Video Tutorials list simplified! And *20* video quick tips!

Friendly greetings! Torley, enthusiastic teacher of Second Life skills here. For your ease-of-use, I’ve reorganized the big page o’ Video Tutorials so you can faster find what you want to learn. One of the new features is that when you view the lists for “Tip of the Week” (30+ of ’em) and “Quicktips” (75+!), columns can be sorted by category! Also, I’ll be updating the main page regularly to show highlights from my most recent videos. Experience for yourself.

In addition, I’m continually working on longer-term plans for easier searching of vidtuts, including getting more of them in our Knowledge Base and plugging them in other places as-needed; it’s good to have lots of knowledge, but even better to be able to find it. ๐Ÿ™‚

With that being said, it’s only fair I share 20 more quick tips with you! Filmed in Second Life 1.20 Release Candidate, most of these have been suggested by some of you (thank-you!), and they’re a delicious assortment of hints ‘n’ tricks that you’ll learn something new & useful from! As I like to advertise,

“Short on time? Quicktips deliver your knowledge in 2 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

Food for your Second Life:


Add a webpage to your profile

Do this to add extra info or a splash of fun to your existing profile, which is useful for showing others who you are.

Change text and effect colors

Want to change the hue of those dots that come out of your hand when you select stuff? Here’s the ticket, and you can customize chat text tones too!

Click actions make using stuff easier

CLICK ACTIONS ROCK. If you’re not using them, YOU MUST. Why am I TYPING IN ALL CAPS? Watch and find out!


Get high in the sky instantly

Sitting on a cube and repositioning it is a practical, more controlled alternative to flying manually.

Make flexible objects

Once a glorious new feature, now the basis of hair, skirts, and more wonderful creations! Learn how to make flexiprims from scratch.

Make local light objects

Lights can โ€” well, light up a scene! But remember, there can only be 6 lights onscreen at once! I explain why this is, and wear your facelights wisely.

Open a box

A basic skill everyone needs to know! Once you buy something, you often have to unpack it. It’s straightforward once you know how, and here’s how.

Prim and mesh hair differences

Another goodie for newcomers: do you know how to tell which is which and why it matters? Watch and see!

Rebake textures to fix clothing glitches

One of my favorite unfavorite workarounds. Someday, improved texture compositing will (I hope) remedy these glitches, but until then, here’s a tip that’s been passed on and on.

Redock tabs to clear clutter

A simple click helps you clean your screen of stray windows.

Save textures to disk

I used to get asked this question a lot: whether you want to back up some textures or edit them for reuploading, I show you what you should know.

Save your avatar’s outfit

I’m famed for my wide variety of avatars! How do I do it? Each one is an “outfit” within a folder which can be switched in seconds. Stay organized and express yourself!

Sell Original, Copy, or Contents?

If you sell stuff, you MUST know the difference between these. Choosing “Contents” removes the extra steps for unpacking boxes (see above). Make things easy for your customers and they’ll love ya!

Show who’s chatting around you

Another button that isn’t so obvious: click the “< <” in Local Chat or a group IM, and presto, a list of speakers. Good if you find camera controls awkward to gawk at nametags.

Skip popups after reinstalling

Popups โ€” when you don’t wanna see ’em โ€” are annoying! Dismiss them with a single click and continue forth. Conversely, you can show all of them again, in case you missed any before.

Sort columns for easier selection

Tired of voice chatters in Active Participants shuffling around faster than you can click? You can click columns in this window, and others too!

Take a snapshot

Second Life photography is thriving. It all begins by pressing down a special key, which doesn’t play a melody… but will save a snapshot to disk! Also see my AWESOME GUIDE TO HIGH-QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY… with, you guessed it, video tutorials!

Texture shortcuts

After you’ve applied 1000s of textures as I have, you’ll be keen to expedite the process.

The 1-prim barstool trick

Primfficiency, building wisely by economizing # of prims while maximizing visual results, has evolved greatly (to sculpties!). The 1-prim barstool trick is fun if you’ve never built before. Torley-bot guides you.

Use Inventory filters

Filters help you narrow down searches and temporarily hide clutter. They’re also (sadly) a cause of perceived (not actual) inventory loss, so make sure to reset them as I demonstrate!

I know, I know, you’ve made it all the way here… and you want to make a comment, right? Thanx in advance for your awesome ideas, because I eat ’em up like a galaxy of Pac-People munches power-pills… and give you more video tutorials!!!!

