[CLOSED] Some Second Life Regions Offline

[CLOSED 11:07 a.m. –teeple]

All regions affected have been returned to service.ย  Thanks for your patience!

[UPDATE 10:08 a.m. –teeple]

The vast majority of regions are back online. Operations is still working on a small number of them. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re done.


As a result of a recent Rolling Restart, many regions in Second Life are currently down. Our Server Team is working quickly to get them back online as soon as possible. More Updates here as information is received. Thank you for your continued patience.

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150 Responses to [CLOSED] Some Second Life Regions Offline


  2. Josue Habana says:

    Again, I am shocked. How unusual.

  3. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Given the problems in April, when do I start getting $$ back. I think $675 would due.

  4. Neural says:

    :hopes a Linden will actually respond:
    What exactly happens in a Rolling Restart?
    Do they restart the server software?
    Restart the entire server?
    Cold restart the server?

  5. Lara says:

    …grand stuff…and no need to thank me for my “continuous patience” …I lost it long ago…

  6. Jimmy Fuhrman says:

    Woohoo! So this means that the grid will be up and running beautifully for us this weekend, unlike weekends in the past, right? Right? **looks hopefully into blank space** lol Have a cool Friday and thanks for the info ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep us posted.

  7. It’s friday afternoon again. The Europeans come online and what do they find? American hightech on strike. Maybe the Lindens should use some russian stuff, less funky but more reliable – lol.

    I hope they can solve it soon – and we Europeans can enjoy a nice evening in SL.

  8. hugsalot says:

    hey um.. maybe some of you are too new to SL, but all these problems (asset servers, networking congestion, lag, and general SNAUFs here) have been going on for YEARS! Not in the last few months as everyone seems to think, including the Lindens.

  9. movie clip says:

    Should be the new SL slogan ” SECOND LIFE thanks for your patience”

  10. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    I have lost consistantly over the past month due to tech issues 70% of sales – Then I loose 600 dollars per island x 3 of money I paid for islands over night. Today my islands are not even online.

    My friends get their stuff copied and stolen to be resold by the sl thiefs and not much can be done to stop it we all know it.

    Every day I pull my hair out. Its bad enough we loose so many sales then devalue land we worked hard to raise money to pay for.

    Its almost like its being done on purpose to run out people like us

  11. Lozlo Peng says:


  12. Moose Maine says:

    Well, for some positive feedback, I saw our region get the new server upgrade, saw the region go offline for 10 minutes, and came back up all by itself. Everything physical that was broken now works, and in fact, much more smoothly. Great Job Lindens!

  13. Lozlo Peng says:

    @ 10 – don’t forget INVENTORY LOSS too

  14. Drew says:

    Complaining won’t make things move any faster. Let them do there job heh ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Jimmy Fuhrman says:

    “hugsalot Says:
    hey um.. maybe some of you are too new to SL, but all these problems (asset servers, networking congestion, lag, and general SNAUFs here) have been going on for YEARS! Not in the last few months as everyone seems to think, including the Lindens.”

    Just in reference to this, I’d been in SL for quite a while in an old account that I recently closed. My continuous experience has shown that thought it has been going on for years, it’s getting progressively worse. I remember early days when my only issues were gray people running around. Now, I’m lucky if I can run at all (and I’m on new equipment now). It seems the more they try to improve and “upgrade” the worse things get.

  16. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Hooray.. I think its time for a true credit and not an offer of openspace land which just raises our long term expenses. That’s not compensation for loss.. its hidden sales

  17. R. H. says:

    Hey Rheya, tnx for the notice. Doesn’t affect any regions I alight on so …ummm… who cares ๐Ÿ˜›
    Besides, even RC4 works on my laptop DESPITE all the vigorous complaints that laptops have been left behind. Well Done! to that group of code monkeys ๐Ÿ™‚ We only had to wait … what? less than a week…nah.. it was closer to two weeks,, but still, @ least the durn thing works and it’s only in Release _Candidate_ status :-))
    Jesting aside, I’m sure it IS of import to those handful of regions that got booted offline for this restart. However, I have seen a much improved stability during the time right after the Havok4 forced updates [aka March 2008]. I hope, kneeling and bowing toward the NW seacoast, this current set of updates brings yet more stability and continuity to our _virtual_ existence. Cuz when LLโ„ข does go IPO I wouldn’t mind having finished updating Pay Status from Pay Info Used to… something more substantial ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanx for the ride Philip and Co. hope it lasts past the snows blowing in the wind.


