Linden Department of Public Works: Construction Update

“What is well done is done soon enough.” — Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

We’re going to have some kind of poll or voting process very soon to let Residents choose the first set of new roads being built. There will be maps to show the roads in the public wiki. The “Highway Moles” have been working on systems of bridges, roadway, signage, etc. to make these new routes extra nifty!

The Department of Public Works is ready to open Bay City to public inspection pretty soon — probably next week! The connection from the Nova Albion regions is being massaged by skilled Linden Lab engineers even now.

Here’s a picture of the entrance sign:

Bay City entrance

Bay City currently has 12 Regions with auctionable land (plus some adjacent voids); the city regions each have about 32 – 35 parcels available for the auctions. Parcels vary from about 512 square meters to a bit over 1024 square meters; parcel joining and division will be turned off, “double prims” will be turned on. Linden-owned content varies from 1500 to 1800 prims per Region.

The “combat sandbox” regions (Rausch and its neighbors) have been given a quick re-theming. We want to update them every so often; questions arise such as:
— how often?
— performance vs. beauty?
— rough and rugged terrain with cover, or smooth and simple map?
— flying vs. not?
— always have water?
— committees, submissions and juries, vs. the sudden product of one artist?
— how many people know about the Red and Blue teams, and use them?
— built-in content? Just a couple of flags, or a detailed recreation of Stalingrad circa December 1943?
— autoreturn is now 60 minutes; it’s been suggested that a 5 – 15 minute autoreturn might help with griefing and clutter cleanup
Comments, please!

The “Korean channel” of 32 voids has been up for a few weeks, with a burbling volcanic island in its midst. Check out the long stretch of water — about two miles!

We’re reading through the applications for Mole contractors (making content for Linden Lab), including those from the first round. You might be the insectivore for us!

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141 Responses to Linden Department of Public Works: Construction Update

  1. Navin Dawes says:

    Niiiice 🙂

  2. Violet Faulds says:

    Michael, any new word on road textures rather than terraforming through already developed mainland sims?

  3. U M says:

    Thats one pretty photo 🙂 buyt there is a few things wrong with it..No No ad farms, and not land owner griefting litter. Now if you want to photo to be true to it contain CLEAN UP MAINLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or all this human resources wil be nothing more then a big lie and a waste of time!

  4. JZ Paine says:

    Are you saying we will have have double prims on the main map!!!!??? like 512 prims to 1024 prims?

    Please do tell!?

  5. EyesWideShut says:

    “double prims” will be turned on.

    @4 – what’s your question?

  6. andythecat says:

    I’m sorry – I don’t care what new stuff is trotted out. I own no land, and would love to buy land, but have been unsuccessful on every count. Can’t set up an account, can’t even, these days, move or rezz in SL. Since I was operating just fine with a free account, until about a month before Christmas, 2007 I am sure there are issues here in SL. I am so sad not to be able to contact my friends in SL. If I thought there were any way to get to the SL people to let them know my problem I surely would. Unfortunately they will not let me upgrade my membership, they will not hear my issues and will not let me address them in a meaningful way.

    Additionally, I have recently upgraded my service to provide more transfer rate, and that has not resolved any of my problems. I just don’t know what else to do….except bow out ….Sorry. I’ve had some good times here…just not lately..

  7. Jahar Aabye says:

    With regards to Rausch, the autoreturn should definitely be 5-10 minutes. I can think of several good reasons why the autoreturn should be this short:

    1. As this land is damage-enabled, residents can be killed and teleported home, leaving content behind without deleting it, because their departure was, how shall we say, abrupt and unexpected 🙂

    2. Equally importantly, Rausch and the connecting sandboxes are frequently griefed by individuals who rez large numbers of physical objects intended to collide and cause lag (pre-Havok4 they would crash the sims), or else spam residents with offensive particles, sounds, and chat (yes, even chat, imagine having objects repeating obscene messages thousands of times per minute).

    3. Occasionally individuals will use weapons whose products, such as bullets, are not temp-rez and not scripted to die…I once saw the region left with only 60 prims below the 15,000 prim limit because of one user who did this unintentionally.

    Most private combat regions have their autoreturn set between 1-10 minutes for this reason. Most combat content does not need to be rezzed for a long period of time. Obviously, when groups rent out the team bases, this might be changed temporarily, but when the sandbox is set for public use, the autoreturn ought to be set for 5-10 minutes so that it truly can be a public sandbox that anyone can use.

  8. Sean Heying says:

    It will be double prims in plots purchased in Bay City only JZ not on the main map.

  9. Vittorio Beerbaum says:

    Coolioooo!!! Can’t waaaaaaaaaaait! 😀

    @8: Bay City *is* in mainland… probably you meant “not to *each mainland regions… but just for those “Bay City” ones..”?

  10. Maloo Eliot says:

    I’ve been looking for a while, but I can’t find the “Korean Channel” you’re talking about.

    …Help? D:

  11. Marianne McCann says:

    I’ve been putting some other suggestions of things that need fixin on the JIRA. The bridge in Mimas needs some touching up, an the tracks in the vehicle sims are a mess. Dat kinda thing. 🙂

  12. U M says:

    @9 yes some people don`t see any wrong these days. Use to be that way for a long time until LL changed many people views.

  13. Darien Caldwell says:

    yes it would be nice if someone could actually point to the location of some of these things. Searching the word Korea on the map shows a lot of sims, but none seem to be a Korean Channel. :\

  14. jane says:

    Let me build, i love it!

  15. MarkByron Falta says:

    It’s unfortunate that Linden is now asking for comments after they changed the Rausch sims without any customer input. Nonetheless, the makeover of Rausch was done in less than one hour and it shows. If the previous version of Rausch was one dimensional as Linden believed, this new version is the absolute in one dimensional ugliness (even with Windlight) – a “Mars” like scene with eye straining textures and a mess of boulders strewn everywhere. All 3 sims were were raised to terrain level of 70m or more (no more waterways) and simply littered with sculpted rocks that all look the same. That’s hardly creative and as another resident put it, it’s fuggly.

    The real serious problem here though is not terraforming or textures, or the residents who use the simulator on a regular basis. It’s the inability of Linden to deal with griefer throwaway alts who have continuously trashed and crashed the sandboxes on a daily basis and have made it so many residents simply give up and somewhere else. It’s time for the governance team to put on their thinking cap and place logical restrictions on new residents until they have provided pay information or have been on SL for 30 days. The Help Island Sandbox can be expanded and allow new residents to learn from other residents without being a nuisance, and the griefer throwaway alts will have to find a new to get on. Also, since Rausch is a combat sandbox, an auto-return of less than 10 minutes should be standard.

    Let’s hope for positive action here, but having a governance team member terraform on a dime is not going to solve the issues.

  16. Scalar Tardis / Dale Mahalko says:

    If you’re building roads through sims, it would be much more prim-efficient if Governor Linden were to use megaprims.

    For example, nice 0.25 x 0.50 x 40.0 iron rail would save 3 prims per segment, and 6 prims if both rails are considered.

    What’s the policy on LL using megaprims for its own projects? 🙂

  17. concerned says:

    Good to see you are landscaping with a bit of about the rest of the mainland is this an ongoing thing?I was near a parcel i used to own in 2006 that was next to protected land the other day and the road is still 2 sims short of getting there,it has not moved in 25 months,lol

  18. GregoryMaurer says:

    Rausch looks weird, but the safe zone hasn’t been improved. The recent attacks of 100s of physical objects hasn’t done much good either. The autoreturn definitely needs to be fixed.

  19. concerned says:

    Please please please keep sl tidy and make these fugly roadside ad farms a thing of the past too.there is never a reason to divide land under 256 apart from ad farming or selling it on for being in middle of parcels for extorionate prices.

  20. Jeez, the teens never got permission to help im guessing 😦
    Oh well, when will teens be seeing some new sims? :O

  21. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Just another whistle in a failing game

  22. Griffin Yeats says:

    Nice job with Rausch, it looks good, really.

