Reminder: Auction Site Down for Service Tonight

As originally reported here, our auction pages will be offline for scheduled maintenance this evening from 9 pm until 11pm PST.

We apologise for any inconvenience this essential event may cause.

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17 Responses to Reminder: Auction Site Down for Service Tonight

  1. Solomon Devoix says:

    /me raises an eyebrow.

    Are ALL blog entries going to be left open for comment now? If so, that’s a major surprise. If it’s because of Katt’s coming on the scene, then that is at least one positive benchmark already.

  2. Alvi Halderman says:

    :(( bettter concentrate on good service on SL and not on havok and other things:)–>

  3. The sky is falling….
    The sky is falling….
    The sky is falling….
    The sky is falling….


  4. naseem84 says:

    i nasssem from Jordan i wait massegeses from you, iplay football and basket ball and i love travel

  5. @ Alvi – adding Havok *is* concentrating on service. [rolls eyes]

    Thank you, Matthew.
    Now, are you referring to the land store?
    Appreciate the notice. Though I would suspect people are itching to make purchases of estates and I understand that part of it all to be down.

    I realize you may not be able to answer, but I’ll ask anyway: if someone purchases an island via concierge (or telephone) – will they get the new price? Just curious.

    Have a friend trying desperately to get off the mainland before next tier payment due date comes up. 🙂

  6. Will the land store go online together with the auction site?

  7. Alexandrea Fride says:


    1. reffering to auction site (bidding on land)
    2. if you order an island using concierge you will pay the old prices

  8. hugsalot says:

    Maybe they are leaving it open to let users blow off steam. After all the lindens don’t really read much of these rantings.

  9. Good question, will the land store be coming up with new pricing soon? I can’t imagine all the residents who are running to their email to request islands at the old price while awaiting the land store to open with the new prices (then again I have seen some pretty wild things in SL lately lol).


  10. Bee Mizser says:

    Oh guess what everybody….

    Transactions are BORKED AGAIN!

    FFS fix it

  11. Distilled1 says:

    I hate to do this here but the web site says to see the blog for info LOL
    main page is down was there notice that I missed? I tried to do a driver update to see if it helps the RC 1.12.2 but nope says I have old drivers there beta and less than a month old.

    well decide to remove all of SL ™ and can’t DL cause the sites down. oh well guess I will go outside.

  12. @10 When you say transactions are borked…was there a message in-world (blue pop up from Somebody Linden) or are you personally having trouble?

  13. Bee Mizser says:

    Personally having trouble…

    The blue pop ups normally appear (if they bother) at least 1/2 hour later!

  14. =( Sorry you are having trouble Bee. When I notice things going a little haywire in SL, I turn it off and do something else. It’s easier to keep from getting frusturated that way. :p

    Get some fresh air, go shopping, or make a new recipe!
    Things usually clear up by the time I get back to the computer…then there’s not much to complain about lol.


  15. Linda Brynner says:

    Please do fix the Land Store; want to buy a few Islands.

  16. Linda Brynner says:

    LINDEN’S !!!


  17. Please do be informed that the L$ Price per sq.m on the statistics site of SL has absolutely nothing to do with Real Purchase prices on Mainland parcels.
    ( Parcel prices on Island should not be counted in the stats as these are Rentals, not a real buy ).

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