Auction Site Maintenance Scheduled, Tue 22nd April, 9pm-11pm PST

Our auction facility will be offline for two hours of scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd April, between 9pm and 11pm PST.

Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.


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74 Responses to Auction Site Maintenance Scheduled, Tue 22nd April, 9pm-11pm PST

  1. Thai Racer says:

    What happened to the 10 Sims a day on Mainland no Matter what starting April 16th ? Will there be now 60 Sims posted one day to catch up the backlog in Auctions ?

  2. River Ely says:

    Hi Mathew. Nice to see a early warning. Hope you are successful. I am waiting to learn when the new pricing, with or without the land store is to be available as I am waiting to but two OpenSpaces.

    I know is a related issue as the auction site, and the land store are a apart of the Income generation process. I am not alone wanting to buy OpenSpaces at the new rate, so please invite your colleagues to ponder a workable solution while we wait.

    Any indication would be good so that I can advise my customers who are starting to think I am conning their OpenSpace money from them by offering unrealistic expectations and pie in the skies delivery dates.

    Many thanks and good luck with the maintenance today.

  3. zoha boa says:

    Is there already some news about the new land store ?

    When do you expect it will go open ??

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  5. Eva Tiramisu says:

    Any ETA on when the landstore will reopen with the new prices?
    In the blogpost it was suggested that it would open April 16th or 17th. No word since. I can wait, but it would be nice to know how long you expect it to be.

  6. Darren Oates says:

    Yes this is the exact thing i need to know that @1 Thai Racer posted, Just that I need to know how to manage my mainland investing but carnt really invest fully until I know about the 10 Sims aday that were coming on the 16th.

  7. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    @5: Eva, there’s another blogh entry about it (some days ago):

    The launch of the new land store has been postponed.

  8. Walldog Waters says:

    There seem to be a lot of us waiting for all these new sims to come online. Land has come down a little but is still very expensive. It is shocking to me that people are still paying $2500 USD or more for mainland sims. Bring on the cheap land. We need room to play. That was a great concert at i-world. I was there all day with up to 95 people and I didn’t crash. I crash several times a day on my sim with less than 5 people. This is a crazy place. Thanks.

  9. Burgess Miles says:

    this of course out of context here…but would someone, anyone, please explain the benefits of Havok4, if there are any. I sure haven’t found any…movements have become much jerkier, less lifelike, a LOT of scripted things have stopped working, whole world is much laggier. What pray are the benefits?

  10. Why not start the bid with L$1? 😛

  11. aSwede says:


    There are several blog entries about Havok4 which are very informative.

    But to give some sort of executive summary, it’s aimed at stability. The work done has reduced the (physics related) crash rate for sims significantly. A summary with post-deployment data has been posted.

    There are other changes too, but I really suggest that you search for Havok4 related blog posts and look at the wiki.

  12. LoLo says:

    I’m sure its gonna be crashy and not gonna work untill two months later.. nothing ever works right away.

    *writes the landstore opening in her agenca for somewhere in june*

  13. Toni says:

    You guys just banned the most important person from Portuguese community in SL, by a report of a “alter” that violeta is under age 18. You guys are wrong and she is a 4 islands manager and have Visa in her profile. Portuguese people in sl are revolted with this thing, and your answer is to wait 5 to 7 job days for a manual confirmation ? UNBAN her first and confirm later. Theres a Petion online for her.

    Thank you very mutch.

  14. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    I still very seriously doubt adding more land to sl is a good idea. Take a look at what happened after havok 4 was introduced at the beginning of this month of massive service problems. If you look at this
    you will see havok 4 by reducing crash rates effectively added 50 to 100 sims to communicate with the asset server and central database and immediately after both the servers and the database went pear shaped. (number pure estimation based on the amount of time crashed sims are down). Yet now there is a great push to add more and more land to the grid that already can’t handle what it has. At the least there should be no more land added to the mainland until we can have 5 days without asset server problems and the central database trying to explode. We can still have problems in the weekend but at least let us get back to the weekdays being usable.

  15. Eva Tiramisu says:

    @7, Thank you Vittorio, I missed thatone.
    Maybe LL should update to this link in the landstore? Its still linking to the post saying it would open in mid April

  16. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Tasrill@14: As previously noted in the blog, crashing sims put more load on the asset server and central database than active but idle sims because of the overhead caused by restarts and rollbacks.

