[Resolved] Stipends are going to be taking longer than before

[Completed 10:41am] Situation with stipends has been corrected.

As anyone who has been here long knows, Second Life is a world that is constantly evolving and changing. Many of those changes are a result of growth. As our population has continued to grow, we are finding it is taking longer to process weekly stipends. Traditionally they have always been paid out on Tuesday. This is not changing, but you may find they do not show up in your account until later in the day on Tuesday or possibly even on Wednesday in some cases.

Nothing has changed in how stipends are distributed and everyone who is entitled to a stipend will receive theirs in due course. That course is just taking a little longer than it used to.

We will update this post when we have word that all stipends for this week have been processed.

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130 Responses to [Resolved] Stipends are going to be taking longer than before

  1. U M says:

    Oh well no problem

  2. Someone who knows says:

    Lol… yeah. Fewer and fewer premium accounts every month and it takes you LONGER to process the stipends for them?

    Get a clue Chiyo, SL isn’t CHANGING, it’s BREAKING. And it’s the same old same old since months.

    LESS active users, LESS premium accounts, It can’t take you longer to process them because of the amount of users. It takes you longer because more and more stuff is breaking accellerating speeds.

  3. U M says:

    You mean they can careless for weekly payouts. Since the hardware they using is from the beta days.

  4. G L says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed on what’s going on. I for one appreciate your effort to us informed.

  5. Sean Heying says:

    Thanks Chiyo for letting us know πŸ™‚

    And thanks to the Lindens who are now keeping the blogs open, despite the beating they know they will get,

  6. Funky Monnett says:

    I don’t even know why I bother comment on this ..
    what does work?

  7. Hiro Market says:

    Funky Said: “what does work?”

    Billing, never fails πŸ˜‰

  8. That’s all cool and well.
    I’m curious what kind of a database load does stipend distribution cause? Likely not much, I suspect. But, I am curious why it is only distributed once per week (I understand Tuesdays) – why not spread the distribution n task across multiple days?

    Personally, I don’t much care when I get it, as long as I get (since it’s part of Premium agreement) – and I suspect most others entitled to stipends might feel the same. Because since Premium members *do* already pay real life currency for the privilege, we also are more likely than the ‘freebie’ accounts to spend real money if an in-world need arises (for example: a quick purchase at LindeX.)

    So the stipend, in my mind at least, is really just a little perk and not something I rely on by any means.

  9. Sean Heying says:

    /me puts on tin foil hat

    Maybe the machines that normally run the stipends are processing the billing instead now that machine has failed?

    /me takes off the tin foil hat and grabs another handful of popcorn

  10. Penolope says:

    Can we take longer to pay you our premium fees then ? Honestly guys…you seriously need to get your priorities in order. There are just way too many outages based on the SAME issues. We get excuse after excuse and within days its breaking again.

    Instead of pushing anymore verions out…please sit down..go over the list of known bugs and issues and FIX those. Not the temp patches you been doing but seriously fix whats wrong. STart with the servers..obviously you got someting massively wrong with them I am seeing major shops closing up due to these issues and in the long run its gonna affect you because less and less money comes your way.

    I would rather see SL shut down for a couple weeks to fix the issues than keep going through all these ups and downs.

    When you find an issue…like the recent money transfers and stale transactions..BROADCAST it in world..dont just post here in the blogs…and offer some compensation for the issues thats been going on for the last few weeks. Give the land owners a break and also offer the premium account holders some discount for their next month as a thank you for sticking with SL. For the free accounts..toss them a hundered or two hundred stipen as a thank you as well. Its not gonna break your bank and will go a long way to appeasing the angry mobs at your doorstep.

    But seriously…fixing the servers should be your number one priority..not pushing out new versions

  11. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    So, same as the billing. Regarding the billing, there is one overdue statement I’d like to hear from Linden Lab: “We apologize a hundred times and won’t charge you this month.” That’s really long overdue.

    Perhaps this comment will even get read, now that we have a Linden who listens. It was a great idea to hire such a Linden btw, no complaints there. Perhaps you could also hire a few Lindens who fix the database, I mean permanently? Plus some Lindens who debug the code. And a CEO who is not afraid to tell all those Lindens what to do and to replace them with new Lindens if it doesn’t get done in a timely fashion.

  12. Someone who knows says:

    Good idea. Please shut down SL for a couple of weeks and just FIX things. Take it offline, it’s unusable as it is right now anyway.

  13. Roman McCullough says:

    You give as a reason for the failure to distribute this week’s stipends the continued growth of SL. Stop it. Your customer base shouldn’t have to care about that because they rightfully expect the $L they paid for with their premium accounts. Really, the explanation just comes off as lame and patronizing corporate blabber that you have tried to use repeatedly as a salve for anger over the all the performance the last (pick a period).

    While SL is still the best of its kind by far (though I wasn’t able to get into Japan’s Meet Me because my video card wasn’t new enough and NovoKing, which looks rather promising to me, doesn’t really have a proper infrastructure to handle anyone outside of China yet), you have to realize that all the flack that you have been getting isn’t because you are necessarily bad people or whatever. What you have is a confluence of a developing technology with users who are, oftentimes on a mission. Consequently, when those committed users feel that they don’t have control or aren’t being heard, they resort to the only avenue that you have left for them, vitriol.

    Really, you guys are in the same position as companies such as AT&T and Comcast, two cable outfits that seem to see their customers as nuisances more than anything else and those customers often have no recourse to workable alternatives. For example, I have Comcast for my broadband and it sucks, but Qwest is under indictment every 15 minutes and I don’t patronize crooks. In that connection, disgruntled users don’t feel that there is a viable alternative to SL and that only further ratchets up the feeling of not being in control.

    Katt, let me tell you, kiddo, that the one who often gets the most hurt in a conflict is the person who puts themselves between two warring parties. With the invective coming their way, SL is doing what most corporations do, hunker down in a kind of bunker mentality and resort to being less willing to put information out that will let people get a big picture idea of what is at stake here technologically or logistically. Another word for that is stonewalling. The stuff that shows up in this blog is thus seen more as apologia than any concrete attempt to communicate with customers.

    SL talks about community endlessly, but its most important members, the builders and their landowners and etc feel as if they are having a deaf ear turned toward them. Katt, if you are here more to fend off complaining SL customers than be a kind of ombudsman for them, you will get your behind torched. What SL needs is an honest broker right now and not a Kathy Lee Gifford wannabe whose game is spouting unctious, patronizing cant.

    The fact is that the content developers on SL do not just me, a typical SL consumer, a big favor, but it also hands SL readymade imagination and creations it didn’t have to pay some outside party to do. Indeed, these builders re paying SL/ How great is that? Do you want to lose those experienced developers to future sompetitors? You will terefore have made SL little more than a training ground for folks who will help another company bury you.

    So you really need to bring this into more of a truly collaborative venture between your customers and not treat your customers as mushrooms (keep them moldering in the dark). That will siphon off most of the resentment.

