Support Portal Maintenance – Sat 26th April, 6pm-Midnight PST

Our support portal will be offline for six hours of system maintenance this Saturday, 26th April from 6:00pm-Midnight PST. During that time, the support portal will be unavailable for chat or ticketing services.

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8 Responses to Support Portal Maintenance – Sat 26th April, 6pm-Midnight PST

  1. topmate says:

    Ah, systems have to be maintained, something even the noobiest appreciates.

    I remember the days when Linden’s used to “advise” us to go and do something else in “first life” during grid maintenance (never thought I’d be nostalgic for update Wednesdays).

    I wonder what the staff who would normally be “operating” the support portal will be advised to do during their downtime? Perhaps they may like to spend some time on client QA?

  2. Drakon Cortes says:

    Does that mean ,after they finish doing maintenance ,the land store will finally be open ? 😛

  3. Tanya Spinotti says:

    Ahhh….update Wednesdays….The feel of the sunlight warming my face…the smell of fresh air…the bright colours….OK enough RL….back to SL

  4. EA says:

    Get a grip if you have not noticed we are the QA for LL..
    We are free labor and some of us even pay.

    Yes we are suckers

  5. Polka Dot says:

    Talking Hypothetically (spelling?) what happens if we have a another Weekend Of Death(tm) during the time that the support portal is down?

  6. @ EA: Hmm, how about you get a grip? Ever notice the Beta Grid? Ever wonder where this stuff goes before it hits Beta? How about the fact that it is impossible to truly test any of this until it hits the Main Grid?

  7. EA says:

    If I did not run a QA and test team for a larger environment I may buy that

  8. Jo says:

    The guys prolly just need a break, they can’t answer for much anyways, yanno… I hope they have a few beers and a knees up…

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