Second Life Day of Remembrance: Today, 17 April

Update: Join us TODAY for the The Day of Remembrance, a new community event commemorating the life, spirit, and creativity of all the residents who have left us. 

  • Join the Parade! Come by at 5:00 pm or 11:00 pm
  • Upcoming Music at the Main Stage, hourly from 1:00 pm to 12:00 pm midnight

— 24 Hours — April 17, until 11:59 pm SLT — 24 Hours !!    

At the Big Easy region,

Have you ever lost an in-world friend? As years pass in Second Life, more residents will have the sad experience of logging in to find that someone they know and love in-world has passed away in Real Life.

The Day of Remembrance is a new community event commemorating the life, spirit, and creativity of all the residents who have left us.

The event is organized around the tradition of the Jazz Funeral in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. When someone dies, all their friends gather for a parade in their honor. They play loud Jazz music as they move through the streets of the old town, carrying parasols and pictures of their friend. It is a time to celebrate the life of the dearly departed, as well as to mourn their passing. Our parade will depart from historic Jackson Square and crash joyously through the Big Easy region four times today– so that residents in all time zones can participate. We will have an interactive memorial garden and temple, and 24 hours of truly great music on the main stage.


Join the Parade! Come by at 5:00 pm or 11:00 pm and join in the “second line” of the parade. Second liners spin parasols, twirl hankies, play various instruments and carry pictures of the dearly departed, all to a Jazzy beat. Parade starts at Big Easy

Interactive Installations:
Help build a temple and raise money to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. By touching the building materials, and making a donation, the temple will build itself before our eyes.

Walk in the Memorial Garden, where you can plant a flower for a resident who has died in Real Life.

Meditate in the Memorial temple, where you can light a candle for anyone you wish to remember.

The Remembrance Team invites you all to join the rest of our community for this special event.


Main Stage:

Upcoming Music Performances!

01:00 pm   Mak Marjeta

02:00 pm   ChangHigh Trinity Sister Fireshow

03:00 pm   Kipling Writer

04:00 pm   Lonnie Knight

05:00 pm   DJ Jaysen Katscher

06:00 pm   Winston Ackland

07:00 pm   TallGuy Kidd

08:00 pm   Kaklick Martin

09:00 pm   DJ Madame Maracas

11:00 pm   DJ Sean Clancy

(already finished performance:)

12:00 am   DJ HarleyMC Homewood

01:00 am   DJ Gaidion Priestman

02:00 am   DJ sarcophilus Halderman

04:00 am   junivers Stockholm

04:30 am   DJ Wolves Nakamura

06:00 am   DJ Zeenat Mumfuzz

07:00 am

08:00 am   DJ Ricken Flow

09:00 am   Kourosh Eusebio

10:00 am   Jaynine Scarborough

12:00 pm   Foxyflwr Cure


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116 Responses to Second Life Day of Remembrance: Today, 17 April

  1. U M says:

    WOw waht a nice event.wish i can make it


  2. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    Me too U M – I hope to get along to at aleast 1 of the 4 events (good to see the Australia timezone is considered here).
    I’d also like to say thanks to Katt Kongo who lost a friend (Ginny Talamasca) for proposing such an event to LindenLab.
    I never met either one of you but after reading the blog entry about this planned event a couple of weeks ago I thought it was a great example of what SL should be all about. We are a ‘community’ as well investors/players/customers here – and its nice to see that human side of the Second Life community on display.

  3. anonamos says:

    amvakers my freind n he deid so im sad

  4. Sounds pretty cool….. hope teleports are working….

  5. Mojavewolfpup Hearn says:

    i can’t help but laugh at this, the irony

  6. Rolling Restart... says:

    hopefully SL will actually be RUNNING so we can attend these events…would be nice…just sayin…kae thanks:)

  7. Sean Heying says:

    /me has a strange sense of Déjà vu

    Hopefully the comments on this duplicated post will be a little kinder.

  8. Ashleigh Willis says:

    One of my in-world friends (Crash Westmoreland) died in real life, nice guy and I miss his company sometimes

  9. [Ms] Tachikawa says:

    This is nice.

    R.I.P Elmer Voss

  10. Silk Snook says:

    My beloved friend, Salvo Cuttita, went missing in Palermo in early September last year. No-one knows if he is alive. I would like his name remembered, even if only here, and always with me.