    You definitely need to make some kind of conciliatory gesture to the sim owners. If you can’t give them a monthly free tier, you should reduce the tier fees for what you can term a “founder” level sim owner by a given small percentage per month (5% for a year might be good) compared to the new folks who come in once everything is working well. When a company shows some sincerity in making amends by taking a little financial hit in the short term for a much longer term gain, that is wise corporate management. Think about it.

  14. Hiro says:

    A different topic but….

    Thanks for opening the comment on blogs again, I noticed this since a few days ago, and it eased my mind a lot.

    And I hope you will do great, Katt!

    For the stipend news, ya, we could say “ah, ok np, keep it up!” (as long as we get “honest” reasons behind your actions, we are quite a patient crowed of beta testers, aren’t we? πŸ˜‰ )

  15. Lasher Oh says:

    well look on the good side, with all asset server problems and warnings to avoid transactions we couldn’t spend it anyway, think of the retail therapy binge we can have when LL finally fix the daily hassles …ah! that is if we are able to TP to the stores, but that’s another story

  16. Vivienne says:

    Damnit, so i must delay my visit at the hairdresser. And i need the 300 L$ sooo badly…i want a refund for the pain i have to suffer from by wearing an outdated hairstyle!!!

    Shame on you, LL!!!

  17. zoha boa says:

    Maybe you should start with the payments of it on monday ….

  18. Roman Ghia says:

    We would understand not getting our weekly stipends if Linden Labs were actually improving things. Hiring Katt, who doesn’t even use proper grammar, as a communications officer will have little to no impact on customer service which is seriously lacking. Most residents do not have super computers to handle all of the so-called new and improved features being added to Second Life anyway, so my suggestion, echoing the sentiments of the vast majority of SL residents, is to stabilize what you have and concentrate on actual customer service. Otherwise, those of us who are continually disgruntled will find someplace else to spend our hard-earned money.

  19. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    I notice that Linden $ billing is right on time though, putting a nice red NEGATIVE balance in my account.

  20. Roy Blanchard says:

    Is there some reason they all have to go out the same day? Spread them out over the week according to what day a person registered as a premium member.

  21. Sierra Trafalgar says:

    @11 … the unknown however, is this: we now have a designated Linden who listens to us – but will any of the other Lindens listen to her?

    Shame if she turns out to be just ummmm .. ‘blog-candy’?

    Hey .. my paranoid thinking on the banking ban, just for a laugh? Some bright lad at LL said ‘let’s ban banking – that means the average Resident account has a bigger idle balance and that means we make more rl interest’. There will be only one bank. It shall be called LL. And it shall pay no interest on credit balances MUWAHAHAHA…

    Obviously sand-bagging stipends by a day or two is part of the same programme to increase margins πŸ™‚

  22. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:

    @10 – err if you miss the bill date they give you 7 days inworld, day 8 to 28 suspended and then banned/assets taken away after 28 days.

    I have been late for a bill, but they allowed me to pay up late and keep my island.

    Not a kiss ass, just a fact, i believe SL is borked aswell.

    How about we stick to a release client thats 85-95% working for a while (barring urgent updates) a couple months, and beta the hell out of the next one?

    Fix transactions first thou, thne go for it, then we might have a client to scream about

  23. richard says:

    number 16 get a lawyer and sue them!!!!!

  24. Cincia Singh says:

    /me gets my fire extinguisher ready for all the whiny flamers who worry about a paltry 300L. And as for shops closing … that happens all the time. This is a game and gamers have notoriously short attention spans and SL likely tries their patience since there’s precious little “run and gun” style excitement involved in SL business. Now, go watch the Billie Bob Linden YouTube videos and laugh for a change. Thanks for the update Chiyo, but my stipend was paid just like always; on time and the correct amount. Feel free to move the decimal point to the right though if that would be convenient (laughing). Cin

  25. Joshe Darkstone says:

    @20 or maybe just alternate days according to the last name of the user? anyway, geez guys, this is no big deal, you will get your stipend in within hours of when you used to, hey, anyone who cant wait for it – ill spot you 250 for the 300 when it comes in!

    *grin* j/k wouldnt trust your anonymous butts as far as i could brash kick you since the new havok update borked pushing πŸ˜›

    I have an idea – since this is a pretty useless thread lets hijack it and talk about uhm… search results! no, favorite places! no, LAG! no, assets! no land sales! no… meh – back to my spreadsheets.

  26. topmate says:

    Its a curious state of affairs when even the direct financial aspects of the platform (billing and stipends as opposed to the “not first life and not third life but somewhere in between” economy) are becoming affected.

    It certainly provides significant food for thought.

    I suspect a colleague of mine was thinking something similar this morning when she discovered she had been billed $295 monthly tier for a void area sim.

    Interesting times.

  27. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Thanks for the info Chiyo. Although its not someting i rely on (like I suspect most premium accounts) its nice to know you are aware of the delays.

  28. Mills Gazov says:

    How come you can take the money for my classifieds listings on time yet you can’t deleiver my stipend on time. You’d expect that takeing money away would have the same issues as giveing money to someone.

  29. Kyder Ling says:


    Hey lindens, can you make a rule for these comments things on your blog that any criticisms of LL have to be based on fact and not be stupid “ZOMG, I can’t believe LL, they are KILLING SL and it’s a CRIME!” comments. They contribute absolutely nothing and continue to do it to every freaking blog post.

  30. Purf Fegte says:

    You can’t rely on anything anymore. The beggining of the end its what it is

  31. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    Personally I agree with 13.

    This is something we are paying for, if LL is accepting money for a service, they need to make it work or offer refunds. That is Business 101.

    Taking money without providing the service is Crooked Business 101.
    LL isn’t there *quite* yet but they are getting dangerously close.

    The stipend is a little thing that affects a HUGE number of residents, but it appears that they also play fast & loose with larger amounts of customer money too.

    When the island price decrease happened I had a chat with Maggie Linden, who told me I could get a full refund on my recently-purchased sim. So, with that information, I undid all my work, submitted the ticket to return the sim as promised, the sim was taken back. Then I got a “final resolution” ticket from Maggie saying that she was so sorry, she had misunderstood my request (which was clear as day) and that I would not be getting my promised refund.
    So I had no sim, no money, and an apology that seemed frankly, shallow. I spent a lot of time trying to get in contact with someone who could help me, and I was told again & again to “submit a ticket.”

    Finally I got ahold of Spike, who is extremely professional and one of the few IMO who knows the true meaning of customer service. He had the problem resolved for me within minutes. I don’t know why he could solve a problem in minutes when others could not solve it in weeks, but to me the big difference was that I did not feel like I was being treated as a nuisance.

    LL, you need to get with the program. If you are taking people’s money you need to provide the service. If one of your representatives makes a promise to a customer, you need to honor that promise on the spot, don’t make them keep calling back and calling back until they get a good person. The chat transcript was provided right there in my ticket of a promised refund, and even if that was wrong you shouldn’t have taken the island away and kept my money for so long, leaving me with nothing but an aplogy and a suggestion to “submit a ticket.”

