[RESOLVED] Temporary issues within Second Life

[RESOLVED 03:20 a.m. PST] The database is back to full functionality, and all services have been restored. -Lotte


We’ve experienced a hiccup in our database that has resulted in Search, Transaction Histories and other features within Second Life not working.

We are working to restore functionality to these features as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

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  1. LailaK says:

    Could this be related to the frequent (more than 3/4ths of them) failed teleports some of my friends and I have been getting for the past ~24 hours?

  2. Mystiphi Giha says:

    I have seen failed teleports between certain regions where you need to tp to from A to C then to B get to your intended target.

  3. jason dawner says:

    I have script window running in background and can,t seem to close it when I do I close all of second life whats that about

  4. Grant Lefavre says:

    I don’t think this IS resolved. I cannot open my scripts, just get the eternal “Loading” message. Yes, I have relogged. C’mon guys, I want to work!

  5. Kahni says:

    Know what never fails?

    The $9.95 per month billing.

  6. giri says:

    Resolved my _________, if resolved why cant I teleport or do other nice things that I need to do for my business!??

  7. Marianne says:

    I get the same problem every day, cannot TP from A to B, must go to several other TP poiints first.
    Or I have to logoff and quit to return home… I will try it in a few minutes, but this is annoying to the extreme.

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  9. Youri Ashton says:

    I just got my new brand new pc installed and tried to connect to SL. I keep getting kicked out! Is there some Vista ban or something? Now i finnally have a new pc i still get kicked out, NOT FAIR!

  10. Marianne says:

    Update: My Inventory IS not working, cant rez basic things such as clothes and hair, so this problem is not resolved at all guys.

  11. Emma says:

    Hey, I’ve just joined Second Life and I’ve downloaded it and everything, it works but won’t let me log in, it keeps coming up with:

    Login Failed.
    We are unable to complete your request at this time.
    Please contact Second Life support for assistance at
    If you are unable to change your password, please call (866) 476-9763

    But I’ve changed my password several times and I can’t call the number because I live in England. What do I do? Help!!!

  12. Marianne says:

    Teleport issue as described is not resolved at all.

  13. Ai Nieuport says:

    Hmmm … I had assumed it was the latest version of the client having a compatibility with Vista … I even reverted to 1.19 so I could avoid my QUAD core Vista machine from LOCKING UP … yes ALL FOUR CORES are being locked up by the new ‘forced’ upgrade to 1.20.2!!!

    If it really is just DB issues then fine … otherwise this is a release disaster to rival the worst in history!!!

    I await the outcome … with diminishing hope of good news!!!

  14. Raven McCullough says:

    Have experienced many of the same above problems. The unstability problems seem to have greatly increased with the downloads of 1.20 version. Crashes are much more frequent than with the original Dazzle.

  15. Ryu Darragh says:

    Look, boys and girls, the problem is not intractible, but is super expensive and super complicated. For reasons of legacy and early choices that weren’t very well thought out (from the standpoint of scalability, but were probably simpler at the time), the Asset Server System has become an Asshat Server System. The fact that they have sort of kinda distributed the Asset Servers has helped, but is still the number one bottleneck in SL.

    Here’s the scary part, in an educated guess as to what’s needed basis:

    1,) Switching to SSDs (Solid State Drive). Pros: These beat the pants, shorts, socks and shirts off of any low reliability rotating mechanical monstrosities like HDs. They’re speeds can be 100s of times greater and they have *NO MOVING PARTS*. Cons: Cost. An HD drive rated for server usage is about $1000 / 1TB. An SSD of the same capacity can be $5000 / 1TB.

    Cost is the sole reason drives like this aren’t being used yet. EVE Online switched over to them and the results have been rather eye opening.

    2.) Switching to a different database schema. Pros: This would also have an amazing effect on reliability and lag. Cons: How ? Which schema ? There are several and each is complex. Which of them, or a mix of them, is the right one ? Expensive research. Also means a serious chance for major bugs and exploits as any new system would need to be tested to death before folks would stop complaining.

    That’s the real problem. Research, expensive database development, hideously expensive hardware, horrible bugs to deal with… which is better, to try and patch/modify an existing system that, more or less, works *OR* spend a buttload of money on something that will take a year or more and have all sorts of unknown consequences ?

  16. Kahni says:

    If this stuff keeps up, I may as well sell off my business and land because I’m certainly not able to get anything done here anymore.

    10% problems should be reflected in a 10% reduction in tier for everyone involved. At least it would stop screwing the landholder and business owners over.

    I’ve already canceled my premium account and do all my work on estates for just these reasons, and right now, I cant’ even do that.

    This is totally unacceptable. Instead of giving us a new pretty UI, how about fixing some stability problems first? Things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse.

    But they never fail in billing.

  17. hmmm says:

    hmmm, if the rate of issues with SL is this high and often, this isn’t “temporary” anymore.

  18. Kaliach Loudon says:

    Resolved my sweet little bootie…
    I’m kind of done being nice really so here’s a list of requests, it will probably end up in the toilet together with the customer support manual anyways but oh well I get it off my chest at least.

    Address the stability and capacity of SL.
    Stop adding new stuff….address stability and capacity.
    Get sufficient bandwidth….address stability and capacity.
    Get the database and routing in good working order….address stability and capacity.
    If you fail to do so, need I mention every weekend the same for lack of a better suitable word: “crap”, have the decency to actually refund monthly subscription fees in full. You fail to deliver a stable can capable platform for us to run a business on time and time and time again….address stability and capacity

    Did I mention the keyword here: address stability and capacity

    In short, the concept of SL is still great but it is sadly lacking implementation and Linden labs more and more leaves the impression you don’t give a damn and even try to falsely boost your sadly shattered image with happy happy blog posts.

    Another final suggestion, try opening up the daily downtime blogpost for comments to see how bad it really is.

    *goes back to to running around naked as her clothes won’t equip again*

  19. Mech Gears says:

    /me rolls his eyes at the usuall nay sayers
    @ the “I’m Laveing sL” ppl : Leave already, SL will never be perfect, nothing is, deal with it.. or press the little X in the upper right corner.

    not to uses this blog as its intended: to provide Feelback on TOPIC:

    Still having some teleport issues now and again, may or may not be related, usually solved for me by waiting a bit and trying again.

  20. junkyarddog yao says:

    heres my numbers for the past two weeks of business. business is down close to 66%. if i cant get customers to come to my store or run sims without constant issues im going to continue to lose money and im on the bottom scale. not a day goes by that people cant send money or a transaction fails. i am sure many other business’s especially the big business’s are experiencing huge cuts in there profits. im sure we all must be on the bottom of the list of people to listen to in sl.

  21. Kaliach Loudon says:

    /me rolls her eyes at the froobie

    My post was feedback…there *are* still issues. Nuf said.
    And fyi I’m not leaving but it gets old and tiresome after being plagued with issues for over 2 years.

    Sadly I still believe in the great concept of SL so i keep hanging in hoping for better days.

  22. Bay Miles says:

    Sorry Lotte, You are lying !!!!

  23. U M says:

    Well I not leaving but i have the impulse to do so. I keep wishing that some time soon things might get better. I can dream right. Sooner or later it will. But how much damage will be done to the existing paying and builders on sl…….How many will stay and how many will go.If the paying older members leaves do you think they wil be replaced by newbie accounts spending money on thegame? Highly unlikey.

  24. junkyarddog yao says:

    I agree with U M. many other business members are expressing there distrust in sl.

  25. Alf Lednev says:

    Resolved implies fixed. “patched” would be a more accurate term as the same problems occur over and over. Full kudo’s though to Frontier & Lotte in letting people comment on this blog. Its exceptionally rare for this topic to be allowed for discussion.

    #5 has got it exactly right, SL constantly collaspes yet the billing rolls right along, perhaps they should thing of increasing the stripend as a way to apologise . (They won’t) 8 years is NOT Beta testing, this is merely a computer game, a product sold to make a profit, the geeks believe it is “important” but they rarely come out of their basements so see the world slightly screwy.

