New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC6 Available

There is a new Release Candidate available, and a shiny new format for our Downloads page to get it!

A new Second Life 1.20 (RC6) Release Candidate viewer is now available for download from the Test Viewers page (this is the bottom section of the page, not the primary installer in orange at the top of page).

Reminder: Release Candidate viewers are optional viewers that contain the latest round of bug fixes in the upcoming next version of the Second Life viewer. If you have been using the 1.20 (RC5), you will be required to update that installation to this latest version (RC6). But the Release Candidate is always an optional version that you may choose not to use — or better– to have installed side by side on your computer with the main viewer offered on our Downloads page or

In 1.20 (RC6) Release Candidate, we have isolated and resolved the SmartHeap library error message that occurs on exiting Second Life. We’ve also patched the problem of property lines showing through avatars, objects and the ground. Here are the latest notes:

* Changed the descriptor in Group Information window > Notices tab to “14 days” instead of 30
* Removed menu option Advanced > Character > Show Collision Plane
* Property lines are are now hidden behind objects, avatars, terrain, and water by default. When in Build mode, if ‘Tools > Show Hidden Selection’ is enabled, property lines will become visible through objects, etc.

* Fixed: VWR-6389: Runtime Library error after quitting Second Life
* Fixed: VWR-4580: Property lines are visible through avatar, objects and through ground
* Fixed: VWR-6896: Crash when selecting Advanced > Rendering > Info Displays > Lights (and other Info Displays)
* Fixed: VWR-7042: Incorrect tooltip for “Use built-in web browser” option
* Fixed: the spinners are broken in the snapshot UI when upload a snapshot
* Fixed: Create tool’s last 11 shapes are not the proper height (“sphere” looks like an “egg”)
* Fixed: Typographical error in Transfer permissions alert dialog
* Fixed: Crash selecting Edit > Land Owners with Basic Shaders disabled
* Fixed: crash on LLFloaterWorldMap::buildLandmarkIDLists
* Fixed: 3dConnexion device does not default to enabled with 1.20 RC 5
* Fixed: Settings in the Joystick Configuration window reset to defaults on each launch when a SpaceNavigator is connected

Localization Fixes:
* Fixed: XML resizing to repair truncated text in 1.20 localizations

Known Issues:

* As the first release of improved Joystick and 3D input device support, there are minor known issues with camera behavior and/or button-mapping behavior when using the 3dxconnexion SpaceNavigator in a combination of “Flycam” and Build modes.
* IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a known issue in the 1.20 Release Candidate on Macs using Apple’s USB Mighty Mouse and a 3dxconnexion SpaceNavigator. The Mighty Mouse will be erroneously detected as a joystick where the primary mouse button will toggle “Flycam” with unusual behavior. Therefore the support for the 3dxconnexion SpaceNavigator in Second Life does not yet extend to Macs using a USB Mighty Mouse.

We expect this to be the final Release Candidate in the 1.20 viewer series, barring any Showstoppers that you may find. Please of course continue to report any new issues large or small in the Issue Tracker, and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate”.

Thanks to all of you who participate in the RC cycle — posting reproducible steps and system environments, responding to questions, and clarifying and linking — your help to improve the Second Life viewer is greatly appreciated!

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC6 Available

  1. Cold Spitteler says:

    please please please do not restrict access to the grid from when this viewer is released *i wish 1.18 versions were still allowed* but is the last pre-windlight viewer that can still connect

  2. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    *** THIS IS A SHOWSTOPPER *** sry if i use the uppercase, but i think you didn’t have noticed it:

    *** I REPEAT: this is a SERIOUS and known bug by months, you cannot make this the official client.

  3. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    still can’t log in about 768 meters

  4. U M says:

    Looks like the Jira loves have has their say in some of these bug fixes that don`t make sence……….

  5. SpikeTheCat Zapedzki says:

    Lots of kids have been reporting issues with voice from it. And we can’t use the JIRA because we’re TG… They need to fix that issue, along with the camera angles redone. It’s hard to position the camera properly now…

  6. Ramzi Linden says:

    A few more notes I wanted to add:

    1. It seems that the fix to VWR-6896 (crash when selecting Info displays) has also fixed VWR-6970 (a crash on Character display).

    2. We’re continuing to investigate VWR-2778 regarding the skirts/pants issues and VWR-5807 local ruler mode (both of which also exist in viewer 1.19.1), but these problems have proven complex and they have not been solved in the 1.20 viewer.

    3. When this version becomes an official viewer (and not just a Release Candidate) we do not intend to make 1.20 a “mandatory” upgrade from 1.19.1. At that time, you will be able to continue to enjoy Second Life using the 1.19.0 (pre-WindLight) and 1.19.1 viewers.

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  8. Rhode says:

    Some sculpties are still twisted and one still cant scroll in the All search tab window. Plz fix..

  9. Georgie says:

    RC 5 still gave us disappearing skirts. Will be testing for this defect in this version.

  10. Tali Rosca says:

    I just want to get a comment in before all the screaming starts, and say that the latest iterations of the 1.20RCs have been by far the best and most stable clients for a long time for me.

  11. jacek says:

    The new download page is really spiffy-looking, and good thinking with the “What now?” links. A few minor points:

    1. It look me a few minutes of staring at the page to realize that the big orange download image was (1) a link button, not just a background image, and (2) was the link for my platform (Linux). I just kept looking at the “Windows” and “MAC” links, and wondering why there was no “Linux” link! I like to think I’m reasonably intelligent, so maybe there’s some room for usability improvement there. A redundant link, with the text, would be a start.

    2. It would have been nice to get some notice about the download page changing, so we Linux users could update our installer scripts (which try to scan the web page, download the link, and unpack it). Not that you’re obligated, but it would be a considerate thing to do. 🙂

    (I’m sure it must be frustrating that someone will complain no matter how well-intentioned and seemingly harmless the change was, eh? :D)

  12. Takafumi Farina says:

    Any word if the skirt issue is fixed/will be fixed? This is a minor inconvenience. 🙂

  13. TheBlack Box says:

    Please care about Sculptie-Issues !

    VWR-2404 and VWR-3798

    Please, please, please, please, please …..

  14. Tiny Mind says:

    STOP TELLING THEM TO FIX THE DISAPPEARING SKIRTS BUG!!! Sheesh, you want them to ruin ALL the FUN in this game?? So many ignorant SL Newbies on the Grid wearing skirts… so little time. >:)

    Tiny Thoughts.

  15. Your Conscience says:

    @3 Cotytto
    Andrew says he has that bug fixed, and the fix will be implemented when 1.22 version of the server is rolled out.

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  17. Shortdog says:

    Goody, another shiny new toy to play with. I like shin y new toys.

    Nice to know it wasn’t my machine with the K-chonk Smart Heap error.
    Hate having to buy more new memory chips.

    Thank you Linden Labs, keep up the good work.

  18. Angel Nohkan says:

    Just out of sheer curiousity, is it at all possible that the massive memory leaks will be fixed any time soon, that it might actually be possible to stay in second life more than a few hours without second life swallowing any available RAM and virtual memory you may have.

    This has been reported many times, and I’m sure there is a Jira on it somewhere, but again, the leaks are getting worse and worse with each version that is put out.

    Happy with SL, just wishing old time problems could be fixed

  19. paulie Femto says:

    Am I missing the point of the joystick configuration, or is it designed to work only with the 3D Connexion Space Navigator? The joystick setup doesn’t seem to be configurable to work with my NYKO AIRFLO PC gamepad.

    The NYKO controller is a standard PC game pad. It is not exotic hardware. It is recognized by Windows. I have been able to configure and use the NYKO controller with every PC game I have ever wished to use it with, from shooters to flight sims to emulators for classic arcade games. Everything except SL.

