[Resolved] In World Services Unavailable

Resolved 5:55 p.m. PDT The database seems to be happy again, consider this the all-clear for transactions. Thank you for your patience.

Update 5:39 p.m. PDT We’re still working on resolving these issues and will continue to keep you updated as the situation progresses. In the mean time we suggest that you avoid making any important transactions until these issues are resolved.

Update 4:40 p.m. PDT We have noticed some problems with teleporting and inventory as well. We’ve investigated the cause of these problems and we’re expecting service to return to normal shortly.

As we have blogged in prior posts, during peak hours we sometimes see a delay in services. We have been working to update our database clusters and are still working to add servers. At the moment some in world services are unavailable including L$ Transactions. Please refrain from conducting transactions at this time until we give an all clear.

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152 Responses to [Resolved] In World Services Unavailable

  1. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Same old, same old.

  2. mimi says:

    why isnt this announced inworld?

  3. Yup, I just had a failed transaction!
    Its busted (>_<)

  4. Edward says:

    wow, big surprise :-\

  5. Neural says:

    absolutely unreal. I’d normally say something acidic, but this is beyond words.
    I wonder, do these in world interruptions and service issues go into the quality metrics? Or do you just tell everyone “yep, it’s been running with no unplanned downtime for xx days straight”?

  6. Dean Ashby says:

    Hey i knew we partied loud but ..lol .. is this necessary on our last nite?

  7. Cincia Singh says:

    Hang in there Kate … the cluster updates and added servers will fix this all. A few stale sales are no big deal compared to the failures we had last week and the week before so things are getting slowly better. thanks for letting us know you noticed.


  8. Troy says:

    Cant tele[prt you monkeys. dont turn stuff off you just break other things in the middle of it.

  9. Troy says:


  10. Chaz Longstaff says:

    April 2008. The lost month. The great write-off for SL. When everything stopped working except their billing servers :}

    Can someone please buy out Linden Lab now??? They’re just in the way now.

  11. Galt Hax says:

    I’d like to also ask why these aren’t announced in-world. This is causing me and others to lose faith in transactions in general. If it is known that there are issues, PLEASE communicate to those who are most likely to be impacted in the near term FIRST (those already in world)

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  12. Skylar says:

    Haha! Was DJ’ing a gig and had to cancel it! This LLabs know how to push the buttons of many, many residents 🙂

  13. Walentine Andersson says:

    Hey, i can send you some new computers! You seem to have trouble getting them delivered.

    Were did you but them from? Saturnus?

  14. Iska Miles says:

    Well that is nothing i was working whole day for scripting things….and now they are not working grrrr.. i lost so beautifull day for nothing..

  15. Sylva Petrovq says:

    Um…you’re saying during peak hours, when we stand to make the most money, perhaps – not to conduct transactions…nice, very nice.

  16. Morgaine says:

    Can you *please* give a pop-up warning inworld when transactions are borked.

  17. PO'd RESIDENT says:


  18. Helena says:

    Too bad.. I just cant understand why LL isnt still able to fix this kind of problems. Its been a year and a half I’ve been hearing this kind of problens on SL. Please, LL do something about it so we can be rid of it for ever!!

  19. Suhana says:

    So basically… all the pretty xmas lights are on but nobody’s home.. Whats the point of even having the game up and running, if we cant even do anything while in world… Just shut it down already. You’ve already cost me my sales and enough aggravation from customers who swear up and down I am scamming them.

    This is absolutely ridicolous. AND YES! I know griping about it here wont help.. But doesnt mean I wont do it.

    And I agree with Galt.. this should have been broadcast in-world as I didnt find out until AFTER i had to relog. .. Fix It.. Now.. and Im saying please or thank you.. Fix it.. because I pay you monthly for it it work right.. REGARDLESS of what your ToS (an overly adhesive contract) has to say about it.

  20. The End of SL says:

    Good grief… just admit it to everyone… SL is finished… SL is the metaphor for the final hubris of a ceo who thought he was invincible… but hey… there is such a thing as consumer satisfaction… and for the 300 or so people who work for SL… guess what? You deserve to be unemployed!

  21. LoLo says:

    people lose a lot of money everyday this game doesn’t work. but hey, see it from the bright side. Linden labs doesnt earns money on our sales either!

  22. mimi says:

    OMG no no more angry customers claiming I ripped them off. I am so tired of this.

  23. Ree Indigo says:

    @10: I’ll buy them out! I’ve got a pocket full of quarters … which is a lot more useful than a beta environment that hasn’t really come out of beta for four years. Remind me why we’re paying for this again?

  24. AllieKat Stovall says:

    i don’t know why LL opens this up for comment. there is no need for comments. all of you IT Pro’s out there should know that a setup of this magnitude will have its share of problems. these people have extensive knowledge of the system… in a dynamic MMO such as SL, it is difficult to have everything run 100% for very long. you all need to get off of LL about this, as if it weren’t for LL you would all be playing something else, and would probably be complaining there too. LL is doing the best they can. get off their backs about it, so they can work on fixing it. crying and whining about it wont make it go away.

  25. Echo Kinsella says:

    Sales are dropping at a rapid pace because people are afraid to waste money because transactions are broken so often. This should be announced in world as a warning to those there as a good faith gesture. Its the LEAST you could do. (A refund on my monthly charge would be nice too)

  26. Sabrina Hoyer says:

    Hey guys..this sooo sucks…LL is going to “hell in a handbasket”…constant crashes due to LL server packetloss…freezes…..sl business is suffering…life is suffering…and no matter how many live chats where you say the issue and ticket have been moved to priorty make ANYTHING better….always say be patient…well 4/3 was the first ticket…and if this is priority sure glad you don’t keep my rl running…Patience My Butt…this is ridiculous

  27. Damona Rau says:

    Yous still using mySQL?
    Try a real database like Oracle or postgreSQL

    Hopefully your database isn’t longer “single threaded” like the blog post in 2007 as we had big asset-server problems.