    Sidewinder, said users should use JIRA for issues, why? Almost his next post he admitted he ahd misread a JIRA problem. Again a technical incomplhrensible problem reporting systems is the only avenue allowed for user to report issues.

    So Frontier & Lotte, well done here.

  26. Carrie Grant says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how busy the Lindens suddenly become when people request replies to posts like these ones…ie negative ones. When refunds are asked for and when its pointed out to them that issues that they claimed are resolved…aren’t. The only reason to post on these issues anymore are purely to vent all the frustration everyone is feeling because no one in charge actually gives a damn.
    @5 – totally agree, maybe we should start an SL citizens blog to report problems in our bank balances so the ridiculous fees we get charged for everything won’t get paid.

    Sorry we are currently experiencing lack of patience with the failures in SL and lack of responses from the Lindens. We hope to have this situation resolved a soon as possible but in the meantime here’s some nice music for you to listen to…..

  27. A Kitty says:

    I hate to be another pale horseman but if something doesn’t resolve about these DAILY “oops we did it again” _everythingfailinghehesorry_ kindergarten problems you’re going to lose your main playerbase.. the creators and established paying accounts – But then again it’s almost like nobody cares -.-

    I have been in SL for over 3 years now and havn’t seen it this bad in a looooong time ^___^;; good luck getting it to work – because I’m personally about to pull the plug completely on SL, Yes it’s that bad.

  28. Savonah Madonna says:

    @ 19

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    SPARE me from your ignorance, Mech Gear. This crap is a VALID issue and we ask that they work to prevent so much downtime of inword services.

    For the price we pay Linden Lab I think we have a RIGHT to complain when we are not given what Linden Lab says they deliver.

  29. Esch Snoats says:

    @27, they’ve already been losing their main player base for some time now, and the slope is getting steeper.

  30. Carrie Grant says:

    You know something that struck me as ironic? They banned all gambling in SL…and yet SL itself – especially for anyone trying to run a serious business – has turned out to be the biggest gamble of all.

  31. Raindancer Raymaker says:

    Things always slow down especially when America gets online then you may as well say bye bye to doing anything or moving…the system simply can’t cope.
    HOWEVER was SL ever promoted as a means to run businesses and make money? Was this the first thought of the developers? If so then they owe members bigtime but i suspect second life was created as a pretty pretty platform for people to drift around clothing and hair optional admiring the sunsets…..

  32. junkyarddog yao says:

    Sl was built to allow members to set up a business and build and help upgrade items within sl. It was set up as a free market. Correct me if im wrong.

  33. Sarwat Miles says:

    even if it wasnt for business how we will go buy clothing and hair if we arent even allowed to teleport? and most people cant enjoy the sunset because windlight isnt for every ones computer

  34. IAm Zabelin says:

    Emma @ 11 : Welcome to SL!

    The ‘Login Failed.’ message you get is normal, don’t worry about it. We all get that … its part of the game. You will get in once in a while – just come back and retry each hour or so.

    I’d REALLY like to know how much LL is going to refund tier payers for downtime – businesses are dead from all the issues. Not just time that cannot login – most the time there are TP issues – so no-one can TP to our shops!

    The only good thing in all of this is that thief’s are also battling to TP to our shops to steal our contents … but I still don’t think this is a good IP-theft solution.

  35. Taff Nouvelle says:

    @31, The SL tm grid is marketed as a business tool. If that is not “promoted as a means to run businesses ” then what is it??
    SL is supposed to be a 3D alternative to the 2D web pages that exist now, it will never be that while it is virtualy unusable for so many people. I have a decent computer, and rarely crash, rarely have problems with TP’s, my islands dont lag , I can do most of the things I want to, BUT, I spend over $1000 US per month here, and joined when SL was being advertised as the place where a small percentage of residents were making a RL tm living here.
    My idea was to do the same, so I INVESTED $6000 US. I have accepted that that money was wasted, but after spending , up to today, $24,000 US with LL, I do have a reasonable expectation that I will get from them whar I have paid for.
    As I said, I do not have a lot of problems other than, I cannot be found in search, people cannot TP to my mall, if they can get there, payments fail, if they are able to pay, Items are not delivered, if they do manage to get the item, it is then lost from inventory. The list goes on.
    I am not about to give up and leave, I am not kicking LL, they have problems, I just wish they would TELL US what the truth is, and not falsely report things fixed.

  36. Kembri Tomsen says:

    I have reverted to using an older viewer myself after the newest, greatest viewer sent my computer into the blue screen of death yesterday. I then had my monitor go black, and the computer shut down. This is a graphics card that is less than six months old, and yes, I have updated the drivers for SL. I used the instructions I found elsewhere to use an older version of the viewer. I did not have the same issues with the 18.5 version once I was ingame. Yes, I went back that far.
    This is one issue.

    The second is the business issue. For those of us who quietly hang out and build items for others, this has been a devestating stretch of weeks. I’m lucky as I’m dealing with clothing and not more complicated builds, but I’ve still lost a lot from downtime and inworld issues. Customers are not wanting to buy because who wants to pop to a sim to either get stuck there or be unable to shop because in-world services are down . . . again.

    LL – You do rollbacks on sims when things happen that are catastrophic. I suggest you do a rollback here as well in the sense that you go back to a proven viewer, stop demanding that your customer base upgrade to disasterours viewers, and address some of the stablity issues in that manner. Not all your customers are tech savy enough to revert to a better, more stable viewer.

    I have also heard a rumor that newer servers are on the way. I hope this is the truth, but even with that it’d mean yet more downtime, more fixes that aren’t, and more loss of paying customers.

    One more comment – I hate the blue of the newest viewer and the lack of options to change it. It’s hard to read for me and vanishes into almost nothing when I try to use it. Another great reason for me to revert to 18.5 is the comforting gray background of windows. I can do without the eye-candy of sunset as long as my viewer is working well and not burning out another graphics card!

  37. hugsalot says:

    #15, Ryu Darragh

    Interesting point, but you must remember that all of Eve Online’s members PAY a membership fee every month, while only a fraction of users here on SL pay anything, sometimes the opposite!

    However I don’t think faster hard drives is what’s bottelnecking the asshat servers (hehe funny). It’s the network it self that gets congested that causes problems.

  38. Moby McCarey says:

    Issues. One more time, one more day.
    Apparently, I’m the only one to crash since I updated SL and each time a pop-up window (or menu) appears. In another word, if I want to stay in world, I MUST stay where I am and pray to not receive Notice Card.
    I’m maybe naive but I still want to believe one day, SL will be better. :o)

    Waiting that, it’s sucks.

  39. Dreena says:

    Yah, but congrats on your shiny new roads. Too bad folks can’t TP to ’em. …sheesh

  40. U M says:

    But hugs, Eve is a different game style…….besides Sl is nothing more then money farmer and under 18 these days. Oh we have our adults. But not as many as people are lead to believe.

    As for SL is a business “TOOL” well more like a advertizing TV commerical more like it.

  41. Summer says:

    Tried to send a group notice but it was a no go. Anyone else having this issue?

  42. jade carnot says:

    SL has already eaten my 110k inventory, so what else can i fear ROFLMA0!

  43. PO"D RESIDENT says:

    its time for u to refund our classifieds again a month of useless search failed transactions failed everything is SICK and a HUGE RIP OFF refund us some of us pay HUGE amounts for classified that have been useless for a month YOUR KILLING OUR BUSINESSES!!!!!

  44. Renee Faulds says:

    None of you Linden’s seem to get it do you !

    Daily is the word ! Every day !

    The people that do risk buying some the transaction fails – people have quit buying!!!!

    The only thing that goes through are tier bills and membership bills !!!

    Get off your butts – FIX SL !!!!!

    Jeeez this is getting SO OLD!!!

    Renee Faulds
    The one Joppa Linden banned because of my picket signs!!!

    Linden Labs is the laughing stock of online gaming !!!

  45. Fatz Scheflo says:

    Thanks for the quick resolution 😉

    Respectfully, that’s not a hiccup; it’s an architectural flaw–a single point of failure in a system advertised as a grid.