Aw !@#$! NOT ME TOO!!!


Torley Linden
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63 Responses to Video Tutorials list simplified! And *20* video quick tips!

  1. Razrcut Brooks says:

    The one prim barstool trick was my fave. Thanks !

  2. Thanks for the tutorials, Torley! Maybe another one on scripting?

  3. Welleran Kanto says:

    Torley, you are awesome. Keep up the great, and amusing, video tutorials. Nice and short, lively and fun. Love ’em.

  4. Is there a place to see these videos inworld?

  5. Adora Galthie says:

    You hot man… I love you ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Torley,

    Could you do a video on the Advanced (formerly Debug) menu features? I don’t know what many of them are or what their functions are. I am scared to touch some of them. So I don’t touch any of them. But I am sure that most of them are quite useful!

    (Aye yie yie, did that make sense?)


  7. Gumby Roffo says:

    Excellent Cheers Torley. I have been stuck at the particle lab since that beauty! :-P.. Now waiting on Bender for bubs!

    Keep up the good work

  8. U M says:

    Please quit postings of these uselessness blogs until they are to be bringing back tecknickle blogs to here so we dont have to keep the searching of them for ever and ever.

    Listen to the people! no new stuff. Just fix stuff !

  9. Sean Heying says:

    Thanks Torley… pity that Newbs no longer know about your tutorials as the front page of the Second Life Client ™ only shows the faults now.

    I am sure that more people would benefit from your work if the two blogs were combined.

    Katt really should admit she made a mistake and merge them again, seeing just failures on the front page makes SL look bad, especially if we hit a speedbump.

  10. Scree Raymaker says:

    U M: You can find the technical (notice the correct spelling) blog at . Torley’s blog posts are useful, as they teach you about things in the client and inworld.

    SuezanneC Baskerville: You can find Torel’s inworld office, where you can watch the tutorials, at

  11. AWM Mars says:

    @4 We are creating a series of Orientation Movies for the OpenSim platforms, which we will also be streaming into SL. Atm they are being tested by a Deaf organisation.

    We plan to have them in different languages as well.

    I can tell you that it is not easy to make these style of movies and Torley does a great job. I have been emailing Torley about offering to Post produce his media and host/stream it into SL for everyone to enjoy. We have to keep things on the right side of copyright.

  12. Sean Heying says:

    Scree, one should not presume to overly correct those from foreign countries, especially non-native English speakers such as Usagi. There is no need to be a grammar Nazi on this blog.

  13. Verdana Klaar says:

    Playful and intelligent, thx Torley ๐Ÿ™‚

    @8: U.M said : “Please quit postings of these uselessness blogs [etc]”

    So then why are you constantly posting in here then ? Rebel without a cause ?

  14. Linda Brynner says:

    I would suggest to place a clear link on the opening page of SL’s website.
    For newbies SL is really really difficult grasp.
    The video tutorials would help fantastic !

  15. Pepper Haas says:

    So is this what Dazzle looks like? Gaa that’s ugly. Please please please do not ever force us to download that ugly, nasty GUI and fire whoever thought of it. The background colors are terrible and the text is hard to read. There is absolutely NO reason to change the GUI, and these tutorials show us all just how bad an idea it was to uglify SL like that.

  16. Linda Brynner says:

    Ohh and agreed.

    PLEASE NO DAZZLE…. please…. please…. please….

    You know what I’m talking about ! LOL

    Okay, okay – really – thanks, though these are sweet!!

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  19. U M says:

    @10 You speakings the ways you wish to, I will do mines. It still making no cents to putting this uselessness in the blogs when there are many many issues that them could report on liek why stuff is brokened all the time, and why my scripted toilet no longer works and makes the poops fly to the sky.

    Put the notices on what isnt working back in here, and stop with this madness useless stuff.

  20. Wyrdwolf says:

    These Tutorials are exceptional value, not just for the new residents, but for the older hands to brush up on oft forgotten skills. I always learn, or re-learn something when i watch them.
    Its nice to see SOMETHING working consistantly in Second life at the moment!
    Thanks Torley.

  21. Youri Ashton says:

    off topic: Lindens, your asset server is borked again. i can not return my items, can not do much at all even:

    [6:12] Asset server didn’t respond in a timely fashion. Object returned to sim.

    please fix :p

  22. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @ 19 U M Says:
    “and why my scripted toilet no longer works and makes the poops fly to the sky.”

