Greetings from Katt Linden

Thwack…thwack…is this thing on? Oh, hi. This is Katt, one of the newest Lindens.

I’m the new Communications Manager, and kudos to those of you who noticed the position had been filled.

So what am I here to do?

A big part of my job is to listen. I will also be aggregating your comments here and monitoring the blogosphere, to follow developing trends and opinion. I’ll be working to update our communications tools. And, I’ll be doing my best to help all of us at Linden Lab be more consistent and effective as bloggers and communicators.

Linden Lab knows how important it is that we have clear and consistent communications with Residents. We know that we have work to do, and that’s why I’m here.

Iโ€™ll start by managing a facelift on the forums, and then on the blog.

As for me, I’ve been paying attention to Second Life, and reading your blogs, for a couple of years now, and like you, I care deeply about Second Life. And I’m more proud than I can say to be part of Linden Lab, “working to connect us all to an online world that advances the human condition.”

My role here is, however, a work in progress, and so I’m going to start out by saying that I’ll need to ask for your patience.

This is surely going to be evolving, and I welcome your feedback.

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149 Responses to Greetings from Katt Linden

  1. SirThomas Carlberg says:

    Welcome Katt Linden, and congrats! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Welcome to Linden Labs.

    Hope transactions don’t break tonight!!!

  3. Dytska Vieria says:

    Hopefully a facelift on the forums involves an update and re-enabling the embedded html features.

  4. Rocky Pickles says:

    Yay and welcome.. its good to see more communication being part of the plan.. more feedback/response=double plus good ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Katt Linden says:

    Thank you SirThomas, Money, Dytska and Rocky!

    I’m truly delighted to be here, and I very much hope that my work will help make your experience of Second Life a little bit better.

    I’ll be listening. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. MauricioJr says:

    Welcome, and I hope you have good ears. I hope you the best.

  7. Esch Snoats says:

    Welcome and… I don’t envy you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Drew Dwi says:

    Katt – you should talk to sidewinder linden on how to effectively communicate on this blog. He is the ONLY linden to do so to date.


    im sorry katt……… but if you have not notice we have NO more patience left we want this fixed…….. we want our business back that you have killed off with these daily problems ………. you have hurt us HORRIBLY………. people are losing there sims because they cannot pay there tiers with the huge loss in sales this past month WE HAVE NO MORE PATIENCE !
    huge amounts of money spent on classified ads weekly that have been USELESS and no refunds! that is CRAZY…..

    we should all be refunded or given a month of free classifieds!

  10. Ann Otoole says:

    /me hands Kate a teflon vest.

    Welcome Kate!

  11. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Disgusted, Shut the hell up. You give the person who is supposed to LISTEN to you and make sure that your voice is heard THIS kind of welcome? Get out. Use your real avatar name, and see how many people will keep feeding you L$ knowing what a jackass you are. Quit hiding behind an alias, or shut the hell up.

  12. Celina Lathrop says:

    Welcome, Katt. Communication is one of the things seriously lacking, so I for one am as hopeful as you. Glad youยดre here!

  13. Eon Peterson says:

    Welcome Katt. As you will have been reading, what we need is an interested Linden to keep in touch, show interest, and provide information. Its amazing what a timely (and informed) comment can do to alleviate flaming (plus an occasional dab of our fevered brows with a damp, cold sponge).

    Good luck in your new post.

  14. Eon Peterson says:

    /me hands Katt a flak jacket.

  15. nika talaj says:

    Good to hear from you, Katt! Are you going to have office hours?

    And, will the forum facelift plan be posted somewhere for comments?

    *hands you a tin hat* Hang on to this, I’m sure you’ll need it in this new role. In fact, I’m fairly sure you’ll need it within another 10 comments.


  16. Saliant Infinity says:

    Welcome. Congrats on the position, and good luck!

  17. Welcome Katt.

    I see you managed to enable comments on this blog post. I suggest that is the first lesson you pass on to other Lindens.

  18. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    Welcome Katt
    Look forward to the upcoming changes. Good luck and Grats ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Katt Linden says:

    Hi MauricioJR, Esch, Drew and Celina — thanks very much for your welcome! And yes, I have been talking with Sidewinder, thanks!

    Ann, I’ll take that teflon vest, I think I may need it *grins*

    Buckaroo, thanks for noting that I’m here to listen – I don’t expect it will always be easy, but kind folks like all of you make it worthwhile.

    Disgusted – I do hear how frustrated you are. I wish I could promise to wave a magic (Starax!) wand and make it all better right now — but I can assure you that we are, really, working hard on the issues. That’s one reason you see tech posts from the Lindens working on some issues, like Sidewinder’s posts about Havoc, which has had a huge impact on *reducing crashes*. Can we get better at communicating things? Sure, and that’s why I’m here, to try to help.

    — Katt

  20. Hmmmm... says:

    A fair question Katt… please tell us exactly what qualifies you for this position.

  21. Markopolis Balhaus says:


  22. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    /me waves from Europe. Welcome Katt, congrats and good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Amaterasu Cinquetti says:

    Welcome Katt.

    I have a bunch of questions for you.

    Will you be elaborating on your plans for the Forums, and Blog in the next few days? Particularly the Forums.
    Also will there be a team involved?
    How will your role translate into actually getting resident concerns, and priorities heard by the respective areas responsible for the areas of concern?
    Will this just end up being another way for LL to put corporate spin on everything while paying lip service only?

    Guess that will do for the questions for now.
    Good luck on the new job!!

  24. Taft Worsley says:

    [Linden Lab knows how important it is that we have clear and consistent communications with Residents. We know that we have work to do, and thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m here.]

    Your position is a joke — first the forums run fine and work with no issues – reason they aren’t built by LL it’s a generic php application — The blogs are the only thing that do work when your site is down because its a wordpress application- funny how they can handle millions of users but you cant handle 50k — again another wasted effort on LL part because it works fine.

    Maybe you can tell the powers at be to stop wasting time and money on things that work fine and to fix the broken transactions, database failures, and general lack of stability in this platform. NO instead they waste time and money sending you out here to face the anger mob to fix issues that aren’t even issues – Give Us a Break! i got news for you — your position is as worthless a Philip Rosedale’s — if you don’t start making this application a little more useable – you’re not going to have a job. So quit blowing smoke up everyone a$$ about how your here to save the day communicating the residents needs — this blog has been filled for more then 2 years with hate post after hate post because you company’s sole mission is to take peoples money – your company hasn’t and doesn’t care what the people here think as long as we keep your lights on — funny since you have started really borking the world even your corporate people are pulling out — so let’s be honest – your job is to appease the masses while you company continues to bilk its residents for a service that doesn’t work properly even one third of the time —

    Personally i think your job and its efforts will be another waste of LL time and money- we don’t need PR people to smooth things over — we need tech people to smooth thing over- so while your happy with your new found employment at the lab, your position is going to be short lived and found to worthless in the long run. But i guess theat the LL way break things that work time you have no one paying the light bill – its been your track reord now for over two years – With that said – tell me how many refunds is LL going to give out this month for all the trouble and issues the residents have had in making the money to pay you — wait i know as many as they have to date — ZERO !