    You’ve done all that anyone could ask a network monitoring team to do; I hope the frustrations you experience will translate into the very, very needed systems architecture changes in the development department.

  46. Anonymous Resident says:

    @28 :

    I totally agree with you. We are paying land fees, we are paying premium accounts but never refunds when it does not work…

    And when a sim owner reclaims a resident’s parcel he just paid for without refund, Lindens say :


    Nice proposition ! Should we also spend hundreds of real dollars in a lawyer to go to the court and reclaim our poor 10000 L$ that a sim owner stolen to us…



    Yes SL is not perfect. But we don’t want it perfect. We want our RIGHTS to be honoured, our VOICE to be heard, and we don’t like to be considered only as PURSES.



    Isn’t there anything else than this for you Lindens ?

  47. filthy fluno says:

    is anyone else having trouble logging in? much love

  48. Mech Gears says:

    A few Facts.
    1. no names were named (so no personal offence was intended)
    2. SL is not really a good way to make RL money , E-bay works better. SL Does work as an advertising medium though, and that’s perhaps a better way to look at tier if in fact you are doing RL buisness in SL.
    3. there is no denying that SL has had a HIGH level of problems lately, However, I dont see the use in bringing up (and this is just an example) Viewer issues, in a post about Server issues. LindenLab, like most software companys, is departmenatlized. For instance, Sidewinder has Nothing to do with Dazzel or windlight.
    4. I Do fully agree with most of you that RESOLVED is perhaps a poor choice of Tag. But I have a sneeking supicion that The Lindens do not play (if that indeed is the right word for this ‘park more than a game’ ) as much as we. Which is why they leave these Blogs open for comment.
    5. What truely gets my goat is that most of the posts are useless, from a coders/Gridmonkeys point of view (and some downright abusive) this is not constructive and will not help them solve the issues

  49. richard says:

    number 5 i’m laughing…good point!

  50. bigmoe whitfield says:

    Ilove reading the blogs lol, I have seen time and time again of people wanting a refund for either a tier or a prem month. Um I dont think the lindens are honestly going to do that and here’s why. They provide you with a open platform to build and have a social enviroment, You are paying for there employee’s and equipment and bandwidth. Trust me they might make 3mil a month (heard that somewhere) but how much do you honestly think gets turned around in cold hard profit. Not much. with the bandwidth and equipment costs and employee’s they are probley about breaking even. so next time you think about wanting a “refund” think about those things and espcially think about the employee’s if they were to give a refund to half the prem members on SL, they would be broke and poof sl goes out the door. (I smell google then)

  51. junkyarddog yao says:

    Not looking for a resolution as others posting here. Its a way to state how we feel about ll doing the things they are doing. Hoping that maybe others will understand and hopefully agree, maybe together we could do something about it. My opinion.

  52. GJtje Spyker says:

    I keep wondering myself when Linden Labs realises that there might be a problem with the database and / or it configuration (soft- and hardwarewise).

    The passed month has a lot of troubles, with about 90% database related issues… So I am wondering why Linden Labs isn’t going to resolve that in stead of fixing these problems…

    Don’t forget that the prevention is better than the cure!

  53. GJtje Spyker says:

    @ posting #50

    Keep in mind that paying residents want quality for their money.
    If SL remains having a lot of DB-troubles or interruptions like this month then it would be nothing more than obvious that people want a refund.

    Paying residents want quality, that’s where they pay for!
    Not for the staff, nor the bandwidth… The quality is what they want )and pay for!) and as you read the blog’s archive of April 2008, you’ll see that 80% (or more) of the postings is about interruptions in the system… 😉 Doesn’t give me a feeling of quality… 😉

  54. Jenny Carlos says:

    Ive got vendors all over SL and my sales have dropped HUGELY , I think people are sick of losing money from stale sales.
    Ive allready started to look for a new game to start a new business in. SL simply has lost my interest as I cant even walk anymore with a very high end computer (Over 3 grand into my tower alone). These new viewers suck and dont work proper.
    I HATE , DESPISE and want to PUKE using that god awfull blue viewer not to mention it locks up constantly and I get the wonderful Microsoft errors saying that SL sucks and crashed and blah blah lol. And I thought that Vista was a terrible release by microsoft but dam you guys really took the cake this time lol. Over three years of playing this game and have seen things suck before but this is the worse ive seen it EVER. Not even sure I can sell up my lindens as the webpage wasnt allowing me to yesterday.

  55. Jo Earp says:


    Good to see you reversing your position on so much. ‘s big of you.

    But on your remaining points…

    2. Whatever your personal opinion, SL Grid IS a business platform and IS promoted as such – so that means real money is at stake for MANY people.

    3. You might feel theres no value in expressing dissatifaction, but clearly, you’re not in the majority. (Look around you).

    4. Normally these blogs are NOT left open, hence the broad spectrum of comment here. However I suspect they dont get read or acted upon by LL anyway.

    5. Are you proposing that only technical posts should be permitted? Seems sorta silly, dontcha think?

    From my perspective, most of the complaints here are on topic anyway, but even those which are not are, at worst, indirect.

    Look at @46, who refers to LL’s general disregard for creative and quiet residents who now feel abandoned inworld. If they don’t express their dissatisfaction here, how else are they supposed to be heard?

    Even logging Abuse Reports in world is a meaningless and ineffective act. (Often worse – LL worsens inworld issues by only doing half a job then switching off and ignoring “victims”). I speak from personal and recent experience.

  56. U M says:

    They don`t even answer Support Portal Questens anymore. You many think abuse reports are dealt with? Shakes head. What puzzles me is how can even the best kiss @@@ RAH RAH people supporting LL during this dark time in our history. Keep hamming it up and say how wonderful and great his game runs?

  57. Tasman Perth says:

    I love that [Resolved] at 3:20am PST… Here I am, at 8:29am PST, with all the inventory non-access that SL is becoming so common for… Its getting to the point where you just cant count on being able to login at ANY time… 50% of the time I login, there is *something* wrong with SL… Tell me again WHY I pay for this?????


  58. I have always found some of the complaints on here to be the absolute most amusing I have ever read in the time I have used the internet and various services. Nowhere else do you see so many people complain about things which would simply be laughed at almost anywhere else!

    Linden Lab owes its users refunds and the like no more than the many Internet Providers and web services do for their users. Second Life is simply a different way to go about making a business – Aside from the obvious, there is no difference at all between Second Life and Insert Your Business Name Here.com.

    I also find it most amusing to read comments from people complaining about the way the viewer runs (or doesn’t) on their computer. Mine is two years old and running a card that is apparently untested for support with Second Life. I have almost no problems with the viewer. That includes the RC version as well.

    Those complaining are NOT in the Majority – not by far. This Blog and other web pages/forums pertaining to Second Life are not an indication as to who is or is not in the Majority. Unless you wish to go around and ask each and every individual resident (a long process) if they are satisfied with Second Life, you have no room to declare any one group as the Majority.

    Any other service would see its users sitting back and letting them do the work they need to do. So a few new features come along while the needed work occurs? Instead of making insane demands to cease working on side projects which may actually help with a few issues (I am thinking of the Physics engine and MONO here) why not actually take the time to sit back and think about how such projects may help make things more stable in the future?

    My hat is off the the Lindens – You have far more patience than I.

  59. rokas Slade says:

    as Emma said, im not able to access my account just like her reason, it says i have to call second life support but i live in england and i cant do that.. Wth is going on with second life?

  60. Musimba says:

    After telling Linden Labs that they should stop introducing new shiny toys into the system and start fixing the bugs instead, It’s obvious that many of the technicians they have do not know understand they are creating more and increasingly bad bugs. They kept telling me that the additions they write into the code will not create more problems and will not exacerbate existing difficulties. The last time I bothered to contact them with a problem was about voice showing as active on my land even though I turned it off. They thought the problem was fixed two weeks after voice was introduced. Months later they were still surprised when I told them it is still a problem. It seems they have given up correcting their mistakes and have turned to creating more problems instead.
    BTW, LL. Here is another surprise. Search and transactions are not resolved. Stating something is fixed is not the same as fixing it.

