[RESOLVED] Logins Re-opened

[UPDATE 1:35pm  Pacific] Logins are open, and the asset system has returned to full functionality. Please be patient when logging in, as the login queue will be processing a high volume of requests for the next few minutes.

[1:02 pm Pacific] Logins have temporarily been restricted to staff-only as Operations addresses a slowdown in the asset system. We’ve also broadcast a request in world for residents who are currently logged in to refrain from manipulating or transferring assets. We’ll have more info ASAP.

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150 Responses to [RESOLVED] Logins Re-opened

  1. Doug Falta says:

    Now you tell me…

  2. Cold Spitteler says:

    cant think of anything possitive to say, so FIRST

  3. Villain Baroque says:

    Are you doing this on purpose?
    Do you know, why I hate fridays?

  4. Cuffman Payne says:

    Thanks for not letting us know inworld. Another typical Friday night without SL.

  5. Camping Clip says:

    thats nice to know thank you

  6. VR says:

    It’s not April Fools Day….

    …. open logins again pleeeaaaaaaasssse!!

  7. Reiko Fimicoloud says:

    Erf bummer i was gonna help a friend of mine if my account would fix itself >.>

  8. Eren Padar says:

    I nearly lost a build due to this problem. Fortunately I realized the asset servers were having problems and didn’t delete the build after copying it.

    Perhaps Second Life should be renamed Second Titanic? 😯

  9. I think this blog posting needs to be copied and hung on the wall in front of the new CEO’s desk. Just a small reminder 🙂

  10. Uccello Poultry says:

    Yep .. the announcement hit, the viewer froze, and now I’m locked out. Well, I need to check out this thing called the Real Life™ world anyway.

  11. zlad voom says:

    when will LL be fair to everybody and give us a refund ??


  12. Davirus Cale says:

    Sigh…would it have killed you to tell us in world.

  13. Luthor Darkstone says:

    Typical Linden Lab poor service. When will you guys ever compensate for your lack of good customer service? Did you ever think you’re hurting the business of others?

    Typical. Just …. Typical.

  14. bahdahboombada bing says:

    sheesh…now i have to go to rl ….how fair is that on a friday….do you all hate us?


  15. you mustbecrazy says:

    this is nuts

  16. gizmonic panda says:

    and only hours after the joy of having all the regions back online…

  17. Tam Hyun says:

    We are having a weekly party – this is at least the second time it has happened – doesn’t help to promote new sims.

  18. Pompeja says:

    nice to know after I logged out bc I thought I could attach or rez something..for this I pay??I must be crazy

  19. Rehula says:

    Woo, hope it get fixed =]

  20. Tera Hifeng says:


  21. Lyssa Varun says:

    They did let us know in world… before they updated the blog actually. FWIW Some sims seem to be unaffected while others that have been giving me the ‘running different simulator code’ message are failing.

  22. Ekio says:

    Ah…so thats why my last login brought on little blue boxes that said, Sorry can’t rez that….sorry your going to have to be 3/4 gray. *chuckles* I’ll be sitting on my deck chair and watching for the all clear. ^-^

  23. squiz Clifton says:

    I have heard a rumour that a group is currently using a dos attack on the asset servers ? anyone else know about this ?
    Or would a linden possibly be able to confirm this ?

  24. Nicoletta Jarman says:

    Thanks a bunch SL! This is the second time you have screwed up the Grand Opening Night at my new sim – and this is costing me a fortune!

  25. Ravenheart Armistice says:

    Typical weekend BS.. It’s friday of course the grids closed.. It wouldn’t be SL if the grid worked 24-7 NOW WOULD IT!.

    Thanks LL.

  26. Daikon Hammerer says:

    So much for testing my attempt at webSL communication.

    Best of luck getting things back up and running, folks.

  27. Reggus Reggiane says:

    all attachments de-rezed, huds gone, can´t rez a thing inworld….great job again …. but thanks for informing us about another “issue”

  28. Kaliach Loudon says:

    Says her mantra:
    * Address stability and capacity! *

    Nuf said!

  29. Doug Falta says:

    Well this means I’ve probably lost 15 minutes worth of work. VERY important work. Such as finishing up my multitool so I could release it to the general public TOMORROW… >=(

  30. Bryn says:

    Bother! I would have suffered the lag if I had known I couldn’t re-log.
    As they say above… communication is lacking here.

