[Done] Small Deploy of Server 1.21 Beginning Momentarily

[Update 13:36] This is complete.

We will be deploying server version 1.21 to 184 regions, beginning momentarily. Regions will receive a warning and will restart thereafter.

A more extensive blog post detailing the rollout plan for 1.21 will be posted after the information we gather with this first rack’s deploy.

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50 Responses to [Done] Small Deploy of Server 1.21 Beginning Momentarily

  1. Thank you for the update! =)

  2. Cincia Singh says:

    /me hands you a tall cold glass of your favorite beverage (no alcohol on the job!) and wishes you good luck with the new server code … I’ll also say a kitten’s prayer for the deploy!

  3. Lee Ponzu says:

    Why the hell are you fixing bugs when you should be fixing bugs…oh. never mind…

  4. Darien Caldwell says:

    Darien Caldwell, standing by as ordered… 😛 Good luck 😉

  5. Marianne McCann says:

    /me closes her eyes and holds on for dear life

    @3 – where may I deliever the Internets you just won?

  6. la le lu says:

    what changed?? changelog somewhere??

  7. Kira says:

    please let my region be one of the 184… becuse as of 1:10 pm the rez ghost bug is back. rember the one where you rez and item it ghosts and burns up your parcels prims?

  8. Meade Paravane says:

    Is this the target omega stuff?

  9. Prospero Linden says:

    I’m going to defer questions about exactly what is in the 1.21 release until the full blog post about the full deploy. That post will come from either Joshua Linden or myself.

  10. Meade Paravane says:

    Surprises scare me, Prospero!!

  11. Cappy Frantisek says:

    I see dead server code!

  12. *grabs a bag of popcorn and clutches his prayer beads nervously*

  13. topmate says:


    Hope the flux capacitor is working.

  14. Masuyo Aabye says:

    people who complain about LL not fixing bugs then when LL actually do put out a bug fix complain even more annoy me.

  15. Cappy Frantisek says:


    You must be annoyed 24/7. LL® will attempt to fix bugs, it will ultimetly cause more unforseen problems, the people that expect to receive service for their hard earned money will complain and you get more annoyed. Whew, I’d let it go, life’s too short!

  16. Bubba B says:

    I am very happy with the last update from Saturday. Everything is working, all my TargetOmega items resumed rotation and I am getting decent framerates. Now I wonder, will this one be a goodie or a baddie? We shall see…

  17. Tasrill Sieyes says:


    Asked to explain the appeal of Second Life — which has no game-like aspects such as points-scoring, winners or losers — Rosedale said: “The only thing that SL users have in common is that they have a lot of time.”

    Users in big cities such as New York or Los Angeles were least likely to spend time in Second Life, not only because they were busy but because they had less need to escape to an alternative, anonymous world, he said.

    “Bad weather, oppressive regimes, poor economic conditions — that’s what makes an SL user.”

    +1 straw to camels back = one less camel

  18. Susie Chaffe says:

    Well my region has been “deployed” …..now checking if everything is where it should be.
    Would like to see the change log as soon as possible please.

  19. Bowfluv says:

    Will the swimmer work ..???

  20. Thank you for the heads up, and allowing us to comment too. This is the right direction for communicating with your customers. Please, Josh or whoever will be releasing information on this update, frequently address concerns within this update blog with some kind of answer. We would like to know, and also want to see that you are listening to us as you proceed with changes.

  21. shawnwirtz tiki says:

    my best friend in sl is handicapped and his entire group of those with similar handicaps in rl adore sl. My cousin who suffers from autism has found sl to be the most wonderful place for him and his friends and to do fun things with his family that he cant in rl. My gf who lives in another country communicates with her family in America and spends time once a week in sl with her family and they can visit via chat saves money in long distance and gets to do things with them in sl. My college friends and I meet up during our spring and summer breaks in sl to catch up chat and do fun things. My uncle who is deaf in rl gets to come to sl to catch up with other deaf people and do fun things and communicate. My mom who works out of her home gets to come to sl a few hours a week to socialize and relax in second life. My old online sims friends have found sl tons more fun so before bashing sl know many of us enjoy sl have many reasons we are here. If you dont like sl then dont come here and leave us who enjoy it alone you dont walk in our shoes

  22. quote: http://secondlife.reuters.com/stories/2008/04/21/new-linden-ceo-could-be-named-within-weeks/
    — Rosedale said: “The only thing that SL users have in common is that they have a lot of time.”

    Elitist comment like this are as harmful to your image just as Obama’s comment about how all of the midwest is obsessed with guns and religion and the later “well its true” non-rebuttal.

    What a pompous comment. Dont you LIKE us, LL? And no I refuse to be a silly oaf and put © every time I use it, even once. I think the La Leche league was using “LL” far before you guys. I hope you aren’t taking your queue from the New England Patriots of trademarking “19-0” for their “18-1” season.

    I guess you guys think you can use these derogatory buzzwords to explain us ‘losers with no life’ and think you can get away with it, because you spend all your social lives with people like yourselves and think nothing of it.

