[CLOSED] Overdue Statements for Some Residents This Month

[UPDATE 24 Apr, 3:40 p.m. Pacific] The billing process is caught up.  The accounting group and their associated dev team will be monitoring this weekend’s billing run for any sign of trouble.

[UPDATE 22 Apr, 4:55 p.m. Pacific] Last night’s run cleared many accounts, but not all of them. Another catch-up run is scheduled for tonight, and we’ll post an update tomorrow.

Some of you may have noticed that you haven’t been billed yet for this cycle. The biller hasn’t run properly, so collecting some payments has been delayed. We’re planning a special billing run tonight as the first step in catching all accounts up to date.

Don’t worry, your payments aren’t late, and it won’t affect account status or land ownership. Because this is running a few days late, next month’s billing might seem to come up sooner than usual, but it will run on the usual day.

Once we have more details we’ll give you an update. Thanks!

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149 Responses to [CLOSED] Overdue Statements for Some Residents This Month

  1. Someone who knows says:

    You better leave it like that and stop collecting payments untill you have fixed your platform.

    No transactions for us, no tier fees for you. Simple as that.

  2. magnus says:

    You should skip this month. its the least you can do. No service, no payment.

  3. Ciaran Laval says:

    Well this disproves the theory of those who had placards at a protest last week saying billing always works!

  4. Bee Mizser says:

    OMG! You mean you couldn’t even bill your residents…

    That IS a first for Linden Labs

  5. Koyote says:

    I agree with #1 and #2, it simply an ethical question: this month we have received nothing, ergo, you deserve nothing.

    Just fix it, it’s all we are asking for.

  6. Uccello Poultry says:

    @ #1 Or what? Perhaps I misunderstood your phrasing, but that sounds like a threat.

    I hear lots of whining from lots of people Most of it legitimate, as my lost inventory and frequent crashes attest to, but other than whining, what are you going to do about it? I think of it like a radio or TV … if I don’t like what’s on, I change the station.

    If you don’t like the Second Life™ world, leave. There are other “worlds” out there. SL™ is not for everyone. Maybe it is not for you. When it is no longer right for me I’ll leave.


    Nothing Run By linden labs runs properly
    They shut off transaction that allow businesses to make money in SL
    businesses have lost HUGE amounts of money this past month or so because of these daily issues and there lack of acknowleging the problem and lack of explanation as to what is being done all they can give is we are working to fix it well for crying out loud how long does it take you to pull your arses out of the asset server and GET IT FIXED we have invested MUCH MONEY HERE linden LABS HAS NO SUPPORT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS IN THIS PLATFORM

  8. @7: How long does it take to fix a server system originally designed for a much smaller grid? However long it takes.

  9. Bobo Decosta says:

    When will the transfer of my land take place? Seems like you first want to bill me another cycle before transferring it. I’m tired of paying overpriced tier for low value land.

  10. Bee Mizser says:

    @8 If they are exceeding the design limits then that is their problem. They should perhaps have stopped expanding the grid until they had the infrastructure to cope with it!

  11. Mystic Soothsayer says:

    I have barely been able to log in to tend to the needs of my residents who rent from me.
    I cannot log in for any personal enjoyment as the only time things seem to work is when everyone else has gone to bed and the SL infrastructure is not overloaded with froobs

    why should WE be billed this month? we haven’t received any service!
    why is it that the paying customers are always the ones suffering also? what happened to giving PAYING customers priority? keeping the grid clear of free accounts until the paying accounts are given good service?
    I manage 6 islands… that is a LOT of tier… and I can’t even look after my renters?
    but You LL are quick enough to take our money…
    *shakes head* roll it back to pre H4 … give us our fairly stable world back, introduce your new client changes first while you continue to work on H4! but don’t hit us with it all at the same time overloading your bandwidth so that your paying customer base cannot get what they pay for.

    “They said ‘Install Windows 98 or better’ so I installed Linux!”

  12. Darien Caldwell says:

    Did you notice there’s been no auctions and the land store has been delayed? Hmm… I don’t believe in coincidence.

  13. Bee – they went way past the limits shortly after the grid went public. Care to know what fixing it now is going to take? A total shutdown of the Grid to allow for the entire system to be reworked.

    They are not going to do that and thus they have opted for a far slower solution. It’ll get done when it gets done.

  14. Dytska Vieria says:

    @11 – your residents are paying accounts? If they are not, then wouldn’t preventing free accounts on the grid essentially prevent your residents from paying you? Just wondering…

  15. For Randt says:

    Thanks Teeple :o) I was wondering why my billing was in the negative. Figured it would be dealt with eventually but nice to know I wasn’t shorting you ;o)

  16. Alvi Halderman says:

    Land Store closed…SL full of bugs…….eveything is wrong
    and we still pay a lot on the tiers and etc

  17. I hope it can be fixed with out being on the phone a few days getting accounts fixed. This happens too many months out of the year. Often it results in having to contact the card company’s and spend the day on the phone with them to clear up the mess too. If LL/SL had a system a person can rely on every month it would retain more of the investors.

  18. Michael Fairplay says:

    People keeep complaining but no one is willing to yank their tier payments from Second Life. Y ou hear excuses like I’ve got too much invested already or other things. Money talks. Why should they fix anything when they know the people that own land will pay tier payments regardless? I got rid of my l and and tiered down to nothing. Until most everyone else does the same and stops paying the cash cow nothing will change. We have buying power. use it.

  19. Mystic Soothsayer says:

    My residents are all paying accounts, we do not allow un-verified accounts in our islands.
    they not only pay for their accounts, they pay to live in our islands!
    I just think it is screwy that we are still getting billed when right now the grid is basicaly unusuable.

    I just tried to edit my appearance, asset server is down again, cannot even change my shape! and it is a shape I made to begin with LOL

    oh but LL will still take the money every island owner pays them even while the islands do not work.

  20. Emiley Tomsen says:

    LL needs to pay its bills like everyone else, so they can’t give us a freebie for this month. BUT they could do something else to make up for all the failed service and other issues.

    I mean, my inventory hasn’t worked right since they went to H4, half my stuff wont rez, and I’m sick and tired of being told to clear my cache.

    Any suggestions on something they could do to make it up to us? Besides fixing the problems.

