[Resolved] Issue Tracker and Wiki Unavailable

Resolved 4:35 p.m. PDT The Issue Tracker and the Wiki are back up and running, thank you for your patience during this outage.

Update 3:15 p.m. PDT Our Issue Tracker and public Wiki remain unavailable. We are in communication with the host company and will keep you updated.

The public JIRA and Wiki are down at the moment. We expect they will be available again in another ten minutes. Updates will be posted here.

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32 Responses to [Resolved] Issue Tracker and Wiki Unavailable

  1. hmr1000 says:

    Sounds like a griefer finally got caught and banned to me. I he or you or whoever it was did all the things they are charged with all I can say is good riddance. I really do not think with all that is going on any lindens have time to steal his or your account and go around causing trouble, granted there is alway a possibilty someone else got his or your password and did it though, but if so the fault probably does not rest with Linden Labs.

    In light of all that is going on I really hate to defend the Lindens, but in this case I have to, because if what seems to have happened occurred they were doing their jobs. One hint if you want sympathy try writing you story in nor,a; rational Engles so people can understand what you are saying, because right now I am not sure it it is you or someone you know that was banned and am not sure I care because if half of what this person is accused of is true they deserve the ban.

  2. Josue Habana says:

    ROFL! Wow that’s trippy. Somehow though, I seriously doubt that you’d be able to “presh” charges and send LL to jail… or even that a “loyer” would be interested. Nice diversion from the repeated failures though….

  3. Cincia Singh says:

    One griefer bites the dust … good riddance for bad rubbish.

  4. Crystal Klugman says:

    And TP is down and Money is stale. How about acknowledging those things?

  5. FurryWolf Rayna says:

    and he isnt a Gerifer, he has louds of lindens hmr1000 and he has his own strore and stuff. but i do agree one of your question about someone gaining acess to his account, But as far as i can know what had happened, im helping him get him back in SL, he missed his friends and hes dressed in a dressed a cloud from FF XII. If he was a Gerifer hmr1000 then he would call me a FurFag becuse im a Furry from SL

  6. Darien Caldwell says:

    omg, now that was funny. Where can I find a ‘loyer’ so I can “presh charges’ too? That post is a crime against the English Language. :p

  7. FurryWolf Rayna says:


  8. FurryWolf Rayna says:

    If you guys think this is a joke and im helping a god dam restadent get be back in SL you guys are are dumb

  9. Krow Ames says:

    LOLOLOL. That first post is like reading lolcats. But yeah, I don’t think anyone at LL has time to steal accounts and go joyriding.

  10. mcp Moriarty says:

    I agree, funny stuff. I seriously doubt LL has time to goof around stealing accounts and for what purpose. I’ve seem plenty of users with way to many multiple accounts that they really should not have. Even seen some with 26 accounts simply so they could abuse lucky chairs. How sad is that. That’s one less moron taxing the database. Whoever it was, won’t be missed. lol

    Hooray to LL for actually closing an account.

  11. FurryWolf Rayna says:

    He was IP Adress banned by accadent and on main grid they will get his account back by paying linden labs $6000 dollors

  12. FurryWolf Rayna says:

    If you guys think its funny is it funny to you that someone sad Linden labs been messing with the UI and hasvent fixed the stamabilty in SL

  13. Locke Traveler says:

    @FurryWolf Rayna

    Please… stop posting. Your spelling is an atrocity and your attitude is worse.

    On topic… when the issue tracker’s down, where do we report that to? 😛

  14. mcp Moriarty says:

    As you said this ain’t the place for such stuff. Trust me LL won’t address this issue on a blog. It would be wise to worry about your own account and let whoever it is that lost theirs deal with it themselves.

    If someone did manage to get their password, well that’s a shame. Be that as it may it’s still their responsibility to protect their password. LL can only react to the damage that may of been done whilst someone was using said account.

    I do however wish LL would publish the offenders SL name in the police blotter though. Otherwise it’s a bit of speculation who actually did what and where. lol

  15. Naima aya says:

    Awesome, I was wondering why I couldn’t. Hope get the wiki back again soon, I need it a lot.


  16. Blinders Off says:

    I really, really, REALLY have to wonder why it is a company the size of SL relies on other companies to “host” their system.

    $urely there mu$t be good rea$ons.

  17. Blinders Off says:

    BTW folks, for those of you making fun of spelling and/or grammar of various users here… I might remind you that about 50% of the SL populace is not indigenous to the United States… and despite the errors probably speak and write far better English than you speak or write their language.

    Get off the superiority-soapbox and listen to WHAT they say, not how they say it.

  18. hmr1000 says:

    Actually, Furry I dont think it is funny, I think it is sad. My point was though and is I am not entirely sure who was banned, but am assuming it was either a friend or alt of the guy writing the original entry, which the lindens apparently have now removed.

    By the way I do not approve of that either, and given our general inability to engage in open conversation with the Lindens concerning issues like this consider his offering perfectly valid though inchoherent. The point is though that someone was seriously banned for griefing and if that person did even half the things he or she was accused of doing, I commend the lindens for doing so.

    He does, however, make a valid point that the ban even though apparently justified, came without any chance for the person in question to defend him or herself, and that is probably a mistake on the part of the Lindens, and eventually will likely create a court case, as may the fact that, if true, his account is being held for ransom. Also one has to wonder why the allegedly wronged party had to have his case presented by a second party who apparently does not have the necessary control of the English language to even make it clearly understandable. Finally, whoever the person charged was, whether they be a successful merchant, the alt of a merchant, or a friend of said merchant, if they did all that they were charged with in the last two days the certainly deserve to be banned and their root account banned as well.