  18. Addison Fullstop says:

    I never, ever complain but really this past month has been over the top, I don’t understand what technical things the Lindens always have to deal with nor do I care to. What I do know is every single time we have a new viewer, or you change something….everything goes whacky. How about you can’t Tp anywhere right now? It would be nice if you would announce in world when these things are happening so we aren’t attempting to reboot, clear caches..and so forth. Some common courtesy would go a long way …especially since it is night time in Europe.

  19. Prospero Linden says:

    Hey all — it was about 700 regions that were down– that’s only about 4% of the grid, but of course it’s bad if your region happens to be one of the 700. Most of them are back now, and we’re working as fast as we can to get the other ones back.

    Things were complicated by the fact that a completely separate problem hit us with our logging. So, while we had recovered most of the regions, we’re slowed down diagnosing which regions are still down due to the logging issues. Those will be resolved in a few minutes, and then we’ll be able to verify that the downed regions have all been brought back up.

  20. Krimson Gray says:

    General failure of animation, spontaneous corruption of certain image files and the inability to upload replacements (sculpt texture). Congrats – you have found new ways to break SL. My income for the month is less than half of what it normally is, but somehow I don’t expect the part where you take my money every month to fail.

  21. Good news says:

    There is this fat chick that wanted me to meet her in SL today and I really didn’t want to. Thanks LL ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. EVEN BETTER NEWS says:

    I told some guy I just met I was a fat chick and I wanted him to meet me in SL today…I really didn’t want to….Thanks LL-GREAT JOB-you got me off the hook for meeting up with a LOSER! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Traverse Janus says:

    Another day in Paradise! And why aren’t these regions doing the normal rolling restart bit? What’s been messed up?

  24. Toad Mougin says:

    Just to offer something positive to the mix….

    Just been trying the Tako sailboat on some 1.21 void sims with the latest release candidate viewer – crossing regions is the best I’ve ever known – just a split-second blip :)))

  25. Penguinfan Beck says:

    “hey um.. maybe some of you are too new to SL, but all these problems (asset servers, networking congestion, lag, and general SNAUFs here) have been going on for YEARS! Not in the last few months as everyone seems to think, including the Lindens.”

    So, the fact that continued negligence on behalf of Linden Labs makes it ok? Not in my book. And I will say this, in the past month or so, these problems have been occurring excessively!! If this were a game I purchased off the shelf, (not even taking into consideration the businesses that 80% of us run), I would have returned it in 30 seconds due to all the issues, for a FULL REFUND. I think the VERY least that LL could do at this point is REFUND land owners 1 months TIER.

    Shape up LL, please? Enough “software patches” and “updates”.. GET NEW MORE POWERFUL SERVERS – DUH

  26. Jazzman says:

    Is it just my imagination but are comments being kept open on most LL posts these days. Do I detect the work of Katt Linden?
    It’s good work if it is Katt’s idea. Ultimately it should serve to put down the continuous nay saying and keep everybody on topic.
    Good luck rheya and team.

  27. Prospero Linden says:

    Traverse @23 : we don’t yet know what happened with the rolling restart. EVerything went fine, but the simulator processes didn’t start. We were able quickly to work around it, and have done so, so everything should be happy now. We’re still diagnosing to try and figure out what went wrong in the first place. It was only a couple of hundred hosts (out of a couple thousand) at the end of the rolling restart that had the problem; everything before that was fine.

  28. LoLo says:

    @10 “My friends get their stuff copied and stolen to be resold by the sl thiefs and not much can be done to stop it we all know it.”

    more things CAN be done but are not done…
    like blocking the UUIDS of stolen textures and blocking objects. look up the JIRAs, a lot of residents are complaining but the linden are ignoring it.. as usual.

  29. Franklin Laville says:

    Any news about the not loaded inventory?
    Maybe all experiencing this should raid Orientation Island naked…
    Please do not come now with clearing cache and that … all possible solution from users side are done before I complain open.

  30. LoLo says:

    @26 as long as our questions are ignored it won’t help much. it’s just an illusion.

