Curious, confused about land? Watch 11 LAND Video Tutorials!

LAND is GRAND and here we STAND… in a continuing quest to amplify your awesome, Torley of Linden presents almost a dozen new Second Life® Video Tutorials having anything and everything to do with LAND! What is it? How to buy & sell? How is it managed? What about shaping the ground? Need to eject troublemakers and set your parcel to deter them?! Oh my gosh… have you ever wanted to know what all those options in About Land do? Here are your answers and more, in almost 2 hours of FREE vidtuts!

Here’s the whole list. They’re loosely arranged in an order you should watch them for maximum benefit and I weave a story through several — but feel free to skip around:



00:07 – What is land in Second Life?
01:43 – Regions, parcels, & prim limits
04:23 – Premium accounts & land ownership
04:56 – Searching for land
05:14 – Different kinds of land for sale
05:34 – Differences between Mainland & Estates
10:00 – Increasing your knowledge of what land to buy
10:33 – Teleporting to land you’re interested in
11:09 – About Land basics
12:33 – A few words of advice…

Land use introduction

00:36 – What are allowed land holdings?
00:54 – Managing land use on SECONDLIFE.COM

Region & parcel prim limits

00:13 – What are prim limits?
01:18 – A note about “primfficiency”
02:06 – Shared parcel prim limits within a region
03:13 – Abandon Land demo

 Selling parcels

01:05 – Setting land sale options
02:47 – Selling objects with your land
04:53 – Selling land to a specific buyer

Buying parcels (as a Premium account)

01:34 – Sharing where land for sale is
03:28 – Buying a parcel
06:12 – Buying a parcel (above your land holdings)

Buying parcels (as a Basic account)

02:19 – Updating billing info on SECONDLIFE.COM
03:21 – After upgrading to a Premium account

About Land options

00:22 – All about About Land
00:40 – About Land > General tab
01:07 – Showing your parcel in Search
01:40 – Don’t abandon your land!
02:23 – The controversy with parcel traffic
03:36 – About Land > Covenant tab
03:49 – About Land > Objects tab
05:53 – Using object return
08:46 – About Land > Options tab
10:54 – Restricting object creation & entry
13:02 – Restricting running scripts
16:23 – Safe vs. damage-enabled land
17:24 – Restricting push scripts
19:52 – Changing your parcel’s picture
20:17 – Landing Point & Teleport Routing
22:42 – About Land > Media tab (covered in other tutorials)
23:04 – About Land > Access tab (also covered in another tutorial)

Parcel access controls

00:17 – Freezing & banning unwelcome avatars
02:41 – Info about ban lines
03:24 – Restricted parcel access options
03:41 – The weirdness that is “Sell passes”
05:23 – Restricting access by payment info
06:13 – Restricting access by age verification
07:05 – Restricting access to a specific group
07:34 – Recap!

Property Lines & Land Owners

00:37 – What do different colors mean?
01:58 – One more thing…

Joining & subdividing parcels

00:20 – How do you know which land is yours?
01:02 – Splitting a parcel
02:45 – Joining parcels
04:16 – Joining parcels (advanced usage)
05:53 – Workaround for underwater land selections
06:43 – Can non-contiguous land be the same parcel?


00:05 – What is terraforming?
00:58 – Terrain tools
04:58 – “Apply to selection” makes terraforming faster!
05:49 – Terraform range limits
08:11 – Terraforming an entire parcel
08:48 – Terrain-related Estate controls
09:05 – Customizing a region’s ground textures
12:20 – More about texture elevation ranges
13:55 – Region/Estate > Terrain tab
17:01 – Explore options to beautify your land

A few more things:

  • I filmed in Second Life 1.20 RC, hence the different look. I encourage you to try it out!
  • Your specifics may vary. These video tutorials are a supplement to, but not a substitute for our Support Portal, should you need account-specific help or want to refer to the text articles in our Knowledge Base.
  • I didn’t get to everything here. There’s still group-owned land intricacies (and permissions thereof), Estate-specific stuff, the forthcoming Land Store, etc. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to cover them too in future series… if you’d like this, let me know! 🙂

Torley Linden
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146 Responses to Curious, confused about land? Watch 11 LAND Video Tutorials!

  1. unimpressed says:

    Can someone please put the daily “SL is broken and we wont fix it properly” messages back on the proper blog instead of on the status page? It’s just kidology trying to make it look like there are lesss problems than there really are.

  2. musha says:

    Best turn the comments off of the rudies will come in.

  3. When will money transactions work properly????

  4. None says:

    I want to know why I own mainland and the parcel next to mine is smaller and has more prims? Who’s butt do I need to kiss to get more prims on my land too?

  5. Carrie Grant says:

    Are you joking??? Endless complaints from in world customers about failing transactions that you haven’t even bothered to announce in world but have hidden away on your new secret “bad news page’ no one can comment on and you post more ‘oh so happy’ news on here about a new video tutorial???? For godsakes get real and look at peoples comments – you aren’t hiding a thing except your own total inability to cope with things…from yourselves. Your new marketing team aren’t working very well for you are they? People see right through them…guess you need to upgrade.

  6. DMCA-violation says:


    The videos are nice but wouldn’t it be a tiny little bit more important to do something about content theft?


  7. DMCA-violation says:


    The videos are nice but wouldn’t it be a tiny tad little bit more important to do something about content theft?


  8. DMCA-violation says:


    Just a small hint to our so everly happy linden about a requests from a lot of very sad and very angry creators who feel very much left alone with their problems and who are beeing ignored


  9. Bappa Gresfe says:

    Great, more useless videos when the real issues are beeing ignored.

  10. DMCA-violation says:

    post this on a separate noob blog
    so we wont be bothered with happy ignorant videos anymore when our problems are big and we are dealing with DMCA violations and we are in danger of having to lose and give up our shops completely.

    At the point we are now, we really couldn’t care less about happy talk for noobs.

    if the problems continue to exists the way they do the only places where those noobs can still shop in the future will be the brazilian rip sims because all the real creators will have left.

  11. Petro Zabaleta says:

    yes post more of this nonsense maybe some dumb people will belive there are less grid problems now.



  13. DMCA-violation says:

    aMake a video about how to deal with stolen content an on how to fill in a DMCA and how to deal with full perm spread stolen items. but no you don’t dare to do that Torley, right?

    only simple happy newbie topics.

  14. BLEHHH says:

    “Some Webservers Not Showing Current Transaction History
    [12:31 a.m. Pacific ] The reporting databases are all in synch now, so all Webservers should provide full and up-to-date transaction histories.

    [9:41 a.m Pacific] One of the databases responsible for sending transaction histories to our Webserver cluster has fallen behind on synchronization. Until it catches up, only some of the Webservers will be showing up-to-date histories.

    If you log in to, try to pull your transaction history, and come up empty, a temporary workaround (once you’re logged in) is to manually edit the leftmost portion of your browser’s URL bar. Past the double slash, it’ll look something like: secure-webXX, where ‘XX’ is some number. Try editing that to ’secure-web3′ and resubmitting to hit an up-to-date server.

    The laggy database should be caught up by about noon Pacific.”

    I hate that.