    I have chosen to close my wallet to LL for the time being, yes I will remain premium, because I am under the older plan where my membership pays for itself. I will probably keep my existing islands, because they pay for themselves also, and net a small profit. But I have withdrawn my US $ balance that was in there waiting to buy more islands when the land store reopens, and I will not be giving LL any more money out of my pocket for a good long while.

    I am going to use the US $ balance I took from LL to buy furniture, and you can bet if the furniture arrives at my house defective, scratched and dented, one small phone call will make it right.

  32. Raudf Fox says:

    @7 Even Billing is having issues this week!

    I’m very glad I don’t have to send in a support ticket yet, but this is two weeks in a row that stipends have had problems, after having no issues for over two/three months.

    Plus, this excuse was used the last time when stipends had this many issues in a row. They had to streamline the process, which did resolve the issue.. for a while. Maybe it’s time to do it again?

  33. If the number of premium customers is remaining stable — or even in decline — why does it matter what the total number of accounts are, in relation to the stipends program? Unless your program does not just run through a list of premium customers, but instead it runs through every single account, to test whether or not that account is due a stipend. That seems silly to me… There should be a simple table or reference of who is due a stipend and who isn’t, rather than having to run all 12million accounts to find the 100k or so that need to be paid.
    I guess it’s also possible that this is another function you’re throttling in a spit-and-duct-tape attempt to keep the whole system from crashing and burning. That could loosely be described as being due to the increased number of accounts. Still, it seems to be a really bad idea to penalize the paying customers so as to continue to support the masses of unpaid bots etc. who do not pay – if that is in fact what is being done.
    Why not just eliminate the whole premium thing? Allow anyone to own mainland, and then you can eliminate the pesky stipends thing completely. Premium is a fairly pointless thing now anyways, there’s barely any reason for it.
    It’s a trivial sum, for me just L$300, but combined with the past 6 or 7 weeks of near-daily problems, it does help paint a picture of the state of affairs at the Lab.

  34. Ann Otoole says:

    why don’t you guys just enter the premium account names/keys in a pemium account database on the side and have a trigger that fires when someone goes premium or downgrades to handle maintenance and pay off the smaller database. That would speed stuff up. makes no sense to run batches against the main database for so long.

  35. maelstrom janus says:

    come along people dont be ungenerous…mr linden really needs that new limo he’s buying from the interest he’s making on those held back stipends…dont forget the personal jet and olympic size swimming pool he has his eye on too.

    And after all we do have that highly generous twenty four hour lee way before we’re booted out if WE dont pay on time… dont we.

    By the way all those people who keeping saying what a wonderful job lindens are doing are you on mr lindens ‘people who’d gladly give me a kidney if I needed a transplant’ list yet ??

  36. Better get some faster CPU’s or start paying them a little bit earlier. Its better to be early then late!!!!!

  37. maelstrom janus says:

    damn money pyramid I just saw a pig in a tiger mouth wearing an aviators jacket go past my window πŸ˜€

  38. Renee Faulds says:

    ATTENTION: Katt Linden

    Come on put a shiny spin story on this!! You promised to communicate, rofl.

  39. Pirate Russell says:

    Well, this is just another in a long line of failures. But… we got some new server code and we got windlight (still crashes on My machine)


    and lots of sexy stuff to attract new people, new money. Just like the cable company. We’ll give you the world if you sign up for $99 a month, for new customers only…. Linden version: we’ll put all these really sexy new features out, and sorry if your shorts now look like flesh colored pants. They’ve got our money, they are looking for more new money, people that aren’t jaded and have them figured out, yet.

    That being said, it is the best thing going, PLEASE fix the asset server issue, Pleeeeeaaaaassse!!!

  40. A. Aeon says:

    As a long time lurker here, it never ceases to amaze me that people come here to whine, thinking it either will work, or make them look like they ‘know’ what’s ‘really’ going on.

    Having been a part of other, far less active and elaborate sites than SL, I am AMAZED & more than pleased at the level of communication & honesty Linden keeps with their residents… other similar sites wait untill half their membership leaves before admitting there is an issue.

    SL has become such an elaborate community that is growing so quickly, things ARE going to break, bend, warp, lag, delay and become outdated.Keeping up with it has got to be an incredibly challenging job.

    I for one think they do an amazing job. Yes its frustrating at time when things go down, but they are resolved quickly, and thats what matters most. Things will continue to evolve, like any society and evolution doesnt benefit 100% of those involved. Some of us will be happier and some of us won’t.

    People are always much quicker to critisize than compliment… Whining has become deeply imbedded in the modern day humans DNA.. but it still seems that spending your 4 calories saying something constructive, rather than typing a rant that no one will pay heed to…is a wiser choice.

    In the end, its easier to just leave than sit here and be all miserable, whiny and cranky. No need to bring the rest of us down with you.

  41. Zi Ree says:

    Coming to think of it … Why does the stipend system take so long to complete? I can imagine how it works, but this would never justify the delays we’re seeing. Is there any information on the procedure? I’d love to gain a little insight to be able to understand, what the actual problem is.

    I’m pretty sure, a lot of the people wouldn’t be as aggravated when they knew *why* the system fails or gets delayed. All we hear is: “There is a delay”, or “Inworld services are broken”. But only very rarely we hear a reason. I admit, the reason will often be extremely technical and hard to understand for those, whose main interest is not computer science, but the techs amongst us are dying for information, and we probably can communicate the problems to the non-techy folks in a way, they can understand it.

    Katt? Maybe you can build a bridge there πŸ™‚

  42. DanielRavenNest Noe says:

    Well, lets look at the premium member count, from your own key metrics spreadsheet:

    2007 December 93,219
    2008 January 92,096
    2008 February 91,531
    2008 March 89,875

    So, the only conclusion I can make from this is your stipend process chews through the entire 13 million and counting residents in the database, looks at their account status and creation date, and pays either 500,400, 300, or 0 (non premiums) depending on what it finds.

    Either that, or whatever machine you use to process stipends is SLOWING DOWN, cause its TAKING LONGER with FEWER PREMIUM ACCOUNTS.

  43. saddeneyes says:

    How can it take longer to pay out when so many good business owner is leaving SL ?????? Unless that is because there is so many noobs that are really bots for others in game that is why it is taking longer to pay out . But would LL wait longer for US PAYING MEMBERS to say oh well my account won’t be paid till later on tuesday or maybe wedensday . Heck NO THEY WOULDN’T !!!! They would charge your account saying you owe them this many Linden Dollars . So why do US paying members have to wait when LL doesn’t wait for us to pay them ???