    SL’s joystick configuration doesn’t even allow me to use my gamepad’s buttons? I don’t get it. How is that useful?

    I have had better luck using my gamepad through a keyboard emulator than trying to use the included joystick configuration. That’s just sad.

    I’m trying to be fair, but I have to be honest and call this one like I see it. Fail.

  20. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Before Dazzle becomes the official viewer, could we please have the old UI back, or at least a reasonable decent skin (and skinning)?

    Or at least some co-payments for the migraine-pills we’ll have to buy if it stays that way….

  21. Geister Pfeffer says:

    Works really fine with me, much better and faster then the last.
    But i miss all the time my resolution 1200 x 1600 in Sl..
    There is no way to see more as 800 x 600 on 21″ Monitor with 512MB ATI on Pentium 4 under XP..

    Please fix this……………………!

  22. Max Kleiber says:

    Hm. For some reason, when I read “new format”, I thought the RC client had finally been re-skinned. Don’t know why, I just did. Oh, well, back to the old eye-gouge.

    as for the download page.. what was wrong with the old format? Did it no longer work? Or did it fall prey to the infamous “it ain’t broken, but let’s fix it anyway”?

    Whevet happened to

  23. Enki Nephilim says:

    Has anyone noticed a problem with flexi sculpti prims such as hair? Here is an example:

    Messed up hair with rc6 pic:

    The way the hair looks normal with current official release:

    I noticed with rc5 also…

  24. Rooke Ayres says:

    Off topic:

    What’s with the little geometric graphics on everybody’s posts now?

  25. nikki bechir says:

    #6 Thankyou for giving a little information on VWR-2778. Its serves as a text book example of why so much frustration exists, what is an important issue to the customer (females) isnt a high priority for the company. Add some resources and fix it.

    Its killing the economy and its seems discriminatory against woman, a bug that affects their clothing. (see below why guys aren’t as concerned) Im sure Lindens wouldnt have employed a “frat boy: programmer who did it, but they are showing no real concern nor hurry in fixing it. )

    #14 LOL 🙂 but naked guys wandering lopesided with huge jutting appendages has been common in SL for so long, no one notices really (except when they go to PG places). Funny how so many guys can’t afford clothes but can buy an expensive appendage 🙂

  26. U M says:

    I had no problems withe old release ad they sau there are these many issues? Again the misuse of JIRA or whatever form of commicatiosn they are using Voice or JIRA is causing nothing but more false reports and neeedless fixes for more important issues.

    Gesh whats the point if the crash reporter doesnt report back to LL…. Jira is overflowing with badly reported reports from users that don`t know the differeance between shade and shallow……I can see a few of these fixes ideas, did they fix the UI skin or what is bypassed because of those wrong bug report followups?

  27. Nardok Corrimal says:

    yeah this should be nice, im grabbing this one just to have the property lines fixed =D

  28. U M says:

    “3. When this version becomes an official viewer (and not just a Release Candidate) we do not intend to make 1.20 a “mandatory” upgrade from 1.19.1. At that time, you will be able to continue to enjoy Second Life using the 1.19.0 (pre-WindLight) and 1.19.1 viewers.”

    How many times have we heard this before?

  29. Maggie Darwin says:

    I ran RC6 for almost 15 minutes before the nVidia driver crash happened. Again.

    Too bad the JIRA for it has been closed.

    People who bought nVidia on LL’s recommendation as a supported video card probably consider this a showstopper.

  30. Garn Conover says:

    Yeay RC6!, ok Ramzi an idea that will help us all i think including Bridie during Triage.. with RC on Jira can we get version #’s inputed for future RC’s if this is the last? it was a pain because so many jira for 1.20 were of older versions and there was no way to tell unless individual had stated such?

  31. Jessicka Graves says:

    It’s still Dazzle…Why? Nobody knows. And it doesn’t offer different skins? Amazing. Will it ever? I doubt it.

    “We expect this to be the final Release Candidate in the 1.20 viewer series, barring any Showstoppers that you may find.”

    Final? There are known bugs and issues, plus some more that was mysteriously overlooked by the team.

    “Please of course continue to report any new issues”
    So, just taking a stab here, but are OLD bugs and issues out the window and ignored too? I’m sure somebody will name them off, you’ve heard it a thousand times or more by now.

  32. Johnny Rambler says:

    Yes, I crash on nVidia card…annoying as all hell. Just when you thought you were having a good conversation, you realize, you really aren’t because you’ve crashed and didn’t know it.

  33. scr says:

    yay rc5 rocked! and i even began to like dazzle 🙂 going to test this tomorrow

  34. WannaDoMe Sideways says:

    Just to let you know for some reason you force me to download
    all your new versions that being said 1.20 rc5 worked just fine with no
    issues but now that im having to use 1.20 rc6 about every 10 mins it crashes whats the deal with that and also making me down load
    the new ones
    Thank you Wanna

  35. MrBill Kurri says:

    From RC 5 to this present one RC 6 , I can not log in…the log in page comes up black and once pass word is entered all I get is …despite our best efforts we can not find server….hmmmm
    Whats up….? How are we to use and test this if we can’t even log in….sighs

  36. A tad frustrated says:

    Unlike 1.20.4 I actually made it 15 minutes without crashing..

  37. Buckaroo Mu says:

    This is a well-intentioned, *hopeful* bit of feedback.

    For those of you who are experiencing nVidia crashes, other crashes after x minutes, please understand – please understand, not every crash is reproducible. I have an nVidia 8600GTS, and haven’t ever crashed due to graphics. I haven’t crashed on TP since 1.19 came into RC. I haven’t crashed on /any/ of the 1.20 RCs.

    I’m not trying to brag. I’m trying to say that while your problem is very important to you, it’s probably not easy to track down. I’ve been a programmer for over 20 years. I’ve done level-design for other 3d games, and know all about the difference between highly-optimized, face-culled, professional content vs. building from prims. I’m amazed SL works as well as it does, given the limitations of the architecture. And yes, the architecture needs an overhaul.

    I get the feeling that that’s being worked on, more than they’re letting us know, behind the scenes – reading between the lines in some blog posts as far back as the announcement of HET-Grid, you can see it’s coming – I just, like you, wish that Linden Lab(tm) would give us a clear update on how that’s coming. Things like the transition to TCP rather than UDP, serving up assets via HTTP – these are the things that I really want to know more about. (nudge)

    That being said, changes like this are awe-inspiring in scope, and the hurdles are enormous. I keep my fingers crossed.

  38. Wulfe Bain says:

    Skirts work fine for me, but then again I’m still using the viewer. How does one do that??
    Is quite simple. In the target line in your SL shortcut change the part after the .exe file to -channel anything
    “C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife RL.exe” -channel anything

    This works for 3rd party viewers too 🙂

  39. B.A.R. says:

    Would you please dump the Dazzle skin to the trash for good and start from scratch again. Don’t you people learn!
    It’s a failure. The Dazzle team has failed. The design is fail! Everybody hates it!
    GET A CLUE!!!

  40. Marianne McCann says:

    @39 – who is this everybody you speak of?

    That said, it is hard to see what is and what isn’t an option in the pie menu. Other than that, it looks good!

  41. Phantom Ninetails says:

    So.. From what I’m hearing, it’s still Dazzle.. I don’t think I’ll even bother downloading this one.

  42. Roli Bamaisin says:

    Downloaded, Works fine for me, improves my framerate a bit…I like the new interface..all in all solid release…

    There are a few bugs, I am sure they will work them out…

    I don’t see why people bash LL so heavily, just relax..