  28. LoLo says:

    Alliekat 4 out of 7 days not working is NOT normal. Thats crap.

  29. Suhana says:

    Um Alliekat…

    Just because you arent as deeply effected by the issues, please dont undermine everyone else’s concerns. Some of us pay a damn near lot for this game (yes we benefit, but we lose as well.. and thats why we are frustrated.)…

    And even then read what the comments are asking:

    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Why wasnt this sent out, inworld? Why did we have to relog and read it from the blogs after figuring WTF our stuff was not saving.

    EFFICIENT PROGRESS: Its been MONTHS.. and its still the same issues…

    and finally.. ACCOUNTABILITY: if not LL, who should we take our frustrations out on — while all the other residents, take it out on merchants who’s products failed to deliver at the hands of SL…

    Think about it..

  30. Isiswise Sands says:

    What happens if I purchased an item before you guys announced the issue, I lost something i just bought 45 minutes ago!

  31. Tiarnalalon says:

    I don’t want to flame, but the simple fact that this same kind of problem happens everyday and lasts for the majority of the day, I think this points at the dire need for extremely drastic action.

    I’ve been in SL for 2 years now…and I tell you it was a heck of a lot more stable then. It was still in need of improvement, but at least back then I could trust that SL would only be screwed up for the few days right after a patch, and maybe the random asset server problems once every other week.

    Look at the blog history for just this month…how many of these “in world services not available” or “please avoid making transactions” do you see?? What point do we spend time in SL for if most every day us business owners cannot make money with everyone being warned to ‘avoid making transactions’ and no one can even teleport to a spot in the same sim, let alone to our shops.

    It’s quickly getting to the point where people either cannot, or are warned not to make transactions, more often than they can!

    This isn’t a simple ‘delay in services’ or something caused by ‘peak times’. This problem has been going on since the previous blog post regarding in-world issues. If you read the 150 posts to that one, you’ll see people from the moment it was announced ‘fixed’ posting that NO, it is NOT.

    I appreciate the work to try an improve SL and all that, but you guys really need to work on improving the existing software and ditch the ‘add-ons’ until then. All you’re doing is making the problems harder to track down by layering it under more dependent code that will just have to be changed as well.

    Really, if you’re going to do anything else with the client viewer….ditch the wanna-be Vista motif, or at least give me the ability to change the fricken color, and fix the object-object occlusion that this new viewer totally broke. Even when services ARE available, I can’t work because of the psychedelic way the object lines around objects move when you’re editing them and move your camera..they swim around the actual prims and really make me nauseas.

  32. Well, to quote Stewie Griffin, “Damnit to puss-spewing hell!”

    Seriously though, I’m not pissed off any more. I just shake my head slowly in quiet disappointment. The first 3 or 4 weeks of this near-daily nonsense was annoying and frustrating. Now it’s just status-quo.

  33. Wake up in SF please says:

    @24 please stop making excuses by remote control!!!!

  34. Pocket Pfeffer says:

    I agree with the other posters regarding the fact that this should have most definitely been announced in-world. I’ve just had to re-log and have only found out about this now.

    Might be a terrific idea if notices were sent in-world, to others who might not know that there is trouble afoot….:-)

  35. Rem Beattie says:

    “At the moment some in world services are unavailable including L$ Transactions. Please refrain from conducting transactions at this time until we give an all clear.”

    No problem. I still can’t log in from the “Resolved” problem you had. Oh … wait … hey don’t tell me, the “Resolved” problem actually needed more duct tape that you had to hand??? Noooo that couldn’t possibly be it. You “Resolved” the other “Temporary Problem”, and we know you’d never lie to us.

    *Fixes this message to the fridge as the answering machine seems to be out of order*

  36. Renee Faulds says:







  37. Ree Indigo says:

    Alliekat is a turncoat! Get her!

    No, seriously, I’ve seen MMO servers that run for months without issues. Crowded ones, at that. I’ve seen beta software that didn’t pull random CTDs, too. Of course the only valid argument for why SL can’t live up to what other companies are able to perform so flawlessly is … drugs. DAMN IT, LINDENS, SHARE!

  38. renato says:

    Lol during Peak hours for those who cunduct any sort of a Bussiness in here would be busy but not Nowadays Peak hours mean downtime , Dead hours mean no sale so hmm when is a good time to have a bussiness or any sort of event /Training seminar/Hell even be online??? This is becoming more like just a fancy online Meeting place but hey you can’t do anything just look purty :S.

    Oh ya wait sorry my bad LL still makes money thats right sorry =(

  39. Damona Rau says:

    there was a time, not very long ago, where SL runs much better then now. Since they played with the database and deployed havok4 things goes worse and worse. Maybe we had more SIM-crashes in January and February, but we haven’t that much transaction failures as now.

  40. Ayalev Vuckovic says:

    dear lindens. since those inworld-issues are a permanent condition and not a temporary incident, why don’t you implement a little indicator in the viewer one could open that would tell which one of those services are not available or insecure to use. little nasty to always jump from sl to webpage to dare to buy or start an im-session. just show on every possible ‘service’ what ‘issue’ you’re having and to what extend.

  41. Vivienne says:

    I think we should stop expecting any fix, expect any insight in a totally failed software development strategy (Windlight) or expect anything else by now.

    There are a lot of jobs available at LL right now, obviously they try to find the people who can handle all this in a more satisfactory way than the ones who are in place right now. And as it seems they still have difficulties finding a capable CEO and CTO…

    I do not think they LIKE what´s going on. There are serious problems, and they know it. The steady outages and totally borked client software won´t even help the board to sell this to someone else, if they really wanted to do this (i doubt they ever wanted to).