    One tiny problem: There are many what I call “powarusars”, whom sit in the safelands and/or their underground (off-sim) bots and launch sensor seeking kill objects. Your redecoration was needed, but I doubt many of us will be able to actually enjoy it due to the aforementioned fact.

    Something needs to be done to regulate the use of these “autokillers”. To those of us who actually think that using an old-fashioned projectile weapon is more honorable then pressing a button or typing “kill “, this is outrageous. We have no place to go.

    I have argued with Dan Linden about this fact. He took away the Havok4 Damage Sim for fear of having to be responsible for combat there. No significant autokiller activity in that sim.
    Normal time spent by unprotected player in Rausch: 3 to 5 minutes.

    I attempted to explain how autokillers were destroying all of the combat simulators running on Linden Damage (land damage). Dan suggested that there would be a market for a resident-owned and ran LL combat system. I would really like to know the fascination behind the promotion of buying a simulator behind every conversation I have with a Linden…do you give bonuses for referals? I guess that is for another blog post at another time.

    My point is, LL needs to start focusing on the needs of all the people who wish to do combat, not just those who think skill is determined by whoever can push a button or type “kill” fastest.

    The real skill is in the aiming, and if you can’t do that you really aren’t worth anything to the combat scene.

  23. Corn Holio says:





  24. The Linden Public Combat sandboxes have been an integral part of my Second Life since I was little over two months “old”. I have spent more time there than is possibly imaginable, and almost every good friend in SL I know I have met there. This is to say, I know these sandboxes better than almost anyone, with the exception of probably 2 or 3 others.
    Getting to the point… Mark and Jahar are completely correct. Rausch and its sister sims don’t go more than a few hours without being “trashed and crashed”, as Mark put it. The auto-return time should definitely be set below 10 minutes.
    This is not a building sandbox, it is a combat sandbox, so this would not affect legit users.
    Additionally, the new “look” for the combat sims is completely asinine. If you don’t do anything else, bring the old look for them back. The sculpted boulders cause lower frame rate, and the colors are simply horrible. Give us water and green grass 
    The way the Lindens approached this was absurd, as well. Almost out of the blue Michael Linden popped into Rausch and declared that change was going to happen, ignoring the comments of most users about what the sims really needed, and locked the sims for an hour while he demolished them. Whatever happened to user input in SL??
    Here’s my breakdown…
    – how often? — Why don’t you talk to us first about it next time?
    – performance vs. beauty? — Performance, it’s a combat sim.
    – rough and rugged terrain with cover, or smooth and simple map? — Whatever you need to do to keep lag down.
    – flying vs. not? — Ctrl+Alt+V
    – always have water? — Yes.
    – committees, submissions and juries, vs. the sudden product of one artist? — committees, submissions and juries… the combat sandboxes are a community
    – how many people know about the Red and Blue teams, and use them? — Nobody
    – built-in content? Just a couple of flags, or a detailed recreation of Stalingrad circa December 1943? — A couple of flags
    – autoreturn is now 60 minutes; it’s been suggested that a 5 – 15 minute autoreturn might help with griefing and clutter cleanup — Under 10 minutes

  25. Darling Brody says:

    -= combat sandbox =-

    ** Auto Return times

    Auto return should be 5 minutes after the object’s owner leaves the region. This is the only sensable way to do an auto return in any public sandbox. Objects should never be returned while their owner is still using them.

    Many people use shields that are rezed but not sat on. A 5 minute auto return will mean the shields needs to be re-rezzed every 5 minutes. That is only going to put more load on the poor old asset servers.

    Additionaly griefers who rez junk and then leave the region will have their junk removed must faster if the auto-return time is based on when the owner leaves and not when the object was rezzed.

    The ability to return objects based on when teir owner leaves could be do as a simple script using this providing a linden owns the object running the script.

    ** Teleport points

    Currently all three combat regions force you to teleport into a known location. This prevents people using the map page to teleport to a safe location when they enter the region. Sneeky snipers shoot people before their teleport has even completed because they know where people are going to appear. The combat regions should not have a forced teleport point.

    ** Apearance

    While sculpted rocks look wonderfull, they have the be downloaded as two textures. This is not helpfull for people with slower internet or old graphiscs cards. By all means make itneresting land, but keep the sculpties for places you can walk though slowly, rather than places you need to run for your life!

    ** Linden Content

    The safe area should be marked out using linden owned prims so they dont get returned.

    There should be a notice board telling people about the red and blue teams. And there should be one telling people the rules, if any, for the region. Some people think the TOS dosn’t apply in Rausch.

    ** Safe Area

    The safe area has always been in the middle of the region, and this has caused problems when passing over it without knowing. It should be hard up against the edge of a ragion with some construction that makes it’s presence obvious. Like a big platform with the rules posted or similar.

  26. clifford bunin says:

    why lag a sndabox muchless a combat sandbox


    everything was in place for a reason no boulder prims equals no lag no safe zone equals alot more PI*(&& off people and more AR. i can believe the thought of taking the SZ out even entered michaels mind. michael said they want more people in the combat sandboxes well then make more combat sandbox believe me they will come. you cant fill a combat sandbox up to much they just kill eachother (of course). Give US more options then you can do what you want with the sandboxes without peoples feeling like there home has been destroyed.

  27. Shug Maitland says:

    Fixing the mainland roads!!!!! It has been 2 years since LL first told me “someday —–“!!!
    Now do interested landowners get any say in the textures/style of the new roads? (Not complaining mind you, but it would be nice for those of us with a theme to our builds.)

  28. clifford bunin says:

    there has only been three sims in sl that r combat since i started in 2005 with only 50,000 residents dont you think people want more combat sandbox’s MAYBE THATS WHY THEY ARE COMPLAINING SO MUCH theres over 2 million residents now!

  29. SHARON says:

    Nice roads – what about the rest of SL and all the problems we’re having? Doesn’t this seem to be a bit outrageous to be bragging about when the Land Store is down, rezzing is screwed, folks can’t log in, along with a myriad of other horrendous problems that need fixing.

    This seems like another red herring to me.

  30. Sure would love to see the road finished in Langdale. The path is there but no road exists.. It is the last region in a chain that has highways already completed.

  31. Xia Nishi says:

    Yes yes… the pretty region is all very… pretty. Wherever “Bay City” is, I’m more likely to visit my home region… where the road is one long pothole (i.e. nonexistent). I too would like to see a change in priorities here.

    And don’t get me started on the ad-farms. 256m should be the smallest parcel size.

  32. Here are some pictures I have taken involving the reactions of users to the looks of the new combat sims…

  33. U M says:

    31, there still adfarms around, after 3 months and number or abuse reports NONE were even returned from LL. Shows LL only did a face covering full of removals and left al the rest. Why? because many pf those ad farms owners own 1000.00(s) of real monies that they say to LL………..

  34. Jag Nishi says:

    Love the new Rausch, though need autoreturn in safezone back to 5 minutes and maybe the same for the rest of the zone. That way I don’t gota stare at the forlorn poems dedicated to the stinky old rausch!

  35. CC says:

    bay city is on the southern contienent the part that was left unfinished for along time is now finished adding the new sims

  36. Paulo Dielli says:

    New roads? NEW ROADS??!!! Wtf, after the private island price scam my sl is getting worse and worse. Five crashes tonight. Didn’t change anything about my pc setup. And you’re talking about roads??!!!!

  37. Ai Kikuchiyo says:

    The change to Rausch I view as very negative and not thought out. When you get to the edges, you can see underneathe the land. Not exactly pretty.

    I’d like to see the original Rausch islands restored. The terrain was perfect. There was nothing wrong with it.

    But I do echo that the 5 minute auto-return is absolutely needed for keeping the sim functional. This would effectively end all of the major griefing episodes in the region.

    Also, the safe zone being so tiny I don’t see as helpful. I believe it should be restored to its oriigoinal size and state when the terrain is also restored to its original state.

