[RESOLVED] – Transaction history not showing on the website

[2:43 AM – RESOLVED] The database is back and transaction histories are now viewable again. Thanks for your patience whilst we sorted it out.

Residents will find that transaction histories are not showing up when running a query on our website. This is due to an error on one of our slave databases, which is now in the process of being resolved. It’s hoped that this will be back in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience meantime.

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65 Responses to [RESOLVED] – Transaction history not showing on the website

  1. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    Aaaah, the slaves!! Today we have not good slaves; always demands.
    It was easiest in the past. Yes! No more good slaves!

  2. Lillith Vought says:

    Yeah, also buy L transactions are not going through either. I am about to cancel my premium account, weee.

  3. Pepper Haas says:

    How’s about when people buy a skirt from me, it won’t appear? April has been a total disaster for all my sales, and with Windlight coming, I am about to give up designing altogether. Not that I have many customers left, with so many leaving SL for good after having lost their shirts in the asset server mess.
    Pretty skies and pretty water and the rest is dead. Well done.

  4. Alf Lednev says:

    Maybe we could have a Linden’s Notice when something works? Not however another useless gimmick to try and awe the multitudes but something that actually works.

    Its 2008 now, they have been beta testing for 8 years, so in time for the 2024 Olympics perhaps? Something may work by then? ( a manageable goal?)

    When will Lindens start to realise that they better start catering for the paying customers and those who who try to create an economy and community within SL. Those who put their real money into this vitual world.

    To date Lindens only cater to the geeks who hang around and not to the vast majority of silent people. All those millions of avies who have left, the premier members who give up in disgust.

    Competition is coming and Lindens is fast heading to be the example of how to wreck a vison (actually its easy, never let IT people or accountats run a business)

    A database is down yet again, and will be endlessly into the future. Till one day, it will be largely empty as everyone will have found a viable alternative and gone away.

    I finish with my now standard demand that Torely present a video on how to use JIRA. Its forced upon us, so he can show us all the happy things we can do with it. (Sorry Torely but its seems your job is to provide instructonal videos and how to use the complaints system should be high on the list. Especially as the few Lindens who do post here, hide behind it every chance they get)

  5. Eldresh Saenz says:

    Thanks for fixing the transaction history, but I’m getting the same problems as #2. Please let us buy L$ so we can pay our rent and stuff 😦

  6. Carrie Grant says:

    So many people are having problems with lag, tp issues, transactions, bad rezzing and so much more – ok its good this issue has been fixed but its not very nice that these CURRENT issues aren’t even mentioned on your blog…does this mean they are being ignored?

    *crashes while typing*…lovely…..

  7. Vivienne says:

    “Pretty skies and pretty water.”

    Yeah, i love these stil screenshots. They perfectly match my framerate.

  8. Masuyo Aabye says:

    The skirts thing is a rendering textures issue.
    Dazzle is too bright, gives me a headache, it’s also to distracting from whats going on in SL. is that the point? draw our attention to the UI so we can’t see SL going FUBAR?

  9. Burgess Miles says:

    …and now I can’t close edit, I can’t stand up from the pose stand…just examples…every day something. Some say that Havok 4 is good for stability…In my book stability haven’t improved one iota…we have instead gotten lots and lots of scripted things not working thanks to Havok, slow, jerky, less lifelike movements thanks to Havok, greatly increased lag thanks to Havok. I seems to me Havok have been rolled out without Lindens thinking about the side effects…Do we really want (questionable) stability at the expense of all the above + more? I certainly don’t want it…To me Havoc=havoc…At least you got the name right guys…

  10. cosa nostra says:

    Just back from a short RL trip ….. yeah no broadband…..mmhh but plenty with chicks around 😉

    reaction on the previous blog I missed:

    Thwack…thwack…is this thing on ……. omg …. yes it is ….. omg …. ty Linden, ty, tyvm for letting me entering the webservice I am paying
    295 RL US$ for monthly ? I beg you Linden on my knees, thank you MASTER LINDEN !!!!