  11. Betony Greggan says:

    Hmm, 4 whole comments before the negative ones started popping up. No disrespect to anyone, we’re all entitled to have our opinions and to express them. But I hope people who for whatever reason don’t like this idea or are out of sorts with the Lindens, will show some restraint and respect tomorrow and just stay away from the memorial observances. I haven’t lost anyone in SL, but plan to be there as part of the community. Thank you, LL, this is a positive thing.

  12. Welleran Kanto says:

    Is there a place, in SL or on the web, where the names of our late fellow SL residents are memorialized?

  13. Sephy McCaw says:

    Ummm are you going to hold of the restart or hold of the remeberance day?

  14. On behalf of Mike says:

    @12 Welleran…

    IM Mike Burleigh about the memorial he built. Its what you are looking for, I think.

  15. Marianne McCann says:

    I hope ya’ll like the Garden I made there, too. 🙂

  16. Isadora Fiddlesticks says:

    I am looking forward to writing about this event…thank you for somehow managing to include other timezones:-)

    This is what I really love about SL, despite the glitches, we manage to form a community and have great memories. Whether we take them out to RL or not, those memories makes us the multifaceted person that we are overall.

  17. Lupercaleb Walcher says:

    i think i’ll check it out

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  19. Starfire Desade says:

    In Rememberance: ——

  20. Virginia Tech Second Life® Memorial Tribute Video

    “A Day of Remembrance”

    The VT Memorial in Second Life® on the sim “Memorial Park” is a quite, peaceful place to remember those that were lost in the Virginia Tech tragedy. We remember those that lost their life last year on April 16th 2007 in the Virginia Tech tragedy. As we remember them everyday with our in world memorial on the sim of “Memorial Park”. We also have memorials for other students that have lost there lives to tragedies, like the 5 students from NIU. Our memorial runs year around. And they are interactive with both of the universities websites. Think is a great sim to just enjoy a quiet place in SL. If your there to honor the ones lost or just to reflect on life, I would suggest you stop by Memorial Park. Taking it one day at a time.

    We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness …
    We are the Hokies …

  21. Al Lednev says:

    I propose that the “development” team construct a “Tomb for the Unknown Avie” to commerate all those millions of avies who have disappeared from SL.

    Internet “deaths” the vast majority are faked. If they were real, every Government in the world would have closed the Internet down as being the biggest single killer of people in history.

    Yes real people die, (we all will, except Lindens of course) but to commerate a person’s life on a game? Time to switch of the computer and step outside and smell the roses for some.

  22. Kyder Ling says:

    Shut up, #21.

    There have been tributes in other (actual) games to those who passed, like developer’s relatives. And SL is in fact a community. These things happen and often people need help to cope with it.

  23. cosa nostra says:

    @ 21 –>SPOT ON !!! You have my support !

    @ 22 –>log out asap, get some professional help and try to taste back RL (yes the flowers in rl are real, the people in rl are real people, the trees are real, the sky is blue ……..LMAO)

  24. cosa nostra says:

    OMG …. I cant stop ‘crying’, I need help ….. ROFLLLLLL

  25. DawnMaureen says:

    I just want to say that I lost my Parents, a few years ago, I miss them both very much, and I wish they could be alive today…. Theres somethings I remember about my parents, and I’ll never forget!

  26. eddy freddy says:

    Can ya all stop being so emotional !!! Damned, get ya REAL LIFES out of sl, it is only a game where clever people hunt the weak ones, dont get trapped in here, it is fake ……..

    Haha it is really getting pathetic in here, hahaahah, I miss my cats, my dogs, my ex-gf’s, my ex wife, my this and that …….hahahaaha ….. omg ……. hhahahahahaa

  27. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    @26 eddy freddy

    Maybe YOU should get a real life and try to spend some time with REAL people. Your socio-emotional skills are clearly equal to none.

    Emotions is a part of RL and people’s prescence in SL is a part of their RL and so is their need to show their emotions in different forms.

    I’m quite baffled by the fact that some cynical lost souls even are complaining about an initiative like this.

    SL is a place where you spend time with your friends, have fun and do things together. SL is NOT a game, a computer game is clearly defined by other means.

    To the ones (eddy freddy) saying in this blog that people should get a real life: Maybe getting your own real life would be in place so you can stop pestering this blog with cynical and childish comments?

  28. eddy freddy says:


    yeah thats the reason why I am posting here sinatra, (we are right now projecting this blog on a big projection screen) and are using this to help people like you and our students to understand how dangerous virtual worlds are moving forward. We study socio behaviour !