  31. BlckCobra Shikami says:

    It’s surely frustrating for those whose regions went down but I don’t think most who complain have been affected by this.
    April was surely a rough month for all of us (residents and Linden staff), but I see with joy that there is a new style of communication between LL and us residents: more honesty and open communication than ever.
    I think it’s time to value this new open communication and be more constructive than just always complain. LL is aware of the problems and I see hard work going on to solve those problems.
    Let’s become more constructive again …


  32. Judi Newall says:

    Will this fix the region handoff failures I keep getting? There’s a sim I can’t walk or TP to, tho I did file a ticket.

  33. who knows says:

    so um is it logging too?
    cause everytime i try and log in it either fails or it’ll work and then crash immidiately :[

  34. mimi says:

    @31 so far the lindens are still not answering our questions about texture theft. I have not seen any open communications about that topic yet.

  35. who knows says:

    …if anyone knows the answer ^^ they could just fill me in, not just a linden xD

  36. BlckCobra Shikami says:

    @34: Beside that this topic does not belong into this thread:
    The problem with textures is that they have to be downloaded/decoded to your local computer in order to be displayed – there is not much you can do to protect them. And as long as we tolerate the sale of stolen items (often called “business in a box”) we shoudl blame ourselves for this massive sale of stolen goods.
    The are IP Rights / DCMA which protect your creations (you will find a lot of info on that on the SL webpages and also in the internet and how to go against those peopel stealing your creations). It is not up to LL to protect your IP Rights – it is up to us …

  37. Cat Cotton says:

    Crosses fingers for an uneventful weekend. I wish all small businesses much luck and prosperity over the weekend.


  38. stick says:

    Severe Lag.
    No rensponses from support for over 10 days.
    Absolutly useless bug reporting system.
    Rotating objects still not rotating.
    Please sort these out NOW.
    Forget tarting up SL with these flashy clouds and reflections till you can get it all running stable.
    Some of us pay you a lot of money to use secondlife, lots of us feel we are not getting what we pay for.

  39. LoLo says:

    @36 when textures would be deleted every time they were spreading business in a box would not have thousands of copies of the same single stolen item for sale. Most business in a box thief items just share one texture. If your item spreads full permission (as has happend to a lot of stolen items) you have to sue 10.000s of people reselling them as business in a box to get them removed. That is impossible and lindenlabs knows it.

    Webhosts remove the original violating picture when a DMCA is filled in. Linden Labs wjust removes the shop they do not even delete the texture from the thieves inventory, let alone from the asset server. They can block stolen item, like they do with griefer objects, but they don’t. After two year of empty promises we still don’t know why.

    Linden labs is the host.. unless your a hacker which cracks their sever as a creator unforntunaly theres nothing you can do do stop them from hosting your violated copyrighted material. Serevarl content creators have filled in DMCAs to get the textures removed – they are ignored by linden labs.

  40. Katt Linden says:

    Hi folks. To understand what’s going on with Service Disruptions, you can find them explained here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Service_Disruptions

  41. Wanja Lubitsch says:

    I’m glad the blog is open for comments. Keep it like that please!

    I think that a delayed re-start of some regions is not too bad.

    Some people like to have a compensation for bad service in the last time. I understand that. The only compensation of LL I ever heard of was to extent running advertises by some time because the search was down.
    I wonder how a compensation of land tier would look like: would you honestly forward it to the people who leased flats and shops etc on your sim?

    BTW, I know Patience, she’s a very nice girl.

  42. who knows says:

    ….is anyone else having trouble getting ON to secondlife?

  43. pantaiputih korobase says:

    umm search is broken?

    Problems accessing search on gsa5 (status 500)

    Please try your query later.

  44. Katt Linden says:

    And thanks for the positive words Cat and BlkCobra. We do care, very much.

    Judi, Stick: if you filed a support ticket, you will hear back.

  45. who knows says:


    so no one else is having issues getting on to secondlife….

  46. mimi says:

    @40 Katt
    Do you know why stolen items aren’t blocked? i understand you like positive feedback more, but the content creators who have been ripped off would appreciate and deserve an answer too. I don’t understand why this isn’t done. Shops like naughty designs and X2 are copyright violated in about every freebie/resell mall why is nothing done?