  43. Sanpierre Juran says:

    Works very nicely for me. Just spent 2+ hours at a very busy party, no crashes, no graphics issues, and SpaceNavigator support is back to working really well (thank you!). From here it looked like a fairly solid release.

    config: WinXP/Radeon X1650

  44. Dajobu Ling says:

    Hi, just a few things I think should be fixed before considering it a final release:

    While it’s great we can now build over 768m, I haven’t been able to login over that height in any of the RCs, including RC6. Logging into a freefall isn’t fun, and is the first bug I see (my home is set at 4000m). This doesn’t break the client, but it’s a glaring bug.

    Alpha issues with overlapping transparent prims made a bride bald while she stood in front of a certain tree at a wedding I went to on Sunday. It was very hard to take any pictures of the happy event.

    Also, with Dazzle being a UI revamp, the only major notice is that everything is blue and glassy, now. I’d consider it more of a complete feature if the entire UI was customizable, if only with a supported / official color change, including the option to revert the color scheme back to the old style, “dark,” look.

    Otherwise, glad to see the fixes are still coming along. That stack issue was really annoying. Hoping it’ll fix the random “BAD_MEM_POINTER” issue I’ve been seeing, too. Keep it up! : )

  45. I can’t even log in with this new version. I get as far as “Waiting for Region Handshake” and then get a popup about having trouble connecting.

  46. the skirt issue is workable, but it is a nuisance to rebake, change appearance, and ask your best friend to check if the skirt is there.

    it is a PUZZLING issue indeed.

    as for dazzle, i like the icons, but the color scheme is just too bright blue for me, and i love blue. Much more it reminds me of that other SL viewer that one big company has released, the one with easier UI…:)

    as for the new downloads page, i like the fact that you ARTICULATED very well the purpose of the release candidate, and place the main download on top, then the download link for RC is not highlighted, it helps stress the fact that RC is NOT A REQUIRED download.

    I also like the “now what” part, helps the newbie get along exploring and learning (i’m glad you included torley’s vidtuts in here), I hope the links there would be updated often to showcase more places.

    and to those who ask and think that the new icons are the doings of LL, IT’S NOT! IT’S A NEW WORDPRESS FEATURE, a blog format that LL use and is NOT A PART OF LL. Kapice?


  47. Jessicka Graves says:

    I also couldn’t help notice that there isn’t a Tool menu anymore? I may have glanced over it, but now I can’t ‘Stop All Animations’ and stuff like that? What the hell?

  48. Wolfie Waves says:

    @47 LL had the dumb idea of only making the Tools menu show up when the build tool is open.

  49. Wolfie Waves says:

    @47 Forgot to mention that the “Stop All Animations” option has now moved to the World menu

  50. Wolfie Waves says:

    Actually thinking about it it’s not dumb at all given that everything in the Tools menu has to do with building, scripting etc.

  51. la le lu says:

    why is the windows 2000/XP/Vista more prominent then the MAC and Linux clients on the download page?

  52. Wolfie Waves says:

    @51 Because Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the world.

  53. FireFox Bancroft says:

    @ 19 Paulie, the joystick cam only works with a Space Navigator or an official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. Other brands aren’t supported yet. I tried with my Logitech RumbleForce 2 gamepad and it didn’t recognize it even with the drivers installed, it only recognizes the Xbox 360 controller I have.

    Maybe after initial testing is complete they’ll support more input devices. The old joystick cold was crap-tacular, you could only move your avatar a cm at a time, the new joystick code is awesome I can move my avatar, make him fly and play with camera angles.

  54. FireFox Bancroft says:

    * corrections *
    Maybe after initial testing is complete they’ll support more input devices. The old joystick *code* was crap-tacular, you could only move your avatar a few cm at a time, the new joystick code is awesome I can move my avatar, make him fly and play with camera angles.

    Sorry, it’s rainy here today and at night it gets cold and my hands cramp up.

  55. Bounder says:

    those with nVidia crashes… have you verified your video adapter isn’t getting too hot? i’ve had 2 different HP computers that have had fan problems on video cards. Inproving air flow on one computer fixed the problem and replacing a defective fan on other nVidia card fixed that one. seems that SL puts a heavy graphics load on the cards and they heat up an problems occur.

  56. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I’m glad to hear the property lines are going back where they belong!

    I’m also glad to hear this new viewer will be optional, as I’m a builder and from what I have read in JIRA, I won’t want to be using it until that showstopper bug there is fixed.

    Dazzle is another reason I don’t want to use it. My eyes don’t like that!

    I think of Dazzle as the SL version of “New Coke.” Remember that?


  57. Lamorna Proctor says:

    Re #48, Wolfie, it IS a dumb idea to remove the Tools menu. Some options, such as “Select only my objects” and “Show script errors” are relevant when you do NOT have anything selected. In any case, it is bad UI design to show/hide top-level menu items. LL, look after your existing customers before making unnecessary changes that allegedly make it easier for newbies. Please restore this menu item.

  58. Zen Zeddmore says:

    Um? Where did the “Capture movie to disk” go?

  59. Missy Malaprop says:

    why is anyone worried about “Stop All Animations” You do know it is broken and doesn’t work right? It only helps you if somehow your animation only stuck on you client side, not server side. If you use it in a normal stuck animation, you will see yourself fine, and think its cleared, yet everyone else will still see the animation on you. This isn’t something they have cared about fixing, even though its easily reproducible. You need to get an animation clearing attachment if you want to really be able to clear your animation for everyone to see. Of course i haven’t seen anyone try it, or try it myself in a few weeks, so if they somehow fixed that in this RC (which i doubt) then cool.

  60. Masuyo Aabye says:

    i echo the sentiments about making the tool menu visible at all times again.
    other than that it’s another solid release, i haven’t crashed once since i started using the RCs.
    as for the UI, use it for a week solid and IT will grow on you. i hated it at 1st but am used to it know. i may even go as far as saying that i like it.

  61. Gil Druart says:

    “We expect this to be the final Release Candidate in the 1.20 viewer series,”

    So we are stuck with snow-blindness and all the other undesirable changes to the UI then. Figures. It is kind of hard for us to understand why you solicit feedback if you plan to just ignore it.

  62. Toad Mougin says:

    @39 “Everybody hates it!”

    I quite like it

  63. Seriously, VWR-6984 needs some attention.

    Thanks to Tofu for actually taking a look at it.

  64. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    neat, thanks!

  65. I have to agree with #10 Tali, the latest 1.20 RCs have been the most stable for a while. The only problem I have had is with RC5 that wouldn’t run on my laptop, but it ran on the desktop fine.

    Dazzle is lovely, I don’t understand the complaints I hear… but each to their own I guess.

    As a fashion designer I am waiting for the skirt fix to come through asap!! Sorry men!!!!!

  66. salahzar stenvaag says:

    I wouldn’t accept the color configuration as that proposed. If you are serious in having it as OFFICIAL release, would you please add an option to have back the classical color combination? This is essential because they are much more relaxing for people especially if they have sight problems. What about having skins? classic-dazzy?

  67. Xen Akula says:

    When will server update 1.22.0 be rolled out? The reason I ask is because that’s when Andrew Linden stated that the login at 768 meters bug will be fixed…

    Yes, I am aware this is a server code issue, and not a viewer issue, hence, my question.

    …just wondering.