  38. LoLo says:

    well this is all nice and stuff but why don’t you spend more time on the REALLY nezssecary things like making the game work properly, stop losing content, stopping content theft etc.

    and what about the old mainland? its still full of adfarms.. DO YOU GUYS EVEN READ ABUSE REPORTS?

  39. When your in a sandbox and trying to build it is necessary to have more time. So I think a 60min auto return would be nice on a sandbox area that is set for public but also a premium account. When I have a prem. account and i go to a sandbox and i am caged or shot at. It takes all the creativity out. then also there should be a level of sandboxs for people who have showed paying ability. “the old you get what you pay for should be in effect. I built a platform in the sky for my renters to use to build or check inventory. they must be in the group and it has a one min auto return. I did this because so many are complaining about the sandboxs out there.
    Just thoughts……

  40. Wynochee LeShelle says:

    Good work would be: ad-farms out, bots + camperbots out, campers out, kids out, thiefs out, unused accounts out. Stability in, speed in, quality in, usability in, fair prices and fees in, 15-days trial-accounts in. Then we can talk about roads.

  41. Ferdinand Darkstone says:

    Yay, we get roads on sims. that really made my day

    but honestly, who cares about this?
    How about hiring more than 1 person to handle damca’s?
    there is just really 1 linden to handle that stuff
    no wonder it takes years to get things done now
    and why not just remove texture uuids?

  42. Jane says:

    @ 132 in a prevous post

    “Incredible. Never have i seen such a lengthy explanatory post. Perhaps a Linden (can I actually type Linden…ooops did it again) could take the time to answer some of the issues that cause real concern. Issues which have been around for the 18mths I have been part of this “game”. This is an incredible and blatant instance (and by far the first) od Linden Lab publicly stating they are concerened with themselves first and foremost and NOT their paying customers.”

    This applis to this post too. Linden priorities are:
    1) making money themselves
    2) any big well known real life business that pays them
    3) shiny features which attracts more of these real life businesses
    4) making deals about selling headphones and new toys
    5) posting useless blogs to pretend to the big businesses they care about customers

    (…long list..;)

    4253) ad farms
    4254) IP theft
    4255) grid stability
    4255) ansering residents question and concerns

  43. Ricky Yates says:

    Good to hear that the LDPW is not a stillborn idea and that actual work is being done.

    Like some people said before: Where, please, is this “Korean channel” the post is alluding to? May we have at least *one* actual region name, please? Thank you.

    In general, if you mention certain places, pointers which are actually useful would be highly appreciated.

  44. morgause McConnell says:

    I can only see one posible good solution and thats the one from Darling Brody.

    Auto return should be 5 minutes after the object’s owner leaves the region.

    As for the change its ugly what was on the mind MARS wel im sorry but combat dont need a fantasy like surrounding the texture is plain ugly and the hills nope wil not do.

    Just take a look at how Rausch was and then tell us what was wrong with the surrounding why did that hade to change.
    Save zone was bigger and it lookt great to me.

    The problems that where there hade nothing to do with the place or how it lookt.
    Lag was always a isue on Rausch now its even more terrible.

    The problem is and wil be the griefing and like it or not that was alts coming in that where a day old the drop there stuff and leave so if you auto return when the person is gone for 5 min yeah that wil do.
    But dont get the people that spent time there playing combat or build.
    here also people that play combat AND build see wel that would done with if my work wil be sent back every 5 min.

    Casandra said it would take creativity out when they shoot at me or beeing caged wel then dont go to Rausch its what the place is for i love to build at Rausch and kill a few.

    No im sorry there was totaly nothing wrong with the terrain at Rausch the change was a total mess and tottaly not nessesary and MARS wel im sorry do i need to wear a space suit now.

    Tjees just give us back Rausch wil you.

  45. Kubwa Thor says:

    Unpayable for the normal user, the landbarons will buy all the parcels for increadable prices !
    there are currently 4 mainland double prim sims, sistiana, Grignano, Miramare and Barcola.
    The prices for 1024sqm there are aout 200k L$ !!

    Lindenlab, auctions are NOT fair !!

  46. Ai Kikuchiyo says:

    That’s another thing. The outright market manipulation by certain land barons on land making land go for rediculous prices. This needs to be put a stop to. In the real world, such market manipulation is highly illegal.

    Think about it, Linden Labs. You are still bound by the laws of the terrestrial location where your servers are located.

  47. morgause McConnell says:

    I dont care how much landprice is this Bloq is about Rausch and not the price of land.

    And that Rausch should be returnt to the way it was that is the surroundings that is.

  48. Zenick says:

    Combat Sandbox

    Performance over looks
    It looks really bad as it is now i rather have it like it was and it’s nice to have the water.
    Return time well I say 30 min i do still try to do some work in the sims but do to bullets, attacks that don’t die and junk objects the time needs to be it’s also nice to have bases and the likes but it would suck to have to rerez them every 5 mins.
    As for the safe zone it was a nice idea but IMO it was better when there wasen’t one.
    I know this probable won’t be taken away so at least make the TP point into the safe zone.
    Having a random theme for a month or so would be neat.

  49. Equal opportunity says:

    I will try and bid on some Bay City land from the Land Ninjas auction oops I mean the LL auction

  50. SL Player™ says:

    #45 Those sims are reserved for the so called old elite players of SL. They don’t want just any anyone coming in and stirring up old prim dust and cob webs on their special little ghost town. The person trying to sell those parcels uses that has tactic to extort a lot of money out of ya by labeling it rare.

  51. Broccoli Curry says:

    When are all the other talented, suitable, willing and able volunteers going to get approached to start work?

    I’m still waiting for a response to my application to join these ‘moles’ – and I’m quite sure I can’t be the only one.

  52. Jack Hathor says:

    In the project ISLANDIA we used to have canals, over 50 sims, connected through waterways. This was one of the first sim-in-bulk auctions. Ansche Chung was to develop the land, sell it and then to hand over the parts she had to reserve as public roads to the lindens. Tier is paid to the lindens and not to Ansche, so this is mainland, a special project.
    Many times i have taken my guests in my boat for a sightseeing throughout the sims, took them 25 sims further to see the vulcanoes and builds along the way.
    Till the day the lindens allowed Ansche to put the land meant for public road for sale. I strongly protested against this, and asked more then 1 linden to stop this rude breaking of agreements under which i bought the land.
    Guess what, NOTHING was done cause there wasnt a single linden to even remember about the agreement between ansche and the lindens. Result ? A big pile of sandsims, no longer connected, everyone living by themselves. Waterways became sand or were blocked for outside entrance, red stripes over the waterways, part of the fun gone.

    I bet Ansche doesnt pay ONE cent tier for the waterways she still has up for sale, she has filled them up with particle emiiting objects, she is never there, she doesnt switch them off and she priced the land $30 – $50 per meter. With others that comes close to sharking, with ansche its just a good linden businesspartner.

    So excuse me if i have to laugh when i read about public works, it was all there and you let it slip.

  53. River Ely says:

    Too Little, Too Late.

    I feel like we could have so much more if Phillip and his crew focused on some customer service issues instead of rolling out the bling and the band aids.

    SL is Unique in concept and implication, and to a greater extent, is successful. It COULD be better, a lot better. Please, Listen to your customers, we know what we want.

    We want more of the stable stuff, it does not need to look a million dollars, we make the content, it does not have to be cheap, we create the economy, it does need to be stable and consistent, because we pay your bills and create your profits.

  54. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    About old roads and railways

    When we walk along SLRR and Northern Great Wall, sometimes we find prims with the “fantom” status and of course we fall down (to fall inside the Great Wall is a nightmarish position).
    Could you please check the existing works and remove the “fantom” status from the concerned prims?
    Like this, we could walk, bike and ride along the ways.