  61. Jo Earp says:


    Yes, it is frustrating that SL is suffering a lot of technical errors. But speaking for myself, I am happy *in principle* to support SL on the journey towards stabilising the grid – even putting up with some downtime or punky performance.

    However, what saddens me is the total lack of consistency when it comes to engaging with residents, supporting them or even being open with them.

    These blogs get closed for a purpose – LL knows how annoyed peeps are and wants to suppress the bad PR.

    If only they would realise this suppresses nothing. It’s like putting a finger in a leaky dam. As someone else said, the virtual community zeitgeist already smells trouble in Linden Land and the ongoing lack of communication worsens this. (Lindens, waken up! This isnt the only blog forum available to residents).

    Open, honest and consistent comms is the only way to keep us supportive. Yet, other than occasional topic-specific feedback from one or two switched-on Lindens, we get zip.

    Service and inworld support has totally vanished.

    Next will be us, the small-time paying and creative residents, unless LL act.

  62. Solar Legion says:

    Tasman, I was logged in earlier and noticed nothing at all wrong with my own inventory operations. Must be your partition of the cluster.

  63. Parsi says:

    I never experienced such a bad customer service before. Problems are not solved for weeks, always the same excuse and no action at all. Improvements are announced but problems still occur. My monthly fee has always be debited, so no problem with that. And beside that …I can not stand those superficial comments “we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause” anymore. Each malfunction of course causes an inconvenience to all groups of users!

  64. Tasman Perth says:

    I’d bet my next several paychecks, that 99% of these asset server problems are caused by the multi-tens-of-terabyte database that LL is trying to host on MySQL… MySQL is wonderful for small-to-medium database projects, but NOT for something the size of the SL asset server .. Something industrial-strength, like DB2 or Oracle is more suitable… but those solutions are VERY pricey for something the size of the LL asset server… And even though I’m very pro-opensource, I *know* LL’s reason for going with MySQL way back when wasnt because it was opensource, but because it was free……. MySQL just DOES NOT scale to what LL is trying to do with it…..

  65. Mech Gears says:

    2. Really, never saw the “Get Rich in RL using SL” Ad campaine
    3.Not what I said, but then I’m basing it on post by Sidewinder and the likes (Sidewinder I really like, acctually responds)
    4. Given the Choice between Yelling at / assaulting someone, or trying to work with them, which would you choose?
    5. not Technical persay (as that would be a bit elitist) but perhaps something more detailed than “It still isnt working, you bleepty bleep bleepheads, I want my money back” etc..

  66. Solar Legion says:

    I would like to add something to Universal’s comment – since I agree with most of it and for that matter am running a similar machine: My Partner and I are currently living together and have access to only one computer. This computer has no trouble running the client program … Nor does it have trouble running more than one instance of the client at the same time! Just last night my Partner and I attended the SL Wedding of one of our friends at the same time!

  67. Jo Earp says:


    Your personal perspective on LL performance is as valid as anyone else’s. I strongly disagree with most of what you say though.

    In particular, it serves no purpose to assert the “majority” of residents are happy, when the *evidence* suggests the contrary. (I’ve been inworld long enough to remember just as many peeps praising as complaining – that simply doesnt happen now)

    It makes even less sense to typefy the ongoing performance issues as being of a minor nature, when they *frequently* disable the entire inworld experience……

  68. Jo, I never said anything at all about the issues being ‘minor’. I said they are what is to be expected of a service provider attempting to update and fix a system like the one that runs Second Life. This system was originally made for a far smaller Grid.

    As for your comment regarding Majority – Did I say that the Majority of users are happy? No, I did not. I said that those complaining here and on other sites and not in the Majority. I went on to state that it is impossible to know who is really in the Majority until you poll each and every single user of Second Life.

    I really do wish people would read a bit more carefully.

  69. junkyarddog yao says:

    wonders if #68 works for sl. 🙂

  70. Jo Earp says:


    2. A *current* quote from the web page to help you understand: “Because Residents retain intellectual property rights in their digital creations, they can buy, sell and trade with other Residents.

    The Marketplace currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the inworld unit of trade, the Linden™ dollar, which can be converted to US dollars at several thriving online Linden dollar exchanges”.

    3. Like i said – look around you – the overwhelming majority of peeps *here* are frustrated and dissatisfied. That doesnt mean they are troubleseekers or intolerant or unsupportive.

    4. Yelling? assaulting? Where? (Even so, if peeps get all other avenues of communication cut off, dont you think it obvious they will be more virulent in their comments once an opportunity arises?)

    5. Honestly, I just dont see what it is that you’re seeing……I see mostly calm but frustrated and unhappy comment.

    The bigger issue for many residents here isnt the interminable history of performance failures – SL is a grand experiment and many of us support that. The real bugbear is the lack of consideration for peeps who invest time and money building their own inworld experience.

  71. Nope, I’m with what solar commented on in a prior blog entry: I’d have pulled the plug on Second Life years ago if I had to deal with any of those complaining.

  72. Mech Gears says:

    I recall a time… when sL was down for the whole day (practically) every other wensday. There did indeed seem to be less complaints about that, and , in general, less issues during the rest of the week. Might be a good idea to consider moving back to something like that LL.

  73. Lyteseker Leakey says:

    hi everyone,

    I have a theory that I want to put forward and see if anyone else agrees with it. SL tm and LL tm are a corperation like any other. A business model that report to shareholders on the profits and losses of that model. Now, looking back over the last few months, that model seems to be running amok; mutilple issues re-appearing almost daily, viewers that went from working quite well to total garbage, and a fairly decent support page turned into a nightmare of complexity and annoyance. Now, here is my theory, maybe all these this are not accident but a carefully stuctured “failure” of the SL grid. Now think about that for a sec. If SL, as a model, “fails” the shareholders don’t get paid, and pull out. the stock prices crash to penny on the dollar, and the core hardware, some of it brand new, get put up for sale and less than sale prices. Now, if the core people, suddenly buy up all that “cheap” equipment and then turn around and start up a new grid, as a private business and not a corperation. within a year, most of the people driven out of here will appear on this new grid, that will be stable, lightning quick and beautiful to look at and interact with. This just my theory so take it as it is. I have no proof of anyhing other than these constant “failures” and an economy that is on the verge of collaspe.

    Food for thought.


  74. hmr1000 says:

    Apparently, resolved is a bit of an overstatement, for I just tried to log in found loging in miserably slow, then when I finally got in world the region did not appear and I was frozen in limbo unable to do anything but look at the windlight sun as it apparently reflected off water that does not exist at 600M in the air.

    Point is resolved, doe not mean made a bigger mess of things, which is what LLs ministrations over the night apparently did. LL has been consistently wrong about these updates for the last several weeks and their feeble attempts to fix these problems are like putting bandaids on a bleeding artery. Since if is obvious that the current crop of programmers are incapable of fixing this mess and in fact are making it worse, may I suggest they be replaced with some that have the needed skills, and if LL does not fire them, at least be kept from making more problems until they give some indication that they know what in the world they are doing.

    Maybe it is time to ask why Open Source programmers routinely turn out working programs based on sl code and produce usable viewers when the current crew at Linden Labs appears utterly incapable of doing either and in fact are rapidly destroying SL entirely.

  75. Savonah Madonna says:

    @ 58

    “Those complaining are NOT in the Majority – not by far.”

    woot! I’m glad you actually took the time to poll everyone to find this fact out. I love people who come here spewing info like this as FACT and expect everyone else to believe it.


  76. Mech Gears says:

    to 73

    A little too ‘Conspiracy Theaory ‘ for me but, and it may just be my insomnic mind, Add in Jim Cary, or Lary the Cable guy, and you got yourself one hell of a Funny movie idea.

  77. Savonah Madonna says:


    now THAT is not a bad idea! It was as you said and I think it would be better overall if it were at least explored.

  78. Marx Dudek says:

    Interesting theory, Lyte, but unlikely. The simplest explanation is generally the best. There are no shareholders yet – SL™ is planning to become a publicly traded company but they’re not at present.