    We’re smarter than you think. I’m in college for my THIRD degree and in an apprenticeship program for the same company that owns NBC and has pictures of Thomas edison around. I play SL because I’m a single mother with a 50 hour a week job while in school, with another 30 hours of homework. I dont leave the house much NOT because I dont live in the “fabulous (stuck up) and culturally enriched (dirty roach-infested overpriced food huts on every corner) New York City or San Fran”. Pfft. I live in Chicago. Explain how I have “nowhere to go”, please?

    I understand how one code fix can break another, thats fine. but as much down time there has been this year when I started playing SL…apologies wont do it any more. We want something of value, at least some type of credit to a paid account!

    /end rambling. Thanks for the server updates. I’m excited to see what it is.

  23. Spyder haifisch says:


    Nope, still broke.

  24. Ron Crimson says:

    *clap, clap* bravo #21!

  25. Damona Rau says:

    And again failing transactions, failing TPs, failing group-notices / ims… another “good” day in SL.

    Maybe it’s not a good idea to deploy new server versions in peak times?

  26. Solar Legion says:

    What problems Damona? I just made a few teleports with no problems at all.

  27. @8…we can only hope, a simple rotation function like this should be rock solid by now.
    No point in adding anymore to the jira on this one. Its been like spaghetti in there over this for some time.

    If this deploy doesnt permafix this, I and many others will not be utilising llTargetOmega any longer, its simply not worth it. Creators/sellers get blamed enough and are the ones to suffer the consequences for the poor quality and rushed code upgrades.

    “Welcome to a 3D virtual world where gangster rabbits pole dance in underwater raves, the purple water reflects the green sun, the cheese moon and the butterfly stars, where bob cyborg,linda robot, bernard human, jezebel pixie and the cast of south park can race a giant marshmallow rollerskate into infinite space!”(please note: no spinning stuff.eg, wheels, turntables, signs, disco lights, propellors, gears, novelty bow ties, product displays, windmills, light houses, carnival rides, circling birds, sculptures, eyeballs, kitchen appliances etc etc.Thankyou)

    Does that make any sense? perhaps if you repeat it a few times it will sink in.

    IF it cant be fixed can we replace it, llSetSpin? or shift it perhaps to server side events? surely the new engine can do server side smooth axis spins?

    Apart from that SL looks great and is responsive from my angle.

  28. Chicken Little says:

    The sky is falling, The sky is falling!!!!
    Oops, wait, only my neighbor shooting prim bbs at me with a popgun

  29. Spyder haifisch says:


    Hmmmm, not having any of those problems. So far everything works (well, except for that stupid swimmer)

  30. Sabine Geiger says:

    if you guys are fixing stuff can you allso fix that everytime someone walks behind you your cam zooms in on the back of your head thats very anoying

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  32. cosa nostra says:

    @17 —>nice article but reworked it a bit !

    SICILIA (Cosa ®) – Virtual world Second Life™ has NO potential to become mainstream due to no direction in general and complete lost of focus. The new CEO doesn’t have to know something about software development cause that would possible lead to a working grid! We look for a CEO into regions with poor economic conditions, preferable in a war region!

    A further growth will be impossible due to the fact that our core customer base lost complete trust in our poor performance, stability issues, hardware issues, etc ……The core fans, needed to grapple technology are moving out faster than ever! We estimate that a few hundred of core users are still online (if they get online ofcourse), but most of them already committed suicide in RL due to frustration caused by our system!

    Second Life is an online community where users normally are supposed to teleport, but luckily they keep crashing into 1prim trees during the teleporting process, during this crash we can transfer all there money asap to our swiss bankaccount!

    Most brand companies left and don’t want to be associated anymore with SL™! Our future customer base will be found in war regions, regions affected by nature disasters and bad economic conditions! This people will ofcourse have no problems to invest in up to date powerful hardware.

    Moving forward the focus will be targeted on how to fly, walk and exchange money and to find things and people….*sniff* ….at the other side we are profitable, we have the luxury of waiting while all the rest goes wrong!

    Everytime a core user leave us it is 1-0 for lindenlabs, we play our game! (PS. The score is now 12.950.000-0)…the winner takes it all is our strategy! The game ends when only myself is left!

    Users in big cities as New York or Los Angeles suck because they work to hard and they are hard to be ripped of in here! They always win ….but the future is bright, the more disaster, war, poor economics will give us again an army of new SL users who can be ripped/killed again in-world!


  33. AnnMarie Otoole says:

    Huh? I never had any problem with the TargetOmega function. I put a llSetTimerEvent() in there that restarts it once every few hours. If you bump it from the server it keeps the client part running.