  55. Sera Galbraith says:

    I think when they say “Korean continent” they mean around all those Korean named mainland sims. I hang out in Chinhae sometimes and there’s like a bunch of ocean over there now.

  56. Net Antwerp says:

    The changes to Rausch should have been made AFTER the consultation period has ended, NOT beforehand. Most of the regulars at Rausch dislike the impromptu changes that have been made, which includes disabling the ability to create a landmark in Rausch.

  57. Mixter says:

    Since few residents have cars, protected road land should probably be built up as pedestrian parkways rather than roads per se.

  58. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    @10, 13, and anyone else wondering about the “Korean continent”:

    Short answer: I strongly suspect they are talking about the former cleft in the third (in chronological order) and southernmost mainland continent. The newly filled in space is roughly delimited by the regions of Sarcelle and Ensel in the north, Darcy’s Harbour and Kenfield in the south, and the volcano mentioned peaks in Ichelus.

    Long answer: Of the six major mainland continents on the SL grid so far, the third and fourth in chronological order of creation are the ones most difficult to identify simply because they never managed to acquire reasonably well known names. Continents 1, 2, 5, and 6 are named Sansara, Heterocera, Nautilus, and Corsica by fairly general consensus. The last two got their names before they were finished because unnamed regions were designated by these names followed by various serial numbers.

    No such consensus exists for continents 3 and 4. Carl Metropolitan’s popular map available from NCI lists the name Jeogeot for continent 3, and others have sometimes referred to it as Meridia. It is also simply called the “southern continent” for obvious reasons. People sometimes refer to it as “the Korean continent” because many of its sims have Korean names (though others have Australian and literary names) and possibly also in part because the first mainland regions south of Sansara were a small group of 4 regions named Korea1 through Korea4, and people just got used to thinking of anything south of Sansara as Korea 🙂

    @ 23, 29, 36, 38, and anyone else griping about stability:

    It might be worthwhile remembering that the DPW is in part intended to allow resident non-Linden volunteers take over some of the building work so that more Lindens can be spared to address other important issues. Thus the DPW projects detract nothing at all from the sorely needed stabilization of the grid; if LL in its wisdom decides to use the Lindens thus freed up for things other than improving stability, you can’t blame DPW.

    @54 Garmin:

    Is this falling into structures happening at region crossings? Because it’s a very old known problem at sim boundaries whatever the status of the prim overlapping the border. In fact, if you’re very laggy you’ll even start falling through the ground. So although it’s a problem we may hope will be fixed eventually, it’s not something that can be addressed by builder teams like DPW.

  59. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    @57 Mixter:

    Honestly, I believe few residents have cars because there are so few roads 🙂 I suspect a lot of people will want to get a car once they can actually drive it somewhere.

  60. Ann Otoole says:

    set auto return to 1 minute. or make object creation group only. residents don’t need to dump stuff out. please tell me you guys already know what the entire rest of the grid has to do to prevent griefing. you leave creation on and you know who will drop replicating pron prims all over and destroy the experience.

    if your going to allow creation then have a small parking lot where they can rez cars and have a Linden there 24*7 to deal with griefers. is it really worth it to risk griefing?

  61. Lias Leandros says:

    Why would you compound the mistake you made with putting infohubs in sims you sold land to residents to by doing it again? You have no plan in place to manage the people that take over Linden plots – or manage the numbers of people that clog up a sim on Linden plots while tier paying residents in that sim must wait until the crowd of loiterers and griefers disperse. All attempts to appoint community groups and/or Mentors to oversee these abused plots have been ignored.

  62. LoLo says:

    @51 I agree, Broccoli should be a mole. I like her ‘take action’ attitude though it would not fit very well with the Lindens “stick your head in the ground and ignore problems attitude”

  63. Taz Villiers says:

    I have yet to find a road on which I am allowed to rezz a vehicle.

  64. Razor says:


  65. Razor says:


  66. Disa says:

    Answers to the questions:-

    “how often?” these sims are part of SL history and known to many, their landscape needs to be restored as it was at the earliest opportunity.

    “performance vs. beauty?” – performance every time it is a combat area – I have visited many beautiful areas in sl, they look wonderfull but are slow.

    “rough and rugged terrain with cover, or smooth and simple map?” – Cover is pointless clutter it offers poor or no protection. Anyone who wants cover can rezz it. I have seen many fine fortifications built by those that want them. The original terrain had been well thought out for the purpose.

    “flying vs. not?” – no fly will only cause problems for noobs, non-phys vehicles will be used if fly is turned off

    “always have water?” – yes, those that do not want it can turn off water rendering

    “committees, submissions and juries, vs. the sudden product of one artist?” – You ask for opinions about roads but just totally change 3 sims that date back to the earliest days of SL! ASK, please ASK! A combat area should not be an artists idea of what a combat are should be. It should be designed for combat first and aesthetics second.

    “how many people know about the Red and Blue teams, and use them?” – Many know of them but few use them, they are now just labels since the group was removed from the land. Combat on Rausch is mostly one on one not teams.

    “built-in content? Just a couple of flags, or a detailed recreation of Stalingrad circa December 1943?” – Restore Xenon Lindens tower in its old position with a smoothe uncluttered landscape – There are many themed combat areas

    “autoreturn is now 60 minutes; it’s been suggested that a 5 – 15 minute autoreturn might help with griefing and clutter cleanup” – I have mixed feelings about this, up to a few weeks ago it was 5 hours, I think the 60 minutes should be given a little more chance to see how things go. Anyone wanting to build a fort will have severe problems with very short return times and some of the resident created stuff i have seen on rasuch is excellent. If it is possible to get the auto return to work on time after people log off it would be good.

  67. Aquarius Paravane says:

    @58 – Thanks Veronica, finally another person who cares about continent names! But don’t forget Gaeta, east of Corsica. Please Lindens, name the two non-name continents, connect them with channels, and realize that there are people here who want to circumnavigate the world.

    @63 – Taz, Linden Maintenance land is normally set to prevent building but allow object entry. So you have to rez your vehicle on land that allows you to build, adjacent to the road, and then drive onto the road and travel. Same goes for waterways and oceans. If you would like to go driving, please contact me in world and I can let you know about my new driving start point. For a free sailing point, there are several; mine is the Blue Turtle pub in Oggy sim for water and air travel in North West Nautilus and Corsica.

  68. Ener Hax says:

    Cant’ wait to see it!!!! Nice work! =D

  69. AJax Straaf says:

    OK I also agree with darlings suggestion of making auto return 5 minutes after the owner leaves the region its fair and necessary.

    Bottom Line Rausch needs to return to its original form. Not being able to create land marks in SZ or being able to tp into a safer position is idiotic, and if you think it will get more people in Rausch, your crazy, they wont come back if they continuously die as they are tpd in.

    As far as comments by Griffin Yeats earlier, there are tons of REGULATED combat areas he can play with his guns in. Rausch is a place with no rules, no meters, so you get what you get and adapt to it. He is right anyone can press a button on a hud or sit in a bot, but the successful fighters are consistently successful because they understand how to fight using their chosen weapon with tactics and intelligence, we outsmart our opponents, and you always know a noob from veteran even when using the exact same weapons.

    I do believe what needs to happen is the creation of an additional combat region that is non damage, and if possible supports several combat systems, so those may come and fight at their leasure using whatever system is preferred by them.

    After reflecting on Michael Lindens comments publicly to all the people mourning the loss of the old Rausch and privately in IM to me, i realise he wants to make Rausch all things to all people and that simply wont happen. But give Mr. Yeats a public place to play with his guns and a place were a noob with a freebie blaster can go and have a chance would be a good thing for all.

  70. Anais Hoorenbeek says:

    Like some people said in their post, it’s sad to see that the change of Rausch has been made before a consultation of residents.