  17. toni, removing a ban before any sort of age verification can take place would result in a problem for Linden Lab. If they did this for every account whose age was in question they would be putting themselves in the way of any number of personal and federal lawsuits/actions regarding the presence of minors on the main grid.

    while it is unfair – no question about that – it is also necessary to prevent the sort of trouble that could eventually spell the total shutdown of Second Life.

  18. Tasrill Sieyes says:

    @16 Will you please give me a link to that. I have not seen that yet. It would go against the circumstantial evidence of the database problems getting worse after the havok 4 implementation.

    But if you are correct it still might have a problem since idle sims are rarely the ones that crash. But then that gets into information that only the lindens could tell us and well they haven’t said much about the last month’s problems other then ‘we know about it, we are working on it, and it is caused by increased load’

  19. aSwede says:


    To me, not knowing anything about this case, this looks more like a lack of effort to investigate the claim than something done to avoid potential lawsuits.

    Removing a player who owns several sims and is a driving force in a community on account of someone claiming there is a problem with age would, at least for me, be something to be done with care.

    If, in fact, this person is older than 18, which some claim, LindenLab has reacted favourably to a griefing attack of the worst kind. The only thing I can wonder is how much you need to actually submit to support your claim that someone is not old enough to be on the main grid. Even though I’m sure there are sim owners aged 17 and below on the main grid, I still hope LindenLab doesn’t get in the habit to ban first and investigate later.

  20. Toni says:

    Well, i didnt saw LL care about age when she put her VISA to pay lands…. i understand that is not easy for LL to care about all things, but, get banned because a “Alter” just put a report without any garanty of true ? Look, Violeta is not just manager, she really is a Business partner in that 4 islands, and this thing is creating a big problem, social and financial problem in the islands. So, did LL gonna pay the financial problems that this BAN is creating for the 4 islands? This days are a sad days for SL, hope someone do anything quickly. Today we will have a manif. in Help Island…hope someone hear us.

  21. Purf Fegte says:

    this is so lame.. shes been banned since friday. she was a premium for a full year so they got her VISA data. And they got her ID card copy and drivers license copy since friday when she was banned.

    The bad part here is that they probably didnt take 15 minutes from the false report to the ban, but to check the system data (VISA on database for already more than an year) or to confirm the remaining documentation that she supplied.. its gonna take a full week or more

    Shame on you LL

  22. Romeu Baum says:

    Hello there,

    Its just wrong to ban someone like Violeta either she is older or not ( and i know she has by far more then 18 years old or even 21 ).
    Violeta means alot to the portuguese comunity she was the founder of our comunity together with her m8s Nuno and Ronin. Together theyve helped our comunity to grow ( and you guys have the statistics to prove it ).
    In the past she used Visa card to buy Lands and Lindens from Linden Labs, so tell me how can a non grown up use a visa with his/her name ? I know she already sent you guys the ID card and the Driving Licence photocopy so whats the problem here ? Why you keep her banned ? You guys cant ban ppl based in 3rd’s opinion … Really hope you guys unban her, she is the last person in our comunity to deserve this kind of threatment .

    Propz Violeta’s Son

    Romeu Baum

  23. Toni says:


    “If, in fact, this person is older than 18, which some claim, LindenLab has reacted favourably to a griefing attack of the worst kind.”

    Yes they did. Hope they fix this error ASAP, and ban the REAL KID, the griefer that create the report.

  24. Abelv Vollmar says:

    Is not fair that are happen with one the most important portuguese avatar ( Violeta Yakan ). She give all that Lindens ask, and not she have wait so many days? Because a fake report? What will be happen to the avatar that do this fake report? Who will pay the problems of one manager of Portuguese estate out?
    People, help us and Portuguese Community, signing the petition here:

    The Portuguese Community to show their unhappy with LL will be go to Help Island today, 2:00PM (PDT)

  25. pretender Broome says:

    Como Portugues que sou escrevo na minha lingua.Pois quero deixar bem claro que o meu protesto em relacao ao que foi feito a Sra.Violeta Yaka e lido na sua lingua natal.Nao faz sentido sendo ela uma das fundadoras e mais dinamizadoras do sl falado em Portugues que depois de 2 anos de muita luta e que muito contribuiu para que muitos portuguese aderissem ao sl monetariamente falando que Vxas .pura e simplesmete cumprem as regras estabelecidas sem olhar aos porques das queixas que vos sao enviadas.Foi uma brincadeira de muito mau gosto mas que prejudica nao so essa senhora como a maioria da Comunidade Portuguesa no sl.Aqui deixo o meu mais veemente protesto em relacao ao que aconteceu e espero que possam resolver o mais rapido possivel essa situacao pois Violeta Yakan e uma parte viva do (vosso) sl.
    sem outro assunto…eu mesmo