  34. And that helps … who again Cosa? Oh yeah – no one.

  35. blackcrow6667 garmes says:

    @30, I’m pretty sure that’s a feature. 🙂

  36. Uccello Poultry says:

    Yeah, I have my complaints, too, but considering the amount of time I spend in the Second Life™ world, it works pretty well. My last RL job was in customer service, replying to correspondence that often claimed “everything is wrong; you are the worst; everyone is better than you;” and similar grandiose claims. Yes, these folks had actual issues and they were understandably hurt. But like anyone that is hurt their problems became magnified and they lashed out. The haze created was such they couldn’t understand that 99+% of the other customers had no issues.

    Are there SL™Issues? Yes. But someone is working on them.

  37. cosa nostra says:


    listen, if a company makes the product right first time, then customer service is not necessary anymore ! right or wrong ?

  38. Fu Barr says:

    Fixing bugs in something as complex as the SL viewer/server infrastructure is NON-TRIVIAL. It takes patience and talent and time. I wouldn;t be at all surprised if there are coder-peeps inside of LL that would love to start with a clean slate and re-implement the whole system with a healthy dose of ‘lessons learnt’. Especially, if (as is highly likely) there have been many paste-over-the-cracks fixes implemented in the past.

    So I applaud any new bug-fix release as a sign that certain Lindens still care about their stock-options, and salute the hard and unsexy coding work that goes into debugging a complex system.

    I shall now return to lurking the blog in the (vain?) hope that some kind-hearted Linden will go mercy-kill the UI-designer that came up with DAZZLE…

  39. Stoo Straaf says:

    I think this fried one of my regions. It’s been offline now for too long 😦

  40. Tyee Maximus says:

    I don’t know about the rest of second life, but in Withernook I can no longer wear clothes or attachments since the “upgrade.” I have to go to an adjacent region with the “old” simulator to put on clothes — including my hair. This happens on land I own, on land that my group owns, and on public (linden road) land. THIS SUX BIG TIME!!!

  41. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    #32 Ucello Poultry says that when he worked in customer service in RL the complainers “couldn’t understand that 99% of the other customers didn’t have any problems at all”.
    Sounds to me like YOU couldn’t understand that one percent of these paying customers DID have a problem.
    But then, thats probably why you no longer work in customer service huh?

  42. No official statement wether this solved the llTargetOmega but or not. Or if it even was for correcting this bug? Or what for? We only get a “Done” statement – thrilling ^^

    I see that you Lindens do a hard job – I agree. But since a couple of months it is not as steady as it could be. On one hand you have great and very detailed information – I appreciate this absolutely and this is one of the things what I find make Second Life to something special in a positive way. On the other hand – when it comes to bug fixing and the latest ever recurring problems with the grid your information becomes less and worse…

    Well, I absolutely agree that this whole thing is complex and complicated. And you sure do a great job – even if things are not working from time to time. But simply ignoring the fact and holding back information does not help at all. It makes users angry because they feel that noone really cares about this – even if you are active as hell with fixing this particular problem at the same time.

    Plus for non-english speaking users it is often hard to get knowledge of what is going on. A translated and more detailed status page would be great. Currently I very often translate the latest blog entries to my German friends of our Annuna Neko Land, a mostly German speaking community where the majority does not understand the latest blog entries without a little help.

    Last not least: I really hope that this llTargetOmega stuff will be fixed soon. It is really disturbing… at our party last night I tried several times to restart a turing light – without success… as I did not know about this issue.

    So – THUMBS UP!!!
    and keep on the more detailled information politics – it is really great and we adore this!

  43. Ahh, just found the info I was missing in the next blog entry – that it was rolled back to 1.20.1- thank you – I simply did not find this before 🙂


  44. Bly Eales says:

    As a systems analyst for 30 years I just don’t understand the 1.21 rollout coming up for me for 30-60 secs then going down… then coming up and I get on for 30-60 seconds… etc.. When do any fixes get put into place? For me at least, the system is DOWN. I only try getting on to see if issues are fixed. I don’t understand why there isn’t a rollback to previous runable system and continue the work offline??? In all types of systems that is the only way I know this kind of issue to be dealt with… There does come a time when things look good that only a fully loaded environment brings out certain new issues but if it crashes all the time in a loaded environment, gather the data, rollback and again, work offline.
    I know it is bad PR to have such a system DOWN for even a full day… but this is NOT keeping the system UP. IT IS DOWN for all intents and purposes for me…

  45. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Momentarily: For a moment or for an instant.

  46. Skarlett Darkstone says:

    Hmmmm… O.K. so I download the update. I’m in a sandbox, I click on my dance Hud. And I crash. *claps*… Just lovely. =/

  47. Skarlett Darkstone says:

    Hah. And I log back on and “edit appearence”. And I crash. AGAIN…

  48. Alena Vhargon says:

    First I lost my clothes, then I crashed. Now I can’t get back on! Oh dear! What’s happening?

  49. Skarlett Darkstone says:

    I don’t get this!!! Every time i try to Edit my appearence, I crash!!!! WTF! I’m so sick of this! i crashed 6 times now!!!!!!!

  50. Rex Cronon says:

    is there any way to avoid crashing when going to appearance? because, i have the same problem

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