    Lots of regular users will tell you that Rausch totally sucks now: there’s no water, the terraforming is totally no creative, the three sims look awfull (to me), the safe zone is so ridiculously small, and FPS has decreased due to area full of sculpted rocks.
    Don’t forget that it’s a combat sim, of course performance has to be over beauty.
    there’s no sense to combat in a “detailed recreation of Stalingrad circa December 1943” with 3 Frames per second O.o

    About the auto-return, I’m agree with Darling, 5 minutes after the owner leaves the land sounds great

  71. Kirachan Fitzgerald says:

    The Water stretch in the Korean Channel is very nice. offers itself to sailing.. IF ONLY…. scripts were set to be usable on all void sims there… and if there was one place where I could officially rez my boat! Why not have something like a boat-rez harbour.. with a 5 minute auto-return… from where I could take off. I just searched 20 minutes along the shores for a parcel that had build enabled and wasn’t full yet. These waterways are great.. but not everyone who would like to use them has the option to buy a piece of shoreland…

  72. Wildstar Beaumont says:

    I love the Korean Channed being up !!!
    I have home and interests at the opposite ends of the southern continent, I have always loved to walk and ride from one end to the other, and the big void in the middle has always been a problem. Now I guess I can also swim and sail 🙂

  73. morgause McConnell says:

    This bloq is about Rausch i thought wel i dont care about uther continents much however sometimes its nice to explore sl and i do have a great time then.
    But Rausch should be the way it was its always been a real unique place and should stay that way not MARS.
    I see people talking here about mainland who even dont know what Rausch is about thats crap.
    When i came to Rausch there whas the Mist and i hade a real hard time not getting killt over and over again, till you get to know the people and weapons they use there YES i was a noob too lol.

    But its not the quiestion if noobs get killt, yes they do and for the ones that keep goming back because they like the place wel they stick around and even make friends 🙂

    For the people that come in and are a day old hm to be honest there wil be some BUT FEW that come in a day old and already know about the place Rausch because on help island there are really no mentors that wil send you to Rausch wen your a day old believe me and inworld there are not many people that wil send a 1 day old to Rausch.

    I know i would not send someone to Rausch wen im on help island explaining to people what Sl is about and no uther mentors wil.

    And then for now what you wanna do on MARS wen you even cannot walk because of lag OH CANT WALK ON MARS HUH YOU NEED A SUIT.

  74. Netsah Kurosawa says:

    Roads? Roads of asphalt everywhere is what you dream for an idyllic world??? If you could make a second better world you would build roads??? A world where we can fly and teleport everywhere needs roads?????? You are proud to tell you are working on making roads in SL, the most useless thing in that world, when many people wait for fixes on many problems. Some just can’t log in without crashing after 2 minutes… Before opening new sims maybe you should first try to fix the existing ones… You should try first to fix the “great” havok4 that is making so much problems to many people in game with none before… Maybe it’s not the same team that works on fixing problems, havok4 and that new sim.. But else.. Don’t tell them proudly their is new sims, with new great road.. I thought SL was made for originality and imagination.. Roads is not the idea I have of creativity and imagination of a new better world. And to make new sims when the currents ones don’t work well I find that silly..

  75. BRADGEALINA says:


  76. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Great! So more SL roads means more adfarms right? Those little 16m blocks at the edges of roads? Why can you not incorporare them into a larger block to make up 512m or larger? When are you going to address this issue of unsightly adfarms that clutter the edges of our region and the SL roadsides?
    I have a proposal: why not let the residents of a region have permissions to landscape these leftover little 16m blocks at your roadsides? We would much rather see trees lining the roads than endless annoying adblocks floating in the air and spoiling everyones view. Each region could landscape the roadsides to fit in with the overall theme of their region. Not a difficult question surely? How about looking into this long outstanding issue and giving us an answer?

  77. sm thibaud says:

    where the hell is Korean channel? Don’t you all hate it when the linden are so mindless? Please, some infos

  78. Argent Stonecutter says:

    How about moving the combat sims to their own islands, with damage-enabled openspaces around them? This would eliminate the whole issue of people sitting off-sim and launching avatar-seeking missiles into them.

  79. AJax Straaf says:

    Argent Stonecutter, ummm, they are there own islands.

  80. Colette Chadbourne says:

    The Korean Channel will be mainly for the few residents around that area. They are only a few small private plots that will allow rezzing of items like boats. How about a small rezz area on the island? Just so that more residents can enjoy it.

  81. sm thibaud says:

    Thanks for the info Michael: live chat says that the Korean channel does not exist, or better is still under construction.

    Kirachan Fitzgerald Says:April 19th, 2008 at 5:51 AM
    The Water stretch in the Korean Channel is very nice. offers itself to sailing..

    Now who’s right?

  82. Keera Woyseck says:

    roads are pretty much useless till sim crossings get better.. so i have to ask.. what is the point?

  83. Gontran Charron says:

    I am not happy about Linden changing the Rausch design and its neighbor sims, without consulting its users. I think it is an anti-democratic move and that sort of behavior should definitely be avoid in the future.

    Now, to solve Rausch’s problem, is there some sort of “undo” button to go back to the original design?

  84. Early morning comments on comments:

    — Roads: we get a lot of requests from landowners adjacent to the “road” parcels for roads. Whether there should *be* road parcels is another issue, not my department! There are several styles of road build already in SL, including cobblstone-ey in the Atoll regions; we’ll probably start by matching adjacent road builds. Linden Lab isn’t going to use megaprims for the roads (or railroads), since they cause Havok 4 performance trouble.

    — Bay City: the Moles are contractor artists, and wouldn’t be writing database code or fiddling with Havok if they weren’t making roads and towns.

    — post #54 by Veronica Quackenbush correctly identified the “Korean channel”. I personally don’t know if that continent has a name! I do agree that some object rez zones are needed … maybe one at the island, and one at the northern end of the channel? I’ll try to get to those by Monday.

    — Combat sandboxes: keep in mind that there are only four different rock sculpties, with only three different textures, being used; and that sculpties are the same load to the physics engine as a flattened cylinder prim. We removed about 3/4 of the sculpties yesterday.

    I’m a little puzzled by the idea that boulders ranging from 2 to 9 meters across offer no cover nor protection … what sort of scripting systems are usually used to conduct combat in these sandboxes? Though I suppose if everyone’s flying, overhead cover would be more important.

    We want to encourage new Residents to use the combat sandboxes (I suspect they’re usually found as a result of Searching for “combat”). There are dozens of other, non-Linden-owned, combat regions and parcels in SL; but many of them require specialized scripted objects or membership in a group.

  85. Pshhh.... says:

    Roads. In a virtual world where you can teleport anywhere you want to just with a click.



    Nothing shows better how LL doesn’t get their own product.
    I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

  86. In response to Michael Linden’s last post (#83)

    “I’m a little puzzled by the idea that boulders ranging from 2 to 9 meters across offer no cover nor protection … what sort of scripting systems are usually used to conduct combat in these sandboxes? Though I suppose if everyone’s flying, overhead cover would be more important.”

    —Cover is completely useless for “Rausch combat”. Michael, if you want a demo of what scripted objects are in use, feel free to come to Rausch, turn Linden god mode off, hide in a box, and shout how safe you think you are 😛

    “We want to encourage new Residents to use the combat sandboxes (I suspect they’re usually found as a result of Searching for “combat”). There are dozens of other, non-Linden-owned, combat regions and parcels in SL; but many of them require specialized scripted objects or membership in a group.”

    —You need “specialized scripted objects” at Rausch also… Like guns. If you use subpar weapons, expect to be killed. An investment of at least 250L$ is needed if you want to survive at Rausch. If you learn how rausch works, you will have fun there. The best way to do this is by spending several hours in the Safe Zone and talking to people playing there. I also encourage people to visit these other combat sims if you want to engage in more traditional combat, with a themed atmosphere. You can start playing with an investment of 25L$ at one of these sims, however basic guns are the only thing allowed.

  87. clifford bunin says:

    michael you evidently have no idea what the place is! take off your linden god mode and hange around there a bit there no such thing as cover from weapons there! ugh!

