New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC5 Available

Yes, that’s right, we’re on the 5th iteration of the 1.20 Release Candidate viewer! We increased the frequency of RC releases in an effort to aggressively resolve crashes and reduce the overall viewer crash rate. Steve Linden outlined these plans here in the Viewer Crash Hunters project.

The good news is we’ve been able to find and fix a number of crashes, but the down side is that this has been a rather rocky road for the 1.20 Release Candidate. (It is only in these later iterations that we are approaching a viewer ready to be the real “candidate.”) We will work on refining the release process and do better to keep you all informed about where we are and where we’re headed. We really value your feedback and appreciate your time finding and reporting issues back to us.

Please remember that Release Candidate viewers contain the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features and can be installed side by side with the primary viewer. Please try the RC viewers only if you want to participate in the bug reporting process and identify issues before they become the default viewer.

So on to RC5!

Second Life 1.20 RC5 fixes even more crashes and includes some other really important fixes (read: no more black water!) Please visit the test software page to download the Second Life 1.20 (RC5) Release Candidate viewer.

* Rename link to “Forgot your name or password?” on client login
* Allow the background color for Inventory treeview control to be set in colors_base.xml
* Added nVidia MCP78 to gpu table

* Fixed: VWR-6674: Basic shaders setting causes world (or sea) to go black
* Fixed: VWR-6402: llTargetOmega resets prim to ZERO_ROTATION
* Fixed: VWR-1843: Inappropriate to offer a default folder name with non-ASCII characters for Make Outfit
* Fixed: VWR-5869: Broken BVH Animation upload causes dialog / interface error, and crash
* Fixed: VWR-6668: Eliminate inconsistent help text for Preferences > Graphics panel
* Fixed: VWR-6603: Immediate crash when upload image .jpg
* Fixed: VWR-6343: 1.20 causes fatal driver instability with some nVidia drivers
* Fixed: VWR-6368: Camera reset when build floater closes
* Fixed: crash from glMapBuffer returning 0
* Fixed: crash in LLVOVolume::sculpt – newview/llvovolume.cpp
* Fixed: crash in LLFace::renderSelected.
* Fixed: crash in LLImageRaw::copyLineScaled
* Fixed: crash in LLImageBase::generateMip
* Fixed: crash after quitting to desktop on Mac
* Fixed: 1.20 consistently crashing with ctrl-alt-T in ReleaseNoOpt
* Fixed: text colors for Script Errors/Warnings are illegible
* Fixed: Primary clicks toggle flycam with Mighty Mouse
* Fixed: Voice waves render choppy
* Fixed: Multi-prim attachments appear to be exploded when worn.

Localization Fixes:
* Fixed: Added new translation strings for German, Korean, Japanese
* Fixed: put cleanly-formed Portuguese files (Beta) back into the viewer
* Partial Fix: VWR-6608: Revert Japanese and Korean translations of Joystick Monitor, due to monospace font which cannot display them

Known issues:
* There are known truncation issues in German, Korean and Japanese strings, which should be fixed in the Final Candidate
* VWR-6896: Crash when using Advanced >Rendering > Info Displays > Lights selected (and other Info Displays)
* Crash when using Advanced >Character > Show Collision Plane
* A black border appears if you have Basic Shaders enabled (Preferences > Graphics) AND have set the Advanced debug setting RenderGlow = true
* Camera is placed underworld if you edit terrain in flycam mode with a 3dconnexion SpaceNavigator

Please continue to report any new issues in the Issue Tracker and be sure to set “Affects Version/s” to “1.20 Release Candidate“.

About Ramzi Linden

I am a Project Manager at Linden Lab; and also work on localizations in the Second Life viewer.
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150 Responses to New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC5 Available

  1. TheBlack Box says:

    Any news on VWR-2404 ?

  2. Fenrir Reitveld says:

    I concur with TBB, I am still seeing sculpty corruption. It’s improved since the initial 1.20 RC, but it still pops up.

    Since I have revamped my building style to be sculpty heavy, it’s a bit annoying when people teleport in and everything looks like it was left in the sun for too long.

    Thanks for sculpties, but I’d really like them to work as spec’d please. 🙂

  3. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Four version and none seems to care about VWR-5807 …that is affecting heavily the content creation for any builder out there.
    I’m gonna kill myself.

  4. Pragma Planer says:

    Edit -> Preferences -> Graphics -> Hardware Options -> Texture Memory (MB) isnt persistent, hasnt been for the last 3 RCs

  5. Renee Faulds says:

    I see moving all the “bad press” to it’s own little “No Comment” page will save the world from seeing all the failures.

    Feel happy Linden Labs that you will now only have “pro” comments on your little blog page.

    Linden Labs further tunes out the residents, plug your ears and say “lalalalalalalalalalalalalala”

    You never fail to me amaze me on how you ignore the people that created your world.


  6. Brenda Maculate says:

    VWR-6868 still happens, but this time (with a fresh install of RC5) I get a black screen instead of a login screen right off of install. 😦

  7. PONK! says:

    I got a whole bunch of errors during the end of the installation regarding dll files and stuff.

    I’m guessing that isn’t ideal.

  8. Pyewacket Bellman says:

    DOH! I love the updates – BUT! I keep losing all my sky settings.