    The simplest explanation is that they’re attempting to do too many things too quickly – possibly in preparation for the IPO.

  79. Jo Earp says:


    I personally have no view on whether refunds ought to be paid or not – it isnt a factor for me personally.

    However, the *alusion* in your post is clear – asserting that “similar” problems with a person’s ISP would not merit refund or compensation strongly suggests you view these problems as being of a minor nature.

    However, if *my ISP* did not provide a service that is fit for purpose due to their equipment’s underperformance, I would *certainly* be entitled to reimbursement. (eg, unable to access the internet, substantially reduced performance, lack of reliability etc)

    On your other point, I think you’re relying on semantics now……the available *evidence* supports my opinion that unhappy residents are in the ascendant. Your comments, on the other hand, are undermined by that same evidence.

    (and shall we leave it there? I respect your right to disagree & I don’t see us persuading each other. I’m sure we neither of us want to drift off topic)

  80. Savonah Madonna says:

    Linden Lab and IPO

    Want to know the REAL way to make money with Second Life? Save up ALL the money you plan to spend in Second Life and let it accumulate until the IPO. Once the IPO takes place, the very second it is offered, buy up as much stock as you can with the money you saved, then the next day, unload it at what may be a huge windfall profit.

    But don’t go long…

  81. Mech Gears says:

    to 80
    And theres the Ending to 73’s funny movie

  82. janeforyou Barbara says:

    loggin sloooow… in world dont rez propper.. all gray..relogged 4 times.. froze up bad in world so SL NOT fixed. bbl to trye 😦

  83. Bee Mizser says:

    “Those complaining are NOT in the Majority – not by far. This Blog and other web pages/forums pertaining to Second Life are not an indication as to who is or is not in the Majority. ”

    And you know this because???

    How do you expect every resident who logs in regularly to feel.

    For over a month now, almost every day, (maybe 4 days total where SL has worked properly!) we have had to endure:-

    TPs not working
    In world Transactions not working (people paying for stuff and not receiving it or)
    Transactions going stale (money not being transferred)
    Being thrown out of SL
    Losing no copy items when trying to rez them.

    If it had happened once or twice in the past month then I would accept your comments, but right now, sl is extremely unstable due to server side/database issues.

  84. SophiaOlivia Petrov says:

    I smell a class action lawsuit coming on…..:-)

  85. pantaiputih korobase says:


    I also find it most amusing to read comments from people complaining about the way the viewer runs (or doesn’t) on their computer. Mine is two years old and running a card that is apparently untested for support with Second Life. I have almost no problems with the viewer. That includes the RC version as well.

    Those complaining are NOT in the Majority – not by far. This Blog and other web pages/forums pertaining to Second Life are not an indication as to who is or is not in the Majority. Unless you wish to go around and ask each and every individual resident (a long process) if they are satisfied with Second Life, you have no room to declare any one group as the Majority.

    YOU LUCKY ONE, my machine is 6 months old and performance is decreasing with each viewer update, and I only know people in world who experience the same tendency, but yes, of course, these are not majority, I just looked for the wrong friends, ROFL.

    I hope the day won’t come when you experience the same issues as many of us.

  86. Jo Earp says:

    @72 & @77

    Woot!!!! We’re all findin’ common ground agin…..

    Ahhh… all felt so much less commercey in them thar good ol’ days.

    (sorta wonder if the stock float issue IS a big factor as some suggest – LL trying to keep SL ticking over until more investment comes a pouring in……)

  87. cc ling says:

    I have a problem with render texture of pant. A part of it around left upper leg pant texture become transparency. It can see through the skin texture. No matter how I relogin, and even clear cache or user profile, it still exist.


    I have a friend also has problem. Whole body texture cannot render correct and still existing up to date:

    Why is the texture like this?

    Anyone know whether it caused by database problem? And any place that I can report this bugs.

  88. Mech Gears says:

    To 87
    That looks to me like a bad Clothing Texture, is it just that pair of pants, or do others do it as well? I really hope you didnt pay for them if it is just that pair.. thats shoddy work

  89. Michel says:

    [LINDENED] Permanent issues within Second Life.

    I am SICK already of having to keep on logging in and be kicked out over and over again every time I try to telepor or SIM-cross. It takes me, on the best cas, about half an hour, and I’m NOT exaggerating. This is alreay WAY too much. FOUR WEEKS, PEOPLE!!! When are you gonna fix this??? When people start suing Linden Labs for breach of contract??? People PAY for a service they’re NOT getting!!! Enough already! GOD!

  90. J Jensen says:

    Umm.. trying to load textures and getting “unable to load texture blah blah blah. The Server is experiencing difficulties please try again later.”

    So my thoughts are… Your problems are STILL not resolved.

    And what happed to making sure the current versions of sl running are completely stable before all these upgrades? This was a hot topic at the SLCC last year and LL said they would start taking account for making sure things like this wouldn’t continually happen. It started out well after the meeting but since has deterioated just so we can get newer versions out. Look lets get it together so we can just aleast play what we pay for! I don’t care if we don’t get a new version for a month or 2 just let me play and do on a stable system!! Tired of not being able to load textures at critical times of my business its a PIA! I’ve been here 4 yrs and can only think of a couple times when SL was stable for more than a couple weeks. Lets get it together LL.. Keep your promises!!

  91. Mech Gears says:

    to 67 again, referancing 90

    Based on what 90 said your friends clothing might be somehow corrupted, but as for your pants thoise still look like the creator messed up.

  92. hmr1000 says:

    Make it very clear SL is not failing, it and the community of players and creators that make it up are fine. What is failing is Linden Labs, who have shown a total lack of ability and leadership and who at this point are causing more problems than they are doing good. Unfortunately, SL and Linden Labs are for the moment bound together in a sort of death lock. What is needed now is for someone at LL to show some leadership and put an end to this constant downward spiral, and do whatever it takes to return to a stable game platform, and that means that if all the current technical staff can offer is more chaos causing innovations, get rid of them or make sure that at the least they do no more damage. LL needs to face the fact that without the creative player community there sill be no SL and no Linden Labs and they are rapidly on the way to driving away or destroying that cummunity through thrir present ineptitude. To do this someone will have to admit that LL has a problem and that it has been created largely by them, that it cannot be resolved in an hour and that new material piled on bad will not fix it. Instead LL needs to turn it resource to fixing what is already wrong whether it be hardware or software and admitting once and for all that this is a system wide problem and not a local glich that can be resolved with a quick fix. Also, once this is admitted they need to keep players honestly and regularly appraised of their progress in fixing this problem, and to listen carefully to player comments concerning that progress, for like it or not it is the players that will notice that progress or lack of progress quickest. Barring this SL will continue to become more unstable and one day soon a viable alterntive will be available and the creative communtiy will migrate there and LL will find that it no longer has a world left to fix and no longer has income to keep itself afloat with, and LL and the SL community will be no more.

  93. Lily says:

    Hey! Its NOT fixed! I’m not getting IM’s sent to me while I am IN SL. They go to email!!

  94. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    There is nothing temporary about these problems. When they occur this freqquenly they are chronic not temporary. It is long past time that LL made some fundamental changes in how it handles things and finds some permenet fix for these issues.

  95. Mech Gears says:

    to 93
    Hmm wierd, 1st, check you dont have busy on, if you dont I’d deffinatly file a jira/bug report on that one , never happened to me, but it is very wierd

  96. bill says:

    im new an it says ur unable to log me on at this time

  97. Mech Gears says:

    login issues bill, it happens unfortunatly, try again in a few min

  98. junkyarddog yao says:

    I have a theory for everyone about the new island and the problems with sl. I tried to buy land about a month ago and got put on hold for a few weeks then had my orders cancelled on me. They are saying there are issues when now the sims i ordered are being cancelled by the people who were going to buy them from me are now buying ll new sims they put in. It all seems very evident to me why the failures of this new land store and issues. They get to sell there land off while the sim owners, some of ll best source of income have to wait until there land is all sold off. I may be offbase here but I bet all of you that I am not far off. I had a buyer on a sim i ordered back four weeks ago and now they bouhgt a mainland sim. FITTING!