    So…heads up, Lindens at work, i hope nobody will lose her or his jobs over this desaster. But…the people responsible should really question their technicalstrategy and make this public. Shit happens.

  42. Kerena Zhangsun says:

    Because I enjoy the SL experience so much, I’ll refrain from being negative and offer an unsolicited piece of advice: Stop upgrading the viewer/client until you fix the server issues! Get the foundation stable, then work on the adornments. Back to basics. I don’t know of any members ranting for enchancements… we just want our SL experience to be solid.

  43. Inworld service interruptions … all right … we’ve noticed …

    And I want to join in the party of illustrious residents, that ask for a inworld notification! It’s not that hard a thing to do. Besides: LL has managed to do it before. Totally without understanding there.

    BUT … on the other hand each and every resident should see that SL is a huge plattform that needs to be maintained a lot. LL works on that. Of course there are issues. 60k people use the plattform atm for chrsit’s sake. It would be stubborn to expect everything to run sane and perfect at all times. Specially in an invironment, where anyone can do basically anything.
    Speaking as a SL-business man I totally know how frustrating these service interruptions (whatever kind) can be. But …

    … the synopsis of my essay shall be:

    Residents: be patient and learn to appriciate, that SL is kept running in the first place.

    LL: Keep workin and optimizing your efforts to actually keep SL running. And be a little more communicative with those inworld, besides running a blog that no logged in resident will notice.


  44. zoha boa says:

    LMAO@KATE: As we have blogged in prior posts, during peak hours we sometimes see a delay in services.

    SOMETIMES !!!!!!

    Has there be ONE day the last month without problems during peak times???

  45. Alvi Halderman says:

    OMG we pay 300dolars per moth for a Island so we have this errros chat errors Bugs,,,,its isnt a good balance between Money that we pay and what LL give to US….
    other thing: now when they delevered havok4 even worst is SL……..

  46. Leah Salome says:

    How about some free classified ads or refunds, seeing as people could not and cannot buy anything from business owners or teleport anywhere for the majority of the month?

  47. Adelle Fitzgerald says:

    Every day, every f***ing day….. When will it end? huh? When SL ceases to exist?

  48. Phoenixa Sol says:

    I’d vote for inworld announcement.

  49. Sick & Tired says:

    AllieKat … get a clue. These problems have been ongoing, every damn day, for over a month. Have you seen LL address it anywhere, other then they are aware and working on it? Have you seen LL admit that they have no problems taking our hard earned RL dollars to pay monthly tiers, buy Lindens, etc?

    When you run the company and address these issues, I will show more sympathy and support.

    And I 2nd, 3rd, 50thousanth the SEND A MESSAGE INWORLD. I doubt even 10% of the SL community reads the blog.

  50. Jacqueline Trudeau says:

    I think I will close my SL business and start one in someplace more stable. Sadr City in Baghdad comes to mind.

  51. SilverDragon says:

    I really think LL should go back to havoc 3-and forget about this windlight BS.

  52. Miles Beck says:

    As asked repeatedly above, why was there no in-world announcement to refrain from conducting transactions?

  53. Long Tail to Doom says:

    @41 sadly not sure anyone really wants anything anymore.

  54. Raisa says:

    I was camping whole day today and guess what?

    N O P A Y!!!

    I was mad like hell! But owner of camp machine was so kind that gave me my camped money.

    And im less mad 😉 xcept i cant tp and go see rl


    P.S. It would be nice of you Lindens to send some notice before such things. U know I cant play and refresh this blog page all time thats crazy!

  55. Violet Faulds says:

    Announce In-world please.

  56. Master Quatro says:

    Why is it that we cannot expect quality, performance, stability like we do from any other service we aquire. Making excuses that this is a tough environment doesn’t cut it. Savy companies anticipate these issues and deply resources to perevent them.

    As long as Linden Lab is owned by venture capital there will not be enough money to fund quality, performance, stability.
    I think someone like IBM should buy a large share in Linden Lab. As long as Linden Lab is owned by venture capital there will not be enough resources to fund quality, performance, stability. There are only 2 options for a start-up like Linden lab (if we can still call it that)
    1. Sell out to a large entity thereby having the cash to deploy more resources toward significant improvements.
    2. Go public

    Unfortunately going public is not an option with the poor stabilty history.

    This is a company who calls the raising prices for sims by 50% one year and lowering them by 40 % the next, a Business Plan. Screwing in the process those of us who paid $1675 for sims that are now worth $1000 in less then one year. All at the whim of LL. WOW a “business plan” ?

    Definitely need a real CEO with a real business plan and a real company that knows what it’s doing.

  57. How long would it take off your time to send an inworld message, 30 seconds? It takes me 30 minutes cope with the support note cards of undelivered items!

    There are many people that have never checked the blog in their entire second lifes. Usually you check the blog when something didnt work, the inworld message would make people aware before they even notice something is wrong!

    Makes Sense?

  58. toric says:

    @10 chaz; Actually the billing servers are days behind too, so they are equal opportunity outages =)

  59. Savy Assessment says:

    @55 no one would pay anything for SL… they have created a patchwork program and now have no idea how it works!

  60. Blinders Off says:

    Translation: despite the fact that we’re charging through the nose for our “services”… Linden Lab has regularly cut corners to the point that we simply can’t deliver. Thank you nevertheless, for continuing to pay our absurdist fees.

  61. Neural says:

    If it’s “our world, our imagination”, then I’m going to say we sell our world.

    I’ll start the bid at $1.00US for LL, not sure they are worth much more than that.

  62. Blinders Off says:

    BTW LL… just curious… since when did mid-Sunday afternoon become “peak hours”???