  21. JayR Cela says:

    @11 cant you get it thru your cottin pickin head Havok 4 has nothing to do with the current problems LL is dealing with. Geeezzeee O Petes / go back to Computer Science Class 102 & 103 / they will teach you the differences between certain sections of a complex operation such as the SL grid.
    Now I have my say :_) / after all the complaining from folks that the billing software servers allways seem to work, and nothing elverything else is borked, I think that !! / This is just a Clever Ploy to kool everyone off for a bit / Ha Ha Ha HA !!!!!! / Super LOL :_)))))))))))))

    JayR Cela

  22. Zorin Frobozz says:

    I’ve always been curious, and wish someone would enlighten me.

    How come when a credit card expires and account fees cannot be paid, the account is disabled rather than simply downgraded to Basic?

    I’ve known a few people this has happened to and it’s a bit unnerving. I suspect the purpose it to force the person to talk to Linden Labs and avoid losing land due to removal of tier, but want to know for sure.

  23. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    Actually, the fact that LL can’t even manage to get their own money without trouble does rather give the lie to the machiavellian conspiracy theories that they’re cynically bleeding us starry eyed believers in preparation for selling out to some corporate moloch. Nope, they’re really just starry eyed geeks in over their heads like the rest of us. I find this strangely reassuring 🙂 Nothing serves a cause like people who believe in it, however muddled, and in this case, ineptitude indirectly evidences commitment. Maybe there is hope for SL after all 🙂

  24. Time for Linden Honesty says:

    Just give everyone a free pass for maybe two months and you just may have a future.

  25. I Blame You says:

    It’s all your fault. You did it wrong. Because you didn’t predict the future, we wound up in this mess.

    Of course, there’s a theory. Either we are in it together, or we are in it for ourselves.

    Do we make a run on the bank and let Mr. Potter win? Or do we figure out how to keep the residents fed so the bank can stay open?

    It’s a wonderful Second Life.

  26. Kiss of Nerd says:

    @21 all the computer geek SL apologists need to get real now. SL has gone over the edge with sloppy incompetent mistreatment of well intentioned customers. If you don’t understand this then you need to get into another line of work!

  27. DiSSENT says:

    We are DiSSENTi0N and we are aware of your plights, people of Second Life. We are among you and we feel what you feel every single day.
    Our words have fallen upon deaf ears so we must take action.

    We are recruiting through youtube at youtube.com/DiSSENTi0N

    Join us.

    Linden Lab – You WILL change or we WILL force you out of business.

  28. JZ Paine says:

    $7 Then leave!!!!!

  29. Hello all you great folks if ya sick of tired of paying for something that isn’t working properly…well i have the solution!!!!

    Check this website out and fill in your own opion and I’ll turn into LL when it gets more on it…Thank you


  30. Get Real says:

    @ 28 just cut out those remarks. People are entitled to express themselves when they have been wronged. So read the US Constitution for once in your life and if you don’t get it then hit the road. You are the problem! None of us need you.

  31. Stupid SL says:


    COST = D

  32. Proud Free Accounter says:

    Dear #11, don’t be too hasty passing judgement for those of free accounters who _have no means_ by which to acclaim your precious Verified Account status.

    Your post reeks of prejudiced, pampered pride for all of those who have credit cards to pay for ‘special boons’. Do you sneer at those who innocently wish a little 3D-enjoyment even if they don’t have what you have? Look into your heart, is my advice.

    If Linden Labs were to evict all free accounts, it would be more than injustice – it would be capitalist iniquity. They have obviously considered us ‘freebies’ a little more kindly than you, and for that I am grateful.

    Then again, they do not seem to deliver quite what they propose, when it comes to the stability of the Second Life. I hope this will change in the near future.

    With my best regards,

  33. Alf Lednev says:

    I love it, after 2 blogs where a lot of people (myself included) pointed out the only thing that works in Lindens, is their ability to take money from custmers, this blog timing is perfect!

    They cant even get that right it seems (if its true and not a LL with a superb sense of humour and timing)

    #21 Brace yourself for a shock, this is simply a computer game marketed by a Company for them to make a profit. The techno babble speak by them is simply a marketing tool to capture the IT Geeks and make them believe that are part of cutting edge IT future. Superb marketing or very gullible wannabes? Hard call really.

    #28 Never tell a paying customer to leave, Business 101. people who pay real money for a product a Company sells have a RIGHT to demand value for what they buy. Deal with it or you will find the real life world a terrible place to survive in.

  34. Schizm Neutra says:

    Rats! I was hoping you had overlooked that! Or at LEAST you would pop up with ‘It’s a FREEBIE, AVIES! Yaayyy!’

    Well there’s an old hippie saying (WHO, ME? I remember hippie days? Ummm, uhhh, yeah!)

    It goes like this–‘Ass, gas or grass–nobody rides for free!’

    I guess that still applies?

  35. For Randt says:

    @30 Get Real! What the hell does the U.S. Constitution have to do with this! Private enterprise – you don’t like it then hit the road!

  36. Neural says:

    @#4: yes, it certainly is a shocking event. We certainly know that all other fixes are on hold now though until this problem is resolved. LOL

  37. hugsalot says:

    All you whiners and complainers make it seem like as if this has all been done before in the past. And the Lindens should know better how this should all work. As if all they needed to do is read a history book on MMOs and see how history dealt with issues and problems, and apply it.

    Sorry, all MMOs suffer from lag, failures, and network issues. Lets all realistic about this now. NO MMO RUNS PERFECT! This is a new kind of service and nobody knows how to run it perfectly. For Christ sakes not even a IRC network can run smoothly, and thats simple TEXT chat!

    So if you whiners think it can be done better, then you open your own massive multiplayer online world. Perhaps http://www.OpenLifegrid.com?

  38. Shai Khalifa says:

    You can bet that grid issues will take a back seat to repairs to the flawed billing process.

    They must have checked their bank account and scratched their heads for days – then the light bulb went on.

    Much the same as recognising problems on the grid…

  39. WTF says:

    And someone is able to tell us when we’ll stop crashing sequentially? Gosh, is something improving in here? WTF.

  40. Steve Crowley says:

    So, let me get this straight, the new land store is not ready, so the old one is removed (sounds fair), because the new land store is not ready the new island pricing structure is also unavailable (hmmm), the client software completely shut’s for no reason (usually something wrong with it), Land including private islands is seriously in need of some kind of fixing (i dunno, not a programmer) and the billing is up the putt (sorry to hear it), and the FIRST thing we are going to work on is billing……….