  15. Spekkie Dreamscape says:

    @ carrie grant

    Are you joking??? Endless complaints from in world customers about failing transactions that you haven’t even bothered to announce in world but have hidden away on your new secret “bad news page’ no one can comment on and you post more ‘oh so happy’ news on here about a new video tutorial???? For godsakes get real and look at peoples comments – you aren’t hiding a thing except your own total inability to cope with things…from yourselves. Your new marketing team aren’t working very well for you are they? People see right through them…guess you need to upgrade.

    Duhh. everyone knows this but the lindens

  16. Sean Heying says:

    Torley, tell Katt the communications MIS-manager to reintegrate the two blogs, these two disparate blogs are a joke.

  17. everyone says says:

    Why even bother with the videos when you can’t log in to buy land and even if you could transactions are screwed up so you don’t have enough money but if you did the transaction wounldn’t go through anyways . The only thing that works 100% of the time and is truely relieable is Sidewinder .

  18. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Again a nice addition by Torley but unfortunately the game is now once again non functional after the wizards played with it. Soon it will not matter about land for it will be a wasteland and it is really too bad for they had such a great environment. I feel the pain of having something that while not working perfectly at least worked, now all we have is a stuttering ill performing game

  19. DMCA- Violation says:

    Torley, tell Katt the communications manager to find the linden thats responsible for the DMCAs. The last blogpost about the DMCAs was a joke, no questions asked by residents were answered they all were ignored. Tell Kat, to tell the DMCA linden that is no proper way to communicate. He does a hell of a bad job.

  20. DMCA- Violation says:

    Oh and tell her to assign Sidewinder as her mentor, he’s a nice person, and does good on communications. Kudos to Sidewinder for the great example for every linden!

  21. PUKE on RipNet Olivier says:

    why ist that horrible self proven well known brazilian ripper banned from secondlife????

  22. Vidal Tripsa says:

    Well, I thought this useful and informative. Thank you, Torley.

    DMCA violation commenters, this isn’t exactly the best place to register such issues. Yes, they’re important, but this is what Linden Lab office hours and support addresses are for. Please; I want such issues fixed too, but claiming that we should abandon all hope of the happier things in SL in the meantime is just not condusive.

    Sorry if I’m speaking out of turn, but it’s getting annoying now. Complain where it’s listened to and valuable, not just anywhere on the ‘site.

  23. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Again in response to the not the right place to complain, well if there was a place for people to actually have problems solved these blogs would not fill up with off topic posts. This I do blame linden lab/research for as they seem not to care. Therefore any open space available will be filled with very dis satisfied customers most who pay a monthly subscription and a tier fee believing in the dream set forth oh so long ago. Every time we hear there will be another patch we have grown all to aware that it means the game will further degrade. And, for you who seem enamored with the TOS it has already failed one court test as boiler plate while it try’s to bind us to a set of rules there is no document binding the linden organization to anything. All we have is the promise made at the end of last year by Philip that the focus was to be on establishing a solid core engine to operate the game in a reasonable manner. All I have seen is new bells and whistles. Havok 4 showed great promise when released but it seems they have found a way to make it run worse than Havok 1 or 2 which ever we had before. Windlight is nice but not required. Voice, I suppose, is nice for those that can use it but not required. Dazzle is certainly not nice and certainly not required. Building to 4500 meters is not required and just makes the data base work harder tracking more items in a 3d matrix. Glow, Flexys. Sculptys, all very nice but not required. Content theft management certainly required but it does not seem to be enforced. Splitting the blog into 2 sections while handy for the lindens to give out information limits the replies to specific problems on the topic presented. Until a suitable forum for the intelligent exchange of information is established this topics will suffer from abuse by off topic presentations from frustrated customers. From an in world business stand point we seem to go through generated cycles of bust and boom created by the mis handled software updates. We just recovered from the last dip in sales to have another thrust upon us with what was supposed to be a memory allocation correction. One might make the assumption after the second start up in 2003-04 that this game would have stabilized by its 4th (8th overall) year. There seems to be a logic lacking in the application or corrections. If history repeats itself, and it appears it will, the game will continue to deteriorate into the morass of the twilight and have a slow and painful death. A lot of money has been invested by the investors and the customers and it will be a sad day if it comes. This all reflects back on the leadership while the good intentions are expressed there is a road paved with them.

    Linden Lab until you have the realization that the customers complain because they do enjoy this game and you open a solid line of communication this will absorb the comments of many frustrated people.

    I recently looked at every virtual 3D game out there and none compare you not only have the first you have, when working, the best and most feature rich experience available also the most frustrating when it does not live up to expectations.

    You apparently have some very talented individuals working for you but even they are not effective without proper direction and focus
    I apologize for the long dissertation on the condition of the game but since we have no place to communicate this will have to suffice

  24. FireFox Bancroft says:

    I’m starting to think it’s rather pointless to read blog comments anymore, may as well disable comments on ALL blog postings so people will air their issues in the proper channels. I.E. Office Hours, support portal, their own **** blog pages, etc.

  25. How to determine mid-point of land terraforming before buying land ?

    How can I deteremine if land has been moved from its default (mid-point) altitude before I buy it?

    How can I know if the land has been bottomed (yet still above sea level) or it still has another 4m to go ?

    Maybe I shd raise a Jira along the lines of:

    Allow anyone to terraform ANY land – local to their client – in order to see the land terraforming possibilities before purchasing.

    No other client would see this localised terraforming.

    Perhaps all terraforming should initially be done locally anyway?
    And once the owner terraformer is happy – hit an OK prompt – to have the changes upload to the server?

    Non-owner terraformers – just wont get a prompt to upload.

  26. Forget all the complainers who post off-topic…

    Awesome, Torley! Wow… a full two-hours worth and all on the same theme. This is great (could have used this a couple years ago before I wasted a LOT of money LOL)

    Awesome job – keep them coming, keep up the great work!

  27. Jaca C says:

    Ah Torley, SL is asking us to trim prims and now they have made you trim you – what happened to the flambouyant Torley we all know and love?!!

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  29. Paulo Dielli says:

    Sorry, didn’t even watch the tuts.
    Is your SL experience getting better or worse?

    [ ] better
    [ x ] worse

  30. Razrcut Brooks says:

    Wow, such verbose bitchers!. I am having very issues with SL and feel the stability is getting better. Thanks LL.

  31. Xavion says:

    i got a idea how to fix ll laziness why don’t we for 1 week each day spam the abuse report with fix the grid and stuff like that and jsut basically spam the jira bug reporter with fix the grid its unstable fix sl etc etc for 7 days straight i mean if after a week of non stop spamage to blogs abuse reports and jira to fix the grid i guess then its officially pointless and ll doesn’t care

  32. Phoenixa Sol says:

    Torley, thank you for the new batch of tutorials about land. Even after all this time I had questions.

    Now, if we could just get a fix on JIRA 6110 so people stop losing their expensive dance appliances when detaching them, perhaps I can start filming again on the land we pay $$ for tier!

  33. Tater Todd says:

    Torley, keep on rockin! Thanks

  34. Connie Darcy says:

    You might also mention that regardless of how careful you are when dealing with land in SL, there is always a good chance you’ll strike an unfortunate glitch & be left landless & broke anyway…
    “Teeple: Oh, my. so it sounds like you were trying to take the correct precautions and just got hit with a really, REALLY badly-timed system glitch”
    Matthew” I totally recognise that this was not a deliberate action on your part but I’m sure you can understand that we simply cannot interfere in private sales matters.”