  26. Sister Bamaisin says:

    Any person is innocent until proven otherwise!!
    Well i guess this isn’t the same law for you LL!!
    How much more time we will wait until you unbaned Violeta Yakan?!!
    I’m sure that you did ‘t need all this time to accept her visa card…
    Portuguese community is missing her very much, SHE IS OUR LEADER!!
    Should take more time to examine false reports instead of doing so to accept real evidence!!!
    We implore you give us Violeta Yakan… NOW!! No more escuses… she isn’t under age!!!
    Please sign our petition to bring her back :

  27. Clara Latynina says:

    You guys just banned the most important person from Portuguese community in SL, by a report of a “alter” that violeta is under age 18. You guys are wrong and she is a 4 islands manager and have Visa in her profile. Portuguese people in sl are revolted with this thing, and your answer is to wait 5 to 7 job days for a manual confirmation ? UNBAN her first and confirm later. Theres a Petion online for her.

    Thank you very mutch.

  28. @ toni and anyone else that has mentioned payment information:

    Her Visa card is not accepted by Linden Lab as proof of her age. In this case it has no bearing whatsoever. If they now have her identity documents then the process of getting her back into Second Life should begin shortly.

    To avoid this in the future it may be a good idea for people to actually go through the Age Verification process. That would have negated this whole issue.

    In addition to that, staging a demonstration at Help Island will do nothing whatsoever for your ’cause’ except to anger and annoy users actually looking for Help from other users and the Mentors.

    Kindly grow up and get with the program – from another country or not you are not exempt from the rules Linden Lab has set down and the laws Linden Lab must abide by.

  29. Lillie Yifu says:

    The age verification process, by LL’s own admission, fails a large number of times with non-US nationals.

  30. Tobi Msarko says:

    Is there a possabillety to go back to the old version of sl, i mean before the last update? I have to do nothing with land etc but my expieriance now is worse. I have no payment info but it was always fun and now i dont know, on my laptop it is looking to an old game every seccond a hop and on pc in crowded places (grey mice and dots when yr not zoom in) no fun for me. I hope this will solved too! To get other new peeps in sl it must be fun for them to, tough. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  31. And? They give you the option afterward to do it manually as well. I’m waiting on a few documents I need before I can follow the manual process myself – and I’m in the US. It is in the beta stages, it is going to fail quite a bit.

    My point being: A Credit Card is not Age Verification to Linden Lab. Throwing a tantrum over being locked out of Second Life until your age and identity can be verified when you have a credit card on file is about as pointless as trying to stop a mag-lev train by standing on the tracks and using your own body when the train is too close to slow down.

  32. Lillie Yifu says:

    “It’s going to fail quite a bit.”

    Then it should not be regarded as mandatory to avoid being libeled and banned now should it?

  33. Toni says:

    @Universal Infinity:

    1 – Age Verification process was not working in Portugal at least for long time, we forgot that AV was still open.

    2 – She already send a Portuguese Identification Card, but for LL that is nothing, so they refuse.

    3-She already sent more documents, and they tell her to wait more 5-7 work days.

    4-She have 4 islands to manage, work, etc. Who pays that ?

    5- I dont care about LL rules, if they wrong. if something is wrong they must change it and fix it. SecondLife is what is today because of people like Violeta.

    6-hundreds of people play and pay SL in portugal because violeta work all day in a communitty, she was the creator of “Portugal Group” with more than 5000 members, maybe she deserve more from LL.

    7- “Kindly grow up…”, who are you to tell us to Grow up ? just shut up, if you dont like us, dont write a fascist words like that. This is a free country, at least in portugal, here we can say what we want and fight for our rights, maybe you cant say the same in USA, but that is your problem.

  34. Abelv Vollmar says:

    @Universal Infinity

    Ok, supose that i agrre with “A Credit Card is not Age Verification to Linden Lab”.

    How after she send in last friday the copy of their Indentity Card and Drive License, they say yesterday, for her wait 7 work days to confirm?

    She don’t do anything of wrong in SL, and will be banned for 10 or more WORK days, when is inoccent?