    Right, I got my priorities straight now, pay first use later.

  41. Shai Khalifa says:

    Funnily enough Hugsalot – a lot of people are just waiting for a viable alternative before jumping ship… especially those of us on Macs.

    Until then we get our fix on SL – but the loyalty is not there any longer given the past 5 months of constant down-time, business loss, viewer cock-ups and lack of service.

    Billing may be down now, but it’s been alive and well and taking our money for sims and fees each month.

  42. Twoony Loon says:

    Ok just do the same thing as you do with all other fixes just say its resolved and do nothing else

  43. KittyMarie says:

    I am on SL for fun and enjoyment purposes only. I had thought for awhile that a business would of been a good move but as soon as I saw what the lag was like and the fact that the SL banks were going bye bye I really took a long look at what was happening and said to myself you know that is NOT a good idea!!

    I can understand that everyone is upset about the lag, the grid being unstable and the assets being down alot. What I can’t understand is why are you still investing money into something if you are this unhappy? I own a little bit of land and it only costs me $15 a month.

    If you own islands or have a business and you are this unhappy with the service then leave. Just suck it up and run now while you still have the chance. you may wake up one morning to find SL sold to a bigger company and next thing you know you lost all your money!!

    All this complaining for the last 2 years is not going to solve anything. If it was going to it would have the first hundred times people complained about the lag, the assets and the lost inventory.

    When will people understand that SL is like playing the lottery… no one is making you put money into the machine. Thus no one is making you dish out hundreds of dollars into this game only to be disappointed with the outcome. You already know the outcome and yet you still choice to place all your dollars into the game.

    Well, I’m sorry to say this but read the TOS, you have no control over inventory and really they aren’t going to give you FREE anything. If you don’t like the service and you are still paying out then its your loss not SL’s!

  44. For Randt says:

    @33 Business 101. 28 is a customer. If they don’t recieve value from a purchase and can’t get satisfaction after complaining then the move on. The ‘Real World’ WOULD be a terrible place if someone continued to believe that world owed them something. What a twit.

  45. What a Dope says:

    @37 come on… all of us are really tired of the posters who tell us to just suck it up. Well, huggies… we are tired of you and your ilk (you may need to google that word). Anyway, kiss off. SL has abused hard working people way past the limits of any reasonable concept of social justice. Go back to school (or wait a bit until you are out of high school). SL has gone way past what any reasonable person would tolerate and it is time to pull the plug.

  46. River Ely says:

    Billing running late, I bet this generates feverish activity in the linden accounts office.
    Shame that same enthusiasm cant generate the price change sooner for islands and openspaces. Please , when will we be able to buy Openspaces at the new price offered???

  47. For Randt says:

    @45 You’re the dope. What does SL owe you? If you’re not getting what you paid for then quit.

  48. Shai Khalifa says:

    @44 and all the others who’re saying ” quit and go elsewhere” if you can recommend a suitable and viable “elsewhere” to go, then please share it with us.

    Especially one that supports Mac.

    … but you can’t at the moment. So to continue to be part of our social network, and creative outlet – we stick it out in hope – there are still those of us who hold out some sort of hope that the new CEO will take the reins and guide the company as it should be….

    … some of us to still have a glimmer of optimism… a small spark.. let’s hope LL don’t totaly extinguish that entirely before the new girl/guy takes over.

    … and I for one hope that person is a Mac enthusiast – we just may get some of our issues resolved.

  49. What a Dope says:

    @ is puerile (look it up).

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  51. Rugrat3000 says:

    How about a raise from $L300 a week to $L350 or $L400 a week due to the real life economy or is Linden Labs just greedy sucking the lifeforce out of avatars wallets.

  52. Dallas Seaton says:

    #8 Universal Infinity Says:”How long does it take to fix a server system originally designed for a much smaller grid? However long it takes.”

    Yep, so we have the solution. It doesn’t work at the size its gotten to now, so what should the Lindens do? Oh, I’ve got it – lets lower island prices by 40% and see if we can expand EVEN faster and break it EVEN worse as quickly as possible!

  53. Shai Khalifa says:

    @51 Rugrat – the stipend used to be 400L – and in fact all of us who have older accounts still get that.

    LL dropped it to 300L late in 2006

  54. For Randt says:

    @49 Sounds pretty childish to me that one expects everything to be done just right for them. I’d recommend growing up a bit in the real world. Reality – look it up or pull the plug.

  55. Steve Crowley says:

    53 Shai Khalifa Says:

    April 21st, 2008 at 4:26 PM
    @51 Rugrat – the stipend used to be 400L – and in fact all of us who have older accounts still get that.

    LL dropped it to 300L late in 2006

    I still get L$500 a week stippend, guess I am older than I realised….

  56. Rugrat3000 says:

    @53 Shai – It just goes to show you how greedy the world has become knocking off little people & thats from middle class to the poor when real life money is involved.

  57. Or how about this one Dallas? Let’s drop the sarcasm and realize that Linden Lab has dropped their prices because of OpenLife.

    How about we also realize that they are going to make the updates to their system over time. Seen some of the past blog posts regarding the server updates? I bet you have. That’d be step one. Now what they are planning to do after that? Who knows?

    @45: Guess what? Once more (I am getting so tired of having to remind people of this) Linden Lab is a Private Company. Know any Private companies that HAVEN’T abused their customers in some way? Know any of them that do not have at least one person saying ‘enough is enough’? don’t know of any? I didn’t think so.

  58. Michael Fairplay says:

    To all this Dissention nonsense I say, Griefing is only going to make the grid that much more unstable. That definitely won’t able with stability that should be common sense.

  59. Rugrat3000 says:

    @ 55 – Steve You lucky devil 🙂

  60. Cat Cotton says:

    Welp LL hasn’t messed up my account for a very long time. I hate to play devils advocate BUT; this can happen with any company. It’s bad luck, that it is happening now. As I do not believe that customer satisfaction over all has hit any great heights lately.

    Personally I am going to have to chalk this one up to; “Things happen.”