  63. glow Raymaker says:

    Right on schedual!!! You announce services back to normal and within 2 hrs another fault message shows up. RAFLMFAO. Check and see if something else caused the fault you fix before claimng its resolved or fixed!!! Ive been arround almost a yr now and you consistently have done this to the point where i know its going to happen.

    If your faulltfinding was even at the basic level of access i hve you would know its caused by something else.

  64. Arganius says:

    i wonder why they leave the comments open today for these issues. are they hearing us??

  65. Soo Novi says:

    In January of 2007, when I joined SL, average daily residents logged in at any one time was about 22K. Today it’s running about 56K. Estimates, true, but the system has exploded in a year. Yeah, time for new hardware and upgrades. Past time, I’d say. Even so, there’s always going to be some hassles when tech changes have to happen. But the problems are, at least in part, because they ARE doing the changes; that’s actually a good thing – if frustrating.

    Although I will, once again, vote for one month of no upgrades and only working on stability issues. And I’ll continue to suggest it until others start chiming in. The month they did it last year was wonderful.

  66. LoLo says:

    @49 Sadr City in Baghdad seems a great place compared to here… can i join you?

  67. GREAT Job Linden Labs.. Got to give you mad props for ally our hard work fixing the grid. Glad it runs good now. You guys work so hard. I hope you will be able to survive on food stamps in a few months when SecondLife is gone!!!!

    You better hope no one buys you out none of you will have jobs anymore…


  68. staceyloo rayna says:

    i cant tp…my L$ wont load..this is becoming too frequent for my liking

  69. IAm Zabelin says:

    Server issues … must be weekend again! So we can write this weekend sales off like every weekend.

    Damona @ 27 : nothing wrong with MySQL, like any good db it needs to be implemented correctly. Some of the biggest db’s in the world run on MySQL just brilliantly … just not this one.


    AS IF CONTENT (IP) THEFT WASN’T ENOUGH LOSS FOR BUSINESS, now we must deal with L$ transactions switched off !!!

  70. @63. FUNK NO!!! they dont hear us. They can care less about us. All LL is worried about is selling as many sims as they can & run off with profits. If they cares about the end user money wouldnt be breaking. EVER

  71. Chica Indigo says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Sorry but I had to LMAO…SEE? NOTHING IS RESOLVED!!!!!!!!! Just be honest with us Lindens, we know that is noit easy to handle tech problems, etc, but…we hate when you give us lame excuses (peak hours caused this etc) we are not dumb just communicate with us more effectively..that way we can trust in you and feel all the hard work we are doing to make our business to work is worth the try…Im loosing money cause all this so PLEASE stop saying things are [RESOLVED]..THEY ARE NOT!!!!

  72. Gomez Bracken says:

    @61 – Contrary to popular belief, the whole population in the world does not live in America 🙂

  73. Maximum Bliss says:

    Join the Church of Ethernal Life and help make the wold a better place.


  74. EZStrider Penguin says:

    When will we premium members see any adjustment for the money we pay every month, on time for our tier and membership? We have not been able to use the service for which we pay, conduct business, use our land, or basically use the service for over three weeks now. You continually take our tier money and membership money, provide completely inadequate services costing us RL money, but tier and membership collections NEVER seem to suffer the non functioning service the rest of the world does. And please stop thanking us for our patience, we have run out of patience with this fiasco and simply want the world to work in a way we can once again enjoy our time here.

  75. Phil Deakins says:

    Making an in-world announcement is an absolute essential at these times, BUT when they do make such an announcement (rarely), they *don’t* announce the all clear, which is equally essential.

    I do accept that they are trying to deal with the daily problems, but I don’t accept that they are doing enough. Some time ago they said that they would restrict logins if too many became a problem. What happened to that idea?

    I think that SL is brilliant, but I also think that the management is incompetent. The sooner a new sensible CEO comes in, the sooner that SL will become more stable, and move towards its potential.

  76. LoLo says:

    @68 “AS IF CONTENT (IP) THEFT WASN’T ENOUGH LOSS FOR BUSINESS, now we must deal with L$ transactions switched off !!!”

    Hey see it from the brightside.. at least now those fucking thieves cant make money too. lets close Sl altogether its a pile of copyright violations anyway

  77. Fred2008 Levasseur says:

    Looking forward to this being corrected. May be off topic but just trying to let you know ive been having to send group invites to my group members again because they can’t change their passwords or they can’t retrieve their passwords to their avatars so they need to make other ids. Might want to look into this as well. Would be a big help. Thanks. Otherwise keep up the good work.

  78. Nibb Tardis says:

    One word: REFUND

  79. indgo barlett says:

    omg right where it shows you how many ls you have it has loading in place you mess up my money thats it i wont buy another dam thing

  80. Razor says:

    “AS IF CONTENT (IP) THEFT WASN’T ENOUGH LOSS FOR BUSINESS, now we must deal with L$ transactions switched off !!!”


  81. junkyarddog yao says:

    LMAO your kidding right?

  82. David331 Obolensky says:

    in-world announcement please

  83. Linden Favorite Word:


  84. Paullo says:

    Ahh so is that why i am currently broke… whered all my money go….hope its only temp :((

  85. Phil Deakins says:

    @64. Yes, they are trying to fix things, BUT high concurrency was forseen. They knew that problems were coming as the number of simultaneous logins continued to increase, and they didn’t do anything to prepare for it. Any management worth its salt would prepare in advance for forseen problems. The LL management buried their heads in the sand and decided to deal with it if and when it occured. So very very stupid!