  31. Starley says:

    Might wanna check out why people cant attach items and put clothes on too 😛 would help lots : )

  32. Vernosia76 Messerchmitt says:

    Ditto too what Doug said. . . . LOL!

  33. Athena Seiling says:

    hey ho, it’s Friday…I was placing bets last week to see if we could log on or not 😛

  34. Mech Gears says:

    LL, this is really getting silly now, Asset servers, Central Servers, Email servers, All seem to be suffering from some Chronic problems… I’ve said it before nd will say it again. these poroblem were less common when sL was taken down once every couple weeks on wensdays You may wish to give serious thought to trying that again

  35. Talisha Allen says:

    Will the day come in that SL will work? I really fed up with those daily problems and the poor and laggy performenceQ!

  36. BiLez Boa says:

    Are u Lindens realizing that u are killing SL? More and more frustrated PPL are leaving. And i can really understand them! There can always be trouble, but it can’t go on like this forever!!

  37. Charmed Spitteler says:

    ya’ll need to stop messing with secondlife it was just fine all these new updates every other day is really not good can’t you just do them once a month maybe

  38. Shalishaska Brimsek says:

    Yeah, that was a pain not knowing in world until it bumped me…Other than that, keep up the good work

  39. Len Maertens says:

    Could I have some more cheese to go with my WHINE please?

  40. Raven Primeau says:

    More of the same old same old…………problems with the assh@le server AGAIN?! Or is the cleaner vacuuming again and ubplugged it?

  41. Maldoror Damone says:

    For the love of god – please let us know inworld so we dont go log to try and clear cache then get locked out. Damn you all suck with customer service. LOL

  42. Maryld Althouse says:

    Hey, I understand that you are trying to provide a quality experience for us, but lately the maintenance issues have cut drastically in the ability of people to make, or spend, money. I don’t have a solution, other than don’t you have a mirror site that you can run these tests and fixes on first, before you drag them to the main world? The beta site doesn’t seem to be catching all the bugs.

    As a club owner, I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to keep staff around, when people can’t login, TP, or tip them. My vendors are leaving because “We don’t get much in sales from your location” – this is a typical answer after several days of ‘maintenance’.

    Please, LL, there MUST be another way rather than keeping us out, and poor…

  43. Crystal Short says:

    here we go again why do we pay for this when we never get to play has anyone got a refund?

  44. Shaka Koenkamp says:

    no comment!

  45. Samy says:

    Another typical response thread on a problem everytime the same “all is so bad” statements. Also there was a message inworld ….

  46. Aerys Hax says:

    Great timing! I have my opening party starting in an hour! Grrrrrrr…

    Hope you fix it by then!

    Aerys Hax

  47. Sascha says:

    Welcome to SL Weekend edition! Even the blog posts show a lag of 20 min to appear.

  48. Naomah Beaumont says:

    RE: #4 They did let us know in-world.

    Perhaps it’s dawning on Linden Labs how badly they’ve oversold their infrastructure, and how urgent it is to expand their database resources. Maybe hire a DBA or three who know what they’re doing, too. Oh, and some DB coders who likewise know what they’re doing.


  49. Tired SIM Owner says:

    Friday at LL..

    Production environment not operating as intended.

    Situation normal.. alll…@#$%^ up

  50. StarSong Bright says:

    Yep, the whole thing has gone pear-shaped and wouldn’t you know it had to happen the MOMENT that i ended up with a VERY expensive set of sinewave dances in a dance ball get auto returned… Then i got a message saying it had been returned to sim, and nothing. GRRRRR! Come on Lindens, WTH?!

  51. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Just a heads up to the folks at linden labs. every object attachment in my inventory is coming up as “unable to creat requested object, please try again”
    this includes like i said, everything object based atttchment wise.
    I’ve tp’d do a dozen or more sims grid wide, cleared cache and relogged to home point, removed all the xml etc files and still getting this error.
    kinda sucks when you have over 10000 objects in your inventory and they’re all object based (i have several hundred avatars :D)
    H Yokosuka

    Gestures all failed to load
    avatar grey and ruthed.
    If all my inventory is gone then i’m outta here

  52. Lara Shepherd says:

    They told us in-world not to do any transaction. If you logged out like me, well, you were unlucky. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  53. Tanya says:

    Yeah, it would have really been nice if someone sent a note BEFORE I logged off since my attachments didn’t load.