  44. honeydripper says:

    ehhh…a few hours or even a day is no big deal to me…but thanks for posting so i know it wasnt just skipped

  45. Loving the Entertainment says:

    @29 You got to be kidding???? they don’t read any of this note the lack of responces from them on this blog or for the most part any other blog or issue at hand.. I’ve only seen sidewinder respond to anything and that’s only if he posts it for the most part…. /me Hands out the Popcorn… just sit back and enjoy the Entertainment already… roflmao

  46. Zi Ree says:

    @43 saddeneyes: Actually, they do wait. If there’s a billing failure, they wait one week before trying to bill you again. Nothing happens until then, besides your account showing that you owe them a certain amount of money. Only after a week they disable your account and you need to clear your debt within 30 days.

  47. Ciaran Laval says:

    I’m not quite sure why this topic is raising so much venom but I do think it’s a fair question to ask why it’s taking longer with premium accounts declining?

    Are there any other implications? For example will it take longer for recurring classified fees to be deducted or show in search places fees?

  48. pandora dallagio says:

    lol! stop playing on forex! one day ,you loose all ! ahah!
    use paypal it will be instant payment!
    trees cannot climb up to sky! once in a while forget greed)

  49. Gina Dimsum says:

    Perhaps it is such an issue since so many people have different stipend amounts. It keeps changing… Keep it consistant for everyone and it won’t be so hard to keep track of who gets what… Would take less strain on LL to be consistant than be greedy!

  50. @ 25 We could make a promotion thread. Maybe I should take the chance to promote my freebie store as long as nobody has money?


    No, I won’t. Most ppl know it anyway. Back to bake some prim stuff.

  51. Meade Paravane says:

    Because __everything__ they blog about draws the chronic whiner and tin-foil-hat-wearing crowd out, Ciaran…

  52. Jaranath Aeghin says:

    Anything a Linden posts at the moment receives bucketloads of bile, usually entirely irrelevant to what the thread is about. Yesterday some jerk wished a Linden would get AIDS and die! It shouldn’t surprise you that their enthusiasm for this kind of treatment is limited.

    Whingers, we all know it’s not working as well as we’d wish right now. The Lindens know it too, it’s not all a vicious plot to rip you off. They are working on it. If you think you can keep a vast virtual world running 24/7 with no outages and no problems, ever, then please do, and we’ll all come and live there instead.

  53. Raul Crimson says:

    Mistery, every month less premiums accounts and more problems to pay stipends.
    Chiyo, population growth can’t be an excuse, just premium accounts have stipend, and there are less premium accounts than last month!

  54. Verdana Klaar says:

    Definitely the most serious issue i’ve encoutered since i’m in here. Very concerning indeed… 0.88€ per week delayed ? /me thinks of addressing a lawyer.


    Anyway thx for the info.

  55. JJ says:

    Premium accounts may be tapering off, but that does not mean that it is difficult to deal with the growing number of accounts that currently exist. This is not the first time we have received this message about delays. They aren’t delaying it days…just hours!

    And I don’t know what all the crying is about. It’s not like we aren’t GETTING the stipends.

    As far as SL not working….I agree. There are problems. Or there WERE problems for me until I bought a new video card with 1gig of onboard memory. LOL! Works like a charm now!

    Stop sniveling you big whiners!

  56. maelstrom janus says:

    @46 I’ll think you’ll find you have 24 hours to clear an unpaid payment on tier… assuming the info one of the people on inworld help gave me was correct

  57. maelstrom janus says:

    I lover the comment about whiners looking big…and how good do the patent brown nosers look…


  58. Always Evolving? That implies things are getting better, we’ll have to wait to see.

    As for the comment about premium accounts and metrics. It’s silly to be a premium member unless you really want main land. Non-Linden land is so much more cheaper I think that’s just the result of people getting around to doing that.

  59. Harke Hartnell says:


    go find another virtual world that lets you do as much as you can in sl, without restrictions, with as much freedom as you have here. Its not perfect, but grow up already. If you can’t then go make your own,…with hookers…and blackjack!

  60. Interest? It’s not a bad idea, what’s 75% of L$1?

  61. Funky Monnett says:

    to # 56 ow so YOU bought a new vid card and nobody has a right to complain anymore .. people like you just ….

    besides does your new video card also fixes asset servers, vendor problems, stale money requests, group errors .. and a buch of other trouble.. if so … what is the name, i like to buy one!

  62. Totem says:

    Having downgraded my account to basic, and will be downgrading my other account at the end of the month, theres 2 more prems gone, so that should speed it up a little!

  63. Cat Cotton says:

    “Nothing has changed in how stipends are distributed and everyone who is entitled to a stipend will receive theirs in due course.”

    πŸ™‚ Glad to hear it, a little kindness to your subscribers goes a very long way. πŸ™‚ now if we could just have you make camping illegal and bring back dwell money I for one would be a mighty happy lady.

    πŸ™‚ Cat

  64. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @41: “Why does the stipend system take so long to complete?”

    I’ve long suspected that LL’s databases are in dire need of refactoring/normalization. They were created with a small capacity in mind (just a few sims) and have grown on an ad-hoc basis since. This isn’t a criticism, really, it’s how things just tend to happen most anywhere. And now they’re afraid to touch it in case any major fixes cause massive downtime and/or lossage. So they throw more hardware at it and cross their fingers.

    Of course, I don’t actually know if it’s true, just going by my experiences elsewhere and the evidence in front of me.

  65. Hopeless says:

    Is the reason that we are not going to get paid because of what Phil Rosedale said recently in Reuters?

    Asked to explain the appeal of Second Life β€” which has no game-like aspects such as points-scoring, winners or losers β€” Rosedale said: β€œThe only thing that SL users have in common is that they have a lot of time.” Users in big cities such as New York or Los Angeles were least likely to spend time in Second Life, not only because they were busy but because they had less need to escape to an alternative, anonymous world, he said. β€œBad weather, oppressive regimes, poor economic conditions β€” that’s what makes an SL user.”

    Isn’t it nice to feel the Linden Love?

  66. Well, several have been hot on the trail here with the Key Metrics data which shows a shrinking Active User base, and Premiums, not the “growth” you are conning the world with. That’s your own figures…

    Saved me the effort anyway. So, Chiyo, now we know that reason is disingenuous, mind telling us what the real reason is? Holding on to the money longer, aiding cash flow? Incompetence?

    How come the server software, the viewer software, the web site, even the billing and stipend routines are now borked? And yet the blog hardly ever is. Might it be because the blog runs on WordPress software, ie no Lindens touch the code? lmao.

    In any case, what sort of Commodore 64 are you using that would need 12 or 24 hours delay just to checks flag on 13 million accounts. Most modern computers do gigaflops per second you know or more these days…

    @52, well, since the reason stated is completely BOGUS, from Linden Labs’ own Key Metrics data, that you can download from the Economic Stats page every month, I think the criticism is pretty fair.