  88. clifford bunin says:

    this is sl anyhting that is possible WILL HAPPEN step out of the way!

  89. Gontran Charron says:

    Nobody can’t hide behind any boulder when a hunter-killer attack is after you. These attacks will penetrate
    most Hi-tech shield, phase shield, off-sim shield, or other physical defence known on SL, and will go easy as pie through any boulder. The safest place is probably off-sim, sitting on a non-phys bot or… at home watching the Hockey Final on TV! Yes, the boulders are obstructive to any driving vehicle. But the main problem isn’t about them and I will not propose to the Lindens to built a highway there to solve that problem. What I’d like them to understand, is that there is a problem with the general design of the sims and that it goes far beyond the rocks.

    Climate is hard and dry, and the general feeling is depressing. This is a fighting sand box, there is a lot of sweat there, a lot of conflict situations, a lot of human interactions, a lot to learn about fighting and to learn about people and ourselves. Did we really need a landscape that would kill any hope around us? Grass and water inspired peace and restfulness, and was very well appreciated especially after a hard fight, when we wanted to relax and chill with some friends. Now its gone…

    Also, no water around is a big minus for fighting strategies… Water was one spot where we could hide from an assailant or prepare an attack.

    As a fighting sand box, we, fighters are often very far from our camera position and our view is often outside the sim borders. Right now, from this point of view, we see the offstage shape of the hills surrounding the sim, which is not too interesting to watch.

    We never had that problem before with the old sim design. To my knowledge, no one ever complained about the old Rausch design. What we complained about was about the multiple griefer attack that we have and wanted to find a solution about stopping it. One of these solutions was to suggest to set the auto return to 5 minutes or so, and make it work on time after people log off. We never complaint about anything else.

    SL signature is “Your world. Your imagination.” For Rausch’s resident, I believe it is the old one.

  90. Darling Brody says:

    @ Michael Linden

    {I’m a little puzzled by the idea that boulders ranging from 2 to 9 meters across offer no cover nor protection … what sort of scripting systems are usually used to conduct combat in these sandboxes?}

    You will find everything from popguns to nukes in the combat regions.

    You will find bullets that can pass through solid prims and kill you in the combat regions. So hiding behind a rock is not going to save you.

    You will find nukes that kill everyone in 96 meters at once.

    You will find HUD based weapons that let you kill at the click of a button.

    You will find all kinds of innovative shields designed to protect from all of these things.

    You will find happy people who have good quolity weapons, and unhappy people who have poor quolity weapons. The unhappy people tend to be killed a lot and send Abuse Reports about how unfair it is.

    You will find talented scripters working in their on their latested weapons system.

    You will find people hanging out the the safe zone, which is really a lot more fun that most clubs in SL.

    Somtimes you will even find me there looking for someone who isnt one of my customers so I can kill them without offending a client.

    The best thing you can do for the region is make it load as fast as possible and take a serious look at my previous suggestion about an auto return based on when the object owner left the region, not when the object was rezzed.

    The second best thing you can do is expand the 3 regions into 9. One of the biggest problems with modern weapons is that 3 sims are not big enough to hide in. I have previously offered to pay the setup fees for an extra sim to be added. My offer is still good. Perhaps some of the other weapons makers will match my offer and we can have the 9 regions?


  91. morgause McConnell says:

    Once again and i told you last night michael please spent some time at RAUSCH and learn what the place is about.

    Then you will see that the place sucks now and the old Rausch was perfect NOTHING was wrong with the landscape unthil you changed it.


  92. 60 minute auto return? Ha, you think the grid will be up that long on any day of the week? lol

    I’d say nice photo, but can’t really see anything, it’s all dark apart from a horrid white glow from the sunset, which tells me it’s Windlimp, and you guys have no clue of differing gamma standards on different machines.

    Who cares about combat anyway, outside of the US? If you want to go shoot people or be shot, try any US high school in RL. What the rest of us want is a stable grid, core features that work, being able to log in, and way way less shinies.

  93. morgause McConnell says:

    BTW i do ask you did you read the commends Michael, that people posted true out the bloq because with your last post i do think not.

    And i also think linden made a mistake sending someone in that really dont know anything about the combat place shooting a melon gun was way back you know?

    People that are much at Rausch do not wanna be in SL combat zones that are full of rules thats just it no fun rules RL is full of that too and thats just what whe are not looking for.

    BTW the people that are new and keep sending AR to the lindens are mostly the biggest griefers later did you know that, as soon as they get the taste of the place and know how things work there spamming the hell out a ya and smile (look what i can do).

    No Michael before you changed Rausch you should have spent time there and you would not have changed it i believe.

  94. clifford bunin says:

    wheres frontier linden at?? help us

  95. AJax Straaf says:

    Cover in Rausch how ridiculous, it would be a good idea Michael if you did come out of godmode and allow, Markbyron, Clifford, Morgause, Darling or myself hunt you while hiding under a rock, and see how many seconds you last, you would understand then.

  96. Jahar Aabye says:

    Re Madgeek and Michael Linden’s comments:

    I think that part of the problem is that the use originally intended by Linden Labs for Rausch, and the activities for which it is now used, are very different.

    As Madgeek said, combat in Rausch does require an extensive investment. Most of the “combat” at Rausch involves using HUD-based weaponry to rez attacking objects that use sensors to attack and kill the target. Prior to the introduction of Havok4, combat in Rausch also included frequent use of orbiters. At times it has also included the use of client crashers and other nasty scripted objects. Basically, because Rausch is “anything goes”, it has evolved into a Wild West type of environment where those with the biggest weapons will continually overpower the weak. I’m not saying that this is good or bad, but I doubt that anyone will disagree that it is a good description.

    I understand the desire of Linden Labs to have a place for new residents to go and shoot each other with freebie guns. As an admin at a private combat sim, we often give new users a landmark to Rausch if they are unable to abide by our rules regarding conduct and approved weapons. Unfortunately, we know that a new user with a freebie gun will be killed almost immediately in Rausch. Firearm combat is almost unheard of there (I am probably the only resident who does use a gun in Rausch, but that is likely only because I am a gun scripter myself), because as I said, much of the combat is done via autokilling HUDs.

    Also, while I understand that one motivation for creating Rausch was to have a public combat area so that individuals would not disrupt other public areas, the unexpected side-effect is that griefing devices designed to disrupt other users experiences are often sold under the guise of being designed for use in Rausch (despite the fact that many of these attacks are designed to harrass residents, rather than kill them…or again, as I said, in some cases crash their clients). Again, I am not stating this as a value judgement, just pointing out that it is something that Linden Labs needs to realize is a natural consequence of having a completely unregulated combat region.

    I sense that there is a severe disconnect between Michael Linden’s image for Rausch that he describes in his post, and the reality of Rausch that Madgeek and I describe. In fact, it is precisely because of the problems inherent with the unregulated combat in Rausch that the market responded by resident-operated private combat sims, which can be much more tightly regulated. However, the flip side is that these regions are not necessarily accessible or easy to use for new residents. As Madgeek said, the private combat sim at which I work charges only L$25 for membership, but we do have very strict rules on allowed weapons (to prevent griefing and because poorly scripted guns can cause severe lag and even crash a sim). Our sim, like many other private combat sims, also does not use the default SL Damage system, but rather we utilize a health meter attached as a HUD. We also have strict rules on behavior and conduct, and often new residents find it difficult to understand that “Your World, Your Imagination” does not mean a lack of responsibility for one’s actions.

    Other combat sims use extensive roleplaying features integrated into the privately developed combat systems DCS and CCS. While this is great for encouraging people to return to these sims to build “experience”, it does also make it far more difficult for new users.

    The point I’m trying to make is that Rausch has developed in ways very different from those intended by Linden Labs. Private developers have responded to meet the market need for combat sims for experienced players, but one of the main goals for Rausch, having a public combat area for new players, is not being met either way.