    Oh, hi. there is katt, the new kitty on the block, she will be an added value moving forward for anyone who doesnt have a problem with sl;

    what she will do ?
    1. she will listen
    2. she will aggregate
    3. she will monitor
    4. she will update
    5. she will help
    6. she will manage
    7. she will read
    8. she will care
    9. she will connect

    what she will not do ?
    1. she will not solve the core problem
    2. she will not listen to the right persons
    3. she will not solve the asset server problems
    4. she will not solve the full product
    5. ………………….

    Is lindenlabs suddenly a ONE-PERSON company or something ???? why this hasnt been announced in the PRESS ??? rofl

    now, bloggers be prepared to receive standard answers on your comments, see below;

    some standard answers (remarkable to see the level of I and I and I ……most companies are a TEAM = WE, also never react when ya dont know the answer !)
    *I’m truly delighted to be here, and I very much hope that my work will help make your experience of Second Life a little bit better.
    *thanks very much for your welcome! And yes, I have been talking with Sidewinder, thanks!
    *I do hear how frustrated you are. I wish I could promise to wave a magic (Starax!) wand and make it all better right now — but I can assure you that we are, really, working hard on the issues

    then some standard answers with some added FUNNY FACTOR (this is meant to infiltrate and integrate your weak brains, I am one of you !)
    *Watermelons NOOOOOO !! I could never ever hope to catch the genius of Torley, nope. Torley will still be doing the Torley thing, we have completely different jobs.
    *thank you for the flack pants, steel toed boots, Kevelar gloves and bullet proof goggles. And I’ll be careful about the nose, thanks.
    *yes, comments are enabled! But I do have Ann’s teflon jacket ;o)

    For all the kudos who didnt got this job …well done !!! For our kitty …… be very factual in reacting here or ya will run nutz in RL after a few days !
    For the bloggers who do pay(and loose) US$ for this WEBSERVICE, keep pushing for our rights and that is –>A WORKING PRODUCT !!

    thx cosa

  11. Vivienne says:

    Havok4 is an improvement. Do not blame the database and client malfunctions on havok4. It certainly was a bad management decision to release all these updates on the different levels, havok4 included, at the same time, so that all the bugs culminated into a huge felt havoc mess. But the overheating of a 1 year old laptop GPU is not caused by database malfunction, but by a more than optimistic client coding, and so on…

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  13. Cee Ell says:

    @Alf @4 says “I finish with my now standard demand that Torely present a video on how to use JIRA.” Well, lucky you: your ‘standard demand’ was met months ago, here: http://blog.secondlife.com/2008/01/17/tip-of-the-week-18-how-to-report-a-bug/

  14. Gwendolyn says:

    It’s good to see that you are working hard on fixing all the bugs and crashes as soon as possible.

    Im really glad Katt Linden got her new job. I really hope it will help a lot monetoring residents opinions and communicate them to you.
    Although there are some issues, I know SL is a quite complicated application. And I understand that stuff can go wrong. And Im glad you have some competent staff there trying to solve the issues as soon as possible. Thank you for that. And thank you for making Second Life possible.

    (add (c) ™ (r) when needed 😉 )

  15. Vic says:

    Could you please tell us how Havoc4 has improved your SL ?
    I really would love to hear it…

  16. Zi Ree says:

    @11 Vivienne: Overheating GPUs are not caused by client coding but by bad cooling. Either the hardware vendor didn’t do their job right or the cooling element needs maintenance (cleaning, broken fan, expired heat compoud etc.).

  17. Zi Ree says:

    @15: Ever since my region was a member of the Havok4 beta test the crash rate has dropped to nearly zero. This means, less downtime of the region and less chances of rollback-induced content loss. I see this as a big improvement.

  18. Vic says:

    ‘And Im glad you have some competent staff there trying to solve the issues as soon as possible’

    But who are you talking about ???????????????????

  19. Vic says:

    Maybe I am wrong, but a decrease of crashes isn’t the overall impression I have, by reading the blog…

  20. Zi Ree says:

    @19 Vic: Please don’t confuse server crashes (reduced by Havok 4) with viewer crashes (nothing to do with Havok 4).

  21. Vivienne says:

    @ 15, Vic

    “Could you please tell us how Havoc4 has improved your SL ?”