    Just another worthless blog post and yet another worthless positon to fix nothing — thats what i see here !

  25. Miles Beck says:

    Welcome and congrats, Katt! I hope all the other Lindens realize how important your job is.

  26. Vidal Tripsa says:

    @20: A fair question for Katt’s employers, perhaps; not you. How rude.

    Welcome, Katt. I suppose I will end up echoing some folks’ well-wishes and giftings of armoured vests for this unenviable task you have, but the mere fact that a job was created there is a reassurance to me. Bravo for filling what I’m sure will be, in hindsight, a very important gap that we’ve been missing all this time.

  27. Tod69 Talamasca says:

    Facelift on the Forums?

    BBS Code?? PLEASE!!!!!!

  28. Very nice.. A GREAT leap forward Linden Lab! While it is crucial to to what needs to be done; it is also crucial for ANY businesses sucess to listen to what your clients needs are… I hope this helps bridge the gap that has been so necessary; constant Linden communications.
    Kudos Katt; and thank you for listening. It’s a small thing, but when replied to(blog replies), everyone feels much better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Solomon Devoix says:

    Welcome, Katt. I hope that you can actually bring some regular two-way communication to things, though I will admit I’m dubious. And I hope you have a hide thicker than an elephant’s… right now, with the way things are, you’re going to need it. :/

  30. Hello, Katt! Best wishes and many successes… ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Wrestling Hulka says:

    Kate Linden,

    If you know how to type [OPEN] [CLOSED] [RESOLVED] [RE-OPENED] [UPDATED] [UPDATE II] [UPDATE III] ect then I guess you’ll do okay.

  32. sufi says:

    Welcome Katt,

    Since you’re here to listen, can you please tell someone to fix the asset server? I can’t copy any uuid’s from objects for 2 days now..all I get are zeroes. Thanks, and good luck…you’ll need it.

  33. Chalice Carling says:

    Congratulations on your appointment Katt. I just love SL and enjoy the fact that I have a place I can go that allows me to exprience things I would not normally do in RL. I hope that somewhere down the track it can pick itself up and run a little more consistently as I have never crashed so much as I have in the last two weeks. In saying this, I think it’s great that you have been appointed to this role because at the end of the day, each individual who uses SL for pleasure or business wants to feel that their issues are being heard. I’m not a tech head and marvel at how all this works but if you help me keep my skirt on, I’d be very grateful…lol Best of luck and do wear that teflon vest. I think you may need it some days. Yay to LL for creating this position.


    @11 i hope katt will see your obvious flame and remove you but we will see
    last i checked i live in the USA where we still value freedom of speech

  35. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    Let just say welcome and good luck. And I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the SL blog decoder ring.

    Basically there are about 4 kinds of people in SL:

    Type 1) People who are having no problems with SL so they love SL and everything you post about will be golden even if it happens to be incorrect. They will defend you to the death against the evil ones who wish to speak out against you or SL. This infuriates the type 2 below.

    Type 2) People who are having problems so they are hating SL, they are lagged and crashing and having a bad experience and everything you post with be attacked no matter how valid. They will also attack the ones who defend you. This infuriates type 1’s and you get to sit back and watch them battle it out. Its sort of a game if you can read between the lines.

    Type 3) The instigator. These are people who drop one or two sentences that are usually rhetorical, that need no response. They usually just want to shift the topic to their current problem. Like “… OMG your talking about “this” when “that” has not been fix. You evil, evil Linden!!! ” And when you explain that that is not your department, they will drone on and on about how long it has been in Jira and something has to be done today! These people are just blowing off steam, because they know that bug is never going to be fixed. Everyone is a usually type 3 at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Type 4) People that read and never post, they just read and skim the blogs for a good chuckle. Or to catch a tutorial or two.

    But congrats’ and remember to read between the lines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Dreena says:

    Hi Katt and welcome!

    You are the person that will come and read our concerns. If that is so, then who was reading our concerns before you? Was no once concerned at all about what we’re going through – is that why they opened your position? I’m sure you understand the frustration that many of us feel since SL seems to be getting worse. Personally I can’t blame the flare ups from a lot of people since – being a sim owner myself – I know exactly how they feel.

    What I want to know is, if your job is to read the blogs and such – then what? What happens after? I mean it doesn’t take a genius to figure out exactly what is bothering everyone since the same issues are brought up over and over and over again – no matter *what* the blog happens to be about. I’m trying to understand why LL needs to have a liason when all they needed to do was read.

    And now they you *are* going to be the “voice of the people” – so to speak…what? Are there really going to be changes around here? Or sorry to say – are you just another red herring for us to look at.

  37. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:

    Im confused…

    If your doing this, what is Torley doing? wasnt his position to be ‘customer relations?’

    sorry, not an insult, just a question

  38. Rolling Restart says:

    oh blah!

    another useless blog post.

  39. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    31 Wrestling Hulka
    You left out “All Clear”
    I think this is the one for inventory loss to let you know you can rez again ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. saddeneyes says:

    Welcome to LL Katt, but what is wrong with the blog now ? since you are going to do a facelif of the blog why not do a facelif to the bugs and in world issues that LL seems to break time after time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  41. Damona Rau says:

    I’m sorry Katt,
    you wrote “A big part of my job is to listen.” and “Linden Lab knows how important it is that we have clear and consistent communications with Residents. We know that we have work to do, and thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m here.”

    With other words, whole LL haven’t listend in the past? I’m sure and i believe that you will try your best, but this is round about 6-8 month too late. And now the problems in april. The only thing we here is “be patient” and “please appologize”. If LL would listen to the Residents, then they would know that we won’t appologize and that there is no patient left.

    Many business are bankrupted with all this problems. We can deal with 1 bad day in a week, but with three bad weeks? LL should do something to keep the residents happy. There are some options you have, reduced Tier for one month, free classified ads for 2-3 weeks or something else. Many residents won’t spend more money into SL, because it’s a very deep black hole with no lights on the end.

    There is one only thing that will never fail: collecting Tier from the residents. I can’t see any point from LL, that you take care about the business in SL.

    I’m also sure that you’re sorry for all the problems, but we don’t need mercy, we need a chance to keep our business running.

  42. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @ 38 Rolling Restart

    Type 2!
    See @35 Decoder ring

  43. Christos Atlantis says:

    Welcome Katt Linden, I hope you new position in LL will help us and return help you to advance your career. I just will give one opinion since I know you will be swamped in a bit, make a rule where posters don’t answer other post and start flame wars, get a banning system going to take care of all the problem posts, I for one would like that to be one of the first steps. Again I wish you good luck in your new position.