  54. FrizzleFry101 says:



  55. Branzen Lanzius says:

    I am really tired of spending 30 minutes trying to do things in SL and not being told something is wrong. LL needs to get these issues fixed and stiffle the platitudes for once. I’m tired of paying a monthly premium to NOT be able to do anything in SL. I could spend that money somewhere else easily instead.

  56. If it is a DoS attack, then LL need to stop messing and get serious and bring in the FBI. See how they feel about griefing from a jail cell…

  57. martin says:

    lmao logged out because i was grey and hairless and cant get back always on a weekend WHY?

  58. Ron Crimson says:

    Ah, quit yer whining everyone. This, too, will be fixed in 1/2 hour. I bet my life savings on this.

    (OK, I have none, but hey!)

  59. Rowan Thursday says:

    Ah, reliable as ever. Could the new M Linden make a rule banning Linden Lab employees from unplugging the asset server whenever they want to plug in the coffee machine, please?

  60. Prospero Linden says:

    I have heard a rumour that a group is currently using a dos attack on the asset servers ? anyone else know about this ?
    Or would a linden possibly be able to confirm this ?

    I can deny this. It was a hardware problem that sent the asset server into a tailspin, not any outside action. The problem is currently being fixed.

  61. Inara Slade says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo please noooooooooooo, not a Friday night

  62. SWAT Cioc says:


  63. Sergiamal Goodson says:

    Cost me money to late inform

  64. Navin Dawes says:

    I’d love to be given an idea of what’s happening under the hood here. It seems, lately, that the same issues keep reappearing.

    Is this due to issues with the new hardware?

    I’d rather be kicked offline to save my inventory than to stand the risk of staying online and losing it. Smart idea to restrict logins.

  65. DiSSENT says:

    This is not a mistake. This is an intentional attack. We are DiSSENTiON and we will continue to carry out these attacks until such time as Linden Lab complies with our demands.


  66. Disco Simons says:

    OMG Me Love SL (*_*)

  67. Serra Jun says:

    awww… i just want to PLAY. are we too much for our world? that’s a lot like rl!

  68. Killswitch Serrano says:

    Again asset servers down darn

  69. Damona Rau says:

    @4 there was a in-world announcement.

    but thats a typical friday.
    WHEN LL switches to a REAL database? mySQL isn’t designed for such a big system.

    You need a suggestion? postgreSQL, also GPL (no costs).

  70. Lonny Miasma says:

    Thank you again, for spoiling the weekend.

    Somehow I don’t know what you think, its like a miracle for me.

    Your server software doesnt run, you need to roll back, you install it anew, you need to roll back, you install it a new, you need to roll back ….

    Makes that sense to anyone anymore?

  71. Nobody special says:

    Here we go again with the asset server. It is really beginning to annoy me having several shutdowns per week.

  72. shaz heron says:

    Would have been nice to know before I logged off to reboot SL. Now I can’t get back….sighs. Sitting patienly….waiting again.

  73. bigmoe whitfield says:

    oh ok, I will wait around to get back in.

  74. aruba decuir says:

    Now again…. Imagine Google closing down at random?

  75. JayBe Fayray says:

    Could you let the residents inworld know that logins are not possible at the moment? Some of us might have someone waiting!!

  76. Drac Coalcliff says:

    -.- yayy, wasnt havok 4 supposed to make things better…

  77. Redmoonblade says:

    LL stirred up another group set on blowing up the grid. So instead of going with fixes over features, they make people hate them.

  78. MARJOLYN Indigo says:

    SIGHHHHH,i almost get used to it, last weekends 😦

  79. StarrGazer Destiny says:

    OMG i was in the middle of a photo shot, geez. Now how long is this goin to take, i wonder.

  80. squiz Clifton says:

    Ok thanks prospero. Wow nice to see a linden other than sidewinder respond to us here. Many thanks it’s very appreciated 😀

  81. Laraya says:

    …must be weekend again, am I right?

  82. la le lu says:

    where is mr. m linden, what does katt linden has to tell now?


    ‘our engineers try hard to make everything _beta_’


    next is a complete shutdown. same procedure.
    do you run on a pet 2001? try amiga!


  83. Bob Dole says:

    Thats it! Im going to Warcraft -__-*

  84. Kubwa Thor says:

    And again, LL has kill the asset server, poor server.

    LL, sorry, but you are not able to manage a system like SL !

  85. fortyniner beck says:

    I was just saying that at least we got an in-world message this time, but from @4 it seems that not everyone did.