    It has improved server stability, and the few bugs which it caused are comparable harmless. And what is more important, it has not added any havoc, as the windlight viewer did by premature coding, hardware killing demands and kitsch-as-kitsch-can aesthetics.

  22. Vic says:

    ok, Vivienne, If I understand you right,
    Havok4 has improved your SL by :

    – causing few bugs that are comparable harmless,
    – not adding any havoc.


  23. Someone who knows says:

    “[RESOLVED] – Second Life was actuall working for 20 minutes”

    “[RESOLVED] – People actually trusted Linden Lab”

    “[RESOLVED] – The people at Linden Lab had a clue about what they were doing”

    “[RESOLVED] – ‘RESOLVED’ used to mean stuff was … well .. resolved”

    Thank you LL for fixing all of these annoying ‘bugs’.

  24. Vivienne says:

    @ Zi

    “Overheating GPUs are not caused by client coding but by bad cooling. ”

    Oh come on. Why did the same laptop run without any overheating with 1.18? Not to mention the othher 99,99 precent of GPU intensive applications it runs perfectly?

    Zi, no way for painting the picture of the windlight desaster in windlight pinkgreenyellow. It´s a failure until now, and everyone knows it, even the Lindens. It does not even look nice as soon as you leave the still picture. And it contradicts the idea of the open metaverse because it raises hardware demands to the level of highest end hard core gaming.

  25. Vivienne says:

    @ 22, Vic

    Vic, an application in progress always will suffer from some bugs. I consider this as being normal and unavoidable. Havok4 really, really inroduced much, much more advantages than it added bugs. If THIS would be standard rule, no one would complain as angry as ppl do since several weeks. Not even me.

  26. Vic says:

    I am sorry to insist,
    I really don’t know what you’re talking about when saying
    “Havok4 really, really inroduced much, much more advantages than it added bugs.”

  27. Pepper12 says:

    April was a disaster SL-wise 😦
    Due to malfunctions and ongoing issues I missed payments of L$ 1500. Apparently the commands to pay get purged time and again instead of buffered when they cant complete.
    As of july next a new function will be added to LSL :
    llEvaporatePayment (integer annoyment, integer amount,string 😛 )

  28. Vic says:

    Must be what Vivienne calls “a harmless bug”…

  29. Vi, you would be surprised at the number of applications that actually do use some form of atmospheric shading. I even use a shareware terrain modeler (helping a friend with visual images for a project he is working on) that makes use of them. In fact said application is doing an update to use Hollywood level graphics effects.

    Sorry, I have to agree with Zi on this one: Check your hardware before blaming it on the software. In addition do NOT use a laptop with Second Life. I have no pity for laptop users complaining about Second Life. It was not originally designed for use with a laptop.

  30. Vic says:

    My MacBook Pro runs perfectly.

  31. cosa nostra says:

    @14 *snif* *snif* *sniffs* cant stop crying, soo emotional, soo touching it is, …. all these romantic replies ….

    ooh look, look at that little cute ‘1prim butterfly’ crashing half of the grid !!!!!!!

    ooh look, see how that little asset server in california is malfunctioning a little little bit ……ooohh poor little asset server

    ooh look, we have a new communications mgr, ooohh how cute, and what a little overhead she is ……



  32. Vivienne says:

    Universal, why check a hardware which was successfully checked by almost every kind of 3D rendering software on the game level?

    Come on, there is no argument against the fact that windlight causes a massive loss of performance on every midrange system and a significant loss of performance even on high end systems (tho you won´t notice the differenc between 45 and 30 fps). And not only I am questioning the sense of this, while the quality of the shading is far from being hollywoodlike, as you probably may agree.

    I am completely satidfied by the quality of non.windlight rendering, texture display is surely the best i have seen so far in online gaming. But…why does the 1.19.1(4) client drop such a noteworthy amount of frames, even on non.windlight while using exactly the same non-windlight settings as in 1.18? /me shrugs.

  33. Vi – I have had NO loss of performance. The system I use us hardly top of the line and two years old for that matter. It runs Second Life perfectly even with Windlight features enabled. Using your ‘argument’ I should have been seeing a drastic drop in performance and for that matter should have been smelling a burning GPU by now.

    I haven’t.