  44. Hunter Trommler says:

    Welcome Katt

  45. Well, Katt, Linden Lab is notoriously bad at communication, and if you can do anything to improve that then you’ll be my new favorite Linden ๐Ÿ™‚

    Unfortunately, and I’m honestly not *trying* to sound overly pessimistic, there’s only so much one person can do, however well-intentioned and passionate they may be.

    I don’t envy you your task, but I applaud your courage in taking it on!

  46. Almadi Masala says:

    Hello Katt, welcome — I hope that you will be able to influence Linden Labs to focus more of their efforts on fixing serious problems with the basic functions of SL. I am very discouraged right now because I just found that a large number of objects in my inventory are permanently unrezzable (see JIRA #SVC-2207). This has almost completely destroyed my enthusiasm for SL, at least for now. I suppose I will get over it, but if something like this happens again I will very likely leave SL and never come back. How can we live with a system that regularly destroys our inventories for no apparent reason? I have submitted a support ticket and a JIRA issue, and have received no response or acknowledgment from LL. I wish you the best in your new position, and sincerely hope that you will be able to make a difference.

  47. Jackson Mills says:

    Some basic feedback.

    1. Lose the Dazzle UI. Most hate it.

    2. Forget the forum facelift, and just focus on SL.

    3. Recognze that lag is worse now than even 4 weeks ago

    4. It appears that Skype and the RL series now collide. Figure out why

    5. Focus on SL stability and forget new features.


  48. Cyber King says:

    The down time is impacting our cyber sex.

  49. Blake Dwi says:

    HI Katt! And good luck !!

  50. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @46 Almadi Masala
    Type 2 Definitely ๐Ÿ™‚

    @47 Jackson Mills
    Notice how this entry is a Type 2 and Type 3 ๐Ÿ™‚

    (See @35 for Decoder Ring)

  51. JayR Cela says:

    Hi there Katt, I wish ya all the luck in the world hun. If ya need some help I be happy to do what I can. You take care / bye~byee :_)

    JayR Cela

  52. concerned says:

    Welcome to the hardest job in cyberspace Katt i certainly do not envy you but wish you well and hope you will have a positive effect on communication in both forums and the blogs its long over due.

  53. jane says:

    Welcome Katt. You asked “Can we get better at communicating things?” Yes, read the blogs carefully and have opened ears for IM from residents. Somethings became better, some worse the last time. Sidewinder was not precious for my understandings, but ill hope “our” asskicks about the stability of SL has pushed him to fix the biggest things faster. Remember, only satisfied customers are good customers. Have fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

  54. Talon DeCuir says:


  55. IAm Zabelin says:

    Welcome Katt.

    I have no doubt this position will improve the current situation … we need ears to transmit messages to the engine room, and they need a good voice to speak for them.

    Everyone complaining on the blog rightfully has their their major area(s) of concern / complaint.

    Those happy souls who don’t have issues, I’m really happy for them.

    My issue, as a content creator who spends ages creating content, revolves primarily around blatant and increasing IP theft. Hopefully you will take that on with lots of soul too, as its been neglected for years, and LL has made documented promises years ago, that they have not failed to delivered.

    This is all very frustrating and I believe caused the quality of content to degrade – as creators don’t put the effort they used to in anymore (knowing it’ll prob be stolen).

    Thx, and welcome again

  56. Major McCaw says:

    Greetings Katt,

    You have the flack jacket and tin hat. I’m throwing in some flack pants, steel toed boots, Kevlar gloves and bullet proof goggles. So you just have to watch your nose LOL

    Congrats on your appointment from most of SL members. And condolences on that small number of members who think a world-wide computer system should run flawlessly. Remember, to err is human, but to really screw things up takes a computer.

    Personally, I have had very few problems with SL when compared to the hours of pleasure it has given me. Well.. there was that marriage proposal from the longshoreman from Los Angeles… but that’s another story :o)

  57. Element says:

    /me builds you a concrete bunker

  58. Taft Worsley says:

    wow — could all this issues be a result of Cory O leaving — seems philp should of had a better backup plan for that one, dont ya think… Oh wait i know its like everything at LL your sorry and are working on it…

    Get those two phases down — because thats what your going to be saying the most here … Unbeliveable !!!

  59. Almadi Masala says:

    @50 Pointside Sunbelter

    So you classify me as “type 2”. Is that your way of dismissing the concern I raise? I was not attacking Katt, as your decoder ring suggests, but welcoming her and expressing my hope that she may be able to make a positive difference here. I don’t think that people who express their honest frustration with the problems they are having should be dismissed as “type” this or that.

  60. zoey witherspoon says:

    Hello Katt
    I do hope you the best in your new position ..but like the majority I wonder if the position is just another ploy by Lindens to make us think things will get better…kinda like that survey you get when you cant log in….My only real issue is Lag at times but I know many residents who walk around looking like Ruth and its quite unfair considering they pay to play and have tons of inventory they are unable to use. Saying Sorry and that your working on the issue just doesn’t cut it…But I do understand that is all you can do.
    Best Wishes

    SUFI- The reason you cant copy UU numbers is because there is a script in the original texture I saw this listed on SLEX its so others cant steal..

  61. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @56 Major McCaw Says

    Shining Type 1, golden in fact. ๐Ÿ™‚

    (See @35 for decoder Ring)

  62. Teal says:

    I read Dreena’s post with amusement, why do we need a liason when all they have to do is read …. read what? … the forums? the blogs? in which case a small percentage of users get to be heard.

    Or perhaps, maybe, JUST maybe, the Forum and blog users are NOT the entire population of SL, perhaps Katt will have access to other resources, I surely hope so … otherwise we will find ourselves back to the rusty wheel concept.

    Welcome Katt, the Linden Labs needs someone who will put a voice to the people that dont always speak. The complainers will continue and mock but the way I was taught First Aid, is that the person screaming the loudest, is not always the person who needs the most help.

  63. bigmoe whitfield says:

    Sticking my nose in here and saying Hi Katt ~Mews~ (not a pun. it’s like my trademark when I meet people) but Thank you and all of the linden team for bringing us such a great and wonderful world. I see alot of complaints and rude rude comments. well just have to ignore those wont we ๐Ÿ™‚ but otherwise welcome and enjoy your stay with that fine company. Best wishes


  64. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    59 Almadi Masala

    Oh no you don’t… don’t pull me into battle. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m just do the decoding. Your point is very valid.

  65. Arsheba Nasu says:

    Welcome Katt.

    If your job is to listen, then please listen to this:

    Abolish the Popular Places list in order to level the playing field and allow the actual content creators to reclaim Second Life from the camping farms.

    That list is traffic-based, and is corrupt and obsolete. It serves only to shine a spotlight on the source of Linden’s misleading activity statistics, the major camping farms, and nobody buys it. Certainly not the people those statistics are meant to impress. The camping farms get most of the traffic (because you perpetuate a system that gives them supreme visibility), while the rest of us are gasping for air.