  68. Tillie Ariantho says:

    The nvidia crash problem must be a special one. I have an nVidia 8800 GTX and I never crash. Windows XP, nvidia driver: 174.74_geforce_winxp_32bit_international_beta

  69. T B says:

    U M Says: ““3. When this version becomes an official viewer (and not just a Release Candidate) we do not intend to make 1.20 a “mandatory” upgrade from 1.19.1. At that time, you will be able to continue to enjoy Second Life using the 1.19.0 (pre-WindLight) and 1.19.1 viewers.”
    How many times have we heard this before?”
    Heaps and guess what? You’ll keep hearing stuff like that, I seriously don’t want LL to be restricting every upgrade for the next 10 years to keep it compatible with V1.19.1 while the rest of us are running V30.5.1 so people can keep running the same hardware they have now.

  70. U M says:

    “68 Tillie Ariantho Says:

    May 8th, 2008 at 1:29 AM
    The nvidia crash problem must be a special one. I have an nVidia 8800 GTX and I never crash. Windows XP, nvidia driver: 174.74_geforce_winxp_32bit_international_beta”

    Well I have a 7900 gtx I know its a older graphic card but I don`t crash either

    Well for the

    “Heaps and guess what? You’ll keep hearing stuff like that, I seriously don’t want LL to be restricting every upgrade for the next 10 years to keep it compatible with V1.19.1 while the rest of us are running V30.5.1 so people can keep running the same hardware they have now”

    I think your a little confused………what is meant here is they say they well lets older versions run. But this is not the case all the time. Many times we have forced updtes without the having the option to use 3rd party clioents or older clients………

  71. Tuyula Cazalet says:

    The Big Black Flickering Triangle in the upper left corner is still there :((
    Any chance this will be ever fixed? By times it even takes up about a quarter of the image!

    And please fix the skirt issue asap

  72. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    Thankyou for making continuous progress..these last two RC viewer have so far been the most stable in a long time..the fix on crashing when going into some of the Rendering Info’s..woot!!
    However..PLEASE do return the Tools seems long winded to have to open Build first!! …and!!! something about the system skirt issue before this becomes the main viewer..going into appearance, changing and saving does not work for me (some cannot be edited anyhow) ..some (expensive i might add) prim skirts are unwearable now as they only look complete with underskirts and didn’t come with glitch pants..which are unbecoming in most cases anyway..IT’S NOT FUNNY TO WALK ABOUT INDECENT!! (yes i have voted on JIRA for this!)
    ..i assume it is a viewer side problem as i experienced the very same problem on a ‘selection’ of system skirts a few updates back that was consequently remedied for a while..atm we can use the main viewer if it’s necessary but we won’t be able to do that if the current RC becomes the norm..i do hope these posts actually get viewed and put into consideration by Linden Lab!

  73. Ann Otoole says:

    crash on alt/ctrl zoom is back. wonderful.

  74. LailaK says:

    I could challenge the logic behind one of these new features by saying that by focusing “joystick” support on rare, obtuse, proprietary input devices is extremely impractical and gives the least possible benefit to residents per man-hour of development time, but I’d rather ask a question or two.

    How do the majority of residents affected by “joystick” support actually use a, erm, regular joystick with SL?

    Instead of dumping all this effort into teaching people how to use an input device that the vast majority of residents do not own, can there be official documentation about using a standardized joystick?

    If there is, please give it the same level of public exposure, such as a video tutorial (if you’re reading this, Torley :> )

    As an aside: can we have disclosure on the nature of the relationship between LL and the maker of this input device? Has it been purely collaborative, or has LL been paid to implement and publicize this?

    Suppose this company’s little device never catches on as more than a niche or novelty product… LL is left looking like a shill. Specifically, a shill for the joystick-equivalent of a betamax machine or DivX player.

  75. Argent Stonecutter says:

    1. Property lines are still showing through partial-alpha objects, like non-Linden plants.

    2. What about a “post-final” release of the 1.19 code with the 768 meter restrictions removed, because until you do that building over 768 meters will still be problematic?

  76. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Still no hires groundtextures on my Nvidia card here, switching back to low details helps, but looks more ugly than anything and switching back only leaves you with plain ugly rocky surface again. ARGH!
    This issue isn’t present in both the standard viewer and RC2. Why the heck can’t LL seem to fix it the way it was before? Some coders there should go back to schoool again or employ people like Nicholaz to do the tricky work they seem to fail on with every new RC. So long RC, switching back to Nicholaz EyeCandy now which runs much smoother and won’t consume all of my memory and page file space. GET REAL! Wipe the bugs out before you even consider making a new viewer. This so called RC is more a pre-beta proof of concept.

  77. Balpien Hammerer says:

    This viewer is better but not ready for mainstream. Thanks though for fixing the property line bug and the heap corruption bug, steps in the right direction. Please fix the bugs that were broken in the previous RCs:

    VWR-6948 – Flexi prims rendered differently – breaks products,
    This was fine since flexis were born but broken at RC5. Get out your diff tools and find out what changed btween RC4 & RC5.

    VWR-4714 land turning to water when draw distance reached
    Crappy WindLight exacerbates the problem. Even with all shaders turned off, it looks bad.

    Finally, please, PLEASE, no new features until the bugs are fixed. BTW, the tool menu is essential outside of a build context. Please put it back.

  78. Imperatrix DeCuir says:

    I’ve been suffering the nVidia crashes in SL under Windows Vista for a long time… From a 7900GS switched to a 8500GT, and now into a 9600GT. Crashes are gone since RC4 was released, and I installed Xtreme-G Forceware nVidia Drivers ( instead of latest 174.74 official release. Sure, I have a BAD_MEM POINTER error from time to time, but that’s nothing compared with the graphic drivers crash I was experimenting too often.

    Dazzle is OK, I don’t understand the complaints. But also there’s people hating Aero and I love it… Maybe I am a weirdo. LOL.

  79. Mythos Kultos says:



    And hire Nicholaz, or pay him some money, or something. Why is it that he can produce a stable viewer in his spare time while the full-timers at LL can’t seem to fix the most basic issues?

  80. Mini Pinion says:

    VWR-6948: Flexis are still not working properly 😦

  81. Shekina Zeno says:

    Since the last lot of forced upgrades for SL viewers I can no longer use them to log on to SL. I can’t get past the handshake either like katanya Mistra above (#45) said. Also my partner cannot get past the connecting to region handshake either and another friend is also having the same problem. So far I have had no response from SL when I have asked for advise and help. I have changed nothing on my computer and it worked fine before and I was able to use Dazzle, Windlight, Release Candidate and the normal SL viewer without any problems untill the forced last update download. Since then I have to use ONRez and RealXtream. Not a happy camper to say the least. How many others are having the same problem when I know of three people and I don’t know many ppl on SL.

  82. Sean Heying says:

    @ 58 “Um? Where did the “Capture movie to disk” go?”

    They removed it as it was a mess of code that was easier to scrap.

  83. Suzan says:

    Seems to work quite good. But two things:

    – Will “Tools” menu never come back (always visible)?
    – Login to locations higher than 768 meters failed. That’s quite annoying if you have a skybox in 2000 meters high and fall down when you log in again.

    Besides this it’s seem to work quite good.

    And: I still like the dazzle-look.

  84. Georgette Whitfield says:

    @44 “Alpha issues with overlapping transparent prims made a bride bald while she stood in front of a certain tree at a wedding I went to on Sunday. It was very hard to take any pictures of the happy event.” This has always been a problem, not just with the new client. Robin Wood’s inworld texture tutorials have an explanation about it as far as I remember.

    Will the snapshot resolution bugs be fixed in this viewer. At the moment proportions are not constrained so you end up with squished snapshots. I wasn’t sure if this was covered by “* Fixed: the spinners are broken in the snapshot UI when upload a snapshot”?

    OT: liking the wee icons next to our posts.