  86. PISSED OFF says:


  87. Tired of SL says:

    Ok i have to agree with so many people on here, yes LL should have posted In-World, yea, SL messes up alot, blah blah blah, we all hear it every day and ya know what? im sick and tired of hearing it day in and day out, LL do all that they can to prevent what they can. I mean, think about it, they have IT working 24/7 to make sure that alot of you ungratefull people stay somewhat satisfied with a game that is free to the public, yes alot of ppl make premium acounts, but for what? someone to hack into your account and spend your RL money? thats not for me, i am just happy, if not more happy than most that pay 9.99 a month or whatever it is to get the very same experience that I get. Personally i commend LL for the great job they do 90% of the time. Remember if it were not for LL you would not even be on this game, you would probly be on your ps3 (if you have one) waiting for home like the rest of us ps3 owners. once again, GOOD JOB LL

  88. Darien Caldwell says:

    I think it’s probably because their in-world announcement tool breaks as well. If group messages between 30 ppl fail, why would a 4000 sim messager work?

  89. Green Design says:

    you’re seriously a joke and unacceptable as a web service that should be paid for.
    people want to be creative and do business its a crap for them. i just login to tell my customers that they were not scammed by me and sending them their stuff, then quickly off without getting bothered by all this. not sure how long i remain this though. very tired of the same every day.. ermm hour

  90. Cappy Frantisek says:

    “I was camping whole day today and guess what?

    N O P A Y!!!

    I was mad like hell! But owner of camp machine was so kind that gave me my camped money.”

    And LL wonders why there are troubles at peak times, roflmao!

  91. Renee Faulds says:


  92. Gregg Niven says:

    Well when SL peaked at 24000 users we had the same issues. Now, peaking at almost 70,000 users I cant imagine how or why Linden Labs has not yet corrected recurring issues.

    It is very simple to track and predict business growth, therefore any viable company would improve its equipment BEFORE said growth so as to insure Customer Satisfaction and Reliability of their services.

    Oops, I forgot …. Linden Labs doesn’t really care about Customer Satisfaction or Reliability for their Paying Clients LMAO

    Come on LL, get your act together already! How long should we continue to support you if, bluntly put, you can’t learn from Past Mistakes? Sheesh, enough is enough…..

  93. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    /me Hands everyone a Beer. Enjoy 🙂

  94. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Hey, I’d like to suggest something that would help a lot.

    Go have a look at “last.fm”. They’re having service problems RIGHT NOW. Every page on the site currently has a yellow bar across the top letting you know there’s a problem and where to go (status.last.fm) to find out about it.

    Instead of just saying “Last.fm is up” it goes into a great deal of detail as to exactly what’s down, why, what the consequences are… including a link to their blog for more information… and at the bottom it says:

    > Last Updated: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 23:20:01 +0000

    > Note: These are pulled directly from our monitoring system. Just because they say they’re OK here doesn’t guarantee that they are, but it’s usually a reasonable indication.

    > This page is scheduled to update every five minutes. If it doesn’t, we need to fix it.

    So here’s my suggestion:

    (1) Put the actual subject, at least, of any blog entry regarding actual downtime on that page.
    (2) Put the last time the status was updated on that page.
    (3) Don’t just say “the grid is up”, include the status of all the subsystems including L$ transactions, search, group services, and so on.
    (4) And if the status page doesn’t work, you need to fix it.

  95. again:

    Make an inworld announcement, when people check the blog it is because something went wrong already which means WE have to cope with the complaints, an inworld message would prevent that!

    As for the repetitive failures, I am hoping that the next grid version + the new servers will solve it, until then i can be patient unless maintenance is scheduled on weekends again!

  96. Renee Faulds says:

    @84 WHY DO ONE DAY?



  97. rolln doobie says:

    its sad really, I stopped using SL because every time i went on it was like ome feature was down. Havent been on in like months so today i thought, well lets take a crack at setting up a buswiness” surely they get better servers, etc. NO DICE i am not even into the server today and i cant do waht i came for, why do i come at all? Its just a bigf Sims Knock Off anyway, ill play that………..

  98. Tired of SL says:


    cmon, if they didnt care, they wouldnt even put it in a blog
    give LL at least a lil credit
    heck, think of it as LL way of saying, go outside and enjoy life for a change.
    yea they mess up, you cant say u have never made a mistake once or twice ( a day ) we all do, its called being HUMAN

  99. Kira says:

    peek times are exactly the times buisness owners need transactions to operate . When there ARE people online not when there are not. Also i thoght and correct me if i some how misread but wasnt all these server upgrades last week suppose to fix this problem?… and just what is wrong with stoping free accounts for one month to give you guys a chance to work on stability then you could always allow free acounts when the grid is stable or one month has elasped ( and i am refering to new accounts being made not exsiting ones)..Oh and waht happend to restricted log ins durring peak time…and ddint we get a whole new database or is that some other problem that was supposed to get fixed. Do something about this transaction thing. Shopping is the foremost on peoples to do lists.

  100. DrSun Takaaki says:

    Lots of problems with SL these days. I pay top money every month. Not happy. I even lost my shoe recently.

  101. Restroom says:

    Wait, wait, you read the terms and conditions, observed the nature of the system, talked to others about what concerns you might have, signed on the dotted line and you want your money back?

    I realize there are people out there trying to earn money, but if this is your chief source of income there’s something wrong with you. I’d really hate to see how people who would do that and act surprised would invest the rest of their money, assuming they have any left after the lottery tickets.

  102. Ezi Leigh says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Tiarnalalon. Forget about the new stuff. I never see anyone askibng for all these fancy add-ons and updates. Get back to the foundation, and make the damn thing work. At this point, I would be willing to consider black and white instead of color, if I thought it would work for 60 straight hours.