    This ‘unreality game’ is pushing more and more people away from there Real Lifes, someone who is already showing anti-social behaviour in RL will only get worser in RL due to SL ! right ? this only makes us earning more money to help people moving forward and also makes LINDENLABS earning more money! None example is at the moment available were someone with socio problems will get better thanks to SL !

    creating ‘remembrances days’ is a typical example of how to create more emotional disaster in this virtual or real world ! Attack a country without reason, sent 500.000 soldiers to there, 100.000 gettting shot and then set-up a remembrance day …… mmhhh why ? no one wanted that war ! no .. a remembrance day is to ‘tickle’ the emotions from people, 100.000 extra soldiers will be found very quickly, I can tell ya ….. weakness is the target !

    So before reacting, please learn to analyze things or just dont post (rofl), if we analyze your comments, it is clear and obvious that ya are completely addicted in here and mostly have no clue what the REAL WORLD is alike !

    PS. we all want to be your friend ….. in RL…. or would ya be afraid to leave ya computerdesk ???

  29. Nikk Huet says:

    I work on Tribute Island, at [SLURL], a not-for-profit memorial sim, and we’d be happy to give any permenant tributes a home after or during the event, and to drive traffic over to the day of remembrance. If anyone has anything they like to dedicate to someone, please drop me a line 🙂

  30. Masuyo Aabye says:

    the amount of heartless people on her saddens me. what if you where close to somebody on SL and then you found out they had died in RL? and lets say you live on opposite sides of the globe? what then? oh gee i dunno, maybe LL has a big enough heart to have some sort of memorial day for those who have lost people..
    this restores my faith in LL.

  31. dano seale says:

    @eddy freddy…maybe you should stay here with us in our virtual world.who knows,it may one day even help with your lack of command with the english language? just think,in 1 years time you may actually be able to write a response without sounding like a talking ass! ..stranger or what was your word?…”worser” things happen! lmao.take these pills twice a day then throw yourself from the nearest tall building.thanks 🙂

    (bet he doesn’t project that on his big screen eh? lmao)…anyhow,hope everyone has a good or sad day remembering our lost friends.

  32. Sean Heying says:

    RIP Dummie Beck, we all still remember you.

  33. Hionimi Engawa says:

    Why doesn’t just everyone stop judging each other? Everyone expiriences SL in their own way, for some it’s “Just a game”, and for others, especially those who can’t do everything in RL anymore due to people around them, handicaps, deseases, or other medical issues for example, SL is the life. Everyone can choose for themself wether or not Secondlife is real, or just a game for them. And it’s just a waste of time to yell at each other what to do, as everyone has his or her own free will, simple as that.

  34. Toad Mougin says:

    I think there’s a clash of cultures here – Those in the US tend to be more visible and/or vocal of their personal choices and emotions, eg grief, politics, religion, patriotism etc etc. Europeans on the other hand tend to keep these things to themselves, or at least to those who are directly involved.

  35. Oops says:

    do I smell a protest?

  36. Stoltz Sinatra says:

    @ 28 eddy freddy

    LOL no you are not studying socio-emotional behaviour. Your statements clearly show lack of knowledge in this area. And you don’t seem to know anything about the pros and cons with virtual worlds.

    And rambling about war and helping people like me? Was that a scientific statement? If it was, then your argumentation is flawed and incoherent. If you have a surpressed depression due to your feelings towards people that have been killed in war, then I think you should attend the activities taking place during the rememberence event – It might do you some good?

    If Virtual Worlds are dangerous to most people, except you eddy freddy, why do you spend time in it? What is your “bullet-proof” shield against being affected? Please give us some insight, as it might help all the other people that you think are lost in SL.

    I think your “scientific career” started and ended with your own post.

    Let people have their rememberence day in peace – If you want a “whiner’s rant day” then ask Lindens for one, don’t create one in this blog.

  37. F L says:

    @33 (Hionimi) – I agree with you. I seem to remember someone posting on the original blog for this event, that we all mourn and remember those we have lost in different ways. Some need to get their feelings out into the open, to mix and speak to others who have had similar experiences. Some need to just go somewhere quiet and peaceful and reflect on their memories.

    Could I suggest that residents realise and appreciate that we all have our differences. Attendance at this event is not mandatory, so if it is not what you want, don’t go. But realise that for some people events like this are a release valve for a lot of pent up feelings and emotions.