  85. Pepper Haas says:

    “3. When this version becomes an official viewer (and not just a Release Candidate) we do not intend to make 1.20 a “mandatory” upgrade from 1.19.1. At that time, you will be able to continue to enjoy Second Life using the 1.19.0 (pre-WindLight) and 1.19.1 viewers.”

    You better be serious about this promise, for Dazzle is a visual disaster and if I am ever forced to use it I will quit sl. Same goes for Windlight with its ugly avatars and different light settings for everyone so you can’t know what a texture will look like to someone else — skirts disappear, flexi breaks, what else are you all doing to make sure designers and builders quit SL for good?

  86. Blabla2 Eponym says:

    So when are the memory leaks going to be solved, that take up more than 1 gb per 5 hours?

  87. Ram says:

    I’ve learned my lesson, I’m not installing this, let me know when it’s working, then I might give it a go.

  88. U M says:

    Been using it and it seems not to be that bad………..No crashing textures are loading correctly…..

  89. Solar Legion says:

    Pepper, most users never touch any of the Windlight settings – they leave it set up as it is out of the installer. The users who DO fool around with Windlight are usually like my partner – photographers.

  90. Deeeep Witte says:

    Does this version work nice with the latest MacBook Pros with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 512Mb videocards…?

  91. Danball Tureaud says:

    “58 Zen Zeddmore Says:

    May 7th, 2008 at 11:51 PM
    Um? Where did the “Capture movie to disk” go?”

    #82 said and the fact that it never worked is why it was removed

    “83 Suzan Says:

    May 8th, 2008 at 3:50 AM
    Seems to work quite good. But two things:

    – Will “Tools” menu never come back (always visible)?
    – Login to locations higher than 768 meters failed. That’s quite annoying if you have a skybox in 2000 meters high and fall down when you log in again.

    Besides this it’s seem to work quite good.

    And: I still like the dazzle-look.”

    Tools menu is there, you just have to be in edit mode to see it.
    Also, I like dazzle, its not that bad once you get used to it.

  92. Amaterasu Cinquetti says:

    Please, please, please fix JIRA VWR-3258!!!!!!

    This has been an issue since the first iterations of Windlight as a First Look viewer. It is still an issue, several months later.

    This bug effectively locks out all of those affected. Unless they use an old 1.18 based viewer.
    The stated workaround is NOT an acceptable workaround when it reduces FPS to less than 5, on a totally empty sim, 300m up.

    Please, please fix this bug that is a SHOWSTOPPER for thos affected.

  93. Wordfromthe Wise says:

    I hate mention it again (as a lot of people did
    before me in all those flame threads with every RC):
    .. you can manually revert back the blue dazzle UI
    to the darker Version. Just read the Blogs and Wikis
    or at least dont use it ..

    2nd i only use RC Viewers and had (beside a slight
    overglow with glowing water never any issue .. but
    that also could be fixed by reading the blogs and
    Wiki and JIRA.. i have NVIDIA cards (yes as SLI and
    without SLI) and no Crash with them .. even with
    WHQL or Beta Drivers.

    and talking about the JIRA and the unhideable
    FLYCAM word:

    As we are now at the RC 6 and this should be the
    “final” RC before making it a Official Viewer this JIRA
    issue must be fixed. it is annoying for all Machinima
    makers and it could be seen by them as an Showstopper ..

    Please all Vote for:

    and @24: those geometric graphics :
    the Secondlife Blog is Gravatar enabled (Gravatar was
    aquired by Automattic – the company behind WordPress)

  94. Alyx Sands says:

    That skirt problem isn’t only a girl problem-a lot of really nice men’s jackets and suits I have rely on the skirt layer….and in my case, I can rebake as often as I like it does not work.

    And besides, i want to see what the nice little geometric design will be for me from now on (curiosity got the better of the cat…)

  95. 3nity says:

    Skirts still disappearing. This is annoying, especially when you have the closet full of skirts and have to walk around in pants all the time. Could you finally get that problem solved, PLEASE?

  96. Crysantha Lafleur says:

    70 U M Says:

    May 8th, 2008 at 1:51 AM
    “68 Tillie Ariantho Says:

    May 8th, 2008 at 1:29 AM
    The nvidia crash problem must be a special one. I have an nVidia 8800 GTX and I never crash. Windows XP, nvidia driver: 174.74_geforce_winxp_32bit_international_beta”

    Well I have a 7900 gtx I know its a older graphic card but I don`t crash either

    Well I bought a brand new computer because of the memory problem, not realizing it was the Nvidea card that was the culprit, here is what i run SL on:

    Windows Vista
    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5550 @ 1.83 Ghz
    4.00 Gb Ram
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTS

    This is designed for gaming..

    I am able to spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours on sl before “ping” i get the notice i have crashed.. i am also using the Nicholaz Edition of the sl client because when i used the sl version it was using and leaking so much memory i could barely walk.. my movements were all burpy because of the lag on my computer. It starts out showing my system is using about 1.35GB of memory, then gradually as i am in sl, it begins to climb until it is upwards of the 3.20 GB range, then things will happen.. people will be ruthed, or hair will start dissapearing and bam.. i crash..
    I relog.. and start all over again.. It also uses something like 60 to 90 percent of my CPU depending on my activity.. Im a designer in sl, this is incredibly frustrating.

    Other things that need to be fixed in the client..
    We builders have been waiting for that to be fixed for over a year now….It stopped showing up for awhile.. but it is back..
    It is virtually impossible to design an object in sl that is intended to be rezzed and avoid having some prims that wont be double rotated when it was designed.. PLEASE fix this glitch..

    Thank you

  97. Solar Legion says:

    Seems this skirt ‘issue’ is only affecting certain users as it has yet to affect me at all.

    I begin to wonder exactly what may be causing this.

    If it is server side then there are a few issues with some of the partitions, if it is client side then it has to do with graphics settings and possibly hardware.

  98. Working fine for me with my NVIDIA Quadro FX Go 1400 – great framerates (20fps) and no crashes. Only issue I have is the ongoing VWR-4601 which I have no expectation of getting fixed, and I can’t afford to buy a new laptop.

    Would still like some sort of progress on the “Release Keys” removal thing.

  99. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Solar@89: The reason most people don’t touch the Windlight settings is they don’t get saved. When Windlight is completed not only will you be able to save and copy settings from the UI, but estate owners will be able to override the *default* settings.

    And a lot of people DO touch the Windlight settings. First thing I do when downloading a new RC is to replace the default day cycle with one I created, because LL eliminated the nighttime brightness settings and I absolutely need to change them on my monitor… and since I’m doing it I increase the ambient light and reduce the directional light at the same time to try and eliminate the excessive supersaturation in WL.

  100. Rip Rieko says:

    Whatever happened to “show look at”?

    Hasn’t worked in the last 3 RC’s

  101. Rene Erlanger says:

    i use an old SL viewer along Nicholaz and i’m happy with that, it’s very stable.
    I also use the Onrez viewer as an alternative…that too is very stable.
    I’m not really interested in any of the bells and whistles…..i have opted for reliable functionality instead.

  102. Kezzy Forwzy says:

    just keep the good work coming Lindens, eventually there will be peace within the comments, relax, its not a simple point and click quick fix everything wrong with it, it’l get there

    (and hopefully then I will stop relogging at Noob Island after my home was not available for the millionth time)

  103. Kathy Morellet says:

    Well, I can very consistently crash the RC6 viewer. About 10 crash reports sent in the last hour or so.

    If someone from the dev team wants to IM me in world I will be happy to walk them through it. Not sure if it is just me or what. But, I can do the same steps using and stay online solid, no crashing at all.