  61. Forcing LL out of business isn’t going to fix the grid. However, there are some things that we as a community can do to help ease the pressure on the system:

    1) Clean out your inventory. Yes, I mean all of it – if it’s junk delete it. If half the users on the grid delete the millions of useless items in their inventory that they allow to pile up like landfills we could ease the burden on the asset server. I hear people saying that they lost 100,000 items from their inventory. That’s an excessive amount of items and you’d need to own about 7 sims to make use of it. Delete that useless crap, and your SL will run better because of it. Remember those tens of thousands of items you found while you were a noob wandering the grid? Guess what, your not a noob anymore and you don’t need them. DELETE IT!

    2) Get on the Jira and file bug reports. Link your issues to related issues. Update your bug reports when you get more information. You have the tools right in front of you to report the problems, stop saying it’s too hard. If I can figure out how to create a new issue in Jira in only a few minutes so can you. Don’t tell me you won’t do it because you don’t like to read. Your reading this blog aren’t you?

    3) Nobody is going to listen to you when you post poorly thought and insulting comments on the blog. You want help from LL? Explain your problem clearly and ask them nicely to help you. I did just that a few days ago on the blog, I asked nicely for help because my sim was running like a rock and you know what, they came. I didn’t have to threaten to put them out of a job or yell at them for how bad the sim has been running, I just had to ask nicely for help.

    4) Estate owners: Check your sim frequently for problems. Make sure you don’t have any extreme colliders or poorly written infinite looping server hogging scripts. Remember, it’s not just your sim this sort of stuff can effect – you are sharing that server with as little as 1 but as many as 16 other regions. If you have a super laggy uncontrolled region, it’s probably making the other users on that server (in the connected regions) have a terrible experience too. Check with your residents, ask them if they’ve had problems and if it’s not something you can fix then file a support request. Your are the estate owner – your residents don’t have a right to ask for support. It is YOUR job to file support requests when problems arise that can’t be fixed without Linden intervention. The Lindens respond faster to concierge requests than anything else.

    5) Think of what YOU can do, as a resident to improve the experience. Are you some elite hacker? Put your skills to use, grab the SL viewer source code. Scour it for bugs and report what you find on the Jira. Make a patch to fix it. Have some wicked idea for a better UI to replace the one you hate? Do some prototypes in Photoshop and create a new feature request, explain how you think it should work and why you don’t like it now.

    6) Finally, we ALL need to be focused on the solution. While we don’t have access to the server code we CAN be suggesting strategies to deal with the overload. Do you know something that works better? Tell us about it and why it would solve the issues we are having. I know, trying to help them with the server seems like trying to drive a car blindfolded but sometimes all it takes is genius idea to set LL on the right track.

  62. For Randt says:

    @60 A sober and ‘realistic’ way of approaching the world :o) But, of course, with a name like Cat how could it be otherwise ;o)

  63. Reggus Reggiane says:

    #61: signed!

  64. For Randt says:

    @61 Amen. Of course you’re preaching to the choir for many of us ;o)

  65. Joker Opus says:

    Oh no!
    I cancelled my premium becuase of it. Now that I know that it’s a bug, ill go back and add it.

  66. Destiny Niles says:

    I decided to read the comment to see what laughs I would get. And I wasn’t disappointed.

  67. For Randt says:

    @66 That’s what life never ceases to offer. A good laugh…

  68. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Nulflux@61: #7… if you pay for campers on your parcel, remove the camping chairs. If you’re running a skybox full of zombies, turn them off. There’s thousands of deadheaders on the grid ALL THE TIME.

  69. BlackNewsMagazine says:

    It still works better then any other site like it,and we all know it

  70. A/B Tester says:

    Broken record these responses…

    About 10 complaints versus 1 fanboy that says we should not complain.

    I just wonder, if you get these complaints day in day out for years, and have the same server problems for years (yeah i’m an oldie)…. are you just sleeping as a company or just incompetent to run a serious business?

  71. Neural says:

    @43 Kitty: Well it’s a good thing you don’t live on a private island then. Would be quite interesting to see your response if the person who took you up on your “suck it up and get lost” rant was the owner of the place you had land. Log in one day and find everything you own that was on your land stuffed back into your inventory, and no land.
    Just selling off an island doesn’t automatically mean the residents on that island will just get to keep their land. I’m sure you are probably mainland and don’t have to worry about this, but some people who own islands might *want* to sell out and just leave. But they genuinely care and feel responsible for the well being of their residents (something Linden Lab does not understand), so they choose to stay and hope things will improve, or wait until they can find a buyer who isn’t going to strip the island of its residents and then turn the place into a sex mall.
    Try owning an island before you spout off about how simple you think it is to just dump a $1600 investment and tell 20 or so people “sorry, new owner says your land has to be cleared by tomorrow night.”
    That’s on the level of customer service that Linden Lab provides.

  72. For Randt says:

    @70 A real junkie. If you still have problems with SL, perhaps you have to come to grips with your own problem. SL is what they are and will continue to be so. The only thing you can change is yourself.

  73. For Randt says:

    @71 $1600 is your problem, not Kitty’s. Take responsibility for your own choices.

  74. A/B Tester says:

    hugsalot Says:
    April 21st, 2008 at 4:08 PM
    …Sorry, all MMOs suffer from lag, failures, and network issues. Lets all realistic about this now. NO MMO RUNS PERFECT! ….

    Ok, I guess you never have seen guildwars? Closer to perfection in terms of developing you can not get. No lag, and auto-reconnection if your internet fails.
    It might not be your or my game, nor it can be compared to SL in terms of user-content, but it is a perfectly working MMO…
    Look around, there ARE people that know how to develop very complex software without problems, without the need to use a open-source software to incorperate in theirs, like LL.

  75. Kugel says:

    Well… Im gonna open a Soup Kitchen for you folk. So come on over and chow down. There a hot meal and a steaming cup of coffee for you all.

  76. A/B Tester says:

    @70 A real junkie. If you still have problems with SL, perhaps you have to come to grips with your own problem. SL is what they are and will continue to be so. The only thing you can change is yourself.

    Do you know me that your going personal saying i have a problem?
    And no, I can change your life too, if I want, but let’s not do that, ok?

  77. Vivienne says:

    LL has no CTO and no CEO at the moment. So what do you expect? They manage themselves at SF, uh oh, a bunch of tech geeks and marketing specialists, nd this never was successful. What SL needs is a technological strategy matching the demands of an expanding metaverse by all means. And investments in staff and technolgy. A much better coded viewer, rewritten from the scratch and a better database, cause mySQL obviously isn´t really able to handle the massive load.