  35. Ree Indigo says:

    Agree with 30.

    What use is there to watch a tutorial on how to do something when the sim is just going to roll back, rubber-band to its initial value 10 seconds later or lag out and refuse to perform the action whenever you try?

  36. Osiris says:

    Thank you Torley, the pains of SL may be big at times, but tutorials is what is in HERE, and I learned new and interesting things thanks to you!

  37. Mallory says:

    Torley, your vids are gone it seems. It gives me the “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” :S. Did you put hidden porn in it? I hear Google doesn’t alow that 😉 .

    Wow people also whining here. I have a better solution. If you don’t like SL, just stop playing… YAY.

  38. Mallory says:

    And now they are back. A YouTube glitch 🙂 .

  39. pantaiputih korobase says:

    katt is on vacation?

  40. Linda Brynner says:

    Great work Torley. Better late than never.
    Your videos have helped me to understand the challenge of SL better.
    In my Landshop I have even placed a link to the tutorials.

    Btw… how can I see the default form of a Land before I buy it?
    Could we have an option to see that local?

  41. Verdana Klaar says:

    This set of videos is certainly quite useful for those who recently have bought a parcel of land, typically the one or two months old premium resident.

    For those in this here blog page who complain (again and again), I simply suggest they should do when the topic is appropriate. Which is not currently the case here, in my view.

    And btw, SL is not working so bad as some can tell. Of course we crash more often than when using the average software, as well, crowdy places are laggy (guess why ?) etc… Now, since 14 months within SL i’ve never lost any inventory item, was never stolen any stuff, have always found builds onto my parcels neat on login… and so on and so forth

    I must be an exception then 🙂

  42. DMCA is a lie says:

    if there was any place we wcould go, if the responsable linden could be reached of had office hours, i’d go there inmediately, instead of posting at the blog. but the problem is I cannot. from all the lindens i contacted (IMed, contacted inworld, emailed), noone “knows” who the responsible linden for the DMCAs is and he has no office hours.

    At the last blog many questions were asked but all ones were ignored. We had a plog post about this already two years ago and the problems from there up have been ignored.
    There are many JIRAs about content theft and they are ignored by the lindens for more than half a year and still no answers. There is no place we can go to.

    The blog is the last resort where people go to where they have nowhere else to go. If you know ANY place we haven’t tried, tell me.

  43. Great job. Any more estate level videos coming up? I’ve always wondered what those tools do exactly. (and not just yet willing to pay $1000 just to find out)

  44. Linda Brynner says:

    Hihihi, I find the tuts also humoristic ggg

  45. shiro says:

    can we just be able to TP on the weekend ffs?!

  46. Yoda Sonoda says:

    @ DMCA- Violation. Please DMCA, this is not venting your issue anymore. This is getting to spamming the Blog and taking slots from others.

    For the rest, I like the videos but the timing to do a video about land is awfull. I never have seen the delivery-time of new sims so long as currently. We are waiting already incredible long to get some new addings to our estate delivered. So please: Don’t talk about land 🙂

  47. DMCA is a lie says:

    @47 You’re just like the lindens, who cares that people lose the work they spent two years on building ther buisness are ripped down and destroyed? You obviously never had to deal with this.

  48. DMCA is a lie says:

    “Again in response to the not the right place to complain, well if there was a place for people to actually have problems solved these blogs would not fill up with off topic posts. This I do blame linden lab/research for as they seem not to care. Therefore any open space available will be filled with very dis satisfied customers most who pay a monthly subscription and a tier fee believing in the dream set forth oh so long ago. Every time we hear there will be another patch we have grown all to aware that it means the game will further degrade. And, for you who seem enamored with the TOS it has already failed one court test as boiler plate while it try’s to bind us to a set of rules there is no document binding the linden organization to anything. ”

    at least he or she understands

  49. Ricky Yates says:

    Land is a complex subject and always prone to cause residents to lose substantial amounts of L$ through mistakes. These videos go a long way in clarifying the most dangerous pitfalls.

    As usual, the videos are informative and entertaining at the same time. Many thanks, Torley! 🙂

  50. FireFox Bancroft says:

    @ Complainers, If Lindens spent time talking to users on the blog all day they wouldn’t be working on the grid at all. Words from the LL crew aren’t going to fix your problems, action is. And saying “we’re working on the problem” isn’t action, They can sit here and tell you what they’re doing all day if they wanted to but then what’s getting done? The Lindens are programmers, not politicians. Goodness knows they try though.

    I’m an MMO programmer, if I sat and chatted with my user base all day work wouldn’t get done because I’d be fielding questions instead of coding. True LL has people to talk for them, but guess what? Not every PR person at LL knows exactly whats going on in the coder trenches. SL weather you like it or not is like every other Beta MMO out there, sure it’s not a game but it’s a persistent world like one BUT it’s content is user-created and thats one of the big things that makes SL NOT a game, how many MMOG’s out there have user-created content? Does WoW or any other MMORPG out there have User-created content thats being constantly uploaded and downloaded to and from servers? Absolutely not, that’s why SL is such a beast, that’s why SL has stability issues, that’s why SL has bugs and that’s also why when LL squashes one bug another one pops up in it’s place (other things factor into the equation but I’m not going to list them to avoid confusion).

    My point is don’t expect SL to suddenly become perfect overnight, the LL coders are trying their damnedest to squash every bug, some of the bugs they have to deal with they don’t know WHERE it’s occurring yet or don’t know how to fix yet, programmers are not some kind of infallible creature, they’re human beings, prone to make mistakes, but they learn from them.

    Ok I got off track from my original statement but I had to get it off my chest. Have a nice day.

  51. Mar says:

    As always, Torley, thanks for the vidtuts. I don’t always remember to check your YouTube page, so having them here on the main blog brings them to my notice much sooner.

    @ “DMCA Violation”: you have posted seven comments under that name (so far), at: 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 19, and 20. I presume you then went for a tea break and came back, having decided upon a new name, because “DMCA is a lie” then followed your pattern by posting three near enough consecutive comments, at: 43, 48, and 49. That’s ten comments in total, all on the same subject, to date.

    As to ‘happy talk for noobs’ (yes, I’m still addressing you, DMCA-person) please do not denigrate the thousands of residents, both new AND old, who learn new things from Torley’s tutorials. We don’t ALL know the ins and out of every button and every shortcut and every option in the client. Even those of us who have been here for quite a while find out things that we never knew from these tutorials.

    OK, so you’re pissed off. So are a lot of SL residents. I get that. I’ve been pissed off, too. I’ve lost money, I’ve lost objects, and the new RC crashes all over the place for me. But you’ve taken away the possibility for nine other residents to voice their views on this blog, be they thanking Torley for his vidtuts or airing valid complaints about in-world problems (yes, whether they get answered or not; I’ve learned a lot about in-world problems just from reading the comments on these blog posts. Well, the sensible ones, anyway). I don’t expect it’ll end there, either, because you’re bound to post another three or four comments calling me and others who have thanked Torley for this blogpost “Linden lovers”. That’s the kind of puerile comment I haven’t seen since I was in junior school, and quite frankly it makes you look rather silly.