  104. Kathy Morellet says:

    oh, and my specs…

    Second Life 1.20.6 (86925) May 6 2008 20:43:54 (Second Life Release Candidate)

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1868 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.14993 (Mozilla GRE version

  105. Anonymous says:

    @ Mythos

    Good Point; I use Eye Candy (and have used Nicholaz browsers for about a year now) and it has castrated the mem leak. LL should hire this person. As you said similarly; why can’t a TEAM of developers (Linden Lab) fix the problem when a SINGLE PERSON (who does NOT get paid by LL in any shape or form) IN HIS SPARE TIME can? Obvious project management problems I would presume…





  106. nika talaj says:

    Thanks for the hard work on fixes, and for acknowledging the “disappearing skirts” issue, which has changed shopping habits for many many residents, and thus changed profits for many SL businesses.

    For me, the 1.20 RC 5 still has a memory leak that chews through 3GB in a couple of hours, I don’t see any mention of this in the fixed bugs. If this leak is the same one patched in Nicholaz’s most recent builds, please do pick up his patch ASAP. Yes, I know his patches often don’t fix the root cause. But they DO substantially improve the user experience, and this bug is so reproducible that you really shouldn’t need any more info from residents to chase it.

  107. 1.20 sometime i get the best pictuce and the other somtimes i get just grey,and then come to meeeee..

  108. Pol McLaglen says:

    The new RC is nice but the camera issues are still there. Regularly my camera does weird stuff when dismounting from vehicles or when in tight places…

    I will remain with the main client until this is fixed.

    BTW I do like the Dazzle GUI but I wish we could skin it!!!!


  109. Alyx Sands says:

    #97: I have the skirt bug on FOUR different computers with FOUR different assorted NVidia and ATI cards and vastly different hardware as well as different netwoorks (broadband, company broadband…)

  110. Daniel says:

    Why is this disastrous bug never fixed?

  111. Ramzi Linden says:

    @22 Max, @51 la le- I think the goals of the new downloads page was to create a consolidated download reference page that was both easier to use and easier for Linden Lab to maintain. (Also, I believe the page presents *your* operating system as the most prominent version for the primary orange button, not specifically Windows.)

    @23 Enki, @29 Maggie, @34 Wanna, @75 Argent- It would be great if you can report this in the Public Issue Tracker as a new issue (as necessary) with a clear description, list reproducible steps and your system environment. Be sure to set the Affects Version(s) = “1.20 Release Candidate.”

    @59 Missy- VWR-2850 was filed against this issue… The synchronization of animations from client to server is a hard problem.

    @74 LailaK- support for the 3Dconnexion device was a result of that company’s contribution of an open source library; so it was purely a collaborative effort and a benefit of having an open source viewer.

  112. @Deeeep Witte (90):

    It still causes system lockups on occasion. For me, it always seems to be right after I tp in somewhere (textures are loading), or panning with the camera in flycam mode or moving my avatar. The tp in one starts locking me up in stages and I can usually command-q and save myself. The other two instances, there’s no warning and there’s nothing you can do but power off/on again. That really sucks.

    It’s better than all the other 1.20 RC’s save RC2 for the crashes though, based on a few hours testing last night.

  113. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ramzi@111: Will do. Could you also look at the possible solution I posted this morning for ?

  114. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Ramzi@111: Added comment to existing open issue .

  115. Balpien Hammerer says:

    Ramzi, on your comment @111, a jira report *was* filed the moment RC5 broken things. See my comment @77. The bug report is: VWR-6948. I’m adding Enki’s photos @23 to the bug report. This is really s showstopper bug as it affects many products and many merchants, and it makes previously OK clothing outfits non-PG.

  116. TiMeTrAVelleR Wise says:

    about the light gray theme now used can there be not a option to use old style the dark i like that much more

  117. coventina dalgleish says:

    While the game is performing better there are still some very serious problems that need attention. For one the memory leak and recently after a tp I am frozen requiring a reboot no biggy just irritating.The game also has poor resolution of many sculpty forms. If the form is small such as in hair or a small plant it reverts to the default state of a sphere. While skuls are nice non functioning ones are just a wasted effort, something the game does well.

  118. Solar Legion says:

    Actually Argent, the base Windlight settings DO get saved. Not sure about the others however.

    Alyx, my own PC is running Windows XP Media Center Edition, a Pentium-D (beta version of current Dual Core CPUs), 2GB of hardware RAM, over 6GB of virtual RAM, an ATI Radeon X1300 with 256MB of onboard memory (and updated drivers), the most recent version of Direct X (DX10) with just about every accelerator in the system activated as well as anything that can increase both graphics and system performance within SL activated and set. I am running on a mid-range DSL line as well.

    I have not had this skirt issue yet and a good deal of the outfits I have make use of this layer.

    Right now there are just too many variables to say that it is all on the server OR client end of this.

    It could be something to do with the server partitions or it could be specific classes and subclasses of graphics cards (certain nVidia model classes as well as Radeons).

    Again – just too many variables.

  119. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    i said in an earlier post that i appreciate things continuously improving..and i still this latest RC i’m experiencing LAG like i haven’t done in a long, long time.. since installing it last night i’ve had it ‘run’ about 14 hours and done 8 relogs plus clearing my cache every single ARC is 780..i still can’t control walking, ending up underwater or on the other side of the sim..rezzing takes a subjective 10 times longer when i tp and i frequently have to rebake..there are atm no other applications running alongside SL..y’day i was able to use IE with 10 pages in PS and listen to my media player..i sincerly hope that this is not going to be the default viewer 😦

  120. Dytska Vieria says:

    I really think you should fix not just the CRASH related bugs introduced with 1.20 RC but also the new BUGS introduced with the 1.20 RC and some of those OLD bugs as well. It seems to me that as soon as most of the known CRASH bugs are fixed, you are going to make this an Official Viewer new BUGS included, such as the “Not being able to login above 768m” Bug, and many more.

    “3. When this version becomes an official viewer (and not just a Release Candidate) we do not intend to make 1.20 a “mandatory” upgrade from 1.19.1. At that time, you will be able to continue to enjoy Second Life using the 1.19.0 (pre-WindLight) and 1.19.1 viewers.”

    Thank Goodness!

  121. ettore says:

    @19 Paulie, @53 FireFox Bancroft: I am the developer of the joystick module. What was said is incorrect: while it’s probably true that some joysticks are not supported, a wide variety of joystick certainly is. I personally tested it on Logitech’s Extreme 3D Pro, RumblePad 2 and Cordless RumblePad, just to name a few that come to mind. I have not tried it on the Nyko Airflo. Note for the hackers here, technically the module is based upon DirectInput on Windows.

  122. Ramzi Linden says:

    @113,114 Argent, @115 Balpien- Thanks, I’ve passed on your pointer on those bugs to the engineering team.

  123. Nibb Tardis says:

    “3. When this version becomes an official viewer (and not just a Release Candidate) we do not intend to make 1.20 a “mandatory” upgrade from 1.19.1. At that time, you will be able to continue to enjoy Second Life using the 1.19.0 (pre-WindLight) and 1.19.1 viewers.”

    Am I the only one to see the flawed logic in there ?

    Either 1.20 is good to go, with no bugs, and ready for general release… or it isn’t.

    This half-assed solution of making it a “non-mandatory” release is actually admitting that the software is flawed and no better than the previous version. If that’s the case, then DON’T RELEASE IT !!!!!!

    Your implementation of Dazzle is INCOMPLETE. If you want to introduce custom skins, then you MUST introduce a user-friendly way of changing them. Telling novice and computer illiterate users to download zip files, and move xml around the file system is simply UNACCEPTABLE. The user feedback regarding this and the dazzle color scheme is cristal clear.