    They only patch the patch of a patch of a patch of a patch and hope to get away with this while laptops overheat by heated lightwind, clients crash every other second, the database overloads and the customers get desperate and leave, if they can without realising a loss of several hundred to several thousand dollars because of a 40 percent price cut, in spite of the lack of competition.

    I do not want anyone to lose their jobs nor do i want LL to run out of business, i only wish LL would be better managed and ready for the forthcoming expansion. If they need help and ask me for my help in a reasonable way, i would be the last to say “no”.

  78. thelexx says:

    This just keeps getting better and better.

  79. Fatz Scheflo says:

    Come one everyone..I’m just as upset about system stability as you are, but posting nothing but derogatory comments isn’t going to do a thing to help anyone.

    It’s a courtesy post concerning late billing, nothing more.

  80. For Randt says:

    @76 You can change my life? What a hoot! Is that a threat? Is SL that real for you?

  81. A/B Tester says:

    Who’s talking about SL? I just answered about you saying i can only change my own life. And i am not threathening, but if i decide you can live without vision, i certainly can change your life too.

    But again my dear mr. Randt, probably working for LL, if you want to get personal with your insults I love to invite you to talk to me in person and say it again.

  82. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> You should skip this month. its the least you can do.

    I agree. I’d be embarrassed to bill my customers for a month like this.

  83. For Randt says:

    If “[you] can decide I can live without vision” What the does that mean? I’m at a loss…

    Ha! If I worked for SL, they probably wouldn’t let me defend them in such an aggressive way. They’re much too kind for that.

  84. Chica Indigo says:

    @ 3- this was all planned…They read our comments saying that the onkly thing that doesnt have problems is the billing system and they made up this “hey our billing thingy is having problems we will bill you later”. It is all a psychological squeme to make us beilieve it is not their fault all the bad perfoirmance of sl lately…Sorry Lindens but we are not that dumb..We do love the concept of SL thats why we still here, but that doesnt mean we will believe all the lies

  85. Chica Indigo says:

    Sorry about the typos, I was mad…understandable when you loose money because LL not making SL stable ;-(

  86. Ivantwin Rogers says:


  87. Mily Sartre says:

    Does all this help get the grid in shape? Do you guys honestly think they dont know we’re all having loses and getting impatient? Do any of you believe they are doing this on purpose?
    The grid is growing yes, there are many non paying accounts yes, but that is making SL more interesting, the more the merrier.
    I really dont mind the free accounts, on the long or on the short they all become residents that interact with us. What I do mind are all those accounts created just to camp. Probably LL has them in their plans as they do take space needed by alive people when the grid is too full.
    I havent seen, to this point, any business in rl that hasnt had issues, specially with systems. How many times have we been to the bank and been told we couldnt do certain transaction at the moment because the system was down? Airports, even supermarkets…. machines can fail at some point, and all our sl world runs on machines.
    I also grow short on patience sometimes, I also get frustrated, I also get annoyed, but coming here and vent as many have done is totally futile.
    I know, for a fact, that when you need support from Lindens, you get it inmediatelly and for as long as you need. I am grateful to 2 Lindens that helped me with technical issues in my land and did it patiently, at the moment and made follow up.
    I’m not mentioning the huge numbers in the front page, but we’re over one million residents, they cant be our nannies, to be our nannies they would need to be at least a million lindens too. Can we as residents afford those costs? I think not. So, please lets be patient, lets give them credit, they give priorities but they DO care.
    And no, I’m not a friend to any Linden, no, I’m not being paid by them, and yes, I also get nuts when services get down as I have to pay tier too, but lets support them so they support us.

  88. For Randt says:

    @76 And please don’t address me as “Dear Mr. Randt” unless you have something usefull and intelligent to say.

  89. Raindancer Raymaker says:

    OMG i wanna pay my VAT!……sure if somethings not working we can quit but this is provision of a taxable service and shouldn’t it work? and if not shouldn’t we be able to get a refund like in rl? If this WAS a real life service then some consumer ‘body’ would be beating the door down…..hang on is this real life?…..

  90. Harmony Deschanel says:

    @12 No Auctions? What page are you looking at? There have been auctions going on the whole time. Better check the Auction pages … Plenty of auctions out there for Land.

  91. A/B Tester says:

    @83 Ok, I won’t spell it out for you, let’s keep it civil. Calling others junkies, while you obviously have nothing better to do then to make useless comments on other people’s complaints in a aggressive manner is the Pot calling the kettle black.

    And FYI, i love SL, maybe I am a SL junkie, i think it’s a great vision and filling a need for many people, either in communication or being able to create your own content.
    But, if you do not agree on seeing that the same problems have been around since the very start, you are blinded. They have to wake up and take serious action before a competitor steps in and makes a better alternative. They will run out of business in no time, because people lost faith in the stability of SL.

    And yes, it’s real to me, I create content, earn money with it. But am constantly confronted with transaction problems, having to fix stuff because they changed rules (on objects/scripting), have to redeliver stuff constantly because things get lost, facing grid downtime and loss of earnings etc etc.
    I did not complain for years, but please, after years of these constant problems, excuse me please, can i complain now?

  92. For Randt says:

    @76 I didn’t think so.

  93. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    Lol. Can’t even bill the residents.

  94. toric says:

    So let’s get this straight, the latest conspiracy theory is that LL deliberately cut their own cash flow for a week (and it’s real, my tier has certainly gone uncollected) for the sole purpose of making an impression on random anonymous blog commenters? That’s rich.

  95. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    @ Nulflux Negulesco : BRAVO!!!

  96. For Randt says:

    @94 ?

  97. For Randt says:

    @94 Ooopps, sorry. Your’e right on target :o)

  98. Vivienne says:

    @ 87 Mily

    Mily, i doubt that patience is what helps LL. I doubt that anyone who likes the metaverse concept is not willing to invest time and money. But…the failures and outages as wel as the more than daring ignorance of technological limits cannot be ignored. This here is not free, and it is not Open Source, it is run as a business. We, the customers, pay for a technological service as well as we support the conception. As customers we have the right to receive an acceptable service.