  52. KellyM Watkins says:

    Why is everyone badgering Torley. He has nothing to do with in world difficulties or problems. Can’t remember his exact role at Linden Lab but I know he doesn’t do fault findings. As you hear in most of vids “I have asked about this and hopefully it will become avaliable in future realeases” Give the guy a break…SHEESH!

    Once again Torley, thanks for your vids. 😀

  53. Winter Ventura says:


    Could you make a video tutorial about making video tutorials?
    And maybe a supplemental one about how you optimize them for Youtube?

  54. Verdana Klaar says:

    Just one point again.

    DMCA is a lie said :

    “The blog is the last resort where people go to where they have nowhere else to go. If you know ANY place we haven’t tried, tell me.”

    I suggest you try the real world sometime… that would do far more quiet blog pages 🙂

  55. U M says:

    Its time

  56. U M says:

    For me

  57. U M says:

    to post a few

  58. U M says:

    blog entries for you to enjoy

  59. Balius says:

    This blog is about land – Has anyone pointed out that the full world land map has been “broken” for awhile now (when you zoom out to the maximum altitule) ? It never rezzes fully, you have to zoom into regions like Corsica, Gaeta (the new continent) or the U-shaped Southmainland to even see them at all, and there seems to be a MEMORY LEAK when you have attempted to rezz significant amounts of the world map… The memory leak crashes my viewer eventually after these activities

    Has anyone else had these problems ?

  60. Katt Linden says:

    @24 Coventina Dalgleish.

    I do believe that you are complaining here because you care. You feel like we’re not listening, not responding, not fixing fast enough?

    I suspect that one of the reasons so many of you appreciate Torley and Sidewinder – and yes, I do ask for, and appreciate, their guidance – is that Sidewinder, for instance, is working on, and so able to discuss with you, things that impact you directly. And when he blogs, he sticks around to talk.

    Is that accurate? What about the rest of you, what is it about Sidewinder that makes a difference?

    As for making things better, I hope that eventually you’ll feel that it also makes a difference to have me here, embodying Linden Lab’s *commitment to listening*.

    If I could make everything work just the way you want it, right now, I would.

    But in the category of things I can help with, I do hear that you don’t like not being able to comment on the Status Reports page. I’m working on it.

    What I can do, and what I’m committed to doing, is listening to you, and I hope that over time you will see real, practical benefit in that.

    I know you’re not feeling patient, I’m not such a patient person either. But I do love Second Life, and you have so very much to be proud of in making it, all of you. You may not see it often enough, but “the Lindens” do care. Very much.

    Edited to add: @139, thanks for pointing it out, I haven’t forgotten, and I am working on it. — Katt

  61. edanur says:

    Thanks Torley at least you care for residents. =)

    BTW @ Katt
    why dont u open a blog called “blame it all on Lindens” or “blame it all on servers,database” etc. so we can relax 😀 and open a blog for yourself called “blame it all on Residents” so you can relax… 😀

  62. shaq Merlin says:


    Al those tutorials should be avaialable in the Second Life client (in game user interface) next to or around the exact options, not standalone somewhere in the web.

    Have Fun,

  63. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Katt@61: Sidewinder doesn’t just talk… he listens, in-world as well.

    I’d say that the lack of response since the Lindens abandoned the forums many moons ago is probably 80% of the problem, and what leads people to gripe about everything under the sun here…

  64. Yesssss says:

    @63 Katt
    Sidewinder doesn’t just listen, or talk, he interacts. he doesn’t ignore questions, even if they are ‘annoying’ or have negative comments.
    When he gets a question (both positive, negative or frustrated) he does his best to explain why or how he came to certain desicions/constructions and why some things can or cannot be fixed easily and what the reasons are.
    He tries to make people understand what is happening, and is honest about why some things went wrong he never gives the ‘evasive answer’ or ignorance. Some lindens ignore all difficult (on topic) questions and out of all 150 mostly worried comments just reply to the two positive ones. That comes across very ignorant.

    Even after having months where people could try out their items in havoc4 (what everyone should have done and he asked for several times), he still doesn’t get mad and is there to help those who haven’t done so or didn’t know and helps them to adjust the grid the way all the residents are satisfied and things work again.
    He asks people whos (technical havoc4) question he cannot fix easily inworld to IM him and actually comes to help to see if he can adjust the havoc4 settings some so everything works as good as it can again.

    He often answers questions which are off topic (like the guy who was banned), he does his best to help you find an answer or a place to go to.

    No ignorance, no evading bad things, no ‘political games’ or imago, just plain honest sidewinder answers.

  65. Verdana Klaar says:

    @64 – @65

    So why are you here then ? Simply go to where the land seems green to you.

    Frankly, if i were saying as #65 : “No ignorance, no evading bad things, no ‘political games’ or imago, just plain honest sidewinder answers.”… that would be a final farewell.

    Is it the case ? Certaintly not – that is also as stated by him/her some “political game”, isn’t it ?

  66. Anonymous says:

    @ FireFox Bancroft

    Are you so obtuse to say that we must search out Lindens (when they dont even show up for their OWN office hours) to express our dissatisfaction? Just beacuse YOU can accept the fact that this platform is failing miserably, doesn’t mean others will… If office hours are YOUR way of saying to everyone that is your time to vent; well, I have to say that is very shallow thinking. Sure, limit the time when people can complain about the malfunctioning platform, sheesh…. Maybe some need a 3rd life where everything works and no one complains… (sure, I would enjoy a working world also, but to the fanbois and gurlz; If people DON’T complain; how does anyone know it’s broken?) LMAO

  67. Anonymous says:

    @ mallory

    You OBVIOUSLY have not much USD invested in this platform like some of us (and if you do, you don’t care about money ;). I have about 10,000USD invested in this platform, and I cant simply “walk away” like you suggest. I am a content creator and part of SLDEV. I create content that is purchased on a daily basis. If I could simply walk away, I would. But I have now greated a small empire that requires my being in world 10+ hours a day. To ALL the complainers about us whiners; Here is a block of cheese to go with my whine 😉 (insert picture of cheddar cheese wedge here 😉

  68. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:


  69. Non Paying User says:

    I’d love to be at my land right now and watching those vids.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t TP back home while I was still online and now after a restart, I can’t even log in.

    Well, the usual weekend business.

  70. Raven Primeau says:

    As stated above, Wher the freaking heel is the info I need!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As much as I love SL, and how things have began to improve or so I thought………its just typical not to be able to log in and I cant even navigate to whereever some bright spark at LL decided to hide the info on how screwed the grid is….. Nothing new, they probably havent even got off their spotty arses to do anything about it. I know it does no good to rant here but sometimes Linden Labs attitude just makes me want to SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAM

  71. DR Dahlgren says:

    I am certainly CURIOUS and CONFUSED. Though for me it is a different question. It is Sat, 5-3, 7:40 a.m. SLT. My Viewer Status Section shows only status from yesterday, ONLINE and 47,671 inworld (that number has not changed in 20 min), the Status page shows the everything fine, but the SL Homepage shows Down for Maint.

    So, I am CURIOUS and CONFUSED as to the point of any sort of status updates, grid status page, or statistics on the Viewer Login page if they are not used, and do not agree.

