Sculpted prims made simple – Video Tip of the Week #32

Note: If you’re looking for Grid Status Reports, they’re right here! Also see Katt’s post about more ways to get updates!


Another HOT topic I’ve been asked to do! Sculpted prims are enjoyed by the masses, but making them is a mystery to many because they’re mostly modeled with external tools. Fear not, for with Sculptypaint by Cel Edman, I show you in a little over 10 minutes JUST HOW EASY it can be to make sculpties. Even if you’ve never built anything before.

With your newfound sculptie skills, you’ll be able to astound, amuse, and amaze avatars of the opposite and/or same gender. Watch the video, follow along, and feel good about yourself:


And I hope you rock too! 😀

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129 Responses to Sculpted prims made simple – Video Tip of the Week #32

  1. unimpressed says:

    The blog is so much nicer with just the positive things on it, like learning in these videos. I’m so happy the nasty messages about everything breaking all the time are kept away from view.

    You rock Torley

  2. Sean Heying says:

    You know the funny thing about Katt’s failure at communications… the login screen now just shows bad news, and SL as a result looks worse.

  3. Razor says:

    @2 people will just drop their annoyances here, because they cannot elsewhere. though i’m kinda tired of happy videos while the true issues are ignored for this one i have to say:

    Respect for Cel Edman! For making great sculpts inworld and for his great program. He’s making sculpties accesible for the people.

  4. Razor says:

    This video doesn’t even shows on the frontpage anymore. Great now noone can find it because everyone is on the ‘forbidden to talk’ blog.

  5. Nadine Neddings says:

    hehehe, with a promise like this, how can anyone pass up your video, Torley?

    “With your newfound sculptie skills, you’ll be able to astound, amuse, and amaze avatars of the opposite and/or same gender. “

  6. riona says:

    Torley is my hero!!! (just behind my hubby :p )

  7. Vivienne says:

    Torley, this is amazing! Marry me!!

  8. shaq Merlin says:


    Do you know other tool/program easy and handy to use with not so many options as blender has with other kind of license? like GNU/GPL or other one also with permissions to use for commercial purposes? not so controversial one like the sculptpaint currently provides?

    Good Luck,

  9. sylvie matova says:

    Why not add a Grid Status button to the top menu bar on the website. Right between Blog and Support.

    That would keep a lot of people happy and make it easier to find.

    P.S. Sidewinder for President. (Torley as his deputy)

  10. dumisani says:

    Is it just me or has the fast link to the video been removed? When I click on the video to play through I get a message of apology that it is no longer available here.

  11. Nefertiti Nefarious says:

    How do you get the yelloe highlight on your mouse?

    I’d like ot do a tutorial, and that would be very helpful.

  12. Paulo Dielli says:

    @11 Torley is using Camtasia Studio, which has this option.

  13. Ric Mollor says:

    People complain and write ‘nasty messages’ because they are expecting SL to work as promised. Many people have invested large amounts of time and money in this platform and are very dissatisfied with the product that Linden Lab has delivered. The amount of failure is unacceptable and is far beyond that of any other computer application.

    Currently. there isn’t much competition for Second Life. However if a similar, competing platform appears there is going to be a stampede out the doors to somewhere new.

    The signs are there already. Second Life has completely failed to attract the youth market. Daily new signups are down by about 40% over the last 6 months. The number of ‘recent residents’ has been slowly declining during the same period. Spending per resident is declining. Alexa shows traffic to the website as down nearly 50% since November, 2007.

    Second Life is dying.

  14. Ciaran Laval says:

    Grid status link on the tool bar by community and blog really shouldn’t be hard to add. That’s the place to put it.

    When are we going to have a Torley’s tips section?

  15. Daaaaammmm. Torley! LOL

    /me thinks the man never sleeps and feeds off no-doze

    This is wonderful! Thank you!

  16. Scree Raymaker says:

    shaq Merlin, try Wings3D.

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  18. Ener Hax says:

    neato tut Torley! thank you, you have lessened my sculptie anxiety a little! 🙂

  19. @ Ric Moller who said:
    “People complain and write ‘nasty messages’ because they are expecting SL to work as promised.”