  103. Raven Primeau says:

    Peak hours, dont make me laugh It was dire all day even this morning GMT time with 40,000 or less on it was Sh@te,

    Please though ANNOUNCE IT IN WORLD, I just logged off and checked the blog. Is it too much to ask for some customer service then, it must take an absolute age to type those few lines for a blue inworld popup

  104. Tired of SL says:


  105. sexina Rayna says:

    linden loose control, and I don’t believr that they get the the control back…. I think there are some majoe mistakes in th design and architekture of the whole system. and the system is now to complex. A program like SL need some realy good programmers who takes the “normal” programmers under control… and I don’t think that linden has enough realy good programmern and databasedesigner…
    Why I am think so much bad things from linden? I think the last few weeks of everyday heavy issues give the answer.

  106. Darien Caldwell says:

    @98, Left or right shoe?

  107. Alf Lednev says:

    same old same, a whole 150 posts just afew blogs back and agian “resolgved” probems aren’t

    I am fast warming to the idea of Lindens start offering a higher stripend, or reduce Tier to its paying members..

    I DON’T care if some little lindens have to go work at drive through to exist. In a business “Tao” of work on what YOU want to” Lindens culture, then PAYING customers have every right to be frustrated. So if a few Lil Lindens go, maybe the rest will rememeber they are paid to do a job, support and sell a computer game, nothing more.

    Customers still come a very poor last, wannabe IT geeks cluster together believing this is cutting edge, and everyone else’s valid concerns are ignored.

    Stocks going on the market soon? Then I think some in the sheltered workshop they call Lindens may find that the reality of the business world will come crashing down.

    Someone wrote on the last open “resolved” blog that why wasnt a Lindena nswering? None did at all, and so far none have here. Sad really, silence says it all, no leadership in Lindens, no one prepared to deal openly and honestly with the paying customers? (Sidewinder is a techo, and his answers offtopic to his subject are silly “party lines”, “lodge in Jira”, “i will pass the info on” , “cheques in the mail” type thing. He is the best Linden by far that communicates but oustide his own project can do nothing.

    Finally how about Torely release one of those inane chirpy videos series, On “how to lodge a JIRA Request”, and the sequel “What to do when your Jira request” is ignored.

  108. Dillion says:

    and i thought SL was going to be error free for at least another day

  109. Lina Georgette says:

    I do hope I still get my 600 ld tho :S still not there…waiting

  110. Seltzer Lilliehook says:

    So it seems not only L$ transactions are messed up but also teleporting and moving too. Lag is the worst I have ever experienced.

  111. Neural says:

    From the posts on this blog. Dates/times of issues involving failed transactions and/or times when LL has said not to perform transactions.

    4/20 3:34pm transactions
    4/20 2:59am transactions
    4/18 9:38am transactions
    4/17 9:31am transactions
    4/14 5:03pm transactions
    4/13 8:20am transactions
    4/11 11:43pm transactions
    4/7 2:44pm transactions
    4/6 12:06am transactions
    4/5 5:25am transactions
    4/2 12:03pm transactions
    4/1 12:05pm transactions
    3/30 9:39am transactions
    3/29 2:30pm transactions
    3/28 3:45pm transactions
    3/27 1:13pm transactions
    3/25 11:37am transactions
    3/24 9:30am transactions
    3/22 12:16pm transactions
    3/21 12:49pm transactions
    3/17 7:22pm transactions
    3/17 2:30pm transactions
    3/9 11:44am transactions
    3/2 3:30pm transactions
    2/28 8:41am billing issues
    2/27 3:22pm transactions
    2/19 10:14am paypal distruption
    2/18 1:28pm transactions

  112. Tired of SL says:


    hey theres a gesture floating around about how LL stuck theyre hair and shoe up the a$$, did u look there?

  113. Mad as Hell says:

    I believe your TOS used to state something like.. non-premium members may be disabled during peak times.. Anyone know if that’s still in there? If it is and they are doing something else during peak hours then LL are not following their own TOS and are legally discrediting their own policy.

  114. Green Design says:

    @100 – no new features means less new registered, clueless people bringing $$$ to the system. new people dont notice these deep problems, the first they do is bring money to LL. mission accomplished

  115. Lina Georgette says:

    *waits some more*

  116. ‘Round and ’round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. :S

  117. Wilberforce Beaumont says:

    A simply question – how many times have transactions that pay LL staff failed?

    Please publish these figures as well?

  118. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I want a refund on one month’s tier.


  119. Hydra Charron says:

    These problems all seem to be related to the “explosive growth” SL has experienced in the last year. How much of that “growth” is actually multiple alts of the same person? At least one of the complaints here was from someone who had been “camping all day,” and had difficulty getting paid for his or her “labors.” I realize that camping is a common activity – I did quite a bit of it when I first started out – but it contributes nothing to the SL community, and is a drag on system resources.

    I agree with the suggestion that LL declare a moratorium on system upgrades, but would suggest that this be open-ended – perhaps ending when we have had one month of stability!

    I also offer my oft-repeated suggestion that many, if not most, of these problems could be eliminated if LL would simply reinstitute the credit card requirement for establishing new accounts, or even better, require some at least token payment. I realize that would almost certainly reduce the numbers LL is able to claim at present, but potential investors are not fooled by these inflated figures anyway!

  120. Beast Mauvaise says:

    It’s a bit of a puzzle.

    The SL client, for me, has never worked better. I literally cannot remember the last time I had to deal with a crash that brought my entire system to a screeching halt and required a tedious and time-wasting hard restart. It works well, it looks great, even the release candidates are solid and reliable.

    So what happens? SERVER-SIDE goes spla.

    I’m thinking about formulating a Law of Conservation of Reliability here…

  121. Lina Georgette says:

    *getttinng sligghtly annoyyed* where are my LD’s?

  122. Welcome to THE New Bigger Better Second Life………….

    Wonders where LL brains have departed to as I watch another 1000 REAL users pack up their bags and close up shops.