    I keep wanting to believe that communication is getting better, but it seems it just becoming more One Way, with no feedback from residents and no accurate info coming to us.

    How about it LL, use the tools you put in place, so we can have at least an idea whats going on.


  72. Raven Primeau says:

    DR we can but dream, who knows how those linden minds work?

    I got online after trying for over 30 mins, no thanks to LL for supplying any info as to why. I wonder if the effort is gonna be worth it, will I be able to tp, build, rezz anything or even risk buying something?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Vivienne says:

    “User-created content”

    The greatest myth on SL client bugs. What has user created content to do with a client software which fails to render correctly on a Linden created, bare of any “user created content” island under a Linden created windlight sky?

    @ Torley

    Keep on rocking, you are my hero!

    @ Katt

    It´s not only the impression of LL not taking care, it is the way of throwing things on the community and the result of that which matters.Atmospheric Shaders are the best example. It is something developed by outsiders for a few people on highest end machines and it is PLAIN UGLY, kills hardware, performance and is completely unusable for at least 50 percent of the community. This is not a sign of “taking care” at all, taking in count that the 12-15 frames per second average performance (Linden statistics) BEFORE the introduction of Windlight MUST have been known at LL:

    Sidewinder and his team not only communicated very well, they TOOK CARE. They LISTENED. And they ran a great betatest program on the beta grid before they evenn thought of pestering SL with even more bugs while the old ones get buried unresolved on the JIRA.

    That´s the difference.

  74. Mica says:

    Thank you, Torley. Your videos are always helpful and concise. I also enjoy your fun personality!

  75. DR Dahlgren says:

    @ Katt Linden – who said – As for making things better, I hope that eventually you’ll feel that it also makes a difference to have me here, embodying Linden Lab’s *commitment to listening*.

    Depends on what you do Katt. How about going back through the blogs and looking at THE NUMBER 1 complaint – lousy communications. The only company I know of with a worse record of accurate, prompt communications is Charter Communications and Lady, you don’t want to be mentioned in the same sentance as them.

    And yes, we gripe here because we have no place else to even attempt to communicate with LL were other see it.

    and Sidewinder, what makes the differenece about them???

    He communicates, he takes time to look at responces, he has been known to actually try to get things fixed or to pass on known problems to operations etc. He seems to care about SL beyond the job.

    Maybe thats the problem, maybe to us it is our world and immagination, but to most of LL, its just a job.


  76. Barry Reiter says:

    doesnt the teengrid have their own blog? I mean all these whiners cant seriously be adults can they?

    and on topic, video tutorials kick ass as always 🙂

  77. Avatar Alter says:

    I think Torley, Katt and a few other Lindens actually read the hiring culture notes at “” and took them to heart. Keep it up!

    As for the others… well, maybe they missed the memo.
    The Tao does say to stay focused and do your work!

    30/70 odds anyone?

  78. DR Dahlgren says:

    Another lurker heard from > Bary Reiter

  79. Pingback: Videos Tutoriales De Second Life Tecnolives

  80. Ric Mollor says:

    Since technical issues are now off of the blog page and apparently closed for comments are any *real* issues going to be addressed here?

    I would like to see an official statement from Linden Lab concerning claims that compiled scripts can be extracted from any item, regardless of permissions.

    Rumor or truth? And if true, when is a fix expected.

  81. Harmony Deschanel says:

    @4 You asked:
    4 None Says:

    May 2nd, 2008 at 5:20 PM
    I want to know why I own mainland and the parcel next to mine is smaller and has more prims? Who’s butt do I need to kiss to get more prims on my land too?

    Watch the video called “Region & parcel prim limits”

  82. When does the DVD come out?

  83. Leah Salome says:

    It just feels like you’ve put all the daily grid problem posts on a page without a link to try and sweep things under the carpet? And have not enabled a feature on that page for anyone to comment.

    I don’t think that was a good idea. Now people either don’t know what is going on because there is confusion as to where to look, or their even more frustrated because it feels as if they’ve been silenced.

  84. Christos Atlantis says:

    God I feel sorry for Torey and Katt, and the residents that really care about SL, to the rest I deticate the song “The Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence

    In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
    I turn my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night
    And touched the sound of silence

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening
    People writing songs that voices never shared
    No one dared
    Disturb the sound of silence

  85. Frustrated Land Owner says:

    These video’s are nice if you are a land owner, but I think the number of people interested in investing in land has taken a dive over the last month or so. Anybody else noticed that we have not seen any statistics for a while. I’m sure the reason for this pretty obvious. It seems to me that in my travels (when TP is actually working) I meet less and less ‘real’ people. About 50% of the time that I go to a location with a group of green dots, they are all camping bots. The videos were also filmed in dazzle, so even in the hi rez versions some of it is unreadable.
    I see that Torley has used the Avatar Rendering Cost.. and now looks like a noob that I wouldn’t give a second glance too. If this is another example of LL’s ‘progress’ then it’s a sad day. Oh yeah, and while I am on the subject of the Avatar Rendering Cost.. way to go LL, you have now given the griefers another tool for them to optimize their bots for maximum disruption.

  86. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I do appreciate the videos. I know they are there and I can look for them if I have a question on how anything works, and they seem to be very thorough in explaining how even the least of things work.

    Katt, since you asked, there are many things that go wrong, and there is now no place to mention them or to ask about them. For example, there has been for me and a friend a new spate of freezing and getting kicked off, mostly a couple of nights ago, when we normally rarely do, yet there was no place for me to mention this, or perhaps read someone else mentioning it.

    If I wanted to mention it, it would be largely to (a) make sure the Lindens know about it, (b) see if others were experiencing it, and (c) see if someone else mentioned something I could do about it.

    But the blog entries about things that don’t work have been moved off on their own page, and I have several concerns about that:

    1. I notice that there IS a button that says “leave a comment,” but it doesn’t lead to anything. Does one have to be a member of the Second Life Grid in order to access that? In other words, a corporation or other institution? Do they get to comment?

    2. I like to look at the whole day’s blog entries before I log on, to see what my customers have been dealing with. Even if something has been “resolved,” it could have affected them earlier, or could not really be resolved in some way; in any case, I like to get the bigger picture.

    But that is difficult with the place where these blog entries are now, requiring you to behead or chop the feet off the url in order to get to those places.

    And by the time you log on, some of what went wrong earlier in the day is no longer visible on the sign-in screen, so that you have to do that surgery on the URL in order to find out what happened that day. (Not a huge thing, but still an inconvenience.)

    3. Why is it on the Second LifeG rid thing anyhow? That is for corporations and the like. What about us? Was that just the handiest place to put it? Cause that doesn’t leave a good feeling at all.

    I recognize that it is not wonderful to have 150 people immediately screaming on those blog entries about things that aren’t working, from a PR point of view, but perhaps there could be another place where people could give their feedback, however negative, as well as to provide their experiences (often helpful to other residents), or ask questions.

    As it stands, this is still the only place to do it. Just telling people to never post about grid problems isn’t going to work very well, as people still will, in the wrong blog entries; and it increases the frustration levels of the residents with problems regarding things that aren’t working.

    The the things we CAN talk about on the blog often seem so inconsequential compared to the fact that a person can’t log in, or whatever, just makes people even more frustrated, because they are allowed to talk about positive things, but are muzzled when it comes to difficulties with actually using SL.