    Please try to remember everyone, nothing was ever “promised”.

    Second Life is a hugely complicated system. Windows ME from Microsoft had far more problems and they *did* make promises. Be happy that Linden Lab even has such an active blog – and I mean to say that they at least try to be open and respond (though, with a lot of ‘venting’ comments, I wouldn’t want to respond either.)

    The only “promise” from Linden Lab, and Microsoft, and all the rest is that you get access. Let me see… typical disclaimer in EVERY software license… ummmm “…not responsible for damage caused… blah, blah… no guarantee of suitability… blah, blah…”

    Need I *really* say any more?

    @Torley: thank you again.
    Not only for these tutorials that help people get even more out of SL, but also for your crazy, whacked-out, happy-go-lucky personality and attitude.

    It helps to dilute the impact of the negative comments and really cheers up a lot of people… along with a little edification to go with it. It’s like “would you like a little bit of information to go along with your entertainment?” 🙂

  20. Jo says:

    Dear Torley, your video tutorials are brilliant and innovative as always. I wish they had been on when I joined SL. I am sorry that the negativity us players feel right now goes on your entries.

    But like someone suggested the negative has been ousted to the log on page. I think LL need to learn to communicate with each other better and keep themselves informed of issues that are happening on the grid or wherever. so simple to talk to each other, then you can keep us gamers better informed, at the moment it is very frustrating for us, help is no help at all.

  21. Milla Alexandre says:

    Very very cool stuff! Now, my only question is how to apply different textures to the sculptie iteself? I’m definitely going to try this….there goes the work I was going to do around the house roday. LOL

  22. TheBlack Box says:

    Please fix VWR-2404 and VWR-3798

    and please notice … there ARE actually in-world tools … and they ARE actually pretty good.

    I myself am the scripter of the Sculpt Studio an have been refining it for over half a year.

  23. Aminom Marvin says:

    This is a MAJOR bug with sculpts, and has gone unfixed for more than half a year. If it was fixed, sculpts could be up to 8-20 TIMES smaller in file size.

    A bug in loading priority also prevents them from being more than a novelty, as they take too long to load:

    Also, sculpts need more development resources in general:

    Please LL, make sculpts a usable building tool for everyone. Start with the MAJOR bugs.

  24. Razor says:

    “Second Life is a hugely complicated system. Windows ME from Microsoft had far more problems and they *did* make promises. Be happy that Linden Lab even has such an active blog – and I mean to say that they at least try to be open and respond (though, with a lot of ‘venting’ comments, I wouldn’t want to respond either.)”

    in most cases they dont want to respond. if they would have wanted to respond they would have responded. most blogs go without responses

  25. Fox says:


    You split the blog in two, putting grid failure messages on the hidden second blog on a completely different domain name, while keeping all the ‘nice and friendly’ messages on this blog.

    Good business practise 101, chapter 1:
    You ‘lose face’ when you change your communication channels, whether it be a phone number, email address, internet domain name, or even part of an URL pointing to your website from your own website.
    When people can’t hear you, they will not know you are there at all.

    You are wasting our time. Time is money, therefore you are wasting our money as well.
    You were always too late communicating failure on your system to your users, and 99.9% of the time fail to notify us inworld when you DO notice and start working on the problem.

    Right now, the grid is still failing.
    Teleports fail, search fails, inventory is ridiculously slow, packet loss is yet again at an all time high, people are ruthed, and the ghosted prim problem is back! (you fixed that right? wrong!)

    Now quit your jibber jabber and get on with it!

  26. Donna says:

    Torleeeeeeeey can you work your magic with KB Issue that has some mistakes on it, I think the person who wrote the article had a dodgey keyboard as where there should be a ‘ there is a ?.
    Topic Information
    Topic #: 4051-4899
    Date Created: 1/8/08
    Modified: 2/26/08
    Times Viewed: 241
    Oh and sorry to be off of topic but it’s strange looking lol

  27. Donna says:

    Oh and put a sock in it Fox it isnt separation it’s called making it easier to navigate this Blog, if you want status reports you go to the status reports page, it isnt hard and also the posts for the status reports page is on the login page of the Second Life viewer, quit moaning.