  99. Marigold McBride says:

    I come to the blog now before I even try to logon to SL, due to the current instability and unreliability. In fact, I haven’t logged on in days because of all of the daily issues (see for example, #28, above). And for those who state that the complaints are not from the majority, please note: silence does not mean we’re content. For example, I had an issue that prevented me from running the SL viewer (in December). It was in the jira queue for three months without having the issue addressed or resolved. I downgraded my membership, since I was geting nothing in return for my payment, and now that I have finally resolved my own issue, I have yet to upgrade to paying membership again. Why would I pay for the kind of service we’ve seen in the last month? It’s not surprising that people are “diversifying their interests” in virtual worlds, now that SL has proved that it is unstable and relatively unresponsive to the complaints and issues of its users. Saying you’re working on it and actually getting to root causes and fixing things are not equivalent, just as apologizing but not fixing are not equivalent. While I still have some hope for SL, I’m losing patience and confidence with the Lindens every time we experience unplanned downtime, particularly since the server “upgrades”. So, don’t assume that because thousands of people are not posting on the blog and registering their displeasure that it means that those residents are pleased with SL as it has been recently. I sincerely doubt that service interruptions and all of the other issues which have arisen are pleasant and/or minor for many people, and I am sure merchants in particular are peaved. I wish to join the chorus of those who are asking the Lindens to improve, and quickly.

  100. Mech Gears says:

    to 98
    only one problem JYD , LL makes the money in the end no matter Who ‘buys’ the land

  101. junkyarddog yao says:

    very true 100 but can you see my point? if anyone wants to buy a sim to make money id suggest asking the sim owners there experience first.

  102. Kugel says:

    @93 Yeah… what is it lately with IM’s. NEVER had lag in IM’s until recently, and now Ive witnessed mutliple cases where I get IMs to email even though Im in SL. Also…. folk IMing me, me replying and then them saying “Hello.. talk to me..why arent you replying.. etc..etc” i.e. they dont see my replies. Nice way to piss someone off :((

    Anyway… everything is [RESOLVED] now .. so why complain 🙂

  103. Redmoonblade says:

    Fixes over features.

  104. Rem Beattie says:

    I just want someone to define “temporary problem” and “resolved” as every time I try to log in lately, usually to correct a falied transaction from a formerly prospective now disgruntled customer, either my log in fails, I can’t TP anwhere, or I’m told not to do any transactions as there is a “temporary problem”. Er … so what AM I meant to do? And I agree with others that have mentioned that theres never a “temporary problem” when it comes to billing.

  105. OMG! Thank you LL for making it now possible with 1.19xxx to remove MULTIPLE people off of the ban list by shift highlighting them; it was such a daunting task to maintian the ban list… WHAT A BOON! TYSM!

  106. Paddy Wright says:

    I am a great supporter of LL and regulary jump to their defence when they are being deluged in criticism, but I fail to see how not a single one of them can acknowledge that they are even reading these comments. So please Lindens, if its nothing more that…”Thank you for your comments, we are reading them all” at least do that, or are we really shouting at a brick wall here?

  107. Rem Beattie says:

    Counts the bricks in the wall … well I still can’t log in so I might as well count bricks

  108. Chica Indigo says:

    Temporary? resolved? Um…dont think so. Also please there is a bug (ALREADY REPORTED) that make all the skirts I do with the sl edit appeareance settings to dissapear. I wear them and they become invisible! Been like this for a whole month…Now my sister is having a weirder problem with this skirts, they become transparent and words appear over then (that data that says who is the creator, the owner…and even the x to close the window appear in the skirt!!!) Well Im a clothing seller so this problem will not let me sell kimonos…PLEASE SOLVE THIS!!! Report were made…so no…the problems ARE NOT temporary or resolved…more than one person are having this problem…

  109. Traverse Janus says:

    How long must this go on? I know its difficult to make changes, and even harder for those who are trying to fix the problem to admit they don;t understand the root causes, but this is ridiculous. Daily. Every evening when I open my business transactions don’t work, payments don’t work. Every day see more ‘RESOLVED” when nothing is resolved.

    You’ve driven my best friend, Renee Faulds, to desperate actions that got her banned for demonstrating her level of frustration. How long before trying to log in, or being banned becoes irrelevant? I wonder whether when my tier payment comes due I’m better off just letting it all go, becoming a homeless wanderer contributing nothing to SL, because the people hurt most by all this are THOSE WHO TRY TO MAKE SL A BETTER PLACE,

  110. Cappy Frantisek says:

    Temporary, hmmmm, I think someone at Linden Labs needs to look up the definition of temporary. Maybe it should say, “Recurring problems…..” There is nothing temporary about the same problems occuring over and over!

  111. Coaldust Numbers says:

    I’ve personally witnessed several people testing the new physics engine for over an hour, trying to drag the sim down to unusable levels or get it to crash as was easy with the old sim code. They failed to even create significant lag. Havok 4 may have broken some scripts that depended on particulars of Havok 1 (this was inevitable), but it is *definitely* a improvement in sim stability, which translates directly into less inventory lost due to sim crashes (not that a sim crash necessitates inventory loss… a proper transactional database design would prevent that).

    Windlight has also improved the stability of the client for me. For people that don’t like the ‘indoor sunsets’ (entirely understandable) you can turn off “atmospheric shaders” and it will look very much like the old client, only everything will be lit consistently (the way it always should have been). I get little or no memory leaks with the new mainline client (the old one frequently leaked up to 1.4GB before crashing on its own), it crashes very rarely (usually right after teleport when it does), and my frame rates are higher than with the old clients.

    Given the success of these projects, and the utter failure of attempts at a stable database, could you, Linden Labs, perhaps hire some developers as competent as Sidewinder and Pastrami for database coding and administration?

    Sidewinder is especially commendable for not engaging in the usual practice of snow, sales-thing speak, and blaming the user as seems all too common when dealing with Lindens. He was polite, and provided (correct) technical answers when users incorrectly blamed client and database stability issues on the physics engine. Legitimate questions about his figures were responded to appropriately. Best of all he told us what was really being done internally to resolve problems, and what caused those problems, and why they slipped through quality control. *Gasp!* Real information on the blog! We *need* more people like this.

    We also need more posts like his. I want to know what the real cause of database instability is when problems arise, how they slipped through quality control, and what is being done to improve database stability. This sort of information needs to be regularly posted, not just once every 6 to 12 months when mass inventory or asset loss occurs.

    The database code is the single most important part of the server side code. It may not be as ‘cool’ to computer nerds as fancy graphics, but nobody wants to spend money in Second Life only to have their items disappear into the ether. If ‘support’ is going to remain as unhelpful as it currently is to premium users who have experienced data loss, then the database and garbage collector *MUST* be made reliable.

    Also “RESOLVED” really is getting old. While “temporarily duct taped together” would probably be more accurate, perhaps “ALL CLEAR” (as was announced after bombings ended, for the time being, during World War 2) would be the most palatable compromise to the users and Lindens.

  112. Fellatione Aabye says:

    Resolved? gonna stay polite on sunday ….

    Maybe the Residents have to have the resolve to go to the RL World press with some nice friendly comments about the situation here and hopefully not forgetting the ®©and TM … after each word used …

    Now it s each and every sunday that there are the same problems ….
    And each time they get RESOLVED …

    So my question, if RESOLVED prior why do they recure ? Maybe on purpose?

    Give me pls the one last year, without all those fancy “idiotic” thingies like voice or windlight … Those were more than rather stable then ….

  113. Rhonda Nessen says:

    I cant even log into SL now……..nothing here on blog saying service is down, so what’s up??

  114. Netgen Ninetails says:

    A quick translation from Linden to English:
    Resolved = Worse
    Temporary = Recurring
    We apologize for the inconvenience = Please bend over

    On top of the stated issues (which are not, nor are ever, resolved), I can’t keep the client from crashing. In the past 30 minutes, I have crashed at least 20 times. I’m finally giving up for now (which I should have done a long time ago, I know) and hopefully reinstalling will help. If not, I just might actually go through with canceling my account. It’s funny; I’m not even paying for this account, and I still want to cancel it. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had thousands of dollars invested in this game like some people. Fortunately, I know better than to trust you with my money.