    I guess that a server upgrade on a Friday should have suggested problems over the weekend 😦

  86. Threik Wilkinson says:

    Just shoot me…shoot me now..no, better yet, shoot you.
    Only kidding.

    I suggest feeding the lemmings that run the servers more often.

    If I bribe you with Lindens will you let me back in?

  87. Sergiamal Goodson says:

    Hope not losing inventory

  88. Ink Auerbach says:

    Hmm. Irritating, but I’m sure the lindens will have it fixed soon enough. I’m curious as to why it is always the asset server that breaks.

  89. Selina Greene says:

    Great. One hour before the official opening of the SL Book Fair – thanks… how to ramp up my stress levels – take SL down an hour before a weekend festival that has been three months in the planning is about to start.

    Please be quick…

  90. Melanie Pinion says:

    That is SO BORING… i really start to think if i should stay a premium. I wonder why such a giant business is not able to set rteally good servers like other companys do

  91. Charmed Spitteler says:

    no wonder another website is starting something just like secondlife talk about needing to take meds this will do it to you

  92. phantom republic says:

    I can’t believe it’s getting “bad” again. I haven’t seen it this bad since last spring (and believe me, it was much worse back then). Is it too much to ask for at least ONE stable weekend, with an announcement of such (“We promise not to TOUCH the grid this weekend, so marry/have an open house/garage sale/beach party/go on a date/explore away!”

    People PLAN events on weekends, guys — could you do all this … say … on a Tuesday? At midnight?

    Please be up by Sunday, Linden Gods … One of me happens to be getting married this weekend.

  93. Lumi Sers says:

    All days, all days there are problems, all this became untenable for who invested money

  94. Butch Kappler says:

    woot.. my first time able to post before it’s closed.. so yeah.. uhmm.. ::generic vulgar comment about LL here:: I was in the middle of a few people..

  95. Shantu Selene says:

    This is getting very, very old. Maybe you guys should think about eventually hiring people that know what they’re doing…because it continues to appear as though you do not.

  96. elgingastel says:

    Damn- never complained before in 1 1/2 years in SL but hey this it getting ridiculous. What planet are these people on

  97. thaumata strangelove says:

    Sure, we’ve had trouble the last two and a half years that I’ve been in SL, but it’s never been daily trouble like we’ve had of late. It’s getting to be really old, and for those of us who pay a good chunk to own mainland (or islands), it’s especially annoying that LL doesn’t offer any form of compensation whatsoever for the downtime. I’d rather go back to weekly, scheduled wednesday morning outages than this unreliable state we are in now.

    If your servers are overloaded, I would agree with the previous poster: remove the bot accounts. If you can’t afford to hire new staff, stop offering free accounts, or offer BETTER and MORE services to paying accounts. Your stipend is kind of laughable and unless you plan to own land (which most aren’t invested enough to bother with) there is no good reason to pay for a premium account here. You are losing resident support daily, even from old timers like myself and my friends who usually understand and go to bat for you.

    I mean, when the congregation falls asleep, it’s time for the minister to wake up.

    (also, sorry if this is OT. I tried to input this into the login resident survey about the current quality of my experiences here, but because I am a mac user, your feedback form doesn’t accept my feedback.)

  98. Keljar Cosmos says:

    Well, would have been nice to know that in-world. Dropped an outfit folder on and suddenly I was naked and nothing would attach. I couldn’t even put on any damn clothes. Then I crashed. And now I can’t get back on. So once again, a lovely time on SL. I hope this doesn’t take all night like it normally does on Friday. And why is it this seems to happen every Friday? Well, I’m done ranting. I just hope this doesn’t take 2 or 3 hours to fix.

  99. Sephy McCaw says:

    umm i dont know about any of you poeple that said there was no message in world but the sim im on with everyone else got it before the blog was even posted

  100. Kewl Planer says:

    how many weeks in a row now has this happened on a friday?

  101. reece huldschinsky says:

    Lol logins disabled,im so surprised its never done this before!

  102. MB says:

    ouch, and i thought it was only thursday. thanks for letting me know 🙂

  103. sireus shiras says:

    Linden Labs have not closed on a wednesday for upgrades in months i am sure closing TEMPORARY today was the last thing they wanted but in order for the grid to work things need banging every now and then i am sure it will be up and running as soon as they can. now can i have a few extra lindens please linden labs lol

  104. Scoobs Babii says:

    Well shucks…would have never relogged if i had known this…

  105. Doug Falta says:

    @51:Masuyo Aabye

    Yeah, I had just logged off to clear my cache after finding out I couldn’t open any scripts. But came back to find, “Oh dear, it seems that us at Linden Lab have failed again to make the Asset Server stable. So you will need to stay logged-off and lose 30 minutes of work. Thanks again.”