  28. Torley you absolutely rock ! Thank you so much.

  29. Amaterasu says:

    I am sure these Video tutorials are very useful.
    But then I would have to be able to LOG-IN and actually do anything in SL to find this out.
    If JIRA VWR-3258 ever actually gets addressed/fixed by any Linden then maybe I will be able to log-in again.
    You remember this JIRA issue Torley? The one where Windlight destroys any chance of those affected being able to use SL. One that you decided wasn’t an issue in March and tried to close because YOU didn’t have the issue.

    Seems though it IS still an issue, and has affected a LOT more people with both ATI and nVidia cards since Windlight became the only show in town.

  30. Hal says:

    A bit ironic..

    Torley teaches us all to use Cel Edman’s freeware sculpt-map app, meanwhile official Linden mentors have been handing out Cel’s commercial sculpts free to noobs, totally against Cel’s terms of sale.

  31. Alex R says:

    @27…. I think more the fact is that when you are a new person unfamiliar with SL … the first thing you see is the main blog… all else is “swept under the rug” until a time when the grid status blog is discovered.

    Meanwhile, 62K people on line…teleports failing, transactions failing, linden dollar balances off…..

    But hey at least I know how to make a sculpted prim…If I could get a prim to rez right now…….

  32. alf lednev says:

    Another great video Torley but i’m still waiting for a practical one on how to use JIRA. People’s frustration boil over as avenues to have issues dealt with are extremely limited.

    So a “happy, chirpy” video on how to lodge an issue on JIRA, how the voting works (and why a problem has to be voted on) and how to follow it up would be of great use

  33. FireFox Bancroft says:

    @ 32 There is already a vid tut on how to use JIRA it’s in the video archives, don’t know exactly where though. You’ll have to search.

  34. Vivienne says:

    @ Firefox

    He, he. Maybe they aexplain why there are a huge lot of issues repoerted a year ago and not assigned until now.

    Anyway, better bug reporting and direct response would be a worthy task.

    @ Ari

    “The only “promise” from Linden Lab, and Microsoft, ”

    Does Bill Gates these great tutorial videos on Winows, as Torley doe on SL? Hum. Hey, you do not really wanna compare MS to LL…lol

    Btw., Ari, it´s not about complaining. It´s about making SL a better place and a better project as it is now. Torley surely tries his best with these extraordinary videos and his unresistable passion and charme. So do many others. Critics are necessary for any project which evolves like SL, and you know it.

  35. concerned says:

    Another great Vidtut Torely although im an old SLer and know all the things your teach they are still compulsive veiwing.Keep up the good work:)

  36. concerned says:

    Off topic i support all the calls to bring grid status back to blog as well as maintaining status page,We want openness and ease of use but this is red tape that has made finding grid status harder unless your about to log in.

    I often checvk the blog while looking at account online i don’t need or want to have to have account/blog/forum and a status page.

  37. “Does Bill Gates these great tutorial videos on Winows, as Torley doe on SL? Hum. Hey, you do not really wanna compare MS to LL…lol”

    Actually, ummm… yes. LOL

    Okay – I’m out. 😉

  38. Something or other says:

  39. U M says:

    Having two seperate areas for grid problems and fluff crap like this is stupid. PUT IT THE FREAK BACK THE WAY IT WAS. Quit trying to hide your problems on pages noone can find !

  40. U M B says:

    Put this stuff on the page that noone can finding and have to look for it instead. Put the important stuff, like the problems here where its open and easy to see. Who cares how to make a prim when you cant TP,rezzing,cant buy stuff, cant build stuff anyway. Quit with the glossy lipstick, and suck the lard out of your butts and do something and to fix it before even trying to tell us how to use stuff that isnt working right today and yesterday and last week, and last year and so forth and so on ad nauseum till puke.