    In my opinon, after they receive the copy’s, unban her, and if something wrong, reban again…

  35. Linda Brynner says:

    I do hope the new landstore will open; I have plans to buy 2 Islands… When SL is more stable… My confidence is lacking a bit.
    Seeing huge players migrating to other Metas, hmmm…
    The issues at Linden Lab are beyond imagination.
    I have read that other Metas can have 9x reduncancy. WOW.

  36. Lillie – enough. If your identity is not verified – be it through the automated process or by sending them the information manually, this sort of thing is going to happen and happen often. The only recourse is to use the automated system and if it fails follow the ON SCREEN instructions to get it done manually.

    Looking for a reason not to use the system and not use the manual system in the event that the automatic one fails is foolishness of the highest caliber.

    So there can be no missing it and no one complaining that it is too hard to find, printed below are the full instructions as laid out in the support portal wiki entry regarding manual age verification:

    “What happens if I experience problems when I try to verify my identity?

    The new age verification feature is in beta. Please be patient as we continue to improve the feature. We are committed to making sure the process is as smooth and user-friendly as possible; however, we understand that this represents a change for Residents. We have also tested the system extensively with our systems provider, Aristotle-Integrity, which has delivered this type of technology to other companies. If you continue to have problems verifying your identity, please go to the Second Life Support Portal and submit a ticket (select Special Questions – Basic account or Guest Login from the Ticket Type dropdown and choose Manual Age Verification).

    Please attach electronic (scanned) copies of the following materials:

    * Government issued identification that has your date of birth clearly displayed. This identification should be one or more of the following:
    o Birth Certificate
    o Driver’s License
    o Passport
    * A utility bill with your name and address clearly displayed.

    To attach a file to your ticket:

    1. Log into the Second Life Support Portal and click the My Support History tab.
    2. Click the Ticket # of the age verification ticket you submitted.
    3. Click the Comment button.
    4. Click the Attach a file link.
    5. Browse for the file on your computer and click Open.
    6. To attach another file, click the Attach another file link.
    7. Click the Submit button.
    8. The files you specified will be uploaded and attached to the ticket.

    Please expect manual verification to take 5-7 working days.”

  37. Renee Faulds says:

    well it starts all over again today:




  38. Broccoli Curry® says:

    You guys just banned the most important person from Portuguese community in SL, by a report of a “alter” that violeta is under age 18. You guys are wrong and she is a 4 islands manager and have Visa in her profile. Portuguese people in sl are revolted with this thing, and your answer is to wait 5 to 7 job days for a manual confirmation ? UNBAN her first and confirm later. Theres a Petion online for her.

    Thank you very mutch.

  39. Tobi Msarko says:

    Haha we can buy a scratch card here The Walli-card to bring in money in to sl and thats whats it all about. so please don t make it so complicate.

  40. toni, it is simple – Everyone using Second Life must follow the same rules and laws as any other user and indeed the same laws Linden Lab itself must follow. There are no exceptions – period.

    If you are so dissatisfied with this, cancel your account.

    It does not matter how many islands she ‘owns’ – a credit card is not proof of your age as far as Linden Lab is concerned.

    As far as your attitude concerning following Linden Lab’s rules goes … Too bad for you and anyone else with the same attitude. You agreed to their Terms of Service when you signed up and first launched the Second Life client. Either you follow their rules or you get denied access to Second Life. It is really that simple.

    I have every right to tell you and anyone else making the same bloody complaints to grow up – you are acting like children! Yep – this is unfair. So is life. Get over it.

    I’ve pasted the manual instructions for age Verification in an earlier comment – use them, wait for the process to complete and move on. Complaints and protests do nothing whatsoever. This Blog entry is already off topic enough without these asinine comments and useless threats.

  41. Tobi Msarko says:

    And there will be always people who abusse things and spoiled it for the rest.

  42. Jack Hathor says:

    If she was banned over a false report then its a bloody shame and can happen to all of us.

    I age-verified many months ago and with the redesign of the site it doesnt show me the message ” allready verified ” no more. Does this mean my verification got lost ?

  43. Mew01 says:

    Renee Faulds and your comments. I hardly read the blogs anymore because of your yelling and demanding things, you do realize that solves nothing and if I was linden labs I would just ignore your comments on the blogs. I honestly think since you think your trying to solve something I will just stay away from the comments on the blogs. you are not bringing feedback you are just plain being rude to these hard working people. I dont get why you are so darn mad, I could if you were investing hundreds of thousands of Us currency (or other currency) but I suspect your not.