    By virtue of holding the most visible positions in that list, they sever the chain of life in SL, suffocating the true social venues where designers once sought to advertise to active residents, leaving only opportunities to advertise to zombies (who tend to buy nothing). That supreme visibility also allows them to grab the most hits for searches for any common class of items [hair, shoes, etc. try it!], rendering the businesses who actually create the finest content in SL virtually invisible by comparison.

    Put SL’s economy back into the hands of those who actually participate in SL, rather than let it pour out of the grid and into the pockets of greedy credit farms.

    Retiring the so-called “Popular Places” list is the only thing that will bring about positive change in the quality, quantity, and visibility of new and interesting content, and consequentially revive the world’s interest in a virtual world that still has more potential than any other to date.

    Choose content over camping. Do the right thing.

  66. Jackson Mills says:

    @35 Pointside Sunbelter

    To some extent, true. However there are more than 4 types.

    Type 5. People who have been in SL a while, keep coming back regardless of the problems, and try to comment on issues they see in the hopes that somehow such communication might actually make a difference.

    And yes, Welcome Katt. Communication is a good thing. What is even better is change that results from such communications.


  67. Alf Lednev says:

    Welcome Katt, I wish you ever success and I see someone offered a flak jacket earlier ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m not sure what you can do, the silence from Lindens is always deafening when things go wrong ( daily) and the shrill trumpeting of yet another “geez whizz idea gets grating (as does the inevitable deadly silence when its borked again).

    SideWinder has been a positive example, sadly few if any other Lindens take his lead. Perhaps every Linden who “opens” a blog for comment should be made to respond at least once.

    For the blogs please please please please please moderate and limit answers, some ehre flood the blog,s eeing a half wit write 7, 8, 9, 10 times is not contributing anything. And please (add asmany) put a minimum word limit to post ie 100, to stop again those aviess who thing writing “wow” and “gee” etc, actually contributes.

    You have to overcome a huge hurdle, the perception of Lindens caring for their paying customers is abysmal. They rank slightly above Lawyers and Politiians for caring, thats pretty well entrenched.

    Even Sidewinder (the best) can only mumble , use JIRA or “he will pass the comments on”. JIRA is not suitable for the bulk of the users, it is not a problem management system for the masses, simply a filter to allow only acolytes of IT through (virgins in Klingon outfits basically). As to pass on comments, no one ever responds so its a “cheque’s in the mail” type answer.

    Perhaps Torely can do a cheery vid on how to use JIRA? It should be under 120 minutes and have an interval please.

    If your read the blogs for two years, the problems should be leaping out at you, kudo’s for having the gumption to take it on! But it shouldnt be a work in progress, sorry, its urgent and some immediate changes need to be done. When the competition does arrive, Lindens chickens will come home to roost.

  68. concerned says:

    @35 Pointside you missed 2 types theres type 0.5 long tongues looking for a rear crevice and type 2/beta people with genuine issues.Which 1 do you fit?

  69. U M says:

    Ok i give this a try you listen? Ok if that the case then lets try it. How about un banning people name here when its typed anywhere in the comment field?

  70. Jackson Mills says:

    @61 Wrestling Hulka

    Yep, been using that for some time now, and posting the same URL.

  71. Ann Otoole says:

    FYI: As of 8:15 PST the system is unable to handle rezzing, teleports, or texture uploads. Time to take a break.

  72. Almadi Masala says:


    Not looking for battle, just wanting to be heard. ’nuff said, I’m going to bed.

  73. Sekonda Huet says:

    LoL @ #31

  74. Welcome Katt, and great to see you here! May all of us, especially you, be enriched by the experience.

    I hasten to write you while I still can and the 150 spots aren’t filled, so I might be repeating another’s words here. Advance apologies if this is true.

    1) There are many blogs about Second Life, yes. Nevertheless, I believe it would be much more efficient and cost-effective if you deployed one person to review and communicate – briefly – with each blog that especially needs to become current and “legal,” insofar as the trademark issue is concerned.

    2) I would like to see a robust area in the community section dedicated to giving newbies tips. They can’t get enough tips! Ideally, that section would point to all the good blog posts from community members that were written to help newbies get started.

    3) Would you be the right person to contact as the LL liaison for larger community efforts?

    Many thanks!

  75. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @67 Jackson Mills
    Nope that is Type 2 with Type 3 Undertones sorry ๐Ÿ™‚

    @69 concerned
    LOL Crevice licker’s are clearly Type 1 see @ 62 (No offense 62)

    Me, I just do the decoding ๐Ÿ™‚

    (See @35 for decoder Ring)

  76. Welcome. Good luck with the new position. Glad to have it and you.

  77. Isablan Neva says:

    Is it not amusing that the people who scream the loudest about the poor communication from LL are themselves unable to produce any communication that is articulate, well written and thought provoking?

    /hands Katt a Costco-size bottle of Advil, some anti-depressants and my stash of leftover Vicodin.

  78. Dante Tucker says:

    Hi Katt ^_^

    (simple post :P)

  79. Kahiro Watanabe says:

    Welcome Katt. I know that LL is working hard to fix the constant grid issues. “Disgusted” was a lil unpolite in his message, but s/he isn’t expecting a magical solution, instead a fair one:

    If the constant issues make the grid unstable and in some cases unusable. If transactions are down everyday then economy falls down, therefore people loose money.

    Serious enterprise, when their service is offline or not working, makes a refund of monthly/periodic payment. Why they do it? To avoid trials.

    I think LL should talk seriously about this. Some ppl is closing their business because of it.

    300 us$ monthly for a beta grid is really unfair and people is getting mad about it.

    …My 2 cents here.

  80. LailaK says:

    Welcome! It’s nice to see a new Linden on the blog, doubly so since you seem to have been hired to help remedy what has been a troubling category of problems for many residents.

    I hope you start off going strong and succeed in staying that way ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. kid says:

    i’m new here..i want do something here but i don’t know where should i start and what should i

  82. Jackson Mills says:

    @76 Pointside Sunbelter

    Wrong again. Not every body here is a pessimist.

  83. tk-resident says:

    Welcome katt.
    I agree with disgusted in post 9, we should be refunded, this “no-refunds” policy should end, before SL ends.

    I disagree about “a small number of members who think a world-wide computer system should run flawlessly”, like major said in post 50.
    There is a huge number of members watching their business dying, and there is no chance to have fun in such circunstances. We want it running, just it. Not stucking.

    Cheers.nbest of luck for all.

  84. Congrats Katt, i think we all appreciate that someone is filling this job I understand it takes time to take off the ground, I wish you best of luck and since I know that things been taken care of in a more professional way i just bought a carton “patience” at the duty free shop ๐Ÿ™‚

    2 things i would love to mention since we have you here now.

    1) If there are inworld failures, the people on the grid will notice when something went wrong, after that some of them check the blog. If you would ALWAYS post an inworld message this would take 30 seconds of your precious time and safes us 30 to 60 minutes time calming down angry customers that feel cheated by us!