  38. Marina Mincemeat says:

    @28 Many handicapped & shut-ins, have a social life in SL and can enjoy things in SL they no longer can do or have never done in RL, and for a couple terminally ill friends i have met in SL, a way to have a fuller life untill the end. I lost a friend in SL last year who would have never gotten the chance to experience an engagement party, bridal shower or wedding, she left, too ill to log in anymore as i was planning her baby shower for twins, the children she never had.
    If indeed you are involved in a study group you may want to experience the college and education islands in SL. Search on your map for Eduisland and start from there. in those educational islands you will also find such places as an Alzheimers education hall, and you may also want to check out Cybrary City also part of these teaching islands. you may also want to join ISTE a main group for teaching an education there. So much more to SL than you give credit for so check out all of SL before you sum it up the wat you have LOL 😉

  39. Taryn London says:

    To see this blog posting in another language, click the link at the bottom.

    Pour voir cette page en français, cliquez ci-dessous.

    Um zu sehen, diese Seite in deutscher Sprache, klicken Sie unten.

    Per visualizzare la pagina in italiano, fare clic qui sotto.

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    Para ver esta página en español, haga clic a continuación.

  40. Stsfuzzybear Hush says:

    Thank you. This has been needed.

  41. G N says:

    R.I.P. SpUnKy Young,

    sadly the real person behind this Avatar passed, and someone else uses her account now. She will be dearly missed….

  42. Dj dmca says:

    hope all the DJs own the music they play and don’t steal content from other artists cuz we all know how serious linden labs takes copywrights

  43. heather says:

    this has got the be the most incredible thing i have ever seen done anywhere in my life, seems how new orleans is my home town i will be sure to stop in and pay my respect to those who have passed on

  44. Toy LaFollette says:

    SL=DL (drama land)

  45. Cincia Singh says:

    SL is like any other social space. We come, we experience, we pass along. Remembering someone who has passed is one of the most basic of all human instincts and is part of a process of carrying on for those left behind. @21 and all those who support such a base and unfeeling opinion … whether you think so or support it or not, all emotions come into play in SL. SL is one big RP with a multitude of smaller RP’s going on inside it. RPing a remembrance is sweet and deserves your consideration if not your support or, at the very least, simply your silence. Let everyone enjoy their SL as they see fit within the TOS.

  46. Masami Kuramoto says:

    SL Day of Remembrance = Linden Lab’s sickest PR stunt ever. Exploitation at its best.

  47. Hiro says:

    Does this include those who have left SL for disappointement by Linden’s work? I hope not, if it includes, this whole parade will be just so ironic and cultic.

  48. Ofelia Laval says:

    Second Life brings together diverse people from all around the globe. With diversity comes multitudes of opinions and forms of expression. How each one of us chooses to be present in Second Life is a reflection of who we are and our individuality. I found this sense of community touching. I am not so cynical as to seek reason to find offense over how the idea for this day came to be – instead I step back and see the big picture: residents of SL taking time to come together as a group and remember those who mattered to them. — This is but just one opinion.

  49. Tarissa Blake says:

    Well, what about an SL friend that passed away? Hunter Talon, a great man… Passed away April 10, there’s someone to remember. He was a great soul. Y’all shouldn’t diss what Linden Labs do.

  50. Bryn Amat says:

    A day of remembrance seems very nice, and it boils down to a simple matter of choice those who want to participate can, and those who do not don’t have to.
    Unless of course SL is not working, (at this time it is not), grid is down transactions failed… etc…. then the choice will be made for all of us, making this comment void!!!

    Have a great day all.

  51. Emerist Begonia says:

    Well…would have been nice to participate in this…but guess what…logins are down…can’t get in…aughhhh!!!!

  52. None says:

    Does anyone believe they’ll be able to get to it? Login failures… Teleport issues. Even if it’s going on only Lindens will be able to get to it, because obviously they can log in without problems when none of us can.

  53. How apt. Second Life, A Day of Remembrance: like when we used to be able to actually log in and things sort of worked, as opposed to now when there are daily failures thanks to new unwanted shinies and overloading the system and asset servers…

  54. Mysterion Aeon says:

    How about a day of remembrance for remembering the days when SL actually worked?

  55. Hopeless says:

    Logins are down according to support.

    They have been down for over an hour. When I asked why they didn’t post it, I was told, “We will make a blog entry when the problem is resolved.”

    Someone explain THAT policy to me.

  56. Hopeless says:

    At least I know where the former Iraqui propaganda minister found a new home. Once again we are outsourcing work overseas.

  57. Lozlo Peng says:

    R.I.P Chardonnay Bracken

  58. Lozlo Peng says:

    Hopeless – I was just having problems logging in aswell.. but miraculously it has logged me in now. Leave it to load for ages, keep trying if you get the error message.

