

    Is the company ever going public?

    If so I’ve got ten bucks it goes down faster than

    Even the Geico cavemen couldn’t do Sl…

  120. U M says:

    All this bashing is pretty silly since they don`t even reply to you…..and for your information that law suit LL had awhile bad resulted in him getting back part of this investment from LL…..

    Anyways Nobody is forcing anyone to invest money on sl. Its their own will to do so. If one doesnt liek it here on sl anymore then just turn on rl and get away. Is SL your only menas of communctions with the outside world? If it is they i am wrong for losting this. But if its not then OMG isint rl far more rewarding to being then sl during those bad times on sl?

  121. LAG LOVER says:





    I Think LL sending thoes Notice is the Reason why LESS AND LESS $ is being spend on this game

  123. ….. U M, I am well aware of the rather moronic ruling in the Bragg v Linden Case. Kindly do me – and yourself – a favor and don’t bother responding anymore.

    Information one already has does not need to be stated – especially when it was not asked for.

  124. U M says:

    hummmmmm………..age? what 12 yewars old are you? Are you age checked on sl to play here?

  125. U M says:

    Loves the blog troll. But this one seems to be one that attacks in this useual childish and know all ways……….

  126. U M:

    One: My age is none of your concern though I will tell you I am old enough to be here.

    Two: Nope – no attacks yet.

    Are you done with the normal and rather useless attempts to rationalize away the normal Second Life user’s need to be obtuse and not follow common sense?

  127. U M says:


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