    2) It was announced for early April that group owners will get a switch off button for the group chat. Please work on that because the current situation provides absolutely no defense against spammers except stopping open enrollment which is counterproductive for the business!

    Thank you very much for listening, you probably have one of the most ungrateful jobs since they sent you to the frontline, but I am wishing you all the best and strong nerves!


  85. Marianne McCann says:

    Welcome Katt. Best of luck, cuz it could be a very challenging job. ‘specially lately. I hope whatever ya do with the forums — an elsewhere — it’s with a sense of what is there already. So often there seems to be an attitude of “it’s for their own good” and “they’ll get over it.” Work with alla us, not against us, and understand that when we grips, it is often ‘cuz we do have a passion for this place too.
    Also, um, can I have yer Linden bear? I would normally ask ya in-world, but I know most Lindens dun seem to read the later comments in a blog (it probably becomes too hard to read after a point), so I kinda wanna see if yer still here, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. Aminom Marvin says:

    PLEASE can we get some knowledge about what LL’s plans are long and short term to fix the major problems with SL? Tell us the gameplan so we are not in the dark! This would be more than just vague “we’re focusing on stability” things, but an issue-by-issue breakdown of the problems, technical challenges involved, what is being done to overcome it, and a timeline of progress.

  87. Claudine Ducrot says:

    Welcome to your new position, Katt ๐Ÿ™‚

    You state that you’ve been a member, so you know where the complaints are coming from. Good luck!

  88. Redmoonblade says:

    Welcome i guess. Too bad the system is falling apart as we speak. Oh well.

  89. Elvis Orbit says:

    Welcome Katt! Looking forward to seeing your input and changes in the future ๐Ÿ˜€

  90. Dante Tucker says:

    Actualy I do have something to say, I think everyone is silly hehe.

    When the grid fails I just log on Aditi and hang out with the rest of the refugees. When Aditi is down I go hang out with the 1 or 2 people who know about the other 3 or so operational grids. No biggy.

  91. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @ 83 Jackson Mills
    Its not a decoder of people it a decoder of the type of post. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Its not a judgment of the writer with a catagory that it usually fits under.


  92. Thordain Curtis says:

    Congratz and welcome. I hope you have a very large salt shaker ;-).

  93. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @ 89 Redmoonblade

    Complete Type 2…. I feel you pain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Unmitigated Gall says:

    Buckaroo, You need to Shut Up. Disgusted speaks for 90% of the people who are here trying to run businesses. Why LL hasn’t already issued a sincere apology and one month free Tier I do not know. The service has been awful for a month, and everyone who relies on the grid for income has taken a huge hit. Why shouldn’t LL take the hit and give a refund or at least a free month of tier. Trust me, that doesn’t make up for losses but at least acknowledges the failure lately.

    We don’t need people ‘listening’ to our problems, we need people fixing them, and being fair about it. Who wants a PR man to come try to spin reality. Welcome Katt, but the last month has SUCKED. What are you going to do on behalf of the business people of SL, Will you ask for a Month of Tier for us, or are you here to merely soothe us with more words and inaction?

  95. Jackson Mills says:

    @92 Pointside Sunbelter

    Again incorrect. To use your own words “Basically there are about 4 kinds of people in SL:”

    You said people not posts. Your decoder is flawed.

    There are both more than 4 kinds of people and 4 kinds of posts.

    Many post with this concept in mind:

    constructive criticism – criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions


  96. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Welcome aboard, Katt! Your position has, needless to say, been sorely needed. I’m wishing you all the best of luck.

    Any plans to hold office hours?

  97. Welcome Katt – Ombuds-person

    One thing I ask of you is to identify up-coming changes that will affect most all residents and warn folks in advance by raising it on this page.

    For example one of the known changes that Havok4 brought to All vehicle scripts was that the CONTROL multiples had to be adjusted downwards. ALL vehicles needed to be re-programmed in this way.

    When I advised, here, that something like this ( that obviously would affect just about everyone), should be announced on this page in advance, I was told “oh, that was not necessary – it was mentioned several times in Office Hours”.

    An Ombudsman needs to identify these BIG issues and warn folks HERE.

    Good luck Katt

  98. Welcome, Katt and good luck. I spent some 10 years in a similar position for a gaming company to be unnamed (wouldn’t matter if I did, nobody outside the MUD’g world would recognize it anyway), so I know and sympathize with the job you have. That said, these are the things that kept me in one piece…

    1) To the bunkers and flack jackets and teflon vests I offer a suit of asbestos underwear.

    2) When people really flame, remember the 80/20 rule of message boards… only 20% are actually paying attention, the other 80% aren’t dissatisfied enough to post/are lurking to read or plain don’t care.

    3) If the same people are posting over and over and over again, things are normal. When you start to notice new names chirping up means a serious trend.

    4) If the complaints are just plain stupid/petty things and people going tit-for-tat at each other, they’re simply bored and nothing bad enough is going on to create a focus. Admittedly, I’ve rarely seen “plain stupid/petty things” posted in these forums, but then again, maybe I haven’t been a member quite long enough.

    5) People are going to forget that you’re here to listen and be a liaison between customers and community, and that you can’t actually DO a whole lot about issues except nag and be a squeeky wheel for us (which was to me the most frustrating thing when I did this sort of job). Loosing one’s temper and responding to a particularly arrogant customer “After all the yelling and ugliness I hear from you, don’t you think if I could personally **** this company new servers, I WOULD simply to get you to Shut ***?” … really doesn’t help. It feels good for awhile, but in the long run, it really doesn’t help.

    6) And when worse comes to worse, remember… Never mud-wrestle with a pig. You can’t win, and the pig likes it.

  99. Wolfie Waves says:

    Welcome Katt, I hope you can poke all the other Lindens to be as good as Sidewinder is at blogging.

    and @70

    How about you go and take some English lessons.

  100. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @11 Buckaroo Mu

    GREAT EXAMPLE Wow thanks @95 i missed buckaroo completely.

    Buckaroo is HARDCORE Type 1 Golden and will defend you to the death. They will be completely rude and using an anonymous id of course. They like to tell Type 2’s to leave or that they are stupid.
    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ no joke these are in every post.

  101. victoria philleo says:

    good luck-take a deep breath-and it’s all a game ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Ibanez Cuttita says:

    Congrats miss and do all proud =]

  103. Sean Heying says:

    Welcome Katt ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hopefully you /will/ make a difference, especially with the terrible legal posts and Robin’s failed missives.

  104. Fatz Scheflo says:

    Welcome aboard, Katt ๐Ÿ˜€

  105. nina says:

    ll dont actually ‘listen’, they instead give occasional lip service.
    what id really like if for somebody to actually follow through on something.
    if you want to demonstrate that youre actually listening, take action and address the issues that people are constantly complaining about.
    i sure dont envy you job of full-time LL apologist. i dont think you realise what youve gotten yourself into.