  44. aSwede says:


    No matter how simple, or complicated, the process to verify your age is, there is still a need to act in a reasonable way when investigating reports. If fingerpointing and anonymous namecalling is enough to ban people, things will turn ugly.

    If it was fine to deduct money from a persons credit card for a year, why isn’t it equally interesting to treat the report as just that, a report, and not facts? If the method used turns into banning based on the report followed by an investigation to see what actually is facts, well, let the banfest begin!

  45. Toni says:

    @ universal

    “toni, it is simple – Everyone using Second Life must follow the same rules and laws as any other user and indeed the same laws Linden Lab itself must follow. There are no exceptions – period.”

    She didnt break any rule !!!! its so dificult to understand that ?

    You, LindenLab Guys make a mistake, and should fix it soon, insted calling kids and tell others to grow up. Maybe you should grow up.

  46. richard says:

    wow am i going to need a green card for second life?

  47. Dark Princess says:

    @ Universal Infinity

    Perhaps you should not post unless you understand exactly the stakes involved.
    If any Greifer can simply file 1 blatantly false report and get someone’s account locked, that will become the new favourite way of settling disputes.
    Many people have a great deal both in money and friends invested in SL and it is blatantly wrong to just say tough. If LL can take the time to ban someone based on a single report, they had better be willing to put the same immediate effort into resolving the problem (as in right then and there, get on the phone send over faxes of documents have a supervisor check them then and there and get account unlocked)
    I’m pretty sure if you came home one day and your house was locked up and they said the were not sure if you were you or not, you would probably be demanding things get sorted out right then and there not flippantly suggesting to wait 5 business days for someone to actually read an ID card so you could get back into your house.

  48. Richard says:

    First of all…i am also a portuguese player and getting a little tired of all this player saying this girl is “portuguese leader” and our most important player….well i bet she is the mor important player….but for them not all of us….so plz stop talking like u represent all portuguese comunity….U DONT….thank you and i hope u resolve her problem i dont know the girl but if she haves so many friends i bet she is a good person thank you

  49. River Ely says:

    when can I buy Openspace sims at the new price please?

  50. pantaiputih korobase says:

    off topic suggestion: if you have issues due to traffic load, pls prioritize PIOF members to NPIOF members as PIOF members might expect some more benefit than just a weekly ‘stipend’ (if it arrives).
    get rid of that kind of whiners that complain and cry when they ‘loose’ L$ 299 for one day camping as I have seen on another blog. I personally do not need to see people cleaning a shop or some sad, grey asphalt at a mall or standing on a ladder, because my house in SL is dust-free and my walls don’t need any painting as the textures rarely get old and less shiny and dust is only on my laptop screen sometimes 🙂

    alternatively, if you want to keep these campers alive you need to be proactive instead of just reacting, i.e. buy that hardware/servers you need to run SL satisfactory (I mean satisfactory not perfect) for all or at least the majority of us.

    I personally do not business in SL, just want to enjoy my own creativity and the creativity of other users, but I feel so sorry for these mebers who can not rely on your services since some weeks. and I even feel more sorry about all the enthusiastic, creative people who create contents or perform concerts in SL who can not rely on your services, too and get discouraged more and more. if you go on like this, you may loose many of your creative, engaged non-profit users who want to give all of us some difference to RL. consequently, you might end up like RL. intended??????

    if not intended, pls act proactively and at least, talk to us, communicate your plans, even your lack of instant solutions. we might walk with you if you show us some transparency, vision (out of gimmicks), if you deliver proper communication and if you seek help from third parties when needed.

    p.s. of coure I love that game
    yours, panta

  51. pantaiputih korobase says:

    and again, pls forgive me my typos 🙂

  52. bull ireton says:

    olhem eu nao estou cà com marikices de ingles pk ate o meu ingles é de praia e como eles nao iam perseber o meu ingles aki deixo o meu comentario em tugues msm.
    A LL como toda a firma neste mundo so faz as coisas depois de reseber a parte deles,banem sem verificar se as acusaçoes sao verdadeiras ou falsas apos verem k a nossa violeta é dona de 4 ilhas de verem k ela é premium e de pagar smp com um cartao de creditoainda fazem caso de um report anonimo k primeiro falarem com ela,mas isto nao fica axim pk os tugas vao fazer a revoluçao aki no second e nao venham dizer k nao foram avizados,pk nos ao contrario da LL primeiro avisamos e so depois é k fazemos
    e sem mais conbersas voces vao ter notiçias dos tugas nao se eskeçam k nos ja conquista mos metae do mundo a outra metade deixa mos para a merda dos espanhois e nao nos custa nd conquistar tb aki o SL.
    E tenho dito

    cordialmente (sim pk eu tb tenho educaçao)
    bull ireton mas conheçido pelo bull mane
    para kualker questao é favor de falar com a minha secretaria