    If Linden Labs wants to retain Rausch as a public, unregulated combat area, they need to accept what it is and what it is not. If Linden Labs really wants Rausch to be a place for new residents to engage in combat, then they need to really rethink the entire concept of the combat sandboxes, and accept that such a concept will require much more regulation and a greater time investment than simply making a region damage-enabled, installing a few small non-damage parcels with restricted settings, and then leaving.

  97. Gontran Charron says:

    Also, no water around is a big minus for fighting strategies… Water was one spot where we could hide from an assailant or prepare an attack.

    As a fighting sand box, we, fighters are often very far from our camera position and our view is often outside the sim borders. Right now, from this point of view, we see the offstage shape of the hills surrounding the sim, which is not too interesting to watch.

    We never had that problem before with the old sim design. To my knowledge, no one ever complained about the old Rausch design. What we complained about was about the multiple griefer attack that we have and wanted to find a solution about stopping it. One of these solutions was to suggest to set the auto return to 5 minutes or so, and make it work on time after people log off. We never complaint about anything else.

    SL signature is “Your world. Your imagination.” For Rausch’s resident, I believe it is the old one.

  98. Landing Normandy says:

    Any chance we can have the roads finished on old land first? I’ve had land on the ‘roadside’ in Wainscot for over two years now and still there’s no road there. Come on!

  99. Gontran Charron says:

    Nobody can’t hide behind any boulder when a hunter-killer attack is after you. These attacks will penetrate
    most Hi-tech shield, phase shield, off-sim shield, or other physical defence known on SL, and will go easy as pie through any boulder. The safest place is probably off-sim, sitting on a non-phys bot or… at home watching the Hockey Final on TV! Yes, the boulders are obstructive to any driving vehicle. But the main problem isn’t about them and I will not propose to the Lindens to built a highway there to solve that problem. What I’d like them to understand, is that there is a problem with the general design of the sims and that it goes far beyond the rocks.

  100. Darling Brody says:

    Hay Michael, how about we play a little game. A pay per kill game. If you kill me, I give you $2000L. If I kill you, you give me only $500L?

    Darling (soon to be mega rich) Brody

  101. clifford bunin says:

    LOL@ Darling (soon to be mega rich) Brody

  102. Jahar Aabye says:

    Of course, a large part of it is the SL Damage system itself, where any object scripted with llSetDamage(100); that physically collides with you will kill you. The system is open and basic and makes it fairly easy to kill just about anyone anywhere on damage-enabled land. Of course, any changes to the SL Damage system would break large amounts of content (including my own), and thus is probably impossible.

    This is why most private combat sims use their own scripted damage systems, which can be fine-tuned to fit their needs.

  103. morgause McConnell says:

    you be carefull darling mabye he cheat and dont puth of his scripted god modus

  104. Rex Cronon says:

    – how often? how about asking the users, both old and new? I don’t think you would like to change it every day? There could possibly be some events that might require to change it, but it should also be possible to change it back without a lot of hardship.
    – performance vs. beauty? does is really matter how beautiful is a bullet if it moves in slow motion? how much “fun” is it when it takes a few seconds to take one step?
    – rough and rugged terrain with cover, or smooth and simple map? I would like rough and rugged terrain with cover(it could be best if the terrain itself was like that without prims), but I would also like to have something like a continuous road between the three sims.
    – flying vs. not? most flight assists defeat the no flying restrictions.
    – always have water?i think that watter is kind of nice to have. even in desserts you can have an oasis, can’t you?
    – committees, submissions and juries, vs. the sudden product of one artist? why not having a competition sponsored by LL? The first place design gets 5kl$, second 3kl$, third 1kl@, and 3-4 prizes of 100l$ for the runner uppers? Each design could be posted in a specially assigned parcel(possibly 100m higher on a platform). The judgment could be based on how many clicks each design has.
    – how many people know about the Red and Blue teams, and use them? who knows? how many even know that rausch exited until todays blog?
    – built-in content? Just a couple of flags, or a detailed recreation of Stalingrad circa December 1943? sadly the more detailed things are the laggier it gets:(
    – autoreturn is now 60 minutes; it’s been suggested that a 5 – 15 minute autoreturn might help with griefing and clutter cleanup: I think that 5 is too little. 15 minutes is more like it. But can you leave it at 60 minutes for a month or so, in order to see how things work?
    regarding the sculpties boulders: even though the h4 engine might have no problem with them(as all sculpties are toruses for the h4), in the viewer the sculpties do produce lag. Those that don’t have a powerful enough computer might suffer a drop in their fps. Also sculpties don’t load that fast, so sometimes the only things you see is a sim full of balls. Even though the boulders only use only a limiter number of sculptie images and textures, there are users that have attachments that are sculpties, so is possible that the sculptie images for the attachments load before the ones for the boulders.
    btw Jahar, you aren’t the only one that uses a gun:) isn’t there a little conflict of interests in your case, as do own a sim that is basically competing with rausch? Oh, you did such a nice promo on this blog:)
    regarding the damage system:
    -llSetDamage() should accept negative numbers, which should have the effect of increasing health upon collision:)
    – a new function is needed llHealth() that returns avatars health

  105. clifford bunin says:

    a negative number on the llSetDamage() sounds like an intresting idea and i think it should be explored. wouldnt be as much dying and more fair too huh.

  106. clifford bunin says:

    yup. i have visions of things to come easily that would make the stratage to stay alive. right now there is no strategy for that if your out the safe you can die anytime

  107. Gontran Charron says:

    Maybe the best compromise to make is to give us back our original Rausch, where grass and water inspired peace and restfulness, between fighting lull. And like Darling suggested somewhere above, put in some extra sims around, and why not include the New Mars sims with them. I have no personal problem with the Mars sims, as long as I don’t stay on them to long… Must be because of the hard climate, the dryness and the general feeling which is somehow a tiny bit depressing. Anyway, when we get tired of seeing Mars, we just have to go back on the Original Rausch and that’s it.

  108. Vanessa Sakai says:

    How about finishing the roads in the snow sims on the old contenent?

  109. Ai Kikuchiyo says:

    The spammer attacks on Rausch today show exactly why the auto-return being set to 5 minutes is absolutely necessary. It would make it so that the Lindens don’t have to clean up that trash and reset the whole set of combat sandboxes.

    We all know that 99% of the griefing grid-wide would be eliminated by Linden Labs doing one thing. And that would be simply no longer allowing unvarified accounts. This would eliminate the ability for people to grief anonymously by creating hundreds of unvarified accounts.

    Think about it, Linden Labs. You have the solution to the griefing problems right in front of you.

  110. Ai Kikuchiyo says:

    The only thing that unvarifiedf accounts do for Second Life is as a source of crime in SL

    How many businesses in SL have lost money due to anonymous griefers attacking them? How many businesses actually hire people to grief competitors with unvarified alts? In the real world, such activity is known as Racketeering. Highly illegal in most civilized nations.

    It’s time Linden Labs does right by the residents who pay their bills. End unvarified access now!

  111. Bowfluv says:

    …There are a few things that puzzle me here, , , and one that puzzle me a lot is why are there roads here , , You are the Lindens, make a path, put in trees, do something..anything but roads…and there is a yellow line,, which side do i drive on,,the side the brits are not driving on…it is so gosh darn silly…and you cant rez a car anyway on any part that I have been on,,, and that is alot ,, I have walked it for hours and have seen 15 people, , I counted ,, and talked to three, , Two were newish and talk to anybody…When you sign in it says there are 60000…Where?? Oh and did I mention the roads are silly, Cars are silly in RL, they are ridiculous here ,,

  112. U M says:

    “The spammer attacks on Rausch today show exactly why the auto-return being set to 5 minutes is absolutely necessary. It would make it so that the Lindens don’t have to clean up that trash and reset the whole set of combat sandboxes.”

    They nolonger cleanup any trash reguardsless if its griefter or otehrwise types of litter these days. for over a year many have been asking for cleanups of griefter litter to only get nothing done about it.