    This is particularly important of late, as there have been an unprecedented number of grid issues in the past month or so.

    Since actually using SL means more to most people than this or that feature discussion, that makes frustrated users angrier. It just comes off as permission to talk bout chirpy or relatively chirpy things, but never about important problems.

    So I think the blog entries about broken things need to be in a place where people can comment, and also in a place that is for regular residents, not for real-life corporations and institutions. Having it there gives the impression that those people the only ones who really count.

    (As for the DMCA issue, I would say the rumblings – and not just from that one person – indicates it’s probably time to address this issue with another blog entry on it.)

    Thank you for listening and sincerely soliciting our feedback, Katt!


  87. Martin Magpie says:

    Sorry but I too have to say I don’t appreciate LL cutting off all forms of communication between themselves and their customer base. Keeping us in their world to speak up will only lead us to publicly speak out on our webs/blog and to the media. TP’s are not working correctly. Second Grid = talk to the hand.


  88. Joker Opus says:

    I believe the comments posted against Torley for making the “Tip of the Week” blogs are uneeded..
    Sure there are sim issues, and grid bugs – however the comments about them are irrelevant in this blog posting. If you comment in this blog, keep it on topic and thank Torley for maintaining positive and helpful, while most of you are being pessimistic.

  89. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Verdana@66: I think you’re reading something into my post that I don’t believe was there when I wrote it. Sorry if something you read in my words led you astray, but I wasn’t intending that message to be seen as some kind of attack on Katt or Linden Labs… please take it as nothing more than praise for Sidewinder.

  90. @ Joker Opus

    You are SO RIGHT…
    It’s ridiculous how some people can only find the negative in things – and even spread that negativity where there isn’t any to begin with. They manufacture it.

    I know these people are frustrated and they are venting. But why bring down the mood of everyone else when it is uncalled for and unnecessary? [sighs]

    THANK YOU TORLEY. Please never stop these. It’s also the only way we get to experience your crazy, cheerful self since we will unlikely get the chance to meet you in-world very often, if at all.

    I try to do my part by spreading the word:

  91. Vivienne says:

    “I know these people are frustrated and they are venting. But why bring down the mood of everyone else when it is uncalled for and unnecessary? [sighs]”

    I know these people, as you dear Ari, are the rah rah crowd and they are venting. But why bring down the mood of everyone else when it is uncalled for and unnecessary? [sighs]”

  92. Khashai Steinbeck says:

    Katt – first off, I completely agree with everything Coco said above. Listen to her, she has good ideas.

    But what we as a community really need is also the ability to contact someone from Linden Lab in the event that things are messing up IN-WORLD. I know we had that ability once, but somebody decided it would be a great idea to get rid of it.

    I don’t mean to tell LL how to run their business, but if someone worked for me, and told me he or she wanted to kill off the only method of my customers contacting me about problems, while they are actually having those problems (which would prevent my company from fixing them in a timely manner), I would fire that person.

    That really is the root of my complaints with LL at this time. There is no easy way to contact anyone at Linden Lab. It shows distrust in your customers, and in turn it causes your customers to distrust you.

  93. Vivienne says:

    “and only POSITIVE feedback allowed there ”

    Hey, is there ANY reason for negative feedback on Torleys stuff?

    What he does is among the BEST SL has to offer. I agree completely with you there.

  94. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    So, this blog is now just the good-time-fun-blog and the important stuff is elsewhere?

    No sense checking here anymore I guess. I suppose we can just assume SL will be buggy and try to guess in what aspect – like giving Tommy Chong a pill and making him guess what it is.

  95. Greetings….!

    I think we can call this blog the rectal thermometer of SL, truly.

    First I ask the LL crew to stop using this as a place to post the next episode of the “Torley Show” with its inevitable response of adoration and grotesque imagery of its plump moist pink and green soaked overweight fanclub. Thankyou.
    Indeed the “tutorleyals” provide some valuable and much needed info but there should be a SEPARATE organised(home page link) area with updates and bug notes dedicated to this provision.

    This BLOG has contributors from many aspects including dedicated scripters, builders, testers, concept projectionists, greifers,, noobs, innocent long term residents, trolls, nymphs, elves, furrs, geeks to name only a few. It serves, occasionally moderated as it is, as a MAIN response to the masses in real time as to the state of affairs within this virtual venture and its future.

    We must accept……..This place is run as business and as such the homepage, blog topics, cake icing, arrogant legal stance and unstable platform naturally reflect that, “CSI”, “dazzle(look it up!)”,”unsupported hardware”, VAT, DMCA par example, open source we may be but there are long term interests to bolster constantly and that is driven by understanding the current volatility of dynamic consumer markets, and NOT providing pensions for its clients, contributors or customers.

    ON topic…and on a plus note….thanks for highlighting 3 more vulnerabilities…ever considered a reshoot or edit on ur vidz eh Torley? (or even…..and this is a long shot……. bugfixing prior to posting! I mean whats the hurry…?)

    Only one type of transaction will NEVER fail…payments to LL..

    ===== exclusive offer to all =====


    ONLY L$3500 !!! WOW !!!




    NO SCRIPTS !!!

    NO FLEX !!!



    SMALLER THAN 10 X 10 10 M !!!

    perfect for clubs, malls, combat, cyberthingy, sittign still, crashing etc….

    “wonderful”….MRS P TURNIP

    “A real winner”…. Mr S. Squarepants

    “better than a roast chicken stuffed with mud and paint”. Gordon Brown. London. England.

    “get ur coat, uve pulled” The Drill Twins. Berkshire

  96. Andromeda Quonset says:

    Over the past couple of days I have been in-world working on a time-consuming scripting project, and had a “strange” incident. I’ll get to a point where the script I’m working on comes up gray-screen when I need to edit it some more. Both times, I’ve checked the grid-status page, and read the perplexing message “Second Life is offline”. Offline? Then why am I online? And, after 15 minutes, the page will change to grid open, as if nothing ever happened. And nothing ever posted on any other blogs anywhere.

  97. One Angry Dude says:

    We need the old status blog posts back… NOW. Stop trying to hide from us.

  98. INWORLD ISSUES says:

    HEY LL , We are having INWORLD ISSUES RIGHT NOW , Can’t get to support page , can’t teleport, can’t login , can’t change clothes , Think maybe you can put in a inworld message so all knows what is going on HUH PLEASE

  99. Scree Raymaker says:

    Good tutorials, but I doubt they’ll be much use for most people until SL becomes a lot more stable.

  100. pantaiputih korobase says:

    login failed

  101. pantaiputih korobase says:

    beforehand TP failed and not even a message on the shiny new grid status, no comment page, ROFL, excellent!

  102. Burgess Miles says:

    well…since nothing works…and no blog entry is posted on why, this is the only place to say anything…I can’t even logg off from the website….not tp, not buy anything, search doesn’t work…nothing…does anybody actually remember when SL worked like it’s supposed to for more than 2 hours in a row? I can’t…

  103. Ryde Whitman says:

    If transactions aren’t reliable…what’s the point…No Commerce means no nothing!!!!

  104. unimpressed says:

    Volunteer appreciation day, can’t even log in. Wow I feel so valued as a customer and then a customer who tried to help you keep and make new customers. You like totally rock.