    I think I wet myself. This quote is what makes reading these blogs worth it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Second Life… where your poops fly to the sky”


  23. Joker Opus says:

    Nice and organized page now, good job torley!

  24. Joker Opus says:

    Just a suggestion…
    I think that the wiki page for your videos should be displayed in the Help menu on the SecondLife client. Maybe it would be useful for those who have just started SL and need easy access to them?

  25. Hiroaki says:

    These videos actually takes off our burden of teaching to new players.

  26. Scree Raymaker says:

    U M, I can’t be bothered arguing on why you’re wrong. I’ve got better things I could be doing with my time.

  27. I think having a very easy to find (for newbies) page of newbie tips, including some of Torley’s video tuts would be very good and would go a long way towards helping reduce the steep learning curve for getting going in SL.

  28. Tater Todd says:

    Nice work, thanks Torley. As Hiroaki said these are extremely useful when working with our newer residents.

  29. Mallory says:

    Ooooh, I see my “Drifting off…” items you got (when selecting the 2 days). Would be nice to get feedback on it by pro. Or is that too much to ask of you Torley? ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. KellyM Watkins says:

    Yay! Torley ๐Ÿ˜€

    What were you smokiing/drinking in some of these vids? ๐Ÿ˜† Can I have some ๐Ÿ˜€

    Cool vids as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    You get my Thank You Bear I sent? ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Dark Princess says:

    Great work Torely, I can’t wait to get home and watch a few of them! Keep up the great work!

  32. Welleran Kanto says:

    “There is no need to be a grammar Nazi on this blog.” Maybe not, but there is ALWAYS a good reason to spell properly. Pointing it out in a nicer way might be good, but I find people take it very personally, as if it’s a criticism of them, personally.

    Misspelled words are like buggy code. At best,they slow down reading. At worst, the reader just gives up and stops reading what you have to say. If none of that convinces you, consider that if you want anyone to find your words, via a search, they will be searching for the correct spelling.

  33. T B says:

    U M Says: “@10 You speakings the ways you wish to, I will do mines. It still making no cents to putting this uselessness in the blogs when there are many many issues that them could report on liek why stuff is brokened all the time, and why my scripted toilet no longer works and makes the poops fly to the sky.
    Put the notices on what isnt working back in here, and stop with this madness useless stuff.”
    New medication today Usagi? Dose seems a little high, now you are incoherent as well as usual problems, just because you don’t like Torleys work doesn’t mean you can abuse his workmanship, he’sone of the best Lindens we got, and doesn’t need “poo” from you!
    On a sidenote any chance this can get posted at the FrontDoor blog as well as the BackDoor blog? I missed heaps of stuff like Land store & Bay city opening because I don’t see it unless I come looking for it here.

  34. yamamotokansuke says:

    Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Lance Corrimal says:

    thank you SO MUCH for changing the layout and structure of the page. i had such a nice little shell script that would grab the source of the wiki page, convert it into a playlist file for my @home TV, and notify me if there were new entries…

    /me grumbles.

  36. Saii says:

    I agree with Kalderi Tomsen (27) to make these video’s easily available… like on a direct link when you get presented the ‘house-rules’ when you login the first time as a new resident.

    And some tips on what you can do and how to earn money, because at the infohubs and welcome area’s thats question #1 for most newbies.

  37. Nick Sumbula says:

    Always a pleasure Torley.

  38. la le lu says:

    friday and i can’t login. no detailed information, just the schematic ‘asset storage’ problem. no other place to comment it. but this really sucks. tell us whats wrong now. network again? what is it???

  39. Waster S. says:

    How about some tutorials when your loosing inventory, or endup with your hair on your behind.

    all the features cool and nice, but what i realy want to know is how to work around all the problems.

    Like, Teleports failing, missing inventory, what todo if a sim is down, or when you endup with attachments on your behind. or even what todo when you being attacked by griefers. generaly all the things that wants to put my head in a meat grinder finding the solution

  40. linnie says:

    Hi Torely, great tutorials, now if you just could make one for your fellow Lindens… “How to fix the asset server permanent” ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. The Perfect Solution says:

    for those complaining each and every week and rehashing what is already known, here is the solution you asked for:

    Step 1: Close the Client
    Step 2: Cancel your account
    Step 3: Uninstall Second Life
    Step 4: Reformat your Hard Disk/Delete your Operating System

    There you have it – no more problems with Second Life! No more problems with anything dealing with your computer anymore for that matter and best of all, you are no longer proving that common sense and rational thought have left the human species.