  53. Harwood says:

    rotfl @ #49

    honestly if you ask me… MOST of you sound like a bunch of kids… look at the way yall are acting…

    if one owned 4 islands.. and was some sort of national leader (which, judging by 49 isnt the case) one would THINK they would have already started/taken an important step like age verification. … spot; i use the word THINK here….

    if it were a group leading these islands as said… one would think the group would be able to bear responsibility and take care of things until the persons acct was released… again… i use the word THINK

    if we were all a bunch of adults… i would think someone would have the responsibility to overnight fax LL the info to LL … calmly discuss what happened.. and explain.. hey.. these are the hardships, this is who did it, this is whats wrong.. etc.. o dam.. im using that THINK word again, hunh?? also THINKING of things an ADULT would THINK of.

    yall spend all this energy starting petitions, organizing demonstrations… has anyone THOUGHT to be a stinkin ADULT over there and contact LL as the BUSINESS they are.. professionally and responsibly?? using technology as the tool it is to be able to communicate with them in REAL TIME and get this issue resolved quickly?? judging by the posts on this blog….

    …. i think not….

    .. and if i were LL .. i would say all of ya sound like a bunch of kids…

    realize this is a BUSINESS folks.. not a schoolyard… talk to people how you would want someone to talk to you.. do things in (at least) a semi-professional manner… youll get a LOT more done.

    ive had instances where something major has screwed up on here… heck .. one of the times .. the rep I talked to from LL flat out told me.. (in lesser words) “we screwed up.. sorry.. this is our fault” and OVER-compensated me for the fault. but i dealt with it in a business-like manner… with professionalism and treated the person on the other end – gods forbid – like a human being.. we both realized… hey… something went wrong here… but were on a COMPUTER!! we can talk to each other a MILLION different ways INSTANTLY.. and LIVE!!!! OMG!!! this really kewl guy… a hundred years ago invented these two sticks with a wire between them called THE TELEPHONE!!!

    honestly.. its not all that hard..
    and ya.. youre acting like a bunch of kids.. why shouldnt LL treat you as such?

  54. Toni says:


    “REAL TIME and get this issue resolved quickly?? judging by the posts on this blog….

    …. i think not….”

    You Wrong. She did it.

  55. aSwede says:


    To on one hand talk about “acting like a (professional) adult” and on the other hand ask people to grow up instead of actually commenting on their arguments isn’t making me read your comment as if it’s adding anything constructive.

    As far as the information in the thread tells us, the person who have been banned have been in contact with LindenLab and sent them the information they wanted. The comments here are more about how she got banned in the first place. Which, to me, is more important.

    If it’s enough for me to find out your avatar name and file a report stating you’re not 18 or older to get your account locked pending the investigation, things are bad. Simple as that. And so far, nothing has been said to counter that that was just what happened.

    So, this is not about people acting in ways you find immature, it’s about LindenLab banning an account that they’ve happily taken money from for a year because someone said the person behind the account was under-aged.

    And since I’m sure LindenLab won’t comment on the issue, all we can do is talk about it trying to make our thoughts and reactions be heard. Perhaps it will at least make a future repeat of this less likely since I do believe the comments to the blog entries are read by LindenLab employees.

  56. Toni says:


    “which, judging by 49 isnt the case”

    Maybe was him that create the fake report. Think man, think. words everybody writes.

    And she isnt a leader but a important person for almost portuguese. “almost”.

  57. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @41: “Everyone using Second Life must follow the same rules”

    Please point to where in the ToS getting age verified is required simply to log into SL.

    I’m still trying to figure out why LL requires more evidence of age than the average porn site. It’s certainly not a legal requirement, and the documents they request in their manual steps are as easy to come for a minor as a credit card.

    Let’s face it, Linden Lab has become cyberspace’s equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles, with all the bureaucracy and efficiency people have come to expect from them.

  58. Darien Caldwell says:

    The Dept. of Motor Vehicles here in California is one of the most efficient in the nation. However, the roads are some of the worst. Ah, if only to have it all…

    But to the topic of the off topic… If LL has reason to believe an AV is underage, they will remove them until proven otherwise. They err on the side of caution, as they should.