  106. Sascha says:

    @ 60 Prospero, what about fail safe solutions? Or do you run a stone soup cluster for that. I know that even RAID is not fail safe, but your MTBF seems to be pretty low now.

  107. Renee Faulds says:

    i love linden labs “official” response to the dieing business people.

    let’s just bork it for the weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PAY OUR TIERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Raudf Fox says:

    I want to say thank you for shutting down the logins/grid while the asset server is down! It’s much easier to deal with the withdraw symptoms than it is to have my hard work vanish as I’m working on it.

  109. Tuyula Cazalet says:

    Well, i’m still in, but cannot do a thing, only walk a little.
    But stats tell me i’m almost doing 40 fps! While i normally have only 8 or so

  110. Hevenz Vansant says:

    SL crashes more than Windows 🙂

    I understand SL is a complicated machine, but everyday we are dealing with something broken, hardware, software, ISPS, I mean seriously, can you feel our pain?

    I still love SL for everything it has brought to me, but you must admit that even the most patient person has to at least quirk a brow at what’s been happening lately here guys.

  111. really doesn’t take long for complaints to start does it…. *shakes head*

  112. Timos Albatros says:

    Forgot to feed the hamster again?

  113. Redmoonblade says:

    If those angry customers were listened to, i could be in sl building stuff.

  114. Tiffanee says:

    Yaay. Wonderful.

  115. Cinos Field says:

    And right the second I try to set up a highly important update server… this.

  116. mudracer65nl Sands says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! every friday its the same sad old getting really annoying song………….. can’t log in second life is currently down for maintenance………..and this ASSet problem again

    April 25, 2008, 12:57 pm We are experiencing asset server problems. We have closed off logins to Second Life while we deal with the problem.

  117. Mortimer Ashbourne says:

    I thought so, i just bought some clothing that i couldn’t wear;
    and then you get kicked out while meeting a dear friend. lol……….it’s nearly RL

  118. reece huldschinsky says:

    Lol i want some money for all this time off.I pay for second to be off maintenance every single day!

  119. Neophyte Republic says:

    I’m glad i got out when i did. i lost $250,000 due to the bank closings and the affect it had on investments. Then I lost about $25,000 in inventoy loss on server chrashes.

    No one seems to care becuase its only play money right. good thing no one is doing real business with real money here becuase outages like this would cause a revolt.


  120. Martha Merlin says:

    Thank you very much for another boring friday…..same procedure as last week miss sophie???? Same procedure as every week james!!!!
    Not from me……freddy in “diner for one”

  121. Shaw Coage says:

    You have not said anything about forced logouts.
    Did I crash or get logged out?

  122. Lara Shepherd says:

    Lara hands Prospero a tool box – you will manage :)))

  123. BADB0Y Dagger says:

    WOW… Great work again to the LLs i love when i dont get informd about this kinda stuff when im WORKING!
    SL has lost wat it was it ant the same and never will be ..
    P.s what happen what the new CEO that was suppost to fix this all 😕

  124. Mira Raymaker says:

    It’s friday, and it’s noon!!
    Surprise!! Crash and burn baby 🙂

  125. Mech Gears says:

    to 60;
    Might I again suggest a shift back to the biweekly shutdown for maintainace, yes it was irk some but we had much less problems

  126. Once again without service says:

    ” In our efforts to stabilize your playing experience, we are now shutting down the asset servers. As this has been ruining countless weekends at minimum for a consisten period of time, it would be deemed catastrophic to the employment of our staff in the age of layoffs to have things suddenly work well, once, now. We appreciate your understanding that we should be employed in order to make sure you pay your tier. When we determine how to limit membership to paying status, we may order the equipment upgrades that are on “back order”. Oh and we forgot in our message in world, but: “Welcome to the Weekend ™ you can no longer use this phrase without express written consent of LL. Thank you and have a great day! ”

    =) This message would not have been necessary had my “Internal Censor” been able to attach. STill pending attachment. *sighs*

  127. aruba decuir says:

    Not alone is my SL lookinh awfull after the new havoc thing and new viewer…. no i cant even get to my awfull looking island!
    Hey we do pay for this…..
    Do you want us to stay?