  41. U M C says:

    and one more thing. fire whoever is in charged of fix the grid, they are horrible and cannot even fix friends

  42. U M D says:

    and my script toilet isnt working the poop flies off the waters and into the air because SL is broke again as always nothing is the working as it should be.

  43. Patience Masala says:

    Hey, you think you can get the assets or whatever database servers up and running again please? At the very least make an inworld announcement so people don’t go rezzing nocopy stuff, get a faild rez attempt then see that the object is not back in their inventory. Thanks!

  44. just me says:

    why do we need to rely on external programs or BUY inworld tools,
    when is there a sculptie editor build into the client??

    is anyone hired to be working on that or are you just buying new mercedes for everyone

  45. chat says:

    Very good.

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  47. Ree Indigo says:

    @44: We don’t have an image editor, animation studio or sound editor built into the client, do you want those things, too? Would the average person who comes in just to chat and hang out benefit from all that added client bloat?

    Even more important, consider how many of us would stop using my external programs to do art, sculpties and sound editing if LL introduced them into the client? I certainly wouldn’t: these are complex things that need dedicated software, and unless LL picks the exact UI and keyboard shortcut layout I’m familiar with and accepts all the plugins my main program uses, I’m likely to ignore an in-client editor altogether.

    I have tried out this sculpty editor, and I must say it’s quite nice. For those that aren’t familiar with 3D programs, a little more effort on documentation might be nice, but for veterans like myself, it’s perfect.

    … now if the typical weekend outages would go the hell away, I might be able to upload a few and see how they check out in-world.

  48. Torian says:

    As I understand it Sculpted Prims cause LAG. Is this true? If so, isn’t this tip the exact opposite of the post about Avatar Rendering Cost, which stresses trying to reduce LAG?

  49. U M E says:


    Everything causes lag, except LL (tm c r etc coughgag). Its never they fault for anything. grid stays up so they no have to pay you anything even tho you cant fixing or building things and no can buy because the assit server is borken all the times

  50. Dytska Vieria says:

    Thank You Torley! I never tried to make a real sculpty before and this made it easy!

  51. Dytska Vieria says:

    Sorry, forgot to add – the BEST additional location for Sculpties and Windlight would be the login splash screen image! The old one is so, well, old! Spritz it Up!

  52. Katt Linden says:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, everyone. I appreciate it. And I’m paying attention. I hope that you’ll find some benefit to that fairly soon.

  53. Katt Linden says:

    What other posts would you like to see from us? Specific topics? I’d be glad to hear what you’d find interesting.

  54. Mallory says:

    *yells out loud* I LOVE YOU TORLEY!!! *covers her mouth quickly in shock, look around hoping nobody heard* 😛

  55. Dytska Vieria says:

    @ the complainers that want the outages back on the blogs – all you have to do is go to and click on the “Grab this RSS feed” and then it will be on the top of your Firefox browser, just below the menubar stuff.. Not that difficult but at least you will have a quick link. Later, LL said they would allow complaints, i.e. comments in these new status pages, but in the meantime, stay on topic in the blogs! Frankly, I think the same old ya ya is getting old. Of course LL knows about the problems and yes, they are working on it, but this is a work-in-progress, if you are whining about loosing money, why not invest it in someplace else, such as a certificate of deposite, short term money yield, or, since you obviously already like to take risks by putting your money here – try the stock exchange or that man from Nigeria! Nobody said this place was where you would make millions, unless you bought that book on ebay, like a fool.

    Yes I know this is not on topic, but you should be more informed. Torley and others such as Sidewinder have made great headway in the improvement of the SL experience and I have always enjoyed it.

  56. Mallory says:

    Thank you Dytska, I totally agree.

  57. Wilma Philbin says:

    Great to be able to make your own sculpties! Thanks Torley and thanks Cel Edman for all the wonderful sculpties you’ve made. Look forward to trying this program.

    Is there a way to see how taxing a sculpty is, like with avatar rendering cost?

  58. Jay Prospero says:

    Thanks Torley!

    Always a pleasure to watch your vids, your enthusiasm knows no bounds. keep up the awesome work.