  47. Tintin Blinker says:

    stop whining folks…..takes time and effort to experiment. Where would Heineken be without the guy that burnt his mouth on the glassblazer?


    um katt we all know that the asset server and databases are BROKEN we dont need a wiki to understand it we need lindens TO ACTUALLY FIX IT so we can get back to fixing our failed businesses and make money to pay our tiers!

  49. Tired SIM Owner says:

    You experiment in a development and test environments not the production environment you are charging for.

  50. Jmengate Kawabata says:

    @47 LMAO! I haven’t heard that reference before, but it’s a great one for a Friday. You got me thinking about Happy Hour already.

  51. Marianne McCann says:

    @15: the troubles in the last month or so rival the troubles in late 2006 — but while troubles come with the territory, I’d say there have been a great many times of relatively painless Second Life between now and then.

    For that matter, this last week, I’d way, was better than the last couple weeks before it.

  52. who knows says:

    I don’t understand it

    I login I crash immidiately after doing so what is this?

  53. Ree Indigo says:

    Yay, LL fails again!

  54. Tired SIM Owner says:

    I think there needs to be a sim owners blog and a merchants blog to sort the fodder out.

    A lot of the “happiness world is great” crew don’t seem to be financially involved.

  55. Me says:

    Like most business owners I have lost sales in April, like most business owners I have lost valuable time due to angry customers, like pretty much everyone else I have lost inventory in April (more than usually), like pretty much everyone else I have experienced a lot of other frustrating technical issues in April.

    Yes, that’s bad – but – what’s even worse – I have lost my fascination for this virtual world in April, it has just poofed…

    Only 2 months ago I had plans of purchasing an island, expanding my business and so on, but the recent issues showed me one thing (once again) – this whole thing is far too unreliable to invest that kind of money since there never ever is some kind of compensatioin when things go so wrong.

    One thing this company has yet to learn – sometimes it goes a long way to do something for compensation, even if it’s just a little – to actually show your customers that you care. Apologies won’t do the trick here.

    I really don’t expect this operation to run smoothly 24/7 and I’m sure there are a lot of hard working people at it, but April was just too much for people to endure, without the slightest kind of compensation (e.g. free classifieds, higher stipend, reduction of tier, whatever…).

    The saddest thing however is that I have lost friends to this, friends that just had about enough and finally left SL.

    Yep, I’m totally disillusioned right now…

  56. Renee Faulds says:

    Katt – @40 & 44

    whoa that was way intelligent – file a support ticket you’ll hear back (in say like 6 months.)

    I see you have fit right in on your new job….


  57. Renee Faulds says:


    ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION YET LINDEN LABS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Janerella Voom says:

    “@40 Katt
    Do you know why stolen items arenโ€™t blocked? i understand you like positive feedback more, but the content creators who have been ripped off would appreciate and deserve an answer too. I donโ€™t understand why this isnโ€™t done. Shops like naughty designs and X2 are copyright violated in about every freebie/resell mall why is nothing done?”

    We know this cannot be fixed easily, but I would apprectaite an answer as well. I’m very disappoined in the way Linden Labs handles DMCAs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  59. zlad voom says:

    100% agree, LL should response with a refund.
    Right now i tell everybody not to invest any real $ in this %&#

  60. zoha boa says:

    “[CLOSED 11:07 a.m. –teeple]

    All regions affected have been returned to service. Thanks for your patience!”

    OUR PATIENCE IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Cracker says:

    “All regions affected have been returned to service. Thanks for your patience!โ€

    OUR PATIENCE IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    patience….. where??? i have none left..

  62. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Obviously was not reading the blog huh?

  63. who knows says:

    all I want to know is why I immidiately crash every time I try and log innnn ;_;

  64. Tired SIM Owner says:


    There were a lot of issues and suggestions to what you are experiencing in the blog post:

    New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC4 Available

  65. Omela says:

    .. is curious to see what katt will respond..