  106. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Here’s a welcome basket. I see you already got the flak jacket… let’s add a rain jacket, galoshes, snow shoes (for when it gets really deep), geiger counter, and a big fat book of laundry coupons. And a beer.

  107. Loving the Entertainment says:

    Boy I really feel reassured things are gonna get fixed now *sarcastict moan* just more BS from LindenLabs themselves.. only a sucker would take on a role as you have… what they paying you free land? account? may the Residents of this world have pitty on your soul…

  108. Sidewinder Linden says:

    @98 Al:
    “For example one of the known changes that Havok4 brought to All vehicle scripts was that the CONTROL multiples had to be adjusted downwards. ALL vehicles needed to be re-programmed in this way.”

    I am not sure which particular changes you are talking about here. There have been many vehicles that did not need reprogramming to work with Havok4. There is a known issue, which was posted about on the blog repeatedly, and discussed in world, and discussed with 18 vehicle manufacturers, regarding the maximum motor speed, and the group consensus was that this should be changed. When it was changed it was again posted on the blog.

    Many other issues, resolutions and important information was posted right here on the blog as the six month public beta process was held. In addition, office hours transcript are posted on the wiki, and are held in text form to ensure that they can be readily posted.

    I will contact you inworld – please feel free to contact me as well. I am not sure what else we could have done to publicize this change in a way that people would see, and appreciate any ideas you have on this topic.

    I would also like to understand the specifics of the control multiple changes you referenced. There are certainly vehicles that we have tested that did not need adjustment to behave well with the new simulator. Some that used impulses to circumvent the limits on the original simulator’s motor speed were affected.

    Thanks in advance,


  109. Dreena says:

    @63: I was quoting her post:
    “As for me, Iโ€™ve been paying attention to Second Life, and READING YOUR BLOGS, for a couple of years now, and like you, I care deeply about Second Life. And Iโ€™m more proud than I can say to be part of Linden Lab, โ€œworking to connect us all to an online world that advances the human condition.โ€”

    Maybe you should ask HER what it is she’s going to be reading since I only voiced my opinion on what she posted.

    Your post – on the other hand – is quite interesting:
    “Welcome Katt, the Linden Labs needs someone who will put a voice to the people that dont always speak.”

    Since there are – as you say – people that don’t always speak – they must be incredibly glad that there are others that do – for their sake as well.

    Also, I was not aware that I was one of them “screaming the loudest” – thank you for pointing that out.

  110. Marx Dudek says:

    Hey, Sidewinder. Miss seeing you at the Lounge of Dreams. ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Sal Salubrius says:

    You are braver than me…I hope you can help LL with what us residents class as real concerns rather than superficial ones that don’t cost us money. Good luck!

  112. Cocoanut Koala says:

    One thing that would help would be to limit the numbers of responses a person can make.

    POINTSIDER has taken up 9 comments of 150 (not counting the 4-5 responses he provoked).


  113. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @113 lol

    Even 10

  114. Marx Dudek says:

    Okay, something that I have to say here. Yes, we’re all dealing with the issues in Second Life. ALL OF US. All of us grumble, but does anyone really think that open hostility and vitriol is EVER a positive form of reinforcement? I can honestly say that I UNDERSTAND why they close comments sometimes.

    Hey, Katt. Nice to make your acquaintance. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  115. Alvi Halderman says:

    WOHO!!!!NEW LINDEN HERE…lolz im glad to here that!

  116. Fia Tatsu says:

    Welcome Katt and good luck with everything. Hopefully you can put up with the flames and nuclear holocausts thrown up on here, ^_^

    And #35
    You got that so right.

  117. Darien Caldwell says:

    Hi Katt. Welcome. I hope you do indeed come as someoen to promote communication, and not dis-information. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And if you have been following things for a couple years, i won’t have to warn you: Some people won’t be satisfied, no matter what you do. But just do your honest best and that will be enough. See you on the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Bunny says:

    Please remove hardware skinning and shaders.
    These new viewers ruin the the experience by making other avatars look ugly. Yes, I know how to do this myself. But instead of the nice skies and water, is there not wy to keep the lighting on avatars as it was before and have nice skies and water at the same time?
    Shaders have ruined everything for those who like to have everyone see the same thing, a common standard of viewing. This has ruined businesses for those who make skins.

  119. Joshe Darkstone says:

    wow, they’ve actually thrown a christian into the arena with the lions!

    welcome Kat ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can imagine some of this is hard to wade through what with all that kevlar and such weighing you down, I’ll leave my gripes at the welcome mat for now and just say that I’m glad to see LL taking a positive step in the area of customer communications. I hope it will be fruitful, or at least, a 2-way process ๐Ÿ™‚

    good luck! (to all of us!)

  120. Adrian Sloane says:

    Hey Katt. Welcome aboard!
    We’re with you, even when the times get tough.
    Make no mistake you have a demanding job.
    Good luck to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. Harper says:

    I don’t envy you your job; as you’ve surely noticed by now, we do have a fair quota of individuals out here capable of…vigorous expression (grin). But I wish you the best of success.

    I’m sure we all urge you to pay attention to the comments about the trademark situation, especially how Linden Lab has needed to improve its communications technique with the Residents. There are still concerns and questions that need to be addressed, and also still much misunderstanding of what LL is desiring from both Resident businesses and the bloggers. There are several threads at the SL Bloggers site that can bring you up to speed if you have not familiarized yourself with these matters.

  122. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Welcome Katt, and good luck.
    I sincerely hope your new position can REALLY produce results for SL customers here, but time will show if action follows your words of ‘understanding’. I fear it is too little too late for many of us though, we have quite simply lost a lot of confidence in LindenLab and are ‘downsizing’ our investments here (both emotional AND financial) As you can see from many of the postings above, many other customers are screaming for blood!
    Number One priority in my opinion, and something that will IMMEDIATELY restore confidence and placate many angry people, is to find some way to compensate us for what we have been through this past month. One month’s free tier (as suggested by many here) would go a long way to calming things down a bit. Then we need to be assured that we are actually being heard when we complain. There’s no need to respond to every individuals complaint, many of us are having the same problems and we need to know that they are being addressed – and if the problem can’t be fixed quickly we would like it explained to us why.
    Anyway, enough gratuitous advice from me Katt. You have a big task ahead of you – and be assured, if you can produce REAL results our confidence will quickly return.

  123. Takat Su says:

    Hi, Katt, and welcome to your trial-by-fire.

    If I might ask a few things that may, actually, defuse some of the rants…

    1. What is your _authority_ to affect priorities within the scope of Linden Lab, and what is your (honest) assessment of your _ability_ to affect priorities and activities?

    2. Who are the responsible parties for various parts of the system. For example, asset server cluster design/architecture and asset server cluster maintenance, client design/architecture, etc. They may not break out nicely like that, but it might help keep some of us from venting our spleens at people that are not involved in that problem.