  59. Georgette Whitfield says:

    @55 Here, here! Well said! TORLEY thanks for another awesome tutorial. I’ve only ever used Rokuro which just does lathe so this is a big help, cheers.

    OT @all the moaners: If you have to post your whinges here, please mark your post with OT (off topic) so the rest of us can skip it. Also please limit yourself to one comment per blog post, so that others have the chance to post proper feedback on the topic in question which is SCULPTIES! Personally, I’m getting sick of people hijacking Torley’s blog posts to moan about their SL technical issues. Phone support, submit a ticket, file a Jira, try doing some of your own troubleshooting. But stop spamming channels that have nothing to do with technical support. And when tps etc are down, there’s no point in adding a comment to say it is down. The Lindens know that, they don’t need you to tell them. Maximise your time by competing some other tasks in SL or RL. And since I joined SL a year ago people have been saying SL is dying. And guess what: it’s still alive! Personally I think it’s just as good/bad as ever so please stop scaremongering. It’s getting boring.

  60. U M says:

    not those are not my comments…….

  61. studleygoodfleck says:

    (off topic)@59
    you forgot to mark up as off topic dude or does whinging about whingers not count

  62. Kakurady says:

    @48 – A sculpted prim doesn’t cost more time rendering than a torus. It may slow the loading time a bit since you need to load not just one, but two textures, but it doesn’t make more lag than other prims (with the exception of cubes).

  63. Harke Hartnell says:

    so when are we going to be seeing an in-world tool to make sculpties?

  64. Rock on, Torley! More vidtuts! More crab-squashing! Yaaaaaaay! ^_^

  65. R. H. says:

    @59 Georgette
    Let’s see…phone support has been down most of the weekend…
    the jira doesn’t load, must be VERY active, is virtually unreachable…
    These comments don’t have subject lines or any means to filter them off the page so suggesting we title our comments so others can do so is rather silly, and thus an amusing suggestion ….
    I do agree that obviously SL is not dying…growth may have slacked off but it’s certainly not a shrinking world. 60k+ concurrent pretty much every day is a stable if not static society of avatars.
    But you know, SL is borked as usual have fun anyway is right jolly advice.


  66. Trella McMahon says:

    Thanks Torley I can’t tell you how much I have learned through and from you, your simply the best. But it’s hard to get excited anymore when venue owners can’t even work or use what we build for we still can’t post live events for venues and live music artist due to issues of SL ‘TM’ kicking it back. Maybe one day before we are all broke and gone SL ‘TM’ will work as hard as you to make the in world as out of world site work as smoothly as they claim it does.

    Best of Wishes, & Blessings always

  67. Foo bar says:


    Sculptie prims are great. But people think about SL a lot like they do about real life.

    How would we feel if the main TV channels only showed good news and you had to go to a special channel and config your TV in a special way in order to watch the UNCENSORED news.

    I understand that the constant posting of “oppps it’s broken” on the front page must be embarrassing for LL ((C) (P) (R) patent pending, patent pending, patent pending) …. but come on…..

    LL’s attitude seems to be, “if the people are starving (for reliable service), let them eat sculpty prims!”


  68. Linda Brynner says:

    The videos are fantastic and Torley is my Hero too.
    He has learned me so much.

    Hmm, yes signups have been decreasing, but last year around that
    time it was the same… The sun is getting shiny in RL… That’s the reason I think. Last year it was the same pattern.

    In SL many things have gone wrong indeed.
    Improvements I see too and many.
    Tickets (in my case) are handled quickly and the communication is very positive. In 2007 the response from linden’s could be very very nasty and without proper multi-lingual support. Now they seem to be friendly and better international.

    it is a pity however that SL seems to have slowed down.
    I have set my preferences very low, and still it’s laggier than before.
    Is this due to the server upgrade? It seems so.

    I would also hope that DAZZLE goes to the scrap yard really.

    At this moment I’m a satisfied and loyal long term SL user.
    My biggest hope however is that the Hard core Porn, and Porn in general is going to be declared illegal in SL. Unfortunate SL is highly used to express perverted and twisted minds… It is a major business in SL, but I have this dream that SL will be one day an elegant place, rather then providing the nasty minded a platform.
    A mandatory, well organized, identity check would just do.
    But that is coming someday?