    I have used software with similar features in the past, granted it is not a constant render with most of them but you get my point I hope – I have had no problems whatsoever. Guess that means it is not the software hmm?

    I am also curious as to just exactly how you have had Windlight set up to make it look so horrible for you. I have everything enabled and my avatar has never looked better. Some of my friend – a few of them furs – refused to use the early version of Windlight due to a graphics issue which caused the prim parts to show up as affected by in world lighting and leave the avatar unaffected.

    Frame drops? Easily explained: It is called a memory leak. Linden Lab is not exactly famous for their ability to find and plug them up.

    Again: I agree with Zi. Check your hardware and all cooling related hardware within your PC. I really do not care if your GPU has been rated to run Super Awesome 3D Fun World Ultimate Omega or not. Common sense dictates that you check your end FIRST – then complain about the issue if it is not on your end.

  34. Camden Juran says:

    To all the people who complain. I haven’t had a crash since, uhmmm I dunno, months now and i’ve been on line like almost every day… So maybe check your machine instead of blaming everything on LL. Btw, I also use a laptop and again not a single crash in months.

  35. Liam Tairov says:

    Yes, there are problems rezzing and editing scripts again.

    I’ve just spent 20 minutes searching for a chess set i rezzed – logged in, logged out, but finally lifted my workshop into the air and found it.

    At least there are no problems logging in.

    Rezzing and editing was working fine for me just an hour ago which is a major improvement over last weekend – thank you.

    As for now, I guess its overloaded for a while which gives me an excuse for a break.

  36. Raven Primeau says:

    Oh! all this infighting, squabbling and bitchslapping makes the miserablest of blogs amusing reading, since none of you right or wrong will move in your argument, why bother?

    We all know SL is screwed at the moment, we all know the Lindens shineys are pushing the basic requirments threshold above what a lot of people can afford.

    I also know this is gonna lose me a few friends from SL and LL seem bent on a spiralling path of developing things till they vanish up their own rectal passages. I also know I spend many frustrated hours trying to build, and enjoy myself here.

    Yesterday I TPd out to a store, wandered out by accident, I think the sim was Glint, not sure, I sat down talking to my Angel Evy in IM and looked about at the diversity and skill in the individual builds there and realised why I put up with the lag & bugs etc, because despite all SL is still a wonderful place and full of clever intuitive souls.

    I just hope all this can be saved before the damage gets too bad, before the bottom falls out of Second life, It can never be the same as it was, thats for sure, if the population plummetted I have no doubt LL would close the doors and switch the SL sun off.

    *Now I can’t remember why I started waffling on, so happy sniping guys most of you are right to a degree for sure, makes funny reading though .

  37. Chaz Longstaff says:

    That’s okay. There’s no transactions to be showing up, anyway.

    I can’t wait till the Press gets a-hold of your April in-world economic stats. They’re going to have a FIELD DAY.

  38. Vivienne says:

    @ Universal

    Yes, yes, blame it on the hardware. I have heard this so often that it does not really make me shrug anymore, I just have to grin. No further comment here on this. And no performance loss? Your PC must be assembled by Slartibartfast himself.


    And…apart from the nice panorama stills windlight does not really add to the SL exprience, anyway. Except violet walls and washed out marble floors and white glowing clothing and unbearable contrasts and yes, nice screenshots.

  39. U M says:

    “24 Vivienne Says:

    April 22nd, 2008 at 5:37 AM
    @ Zi

    “Overheating GPUs are not caused by client coding but by bad cooling. ”

    Oh come on. Why did the same laptop run without any overheating with 1.18? Not to mention the othher 99,99 precent of GPU intensive applications it runs perfectly?”

    What else is new from Zi????????????

    These Rah rah types at times eitehr Don`t know what they are saying. Or Know and just ASSume everything………Frankly speaking IGORING these types saves alot of problems.

  40. Tommy Bongo says:

    Does enyone know a good brand for chicken soups? im hungry and I need something to eat but not sure which brand to buy. Is campbell’s anygood?

  41. Vivienne says:

    “I can’t wait till the Press gets a-hold of your April in-world economic stats.”

    There will be none cause the stats server is suffering from unexpected hiccup. Maybe someone feeded it with campbell´s.