  105. pantaiputih korobase says:

    may be a brief hickup, but the data base will be happy soon, ahahahahahahaha
    sorry, LL I am meanwhile really amuzed about your way of performing business.
    each new bug and downtime gives me the thrill I need.
    I also love work arounds very much as these increase my creativity.

    caution: irony 🙂

  106. Ryde Whitman says:

    Sorry …can’t teleport….Sorry Can’t process transaction…but we’re glad to take your money

  107. Professor Jira says:

    It is normal part of secobdlife that transactions are not reliable:

    Reported on: 11/Aug/07
    Assignee: Still unassigned

  108. Aya Pelous says:

    second life and not being able to comment on the status problems. oh thats a way for us to shut up. Im sure everyone is gonna complain about that. bad sl bad!

  109. Linda Brynner says:

    This would represent an open letter to Philip Rosedale.

    Despite the issues, I’d like to open the opportunity to uplift all the debate about Second Life to a higher level at this point.

    SL I do sincerely believe in.
    The vision of Philip is enlightning. It is the first time ever that I have seen a CEO stepping down in the way Philip does as he is engineering artist.
    Artistst are to play the role to be ahead of all else despite the feasibility.
    Managing is another aspect flowing from the artist into other talented people.
    What Philip has created and decided lately is an enlighting example of how it could be.
    Yes, SL can be a deep pain in the ass as we struggle to hold on to Philip’s dream… our dream.

    We will continue to be critial.
    We will continue our dream in SL.


  110. Non Paying User says:

    Quote from the beloved comment free Grid Status page:
    “…along with normal database related issues.”

    I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry.

  111. Ryde Whitman says:

    I notice there is no line in Economic Statistics for ‘Evaporated $$$’… everybody looses but no SL people seem to care

  112. Blinders Off says:

    Hate to post this here because Torley rocks. But… land is grand… Linden Lab handling of land isn’t so spiffy. Our Open Sim is some 2-3 weeks behind promised delivery date. Now I understand backlog, but when a Linden tells us on the phone at the time of the sale that the sim will be delivered in 5-10 days, knowing full well that is pure BS, I have no sympathy.

  113. Blinders Off says:

    Oh! Did I say Open Sim? Silly me. I meant of course Open SPACE Sim. How could I get the two confused? 😉

  114. The Linden Failboat says:

    Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update

    In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance. This may also effect portions of our website. We are working to re-open our doors as quickly as possible and we appreciate your continued patience. For more details and further information on current system status, please visit the Second Life Grid Status Report at

    However the status page doesn’t have a word about the grid being closed.

  115. JCalley says:

    Hey guys, nice of you to disable comments on the grid site so people won’t call you off when you’ve somehow screwed up. You should probably set up a claims centre or something to reimburse residents that have lost stuff due to the errors, have people check the logs to see what was attempted or something to eliminate people from “cheating the system”, but still.

    ‘Cuz I know it’s not alot, but I’d like my 350L back from the void. It’s a bit disheartening when you put real money into a game, and then when there’s a server issue and money goes missing, there’s no way for them to get it back. Thank god I spent all the money I paid for before this. :/

  116. JCalley says:

    Follow up:

    Consider someone was trying to purchase a 2000 or 4000 L$ avatar that they /just/ put some real money into your system for, and not an hour or two later, /THIS/ happens. How’d you like it if you tried buying a new lambourghini with a credit card, and there was a power outage right after the transaction went through, but they have no records on their end, but your bank says that you paid it? Enjoy owing a bank a couple thousand dollars.

  117. read ur TOS very carefully, its quite clear on the issues of ur property and experience failures, we have been demoted from astronauts to lab rats

  118. Another Borked Weekend says:

    Database disruptions.
    Posted by Status Desk on May 3rd, 2008 at 04:18 pm PDT

    We are currently experiencing issues with our database, although some services may be returning as you read this. In the meantime, please refrain from transactions and be aware of slow/problematic logins along with normal database related issues.

    Please see the following Wiki page for more information:
    [RESOLVED] 700+ Regions Currently Unreachable
    Posted by Status Desk on May 3rd, 2008 at 06:48 am PDT

    [RESOLVED 07:10 AM PDT] These regions are now happily reunited with the rest of Second Life.

    [6:45AM PDT] We currently have a networking issue that is affecting many regions. Anyone in these regions will be able to move and interact normally, except they will be essentially cut off from communicating with the rest of world until the problem is fixed. That means items will not rez, IM’s may not work, L$ transactions may fail, teleporting will not be possible and items will not be able to be saved to inventory.

    We are working to fix the faulty component and should have things back up and running soon. We will post updates along with an estimate on how long this will take as soon as we can. -Chiyo
    [CLEARED] Logins and oth

  119. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    I thought the customer base was unhappy before

    From observations you have again irritated your customers even more now

    Is there anyone with logic directing this organization?

    It is the week end again and SL is on schedule for failures.

    Now we have a seperate place where problems are listed with no feed back possible.

    Someone at linden research needs to analyze this situation.

    Until then this is pathetic and not at all professional.

    But then it is a game is it not and linden research is a company run as a game.

  120. JCalley says:

    Wow, and since the database is down, and regions are restarting, I can’t teleport, thus I’ve been logged out.

    Knowing how you guys work, I won’t be able to log back in until 4am tomorrow morning, due to all the lag and issues. Way to go Linden Labs, you’ve successfully screwed over your customers (paying and non-paying) yet again.

  121. Yesssss says:

    Here is a great job for our linden of communications.

    Make a list of all topics we are unhappy about and send it to the lindens.

    Then make a blogpost for each issue and let sidewinder teach the responsible linden on how to reply.

  122. Another Borked Weekend says:

    [RESOLVED] Database disruptions
    Posted by Status Desk on May 3rd, 2008 at 04:18 pm PDT

    [RESOLVED] 5:13 PM PDT – All services should have resumed full functionality and you may return to normal activities.

    That means we can return to not spending money, not making any sales, not creating anything, not rezzing anything, not saving anything, not tp’ing anywhere, not moving, locking up, hard rebooting and loosing items from inventory. We may return to normal…


  123. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    As usual the use of [RESOLVED™] when things are far from [RESOLVED™] continues, now moved to the mostly unknown Grid Status page. When a new Linden was assigned to communications we assumed that it was to improve communications, not to reduce our ability to communicate to a bare minimum. I guess what they say about ASS-U-ME is correct.

  124. Stop the Complaining says:

    I think a big problem here is how people who posts here to complain really think their opinion matters in the grand scheme of things. All of the corporate users use SL the same as you do. I don’t see Dell, Geek Squad, or any of them posting on here complaining.

    You have gotten yourselves so deeply immersed in this thing that you cannot distinguish real from fiction anymore. Consider for a moment why you are posting day after day your complaints instead of doing something else. Go for a walk already. Clean your home. Start a new project.

    LL is obviously making some changes here and we are ALL affected by these changes. The number of people who use SL compared to the small percentage of people who complain on forums, and in blogs is so small that it’s like listening to ants scream about being stepped on.

    When you place yourself in that small group, you become one of those ants and you get ignored.

    A couple of Lindens have been placed here to reply “I imagine” to entertain those who feel they have some input as to how LL is run. If it were me, I’d entertain you all too since you are all acting like a bunch of spoiled kids.