    Well… Luckely, many nice people are found in SL…
    And I love it in-world…

    Keep the work up my dear Linden’s

  69. Might it be worth mentioning that bulk uploads don’t have the option for using lossless texture compression? So if you’re uploading sculpt maps you’d be best uploading them one at a time so that you can select the lossless compression option.

  70. Dark Princess says:

    Keep up the Great Work Torley! I know how do to things pretty well in SL but I usually find some new little trick or tip each time I watch them to make things go faster.

  71. My only regret is that LL did not choose to implement meshes direct importation instead of the complicated and very restrictive (in term of shapes) sculpties….

  72. Netgen Ninetails says:

    @67: “How would we feel if the main TV channels only showed good news and you had to go to a special channel and config your TV in a special way in order to watch the UNCENSORED news.”

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I would absolutely love that. I get the info I want, and the scare-mongering Fox News stays out of my face for good. 🙂 Not the best analogy in my case.

    I agree that Second Life is unstable and buggy, and that Linden Labs doesn’t seem to care. But everyone on this blog needs to understand something. Many people here are complaining that they invested thousands of dollars in this game, and can’t understand why LL can’t maintain the servers. I’ll clue you in: it’s because they already have your thousands of dollars. The worst threat I’ve ever seen on this blog is along the lines of “IF U DON”T FIX SL AND LET ME MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU I SWEAR TO GOD ILL TYPE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AT YOU HUNDREDS OF TIMES IN IRRELEVANT BLOG POSTS!!!” Here’s a better idea: schedule a boycott date, and simultaneously withdraw all of your funds on that day. Linden Labs will basically have to buckle under that kind of pressure. I mean, talking isn’t working, yelling isn’t working, threatening isn’t working, so try actually doing something. The potential loss of in-world business that day will be worth it in the long run, right?

    On-topicness: I love your videos, Torley. They keep me entertained during those times that SL isn’t working properly.

  73. Eva says:

    I got black nasty seams on my skin and my fingers look like i messed with black paint what is that? can you explain? also my hair (the newbie) missing from database! cant someone just put those back?

  74. Eva says:

    I saw many persons with black fingers so its not me alone 🙂

  75. Kimo Junot says:

    Bug fungus will cause black fingernails

  76. yuriko nishi says:

    what about an internal 3d editor to create sculptys? i think you had enough time now to create one 😉

  77. Very Keynes says:

    Now that grid status reports are no longer coming up in the blog, and I am not getting the IM’s form the fancy new service, I finally found where to go to look for status reports. I wanted to place a comment and was asked for my username and password. It rejected them and I realised it was looking for World Press username and gave no option to create an account.
    Do we now have to have 3 separate accounts with 3 separate service providers just to see the grid status and pass helpful comments or query a situation?
    Torley Please either ask Kate if this is miss communication, or give us one of your video, to show us business owners how we can now get the information need. The main reason we visited this blog every day in the first place.

  78. Martin Magpie says:

    @53; unmanned bots, causes of client side lag, any news on estate tools for mainland owns, gamed traffic, favoritism in Spotlight… to name a few. Thanks for asking.

  79. Urantia Jewell says:

    @73 Eva,

    Try Rebaking your textures from the Advanced menu. Advanced | Character | Rebake Textures |

    After clicking on Rebake Textures toggle in and out of Appearance mode.

    Hope this helps… cheers and have fun 🙂

  80. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Torley, thanks once again for your tutorial, excellent as always.
    Now Pantaiputih continues OT for those who want to skip OT comments….. I marked it, rofl

    @ 53 ‘Thanks for taking the time to comment, everyone. I appreciate it. And I’m paying attention. I hope that you’ll find some benefit to that fairly soon.’

    Guess, we all hope to find some benefits fairly soon, too…..
    Me personnally still longs for LL to act proactively instead of just ‘repairing’ the ‘oops there is anoher failure dingie’. And if you talk about things we might see pretty soon, we – or at least me – would like hear something more concrete instead of a whispered promise…..