  9. Sanpierre Juran says:

    Joystick Flycam seems completely disabled in this release. Neither the menu command nor its keystroke equivalent work – the menu option remains unchecked, and flycam mode is not entered. Joystick-based navigations (walking, turning, flying) is also ineffective in this release.

    All of the above worked very well in the prior release candidate. I have checked my equipment and have verified the joystick is still being recognized correctly by other programs.

  10. sachi Vixen says:

    * Fixed: VWR-6343: 1.20 causes fatal driver instability with some nVidia drivers

    Unfortunately this isn’t fixed. I managed to stay in SL for around 15 minutes with the new release candidate.

    I’ve been having this issue for 2 weeks with other viewers, sometimes remaining in SL for 10 minutes, at other times 3 crashes within 9 minutes.

    I have Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 GTX/PCI/SSE2

  11. Tiny Mind says:

    Yet another ‘RC’… yet no fix on the still on-going Client MEMORY LEAK(S) under both XP and Vista. Is there some ‘conspiracy’ we know nothing about?

    Sure, you have to be logged into SL for more than two minutes before the Client RAM usage starts to creep up, along with the CPU usage percentage. But hey… perhaps there are some who DO like to log in for more than two minutes at a time. What about…THEM??

    Tiny on the uptake.

  12. stick says:

    i am using the Release Candidate viewer because i have no option.. for some reason i cannot connect to the normal viewer.
    i have submitted 3 support ticket for help oe on the 13th april, 15th april and the last 24th april and still have not had a reply to any of them.
    Being an owner of 2 islands (with the amount i am paying to Linden labs) i do feel i should get much better service than i am getting or at lease get a reply.
    (please dont say i should not be posting things like this here as there is nowhere else i can get a responce from you)

  13. Dytska Vieria says:

    I concur with Vittorio @3 said – the build tool is bugged in the RC and it needs to be fixed before it becomes official! It is very difficult to edit objects when panning the camera around without it going all over the place!

    I don’t think 1.20 should be made official until more of the non-crash type ===NEW BUGS=== bugs are fixed, especially the building bugs that affect content creation that are NOT in the 1.19 version!

    And please have an option for selection of the non-Dazzle colors. Maybe LL has not heard, but it seems to me the consensus is that the Dazzle colors are unappealing.

  14. Jessicka Graves says:

    It’s still Dazzle, and countless bugs still remain. Bravo, you’ve accomplished very little in the scope of SL, you’ve fixed the things you’ve recently broken, but haven’t fixed anything that’s been broke for a long time.

  15. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Remember, if you don’t like Dazzle there ARE other options out there. Check out:

    To try them out.

  16. Imogen Saltair says:

    This viewer was NOT optional, having crashed out and tried to relog I was forced to install the new viewer.

    Still no fix for the memory leaks.


  17. Evangeline Biedermann says:

    allthough i’m the first to admit that with each update we seem to be progressing little by little..and i really appreciate that..
    ..still no system skirts..although i saw one for about 5 seconds after the last server update..wooot!..whoops..gone again 😦
    ..would we be met with the same apparent complacency if the guys had to walk around without pants to cover their undergarments i wonder

  18. Suzan says:

    Works good for me so far.

    But please bring “Tools” entry back to main menu!

  19. VWR-2404 is the elephant hiding under the stairs. Can someone report on the status of that one please.

  20. Adora Galthie says:

    Great! Let’s test this out! 😀

  21. Elliott Eldrich says:

    Nope, still no joy for my Nvidia 8800GT on my Mac Pro. I give up. I’ll be taking that card out and putting the ATI x1900XT back in for the next few weeks, seems to be my only option at this point. Maybe someday you’ll get this bug fixed, until then my shiny new 8800GT is going back in the box.

  22. U M says:

    Laughs please get the crash report working!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Thanks for cleaning up the oil spillage, I can now go back into the sea again 🙂

  24. Phantom Ninetails says:

    Ugly. Still using Dazzle skin, that’s the worst problem.

    Beacons have a serious problem though, they flash CONSTANTLY when the camera is not close to them.

  25. BlueWall says:

    Thanks! Seems good so far! (will put it through the wringer in the am lol)

  26. Works perfectly for me – no problems, fast rendering. Running on a home made Macintosh, OSX 10.5.2 – Q6600 Quad Processor, overclocked to 3.5gz. Hacked in Nvidia 8800 GTS 512mb. Yay. Need more cowbell.

  27. Ann Otoole says:

    no smart heap errors on exit yet.

  28. Bobiwan says:

    Still. the RC is better than the main thing for nvidia users.. i wonder ys that.. hope this one is less crashy for nvidia 8400..

  29. Luna Fratica says:

    and where is the “drag down color to save”fix??

  30. U M says:

    Don`t see any real vaule in this fixes……..How can they the crash report never works. So how can they even know for sure? People poasting on jira? Oh sure……….Nowonder

  31. Ricky Shaftoe says:

    I’m running a Q6600, nVidia 8800 Ultra (with latest driver), Vista 64. The previous RC not only crashed me but somehow corrupted my nVidia Vista-64 video driver. I could hardly keep my PC running long enough to reinstall the driver. I won’t be installing any more of these RC’s until I have some assurance that they won’t destabilize my system.

    I trust LL is working on making the RC compatible with Vista 64 and nVidia’s 64-bit video drivers?