    “My toy is broken! It’s the only toy I have…Fix it now!”
    In comes the reluctant babysitter to sing you songs and keep you pacified until the toy gets fixed.

    Wake up people.

  125. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @127, very amusing statement. I suppose premium clients like Dell have another platform to discuss issues – thats why we do not sdee them or would you expect that someone like XXXDell posts a blog here? wake up!
    Sure, there are some complaints like, my only toy is broken though the owner just had put it in the trash, but most of the complaints direct towards the 95% inability of LL to communicate seriously. I feel neutral, but I suppose that many residents just feel that there is no clear communication, no vision in terms of how to solve the technical problems. May be a LL statement like: we are planning to change some of our providers as they can not deliver the service we need and we are negotiating these things currently and assume to find a resolution within the next copule of months would do….

    but nothing like that – and that may let some resiednets feel as there would be no plan, no clue, no nothing, just chaos

    p.s. your statement disrespects a lot of people who seriously care about SL and have a RL, too

  126. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    @127 Stop the Complaining

    You are deluding yourself if you thing SL™ is fictional, there is noting fictional about it. It is a business and provides a service and many of the people complaining here are paying for a service that they are not receiving. Many are paying large sums for services thay are not receiving. And before you get all smug and say well, if you don’t like it you should just leave, remember. If not for the people who trusted LL™ to provide the service they promised you would have no SL™ to use either.

    Many could say that a car that is anything more than the bare minimum needed to get you from one place to another is a toy. Do you perchance own a car? Is it much more than a chassis and wheels? If so how would you feel if it failed rugularly yet you still had to make your monthly payments on it? And what if the response you got when you complained about your “toy” not working as it should and as you were paying for it to was, “Well it’s just a toy, get over it and do something else”?

  127. Vivienne says:

    @ 127

    “My toy is broken! It’s the only toy I have…Fix it now!”

    You obviously consider this being a toy. So you are just a gamer. Many of us have invested lots of money, thousands of US dollars, countless hours of work and much dedication, passion and patience into this “toy”. You might be right considering that some people at LL see it as their “toy” too, but these people, if they exist at all, then would play silly games with some million dollar investments and even more valuable content creation.

    Your arrogance is breathtaking. If there is someone who should go away as far as possible, it is you. And if the same arrogance is at home at Linden Lab, Linden Lab should go.

  128. Merel klaar says:

    @127 Stop the Complaining

    You probably never invested money in it, so you shouldn’t whine. Quit the whining and grow up.





  131. erm@127 says:

    @@@127 (stop the bad vibes guys!, like fkin neil from the young ones)

    so…if seclife is so stable and enjoyable what are u doin here in the blog ? lookin for opportunities to backup the mighty corp eh?
    u know what, i smell a rat

    my powers serve me well here, astral projection is not theory but practice, guess what…i see an obsessivly, “compulsivly” manic state illustrated via the subject pacing within the confines of an unhealthily clean and empty space and outside of those confines and simultaneously initiating projects that have yet to be completed………….does that sound familiar????????

    u sure sound like an LL employee
    i smell a rat

    BARNEY had it spot on.

    Perhaps its fair game to allow some degree of positive input on this blogaroonie on behalf of LL, whether placed with justified ftse100 vigor or not.

    this could go on…..guess what…it will…

  132. Sumio Yokosuka says:

    These videos are no doubt very nice, but when will my walking AO work again and when are you going to make it so that the camera doesn’t drift aimlessly by itself like I’m in a NASA shuttle simulator? These are very basic issues that should have been addressed weeks ago.

  133. you people that complain all the time make me sick, Linden Labs are so caring and really want to help, I mean the last time i got my new micropanties and stilletoes stuck up my super cute new L$12500 butt, they were quick as a flash ASSisting me!

    The feeling of community is strong here, like a well hung panda, if u get me.

    we making new broadbands for u for only £130s a months then £400 for months after thats making service provindings upgrades only £649 a month, free routering putting services upgrade to 500MB per nanosecond uploadings.

  134. Vivienne says:

    @ 127

    “I don’t see Dell, Geek Squad, or any of them posting on here complaining.”

    No, they just leave. Or avoid this messed up thingy.

    But for Dell a hundredthousand dollar loss is peanuts. For the average resident a 4,000 dollar loss would be real pain.

  135. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Wonder who 127 works for )) You do not see corporate input in this venue because they speak with their non participation. I was involved with a large corporation observing this platform and the decision was made to allow it to mature and that an expenditure of funds at this time could not be justified. With the current state of affairs no one has the opportunity to use it as it could be if things just worked. It simply comes down to the fact that large meetings can not be held here and when the best sim is loaded performance is so poor that nothing can be accomplished. Yes it is a toy and a game but many have taken this toy and created real life businesses from the fantasy. So when the statement is made that LL is making changes, they have been making changes for 8 years now and still have not found the proper formula to stay operational for more than 4 hours. Plus I do not think we really appreciate your point of view but then everone does have the right to express themselves no matter the merit.

  136. Sean Heying says:

    Katt, the communications MIS-manager is a liar. From two days ago:

    Katt Linden Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 5:35 PM
    We’re not shutting down comments, folks.

  137. Another Borked Weekend says:

    [RESOLVED] Database disruptions
    Posted by Status Desk on May 3rd, 2008 at 04:18 pm PDT

    [RESOLVED] 5:13 PM PDT – All services should have resumed full functionality and you may return to normal activities.

  138. Stop the Complaining says:

    Those who replied to me have proven my point.
    They are so immersed in this that they lack any sense of reality.
    LL is working on things. No Dell and other companies don’t complain here, they either pay or they go elsewhere. Perhaps they let LL know in private via email or another method that they are unhappy with performace. If it’s not fixed, they stop using the service. It’s that simple.

    People complain and whine in public because they feel like they are owed something…just like children who have been spolied rotten for the past 3 years with upgrades, attention, and lots of features. As soon as things don’t go their way…they throw tantrums….on a blog….on the internet.

    Just keep posting and proving my point. Complain and cry and continue to be a part of the small percentage of ants that no one is listening to. If you are that unhappy with your service here, no one is making you stay. But you feel like LL owes you something don’t you? You have been paying for service and receiving it. If you feel like you are not getting service, stop paying…simple. It’s a monthly cycle…no one is obligated either way.

    And to the comment about me not being a paying customer, I have islands, mainland, and pay my main account in yearly increments. When the grid is temporarily unstable, I deal. Maybe you should too.

  139. Vivienne says:

    @ 127

    If you would be consequent you would not be into this with “islands and mainland”. You “deal”? With whom? LL???? Interesting.

  140. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    127 and 141 Perhaps It is not what you say but the way you prognosticate your mantra. We are not all adolescents who require the guidance of one so knowledgeable.

  141. Another Borked Weekend says:

    uummmmmm. maybe it was slightly too soon to say,

    “All services should have resumed full functionality”

    might try getting your nose out the powder and check again…

    I think you were slightly premature to announce that…..

  142. Martin Magpie says:

    Syntax error no need to grief here. It’s bad enough LL doesn’t listen don’t give them another reason to shut off all communication, your not helping.

  143. Alexey says:

    Wow 😉 Thanks!

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