    My one regret is that we have spent this much time worrying over the fate of an apparent griefer, who most likely was seeking immunity under an alt account and have not addressed the very real and serious database issues that at the moment are crippling SL and which griefers cuch as this one most certainly are conttributiong both by the objects they span and the very presence of their alt charcters on the grid. So if the person is wrong let him present his case and get it cleared up and if he is a griefer and even is the most successful merchant in SL all I can say is good riddance. By the way if you have paid any attention to these blogs before you will know I am anything but a friend of the Lindens, but in this case they seem right and I will support them till they are proven wrong.

  19. Darien Caldwell says:

    Ok, lets see, he says a Linden took over his friends account so it would be banned, and now LL is extorting 6000 dollars to have it restored. Nope, sorry, he’s still nuts. :p

  20. Rob A says:

    Can you PLEASE stop constantly putting mandatory updates on the RC/WL viewer? It’s not helping anything. I would try to go through the proper channels and the forum and whatnot, but you’d equally ignore that and it’s not worth the extra time.

  21. U M says:

    blinders says………..”BTW folks, for those of you making fun of spelling and/or grammar of various users here… I might remind you that about 50% of the SL populace is not indigenous to the United States”

    Well some other those narrow minded and short viewed people doesnt understand there are many that don`t do as good as others. making fun of them just shows how mature and totally racist people are on sl.

  22. Smokey Newman says:

    Issue tickets talk to a concierge they still wont listen. Just take our money and money we work hard for to have virtually a nill service.

    Billing still works.

  23. Ryanna Enfield says:

    I got to this blog post after the original post was removed. I find it odd that LL, who values freedom of expression as they clearly stated to me in a support response, would remove something that didn’t merit removal. If the blog didn’t “bust the rules” then why was it removed? Does that mean that SL goes back and removes all posts from banned griefers? I guess LL determined his point was not valid. How kind of them to make that decision for me.

  24. U M says:

    @23 you know they do people named banning as well. If someone post with a example…****** ***** its doesnt any traces of said name. Why are those incharge of the blog so childish do this? freedom of being childish on their part shows no signs of professionalism…….If someone even types the person name anywhere in the comment field its foesnt show……………shakeshead and wonders where the vison of purpose here? The lack of leadership is indeed the answer.

  25. hmr1000 says:

    Again in LLs defense the original post was long, involved, hard to follow, and hardly on topic, though few of the subsequent comments have been on topic either. The gist of it was someone, perhaps the person writing the post or a friend or an alt was banned and told it would cost 6000 usd to reinstate the account. From the information given, whoever, was banned was banned for a huge amount of griefing, and if said reports were correct probably deserved the ban, though there are some reports the ban was an ip ban which would ban all that persons characters and accounts and not simply a character ban as is normal.

    Over all LL did not look particularily good or bad in this situation, for if in fact the player did the things he or she was banned for the ban was likely merited. As for the 6000 usds to restore the account the justification for that did not seem clear, and may have been a fine, again possibly justifiable or an administrative fee, not so justifiable, and a much simpler way to deal with a problem of this nature would be to impose a timelimit on the ban asy or a month or whatever LL deemed suitable. But overall barring a clear statement of the nature of the problem and the reasons for the imposed ban or a statement from the actual banned player it is hard to tell what is going on, and presented the way it was the matter should not have been presented in this or any other sl blog.

    Again LL was in this case apparently justified, thoug as usual a bit clumsy and heavy handed, but given their normal performance I would say they did far better than we have cause to expect and the fact that they did apparently ban the root account of an apparent griefer is cause for encouragement.

  26. LoLo says:

    Why are griefers banned but WELL KNOWN RIPPER who sell stolen skins (and know it) not? The most famous ripper on secondlife earned over some 1.000.000 linden with them and he was not punished at all. He didn’t have to pay back a dime to the creator he stole from and still has him 7 sims.

    Linden Labs has lame standards. if you own sims and steal you wont get banned.

  27. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Nope, back down again. 11:47PM and I can’t access either of them.

  28. Matthew Dowd says:

    Well jira was down last night (my time) so I gave up and went to bed, and now this morning it is down again!

    Ironically it was to respond to a comment of yours, McCabe!

  29. Burgess Miles says:

    this of course out of context here…but would someone, anyone, please explain the benefits of Havok4, if there are any. I sure haven’t found any…movements ahve become much jerkier, less lifelike, a LOT of scripted things have stopped working, whole world is laggier. What pray are the benefits?

  30. Trin Bailey says:

    I don’t see any benefits either…

  31. Surprisingly as it may be, back to the topic at hand – wiki and jira both report timeouts from the provider’s squid. Would be nice if someone would contact said provider…

  32. mcp Moriarty says:

    I’ve seen this before were someone appears ok on the surface but they have an extra account that they login with in order to grief. If LL can trace the same IP back to two accounts, well that’s not hard to log. You don’t always know what your friends do when you think they are not around. lol We also don’t have all the facts in this case, and removing the post from the blog seems fine to me. It was all hearsay anyway and could all be fabricated for all we know. Pay the fine (it’s not a ransom), get the account back if it means that much to them, end of story.

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