    Why do you think people complain? Might it be that for over a year they have ignored their customers, and fixed ZERO of the major issues? That led to active user numbers not only remaining static for most of the last ten months, but actually dropping the last two months in the US, and for a lot longer in Europe, and premiums longer than that. They are now panicking. Probably way too late.


    People have finally had enough, and are voting with their feet. You can see from Sources and Sinks, the picture is way worse. Even though Premiums in total are dropping by a small amount, you can see they pay around L$9m month in referral bonuses, in three instalments of 500, 500 and 1,000, meaning L$9m equals a minimum of 9,000 new premiums, and a maximum of 18,000 per month, ie 10 to 20% each month churn. That’s a pretty serious retention problem. But I tell you, it’s because of what is in the Open Letter, not a lack of shinies.

  67. Geister Pfeffer says:

    It also takes longer to sell Land with new price system from LL, because their are now more Void-Sims.. so.. we can wait for this 300 l$ i think..

  68. Hopeless says:

    After re-reading Reuters for the 9th time I begin to wonder.

    Is the reason were really here because of the, “β€œBad weather, oppressive regimes, poor economic conditions.”

    Bad weather could refer to Windlight.
    Oppressive Regimes…tough call between Bush and Linden Labs for that one.
    Poor economic conditions..yeah it’s been bad here lately because nothing works and can’t make any money to support tier. Pretty soon Montana (67) it will become even more obvious that we may be sitting on a pyramid scheme.

  69. Cat Cotton says:

    Raise your hand if you know that Philip Linden created Second Life in his basement?

    *Raises Hand.

    Raise your hand if you have seen SL grow by leaps and bounds.

    *Raises Hand.

    Raise your hand if you have never seen a company going threw growing pains.

    …she does not raise her hand.

    I know your passion for SL, I feel it too. I also know it will get better. It already has. Can you imagine an SL without Prim hair? I can. Can you imagine paying L$10 for every block you rezzed to create an object? I can, and I paid a lot of L$ to build some things in SL early on.

    All this negativity…such a waste of time.


  70. kira worthington says:

    hate to gripe guys but no stipned and yet my parcle fee went through with out a hitch just a thought maybe spaceing stipneds out would help not try to do it all on one day, try using last names a-l monday,m-p tue and the rest wed might help the servers out if not all on the same day

  71. Silk Aeon says:


  72. Hopeless says:

    Wasn’t Enron started in a back yard?
    Raise your hand.

    I’m sorry it’s not growing pains when you take steps both here and in the media to alienate your user base.

    If you are old enough you might remember once upon a time that Leonard Nimoy made a comment about how silly his fans were.

    He spent the next 40 years paying for that comment when he saw how it affected his living. Perhaps Phil should read the book, “I am not Spock.”

    Growing pains are one thing. Putting Ritalyn in the water cooler might help. I’m sure Torley has a supply.

    He is the one person there (other than maybe sidewinder) who is unabashed about his mistakes.

  73. Hopeless says:

    One other thing.

    “Such a waste of Time.” According to Phil via Reuters, that is exactly what makes the perfect SL user. So I am following the topic.

  74. topmate says:

    @64 Ah, dwell, gone are the days indeed.

    IIRC, stopping camping was one of the reasons the lab gave for removing dwell payments, or as I believe it was put at the time they acknowledged that the popular places didn’t reflect the hard work that was being put in by content creators as opposed to those abusing the dwell payments system.

    Dwell, for those who weren’t around at the time, were Linden dollar payments given to land owners to reward them for traffic. Entire sims used to be run on dwell payments.

    I shall leave it to you, dear reader, to decide how effective that move was in reducing camping and what any other motivations for the move might have been.

    OT? Perhaps, but some history in past policy decisions and Linden speak doesn’t go amiss, given the blog post we are commenting upon.

  75. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:


    There comes a time when a company has to stop referring itself to a start-up and instead start acting like a real company. Philip stated yesterday in the Reuters interview that LL is profitable. That statement, combined with the length of time SL has been around, means that it’s time for them to stop acting like a start-up, stop crying “growing pains” and start acting like a grown-up responsible company with a duty to make sure their customers get what they are paying for.

    In my opinion.

  76. Solomon Devoix says:

    This is from CNET, from almost a year ago:


    Linden Lab, too, is a bit unapologetic about its technical headaches, promising that it has been working to eradicate them but encouraging both current and prospective residents to accept them as a necessary component of such an experimental medium. Second Life got to where it is, Rosedale explained, by not waiting for the kinks to iron themselves out.

    “If we had had that sort of traditional ‘stop, think carefully, seek feedback, listen to everybody’ (mentality), I can tell you that as the entrepreneur behind this thing, even starting in 1999, we wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t have made it,” Rosedale said.

    It might have taken a rash, don’t-waste-time-planning strategy to get Second Life off the ground in the first place, but Electric Sheep’s Verbeck argued that those days are over. Focusing on the fact that 9 out of 10 new residents of Second Life don’t stick with it, he stressed the need for improved usability.


    So… bull ahead without solving the problems? Check.
    Phil still arrogant and condescending, as recent quotes compared to last year’s show? Check.
    New people not staying? Check.
    OLD people not staying? That’s new, but… Check.

    Oh, what’s the checklist of items?

    Evidently, it’s how to kill the dream you started in your basement, Phil…

  77. If no major issues have been fixed for over a year, I guess the grid crumbled and fell into the big virtual sea. I must have been hallucinating for all these months.

    Wait, no- no way I could have imagined all those naked noobs.

  78. Loving the Entertainment says:

    @70 cat I quote “Can you imagine an SL without Prim hair? I can. Can you imagine paying L$10 for every block you rezzed to create an object?” ARE U FREKEN NUTS??? DONT’ GIVE THEM ANY MORE IDEAS.. They are already doing just fine, finding more and more ways to SCREW US…. if you look back they already took away the rating system that they use to charge us to vote on each other on Apperance, personaly, ect…. and didn’t bother giving that back /me spent a small fortune voting on ppl cuz i like them… didn’t realized they’d remove that and keep our lindens… SCREWED AGAIN HUH…

    /me hands out more popcorn and Enjoys the Entertainment

  79. Does 9 years still count as a start up?

    Let’s hope the new CEO does his job, new broom etc.

    Otherwise you can imagine the panic in California:

    “Get that headless chicken out of here, call in a Mayday, give me the emergency crash landing checklist, and tell the users to brace!”…

  80. nemesis box says:

    hehehe chiyo linden, you are so funny….yeah yeah i believe you….;P

  81. Sami Tabla says:

    Odd… first LL can’t bill people “properly”… reminding me of the 6 months I spent having my PayPal tier payment fail and then having to “fix” it each month following the directions of a Support person via telephone… and now… stipends are “behind”.

    I did notice though that my Group Liabilities got taken right on time today.

  82. StacyAnne says:

    @10 They did give land owners a break. A broken bank. They’re cutting the cost almost in 1/2 so now the land is greatly devalued. We bought an island in february and are not going to take a serious loss on land sales.