  128. Jaro Loon says:

    *sighs* Why do thy always do that on the weekends? Is this a evil sheme to rule the world? Or Second Life?

  129. Jo says:

    Are you being hacked? It seems to be a regular occurance now.

  130. Anre Benelli says:

    Another American bullshyt!

  131. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    Isn’t it about time Philip Linden made a post about the last few weeks of utter misery all these problems are causing business owners, not to mention everyone else just trying to use SL(tm) as advertised.

    It is about time REAL compensation was made for this unrelenting poor service people are paying REAL money for.

  132. rado says:

    oh!!!!!!! yea Also the staff is becoming tired?
    With maintenance of every day. ummmmmm

  133. Gwendalynn Beck says:

    Ughhh… i just made a 109 prim hair… if SL eats my hair… I MAY Just have to go on a rampage… >.>

  134. bigmoe whitfield says:

    97@ um just make sure people like me can get grandfathered in.

  135. Ok, since this blog post suddenly appeared I will leave my comment here now and hope this is the right spot this time 😛

    Original Post:

    Wow, I am impressed, this is actually the first time I see someone responding on the comments so early. And now I know why u r here now Katt 🙂 (besides Prospero already answered). Well, I wonder if there is something changing now as the complaints are looped weekly now.

    I remember one post in this blog (please don’t ask me which one it was) where someone of you Lindens stated the fact that Fridays are a bad day to release stuff. And all I remember back in the last weeks, your releases happened on a Friday. Why did u change ur policy here?

    I would not mind if this happens on a Monday or Tuesday. But Friday? This will mean for us: Troubles ahead again this weekend.

    I read in an interview on virtualworldsnews.com ur new CEO wants to listen and learn first. Well here’s my hint for today: No software releases on a Friday 🙂

    Thx for reading all these lines or in other words:

    Thx for your patience.



  136. Fi says:


  137. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Friday, EU prime time and what happens?

    Something blows up as usual…

    @LL: The grid monkeys doesn’t get any bananas now, got that?

    It was much better the last year indeed. Havok ™ 4 has surely stabilized the physics but all else is a big mess now compared to then.

    But you all know what? I’m not leaving, it’s way too fun to whine on LL every week, and soon every day! >:-)



  139. Ree Indigo says:

    Yay, another weekend of abject failure.

  140. Thanks for broadcasting a notice in world! I was actually expecting something like it being announced as none of my LM’s would load, all giving me an “unable to locate location blah blah” error message.

    Sometimes it’s easier to follow your own experience and insight and to lay of all transactions and rezzing, even before there’s official word.

    I’m off to bed, see you again tomorrow, virtual world of mine!

  141. Shaw Coage says:

    The blog does not mentioned forced logouts.
    Did I crash or was I forced out?

  142. MARJOLYN Indigo says:

    I stop wondering,Stargazer, at weekend’s most people are free from work.
    It look’s like also at lindenlab’s ! GG

  143. rozz says:

    luckily..this time they DID inform in-world …but the problems still persist..SL upgrade ur servers or do something.

  144. lyon romano says:

    e che c… ma quando riprende?

  145. Sayden says:

    Please Hurry, was about to throw my first Housw warming Party, Sorry Smokes, Im soooo sorry, man, this was really bad timing, weeks of planning and invites and etc…HURRY LINDENS, Im counting on you..

  146. Grunt Greenwood says:

    I, for one, am glad there is such a thing as Second Life and share your misery at the interruptions. keep on trying and you’ll get it fixed. Nay sayers will always whine,

  147. nookie cortes says:

    Here whe go AGIAN……….
    Dont i just love friday,s …..

  148. Davirus Cale says:

    The only msg i seen. Was a warning about transactions. And then a post to the blog which still only had the “[CLOSED] Some Second Life Regions Offline” post on it. If your gonna link to the blog from in world. How about updating that first.

  149. amore doobie says:

    wow i cant in too!!!! i hate the friday…..+{ =[

  150. Here we go again says:

    The grid should be closed once a week to deal with these issues, it won’t kill any of us to not be able to log in once a week. I keep forgetting although it is Saturday in Australia it is Friday in the US and many other countries. I keep telling myself each week not to log on during the weekend, but silly me I do. Another weekend gosh it comes around fast. Lucky for me I don’t work in the real world at the mo. But I do feel for those of you that do.

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