  66. Nikolai Kidd says:

    My rez day was Thursday. It was fantastic to see lots of my friends there, but there were many more that could not log on. And it was way too laggy to dance, even at a Class 5 sim which I own, and reports 45 fps and good stats.
    Lots of them never even could log in to get the invitations. Is it my imagination or did we get two updates this week to the RC viewer? Log crash. Log Crash.Log….woot finally..an hour later…out of memory error, shut down. Anti virus keeps reporting a “destructive virus” in one of the textures being saved to cache. There is no way to find out what causes the memory problem, but a JIRA has been filed, No response from the tracking I set. I even notice at the giant snail races shown on SL TV they kept crashing from memory problems, so it’s not my system. The OnRez viewer doesn’t have the memory problem, but It’s not good to use unless you are new. But I can fly. If all you want to do is fly and have sex on pose balls I guess it is all working fine. I’m trying to open a cafe, and really would like to be able to TP around and get things done.
    Anyone know a way to use one of the old viewers that worked before all the fixes? like a 1.17 or 1.18??? Great graphics are wonderful, in fact I got an Nvidea 8800Gt so I could handle them, but having to turn them down all the time to help the lag has made that a wasted dream. Tell me its all going to be OK and the rest of my friends will not leave for WoW where there is no lag???

  67. Rowan Villiers says:

    I am still unable to scroll down in my lists in the “All” search, which means when I search something, I only get to check out the first few matches. People pay to have their shops and stuff listed in the search. This is not a problem with my computer as I have no difficulty scrolling anywhere else. Any ideas?

  68. Renee Faulds says:

    Katt will respond that it is “your” computer that lost your inventory and bonked the asset server. Ticket is now resolved.

    More PR from the new PR Linden…..

    Region and business owners want a refund Katt – let’s discuss that, what do you say?

  69. Ree Indigo says:

    @68: I can has refund nowz?

  70. zlad voom says:

    i am afraid they will not respond to that Renee.

    Sooner or later there are other player and i am sure with competition everything will change. And LL has to think about the TOS and offer a fair SLA to every customer.
    Never forget this is a game and LL make $ with it.
    Or is there still somebody out there who think King Phil did it coz he have had a dream of a worldwide community?

  71. Blinders Off says:

    LOL they have so many service disruptions they actually have a lengthy WIKI page on the subject. LOL

  72. zlad voom says:

    @ Katt
    > Stick: if you filed a support ticket, you will hear back.
    are you kidding?
    Why don’t you open a alt account use your pirvate ISP at home and then file a support ticket and start counting the weeks until you get a response.

  73. mikeD Streeter says:

    Animations not loading for all and acting weird for others, items wont deliver says “declined your inventory offer” so I kept trying to resend…keeps declining… then 5 minutes later gives the person all 12 copies of this item that they paid for only 1 item!

    Anyone else run into this dont keep trying to send, the item is not really being declined the server is holding it somehow and delivering later. Grrr


    the least Linden Labs could do for business owners is to refund our classified ads for the month of April…… they have been useless as search has been down half the day each and every day for the past 6 weeks now ……they have refunded classifieds or extended them when these issues have happened in the past ……why are they not doing it for us now?? it is the least they could do to help all of our losses due to these daily issues

  75. MariaBeatriz Beck says:

    I believe that was discussed here zillions times, but I do not understand why LL does not close accounts that has no activity for X months. LL has whatever millions of users; sure, some hundreds came, and never come back. Why to have all inactive ppl database assets , etc, for whatever time, if the account has no activity for certain period of time. But, anyway, no Linden will read this, and we need to continue paying tier, etc, for a quality service that is below average, to be nice.

  76. Bucky Barkley says:

    Who is the top tech person? Is it Joe Miller?
    Is there a new CTO yet?

    Why does the top tech person not communicate on this blog?

    Doesn’t a VP/CTO level position demand a smattering of PR
    and communication skills? What tech event is it going to take
    for them to finally drop in and write something reassuring?

    I dont know… one would think it is in LL’s interest for the executive
    staff to be proactive here. The residents should not be in the position
    of having to ask for reassurance.

  77. Ann Otoole says:

    wonder if this auto return bug only affects kali isle. stuff set to group properly gets auto returned on some random basis. good one. now we can’t even waste time building anything in a sim. sweet. or is it that someone at ll wants all auto returns disabled to support griefing?

  78. zlad voom says:

    coz the numbers look better if they don’t erase em

  79. Ree Indigo says:

    @76: The top tech person is still trying to figure out how to plug his keyboard in.