    It’s pretty clear that if there is no UI for switching skins, then the PR backlash of 1.20 is going to be overwhelming. You are happily getting ready to shoot yourselves in the foot by annoying a large part of your user base, and worse, you know it because you’ve been warned by hundreds of comments on this blog and in JIRA.

    The most annoying thing, is that it really feels that this new shiny UI change is clearly driven by someone’s personal ego more than a rational business decision based on customer input.

    Ramzi, why aren’t you addressing these comments ?

  124. Eoin Hotaling says:

    1) I’m getting weirdness with camera controls in the 1.20.x RCs, starting with RC5. You can slide to the left or right (using the right control) for a certain distance and then your view starts to rotate as though you were pressing the corresponding LEFT pie arrows. The only way out of this is to press the Escape key and start over on scrolling to the point desired. It is less noticable when Advanced -> Camera Control Constraint does not have an X next to it. The problem exists in all cases.

    2) Memory leak – I used to just get the warning about a bad pointer on exit from SL. Now I crash after about 2-3 hours on a (4 Gig RAM on Wind/XP SP2) box.

  125. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Solar@118: *none* of the Windlight settings get saved outside the install directory. They have to be re-done or replaced by copying raw XML files in every time you install SL.

  126. Claudius Cascabel says:

    This viewer still crashes my graphics card Nividia GTX 8800. I hope you fix this problem before general release or I’m not going to be able to stay online for more than 5 minutes at a time.

  127. Truthseeker Young says:

    Runs beautifully for about 10 minutes then locks up my ENTIRE machine. Have to kill the power in order to restart O.o

    Granted, my machine’s pretty old, but that just doesn’t happen with any other software on my machine (including SL v1.19.x !!)

    Truly scary…

    dual-2gig PowerPC G5 (june 2004)
    Tiger (10.4.11)
    7 gb RAM
    ATIX800 XT Mac Edition

  128. SuperMax Hax says:

    Just walking around some regions, Secondlife disappears and I’m magically at my desktop.

    I’m having to send a report every time it crashes because I don’t have the slightest clue what’s causing the problem.

    I really wish you would have stuck with RC5; RC6 seems to crash constantly.

  129. Ramzi Linden says:

    @All the constructive feedback about Dazzle vs. Skinning etc- We do understand that some people (strongly 🙂 ) prefer the classic look of the UI, of course.

    It’s important to distinguish that the Dazzle project was different than “Skinning” — although skinning owes a great debt to Dazzle. (In creating this new look, Dazzle abstracted all the hard-coded references to even change any colors at all!) Dazzle is mostly complete and iterated; skinning is still being designed. In the absence of more featured skinning, residents have picked up the existing functionality and made some great modifications/”early skins” posted on the SL wiki.

    Viewer 1.20 contains Dazzle not as a ‘skin’ but as the look & feel that Linden Lab plans to support going forward. This was a tough decision made broadly internally, based primarily on the desire not to try to dedicate developer resources on more than one official look. However, we plan to release “Skinning Phase 1” in a future viewer before we’d make 1.20 a mandatory version, so switching among true skins (yes inside the client) would be available before Dazzle is the only option for browsing Second Life. We think that is the best plan, given the always-hard balance allocating between bugs and features.

    The best place to track more consideration is in the feature request VWR-5059…. has links there to the classic skins and the Viewer Roadmap. I do appreciate all the feedback, negative and positive. 🙂

  130. Cummere MAyo says:


    it was addressed in pastrami’s meeting. its a client side issue cuased by a BAD concection to sl from your client. MOSTLY slower speeds (ie dialup or low bandwidth cabel or dsl) escperience it. there ARE workarounds listed on the wiki.

  131. U M says:

    “129 Ramzi Linden Says:

    May 8th, 2008 at 6:55 PM
    @All the constructive feedback about Dazzle vs. Skinning etc- We do understand that some people (strongly ) prefer the classic look of the UI, of course”

    Well does that mean you be allowing for changes in the future?

  132. U M says:

    “2) Memory leak – I used to just get the warning about a bad pointer on exit from SL. Now I crash after about 2-3 hours on a (4 Gig RAM on Wind/XP SP2) box.”

    I a assuming your speaking of a computer.ok joking………

    Anyways I was getting pointer errors myself with 4 giga of memory. But from what i understand is its a coding error on LL part. Because if they can`t plug as they say the memory leak. which is at times another reason to hire and stop pretending to hire outside people to do adults programmers work. ( noticed all the new lindens names ( reborns ) but the same crappy coders ( not all over them but a noticable choosen few ).

  133. Cummere MAyo says:

    in the pjira in multiple places, in cg’s meetings, in triages, dazzle has overwhelmingly had more bugs then any previous release, and has become increasingly hated becuase fo the issues with the bgs, with the ugly temporary looks (btw what the wiki says to change back to the “dark” color scheme doenst always work), and with the fact dazzle disables voice and many other features by its SLOPPY coding.

    I agree with the person that stated scrap it and start over.
    most places if a project went into an rc6 people would get fired. STOP RUSHING RELEASES AND GET IT RIGHT!!!!! At minimum its oging to take 3-4 weeks to get this rc stable enough for mainline release. I swear sometimes, i wonder if certain departments not learn form thier mistakes and their fellows’ mistakes. 1.19.4 was a DISASTER. if you release version 6 it will be even worse.

  134. Medhue Simoni says:

    Final version. There has been a major flaw in the Animation upload window since the first version. The model in the window does not move. I am trying to not be nasty in this comment. Please do more testing on your own work. I soon as i have time, inbetween helping all my customers that have missing animation from there inventories. I will submit an Jira Issue on this. I dont it will make a difference tho. For christ sake, can u chill with the bs.

  135. U M says:

    “I agree with the person that stated scrap it and start over.

    Sounds like a repeat of voice client………Its was rushed and forced us to open our mouths and take the banana without any cares fromt eh users on sl….”ITS BETA screamed one Linden in the wecome area in the beta testing sim………….”Thats why there is so much lag? Well as I recall you always screamed lack for the lack of even understanding the basics of how a computer works. All this rushing lieing and total misguided and lacking the professionalism we use to have 2 1/2 + years ago is nothing but a joke now. Oh this current release is stable for me and i don`t crash ( don`t crash offen infact ). But lack of loading of textures, broken scripts, poses that continue to be active reguardless if you get off the pose etc. Just shows how badly things are. NOBODY I MEAN NOBODY like to login and have 30 mins of lag, unloaded textures ect. Do you think ( NEWBIES I MEAN REAL NEWBIES) will stay around long? Frankly speaking no….

  136. Medhue Simoni says:

    Along with the Animation Uploader bug, i also submitted an issue for a graphics problem. When Brightness is applied to an object and bump mapping is on, all of those objects can be seen thru walls, floors and all other object. Please do not ignore these issue again. A few other gracious people have submitted these same issues on the past viewers and all have been completely ignored. If these issues are not looked at. i give up on all communication of issues, for it is a waste of my time.

  137. Medhue Simoni says:

    Oh and the “BEST PLAN” is to fix the bugs b4 the its gets into a mandatory viewer. This is obvious to every1 except Microsoft and Linden Lab.

  138. Rascal Ratelle says:

    Although there has been noticeable Improvements in some areas the following are STILL unresolved.