  113. bradgealina joles says:


  114. Darling Brody says:

    Scripts are currently turned Off in Rausch !!

    This means:-

    1) You can not make an object damage using llSetDamage.
    2) Your gun cant take controls so you can shoot it.
    3) The only way to die is to fall into the ground really hard. So far I have not had any luck convincing my opponants to do that!


  115. Kalei Lange says:


    ….I’m a little puzzled by the idea that boulders ranging from 2 to 9 meters across offer no cover nor protection … what sort of scripting systems are usually used to conduct combat in these sandboxes? Though I suppose if everyone’s flying, overhead cover would be more important.







  116. Kalei Lange says:



  117. JJccc Coronet says:

    Very Important
    I dont suppose any one will read this but i have been trying to get the trees put back into Morris welcome area. inside the shed, please put them back

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  119. morgause McConnell says:

    “What is well done is done soon enough.” — Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

    That qoute Michael Linden you should not have used.

    No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.


  120. Gontran Charron says:

    Sorry for the double posts. Had a hard time getiing them in here…

  121. Kalei Lange says:



  122. Rex Cronon says:

    Sadly, making it 5 minute autoreturn, will not solve things. If whoever reads this is any good at scripting, hopefully will understand why I am talking about:)

    Not all unverified users are griefers. Some can’t verify even if they wanted to. Others, might not really trust the company that does the verification. Who knows how many reasons are for not doing it?

  123. Darling Brody says:

    @Kalei Lange #121

    As I understand it they turned off flying too. So you cant even ask your oponent to fall into the ground and die in Rausch now. I even tried hitting someone in the head with one of the bolders, but Michael seems to have glued them down.

    …but hay, if you still think you can kill me. Go right ahead. If you manage it they will probably just block teleporting into the region to keep us all safe.

    Anyway, I hear all the frustrated combat people are heading over to help island to do their killing now. Apparently the scripts are still turned on over there. And with a non-functional combat region they have no where else to go.

    I guess I better start work on a weapons system designed for Help Island. The Rausch style weapons have their days numbered. Perhaps a Hug Gun or a Freebie Hair Gun would be a popular weapons system on Help Island? I’ll get my R&D people onto it right away!


    Warning: Post may be high in sarcasm.

  124. Kalei Lange says:

    I’ll beta test for the help island weapons system:)

  125. Darling Brody says:

    @ Michael Linden

    You have effectivly shut down all weapons (Even the Eric Linden’s popgun) in Rausch by turning off scripts.

    You are doing damage to the weapon market for all weapons creators, as no weapon on the market (gun or otherwise) will work in the official linden combat regions.

    I have spent several hours there and watched noobies turn up, try to fire their gun, and leave in discust. Probably on their way back to the shop that sold them what appeared to be a faulty gun.

    I have already started to receive complaints from my own customers as I included a landmark to rausch with all my weapons. I am now being asked “If it dosnt work in a combat sim, where can I use it”. Ironicly weapons now work better on Help Island than the combat region they are designed for.

    Michael, I understand you are trying to make things better, I’m sure you are highly skilled in other areas of SL, but you need to hand this job over to another linden. Sorry.


  126. morgause McConnell says:


  127. Frenchy LaPue says:

    Per her usual hate mongering, Monatana spews her hatred. Take your flames to SLX where it belongs.

  128. It is no secret I hate Americans But then again who doesn’t?

  129. morgause McConnell says:

    This days wen you tp into Rausch you wil be burnt at the spot sooo
    wen you wanna have a shot then take map try and figure out where sz is and ewwww scared press the button GOOD LUCK

  130. Hmm, it’s pretty clear that the community of Rausch users doesn’t want a change, so we’ve reverted the terrain. Gotta say, though, that the community of Rausch users is a small, specialized one — some effort has to be made to appeal to new SL Residents.

    We’ve set the autoreturn time for Rausch (the central of the three combat sandboxes) to 15 minutes, as a test.

  131. Disa says:

    Thank you so much for restoring Rausch 🙂

  132. Oh, and I’ve made some boat rezzing areas: in the Lordshore, Ichelus, and Ensel regions. Look for the buoy (soon to be bobbing, once the script is ready).

  133. Veronica Quackenbush says:

    @74, 82, 85, and anyone else sneering at roads, as in the following example:


    Nothing shows better how LL doesn’t get their own product.”

    Sorry, Pshhh, but you are doing exactly the same thing here that LL did to the unsuspecting users of Rausch: you are being disrespectful of valued social environments and pastimes that you have neither experience nor understanding of.

    If you don’t use roads, fine. I have no problem with YOU just teleporting from skybox to skybox, never taking the opportunity to explore and enjoy the many wonders of what I and some of my friends have come to call truespace travel in SL: travel on foot or in cars, boats, or flyers from sim to scenic sim, never using teleport except to cross the many true void areas between islands and continents. But please do not impose those bland, impoverished travel preferences on those of us who enjoy truespace travel and exploration.

    I have sailed in an unbroken trip from Gemmed in the heart of Heterocera to Pine Coast on the fringes of North Islandia. I have flown from Abbots to Chagall and from Mirr to Hughes Rise. I have driven the roads of Sansara, Heterocera, and the Azures from Noyo to Maquapit, from Kane to Benham, from Calleta to Brithys, from Pyxis to Algol and Perseus to Arcturus, and many, many others. I have walked the forest of Kahruvel and the underwater gardens of Rua. I have walked and swum from Rilke to Brecht and from Luna to Ganymede. I have ridden the rails from Mocha to Purple, from Caledon II to Caledon Mayfair, from Bhaga to Spini, from Magritte to Friedman. I have walked the rails from Cecropia to Jubata, from Okemo Haven to Smithers Firth, from Crumbi to Vicina. I have seen the fires of Mount G’Al and Pomponio, and I look forward to exploring those of Ichelus.

    This, all of this, is lost to Pshhh and their ilk, stuck in their little world of windowless boxes and whooshing teleports. They may never miss it, but many of us would–and we happen to think roads are a good idea. Please don’t sneer at them just because YOU don’t need them.

    @67 Aquarius: Nice to know we have that in common 🙂 You may like to know that Carl Metropolitan’s map also shows several names for continent 4, of which I personally prefer Satori, so I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the other alternatives at the moment 😛 I was aware of Gaeta as being in the planning stages, I hadn’t realized it was being laid out yet. Many thanks and hugs for telling me *pulls up world map*

  134. Marianne McCann says:

    Michael or someone; care to grab my comment out of the moderation queue? It’s stuck there because it includes some LDPW=related JIRA links I’d love for ya’ll to take a look at 🙂

  135. Rex Cronon says:

    Michael, if LL would organize/sponsor some competitions at Rausch, that might attract more users to it. The downside is that it requires time/effort and lets not forget money:)

  136. Gontran Charron says:

    Thanks a lot Michael for giving us back old Rausch! Nobody can’t complain now for the lack of water…

    One little comment: Is it possible to have a bigger safe zone? kinda tight in there. Cheers!

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  138. Robbey Trefusis says:

    I do wish that something could be done about those appalling sim crossings (i.e. the legally permitted SL GRIEFER road Mines). I drive a high prim Mini Extreme which is a really well designed vehicle that can be driven at a very slow speeds. However, trying to enjoy a drive from Coniston in the NE to Heaton in the South, I’m usually either sent into orbit or buried under the terrain at any moment. Ever tried to WALK over the bridge at the “Welcome area” at Waterhead 139,251,31 ? I dare you! How about Netherbeck 172,2,56 where if you walk over it you’ll be trapped under the road!!

    This is so very sad to see, so many people in their vehicles being ordited majestically into outer space or disappearing under the road.
    Those I talk to are very very dissapointed that this could possibly be “allowed”. The owner of these things is Govenor Linden, some have said (newbies), that they’d like to report it as Griefing aduse!! Now that’s a thought!

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