  123. Flower Balogh says:

    This might be a crazy idea…but shutdown Second Life for two weeks, let Linden Labs focus on their system.

    I said this before in another blog, Linden Labs must stop making updates on a system that is broken. Stop adding new features to a broken system……….stop everything and focus.

  124. les says:

    Remove traffic.
    Otherwise it’s even less possible to respect this descision to reduce services.

  125. Annoyed Like Hell says:

    Should boycott SL for a few days.

  126. Kindred Bader says:

    What I want to know is simply this…when these same types of Database issues were experienced about a year or more ago, when hitting 20k users online was the “threshold”, the plan was supposed to be to limit logins to only those with PIOF. That was the plan that was announced to mitigate these things, yet it was only used a couple times. So basically, another load of BS talk that never gets used? WHY is that not being used now? And WHY, knowing that the last time the scaling couldn’t handle the load, was this allowed to get to the SAME type situation again without scaling in advance instead of waiting till the crap hits the fan, and then going “oh crap, ok, it’ll be WEEKS before we can get hardware…and sorry, we have no intention of rolling back the changes that probably contributed to a heavier hit on the databases to make this come on so suddenly”…because I just don’t see the influx of users over the past 2 months being enough to cause these issues, and if they were…again, that mitigating plan ought to be in effect then. But it’s not, and if my guess is right, LL went and implemented crap that they didn’t have a viable backout plan for, and now, they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, no way to back out, and no way to fix it immediately. So wonderful, in the meantime it’s “Sorry, we can’t fix it, deal with it”.

    You need to refund tier for the month. Plain and simple. We can’t afford to pay it because we can’t run our businesses. This is not our fault, it’s YOURS.

  127. Raven Primeau says:

    Raven Primeau wanders off to bed knowing LL will have this nightmare sorted by the morning………..in an alternative reality maybe 😦

    BTW everyone knows exactly where to look for that missin shoe

  128. rozz says:

    heavy lagg…one of the worst since i have been on SL…the TP didnt work either…i logged off and turned back SL on..and i see the notice..i hope u give the notice in world..it would be soo helpful…*is still waiting..

  129. JayR Cela says:

    Oh yes I most definitely agree with you. If LL would stop fiddling around with the Client Software, and fix the back end servers, would seem to make the most logical sense to any sane IT team. Sadly however this does not seem to be the case 😦

    JayR Cela :_)

  130. Calinacase Whiteberry says:

    hey Lindens©®™∞ etc…

    any of you ever see the recent movie about Marie Antoinette? No? Yes?
    Well, go see it and look at the court ladies hair in it. Interesting women, those court ladies. They were vain, greedy, stupid, and overly made up. their hair was especially overly done. However… they knew something in regards to their hair that you guys and gals at Linden Labs ©®™∞ etc… haven’t picked up on. It’s a sensible idea, what they had. The gist of it is this; have a solid foundation before putting on all manner of goodies and extras. those vain, greedy, stupid and overly done up court ladies had a good idea 250 some odd years ago. Why don’t you guys and gals learn that idea and go with it, instead of layering all your goodies on a visibly collapsing infrastructure?

  131. Einsman Schlegel says:


  132. OK I agree with the need for in world announcements. this has gone on WAY long enough. You folks just keep playing with the newest shiny someone hands you and forget about the ones that got you there to begin with.

    SL can be one of the greatest concepts with reguards to communication and global interaction if you guys would just get back and fix the basics.

  133. Triple Peccable says:

    I think the problems today are/were much less severe than the last few weeks during peak load. Whatever they did to the server-side code to help with the database load problems seems to have helped. Now, once they increase capacity, which is in progress, things should start to get much better. I, for one, am looking forward to that. SL is definitely NOT on its way out!

  134. Sexy Partridge says:

    Hmmm since April was the lost month, IT SURELY WAS.. how about LL miss charging anyone that pays for game for this month all together. Only seems fair to me…but then again, yea I know that isn’t going to happen.

  135. PISSED OFF says:


  136. Lina Georgette says:

    OI ffs where is my 600 LD?????did it just magically dissapear?? I did frgn pay for it…now where is it?

  137. Inara Oey says:

    1. Inworld notifcation is VITAL when this happens. For God’s sake LL, have you NO sense of business integrity? You PUSH the fact that people can “make money” here…you’re quick enough to take money…but you can’t even have the decency to TELL people when there are problems with the basic services they need to run their businesses?

    2. Would people STOP with the Havok 4.0 paranoia. Havok 4.0 has NOTHING to do with the Asset Cluster / system & central Db. As such, the elements of SL that it does control HAVE and ARE a bloody site more stable than before.

    3. That said, LL for crying out loud, stop with the pat-on-the-head “pretties” like the Dazzle viewer and get a working, strategic plan to address the fundamental issues of the Asset system. It’s not just a case of this last month being bad…the problem has been growing for a good 12-18 months, and clearly, whatever model you are using ISN’T SCALABLE, and throwing hardware at it – as we saw last December – won’t solve anything.

    4. And to return to (1.) – start COMMUNICATING with your residents. STOP isolating us. It was bad enough when you took away the LIVE in-world help from the majority of residents. Then you start ring-fencing when you will communicate
    – Town Hall meetings – not the place to raise issues;
    – Meetings at Linden Village – not the place to raise issues;
    – Blog – 1/2 the time closed to feedback;

    And how many times have we seen the support portal go down right alongside other problems?

    The fact of the matter is, SL has serious problems…being more pro-active in communicating with your users, and allowing them decent contact with you would go a long way to helping the general feeling of residents here.

  138. Lizzy T says:

    Good God. Congrats everyone! Never thought I would see the day when anyone could beat my two year old at a tantrum.


    Get over it or get out.