  115. #73: It’s very expensive to become a shareholder in LL, because the company is not traded on an open market. The share price is actually kept secret. Fact is, we don’t *know* if their profitability is up or down, nor do we know what their board considers important.

    Basically to own stock in LL, you have to come to the table with something they want — like the Windward Mark folks did.

  116. Mavi Beck says:

    Resolved? Really? You sure? Cause I don’t think so…

  117. Blinders Off says:

    Linden Lab, I can only imagine the headache involved in trying to run (last count 17,000+) regions. Gotta be a nightmare.

    But these continual database problems and system fluxuations? Sounds to me like you need to call in some third party experts. If this keeps going like it is, no exagerration, you are one day going to crash the system beyond repair. And then we’ll see LL go from being a profitable company to a company in bankruptcy trying to fend off class-action lawsuits.

    Like several users pointing out… your billing seems to work just fine, every time. Maybe you need to devote as much dedication to your asset servers. You’re charging professional fees. Time to deliver professional service… no excuses.

  118. angelica Seaton says:

    Just wanting to report..temporary just extended itself to ongoing…I can’t tp, map isn’t working, search isn’t working in fact…..it’s all bums up in here and if i log will i be able to log back in? doubt it! OOOOh decisions decisions. But what’s this?? 113 blog entries and not one responce from LL? Oh shame, shame, shame on you!

  119. angelica Seaton says:

    Wow, strike that last comment. The reason for no response is obvious, they were fixing it. Way to go LL.

  120. Rem Beattie says:

    Yeahhh I logged in …. and crashed within the first 5 minutes. So that’s “Resolved” then. I love SL, I really do, but it’s getting so damn frustrating. If you need to take SL offline for a day, just say so. If you need everyone to upgrade/downgrade viewers, just so say. Just Please Say Something!!

  121. Phil Priestman says:

    Linden Dictionary: “Resolved” verb.. “The answer to give out when we don’t know how to fix a problem so we’ll reset whatever server seems to be goofing up and hope it will go away before we have to leave work”

  122. Alexander Regent says:

    So if a problem keeps happening on a weekly or more basis…. can it really be called a hiccup?

    But its good to know that island prices have been lowered. The additional network and database load of new sims, LL resources spent installing those servers, and increase competition for renters amongst land owners is SURE to make all these problems go away….right??? right???

  123. Revan Bleac says:

    Yeah i got a problem guys. in the new “Windlight” viewer and the update this pass week, somehow i cant see glow anymore even with Basic shaders on, i have no idea what it good be and SL looks like crap :/ Some help or comments on this thank you : D

  124. Phil Priestman says:

    The problem is Lindenlabs keeps using a 2nd rate database program “SQL” instead of using a real database program but always insist that SQL is perfect for their needs despite the constant crashes and foul ups.

  125. Liam Tairov says:

    Perhaps “temporary” means 3 to 4 weeks because until the new hardware and asset server are in place these temporary service outages will continue to occur at regular intervals. I can’t remember which LL representative said it but they explained in clear English the problems caused by the asset server and databases not being able to cope. Its in the recent blogs somewhere.

    Like many here I’m really frustrated because i’m missing deadlines that just a few weeks ago were easily achievable. Now scripting is hell and trying to actually sell a product looks too risky until the database problem is permanetly fixed.

    I’ve only been in SL around 6 months but remember when things were so easy until one day a friend’s club was destroyed due to asset server problems. Since then things have steadily got worse and its demoralising.

    Perhaps in a month’s time these problems will all be over and SL will be a joy again. I’m wondering though – is it just a matter of LL installing the new hardware and setting it up or perhaps the grid design is flawed and won’t scale up?

    I’m an optimist because once things did work in SL. However, perhaps those with a few years in SL can somehow put their frustrations aside and offer some thoughts on whether this storm will soon be over.

    What are the odds of life and businesses in SL running smoothly again?

  126. Bucky Barkley says:

    @ 92 – good post

    Who is the top tech person at Linden Labs?
    What will it take to get them to post here? What steps are they taking to stabilize things, and why wont they communicate on the blog?

    Can anyone honestly say that LL does a good job on the technical PR front? Go back over the last 2 years and look for Cory’s updates on technical issues – you wont find very much.

    When will the board of directors step in, appoint a solid CTO, a new CEO, and demand results? When will the Tao of Linden (‘choose your own work’ – ‘do it with style’) be tossed?

    The problems we see today stem from a lack of experienced management that stretches back over years. Many of the individual technical contributors are very capable, but they dont seem to have needed leadership dictating priorities.

    The blogs and the forums are a field guide for competitors to learn from (‘dont do this’), and for a book author to do research.

    Am pretty close to closing my store and just dropping by SL socially.

    (and a note to those who dont understand why people post comments like these.. the reason is to build a public documentation trail – to show that over a long period of time that the Board of Directors sat back and did not implement very needed changes in management)

  127. Bucky Barkley says:

    @ 123 – “The problem is Lindenlabs keeps using a 2nd rate database program “SQL”

    It is MySQL, and it is a perfect tool for the task. It is used at Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and at many large sites all over the internet. Perhaps you have heard of a few of them.

    Do not confuse the concepts of tools used and a lack of clear technical leadership, planning, and implementation.

  128. Aragon Lord says:

    Why can’t I receive items that I have purchased? This has happened 2 days in a row! From the same seller as well, what’s the problem with that?

  129. Laraya says:

    “…resolved…” that must be, why I either get logged out when teleporting, or why I cannot log in with less than 10 – 15 attempts, which costs nearly half hour. But LindeLabs are doing fine, really perfectly. Lunch breaks and so must be wonderful there. But to all fellow players here: We are the dump, not them.
    We are dump, because we do not punish them with another kind of downtime. A downtime, created by the users…in a way, that all users just refrain for 36 hours to log in completely…just to show them , how alone they will be in Linden Labs without us, how dead Second Life will be without us….how much their jobs are worth…without us. Thinks it over, and we make an appointment for that.. 😉
    … of course, somehow …they are alone already…very…alone…
    Kisses + congrats to San Francisco – Lara

  130. Alexander Regent says:

    @128 … I think your idea is great … although I am a cynic … if RL people can’t join together and protest actual things that are important in RL….what hope do we have for a fake world which really doesn’t mean much anyway…

    wow…. a conceptual break through for me…. SL means nothing …. my premium account bills in 2 days for another 3 months.

    I think I will cancel it.

  131. Captain Noarlunga says:

    @15 and other posts; yes, scaleability is the problem…the system they started with cannot easily be changed to fix the current problems. They can keep trying to patch it up ….but this wont make the current problems go away. If they want to fix it so that it runs properly, they need to build a new system …… this will cost a bomb and spending money isnt part of the plan when you are trying to do an IPO. How can you sell shares in a system that is failing and needs a complete overhaul???? Dont hold your breath for a fix in the near future. It wont happen. If they had a plan or a fix, dont you think it would have been mentioned by now?

  132. Ann Otoole says:

    @130 – Rosedale told a reporter long ago there would never be a rewrite.

  133. Manveru Dryke says:

    Well good job LL, I hate to mention the fact that I still load under water in any sim I am at, ruthed constantly and it would seem even though my clothing is “Downloading” I still cannot change my look after 3 hours of downloading my clothing. Is there a meter you can supply folks with to inform them how much of their clothing is actualy downloading? or is that just another featuer in the next “Fix”?
    In any sence the world of SL is looking pretty and unstable for some residents. I hope Resolved will mean resolved in the future.

  134. Burgess Miles says:

    @130…but who wants to invest in a system that’s obviously not working or up to date? who is that gullible? investors does research and reads these blogs…hopefully…

  135. Captain Noarlunga says:

    @131 ….exactly Ann …… so when are people going to start believing that this will never be fixed properly AND start considering, at least, testing the strength of the ToS in a court of law? A class action should not be ruled out. If all those who were unhappy were prepared to chip in something, then I am sure something could be started. At least we could get an opinion on the chance of success ?