  42. Sean Heying says:

    /me pulls up a chair and some popcorn and watches another thrilling episode.

  43. Nope Vi – just a two year old custom ordered Dell PC. My specs are similar enough to a commenter in a previous entry in that I am running windows XP with an old Pentium-D CPU and an ATI Radeon X1300 card. The only difference is that I have less physical RAM – 1GB. I compensated for that by making the Virtual Memory quite a bit larger – almost 6GB of virtual memory. That’s my secret – passed on to me by the same commenter.

    I am not ‘blaming’ anything on the hardware, I am simply passing along some common sense. People are so quick to blame a program before ever doing anything else to verify that it is indeed a program fault.

    I’ve had some issues with non Second Life programs in the past and each and every time I have it turns out to be something on my end – be it physical hardware or perhaps the way I have the computer set to run.

    I’ll say it again: I do not know what settings you used or even if you’ve ever actually used the current Windlight system, but to me everything looks a lot more real. The old viewer made things look like a better rendered Final Fantasy 7 (yes, a video game reference)! Everything was far too flat and lacked anything close to proper lighting. Avatars were not affected at all by sunlight (as we actually are in the real world) and thus there was no realism in the rising and setting of the sun. If it was dark out, an avatar was still just as bright as it was during the day!

    Bah, I could go on but the real point is: try everything else before placing blame on a program.

  44. Sean Heying says:

    “This is due to an error on one of our slave databases, which is now in the process of being resolved.”

    /me chuckles…

    There are more than enough Gorean masters you could draw upon to whip that slave database back into shape. Bad slave! To your kennel!

  45. Vivienne says:

    “Try everything else before placing blame on a program.”

    Well, i don´t have the time to tear my systems apart, check for the possible reason for why it runs everything else pretty fine, (windoze(!) included) but not SL, reassemble the parts, call for an engineering friend, check the settings of the program, start all over, notice that it still does not run fine in spite of recommended hardware at its recommended place, deassemble again, give uo frustrated and buy a new recommended hardware, assemble everything again, start the program again….crashing hard and merciless…check again…

    Hey, and i cannot even use a screwdriver! Maybe it is because i am blonde?

  46. Medhue Simoni says:

    It might be better to list what is working rather than what is not. lol. I do agree with many that LL has major issues and doing very little to address them. People are pissed cause its obvious where LL’s attention is focused. Which has nothing to do with the customer base. I think LL needs a 12 step program. I say 12 step because LL seems to be drunk with their own successes. They need to come bask to reality. 1st step is acknowledging the real problem. That problem has nothing to do with the platform. 2nd step should be to acquire a moral compass. Charging customers for services that do not work right, or simple dont work at all, is just morally wrong. The next 10 steps are fixing all the platform problems.
    To those who are sick of hearing ev1 whine. Get over it. These people, like myself, are passionate about SL. It gets nasty when these passionate people feel ignored and have to deal with repeated failures of a system. These same people were the biggest promoters of SL, only to be slapped in the face again by the Trademark issue. LL forgetting that we all helped SL grow.
    To Katty, if you are listening, I feel for you. Keep your head up. I can’t imagine having to listen to negativity all day at work. Good luck and hang in there.

  47. Vi, considering that I have never had to actually disassemble my PC I’d say you are reacting that way in an effort to put a comical spin on your excuses for not doing the simplest maintenance on your system. I do not have the kind of technical knowledge required to diagnose a problem based on the way the hardware looks or is set inside my PC. I do know enough however to be able to go to my control panel and find the proper settings to see if that helps any with any issue I may have.

    That does not require much time or a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics or even String Theory. Everything I know how to do, I learned from actually doing it.

    Here is a step by step process for you to try and see if that helps at all:

    1. Go to Start.
    2. Go to Control Panel.
    3. Go to System.
    4. Go to the Advanced Tab.
    5. Click the “Settings” button where it says “Performance”.
    6. Go to the Advanced Tab in the new window.
    7. Click on the “Change” button where it says “Virtual Memory”.
    8. Make sure your master hard disk (C) is selected.
    9. Click the “Custom Size” radio button.
    10. Set “Initial Size” to anything ABOVE 2048MB
    11. Set “Maximum Size” to 4092MB or higher.
    12. Press the “Ok” button on all the windows.
    13. Restart your computer as directed.