  80. Kula Anatine says:

    just shut up and commit to quit sheesh sell out and go or just deal
    with it. you do know this is the first stage of virtual worlds right…

  81. zlad voom says:

    lol this is a business and not a virtual world anymore

  82. Tired SIM Owner says:

    @80 first stage?

    Wow … I remember WORLDS in the mid 90s and I think its still limping along in some form.

  83. richard says:

    21 and 22 i’m an laughing !!!!!

  84. nimi says:


  85. concerned says:

    Cannot rez items,cannot send items,cannot attach items,ahhh it must be the weekend at LL ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Just a heads up to the folks at linden labs. every object attachment in my inventory is coming up as “unable to creat requested object, please try again”
    this includes like i said, everything object based atttchment wise.
    I’ve tp’d do a dozen or more sims grid wide, cleared cache and relogged to home point, removed all the xml etc files and still getting this error.
    kinda sucks when you have over 10000 objects in your inventory and they’re all object based (i have several hundred avatars :D)
    H Yokosuka

  87. Jenn Luke says:

    so whats with the fail to rezz objects, pending downloads…another happy european evening?

  88. bigmoe whitfield says:

    why are logins off and no blog about that?

  89. Lara Croft says:

    Ive just lost my sofa I spent 2 hous making – asset server not responding. Nothing rezzing, Where’s my sofa>????


  90. Masuyo Aabye says:

    additional, failed everything on relog, including failed to load gestures or clothing. avatar ruthed.
    inworld name Hachiro Yokosuka.

  91. S Lemaire says:

    Notecards not loading, Teleports failing, age verifications not working, attachments not attaching long long list of problems again and I still get confused trying to report these issues so doing it here.

  92. concerned says:

    @86 its not you its LL.

  93. clarkey lyle says:


  94. Dolcevita Rossini says:

    argh, i cant login :((((

    When has this drama an end with all the issues? My patience is really soon gone…..

  95. Time for people to Get a Clue says:

    Ok folks seriously… you forgot one thing! ITS A GAME.. have we all gone wacko. Take a break clean your harddrive if your really that mad maybe you need a doctor. Been playing for four years and i can say yes lots of issues but so do other online Games. Shame on you

  96. Epic Lulzer says:

    oh god….
    not again…

  97. Milo Bellow says:


  98. damned says:

    not AGAIN.. no transactions.. damned whats up with this game..

  99. bigmoe whitfield says:

    I really dont care about the loading issues or things as I am not doing anything right now that has to deal with them. I was hunting around for a nice private spot to spend with my fiance and bam crashed because of a region and now cant log back in. um suggestion. turn things off but not logins.

  100. rado says:

    OH NO! Be able to install the item of my Iventory or it cannot access LM which now presently is in the baggage. Information it seems that income is not done from the data base! ! To the place where it searches TP possibility. This probably is what thing?

  101. ROTFLMAO !!!!
    me thinks one of the Lindens better go in world try and run around a bit and see………..

    I like posting here always seems to work when ever they allow it……… unlike trying to save a note or script, hmm, or tp’ing, or building, or transactions, or much of anything in world most of the time anymore!

  102. hugsalot says:

    WTF? Just now in-world I got a popup message warning about not doing any transactions at 1pm PDT. So WTF is going on?

  103. Time for people to Get a Clue says:

    ROFL WOW people r amazing I look at this and laugh goes back to the little thing we once all knew as real life

  104. bigmoe whitfield says:

    95@ um to alot of us it’s more then a game. I dont consider this a game and never will. Game to me is racing around a track or shooting people. and those 2 things I dont do so.

  105. mant says:

    ok this is beyond a joke i relog now logins closed NICE ONE!!!!

  106. Yeah, says on the Front Page to look and no info, as per, not even Friday evening PDT yet lol. Looks like another fine mess of a weekend…

    Oh, if any Linden is interested, one of the Alts behind the DiSSENTi0N pathetic griefing attempts, Gannondorf Rothberg, is trademark violating the hand logo at http://youtube.com/DiSSENTi0N

  107. Prospero Linden says:

    @100 and the several comments before : this is an issue unrelated to the “regions down” issue of this post. The regions down issue was solved several hours ago. However, in the last 10 minutes or so, the asset servers began experiencing problems. We’re working on them, and those problems are described in their own blog post.

  108. Reggus Reggiane says:

    that really SUCKS!!!