    A few hours isn’t a major issue as far as the stipends are concerned. I’m more concerned that the failures are on the rise. Perhaps it’s time to retire the Commodore 64s they use as servers and get something a little more modern.

    One way to help would be to finally purge accounts that have been inactive for years. There needs to be a policy that if you don’t pay and don’t log in for a certain period of time, you get purged. Of course they don’t do that because they want to show the huge number of players. The thing is, how many of those even log in anymore?

  83. Hewitt Huet says:

    Dear Linden Research (TM):

    As anyone who has been here long knows, Second Life is a world that is constantly evolving and changing. Many of those changes are a result of growth. As your population has continued to grow, I am finding it is taking longer to pay my monthly tier. Traditionally it has always been paid out at the beginning of every month. This is not changing, but you may find it does not show up in your account until later in the month, or possibly even the next month in some cases.

    Nothing has changed in how tier is paid and any tier that is due will be paid in due course. That course is just taking a little longer than it used to.

    I will update this post when I have word that all of my tier for this month has been processed.

  84. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    For those of you wondering if the stipend system is churning through all 13 million accounts the answer is yes. When I joined every member got a 50 L stipend which was discontinued for new accounts. Now after that happened I upgraded to premium for a year then gave that up after I saw SL not being worth the money to pay my premium for. But the next week I look at my balance and see i now have 50L added to the total so I am still getting my hold basic account stipend. My guess is the system is checking the join date against when basic stipends end and another database against who is premium then crosschecking between the two so no one gets an extra 50 l. In other words legacy code.

  85. Ahab Schmo says:

    @65 normalization can actually *reduce* the performance of databases. Normalisation is about maintaining referential integrity. Don’t talk jargon, take up smoking if you want to look cool. πŸ˜‰

  86. janeforyou Barbara says:

    Anyone thats been her loong also know own a Island or islands and paying tier to LL are one of the finiacial ” bone” here, to own Islands and SIM on mainland you also need a business to finance the tiers we pay ti LL,, thats a wery important ” bone ” we stand on.
    The trading to pay tiers to LL for been down 50% in April… i been here so loong i know all this and lucky me i saved in the up times to survive the down time,,i will be here πŸ™‚

  87. Leuk Short says:

    Hey..it is only $300 Linden…just over a buck US. Think of all the money you are wasting paying a premium account which buys you nothing unless you want to buy mainland parcels. If not, save the money per month..then take 2 bucks of it, and just buy the $500 plus LInden.

  88. Why SL is free? says:

    I am dreaming in a SL for premium accounts only, no more bots avatars, no more fighting for camp chairs, i can not understand why even Torley is recommending us to log in a multiple way on his tuotorial videos, meaning create 3 4 5 FREE avatars and log in!!!!, weird, if we are paying for a premium account we deserve a PREMIUM SERVICE, and not have to be supporting this kind of problems due to the quantity of people logging in just for doing nothing and not producing or investing money here. No more SL BASIC ACCOUNTS, make all people pay, and we ll all be in front of a good and efficient SECOND LIFE

  89. Happi Homewood says:

    LL, It’s great that you are open about these issues πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry… be Happi πŸ˜‰

  90. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @86: “Normalisation is about maintaining referential integrity.”

    Well, that’s true, though heaven knows the asset server could use a dose of referential integrity, too.

  91. Solomon Devoix says:

    There’s NOTHING normal about the asset server… πŸ˜‰

  92. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @86: By the way, nice insult. Go post on on a political blog if you want to be an ass.

  93. Neural says:

    Does seem that there have been a lot of issues this past 2 months related specifically to money. I wonder if things aren’t as “profitable” as Philip would like the world to think.
    As for the many comments over the past several posts about “SL is dead” or “SL is dying”. No. That is the wonder that is Second Life. Linden Lab might be dying, but the idea of Second Life would live on past such a poorly run company collapsing. There may be a Second Life 5 years from now (if you believe in miracles), but I know that regardless of Linden Lab shutting down, what we see in Second Life would simply be recreated somewhere else, and likely, after a period of 8 years, be running a hell of a lot better.

  94. Keryth Qian says:

    With due respect and a smile: I have had a Premium account for 2 years and if my stipend is late..I didn’t mean to spend it today anyway.
    However, I want to comments on the statement that people with basic accounts don’t produce, invest or spend money here. That just isn’t true. Many with basic accounts buy Ls and own Estate land which is allowed to non premium members. They pay tier fees, just like we do. They create and have shops, sell and buy just like Premium members. They invest time, effort and money to enjoy SL. All basic members are NOT campers, not alts. The camper alts don’t bother me..maybe they cause lag in some places, but didn’t most of us ‘camp’ when we started in SL?
    Premium members basically get their $72 a year back in stipends, so aren’t we ‘free’ members too?
    Every time a Linden posts..the flame trolls arrive..
    I have been in online worlds since 1995 and never saw one without bugs, problems etc.
    Yes, it would be nice if LLs gave us an extra free month for problems, but the logistics of doing this seem huge..and since I have had few real problems..I sure haven’t earned a free month.
    Calm down, please..has the world become a place to shout and complain?
    I will be here forever. Flame me if you must..I really don’t mind. πŸ™‚

  95. Kissa says:

    @46 Excuse me no , I know a friend in game she forgot to put money in her Credit Card and that same day LL charged her in LINDEN DOLLARS TO pay her 9.95 and she had to buy in more then what the 9.95 was . SO @46 you are so WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  96. Renissy Slade says:

    Canceling my premium right now, this is getting silly and you don’t deserve my money anymore.

  97. Why SL is free? says:

    @95 you are wrong, L$300×4 weeks is L$1200 almost 4 bucks, times 12 months is 48, you need to check your mathematics, it is just exactly what you are talking about the origin of the problem, IF YOU LET BASIC ACCOUNTS to have same privileges and opportunities as a PREMIUM AACCOUNT, I really do not understand why it should exists, please dont confuse people and talk with the truth.

  98. Dark Princess says:

    I would venture a guess that for most of the Premium accounts a day or two delay in getting the stippend really is not of any concern. It’s nice to have a post about it so we don’t wonder if we missed it or something. If it is the end of the world for you to wait a day or two for L$300, perhaps either buy some L$ or *gasp* go Camping!

  99. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Firstly, welcome Katt, the new Linden
    Secondly, where are you?
    Thirdly, aaaaa listening of course πŸ™‚
    Next, I hope you are not only listening but communicating also. This could mean communicating with us residents AND internally, so that the relevant departments smell residents atmosphere and feelings.

    Next, and a little off topic, Katt, how do you look like?

    Regarding stipends in general: well, L$ 300 is not that much but it substantially reduces premium aoocunt membership prize, so we should be able to rely on this payment to calculate our ‘living costs’. However, I do not care if the payout takes one or two days longer as long as it arrives. I am just a little bit worried that SL malfunctions appear at all aspects of the game which are not dependent on each other. That makes me really wonder. Aren’t you able to get anything right? What will fail next?