    May be, it is my cultural deficit that I do not understand you, Katt, but for me most of your responses are bla bla bla without any content or vision for the next future. So, if it is a cross-cultural misunderstanding, please forgive my ‘criticism’.

    For all those who call this whining or complainig: no, it is just expressing the desire to get to know wehre to the ship goes instead of passively waiting what happens. I WANT TO KNOW what LL is going to do to fix the most important issues.

    Best regards,

    p.s. for me, SL is working fairly well and I love the game, keep up improving LL and start to communicate honestly

  81. sylvie matova says:

    @79, 73

    Remember, if you can’t see the Advanced Menu do a CTRL-ALT-D to make it appear at the top of your screen.

    (I think it’s CMD-ALT-D on a MAC)

  82. Ashlynn Enoch says:

    Thanks Torley for this video. Didn’t know Cel had added the ability to import the flowers now. Woot!!!!

  83. Great tutorials, Torley! And thanks for the land tips, they are very helpful. 🙂

    *looks around* *Thinks to himself* “Thats odd… I thought I heard sombody shout, I LOVE YOU TORLEY! From comment 54…”

  84. Sorry about the OT topic earlier! Wrong Comments page…. oops!

  85. Thank You For Your Patience (LL doesn't even say that any more) says:

    [RESOLVED] Database Issues
    Posted by Status Desk on May 5th, 2008 at 01:43 pm PDT

    [RESOLVED 2:13 PM PDT] – The database has been recovered and all services should now perform normally.

    We are currently experiencing issues with our database. As such, please refrain from transactions. Slow/problematic logins along with other database related issues may be experienced during this time.

    We should be back to normal operation within the hour.

    Please see the following Wiki page for more information:

  86. Cee Ell says:

    @53 @Katt — Some people seem deeply concerned about having a place to post their generally pointless, and usually unreadable, rants about grid service issues. Perhaps you can add a ‘comments’ feature to the new Grid Status pages, so that disgruntled users can vent over there — and not clutter up these other, potentially useful, topics here the main blog with their cryptic fulminations. Just a thought.

  87. Cel Edman says:

    Thanks for posting Torley 🙂

    Just as Theblack Box and Aminom Marvin posted above, fixing the Jira / losslessbug and sculpty-loading priority would improve SL and sculpties a lot !!!

    Disclaimer; I started Sculptypaint as a personal experiment on lowpoly 3D modelling, and its still a sketch to me; and a rather dodgy piece of software, added more stuff and tools what I just needed, and only fix bugs if they start to annoy myself. Sculptypaint is nice for certain (geometric) 3D models, but other 3D-software can do a better job for certain parts/things. Infact most sculpty creators I know use different 3D/2D software in combination with eachother.

    For starters; in the Stone Tool is a force to 32×32 button; use it and work with that model, in case you want an SL lookalike sculpty. When I wrote the Flowertool june 2007, I still thought sculpties were rendered at 64×64 while its actually 32×32’ish in SL.
    (Personally I always got render 64×64 on)

    There are also a lot of inworld/free and expensive software for creating sculpties, and got to thank also a lot of the people and community for pushing it further. It sounds strange; working for a year now with sculpties, and almost every week I discover a new technique or a different way to model a 3D-object.

    Now I just hope my website will survive the traffic..

  88. Professor Jira says:

    Cel Edman, great work.

    Katt Linden, why don’t you post replies at your blogposts? Communication is a two way street.

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  90. markbyrn says:

    Another well done video Torley – very informative.

  91. Melchoir Tokhes says:

    I really missed the relaxing piano lounge music this time :_(

  92. Good Vid And Thx Torley for making the animation TuT lol 8)

  93. Finally got around to creating the online documentation for the Blender sculptie scripts. So I hunted down this post to add the info. Click my name to visit the download site 🙂

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  104. Thanks Torley for a great video. Another thing to mention is that 3D Obects can be converted to low polygon objects which can then be converted into sculpt maps with software polygon crunchers such as softpedia.

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