  32. U M says:

    wasnt there a time LL made a 64bit win client? Now they are 32 and 64 are buildt in to the same client download? Can`t you roll back for a week or more to undo what you installed?


  33. Xavion says:

    fix the damn memory leak im tired of being in sl for like maybe 30mins-3hrs then randomly getting a thing pops up talking about abort retry or cancel with the stack heap library thingy FIX THIS! its very annoying

  34. U M says:

    I was crashing withthe client release before this one too. I thought they fixed the leak during that release. But……….sigh they didnt……

    Memory leaks are a fact of Second Life no. Just like rebaking and money transaction failures. Lets hope they get things right soon………..


  35. U M says:

    BTW what are these rectrangle dote patterns then are next to avie?

  36. Sean Heying says:

    Send it back to First Look, an RC tag with the scheduled release of 1.21 into RC in 2 weeks means you will pushing Dazzle into production in less than that.

    Without colour scheme editing in client.

    This is once more a case of Linden Lab ™ not listening to it’s paying customers and also highlights a huge failing of Katt Linden the MIS-communications manager.

  37. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    How ironic that a viewer whose main-feature is content-destroying “bling” sports a “bling-meter”….

  38. U M says:

    I reposting this comment because this shows how people are confused……..
    By a very confused and mislead users ( unnamed) Said…….

    “Seems a lot of people dont like facing the fact that they are responsable for a lot of their own lag problems. No one needs to be a naked noob but where is the sense in wearing enough to lag out a entire sim and then complaing about lag and other problems caused by it. Face it the more you wear ,the more it drains your pc to run the avie and the more it affects others around you.”

    1.) you don`t understand the we don`t caryy our inventory its stored on LL side

    2.) Since most avies wear prim objects ( I wonder what if you understand even yourself wear then ) That since shoes, hairs, sexs parts, dance machines, skirts, jewels, etc etc etc etc etcd.Which we pay money for. The need for for ( no read slowly……LL needs to address this problewm not us the users.Makes sence).

    3.) again telling us that its user side shows how much even the most experienced people are mislead to believe.

    Now go back and study how Sl works and then repost your comments.

  39. Sean Heying says:

    From the other blog: “We’re currently aware of a problem with regions not coming up or not allowing residents in. We are investigating and will post updates as needed. Thank you for your patience.”

  40. Lane says:

    YOU keep complaining.
    THEY keep never listening.
    /I/ admire your hope and persistence.

  41. Kenny Devoix says:

    @UM #38
    Because I am the unnamed user that stated that I will reply here since you carried it over to another thread.I do know how it works very well. I also know from experiance that the more attachments and prims someone has on their avie the more problems they have both with lag and with teleporting. Is easy to test compare a noob avie’s speed in teleporting and how it lags to a avie with a bunch of attachments,flexi hair and clothing, loaded down with a ton of bling.

    Thats the reason clubs ask people to take off scripted attachments such as AO’s as you well know. I don’t say its user side cause of anything thats been said I say it because I know from experiance and finding out what works best for me. Its the same as trying to run SL on dialup or having your bandwith set to high it lags you and everyone else around you.

    All this feature does is help people to understand the graphic costs of their avie and possibly make changes for better preformance.

  42. Angus says:

    Still crashing when logging in. Crash logger doesn’t even work.

  43. Hevenz Vansant says:


    ok so far so good for me and i never really had a semi stable RC since 1.20 rc-1 but now it seems to be a very working version for me and way much faster than ever before. got the graphics cranked up to 512 and very little lag. great rebound from the following efforts thus far guys n gals at LL tyvm.

  44. ShuHo Lane says:

    When are you going to fix the skirt problem? The skirts that go with my Medieval outfits dont look right and some of my armor is missing because of it. My camera still moves alot more then the reguler SL. Please fix the problems before moving on. Whats with you all?

  45. Mar says:

    All I ask is that you don’t set this to be the main client until there’s an *easy* way of skinning back to the darker default client UI. No fiddling with XML files or anything. I don’t care what your ergonomic testing results were: Dazzle hurts my eyes when I’m working with it for more than an hour or so.

  46. Jupp Betsen says:

    1) The missing skirt issue makes a joke of the PG/Mature separation.
    2) How do you inprove on crashes when my crash logger almost never succeeds in delivering his data to the LL servers ?

  47. Yakumo Masukami says:

    Is it possible to download the previous release candidate? This one has unfixed all the graphics problems that the previous one fixed for me!

  48. S J says:

    @38 U M
    Um, the more you wear the more your graphics card has to render. How on earth is that Linden Labs problem? You want them to render what you see now as well?
    What she is saying is that most user’s latency problems (Low FPS) are caused by attachments like this.

  49. U M says:

    I am sorry but I don`t name people that intends to flame of harm people………

    You still fail to understand that blaming users instead of the LL indeed shows you have no idea what your talkin about….

    Newbies havea wealth of information these days much more then I had when i started out. Mentors have a weath of information to pass along to newbies hence what you tryied to shows applies to the days when the gane was smal and information was not as easy to get…

    Again you don`t understand the attachment reasoning, yes it can be a problem ……….if one is wearing over 2000+ prims( maybe)….but thats not the case for many…But not even where half of that. The game can handle that many ( and no a days with aslighly better GUI and better servers on ll part ) we can handle that many. What you tried to point out applies to 2+ years ago information.