  139. Josue Habana says:

    “Update 4:40 p.m. PDT We have noticed some problems with teleporting and inventory as well. We’ve investigated the cause of these problems and we’re expecting service to return to normal shortly.”

    Please, please, please… anything but normal!

  140. Neural says:

    The Terms of Service protects Linden Lab from having to make any refunds of any sort. They know this, and they are abusing it. But don’t ever expect any sort of compensation *ever* from Linden Lab. It won’t happen.

  141. Please refund my tier for the month of April 2008.

  142. brisa says:

    Hola necesito saber que sucede con Second Life.
    No puedo sostenerme en ningua region, es algo relacionado con ustedes porque de mi lado parece estar todo muy bien.
    Gracias, los saludo desde mi patria Argentina!
    En Second Life hemos creado un grupo denominado Fundacion Las Cristinas y somos fanaticas de Second Life .A traves del grupo intentamos que sea mas popular y pueda ser llevado a los usuarios de modo muy util .saludos y kisesessss Brisa las cristinas

  143. Ann Otoole says:

    @84 – boycotts will not be noticed at all. There are tens of thousands of bots logged in. There will be no noticeable drop in perceived participation. Probably more than half of the logged in users are bots.

    I wish LL would make bot/alt use for falsifying traffic a permanent ban offense. Sadly there are many accounts running traffic falsification bots/alts that represent a lot of income to LL so I don’t expect them to ever be responsible and simple delete those accounts and islands.

    Thing is, since those traffic falsification bots/alts are just sitting there… i doubt they represent that much of a drain on the system other than lagging up the sim they sit in. Probably the real reason LL doesn’t really care about them that much.

  144. uh-oh says:

    Well here we go again problem after problem. I am glad summer is right around the corner. I plan to go out and play the game known as Real Life. I just hope this is fixed by the time fall comes back around.
    For the past few months I have been told, “Don’t take everything so seriously, it’s just a game.” If this was “just a game” then why are people so angry about losing money?
    Scratches her head wondering. How do you make a company take notice and make their customers happy? I know a way. Everyone put away your credit cards and save your money. If you are renting, close shop and use the time to build better things to sell when things do work right. Then all you lose is time. When the grid is back to working again use the money you saved to buy your own land, build your own store and be open for business when things do work right.
    If you are a consumer tired of losing money on failed purchases you will not lose anything either since you are saving your money.
    I am sure Linden Labs tm is doing their best and has bent over backwards by not closing the grid to work on it weekly like they used to. Could it be this new policy that is making it harder for them to do their jobs? I know you do not pave a road that is still open with people driving over the fresh asphalt before it is ready.
    Maybe they need that four hours of down time to fix and repair things and test them to make sure they work before rush hour traffic drives over the fresh road top that isn’t ready yet or the crowds of people walking through the wet cement on a new sidewalk that hasn’t dried yet.
    I am sure that Linden Labs tm wants this grid to work as well as you do.

  145. Tiarnalalon says:

    @99…I wonder if you have any idea how much money is made by some residents.

    You mock people whose sole source of income is SL…tell me, if you suddenly found yourself steadily making several thousand dollars a month in SL, how long would you continue to work your RL job? Unless you love your RL job, not very long.

    There are even some who actually make RL wages paid by RL companies for work done in SL. I’ve had a good few of my fellow IT support technicians quit for jobs offered by companies running business through SL.

    If you found yourself in this situation of making damn good money essentially working in a game, and something completely out of your personal control began drastically affecting your living and the funds to support your family, wouldn’t you be concerned? If this trend continued with no sign of improvement, nothing but lame excuses, and no reimbursement for at least your direct investments to LL during that time to help lessen the blow of the loss of profit because people can’t or are afraid to pay you anything… Do you seriously expect me to believe you wouldn’t be screaming after months of the problems just continually getting worse?

  146. Ann Otoole says:

    As for refunds on tier.. oh sure the biggest land barons would love that. of course all those people renting would never get any refund. so stop with the tier refund garbage. there is no way to do that in a manner that is fair.

  147. Kate Sakai says:

    Given that transactions are the backbone of SL and those of us who own businesses are the ones who put the most money into SL – can’t you please at least make sure that businesses can operate first and then add the shiny annoyances like Wind and Light?

    Most frustrating for many of us is that transaction servers must be working for us to upload textures. With that down few of us can even create content let alone sell any of it. As many of us have asked before, please create a separate texture upload fee or process for those of us with businesses so that texture uploads are more stable.

    Show of hands – who would rather be able to actually make use of their SL accounts instead of being able to take nifty wind and light pics?

    Please hear us Linden Labs – we are the ones who have made your SL dream a reality. Thanks for listening.

  148. IS there a way to send a grid-wide message that won’t have the same non-delivery issues as group IM? If there is, I agree, whenever a new blog entry is posted (of this nature at least), the in-world folk should be notified also. I’m just not sure it is possible, though.

  149. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    In-world notice when this happens, please!

  150. Lina Georgette says:

    so am I still getting my 600 LD or what??

  151. PISSED OFF says:


  152. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    I have a dream. Excerpt from the dream: “At the moment some real world services are unavailable including euro and dollar and yen and whatever transactions in direction to a specific company. Please refrain from awaiting transactions at this time until we ( the customers) give an all clear.” Excerpt end. I have a dream. It can happen, that our wallets are down for some months – for maintenace – and while we (the customers) are banging on things. We, the rl world monkeys. I have a dream. In alternative words: if a specific company wants 100% fees, we expect a 100% perfect product. If we pay 100%, in time, stable, unfailing, since years and we get only 50%, or less, or no product, what will be the logical conclusion? I have a dream. A dream about a specific company wich needs a serious pause for thinking and a dream about some hundreds of thousands of labor-rats, wich will find the key, to make the specific company thinking about something. I have a dream.

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