  109. DiSSENT says:

    We are claiming full responsibility to the attacks which resulted in this disruption.

  110. VR says:

    You cannot be serious!

  111. Time for people to Get a Clue says:

    LOl you cant live in and breath In SL hopefully you dont sleep with your PC. Ya so we make money in here we still have to realize its not a real life and all things do fail

  112. Gothik60 says:

    Ah Ah Losers ! ! !


  113. zlad voom says:


    LL just follow the rule never change or update anything on fridays


    when will that “virtual world” work again like with version 1.18.5??
    when will you refund us?

  114. Shammz says:

    WHY does this happen every weekend!!!!!

  115. A few things are broke:
    Can’t save note cards, people can’t change clothes, rez problems, ruthed AVs, transactions glitched
    About 12 hours ago it was crash on boarder crossings, TP and map not showing sims.
    Hope the best (^_^)


    this is just getting so stupid linden labs you post a message in world to check the blog and then there is NOTHING ON THE BLOG! we fight and fight to get you to post a message finally in the game to warn us and then u cant even post what he hell it is on the blog …………i just do NOT UNDERSTAND why you people have not been fired yet….. total incompetence

  117. les says:

    hiya. You should turn off the billing meter at the same time you turn off transactions.

    I know you are propping this POS game up for a sale and can’t afford to have a month at a loss, but you also can’t afford to have us all walk out on this mess.

    Anyone who is confused as to why SL sucks just needs to read the linden tao…all will be clear.

  118. Mavi Beck says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the grid is down AGAIN. Well at least this time the sent an inworld message…

  119. your grandma says:


  120. bigmoe whitfield says:

    Ok Prospero Linden thank you for the update

  121. lupu Brule says:

    Its time to a non based prim coffee, see u in RL for the next 30 mins!!

  122. clarkey lyle says:

    so much for my sexy time pfft lol

  123. Ealena Iwish says:

    I’m from Brazil
    for me its OFFLINE

  124. Milo Bellow says:


  125. Hevenz Vansant says:

    omg i spent a whole 12 seconds compiling a hovertext script and lost it waaaaaaa, jk :p

    everyday, something broken, i joined SL cause of a glowing CNN story…wonder if CNN should look again…….

  126. Iceslayer says:

    great work guys as always off to rl work in abit hopefully i can finish up my store, and get back to having fun once sl back up and running. well congrats on anouther good weekend at last as the previous weeks before was a tad messed up shale we say.

  127. Gothik60 says:

    “โ€œAll regions affected have been returned to service. Thanks for your patience!โ€

    OUR PATIENCE IS OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!โ€

    patienceโ€ฆ.. where??? i have none left…”


  128. malachi panhandle says:

    perhaps you should rethink that “ALL CLEAR POST” i mean you post this two hours ago and wow the entire grid is down. lets see. you said everything is fixed. all regions are back online. and then out of nowhere its “OH S%$#” and pull the plug on the entire system. YAY LL. keep up the not so great work why dont ya.

  129. Dolcevita Rossini says:

    April 25, 2008, 12:57 pm We are experiencing asset server problems. We have closed off logins to Second Life while we deal with the problem. Please see the blog at http://blog.secondlife.com for more information.

    Huh? I cant find about that in the blog actually. Please LL inform the user, before they try to relog and cant login anymore.

  130. nimi says:

    @114 not every weekend, It’s EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  131. Krimson Gray says:

    Yay. Textures failing. Group Chat Failing. Teleports Failing. Now I get the “please refrain from transactions” message. Why not be up front and say “Too bad for your business, but keep forking your cash over to us.”? I opened a new store, and now I have another lump of land I have to pour cash into with little returns.

    Seriously, if LL is unable to provide an infrastructure to support concurrency, then why keep sucking money out of people?

    Oh, as I type this add, inventory failure. Asset server fails. But please keep charging people for a service that doesn’t work.

  132. bigmoe whitfield says:

    125@ thats why I joined too because of cnn a yr ago. I have no isses with these problems. I just have tiny bit of issue with turning the logins off. and to the user above about the bot accounts. have you got statics to back this up? or is this something you heard?

  133. mudracer65nl Sands says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! every friday its the same sad old getting really annoying song………….. can’t log in second life is currently dowm for maintenance………..and this ASSet problem again

    April 25, 2008, 12:57 pm We are experiencing asset server problems. We have closed off logins to Second Life while we deal with the problem.