  50. U M says:

    @48 well silly thats understable……I know because i where many attachments. And i don`t crash offen. But there are some that have lower computer specs and they don`t crash even with high number of prim attachments

    “IF” you read my what i wrote ( can`t believe people points out simple things everyone knows) The GUI is not buildt correctly ( which the dazzle is not ( ok its release client almost ready) then you have countless issues with lag and crashing……..again nothing is new here

    Then again prims/ flex objects dont cause lack do they ( joking I am) after a know-all tried to point out

  51. U M says:

    TO add on to this, there use to be a time we get usersful meaninful feedback from LL on test client. Now its now junkup with misguided wrong reports. Yes i understand we all are trying to help build a better game. But it must start first with LL telling us the truth when build GUI. Most of my time these days goes to finding problems with GUI like many inthe testing groups do. But when i see continues features addon to the UI without fixing the old bugs. It becomes harder to help. Some bugs are 3 years old and are stil not fixed. ( but we have a joystick control system buildt nicely in it now :/ ) What about “heads inthe butt” bug? how many times it was said to have been fixedetc etc etc.This is user related or LL problems? I want to see this release when ready atleast 75% or more before its released. But sadly we ahrdly ever reach that point during testing period. Well then again whats better then to have live test subject tell ll all the problems………:/

  52. S J says:

    Stop posting more then once, there is a maximum per thread. Give someone else a chance.
    The problem the Rendering Costs are trying to solve is a alert users of their impact on the CLIENT in terms of rendering load.
    “…yes it can be a problem ……….if one is wearing over 2000+ prims( maybe)…”
    This just shows that *you* don’t understand, it’s much lower then that and it depends on the complexity of the objects that the client has to render hence the new Rendering Cost Score.

    “3.) again telling us that its user side shows how much even the most experienced people are mislead to believe.”

    In this instance they are talking about latency caused by RENDERING. Obviously there are networking issues and database problem etc. This is what the person to whom you responded to in @38 was trying to say.

    If you still don’t understand then I am afraid I can’t explain it any more then I have.

  53. Balpien Hammerer says:

    OK, so I just now lost around L$2000 of inventory. Alas. Update my account soonest…

    Also, VWR-6948 was not fixed in this release – flexis remain stiffer.

    Also, VWR-4714 land turning to water when draw distance reached is not fixed.

    Camera movement oscillation has gotten much worse. The camera zooms in and out about twice a second in many orientations where there are objects along the path.

    The heap corruption at logout seems fixed. I’ll test this a bit more to verify it is truly resolved.

    Finally, it crashed on first run and the crash logger failed to send a crash report. This is new and disturbing behavior because it will skew results to make this release appear more stable, which it certainly is not. This release is still alphaware and not suitable for mainstream usage. It belongs more in firstlook, certainly not an RC.

  54. U M says:

    Oh geshhhhh again with people crying about posting here……..never mind………….This is not your blog its everyones…….its nice of you to shows direct us how to post……….but no thank you i don`t need help….

    Balpien Hammerer, the crash log has been failing to work for me for months. It appears that LL servers are eitehr not setup right, or have too many reports sentin at any given time resulting in failed crash report recived…….

  55. S J says:

    “This is not your blog its everyones” So stop double posting one after the other just like 49, 50, 51 put it in one damn post! Hypocrite

    We KNOW the place is falling apart, if you haven’t worked out by now that repeatedly complaining about it on the blog does NOTHING then you are beyond help.
    If you want to get any company to do something you need to speak with your money. Stop spending money in and on SL, stop playing even if for a little while. This is how you communicate your dissatisfaction with a company. If a company doesn’t experience any consequences due to their actions what incentives are there to change and innovate?

  56. U M says:

    OMG how old are you????????

  57. S J says:

    Haha look who is talking someone who can barely string a legible sentence together. If you haven’t released by now blog posts are usually limited to 150 response which is why it’s so annoying when people like you double post.

    Thank you Linden Labs for creating the Release Candidate instead of just leaving it within internal testing where bugs can be missed or just released a buggy production client. Thank you Linden Labs for continually upgrading your services as seen by the number of rolling restarts to set forth the upgrades. Thank you for announcing issues which occur in blog posts and allowing comments instead of leaving us in the dark and censoring our complaints like other companies would.

  58. maaya says:

    Thank you so much for the llTargetOmega fix

  59. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    I HATE THE NEW COLORS IN MENU!! to difficult for reading , the people in Linden Make that the color decision is a super enemy of the linden labs company, TO HORRID

  60. Well I managed long enough to activate Av rendering cost before crash – pleased with my score of 541 though! VR Designs fashion must be a super ‘green’ brand!!!

  61. U M says:

    At the moment I using this latest client havent crashed yet VictoriaRose…… But did your crash report popup?

    Ivantwin Rogers, many have dislikes for this current color layout. You can always get the fix someone made to change……I myself am not a fan of this color layout

  62. No crash report at all, at least it let me back in without a reinstall – that’s more than 1.19.1 does!!

    I have to say I like the new Dazzle colour scheme…

  63. Mallory says:

    This has been the most stable and best working client I’ve had so far (since RC1).
    Everything works fine, water looks good, glow works well, etc….