  42. mvlxv says:

    monkeys go oo!

  43. Arthurzin Vultee says:

    no coments hehe only questions about where is the high qualit version link download >:((((((?

  44. Ree Indigo says:

    @42 Wait, wait, hold on. You forgot ONE STEP.

    Step 3ยฝ: Sue LL for a refund of the money spent on what was supposed to be a stable platform to conduct business upon. Bring in people who do beta testing for other services to testify how LL’s “final release” is buggier all the way around than the stuff that gets kicked back to the developers in an ordinary professional environment. Bring in network admins from various enterprises to explain how in the real world PEOPLE GET FIRED when “unexpected outages” happen.

    @ Ari Blackthorneโ„ขยฎยฉยถ
    Where’s the biting negativity I’ve come to know and love from you? It’s been two, maybe three posts since I’ve agreed with you.

    @ Torley Freakin Linden

  45. Saii says:

    Common sense and rational thought… Those two hardly ever go hand in hand. Specially not on forums, lol.

  46. The Perfect Solution says:

    No Ree – that comes as part of the multi-step process heralding the total and complete belief in a fantasy world where everything is perfect and private corporations do not exist.

    You agreed to their terms of Service and quite frankly even if some court did award you or anyone else a refund … You would not deserve it.

    No one who spent over ten dollars a month in Second Life deserves a refund: You took a gamble with a company and program that you should have known would have serious issues … and now you choose to wake up? Add to that, instead of following common sense and getting out you choose to justify your lack of rational thought and proper research by adopting an attitude and thought process where you act as if you are somehow entitled to a refund?

    Give me a break and get real. You took a gamble and by all accounts – lost.

    Suck it up and move on like the rest of the world.

  47. Wynochee LeShelle says:


    Are you the type of people, wich are throwing houses, apartments cars, guitars, computers, handies, HiFi components or more virtual things like school training, your marriage, your academic training or whatever you payed for or whatever you rent/lease or putting energy in, just into “trashcan”, instead of trying to order some customer service or some further developement into better directions. If my mercedes or porsche or audi or even ferrari is messed up by technical faults, I go – usualy – to some service stations or I stand on the matt of the company yelling: “fix that!” Since we are down from the trees, we people on this planet are comfort seekers. We produce, build, buy, rent maybe things wich we don’t need for survive, but we do. You, me, all. We are all in customer-company relations or in citizen-government relations all life long. So, if something is wrong, we can express what we like to have in better shape for our efforts and money and that we have to, or not? Sure, we can leave that thing if it delivers not the values wich we expect for our money, especialy if some and maybe better alternatives will appear (wich are on their way) – but: so far we are seeing and experience some values here and so far we pay for that, we have any right at any place to express our needs while the hands of the company are grabbing valuta out of our pockets. That to read helps also investors to decide, if they want to join the company or not…So, our complainings are very helpful: they create investor decisions in the one or the other direction… – also they’re showing newbies with what they can expect, if they decide to invest here time or money or emotions or everything and also we let the company know, that we can switch the light off by moving away from here, if we don’t receive a working service. They remind us to pay every month – wich is maybe kind of complaining too, from a specific point of view seen and we remind them to deliver some stable service to us in exchange for our money. They delivered a TOS where it is explained, what we have to do and what not and as customers we deliver a kind of “Customer TOS” too, when we complain. It is ever a try, to make them hands and feets and some brain. It may sound bossy, hahaha, but one legitime point of view is also: who pays, is the boss. We pay them, so they should be polite enough to not move options to respond away. Since they did it, we use all possible ways wich are still open and this is, beside that Jira thing, only this blog. Especialy about grid-wide phenomens, where sending a ticket were totaly useless. Or do you expect millions of people sitting in devote buddha-mode, kind of fatalistic, waiting for months and years on the next wise decisions of the holy company?

  48. The Perfect Solution says:

    No wyn – I am a realist. If you have a problem with someone out and out telling you to get real and suck it up … too bad for you.

  49. JohnCarlo Forzane says:

    Very nice work with the Videos, Torley.