    I reduce my financial invest in SL step by step now: i reduced the number of parcels to show up in search by > 80 % (my parcels are simply free to visit and enjoy, not commercial) to save some money for a game that does not perform very well. Next step would be to cancel premium aoocunt. Next would be to sell one or the other parcel. Last would be to leave the game totally.

    I truely wish that you, LL, do not force me to execute the last step due to your lack of professionalism and pro-activity. And I hope that Katt will tell us something about what is planned to ‘repair’ the game like facts, timelines, expected results.

    Thank you very much and ewcuse my typos as always….

  100. Bobo Decosta says:

    So did anyone already sent their stipend failure mails to LL? LL did send me a billing failure for land they should have been transfered over more than a week now! The ticket for the transfer still hasn’t been looked at by anyone. Does LL want to lock me up in SL? I want out! Let me leave this craphole that could have been the future but won’t be anymore.The arrogance of LL to even dare to send a bill for another crappy month of service that I just don’t want! I want out let me transfer my land and please rob someone else his wallet!

  101. Trained Observer says:

    To be honest the late payments isnt new, and its notthat big a deal if i get 300 lindens today or tomorrow, as long as it gets there.

    But because this is not a new problem.. perhaps they should add this to the list of things that need to be fixed.

    and insert echoed sentiments about fixing whats broken before giving us shiny new toys to play with. I am closing in on 1 year , and the system has become an unstable platform compared to when I first started. I have all but given up on Building, though admitidely I was not a ” super builder” like many who probably post here are .. but my desire to continue learning and creating has been hampered by all the constant problems plaguing the system.

    Someone in here before mentioned kate not using proper grammar, who cares? information and a go between is more important then grammar at this point. I think the Lindens are rather accutely aware that we are quite unpleased with sl’s performance, and to a certain extent the lindens performance. Look at the price of land and how it has dropped as one example. Look at The fact that i now only have 1 paid account, and only hold a small 512 plot with no tier fee from me ( down from 4096)

    The messages are being sent… But if the Lindens dont start listening chances are those of us who havent already cashed out will find a new sim to play in. Leaving the place a ghost sim of camping bots.

    My best to ll in hopes they will actually listen and fix the problems that have become inherant to the system. ( help help im being repressed! πŸ˜› )

  102. Captain Noarlunga says:

    Hi Katt Linden…..couldnt say welcome as the other blog was filled so quickly…but as you are tasked to read all this stuff…I hope you see this πŸ™‚
    One thing you could do……and then respond to us all…..is to find out what your fellow employees believe to be the causes of the problems with SL over the past months and then ask what the plan is to correct them. I am sure we would all love to know. This is the information we have been missing…..no one ever responds to this question. You now have an opportunity to become a popular Linden πŸ™‚
    Good Luck !

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  104. Usil Bailey says:

    I see Many Negative comments I do not understand.
    I have never missed a single stipend or had One single problem with
    second life’s operationg system.(I don’t count minor glitches as problems). If the complainers had a single clue of how complex operation systems are for this wonderful massive world,,,,aww i guess they would complaine anyways,,,Thank you Lindens you ROCK !!
    I serve at the pleasure of the Grid,,,SLM Usil Bailey.

  105. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    Although I am glad to see that this has been tagged as (resolved), and as many have pointed out 300-500L is not a huge amount, I think the point of most of the complaints is although it is a minor annoyance, minor annoyances do add up to major dissatisfaction amongst users.

    There is a story about a camel who was loaded and loaded down with until the last straw broke his back. The paying customers in this case are the camel and things like late stipends, poor technical performance, dropping land values, slow sales due to issues, camping bots that contribute nothing, and a perception that customers are being ignored etc. are all the straws.

    I know the back has broken already for some people as evidenced by the decline in premium membership.

    LL, a large number of us are here because we LOVE SL PASSIONATELY. But keep adding straws and eventually you will kill the love.

  106. Thank you LL for keeping us informed! =)


  107. Broccoli Curry says:

    May I perhaps suggest a new solution?

    Pay out 2x stipend, fortnightly.

    First week, first names beginning A-M.

    Second week, first names beginning N-Z.

    Nobody loses out in the long run, and the only problem is short term for one week, N-Z go without their little stipend.

    The advantages are clear. The disadvantages are minimal; very few people live in need of their stipend on the day it’s due, and if you’re that short of cash… just throw $10 at the website. It really isn’t difficult for the vast majority of the playerbase.

    For those who it is a problem… simply don’t spend any money for one week, or save up for the few weeks preceding the implemenation of my suggestion.

  108. Tharkis Olafson says:

    I’m not surprised to see the stipends late again, nor am I surprised that they managed to debit what I like to call “taxes” with absolutely no problem from my account. (Group fees, classifieds, et all) What does surprise me is that this is like day 24 or 25 in an unbroken string of issues. EVERY DAY for the last 24 days there has been a problem with SL. These problems however have been going on for the better part of 3 months.

    Someone else said earlier that the only reason SL still has people is because they are the only game in town. They were right. Should any of the opensim folks ever get a stable sim package, get it out of alpha, a lot of people will head for the door. SL won’t cease to exist, but it will be a lot less crowded.

    Another thing, everyone always quotes signups, and such. What about account deletions? Do the lindens not purge accounts anymore? What about just archiving them to a different server after say.. a month.. Also, I would REALLY like to know the impact of bots on the grid. How many bots make up the number of signups.. LL has to have some sort of data on this.. All they have to do is look for the accounts that are logged in 24/7.

  109. Cat Cotton says:

    @79 Most artists are a little off the “norm” the “beaten path” the “mainstream thought process”. Guilty as charged πŸ˜‰

    In all seriousness however I don’t think we need to give LL any more ideas; no. No prim hair, and L10 to rez a prim; didn’t fly very well from what I remember. LL did change right along with the population. I see wigs in their ads and I don’t get charged every time I rez a prim either. Some of the good old days were not all that good. There has always been lag; just put over 40 ppl on any sim. It’s nothing new. In short SL changed because the ppl asked for it and LL allowed it.


  110. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Nice, you seem to have no problem taking the classified money right on time how about some reverse action and pay early for once.

  111. Chiyo Linden says:

    Bobo, you may not have realized it but the main purpose of this post was to keep everyone informed that stipends would be delayed so should they wonder why they hadn’t received their stipend they could find an answer here and not need to open support tickets or live chat sessions with their inquiries.

    Those tickets and chats take time to answer, time we could be spending processing other tickets… including your transfer request. So, if everyone did just as you suggest and “sent their stipend failure mails to LL” it would only have the end effect of contributing to the very situation you are lamenting.

    We decided to leave comments on these posts open knowing full well many would use them as a place to vent frustrations. If that is how they want to use them that is their prerogative. But please don’t encourage people to go to support for the sake of venting those frustrations there. Such things only make everything else in support take that much longer which hurts everyone, yourself included.