    This helped me quite a bit and woke me up to the fact that not everything is related to third party software. Sometimes you just need more memory.

    If that doesn’t help too much, try reducing the network bandwidth SL uses.

  48. Zi Ree says:

    Lenthy post ahead, but please read it to understand my point.

    Vivienne … a hardware vendor builds a system in a way, that it must be able to run at full computing load for hours without failing. Just like you must be able to drive your car at it’s designated top speed without having it break down. A software can *not* overheat your hardware (if you don’t overclock it). If your hardware overheats, the cooling system is faulty. This is a simple fact, no praise to Linden Lab or whatever.

    Let me give you an example: I had a problem with Second Life a few months ago. I started up the viewer, logged in, and about 10 minutes later, my whole PC simply died with a hard power-off. At first I thought, it might have been a power surge or a faulty fuse. So I restarted my PC and tried again. This time it lasted for an hour, but then again, BANG! Hard power-off.

    Now, being a tech-head (which is being used against me by U M and others, I know 😉 ) I thought about the most probable cause. Random hard resets are usually caused by broken power supplies, dried out capacitors on the mainboard or – yes! – faulty cooling! I had built this computer four years ago, and the cooling component must have burned away over the time. So I disassembled the CPU cooler, cleaned it, blew out the dust and applied a fresh layer of component. After re-assembling the machine, there were no system failures anymore. Up to this day.

    I’m not saying, the Second Live viewer has no bugs. That would be far from the truth. But what I’m saying is, a hardware which can’t run at top performance, is faulty. If it can’t stand the heat, the vendor needs to make sure, the heat is properly taken care of.

    Furthermore, my system, as I said, is old. The newest piece of hardware is my graphics card, which is about a couple of years old. The rest about four years or even older (the hard drive for example is more than 6 years in service now). Windlight gave me a performance boost of about 20 percent. But if it slows your system down, why don’t you just disable the shaders? Torley has a great video tutorial on how to do it. If you did all this, and you still see a performance loss, file a Jira entry with as much information on your hardware as possible. If you did it already, great! Pastrami and the other Windlight Lindens will be glad to have this information.

    Bottom line: Your experience might be bad, but please don’t try to say, it must be bad for all of us. For me, it’s not. I see crashes, yes, but not more than pre-windlight. You might want to take your machine to a good PC shop, having them clean out the cooling system. Maybe get some really demanding 3D testing suites and a performance tester for your CPU. If it’s a hardware problem, those applications will crash your system just as reliably as the viewer seems to do.

  49. Renee Faulds says:

    This is week 5 Linden Labs !!!!


  50. Renee – you are helping no one with your constant comments and demands. Please, for the love of god, get with the way the real world runs. Linden Lab owes you nothing more than access to their service – even if it is intermittent. You are bound by their Terms of Service just as you would be to any private company or software maker.

  51. Vivienne says:

    @ Zi

    Come on, I am awfully tired of all the excuses even Linden lab themselves do not dare to give.

    Get real. Take a look at the JIRA or elsewhere on the WWW and please stop trying to convince anyone of the splendid, bugfree world of LL and SL.

  52. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    @50 The legalistic agreement would hold more water if TOS were not so regularly criticized and when put to legal action or public opinion fall so often. Examples

    Non negotiable contracts are not iron clad and can be contested especially when it is changed and forces someone already invested to accept the terms or lose their investments. And of course there are all those fun customer protection laws to.

    And simply put as a hosting company (which is what LL is) which has over 17 thousand ‘major sites’ that are payed for with the expectation that they will be up it is not that surprising if people are angry. Being able to access a site only a few hours a day be it as owner or visitor it is a clear failing of the hosting company. Even if the companies legal protections hold up they will still fail as they lose all those people who were paying to have there site hosted. There are only one difference of sl to the Internet in raw data management terms. You can’t take the content of your site/land with you and go to a different hosting company. As the supposed next Internet that is a fatal weakness and likely the only reason many of us have not migrated to another company.