  59. Paula Langset says:

    I’m not carrying an handicap nor being antisocial. I think I can be considered a sane and average human being, and I claim the right to be in SL as much and as deep as I personally want and decide without anyone to dispute about my sanity.

    I don’t need excuses to be in here. If my real life is affected by that, I’m the only one entitled to care about that and decide if this is good or bad for me, just like any peron of age should do. I am under my own responsibility.

    How precious was the time Ginny spent in SL is witnessed by all the fine things she built for us to enjoy. The same is true for all the others we lost, as their human contribution is invaluable.

    I hope I can get in SL later on and fake playing some fake jazz in order to dedicate a small wish to all of them. I will wear some of Ginny’s works.

  60. Elsa Iwish says:

    I know of many avatars who have left SL without a trace and are mourned by the friends they left behind.
    I also know of avatars who have been reported as deceased but who are still alive in RL.
    I know of no avatars whose animators have died in RL

    Would someone please explain to me
    HOW does SL know when someone has died in RL and
    WHY does SL release this confidential information???

  61. Harwood says:

    100% agreed with #2 … “We are a ‘community’ as well investors/players/customers here – and its nice to see that human side of the Second Life community on display.”

    as for entries like …. “Time to switch of the computer and step outside and smell the roses for some.”…. will continually remind me that the diversity that i love in games like these is also reflected on the closed-minded and shallow people out there that have problems in real life too.

    an interesting tidbit for you….
    a really good friend of mine spends a lot of her time on MMO’s like this… where shes able to interact with people and just be able to “talk” to someone… in R/L.. she is a 28 year old girl who was in a car accident 5 years ago, and has had years of facial reconstructive surgery because of injuries sustained. for her to go out.. she has to be able to get over the way people treat her because of the way she “looks” .. and/or THEY have to get over it. another guy i know is confined to a wheelchair, and spends most of his time at home…

    platforms like this sometimes are ways for good people like these to be able to socially interact with other human beings. get off your social and personal soapboxes and realize that we are all different, we all lead our own lives, and no two are different. I for one work online for a living and am a bartender for a second job. i get asked all the time why do i bother bartending when i make a good enough living at my real job. simple, i just like to get out of the house… but at the same time, i like to split my time just relaxing at home as well.. and have found (for the most part) great people on platforms like these.. people i would have otherwise never have known that have touched my life in ways i can never begin to imagine. and yes, i have had quite a good number of them go to the clearing at the end of the path over the years.. and actually once.. it was a person i worked with that literally brought a laptop to the funeral so the people he worked with could “net-meeting” “be there” at the funeral… and i thought that was great .. simply because it was what HE would have wanted… and his wife was deeply touched at our want to do it. either way you looked at it .. some of us had known him for a few short months, some for as many as 5 years.. but either way.. he was just as much a friend of mine as a friends funeral i attended last year.. and was one of the pall bearers.

    long story short… its quite simple.. different people do things in different ways.. no one ever asked that you attend.. no one ever asked that you had to put your cynical two cents in over the whole thing.. weather or not a person has “really died” or not.. (yes, i have seen a LOT of faked internet deaths.. they DO exist.. but thats no reason to degrade the fact that there ARE people who have died in life that we DO and WILL celebrate their passing)

    if you have had bad experiences in the past with this sort of thing.. its perfectly understandable that you have hard feelings when something like this happens.. its human to have them …
    … but realize that there ARE people out there who die.. realize that there ARE people out there who care for them and WILL do things like this just as much as you will have “angel and devil” night at the local SL strip club with the “greatest lesbian stripper in the world” who is actually a 48 year old fat-balding man that vehemently argues on posts like these a million overproduced reasons why voice “just causes more lag” “and ill never use it.. nomatter what you say”

    .. but more importantly than that … take your head out of your arse for once when it comes to the social manners you never developed because youre some large pimply kid, a computer geek.. or whatever the cause.. take the lead to just keep quiet FOR ONCE.. and realize that this is probably the ONE BIG situation where you just sit back .. keep your mouth shut, and snide comments to yourself, and realize that this is a time when peoples emotions run at their highest .. and its probably not a good idea to mess with them..

    .. you can show some respect by not doing anything at all too..

  62. FireFox Bancroft says:

    @ 42, most of the real DJ’s in SL are licensed to play music just like RL radio DJs. And some even play their own music that they themselves created. Hardly a DMCA issue.