    It does not really help to call for endless patience, and it does not really help to haunt the lindens into some kind of bunker mentality, if there isn´t already this bunker mentality. LL shpuld communicate, and this is what they do not really do. If there goes something terribly wrong as the windlight implementation and now the server functionality they should have the guts to admit it and offer a vision on how to fix it. Hundreds of open and unresolved issues on the pJIRA do not really contribute to any kind of customer communications, and the nototious “resolved” and “thank you for your patence” certainly does not as well.

  99. Angel Hall says:

    I am not even gonna complain or anything.. just comenting on wow.. intresting blog.. i actualy wanted to relog and hit the blog and i been caught up with reading i actualy forgot to relog.. and guys no need to fight if i may say.. lol not like i am tring to be a saint here.. but everyone is in sl for thier own purpose and complain if they want and choose not to complain… and for those complaining i think they def have the right to do so.. and those who are in sl for fun just have thier fun and not tell the ones who complain to shut up and just walk.. cause sl is not that easy to just walk when you have invested and have played for very long so when they not happy they complain… and ohh well scince i am already commenting.. i will like LL to hire the Rantonme Linden.. so when i am pissed in game i can go rant for a while scince the other Lindens busy with SL…

    and its a suprise too that this blog is not locked yet.. watches attentively

  100. AlwaysIcey Mapholisto says:

    @11… Someone else brought up your post earlier about the free accounts. I’m on a basic account, yet I’ve dumped about $150.00 into SL in the last couple of months easily. What have I done with it? Bought things (or tried to) from “Paying Accounts” stores. Possibly even yours….

    So, if you want them to get rid of all the FREE accounts, then I guess you’re saying that I need to find a better way to spend my $150.00. I guess you really don’t want any money, just good service for the money you pay.

    I agree with everyone that they need to fix things. They need to stop worrying about “Viewer improvements” and “Bling” unless it directly affects the issues that people are having. They need to concentrate EVERYONE on fixing the problems for a couple of months, then work to get user satisfaction back, THEN start working on improving the User Experience (“Bling”).

    Trusting what I’ve been told, they are doing this (at least on the Viewer end). I don’t know what’s happening on the server side, becuase I’ve never attended their “Office Hours”. My suggestion is, if you want to make a point and a difference, show up at their office hours and ask your questions. Demand the answers.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  101. S J says:

    I’m just curious but when and where does this down time always occur? I’m an estate manager of around 5 sims and go to many other islands as well within the Australian Eastern Standard timezone (6 PM SLT -> 8 AM SLT usually).
    Is all this downtime occurring on the mainland and/or during the American timezone?
    I must be lucky, I’ve had next to no asset server or sim issues. None out of the ordinary anyway.

  102. For Randt says:

    @98 It’s a product that we consume just like any other in the world. If we, as consumers, feel that we’re not getting our due, then the only power we have is to say so and if we don’t gain satisfaction otherwise then we move on. I just don’t get it. Use the mechanisms SL provides to report your discontent and if not resolved, move on. I agree with you that using the JIRA is a good way to go but ultimately, what good does it do to rant? (I don’t mean you, only the others who don’t have a clue).

  103. Rhin Forti says:

    Wow, just wow… so many people jumping on each other after reading what they want from posts, just enough to jump to a conclusion and jump from that conclusion down someone’s throat. Reading this blog is like walking in on a badger fight or something…

    Kill free accounts and allow only verified accounts? Well, I’m verified with pay info and yet, I’m a free account! *throws a water ballon at that person*

    I whine and moan alot myself about the status of SL and treatment from Lindens, but Jeebus people! I’ve seen people scream for the Lindens to become unemployed, waving torches and pitchforks while pounding and pulling on the porticulis of Castle Linden Labs demanding the frankenstien monster that is SL be shutdown. Try to be decent human beings… *throws water balloons*

    Seriously, would ~you~ want to lose your job because someone else in the company made poor decisions and pissed customers off? I was in a position like that myself. Big, huge company that was a government contractor, had great things going for it, was a decent job and I did it honestly. My customer service scores were through the roof, Quality metrics absolutely fantastic. People told me I restored thier faith in the company. I would stay on the phones and to hell with my sales and call handling, I was going to help these people through thier problems. What did I get for this? I was part of a nationwide layoff resulting in more than 1000 jobs lost… at christmas time. If you’re screaming at Lindens and saying the whole lot of them deserve to be unemployed cause the few that maintain the servers can’t do thier jobs and you can’t make money on thier product, you are a sorry excuse for a human being and I hope the next time you go to sleep that you hear all the tears, and cries, and heartache a sudden layoff can cause decent hard working people that have nothing to do with your petty problems. Investment is a risk, you chose it.

    If you’re begging for a shutdown of SL, just leave. What you’re doing is the equivalent of going to the movies, paying admission, buying popcorn and soda all while yelling at the managers of the theatre that the place is a rotten, fetid den(could you pull up that footstool for me? thanks, and I’ll have junior mints too, if you could…) that should be torn down and demolished. If you’re wanting to make the most of your investment, look to #61 and pray to the Lindens. I share my Junior Mints with him :3

    Don’t think I’m wholey sticking up for the Lindens. I’m with you on the fact that it is appaling that SL suffers a meltdown on each update. It’s unthinkable to the Nth degree as to why a company would continue pushing more and more new features onto a platform that is unstable to begin with. But then I sit back and realize:

    Damn. This is a game that is almost complete made up of user-created content. New textures and animations are being uploaded all the time. New devices and prims are created and stored and sold(hopefully). New scripts being wrote even as I type this.

    Then I think: I would really ~hate~ to have to keep track of all that.

    Just think. Everything you make and do and upload goes into a database that is waiting for you. It’s easy for these other MMO’s to have stability, cause they are sterile. Just sitting there and going through the same routines, the same programming day in and day out. Sure, someone gains a level here… gains a new skill or item there. But those skills and items are pre-made and already sitting in that database. There’s even the occasional new content. But SL is changing everyday. New stuff, everyday. New content at the whim of a player. New ways of using the physics engine the Lindens supply. New ways of using prims. Hey! There’s a new sculptie prim.. woah, the thought that went into that complex shape…

    I’m sorry people are losing money and I salute you for wanting to provide a special service to those that need it by using your huge amounts of money. And I hope you have many happy returns to make up for the losses this month and last. I also salute the Lindens for doing what they can, misguided as it may be, to bring me a little cyber fantasy that I can shape and mold.