    I have a “ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series” graphics card SL tells me :-).

    Keep up the good work Linden, I love the new interface. Best client ever!

  64. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    The colors are to horrid , to difficult for read, hurts my Eyes, in Spanish is Los colores estan feos del coño.

  65. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    The new Interface looks fine! but the COLORS!! ARE TERRIBLE, tan feos como el diablo

  66. U M says:

    1.19.1 is what i use when dazzle fails….

    1 hour now and now crashing with dazzle. But I getting some very strange retrangle filled with pixels when i slighly zoom out near some avies? Any answer to this problem?

    wonders how long you can say inthe game without crashing??????

  67. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    haha Mallori like the new colors ,maybe she is a employer from linden labs, she liked she is the enemy

  68. Mallory says:

    @67: 😛 😛 😛 nah nah nah nah 🙂

  69. Flaar Nemeth says:


    I have clouds in mouselook again without crashing. Sweet!
    Nvidia 8800 and 8600

    And speaking of which, since I have two cards, when will SL EVER get round to supporting multiple monitors…..

    Still no where near ready for prime time, but this is the most stable thus far. Thanks!

  70. Carrie Grant says:


    Totally agree and was thinking the same thing, the page wasn’t moved for our convenience, it was moved to hide all the errors and problems from the press and public so the blog here attracts all the positive talk. Guess they hired new marketing people and probably paid them a small fortune for that little diamond.

  71. Aida Lundquist says:

    This viewer is eating up memory. Crashed after about 3 hours running. 3GB RAM, Windows Vista. I stopped send the crash report after 15 minutes of data transfer. Seems it would like to send my complete RAM to the Lindens

  72. U M says:

    “Guess they hired new marketing people”

    OMG you mean they not doing it in house anymore :/ LL? laughs

  73. Norma Desmond, junior says:

    I hate to say it but I have been using 1.19.0 (5) these last few weeks and it has been sweet—rarely crash, slow rezzing compared to last Fall ,things are gray a lot but at least I am in world . I get confused–a soap company doesn’t keep putting out soaps that cause your clothes to fall apart or discolor–so why all these new viewers that don’t work as well? CLASSIC SECOND LIFE!

  74. Linda Brynner says:

    OMG. 1.20 is not going to be the Dazzle look is it?
    That look is even old school… and maybe fun for kids.
    New school is to keep skins dark as people can focus on their main “game” ( see Vista, Office 2007, etc. ).
    … Less is more…
    … KISS… Keep It Stupid Simple…


  75. Linda Brynner says:

    ! NO DAZZLE !

  76. Mallory says:

    @72: You do know Vista crashes every 5 minutes and sucks up all the memory your computer has, don’t you?

    Just saying…

  77. U M says:

    in all fairness to dazzle ( but the silly colors ) and the at times crash and burn UI I see improvement…. But we are not a go with a final release at all yet. If getting better but not even close to a final release and yes this wil be the new cliewnt of SL in the near future get use to it.

  78. Wow! This version has some serious memory issues, much worse than the last release.

    I opened Firefox to update my Hippotech noticeboard and on closing Firefox I return to a white SL client and of course its ‘Not Responding’. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I see from some of the above negative comments that a few people are forgetting this is test software, cut Linden Labs some slack peeps. Its so easy to criticise than it is to praise. 🙂

  79. DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! says:

    hey LINDENS wake UP stale flippin money transfers all over and NO BLOG POST NO GRID POST YOUR USELESS AGAIN!

  80. U M says:

    Oh really? I think this update is better then the last. I not crashing with this release. And no I don`t think people are forgetting its a ( almost ready for release test client).

  81. trina martinez says:

    i think second life is great in many ways.but i have had so many problems and second life always blambs my pc. and has excuses. nothing ever changes either it gets worse. every new download is worse then the one before. what is th euse in writing u several tickets and in these blogs if nothing ever changes? and all of us pay a fortune to use second life. so we need to be listened to

  82. Razor says:

    Oh No! comments are closed again on a blog i like to comment to. what a crap about ‘laggy avatars’.

    wouldn’t it be a little more important to do something about “IP theft”? a few more months and the whole secondlife is hanging full of the ‘anti-ip theft’ signs and showing what a crap policy you have for the DMCA.

    You putting zero effort in helping creators which have been ripped of, don’t expect any help for them to keep your laggy sh*t grid working.

  83. trina martinez says:

    i have postive comments if u noticed i did state its a good program in many ways.but i have written 20 tickets to second life and they dont fix the problems and the problems do lay with them. i could sit here and name them all to u all,but we would be here awhile. but i do think they have done alot with this program in good ways to. dont worry i wont post anything again for awhile lol

  84. Razor says:

    “So you want the residents to act with responsability yet LL themselves take NO responsability on many important issues to those same people hmmm”

    lets make some more laggy avatars and crash linden sims untill they stop ignoring us.

  85. Razor says:


  86. Razor says:

    @ trina
    dont waste your time on writing tickets and abuse reports.. linden labs never reads them

  87. Molly Montale says:

    Glad to hear it has fixed the black water. I just downloaded and haven’t launched yet but I’ve already noticed that the Mac version is weighing in at 200.9 MB for me in spite of the 72 MB shown on the download page.