  63. One of the things that everyone says about SL is that behind the avatars are real people. However they choose to cloak themselves in-world, you are interacting with a live human-being. You develop a bond with people, some more than others, and sometime RL takes them away from us.

    To the cynics that have posted on this and other blogs, I feel very sad for you, because this shows that you haven’t been able to make such bonds for whatever reason. Maybe you treat SL like a video game and are trying to “score points” or something, I don’t know.

    Tell you what, we won’t get in the way of your games if you don’t get in the way of us living SL the way WE want to, ok?

    RIP Armoe Lipo

  64. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Well I plan to get to at least one. Because, to sum it up, we are real we are community we care and if you don’t like it tough. I go to celebrate the too short life of Hawk

  65. Dragger Lok says:

    My heartfelt sympathy to all those who have lost someone, as the world gets colder and smaller warm memories fill the void.

  66. edited for inappropriate content says:
  67. Kindred Bader says:

    Excellent way to try to run the latest “issue” which is a repeat of every other day for the past 3 weeks off the first entry in the blog. “Oh crap, ok, yeah, it’s day in and day out, people are getting really fed up, quick, reiterate and put something else back up there so we can bury it!” LOL

  68. Akira Seymour says:

    if only i could log in…

  69. What would be nice is if Linden changed their policy a little and created a unit to make discrete enquiries of a person who has disappeared. I had a good friend in SL who I know became badly ill in February and has not been on SL since. I am of course very worried about her but have no way of finding out if on the one hand she is well but just not wanting to come back to SL or on the other hand died of her illness. Obviously Linden can’t release people’s e-mail addresses but it would be good i they would pass on a single standard enquiring e-mail to people along the lines of “your friends in SL are missing you – do you wish to inform them of anything” or something like that

  70. Cincia Singh says:

    Um … Kindred … what part of “on topic” is it you can’t grasp?

  71. Chilko says:

    And once again, the TG is left to dry. Thanks.

  72. Masuyo Aabye says:

    do people not have any morals? don’t b*tch and moan about SL problems in this blog post, show some respect ffs.

  73. cosa nostra says:


    1/ most dj’s in SL are just playing ‘pre-purchased’ mixes, catched a few ones already, cause I had the same mixes in RL
    2/ the ones that try to DJ ->suck
    3/ the real dj’s dont play in here cause they dont want to be associated with SL

    while reading the rest of the blog here, omg …. HAHA
    ‘the award today goes to post 54’ Mysterion ;o)

    well done, u just won 1.000.000 l$, but hope the server doesnt crash while doing the transfer to your swiss bank account ;o)

    keep the good work up folks !


  74. Yira Rossini says:

    I am so thankful to be able to be a part of this Day of Rememberance. My partner, Klaus7 Schnyder, passed away on 6 Jan 2008 after valiant struggle against cancer. We made many memories and I will have them always with me in my heart. Ours was truly a Blue Moon Encounter, very rare and very special. I love you Klaus7.

  75. Malina Chuwen says:

    I, unfortunately, do not have much time to join in at the Memorial but I do wish all of you a wonderful time – Despite the reasoning. I’ve known a few online that have passed away, though not from this game. It’s a sad tragedy. People die every moment, and only when it hits close to us do many of us really ever understand. Yes, even those who feel ‘online emotions’ are false, some day they’ll loose someone too.

    Hate not the whiners, but wish them well and pray for them. They likely have something in their life that hurts them more than we can comprehend. Some day they, too, shall pass away.

  76. cosa nostra says:


    jawohl ich wollte sehr viel geld verdienen, und woltte auch gerne 3 frankfurter worste, 3 liter bier und einen porsche gratis bekommen ! wann können sie mich das schicken bitte ?

    danke und weiter wunsche ich sie noch viel spass mit ebay



  77. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I don’t see how ANYONE could possibly view this as a PR stunt. That doesn’t even make sense.

    It’s a nice thing, that’s all it is.


  78. Vint Falken says:

    I would consider. If I would not crash every *swearword* 5 minutes.

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  80. Toy LaFollette says:

    /me rolls eyes….
    a good day to play WoW

  81. Woopsy Dazy says:

    Just want to clarify. This event was created upon request by a player. LL stands for tier fee for the 2 SIM’s. Everything built on the land is built by players (volountererly).

    Makes me really sad to hear people yelling and gnabbing about an event created in memorial of people that passed away. I just can’t see what harm this could do to anyone.

    I see only possibilities for the future. Be creative, not destructive.