  134. Trin Bailey says:

    all regions have NOT been returned to service.
    LIES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Arcadia Jonson says:


  136. k1 says:

    WHY?????????????? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This has to mean less lag over the weekend………right!!!!!???????? O.O

  137. Carmeops Renard says:

    a little new note for explain the:

    April 25, 2008, 12:57 pm We are experiencing asset server problems. We have closed off logins to Second Life while we deal with the problem. Please see the blog at http://blog.secondlife.com for more information.

    ? thanks, just at the moment where i relog..

  138. OLOLOLOL says:

    IT’S BACK ONLINE !!!!!!!!

  139. Cotytto Bonetto says:

    so if 700 regions is about 4% of the total grid that means there are about 17,500 regions?

    sorry…when I go into SL withdrawals I start doing random math problems ๐Ÿ˜€ better get the grid back up quick.

  140. mant says:

    @103 u forget about the buisness owners and people that spend alot of money for this service that DOESNT WORK half the time yet u can come talk crap here i think you should give it a rest buddy.

  141. Sascha says:

    Wow, not even a blog entry now for that SL is down. Is this the new way of communication to the users, Katt?

  142. Masuyo Aabye says:

    small, naked, grey, ruthed. w00t

  143. Arcadia Jonson says:

    I agree with Milo….the other night the welcome areas were swarmed with new bots in the making….kill the bot’s….

  144. Prospero Linden says:

    Here is the relevant blog post for the current issue:


    This was not a griefer attack, it’s a hardware problem, and it is being fixed right now.

    This issue has nothing to do with concurrency, or the number of bots in world.

    This is unrelated to this blog post; the issues in *this* blog post were in fact resolved.

  145. Ursa Henley says:

    wow everytime you think youve seen all the stupidity and the worst Secondlife can be those lindens have a way of besting themselves. Im wondering if any 2 people in that building even speak the same language, I just cannot understand how and why a supposedly inteligent group of individuals can be so void of comprehending just how severely bad and ridiculous this whole this has become and its not new, this is an ongoing problem now for more than 3 years, i would think the brains or lack of, as it appears would have at least figured that out by now and made an effort to rectify some of the issues, but no they continue and are compounded by all the pretty little distractions they include into the world which does nothing but compound it even further. I was considering a major land purchase but after the laughing attemp to update the server side has went the way of the client updates now its seems LL has no intentions of ever fixing or trying to fix anything at all and are merely taking us all on a ride for our dollars. Also im having a problem with LL using the term “maintainence” as they have yet to maintain anything but a broken down world held together with bandaids and hope. I really think that LL doesnt have anyones best intentions at hand except of course their own. They cheap on their help support, the cheap on their equipment, they cheap on their entire operation, so i wonder where exactly does all that money go they get from island sales and upkeep, im guessing the Board of LL has big pockets about now, so just how much has philip pocketed from us i wonder as we sit waiting for a fix he’s counting the money.

  146. Wow, I am impressed, this is actually the first time I see someone responding on the comments so early. And now I know why u r here now Katt ๐Ÿ™‚ (besides Prospero already answered). Well, I wonder if there is something changing now as the complaints are looped weekly now.

    I remember one post in this blog (please don’t ask me which one it was) where someone of you Lindens stated the fact that Fridays are a bad day to release stuff. And all I remember back in the last weeks, your releases happened on a Friday. Why did u change ur policy here?

    I would not mind if this happens on a Monday or Tuesday. But Friday? This will mean for us: Troubles ahead again this weekend.

    I read in an interview on virtualworldsnews.com ur new CEO wants to listen and learn first. Well here’s my hint for today: No software releases on a Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thx for reading all these lines or in other words:

    Thx for your patience.



  147. Michael Fairplay says:

    Hopefully the new CEO gets in there and cleans a little house. Someone somewhere doesn’t know what they are doing. It’s time for the company to retool

  148. Kyte Clawtooth says:

    Yay I knew something was up when none of my attachments would work >.<

  149. k1 says:

    Hey everyone incase u dont kno the second life release candidate had an update and u can open ur appearance without crashing now….plus theres less lag in it atleast fore me anyway :).

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