  88. U M says:

    There indeed is a major memory leak in this release, if you rotate the camera too much ( yet again ) you will pulse for a few moments. If you are unlucky you will crash….. Watch the amount of memory the client is wasting and when it loading too much restart the client.

  89. Hulk Ah says:

    Good to see more and more viewers coming, before the actual release is being made.

    But how about deleting texture UUIDS from the assetserver if they are stolen? This is what second life should do is copyright infringing material is found and dmca’s are requested. Not just deleting the items in world (
    links to infringing material) , but delete teh ACTUAL infringing material!

  90. Vivienne says:

    What are bug reports good for when they don not even get replied to????

    I nhave reported a MAJOR bug, which affects Mac users, and it has received its votes, but not even a REPLY on that on the JIRA!!!

    This is ABSURD. LL support told me it is a “known technical problem”. No word on this in the release note!!!


    Dear LL, do you REALLY expect residents to waste ANY time on your so-called “bug report” system when serious bug reporting is ignored like this?

  91. Jenta says:

    “Good to see more and more viewers coming, before the actual release is being made.

    But how about deleting texture UUIDS from the assetserver if they are stolen? This is what second life should do is copyright infringing material is found and dmca’s are requested. Not just deleting the items in world (
    links to infringing material) , but delete teh ACTUAL infringing material!


  92. “this has been a rather rocky road for the 1.20 Release Candidate. (It is only in these later iterations that we are approaching a viewer ready to be the real “candidate.”)”

    You should have kept it as a beta then, and fixed more of the server and Havok borks first too.

    Or preferably roll back to 1.18.

  93. Is it just me or has the Joystick Flycam ceased to work? Going to try one more time before I go back to the regular viewer…….

  94. Ram says:

    Well, that’s my PC knackered, thanks.

  95. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    Ground textures still don’t rez, just rocky ground everywhere I go 😦
    Why in the world is this so hard to fix? Now, don’t tell me to fiddle with the settings, I already tried all combinations. And yes, i DO have the latest drivers for my card. Looks like LL’s love for Nvidia users is fading… GET THAT FIXED – PLEASE!

  96. Ram says:


  97. Yep, the memory leak is a bit of a problem, especially if you have not set your virtual memory to be higher than 6GB as I have. It takes much longer for it to cause a BSD Crash when set that high.

    Renee, don’t you have anything better to do than to complain about the same thing in any available Blog entry? Give it a rest already and go to the BBB if you are so dissatisfied.

  98. Ram, you didn’t say what the ‘serious issue’ is. I’m not having any problems with my Space Navigator, seems quite smooth to me.

  99. the DMCA is a LIE says:

    linden labs allows stolen content in secondlife

  100. the DMCA is a LIE says:

    linden labs allows stolen shops

  101. the DMCA is a LIE says:

    linde labs does NOT comply with the DMCA when they are DMCAed about UUIDS

  102. U M says:

    Still seeing bad pulses of stoppage while rotating the camera to the point it can crash the client……………..Laughs at 6 giga of memory ( with vists ).

  103. sophia Yates says:

    SPACENAVIGATOR DOES NOT WORK NOW THANK YOU! I repeat the 3D Connexion mouse I have been finally able to use does not work now. I had to update to the new relase yesterday and thank you so much. Come on!!!!! I’ll go check youtube and see If anyone has posted a solution there. Its not just me either. My friend who has been using it all along had to re-install everything. Seems we r playing more with downlaoding new relelases and crashing than anything else. I know development is hard but were still paying to play. This isnt fun anymore..

  104. Cincia Singh says:

    The new RC seems to work fine for me. No memory leaks, and I can get my system skirts to rez if I rebake textures. Why all the flaming about an RC from so many people? Go back to using the if the RC’s are not working for you. I keep both the official viewer AND the latest RC on my machine just in case.

  105. Vivienne says:

    The mac versiion of this is a total mess. There are too may bugs in it to count them, i would need a week to sumit them to the JIRA, where they would sit and wait for assignement until doomsday.

    Obviously it causes a hell of problems on windows, several GPU and CPU types, too. And what to they do??? Add something to count “ban points” for measuring the personal lag. Oh, what an improvement while the client is almost disfunctional as a whole! What a waste of recources.

    This is ridiculous. They want to become “mainstream”. ROFL.

  106. Vivienne says:

    “Why all the flaming about an RC from so many people? ”

    Oh, because this RC is (according to LL propaganda):

    “release candidate refers to a version with potential to be a final product, ready to release unless fatal bugs emerge. In this stage, the product features all designed functionalities and no known showstopper-class bugs. At this phase the product is usually code complete.”

    This “Realeaase Candidate” is none, in fact, because there are LOTS of fatal errors in it. Over 200 of these are reported and unassigned on the pJIRA. But they will throw it on us very soon, including all the unresolved bugs and issues.They acted like this on 1.19, 1.18, 1.17,….some of the known showstoppers STILL wait for assignement on the JIRA since MONTHS.

    This is what LL calls “progress”. I call it niche. They´ll never get to anywhere this way in the midterm run.