  136. magnus says:

    IS ANYONE LISTENING? THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN … ROME IS BURNING and the Lindens are FIddling. And we, the fine people of Rome are footing the bill for this huge failure.
    Login Failed
    Login Failed
    Login Failed
    Failed to Rez
    Failed to Rez
    FAiled to Rez

  137. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Calling the problems SL has been having lately temorary is like calling an exacerbation in relapsing-remitting MS temporary. Yes, teh symptoms may only last from minutes to months but the underlying cause is still there and not been cured. I fear SL may have the cybernetic equivilent of RRMS and the prognosis is not good.

  138. Vivienne says:

    @ 50

    “so next time you think about wanting a “refund” think about those things and espcially think about the employee’s if they were to give a refund to half the prem members on SL, they would be broke and poof sl goes out the door. (I smell google then)”

    Ah yes, and why do they cut island prices by 40 percent?

  139. glow Raymaker says:

    Fix cam controll so that when ppl get between the cam and your avi that it doesnt zoom in and out unconntrolably . A friend of mine has epilepse in here and that could triger a seizure!!!
    It pisses me off enough and I dont have epilepsy. Just stand in a crowd and you cant click on anything its so bad moving erratically X(

    Ive been watching very heavy dropin and out messages every time sl has problems lately with servers overloaded and having fits trying to function. The problems compounded by ppl trying to relog back in only to fail and have to repeat it over.
    And that places even a bigger strain on the server with that many hits!
    In conjunction with failed tps tying it up further! I check search when tps are faing and find its just not loading, explaing why tps just arnt orking. They dont have the site to TP to!

  140. Marianne says:

    Still not resolved; teleport still hangs, inventory still hangs, cant get from point A to B.
    please fix (if you guys read this at all).

  141. Lillie Yifu says:

    Reality: most people play SL for free, and that means those of us that pay, directly or indirectly, are subsidizing people who do not pay. Free services like IRC, well people put up with a great deal. But for those of us who pay, we aren’t just paying, we are paying for everyone else. That’s why we get so angry: we are paying, basically, double and triple. We are paying for the n00bs who run around saying “wanna fuck?” We are paying for the bots. We are paying for the lulz/pn/bchanners. We are paying for reasonable people who just don’t want to pay at all.

    Why do we do this? For most of us it is because we hope to turn our experience here into a profit, or at least a reasonable side activity. The “majority” may not be unhappy, if by that you mean the majority of people who stay. However, most people leave sl. The retention rate is horrible. The Majority, are voting with their feet.

    Every time LL continues with its attitude of shipping slop and hoping we put up with it, it generates another round of anger and bad publicity. It also makes compliments seem more like fanboi obsequiousness, and erodes their credibility, even if those compliments are deserved.

    The commentary is fairly clear here. There are serious viewer and asset server issues. LL should then focus all new resources on fixing these issues, and should route resources to them. But just as much is a management issue. Nicholaz was kicked around until he stopped helping, good people who have applied have not gotten call backs. The ship the slop methodology is still in full display.

    These aren’t technical problems, they only manifest as technical problems. Yes, we are SL addicts and have a lot sunk into SL, however, the rest of the world does not, and sooner or later a better platform will launch, and people will run for it.

    Do you want to have unexercised options on that day?

    Yes you can abuse us in the short term, but that only means that it will leak out in the long term. And the long term is your IPO date.

  142. Cernus Piccard says:

    hiccup you call it what you want. I will call what I want Burp!

  143. junkyarddog yao says:

    The business owners should face including me. Sl doesnt care. I am sorry i tied money into ll.

  144. Vivienne says:


    “I also find it most amusing to read comments from people complaining about the way the viewer runs (or doesn’t) on their computer”

    As a matter of fact atmospheric shaders slow down performance of EVERY graphic card by almost 30% when enabled. Additionally, these extreme rendering overheats a wide range of GPUs, especially in laptops. So. If you do not recognise this, you are only lucky. These are serious, aproved issues which struck the entire low and midrange scale of existing home computing platforms and almost every other educational platform. And this is not amusing, but a very daring move by LL. I hope they will survive it.

  145. Cappy Frantisek says:

    @137 “Ah yes, and why do they cut island prices by 40 percent?”

    Because they know, at current pace, they won’t be able to sell enough islands to be able to upgrade the infrastructure. So let’s make more land available. The question one has to ask, what genius thinks that dumping land on the market is going to HELP the asset problems? Won’t more land mean more useless prims hanging in mid-air? Stupid scripts that eat up sim resources with their useless “functions”. Come on ppl, it’s not real. The magic of Second Life is they got you to spend your money on something you can never really own. They got you all to create a world that they can sell for a huge profit. That’s all this is.

    On topic:
    I’ve been in world for over an hour with concurrency over 60k and no problems. Oh, i’m not doing anything like buying or tp’ing cause I know it’s a crap shoot and gambling is illegal in Second Life.

  146. Vivienne says:


    “It is MySQL, and it is a perfect tool for the task.”

    It is far from being that. It is a perfect tool for web applications in combination with PHP, but it was never developed to handle the MASSIVE data requests SL generates. You CAN run a database like the SL one with mySQL, but this will result inexactly what we experience now – system overload at a certain point. Maybe they can make it somehow better by faster hardware, but in the long run i doubt that they will get along with it. /me shrugs.

  147. hmr1000 says:

    for what it is worth, I reported login failure from the results of a silent crash that occurred over night, and I assume during this latest fiasco at 11 AM this morning est. It is not 5 15 est and I still am locking up during login and obviously cannot get into came with my character. Thus, this situation at least for me and apparently some other is far from resolved and it is time the LL woke up and fixed thing before they fail completely. To say this is unacceptable service is an understatement and LL should hang their heads in shame for their poor performance.

  148. Vivienne says:

    @ 143


  149. LEather Chaffe says:

    @58 – You forget a couple of points in your belittling statements. Recently, on this very blog, there was a posting.

    LL is looking for *qualified* programmers and engineers desperately to “save the Grid”. Do you know why? It’s simple — those they have now are either not up to the challenge or aren’t qualified. That’s not an unusual situation in the IT sector right now. There’s such a shortage of qualified, experienced people recruiters often tell employers, “Tell them whatever you have to so you get a body in the chair.” I know that for a *fact*.

    It’s become quite obvious to me that the most of the LL staff *can’t* fix the problems, hence the general casting call on the blog. Perhaps this beast has gotten too big for any of them to cope with?

    I hate to say it, but many demanding refunds don’t get it either. Read your Terms of Service. The service is offered “AS IS” without warranty or guarantee nor promise as to fitness of purpose. LL can take your money and deliver this and there’s not much you can do about it. That’s how they get you.

    And for those who have described the Grid as put out as a business tool, they are absolutely spot on. One merely has to go to the SL home page and click the Grid’s graphic.

    However, if I was a real-life business looking to see whether “the Grid” could help my business, I’d be in-world looking around, checking the blog, etc. and talking to people (notably business owners).

    And the fact is, the SL platform is far too unstable, in my business judgment, to risk even a simple branding exercise. I suspect other companies are thinking much the same. Other than CSI:NY, have there been any announcements of new Fortune 500 companies coming on board? How about Global 50? Mmmm. Nope.

    I suspect LL business units know this. I suspect LL knows the basic economy has ground to a virtual halt. I think this horse has gotten too big for any of them to ride. I suspect the talent isn’t there that they need. I suspect the turnover is horrid right about now.

    And I agree with my fellow SL business owners. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience” is becoming a tired refrain. I’ve ceased taking anything about SL seriously. I don’t expect a return on my investment. I would have been content if SL at least paid for itself. In my opinion (and we all have ’em), it’s a money pit.

  150. Alidia L says:

    nothing is resolved – no money trans, no tp and NO support service available!!!!!!

  151. LoLo says:

    resulved = we don’t know how to fix it so we don’t fix it

  152. LoLo says:

    we need more sidewinders

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