    * Serious memory leaks.
    * Grid instability and poor performance
    * Teleports fail quite regularly, especially under heavy load
    * Sim performance varies wildly (NOT due to client content either)
    * Low FPS During heavy loads
    * Serious texture latency
    * World maps are very slow loading
    * Crashes and viewer hangs and freezes
    * Ongoing friends list presence issues (Still an issue)
    * Group chat totally borked (Still an issue)
    * Group Notices not getting to all members of a group
    * Random animations starting out of nowhere (and no, not an attack)(Intermittent)
    * Sailing off into void space after crossing a sim line
    * Did we mention crashes? Why yes, yes we did.
    * Major bugs not being corrected month after month, year after year (prime example: llTargetOmega)
    **Bots and bot farms.***
    * LL spending time on items no customers really want or care about.
    *** LL totally ignoring customer voting results and @#$# well doing what they want anyway (prime example: voice… which was majorly voted AGAINST by LL customers).***
    * Absurdist pricing on sims and land (namely: $295 and $350 a month for a piece of virtual land is ridiculous. The only thing it does is stuff LL’s pockets with $$$ and keeps most people for being able to afford a sim).
    * Total failure of LL to prevent minors from entering the grid, resulting in continual hassles with immature children (not that some of the “adults” are any more mature… it just adds to the problem and drama).*

    … and the list goes on and on and on.

    Why list these things? We’re not just griping. We’re listing these things to point out issues that Second Life customers deal with every single day… issues that Linden Lab continues to ignore (or put on the back burner, or “it bothers us too” into the obscurity pile) year after year.

    And then people wonder why there are constant gripes on the blog.

    That would be why.

  139. LailaK says:

    Okay, so the relationship with 3Dconnexion was solely collaborative. That’s good, then, since if that’s the case they’ve done much of the work themselves instead of taxing Linden development resources. Please forgive the ranting 😛

    Might I ask about any official documentation and clarification regarding input using a standard joystick? Will it be possible to use these inputs to, say, control a vehicle with a more intuitive means than keyboard input?

    Are there any plans or potential plans for future implementation of functionality that will allow scripts to properly comprehend joystick input and implement it in a fashion that would allow one to, for example, fly an aircraft more naturally?

  140. wavinggirlsav says:

    Hello I am having an issue would like some help with…

    1st. I tryed logging into Jira and kept getting an error message “says: that the system doesnt know user name” <-made sure all caps and pass was entered correct” <-so, entering this as a bug on the issue tracker isnt an option to me at this time this is the reason i am adding it here.

    2nd. I tryed to load the test Client “RC vwr 1.20.6” once DL was done i loged off the main client i was running and tryed to sign into the RC client and got an error message “Dispite our best effort something has gone wrong etc…” i then closed that client and signed back into the main client where i was working with Kitty Tandino” we have tryed every step we know of….

    here is my info:

    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (Unknown model) (2794 MHz) Memory: 1014 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000) Graphics Card Vendor: Intel Graphics Card: Intel 945G OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 – Build LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.15006 (Mozilla GRE version

    If someone has an answer to this issue please feel free to contact Kitty Tandino or Myself in World.

    Thank you in advance.
    W. Voom

  141. Kitty Tandino says:

    I’ve been working with Ms Voom
    I have tryed to get her loged into jira
    (not working so she can’t report the issue…..)

    I am thinking it is an issue on her end as far as her card type.. i may be wrong….
    but heres my info:

    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (2410 MHz)
    Memory: 767 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 6100 nForce 405/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
    LLMozLib Version: [LLMediaImplLLMozLib] – 2.01.14999 (Mozilla GRE version
    Packets Lost: 4521/322195 (1.4%)
    Viewer Digest: bb2966f6-cf81-a0de-1e21-dcd21f05428a

    I am not having a problem so heres something to go on 🙂

    Any help on this would be welcomed.

    ~Thank you in advance
    ~Kitty Tandino

  142. Winter Ventura says:

    in what way is this a “Grid Status Update?”

  143. Nibb Tardis says:

    @Ramzi #129: Fair enough is skinning is in the works. Then PLEASE delay 1.20 until skinning is implemented in the preferences UI. There is no rush. The new glittery bling-bling UI must be released together with a user friendly way to change it. If it takes 2 or 3 more months to do it, then do it.

    Please, take your time, but do it right for once.

    In the meantime, a 1.19.2 including scripted glow and increased building height would be nice.

  144. T B says:

    This should also be released on the FrontDoor Blog as well as the BackDoor Blog.

    And personally I love the joystick & SpaceNavigator support, it is still in it;s infancy, but a much better thing than a normal 2 axis mouse 🙂

  145. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    @129 Ramzi Linden “However, we plan to release “Skinning Phase 1″ in a future viewer before we’d make 1.20 a mandatory version, so switching among true skins (yes inside the client) would be available before Dazzle is the only option for browsing Second Life.”

    You have contradicted yourself Ramzi because in the very first post you say

    “We expect this to be the final Release Candidate in the 1.20 viewer series, barring any Showstoppers that you may find.”

    So tell me is this the final RC or is it not?

  146. Selkit Diller says:

    Still horrible in appearance. Won’t test this at all until there’s multiple skins available, and one that was actually designed by someone with human eyes that don’t see in some alien contrast-band.

  147. Paula Langset says:

    The lasting skirts bug sure took myself and many others away from this RC, Lindens are thus loosing some valuable testing. I’m sure I would have used it at least on one of my computers, though I hate how it looks. LIke this, however, no way.

    If this same bug will still be present on the official viewer (very soon to be released, as they say lol), this will be just ridiculous.

    And, if you Lindens want us to get rid of some of our flexi prims, you should fix the horrible, prehistoric look of the non-flexy skirts please…

  148. Rascal Ratelle says:

    I have come across a thread in the forum, where a request has been made to linden labs for an optional “low tech” viewer that will work for older computers.

    Here is the quote from the post:

    Kitten Harrop wrote: “Perhaps it’s time for LL to give us the option to use an older version of the viewer, or perhaps one with not quite so many features.

    (((({{{It seems as though many of my friends and family have had to leave SL because their computers “just aren’t good enough”. LL Please remember, YOU have the power, money, and ability to continue with technological advances… BUT WE do not. Not everyone can buy a new computer, video card, etc EVERY month.}}}))))

    For those of us who remain devoted through thick and thin, crash after crash, but cannot keep up with how fast SL is advancing into the technology of the future. Perhaps you could offer us a “low-tech” viewer. One that may not be as neat or cool as the NEWEST one, but one that will offer us even the lower graphics, less features, with the full ability to continue our lives IN Second Life as we all so wish to do.

    I thank LL for making a place where we do not have to be ourselves, but I beg of you to make it a place where everyone can continue doing so.

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ We no longer wish you to keep adding “NEW” features, but to perfect what is already there, and possibly offer something to those of us who just can’t keep up. }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Thank you,

    Kitten Harrop”

    According to the poll, the majority agrees with the poster.

    Here is a link to said poll:

    View Poll Results: Who else would like to see a “low-tech” Viewer?
    Yes, Please! 63 77.78%
    No, I can keep up. 16 19.75%
    Undecided 2 2.47%

    Here is a link to the thread:

    The following seems to be an issues with a LOT of SL residences:
    *** LL totally ignoring customer voting results and @#$# well doing what they want anyway (prime example: voice… which was majorly voted AGAINST by LL customers).***

    LL Please remember, YOU have the power, money, and ability to continue with technological advances… BUT WE do not. Not everyone can buy a new computer, video card, etc EVERY month, or for every major viewer/grid upgrade.

  149. U M says:

    145 Tasrill , Hi how are you today………..

    A skinny version of the client would be a better problems solver then waht there doing now

  150. Rascal Ratelle says:

    @149 Exactly U M, A viewer coded to give graphics that older graphics cards can process properly with out lag, low FPS and texture latency and crashes and freezing issues.

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