    Keep that hard work. Newbies now can learn in 3 days.

  50. Ree Indigo says:

    “The Perfect Solution” is actually suicide. Practice what you preach and quit being a sock puppet for the Lindens.

  51. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Yeah how about you warn us when you take the grid down?

    *thumbs up* Thanks a bunch.

  52. R. H. says:

    What new vids?
    Fields of white w/no audio is an accomplishment?
    Torley, I’m thinking you might look into archiving your multimedia work
    somewhere more reliable than youTube, this is getting to be a constant. New vids inaccessible or the cryptic youTube msg about video “no longer” available….

    be nice if there was an iTunes feed…
    oh yeah, that doesn’t work either…

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  54. The Perfect Solution says:

    Ree … “Practice what you preach”? Pardon me if I tell you that, in the light of my explaining to you just exactly what my viewpoint is and where it comes from, you saying such a thing makes no sense whatsoever.

    Let me make something rather clear for you however: When someone slaps you in the face with the reality of ‘investing’ or otherwise dumping more than you should have into Second Life … They are being anything BUT a ‘sock puppet’.

  55. U M says:

    Torley Linden, there seems to be a fake person pretending to be me insulting and causing problems using “U M” and write me name as well inthe blog…..Please if you can IM me inworld to stop this problem. If you check the little graphic and IP you will see where this little child is coming from. U sagi M usahi

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  57. Buck says:

    So THAT’S why some objects show a chair, or money, or other things, when you hover your pointer over them!! I am enlightened… thanks, Torley!

    @19: “You speakings the ways you wish to, I will do mines. It still making no cents to putting this uselessness in the blogs when there are many many issues that them could report on liek why stuff is brokened all the time,…”

    Nice use of lolspeak! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Maybe “time” should be “tiem.”)

    (For those who wonder, as I did, what lolcat/lolspeak is, try Wikipedia.) Okthxbai

  58. Very Keynes says:

    Ok Guys,

    This is getting to be beyond a joke.

    First you do nothing about stolen textures costing designers a fortune.
    Then you do nothing about the Skirt Issue so sales drop through the floor, as no one will risk buying clothes that rely on system skirts.
    So the designers quickly revamp their lines with new designs that no longer rely on skirts, only to find they get lost in the asset servers.
    This is now the final straw, I have a line that I have to have out by this afternoon. The artwork is done (thank goodness for offline editors), but yesterday was a disaster trying to make any thing, and today has been worse.
    Finally you post the all clear on the Grid Status page, I log in, try to upload and start getting the same asset server missing errors.
    I have run at a loss for the past few months, thinking I should give you some breathing space, but my capital is drying up and I canโ€™t hit the deadlines for new designs.

    This is no idle treat this time, once the capital is gone I am not renewing my lease and SL will have one less Designer / Builder / Scripter on its books.
    If you have any further ideas of how to destroy your creation and its economy I just hope that M. Linden is a centipede because you are rapidly running out of feet to shoot yourselves in.

  59. Linda Brynner says:

    Great work Torley !
    Keep on going. I’ve never learned so much since you post these Tutorials and more and more SL has become an open book to me.
    Great !

  60. coventina dalgleish says:

    This does not matter any longer as the support staff for the game can not maintain it in a professional manner. The support staff by their own performance has demonstrated that they are amateurs always thinking they know what the problem is and not having the experience or knowledge to correct the major flaws in the game. Now the asset and data arrays fail on a daily basis I would wonder when someone will notice that they are losing their business.

  61. Coventina: You have demonstrated with your response that you know very little at all about the systems being used to run Second Life and indeed more than likely know nothing concerning the original intent of the program, the original user load intended for the grid or anything else pertaining to the current problems.

    It truly does amaze me when a user makes the kind of comment you did …. The amazement comes from the apparent lack of information and the drive to actually have enough information to possibly understand how long it is going to take to fix the system without needing to start from square one.

  62. Sharon says:

    Hi, I’d love to see tutorials on building specific objects from scratch, such as plants, flowers, rocks, waterfalls, etc.

  63. Katnipsox says:

    Hi, I purchased an item and I cant open the box. I have some boxes that open like theyre supposed to but some I cant open. They cant be pulled or dropped to the ground they end up on the avatar. I dont see anything in the tutorials on this problem. Im sorry to bother you but can you help me please?

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