    3. What is an _official_ list of your duties and responsibilities. “listen and communicate” is nice, but we’ve heard words somewhat to that effect before. Are you on any sort of a council, interdepartmental team, etc. whose task it is to digest, plan, and respond to the concerns of the population? How are the concerns that you communicate escalated and dispatched and assigned a priority to be handled?

    If you don’t know these things, I submit that you’re going to be in a rough spot as the target for all the venting with little to no ability to do anything about it. Being a pincushion surely is not your aspiration in life. /me smiles gently.

    I wish you all the success and hope that you have the support within the company to enact change for all our betterment.

    Takat Su, owner of Mare Tranquilitatis sim, owner of Prima Facie Designs, so yes, people, I understand frustrations and have them too, after losing quite a bit of inventory lately. But I’m not going to shoot Katt. Yet. /me smiles wickedly.

  124. Winter Ventura says:

    I, for one, am getting tired of the words “investigating” and “server is happy”.. It’s clear to many of us, from your repeated careful choice of wording in regards to the recent “problem times” that at best, the technicians are “waiting the problems out”.. not actually FIXING anything.

    Katt, your blog posts sound like pilots in an airplane blaming flight mistakes on “air pockets”… And the overused phrases like “The database repaired itself” (WTF?) and “We’re investigating the problem” and “things seem to be recovering, we’ll keep monitoring”… Only brings about this mental image.

    Supervisor: “What are you doing to fix this network load problem?”
    Tech: “Yes sir, we’re currently monitoring the situation.”
    Supervisor leaves happy…

    Intern: “What? It looks to me like you’re kicking your feet up, eating a tuna sandwich, and watching TV.”
    Tech: “Yeah… ON A MONITOR!… I’m monitoring.. see?”

    We’re frustrated, we’re angry at feeling lied to by distractive speech and turns of phrase. We’re tired of corporate doublespeak and legal contracts being shoved down our throats, we’re tired of trademarks and lawyers, and Linden Lab deciding that something that’s been legal for years is now a bannable offense.

    We’re tired of piles upon piles of features and “eye candy” being thrust upon us, we’re tired of near constant changes to the user interface, while we still can’t drive a car across 3 sims without relogging. We’re tired of Havok 4 breaking things, tired of not even being able to “hug” anymore.. tired of windlight screwing up years of hard work and product design. Tired… sick and tired.. Of Linden Lab dropping the ball when it comes to OUR money transactions, conveniently “forgetting” to pay stipends, but slamming us hard if OUR tier or membership fee is a day late.

    You want communication.. fine, you’ve got it. Your company has ignored us for too long, made us “unimportant” for too long, treated us like.. children.. while you cozy up to big business. Well big business seems to have moved on, and we’re still waiting.

    WE built this game, not YOU. And if you don’t start finding a way to remember that… all that will be left of your precious virtual world is campfarms and bot armies, and some noobs looking for sex, hitting each other up for spare change. A virtual ghost town.. littered with abandonned builds, and empty houses.

    Even the content YOU GUYS built is falling apart.. because the content creators you used to employ, have all quit or moved on.

    And we’re tired of being thanked for our patience. Please… reward our YEARS of patience.

  125. Pingback: New Linden Communications Manager Introduces Herself « Around the Grid

  126. Takat Su says:

    One further thought about a free month of tier. As I think about it for the moment, I am not sure that Linden Labs would survive not collecting tier for a month. Their How many sims are there * $300.00. While I haven’t audited their financials, I suspect that big a hit in their revenue stream MIGHT shut them down.

    Just a conjecture based on _no_ facts.

  127. Raul Crimson says:

    Welcome, Katt… or better i should say: O HAI!
    We do really need someone listening, you know for sure, in the last months, the Lab seems sometimes faaaar away from the Residents.
    Is good to know someone will do this work, again, welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

  128. Well Katt, looks like you’re getting a lot of feedback.

    Would suggest you join the Second Life Bloggers group if you haven’t already and check out it’s website at

  129. BrightAngel Summers says:

    Hi Katt Welcome aboard,you might need a life jacket as well … ….People give Katt a break .. shes here , new and ,dont burn her out on the first day , although you can burn her out on the second day or a week from now if the blogs are not up to date, yes we all lost patience but what can we do , just sit back and wait… hell I even lost it , look how calm I am …..

  130. Katt Linden says:

    Eon, I hope you’re right. I do hope it will make a difference to have this Linden here to keep in touch, let all of you know that we are interested, and to be as informative as possible.

    Nika, probably not until after I get farther into the forums and blog projects.

    You can follow the link above to the initial forum thread about the “facelift” and yes, I’ll post information and ask for comments before the process is complete.

    Saliant, thanks. Garth, yes, comments are enabled! But I do have Ann’s teflon jacket ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dilbert, Markopolis, Wynochee, Amaterasu, Miles, Vidal, I’m glad you find reassurance in the fact that the job was created!

    Tommy, Solomon, Sunn, Wrestling Hulka, Sufi, Chalice, Disgusted, Pointside — thanks for the SL blog decoder ring!! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Dreena, this is a new job at Linden Lab, and I hope you will experience it as a benefit.

    Craig — Watermelons NOOOOOO !! I could never ever hope to catch the genius of Torley, nope. Torley will still be doing the Torley thing, we have completely different jobs.

    Christos, Hunter, Takuan, Almadi, Jackson, Cyber, Blake, and Pointside ๐Ÿ™‚ , JayR, concerned, Jane, Talon, IAm, Major, thank you for the flack pants, steel toed boots, Kevelar gloves and bullet proof goggles. And I’ll be careful about the nose, thanks.

  131. Bucky Barkley says:

    Welcome Katt,

    One of the best things you can do is to remind other Lindens of how important it is for them to communicate in a proactive fashion.

    It is amazing that the top tech person (would that be Joe Miller?) does not bother to post on this blog. One wonders how bad things have to get before he pipes up and says something reassuring. Philip and Cory also were pretty silent in their respective areas.

    My underlying point is: although it is great that you will be a conduit of information and a great listener, it is imperative for all of Linden top management to recognize the PR value of posting here. It looks pretty bad from the outside looking in to observe such silence.

  132. Inara Pey says:


    Friendly greetings. It is nice to think we may finally be getting back to some more constructive two-way communications (assuming you have the remit to actually address issues raised in the blogs by residents and then getting back to us).

    However, hand-in-hand with passing your the kevlar body armour and tin helmet, I’ve got to agree with the more rational posts here and ask:

    a) What IS your real remit? Nice-sounding words in your intro, but the fact you are immediately off to address “issues” in the Forums and in the blog…both of which have MINOR niggles, but work perfectly OK for around 98% of us…tend to suggest you’re looking for a role, rather than providing a much-needed service.

    b) Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE grab someone by the bits that make their eyes water and ENSURE that when the Asset Cluster start borking / farting / generally disappearing up its own rear end, WE GET AN IN-WORLD MESSAGE!!!