  82. Ivantwin Rogers says:

    28 eddy freddy is childist, and stu)pid with the comments, i like the remebrance idea, i have a great friends here and this idea is very nice

  83. Noble Barnes says:

    I would just like to say that I myself had a stellar time working with the other volunteers on this project, I only had a small job of creating the instruments, and helping with the parasols, and signs, but the work I saw done, the memorials I saw created. Those are all amazing, even if you just go to quietly look around at the Big Easy and the Biloxi Sim builds, that in itself is worth it. People like Kat, Woopsy, Poid, Dusty Linden, Myself, Phyelean, and many others. We took our time to build this as a way of saying we know you existed, and we remember you, to those friends we had either in RL or in SL who have passed.

  84. Yeah well, the last one LL blogged about turned out to be 17 when he died and shouldn’t have been on the main grid to start with. That was embarrassing for LL…

  85. Thanks folks. Good for you. As spiritual guide and counselor I applaud what you are doing with this. YaY!

  86. Poid Mahovlich says:

    Big ty to all those who helped put this together to each and everyone of you 🙂 all played a part this Day of Remembrance. Both sims were totally maxed sorry if you could not get in – but don’t be put off come again another day and see what was created here & what it means to so many.


  87. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand your services are DOWN.

  88. Maj says:

    Even if i wanted to attend this “memorial day” I wouldn’t be able to because the grid is down……. and it said to check the blog. So i did. I see nothing about this on the blog.

  89. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Yeah…I made the BEST timing to make a transaction. Lost the money with no item to show for it. Great job LL.

  90. sophia Yates says:

    I would love to join you but I keep crashing..please:(((((

  91. sophia Yates says:

    Im sorry for your loss….i do understand

  92. Levi Anansi says:

    Who the heck are the Lindens dedicating this to? This is ludicrous. A rememberance day with no one to freakin remember.

    And don’t link me the “he died” stories, I have seen them. The point is, why the heck can’t LL list them?!

  93. Ricken says:

    This was a great event . It saddens me that people can not see beyond their own bitterness. I guess some folks get Second Life and the way it can bring people together and some just do not have a clue. Then again I am also glad that all the complainers were doing it here and did not come to such a deeply touching event.

  94. Works2Ways says:

    @ 73 cosa nostra


    He just gave a summation of music played from mp3’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It also proves you don’t get out much in SL

    People should not speak only out of hatred, sooner or later their ignorance shines through. Keep it up Cosa or change names again what ever suits you…

    Al Lednev, cosa nostra, or is it eddy freddy this time

  95. Pointside Sunbelter says:

    @93 Levi Anansi
    go to the memorial and you will see a monument with names.

  96. richard says:

    i too have a dear old friend who died last year,he was alway there for me sometimes, i give a little and he gave alot,then just one day he was gone no warning he was gone, i knew then how much,i was going to miss him…so i say good bye to my old friend..the slot machine may you rest in peace.

  97. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    And once again, LL gives us the blues. Not with this event though. With Dazzle 😦 It’s really… blue. And bright. I will mourn the old unobtrusive UI come the day of remembrance.

  98. Jamie David says:

    Wonders how many residents have been rubbed out by LindenLab them selves directly or indirectly. I know of 3 peoples who’s accounts died an unnatural death even though the human heart was still beating. Only solution was the Buddhist one. reincarnation with a new name.

    Then there are those who are no longer with us because their video cards blow up at the moment of login. Over and over for weeks with no solution in sight. They feel lost, unloved and realize how addicted they are.

    Second to last we have those for whom their Second Life became as complex as their first. Relationships, stress, real life spouses and siblings. It’s all too much for them and a virtual suicide, walk about or reincarnation seems the way to go.

    Lastly we have those of our friends who the great programmer in the sky has decided that their time in the real world has come to an end. Many I am sure slip away quietly, unnoticed but never forgotten.

    As sad as this all is. Also give a thought for all those in harms way in the real world. Palestine, Tibet, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afiganistan and all those other places where the stupidity of man insists that we are civilized.

  99. carmichael says:

    To everyone frustrated with the insulting and disrespectful comments towards this day by other members,realize most of them are either children in rl or uneducated,so…have mercy on them,if they knew better they would do better…..
    I would like to remember 3 people i knew in the sl game who passed away,Yohan Weames,Chanta Graves and ElenaSanoraly Milner..may you all rest in peace..even if it was through sl,i was honored to have known you…Condolences to everyone who has lost someone in sl as well and to all their families in rl and sl

  100. carmichael says:

    btw i strongly support age verification to become sl law…roots out immature behavior but i do know there are underage people who do have hearts and intelligence better than some adults,so ofcourse i support those upcoming bright minds

  101. Kara Spengler says:

    How long will the sims stay up? A lot of people were not able to get in last night that wanted to, missed it due to RL stuff, or will eventually need it.