    Now fix the servers, dammit. *throws water ballons at the Lindens*

    I am Rhin Forti, and I am a SL-aholic. Gimme my Hooch.

  104. Do you really think collecting payments is a good idea? Why not just collects from the American pigs and leave the rest of us alone?

  105. Tiny Mind says:

    @93: “Lol. Can’t even bill the residents.”

    Well, first you have to have something worth billing them for!

    –Tiny is Finey.

  106. For Randt says:

    @103 I couldn’t have said it better myself. Kudos :o)

  107. magnus says:

    #104 And you wonder why the rest of the world hate the french. Its nice to have a living, breathing example of stupidity, and it is waving a french flag … so today wasn’t a complete waste of time.

  108. For Randt says:

    @104 That’s a sweet sentiment…

  109. Vivienne says:

    @ 102

    Hm, I don´t think SL is a product as any other product we consume. The tempting thing about SL is the almost spiritual, psychological dimension it has for many, as well as the possibility to use it as hard core production tool (producing and selling consumer goods for the metaverse) plus the almost unlimited offer for hetting creative (as long as you run a midrange homecomputing system). So, this attracts people like me and many others, which attract RL sorporations for marketing reasons. If this were only a “product” in a strictly economical sense, comparable to “sterile” online communities, oh my. I would not give it a week to survive any competition. I admit it is hard to draw a line being a supporter of the idea as well as being a paying customer, and i think these blogs reflect the dilemma pretty well.

  110. hope antonelli says:

    How about we American pigs take our SL and let you and yous go find your own entertainment?

  111. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Thank you for that great generalization, Montana. Shall I return the favor and talk about the British, or those living in France? I want nothing more than to leave you alone. Your attitude is despicable.

  112. LAG LAG … All you do is f***ing LAG!

    Please just fix this we cant move or do anything without crashing, and yes i clear my cache twice a day!!!

    Kind Regards

    Not pissed yet!

  113. Vivienne says:

    One day Canada will reclaim the southern provinces, anyway. Well. easy task, just buy all the devaluated parcels…not in SL, in the US….

    Ohh, Canada…

  114. For Randt says:

    @102 I agree Vivienne, you’ve shot right to the heart. But life is full of folks who get their heart broken. And we still move on if we have enough thought for ourselves.

  115. Umphrey says:

    *somehow… with his cloven hooves… sets a small violin case on the ground, unlatches the case and takes out the violin and places it under his sight swine chin. In utter amazement, this pig rosins up his bow, looks over his violin and starts to play a somber song for the gathered crowd.*

    @104 – *waves and continues on with his shameless consumption and destruction of the world …all with a smile and without a care*

    God Bless America!

  116. For Randt says:

    @115 Sad to say, but that’s what it’s all about in this country :o)

  117. Henry Grumiaux says:

    Post#1 Author: I totally agree 😉

    The legacy is soooo much instable that even the billing system does not work anymore ! I Can’t believe ! Everybody knows that the most accurate systems, that ones that’s never fails is the billing system.The billing system makes any company breaths 😉

  118. Vivienne says:

    @ 114

    Right, For Randt, but wouldnt it be a pity?

  119. Rhin Forti says:


    We’ve gone from speaking of the Lindens, SL and Billing issues to racism and nationality?

    What happened to: We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.

    Seriously people, The one thing we have in common is this planet we live on, yet none of us enjoy sharing. Why is it that I’m seeing the prophesized ‘One world government’ that will bring us world peace to have laws similar to kindergarten?

    “Ok kids, time to put away the nuclear weapons. Kim Jong Il, if you didn’t bring enough for everyone, don’t bring them at all. Now put them away.”
    “…so wonewy…”
    “America, France, you too Russia… come on. It’s nap time. Cuba, wash your hands first. Mexico, you too…”

  120. Henry Grumiaux says:

    My Theory of conspiracy get more strenght ! For some reason LL is trying to scare everybody….

  121. Umphrey says:

    @119 um… eh… uhhhhh….. China is a glaring omission in your list?

  122. Sad Situation says:

    @111 that needs to be said often and you said it well. Unfortunately, tho, the poor quality standards of the people who work at SL are leaving an unfortunate impression of the United States with our many neighbors in this world. SL should be ashamed of itself.

    And another thing… No person with any sense of professional integrity would ever let any person outside the company near the current release candidate. It is so rough and in such an early stage, it just shows a total lack of mindfulness on the part of the people who work at SL. They simply do not know what they are doing.

  123. Vivienne says:

    @ 120

    Who needs China when we have LL (..”I’m seeing the prophesized ‘One world government’ that will bring us world peace to have laws similar to kindergarten?”)??

  124. Vivienne says:

    @ 122

    “They simply do not know what they are doing.”

    They know what they are doing in a technical way, but there is a lack of strategy, a lack of quality control and a lack of customer communications. There is no CTO and no CEO. There is a bunch of qualified specialists at work, without a capable and senseful coordination, a lack of “leadership” and bad strategical decisions. The result are these desasterous 1.19 viewers, which certainly should not have been released so premature at all.

  125. For Randt says:

    @ A pity indeed. But we choose to let our hearts be broken. That’s the beauty of it. SL has never dissapointed though it has discouraged – surely there are those moments I’ve not been happy. But I love them for what they are, warts and all ;o) If they ever broke me, I would be gone.

  126. Rhin Forti says:

    /rolls eyes

    I was being silly. Trying to show how obsurd this situation is. Gawd, stop being over analytical and have a laugh once in a while.

    My comments weren’t meant to show hatred to any one race or nationality. All nations have thier beautiful aspects and thier dark, ugly aspects.

    I pointed out Kim Jong Il as a satire point, mainly for the movie “Team America” (note the “…so wonewy…” comment) and the fact that later, Kim Jong Il showed the world that he was a nuclear power by childishly detonating a nuclear bomb and gloating about it afterward.

  127. Vivienne says:

    @ 125

    “But I love them for what they are, warts and all ;o) If they ever broke me, I would be gone.”

    Yeah, the blog has become a barrel full of hate during the past couple of weeks. Love and hate….anyway, sometimes ppl seem to forget that there are humans inside these buildings at SF and not some overdressed alien dominas from alpha centauri.