    Contrary to what some think, Innocent until proven Guilty refers to the legal system, not to a company’s private policy. In any event, if she is indeed of age and and show that, she will be reinstated, and the world won’t come to an end… And certainly, she won’t have to worry about it happening a second time.

  59. Harwood says:

    ok … let me put it this way then….

    ya… i agree that its pretty sad that one persons report can ban an AV..

    LL is a multi billion dollar company…
    … not just a bunch of kids playing a video game.

    !) im sure their first and foremost concern is THEIR best interests. as a company not even 1/16 this size… i KNOW i would for mine. Age play is a SERIOUS thing here in the US… can come with some VERY SERIOUS consequences when it comes to dealing with the courts. im sure their NUMBER ONE concern is that if this IS (im not saying it is.. just saying IF) a minor playing around with thousands of dollars…. their legal defense and TOS goes right out the window. hence the TG to begin with. and as weve seen millions of times over… it only takes ONE person to start it all. I for one dont want to see all the money ive dumped into this platform all of a sudden ripped out because some kid (again for those of you that dont read between lines.. im saying IF) went to the store, or online .. and bought a prepaid credit card…

    2) its a legal thing… and ya.. things like this are going to happen…
    its not necessarily anyones fault.. nor do we need to gather up the troops and burn someone at the stake for it.. these are the things that happen when youre dealing with this kind of money.

    3) if this person is as important as everyone says she is (and again.. im not rooting someone out here… i dont know them, her, you, or anyone else here) .. i dont see how some poor schmo like me can get through to LL with HALF the problem.. and get an answer right away… fax, phone, email, scanners, same-day mail… im sorry, im a business owner.. and know just how easy things are to get done in real time nowadays.. and for someone to sit around saying its not possible to “_____” is not exactlly feasible…

    4) YES you are all acting like a bunch of dam kids…
    a few ppl have blatently re-posted the same thing over and over again…
    a few have gone off on tangents screaming about how they dont care about LL’s laws and rules.. im sorry.. but people like that… if i were running SL …. have no use for whatsoever…

    then you get to the meat of why people arent exactly too sympathetic to your cries……

    off topic?? what topic?? youve completely hijacked an entire thread to talk about some banned AV… this who9le land store thing is a growing issue in SL … and now … half of its been wasted about some person 99.9% of the game doesnt know, will never know, or will much less care about.. and you talk about griefing!?!?!?! this is the DEFINITION OF IT!!!!

    … and we wonder why things in SL never get done…


    again i say …

    GROW UP!!!!!

  60. @ Darien Caldwell

    YOU must not live in the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area… My last attempt with the DMV to register my vehicle (EVEN with an appointment (SO GLAD I moved out of crowded Cali.) was an hour wait.. California Gov’t Services are about as efficient as a 250 watt incandescent bulb compared to a 14 watt fluorescent…

  61. Vivienne says:

    If someone, as described, verifies, as wished, with official documents and all and STLL stays banned for another SEVEN days, LL should be ashamed, apologise for this, and finally refund. This is not a matter of age verification or whatever, but an example for some obviously overfreighted bureaucracy causing more havoc than havok4.

    And yes, Mr. Universal, if getting someone out of the game so easily by a simple denunciation is possible, i simply could declare now that i know for SURE that you are an underaged person with a BIG american linden apologiser mouth. LL, please take action, test the system.

    In the end i really wonder why LL cannot get their act together in such a case. My oh my.

    See, it really does not matter WHAT is the topic at the moment, Harwood, there seems to be trouble on almost EVERY level. You cannot blame this in not grown up users or whatever, shit happens all over the grid on almost every level. Call it a culmination of bad luck or whatever, but it HAPPENS, and you should not close your eyes there. This would be definately NOT “grown up”.

  62. @58 Al residents using the Main Grid must be 18 years of age or older. Now then, since Linden Lab will not accept a credit card as proof of a person’s age – what do you think is required?

    Toni – enough. A report was filed stating that the user was possibly below the age of 18. Considering that all users of the Second Life Main Grid MUST be 18 or older, said user was banned until her age can be verified. How difficult is that for YOU to understand?

    Dark Princess: Unless you understand that Second Life is not Real Life and therefore can not be compared to Real Life, kindly do not attempt to make excuses for the off topic comments being made by Toni and his/her friends. Linden Lab is a private company. If a person does not bother to verify their age and instead simply jumps right into second Life with a premium account, their credit card or bank account linked to their Second Life account and decides to buy an Island or two … Linden Lab is going to assume that they are over 18 and had good reason not to verify UNTIL something or someone comes along to dissuade them of said user’s age. Automatic Verification is instant – Manual takes time.