  107. pantaiputih korobase says:

    sorry to be off topic again, but the relevant blog is full
    “…Who me? Yes you! Couldn’t be! Then who?…” INTRODUCING AVATAR RENDERING COST”

    are you crazy at LL? I could appreciate this feature if it would have been designed to just show oneself how many hers/his renderings ‘costs’.
    To enable all and everyone to see how ‘expensive’ you are and by this, how potentially criminal you are in terms of causing lag to your surrounding, will seed a lot of conflicts in SL. Instead of enjoying the game (if it works), residents will be confronted with a lot of struggling and fighting. What a nightmare! War in SL about ARC. People pointing with their fingers at you or shooting you with their PRIMY guns.

    My first thought was, ok lets all go naked (at least I am usually bold – so the hair does not add to my ‘costs’), but that might cause problems with protecting minors (who should not be there on the grid, but are….). Might be against the TOS at some palces, too, hahahahaha.

    Second thought was, ok, let me search for my starting noob avi and let me forget about all improvements of my looks within the months I started. Unfortunately, I was so schocked by the look of my default starter AVI that I nearly suffered from a heart attack.

    So, if you have any idea about social behaviour at LL, please take away this feature ASAP. Change it to a feature one can use for themselves just to see how ‘costy’ he/she is and give residents a CLEAR guidance on the consequences their prim use does to the world. May be some are reasonable enough to omitt some features/attachements.

    Btw, many places in SL depend on ‘shiny’ people and shiny ‘costs’ prims. What about the economic consequences to allow everybody to see how ‘costy’ he/she is?

    What use is my britebling watch and my primoptic glasses and my expensive shoes if I can only wear them when I am at home where only a few can see my exquisite taste?

    And: wasn’t it YOU (LL) who allowed content creation? If the creators are too creative for your game LOL, you need to give them rules, like a maximum of prims for an attachment/feature. But I tell you, if you do so, the next wave of exodus is straight ahead.


    and forgive me my typos as always – going to measure my ARC now

  108. pantaiputih korobase says:

    back, I am only 872 to 888 (changes without doing anything, ahahahahaha) – is that good? Well yellow and not red at least, LOL.
    Btw, the best joke of this feature is that it eats up performance itself and we are adviced to turn it off and on, ROFL

  109. JENTA says:


    Why not make AVATAR theft cost? shows how many stolen items an avatar wears

  110. petro schaap says:

    As if anyone is going to do something with ‘avatar rendering costs’.

    people will just ignore it since 99% of people dont read the blogs its just an excuse to blame us for the lag

  111. eredele says:

    Space navigator gives trouble, it responds slowed than my mouse. what is wrong?

  112. Lost Ambyance says:

    where is the linden of communications when you need her? it sounds like she forgot to communicate with us about the avatar rendering costs

  113. Vivienne says:

    Well, I am looking forward to what she has to “communicate” on the more than 200 reported fatal errors on the pJIRA and the official plan to fix them…err…recognise them. Not to mention the 4500 remaining on other aspects of SL, cummunicated by users.

    Hey, where are you, Katt? Hiding behind the bugs?

  114. Claudius Cascabel says:

    These latest releases crash my Nividia Geoforce 8800 GTX card if an av with a lot of attachments approaches. Please fix this. Otherwise, the ability to increase anti alias is great.

  115. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    The ARC-tool was worth hurting my eyes for a few minutes..could we have that for objects as well, AND give access to these values (as a strided list) via scripts? PLEASE!

  116. U M says:

    @116 that doesnt make sence? I think your confusing the problems theat JIRA has talked about.

  117. Mini Pinion says:

    VWR-6948 ist annoying me most .. even more, than the annoying dazzle skin and it’s definitely more important, as it breaks alot of content using flexi prims in one form or another.

  118. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    i dont lik the new ceo already!!LLs need to get there sh*% str8 and
    stop pickn up these randoms dumb bums on the street and trustn them to manage SL bc I NOW DECLAIR THAT SL HAS TOATLY GONE TO H311 R.I.P SL IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE U ….any1 got any last words to say ?!?! 🙂

  119. None says:

    This feature is worthless. Fix the real issues and stop putting in pretties and misguiders just to screw up people’s minds.

  120. Mar says:

    @120: “….any1 got any last words to say ?!?!”

    Not really. I’m still trying to decipher what you were saying…

  121. Walentine Andersson says:


  122. axe bikcin says:

    Attn: all Lindens.

    Please, please, please give us something we really need and want. We need more groups. 25 is not enough! Please give us 50. Better yet, 75.

    I’ll settle for 50.

  123. Dominique Venares says:

    we creators are very mad that we receive no help and that we see our sales drop because many stolen items as freebies. we cannot compete with that it tears our economy down. we are honest creators help us.

  124. DONATELLO says:


  125. Dominique Venares says:

    we creators are very mad that we receive no help and that we see our sales drop because many stolen items as freebies. we cannot compete with that it tears our economy down. we are honest creators help us.

    lindens help us

  126. Pep Streebeck says:


  127. Shai Khalifa says:



    Since forcing us into 1.19 series a lot of Mac users have the same issues – see Jira VWR-5521.


  128. Walentine Andersson says:

    I must congrats you to move the blog like you did.
    Now you dont have to have comments on at all and you can hide your customers thinking about Linden Labs when nothing works

  129. THE DMCA IS A LIE says:



  130. Urantia Jewell says:

    Sorry about being off topic but; why is the ‘Community : Friends Online’ web page no longer in alphabetical order ??

    On topic; The last 2 RC’s have worked quite well for me… at least better than the first few in this series.