  112. Leuk Short says:

    Guys..I do not know what you are talking about…I have not heard about 2007, but Linden Labs has never made a profit.

    As far as Second Life in the future….the use of virtual reality will prevail within the next five years and will change the internet as we know it. Will Linden Labs, the company, be the leader, ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    The big players in this thechnolgy in the future will be Microsoft, Google, and others. Not even the little dinky virtual worlds that arre coming up now. However, of all things, Linden does have the best avatar creation tools. The Linden avatar is currently being “unbundled” from SL in a joint effort with IBM. The end result will be to create a standard avatar that can be used across platofrms.

    The last two months have been chos for sure, but the company is in dire need of a VP of Technical Operations. Aand there have been some pretty high level people that applied, but, my guess, a couple are way too experienced for the position, and they will end up with more of the same.

  113. Cat Cotton says:

    Nobody ever remembers who came in 2nd πŸ™‚ Linden Lab will go down in history as being the first. At the very least that is one hell of an accomplishment. I for one am glad I am a part of it.

    On the flip side of that of course is very few ppl miss Windows 3.1 πŸ™‚ lol

    I’m just trying to keep some perspective here πŸ™‚

    Stippends might be a little late as a land owner now that I know this. Anyones rent which was due today will be given some slack. I hope other land owners do the same.

    Be well;


  114. Snowflake Fairymeadow says:

    @ Leuk

    β€œThere’s no change in the strategy there,” he said. β€œWe can go public any time we want. Revenue is growing with users. We’re profitable. We have the luxury of waiting.”

    This is a quote from Philip Rosedale in the Reuters story yesterday.

    He says LL is profitable, among other things.

  115. Renee Faulds says:

    Chiyo we are not only venting here but we are demanding answers. Lambasting Bobo shows your don’t want to give us answers. Just added grief.

    Go figure…..

  116. shockwave yareach says:

    At this rate, don’t be too surprised when someone organizes all the tier payers to be a week late with their payments. And the next time, 2 weeks late. And so on and on until SL runs right again. Wouldn’t be difficult at all for a well known person to arrange and for all the blogs and metaverse papers to report on, making certain all your customers know about it.

  117. Ree Indigo says:


    So the whole purpose of posting to a blog that only us snarky people read is to avoid having us snarky people pestering customer support? Brilliant!

    But we’re on to you now …

  118. JJ says:

    @ Funky…nice name…

    No..doesn’t fix that. /me throws my old vid card at Funky..here ya go. If you’re going to play with the big kids..gotta have the big toys.

  119. Cappy Frantisek says:

    I didn’t get my stipend….oh wait….I don’t get one anymore as I quit putting good money to bad things!

  120. Musimba says:

    Will monthly billing be taking longer than before?

  121. cosa nostra says:


    just reading your reaction is enough to see how LINDENLABS is loosing track completely! To see that employees are now venting there frustration on customers who are loosing REAL money in a program that you LINDENLABS created and screwed! OMG, this is absolutely unprofessional !

    I already adviced several times to stop spreading COLD & WARM messages on your blogsides ! COLD & WARM is an indication of overall instability….I guess people at lindenlabs are professional enough to understand what I mean ?


  122. Funky Monnett says:

    hmmm. obviously you need to compensate with your toy πŸ˜›

  123. Cosa and renee: I see nothing in the Linden Comment in this entry that comes even close to what you are saying.

    In fact the poster said Linden was responding to was certainly in the wrong. There is no reason for anyone to be suggesting such actions – it is common sense. If you have a limited number of people handling these tasks then they are going to get overloaded when everyone and their grandmother sends in a support ticket.

    Do you really want the system to be worse than you say it already is? No – I did not think you did.

    Now, to Renee only: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – You have been helping no one with your comments and demands. You are no longer looking for answers, you are looking to cause trouble and disrupt everyone else. Enough is enough.

    To cosa only: If you think you can do better, go start your own company.

  124. Trained Observer says:

    is amused that the only time we hear from a linden is when oh my god! no dont give us more work! runs through their minds. at least i guess that means they do sort of read the posts.

  125. Jillian Callahan says:

    I think all entertainment companies on the ‘net have come to realize that customer forums and blogs become a bastion for the “professional-level complainers”. A couple of reactions to Chiyo’s post give evidence to the blog attracting that sort.
    “Unusable”? Right, thus the 50K or so people logged in. Frustrating, sure. Annoying also. Hyperbole isn’t useful, kiddos.
    Hip hip for LL bringing us something so many are so passionate about!

  126. Hewitt Huet says:

    #112 Chiyo Linden Said:
    “…If that is how they want to use them that is their prerogative….”

    Ahem – Chiyo, did you mean “prerogative” or “perogative”? Two very different words and it makes a big difference in the context, I’m not nitpicking. Especially in relation to venting frustrations in blog posts. I’m not being sarcastic here at all. Which one?

  127. Jannae Karas says:

    To Cat’s #70;
    You would still be paying the rez fee if people hadn’t complained about it (vigorously).

    I think my oldest account still has some tea chests in inventory.

  128. Pol McLaglen says:

    So what that stipends were a little late? No big deal.

    Yeah, there are a lot of straws on the Camel’s back right now, and some have already had their back broken, but I am not really worried about my stipend being late.

    What I am worried about is all the constant bitching about LL’s obvious problems by people who have no intention of getting on board the development side of things – you know the client is open source, right, and if you can program you can join in the development process to make our clients so much faster and more stable (and God knows, junk code needs to be removed from the Windows Client like stat to reduce memory bleed and stuff).

    As for the databases, it is about time that LL dropped MySQL like a hot potato and got a more scalable database engine to run things backstage. For goodness sake MySQL is primarily for small businesses, not major international concerns like Second Life. No matter how many goddamn processors you throw at it, it is not gonna be able to handle the amount of data you keep throwing at it. Postregsql would be my recommendation as it is far more extendable and scalable. Or maybe something meatier and propriety even…

    Well, I hope LL sorts things out soon as this camel is beginning to feel his back breaking…

  129. shockwave yareach says:


    See, you believe everyone on Earth is an expert programmer with scads of free time to fix LLs code for them. They aren’t, and even those of us who are shouldn’t be wasting recreation time fixing a product that we are paying to use. And considering most of the problems are Server side where we cannot touch to start with, don’t blame US that SL doesn’t work. We are just the customers and we would like the product that we pay for, please.

    It is time to consider taking the lessons learned and building SLv2.0 – one with every users database held in their home sim’s server rather than everything crammed into a single DB in the sky. One where the viewer’s IO and Rendering are in seperate threads, so dualcores and quadcores run properly. One where only a UserServer and Money cluster are centralized, and everything else is distributed.

  130. Holly says:


    “Perogative” isn’t even a word. Do some research before you correct people unnecessarily.


    Chiyo’s comment makes plenty of sense — and not just because it’s spelled right.

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