  53. pantaiputih korobase says:

    [In addition do NOT use a laptop with Second Life. I have no pity for laptop users complaining about Second Life. It was not originally designed for use with a laptop.]

    Yes, this might be true though modern laptops are quite well equipped and meet the requirements of LL – so they should work with SL. For me, SL runs satisfactory on a laptop until now (except the current RC which is a disaster).
    I would expect from a MODERN company as LL tries us to suggest to be that they follow the trend and the trend is away from desktops towards laptops. Who wants to sit all the time in front of his immobile massive desktop? These times are gone, I guess 🙂

  54. Once again, thanks for keeping usinformed LL! =)
    And already [RESOLVED]….WOOT!


  55. Burgess Miles says:

    To fully appreciate the features of windlight and all that you’ll need high end hardware..this doesn’t, at all, rhyme with Lindens strategy of volume, as many accounts as possible, not at all…these features are aimed at a priviledged few, not the masses. That’s where the main problem lies as I see it.

  56. Gabriell Anatra says:

    Has it occurred to anyone that at least part of the problem is the clients default settings for certain graphics cards? I am running a GeForce 6200 here and it set everything to ‘bottom of the barrel’ levels. 64 meter distance, no shaders, water, or atmospehere, all details to low or medium, etc.

    Granted performance was wonderful at those settings but I like to see things, not run about at random, so I reset everything to a decent level. It runs fairly well at 192 meters with basic shaders, water, avatar rendering stuff, and most details maxed out.

    I noticed that when I tried to use the simple settings the first thing it tried to turn on was atmosphere. That draws down performance more than anything else. With just it and basic shaders my performance was worse than with my preferred settings.

    The client apparently thinks that pretty skies are more important than seeing avatars or reading signs. This could be part of the problem.

  57. Burgess Miles says:

    ….and now, transactions doesn’t work….again….wonder why ppl are getting more and more irritated….

  58. Zi Ree says:

    @51 Vivienne: It’s a pity you didn’t bother to read my post. I’ve written there that SL is by no means free of bugs. But if you don’t read advice, you will not improve your situation. I’m not sure if this is what you want.

    @54 Burgess Miles: My system is not a high-end system, and still I can enjoy Windlight with all settings on Maximum, 192 meter draw distance and 4x antialiasing 🙂

  59. Vivienne says:


    Advice for what? An overheating windoze laptop, which does NOT overheat while running 1.18? A macintosh release candidate (!) which will not even connect to the grid, cause it crashes while it loads world?

    What advice? Yes. Quit SL. Many will do so, if this goes on like that.

  60. Gabriell Anatra says:

    It’s quite possible that you’re both right. Windlight hits the GPU harder than 1.18.x.x did. It is possible that a dodgy cooling setup (perhaps old thermal compund) that worked fine under the old client could show problems in the recent one.

    Though the crash on load is almost certainly something else.

  61. How many times must it be said Vi? second Life is not designed to run on a laptop. The 3D cards available for such a small system carry only a subset of what a PC would have.

    One of my friends refuses to use a laptop to run Second Life for that very reason.

  62. Vivienne says:


    Rosedale admitted they underestimated the dramatically raising market share of laptops and notebooks. If you want a working social network, and not just another high end pro game, you cannot simply neglect this part of potential users.

    So, why the hell windlight? Why the hell a GPU killer when everyone KNOWS about the problem? Windlight IS a killer, and not because of its overwhelming visual features, which are, frankly spoken, lower middle class if it comes to aesthetics.

    I dunno, universial. This is pretty weird imho.

  63. Zi Ree says:

    Again, and again and again: Windlight does not kill any GPU. My laptop here runs fine on Windlight (ATi Radeon FireGL 5200). Again, overheating GPUs or CPUs are due to insufficient cooling, nothing more, nothing less.

    Switch off atmospheric shaders, then the Windlight portion of the viewer will be disabled.

  64. I said it in another comment elsewhere on the blog Vi: Linden Lab wants to make Second Life as realistic looking as possible – much to my distaste. They should stop here before they do something that will put the already confused users who cannot tell real life from Second Life anymore over the edge (not all users are like this, there are some who have not forgotten the difference).

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