  128. Umphrey says:

    In all reality, when did we all forget that no matter how long Second Life™ has been around, it is still a ‘bleeding edge’ platform? And times like these with the perceived performance issues (it’s been much better in my experience); these times are only because Linden Labs are making fundamental change to the platform only for the benefit of future growth and stability.

    I remember the months when SL™ was offline for hours weekly (Update Wednesdays!) as the platform evolved. Sometimes the upgrade went so bad; the grid was shut down for the better part of a day. So, believe me when I say, these pains are only temporary… We’ve been brought up to the next plateau of SL™ evolution and till the grid gets its footing and moves away from the edge transition to this new plateau… it’s going to be shaky for awhile. Let’s just try and ease up on the tiring “FIX IT” commentary cause, in my eyes, every comment has been echoed 27,000 times prior to the ones I’ve read today.

    Use some of your SL™ imagination and say something constructive in these blog posts… I try.

  129. For Randt says:

    @127 And you seem to be a genuine human being. The same kind of folks who do their best at LL despite those who seem to think they know better. Oh well, such is the way of the world… :o)

  130. richard says:

    i can feel the love in here !

  131. For Randt says:

    @130 It’s what life is all about :o)

  132. River Ely says:

    Agrees totally with post #61, reduction of Inventory is a simple way to stay ahead and a way everyone can contribute. Personally, I think its easy to find faults, and when i am angry I find plenty. I also know its good to be positive and constructive. I positively want to sell openspaces customers have paid for, but I cant buy yet. I am trying to contribute to the economy, but…. Its not working today…



  134. Loving the Entertainment says:

    Initializing World
    Decoding UI Images
    Installing Quicktime
    Connecting to Region
    your clothing is still downloading……
    your friends will see you bald, small, unbaked and half naked….
    and not tell you

  135. nina says:

    boy LL sure are quick with a fix when it comes to billing…

  136. YES! says:

    To 11. Yay! for us freeloaders ruining the second life of the rich people. It’s not linden labs fault that you aint having fun its cause you arent able to. thank god i dont pay for this fun.

  137. I was billed for my tier but you didn’t collect my money… which is not so bad, but that big red (-$75.00) US$ balance is a little scary.

  138. Midori Rotaru says:

    It is east to be critical and at time is L problem ..but so often find the ones who shout scream blame loudest are the ones causing lag when talk to them.
    Inventory insanity …i do that too times
    Graphics view distance at stupid levels they can no support
    or graphic other option no setr reasonable
    failure download latest drivers
    building with massive textures scripts running with no thought
    unbalanced particles size amount that oveload user graphics

    the list goes on ….

    true not always but is find that most time talk ask people

    seems to be attituide of blame linden everything
    accept no responsibilityat all

    apart from assett failure which well documented i generally find well designed sim run well bad design run bad

    that is lindens fault ???
    and yes i do build design sim myself
    badly at times but look for error and try change.

  139. AnacondaCarter says:

    after reading all the vitriol directed at each other i can honestly say i got some real info from only two. #61 and #103, tyvm , keep up the good work

  140. Hazno Bazno says:

    What about ME? You double-charged me for my tier last month and as a result have suspended me for “non-payment” of my tier. I filed a support ticket over two weeks ago (before being suspended) then replied to the ticket twice now. You’ve done NOTHING to accomodate me and you have refused to allow me to use SL, keeping me suspended for over a week now. Factually, this is flat pissing me off because I paid you guys a full year in advance for a premium membership and you’ve currently suspended me with a false overdue balance of $4.61. When are you going to stop ignoring my support ticket and fix the mistake you made and are you planning to give me credit for the nearly two weeks now you’ve suspended me for a situation that was not my fault?

  141. Hazno Bazno says:

    Oh yeah, you’ve also since refused to allot me my $L300 weekly stipend too, so you owe me that as well…

  142. Hazno Bazno says:

    #137 – Tammy, they WILL suspend you. They have done it to me, exact same scenario, only double billing me then suspending me over a lousy $4.61 I do not owe…

  143. Trust shattered says:

    so being one of those poor souls who bought from another individual, so no relief, has now got possession of a sim that was transferred at the time tier was due (lucky for me that the person knew someone on the inside and got the sim transferred in a record breaking 5 days!! wo) my other was a week before and waited yet another week before it got transferred.. now she didnt have to pay tier i am sure (BTW i would like to know someone on the inside to do me favors too).. i THOUGHT it was paid.. so guess i got even further screwed … cheers … something to look forward to ..

    AND further to ice the cake I meet someone who has been buying sims from LL for 700 all along … Her quote “pays to know the right people” she currently owns 3 sims and half sims.. i cry foul….
    Well we were sure all bent over .. was to pay for “friends” good deals

  144. Jack Hathor says:

    ” Fu CK Says:

    April 21st, 2008 at 10:11 PM
    F UCK YOU Linden Labs. Seriously. Please DIE. You piece of scum company, lead by…. actually no one anymore. I hope Phillip gets AIDS or already has it.”

    This kinda wording is actually what kills SL in more then one way.

  145. Wyald Woolley says:

    Boy, you know that the Incompetence has hit a new level when LL® billing system goes down. It’s been the one sacred system to function no matter how badly SL® was borked.

  146. Gypsy Paz says:

    I’m not usually one to gripe, but I think a blog post titled ‘Overdue Statements’ should have a very different subject matter. As in a more detailed explanation of all the services problems over the last month. And maybe even making some soft of gesture to all of that have lost income over these problems. Between Technical Difficulties and policy changes, it has been a rough month for the dedicated residents.

  147. Shadowquine says:

    Is the sky falling? Is your world crashing down around you?

    Easy solution.

    Close your web browser, turn off your computer, and go outside. If you’re still worried about your Second Life, go get hit by a bus.

  148. @137: there seem to be 2 circles. They first try to take the money from your USD ballance. If there isn’t any or not enough, you will be in red numbers for a while. In the 2nd circle they take what is needed from whatever payment method you have put in. Kinda scary when you check your account in the middle of the two runs…

  149. I WOULD LIKE TO POST THIS INFO AGAIN SO THE ONES THAT REALLY WANT ACTION THROWN UPON Liden Labs can do so….they can take off what is said here but you voice opion can never be erased from my petition I’m putting out on Linden Labs!!!


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