    Powerbook G4 1.67GHz 1.5Gb RAM ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 128mb VRAM Mac OS X 10.4.11

    I like the concept behind ARC. If enough people “get it” it should be very beneficial in reducing client side lag. WTG LL. 🙂

  131. cosa nostra says:

    Well LINDENLABS congratulations, think you all deserve an AWARD …….. yes really …. U all do !


    congrats for screwing the service again, a service I am paying 295 US$ for, this every month (or do you think my money is VIRTUAL or something ??) ….. yes LINDEN …..295 REAL ..US$ per month !

    or are u all gonna have a laugh overthere again when ya analyze the comments as listed in this blog ? I can imagine u all do ……..


  132. cosa nostra says:


    dont expect help !!! they will not ! LINDEN its strategy is focussed on turning the full profit back to there bankaccount, that means that everyone who is too clever in here doing business, or creators or developers who make money in-world will be outranged/eliminated (business wise) soon, LINDEN will do the business operations in-world again themselves !

    compair it like during wartimes, clever people, people with too much power and influence are the first to be eliminated when the new regime takes over !


  133. Yami Katayama says:

    they will figure it out soon enough when people start posting their dissent where ever they can – where ever there is an open blog spot available – just like it was before they opened all blog comments – that is, unless they just start deleting our posts that make negative comments – since it’s “off topic”, which I certainly see them doing in their increasing attempt to shut us up – face it, they don’t want to hear from us and all this “we value your opinion” only applies to those who cheer every time they make a post.

  134. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Would be nice if it was something that could be used its jsut another POS released from loser lab this tinker toy will not load works as well as the rest of the game a total fubar you people really need to step back and help your comrads with the position they have become used to lately help them pull the head out. This game has gone from playable to something that should be used as an example on how to irritate a customer base. I know I am blowing into the linden wind since you have little care of what we post here but it is time I have really had it with the lack of ability and the lack of concern for you customer base you people need a wake up call You obviously have no idea of how to manage a data base your proof of that is what is exhibited in the product you obviously have no idea how to assemble a large network that functions

    This is the last straw as far as I am concerned it is no longer funny nor fun

  135. I would suggest that those complaining sit down and re-read the Terms of Service. In addition I would suggest that you run a search or do whatever you have to do to learn the fate of TSO/EA Land. That is a prime example of what may happen here.

    in addition I would suggest that those complaining about the bug fixes actually examine the source code sometime. I think you may find that it is not quite so easy to patch up a near eight – or more – year old engine coded for far less strain.

  136. Vivienne says:

    “On topic; The last 2 RC’s have worked quite well for me… at least better than the first few in this series.”

    Really? How do you manage to render windlight with this configuration? Technical wonder? Anyway, at least a 2005/06 PPC with a decent graphic card should be able to run this on at least midrange settings without many glitches. But no way. You better stay on your old G4, cause upgrading for SL only would be a total waste of money.

  137. Vivienne says:

    @ Universal

    “I think you may find that it is not quite so easy to patch up a near eight – or more – year old engine coded for far less strain.”

    Probably. But that´s what they charge me for. Working software.

  138. They charge you for grid Access Viv – no matter how broken up it is.

  139. Urantia Jewell says:

    @138 Vivienne,

    LOL didn’t say I could run all the bells and whistles 🙂 But it runs adequately at low graphics. And fps has been climbing with each RC release in this series. 🙂

  140. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    How about answering week old tickets . Fixing the broken Regions that are now running half speed.. We are all paying full price for tier we expect full service.. This wait time is rediculous

  141. pantaiputih korobase says:

    they charge for grid access, universal? am I completely wrong or are free accounts charged for grid acces now, too?

  142. U M says:

    Oh geshhhhh again with people crying about posting here……..never mind………….This is not your blog its everyones…….its nice of you to shows direct us how to post……….but no thank you i don`t need help….

    Balpien Hammerer, the crash log has been failing to work for me for months. It appears that LL servers are eitehr not setup right, or have too many reports sentin at any given time resulting in failed crash report recived…….

  143. U M says:

    Oh geshhhhh again with people crying about posting here……..never mind………….This is not your blog its everyones…….its nice of you to shows direct us how to post……….but no thank you i don`t need help….

  144. U M says:

    Oh geshhhhh again with people crying about posting here……..never mind………….This is not your blog its everyones…….its nice of you to shows direct us how to post……….but no thank you i don`t need help….

    Balpien Hammerer, the crash log has been failing to work for me for months. It appears that LL servers are eitehr not setup right, or have too many reports sentin at any given time resulting in failed crash report recived…….

    i may as well take up the last posts since i use them all up anyway

  145. U M says:


  146. ripnet olivier says:

    please do anything about content theft. another of rubnets sims is full of stolen items. why isn’t this guy banned?
    he’s secondlifes most well known thief, and now he does it again.

    im very dissapointed in secondlife and the promises about copyrights 😦 nothing is done at all to help creators.


    Well it’s official, now I have proof. He always said I was priceless… 🙂

    I always thought I was a cheap date, I can’t say that any more, *cries*


  148. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    No matter what the TOS says incompetence is running wild here this latest patch is not at all what is advertised for this game Linden Lab will learn a lesson without a quick fix as every editing action now results in a wait for the data server

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