    NOTHING has been more damaging to people’s faith in SL that the growing (and as some would say DEAFENING) silence that has been the mark of LL “communications” since the closure of in-world help (which was of itself a major mistake).

    Nobody likes it when things go wrong…but the simple fact is, if you TELL people about it when it happens (rather then waiting for people to start hitting the problems themselves and then hunting down a blog post – assuming there has even BEEN a blog post) – people have a far higher tolerance for putting up with the situation.

    Twelve months ago, in-world messaging was the norm when issues arose….now, with the Asset Cluster wobbling around in an alarming fashion on a daily basis….we get nothing from LL.

    I really hope your role is genuine, and that you will be a conduit for successful two-way communications. However, your silence following your initial two “thank you” posts here is somewhat telling.

    Yes, there are a number of posts here full of unnecessary vitriol (and the people behind them really need to mature a little more) – but these are outweighed by many, many posts that ask legitimate questions of you and your role…..yet you remain silent.

    That could be said to speak volumes of itself, and doesn’t inspire confidence at this end. If you are here to communicate, PLEASE COMMUNICATE. Even if you don’t know the answers off-hand, a quick, “thanks guys, I hear what you’re saying on A,B, and C, and I’m getting advice on it and will be back to you in the next day or so” is MUCH better that nothing.

    Right now, you are on something of a hiding-to-nothing (as others have pointed out), as a lot of people are very, very disillusioned where LL is concerned. Some of us have a right to be in some respects, given the non-trivial amounts invested in the company.

    However, as far as overcoming the negativity is concerned, the ball is squarely in your side of the court. If you don’t communicate (again, even if it is “will get back to you” once you’ve aggregated comments), then people well see little reason to re-evaluate their reservations as to whether your role is genuine or another attempt to pat the punters on the head and hope they’ll be happy.

  133. Well Katt thanks for responding to my post #98.

    I have been a pretty ardent viewer of Blogs and if there was a blog that specifically mentioned my issue I apologise.

    I cant imagine any flying vehicle being manageable in Havok4 without the re-programming of all control values (forward, back, up, down)


  134. Loving the Entertainment says:

    well it seems she’s catching on to her new job.. only 2 responces out of 129 comments.. Oh Sorry for the very cold welcome but what do you expect??? LIndenlabs have been blowing smoke up our A$$’s for some time now with very little to show in return must agree with 126 100% all we really ask for is something in return you ppl take take and take again but all you show is BS always trying to find new ways to screw us the ppl that make this game as it is… and sooner or later we will ban together as many have already to make change one way or another.. Quit adding more BS to the sandwich and fix the stuff that’s already broken and NO MORE OOPS it broke again…. That line is about as old as the stinch…. and yes i’m loving the entertainment because that’s all these Bogs are pure Entertainment cuz you ppl @ linden labs DON’T HAVE A CLUE OR GIVE A 4 CENT CARE…

  135. Fellatione Aabye says:

    HI and Welcome to the crazy bunch ….

    I just hope that you won t be blinded by the lies your collegues are telling about ALL the issues that aren t still resolved. (SECOND LIFE ยฉยฎtm VOCABULARY … RESOLVED = will never be fixed)

    For the first in a long time The Labs ยฎยฉtm did something smart … by hiring someone who isn t too posh to communicate with the Residents ยฎยฉtm ….

    Wishing you all the best …

  136. Razrcut Brooks says:

    @ KATT, (rhymes huh) Mam, (sir?) please ignore the vocal minority who complain here. There are some residents who will complain no matter what LL does or says. They have this sense of entitlement and expect perfection. Most residents log in just fine, conduct transactions just fine, explore, run businesses, learn and create with only few minor, hiccups in the grid. Some residents have an axe to grind with LL and desire to to spread the rumor that LL is failing in an attempt to spread propaganda. The negative residents must think they are slaves to SL and if cannot leave. Focus on those that give constructive criticism, not barrage LL with insults.
    One suggestion I have is that you randomly explore SL and ask residents (new and old) what they think of SL. Communicate with the masses who do not post on the blog/forums .
    Thanks LL for this improvement by creating this position for KATT.

  137. Action Jackson says:

    Hey, Katt.

    How’s the first days on the job?

    I hope most users are somewhat happy that your position exists and that you’re here. Of course, the expectations may be fairly low, which means some of us will look forward to you exceeding them.

    As for those who feel the need to go ballistic even on this simple introduction posting, I have 2 words for you “Get Out.” Enough complaining already – pull the plug and go somewhere else online. Don’t you have something better to do than venting in every direction?

    Sure, there are problems, big problems, in Linden Lab support for SL. And users are unhappy. But if you’re going to piss on even the attempts by the organization to take steps in the right direction, PLEASE take yourself elsewhere.

  138. flopsie says:

    you know, making folks use thier avie names to post comments would prolly cut way down on the trolls here. i doubt they would be quite so willing to talk trash when they have to be accountable for what they say.

  139. #140, I second that. Should have been done a long time ago.

  140. Cyber Lightcloud says:

    Welcome Katt, I am the orginal Cyber and female and I resent the fact people are getting me mixed up with the male Cyber (s)….I been in sl since 04 … just clearing my name. I been back in sl after 2 yrs and still getting the hang of things again, so the next time some one confuses me with the males be assured I will report you!

  141. Damen Hax says:

    Welcome Katt,

    Goodluck on raising the bar, not an easy task considering the history.


  142. Redmoonblade says:

    @ 140 You can be held accountable still. The lindens can still get you by the email you stuck in the email line.

  143. Renee Faulds says:

    fix the asset servers and compensate the businesses Linden Labs has hurt.

    Renee Faulds

  144. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @140 flopsie
    If they did that they might get mysterious Inventory Loss ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Uh oh I posted on Hav4 with my name I am definitely a Type 2 when it comes to sim crossing. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Turns out its not sim issue)

    I better go check my inventory.

    (See @35 for decoder Ring)

  145. Danziel Lane says:

    Well, someone being responsible for communication with us residents is very much needed.

    Hehe, we are so often are asked for patience, but sure, you need some time to start your job and listen first. But … please … be an active part in communication very soon.

    LL is often seen as a company that does not react, that does not communicate, who do not react on tickets, questions, ideas, comments, reports, whatever.

    I am glad to see that someone stands up to start communication, that is ready to talk to the residents and also to listen to them.
    So good that a gap is closed, I am curious about your action, Katt.

    Good to have you, I think can be most enjoyable for both parts, the Lindens and the residents.

  146. Tycho Beresford says:

    Thank you Katt, you are a breath of fresh wind. You continue the tradition of amazing and astounding people that inhabit our Metaverse!

  147. Lex Neva says:

    Nice to meet you, Katt. LL needs like 3 of you. Or 10.

    I was wondering… would you be willing to post an email address so that we can communicate constructive ideas with you directly?

  148. Renee Faulds says:


    You speak the truth and feeling of all business and region owners.

    Renee Faulds

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