    You agreed to all of this at sign up and first log in. Linden Lab owes you nothing more than reasonable access to the Grid – assuming you are over 18. If not – go to the Teen Grid.

  63. Darien Caldwell says:

    An Hour wait is nothing. Having lived in the south for most of my growing years, I was quite used to the 5-6 hour waits you find at most DMVs, and thats assuming they get to you that day, and you don’t have to come back the next. I was quite pleased to only wait a single hour. 🙂

  64. Tobi Msarko says:

    OMG SL supposed to be fun! I think it is the diff in law, for example: a women in the US burns here mouth on a cup of coffee she claimed Mc D. Here we blow a fewtimes before we drink it.!!! I can imagine how dff. it is for the lindens. Maybe they can better ban the owners of sims who offers sauna”s nude beaches etc witch don t verify ages, must be possible to verify now i think).
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  65. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Universal Infinity has made 6 off-topic comments in this thread so far.
    That’s just about 10% of all comments to date.

    The fact that age verification does not verify age is well documented.

    Taking any number of days to reinstate a falsely accused/griefed account is particularly insane since the age verification process will ‘verify’ data that is entered totally anonymously online.
    Age verification does not do any cross matching between the details on the account and the data submitted to the 3rd party verification site.
    People have verified using the detail of celebrities, dead people, known terrorists, known terrorists known to be dead.

    1) You can age verify using somebody else’s detail in seconds.
    2) If you send LL far more information than age verification requires and also submit copy documents that can actually be matched against the details on the account, it takes longer than 30 minutes????????

    If LL feel that they must instantly ban an account based solely on an assertion by a.n.other , then they absolutely MUST deal with the submitted information instantly as well.

  66. Tobi Msarko says:

    Sillent? ok bedtime here. Bye all

  67. Sling, my comments are in response to people like you and toni. said comments ARE the bulk of this blog’s comments.

    Yes, the age verification system does not work the way it should, not when you use the automatic process. So what? another excuse. Use the manual process.

    As far as telling Linden Lab what they ‘must’ do is concerned … Get real. You’re not a share holder in the company, therefore you have no say in how the company is run.

  68. Harwood says:

    is there any way a mod could come and just wipe this entire posting session clean?? Honestly… before you write about jo schmo doing this .. that .. and the other….. please read;

    ^^ “We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.”

    not only is it RIGHT ABOVE the section youre writing in… its THREE times the size font!!!

    (i say as im using up yet another post… but hey.. it seems the land barons havent attacked this one with how unfair it is that LL is dropping prices ~yet~)

    (has anyone even noticed yet that all this post was for anyway was a downtime for the auction services!?!.. im kinda doubting it)

    in any case… LL … PLEEEEEEASE fix the auction page (it IS kind-of a pain to deal with… the whole land store in general for that matter is)

    if ebay is helping out now with auction services.. why not make the auction pages like ebay’s?? would be soooo much nicer.. streamlined, and user friendly.. if nothing else.. get a hold of the ppl that run SLEX.. and do it like their pages… the whole tron-looking map is quite the pain to read… and eally doesnt make a lot of sense until you spend about an hour or three with a decoder ring figuring it out..

    would be nice to see a picture or two of the parcel… maybe an aerial of the land around it.. a list of what else is in the sim … etc. the land in SL is a REALLY big deal.. and ive always wondered why they dont put more effort into making its sales LOOK and FEEL a lot nicer.

    MOST of the people i know that first join second life are TOTALLY confused on how to get land… heck.. most of the people i know IN GENERAL (some that have been on for around a year) are still confused about how to go about it. sure.. do some research .. you can figure it out with a batman decoder ring and a small library of “what the *^%$ does THIS mean” books …. but WHY?? does it not benefit EVERYONE involved to streamline it.. make it easier to use.. and simple to understand??

    ~and to think.. this was the post i was originally going to write….


  69. Hey Man says:

    Whats up with the auctions always ending at the same time each day.
    This is a load of crap. Try mixing it up a little. Is this what time you finally roll your lazy ass out of bed and get the next days’ listings posted.

  70. Someone who knows says:

    Transaction history is down again…

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  73. daska says:

    hello! i’m from Slovenija. Woth cant i doo…

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