    @71 By TG do you mean transgendered or is it some other abreviation? If the former, there is a transgendered DOR as well both in-world and out-world …. IM me for details.

  102. Dana Vanmoer says:

    This I can honestly say is one one of the most moving places I have ever been too (except maybe the garden of remembrance at RFL) maybe it was the beautiful soulful music played by Kourosh Eusebio, maybe it was the atmosphere and maybe it was the people or the purpose but this was a beautiful place to be.
    Despite SL problems people were just sitting on the ground listening and taking comfort from each other and the music.

    Hand Monument by Ransom Silverspar, reads;
    “In Dedication of this monument Empty Memory to those loved and passed in Second Life.

    This world is no more real than a dream and no less a dream then the keys under your fingertips.

    This monument is real, though it does not exist outside of a digitally recorded order of light pixels arranged to appear as such. It is real in as much as it was created with love. Constructed in honor of the memory of those people around the world we have lost. As a reminder to whom the beloved departed have touched.
    Every soul here is real, each memory sacred, every last moment together magical. In a world of fantastical freedom, disabilities only exist if they are desired. Restrictions of any kind are self imposed, and freedoms more real than imagining, ceased only by death.
    To those loved and lost in Second life, you are missed desperately, loved incessantly, and will never be forgotten. Thank you for being part of our Second Life.”

    And to those who are putting this event down or can’t read – grow up before you critisize!

  103. Toy LaFollette says:

    I critized the event and Im also probably much older than the rest. I have spent years grieving friends in RL. I dont need told that my reasons are invalid because I oppose this, I think those who claim the age trick need to grow up. Get a RL. I have one and I also have been in SL longer than many. When I can physically go to a RL place to speak and remember those I have lost I shall. I do not need a game, yes a game, setting aside a day for this. I am capable of doing it myself. SL isnt real its a game.

  104. Lozlo Peng says:

    go to church

  105. Marianne McCann says:

    @ Kara Spengler
    While the event was the one day, I don’t believe there are any plans to dis-assemble the site any time soon.

    Thanks to Poid, Phaylen, Dusty, an Katt for makin’ this event happen. You (an the other builders (Whoopsy, Evie, Leonard, etc.) rock! It was an honor to help in the build of the site, an very cool to see so many people involved and participating.

    To those opposed to the event, well, that’s okay too. It’s a big world that we share, an we need not always agree. I personally like the idea of a remembrance day very much, and did include a couple folks I lost in the memorial garden. If you don’t feel it necessary or are bothered by the idea of an in-world memorial event, that’s fine — but know that there are others who who, well, such might be part of their healing, too. 🙂

  106. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Well I went to the 17:00 PST parade and it was great. Of course it was laggy and of course I crashed but thats just SL. Thank you to all involved. And to the nice lady I was chaperoning – sorry to freeze up like that 🙂 I will return today to add my memorial when its quieter
    Peace to all

  107. Alexandri Ashbourne says:

    It is true, that many online deaths are faked, especially in enviroments where we are encouraged to be alter egos that may differ from our real lives and more often when a person gets too close in RL or discovers real world details that can ruin the experience for those living out lives quite differently.

    However, there are also many times when deaths are confirmed, or links to obituaries are posted by friends or family who knew the person in the real world. These are the passings that are more intended to be memorialized and I have lost quite a few friends online (fortunately not in SL yet, but I am still young here). Let’s not discard those who genuinely are lost to us, just because of the many who take virtual life and death as a game. Whatever the reasons, people are lost to us from one existance or another and I will not think any less of any who mourn for different reasons.

    Personaly, if something were to happen to me and I vanish from SL as a result of that, if people choose to think it’s a faked death, then let them. Perhaps then they may go on thinking I’ve simply left and not feel as gravely saddened by loss.

    The event was wonderfull. Two full regions at maximum capacity and the limitations causing me to miss the parade all four times simply because I couldn’t get back to The Big Easy (“region too full”) was of no consequence when there was so much entertainment and fun to be had at the stage in Biloxi. Perhaps if were not too much of a strain on organizers and performers at the event, maybe next year it could be extended a few days to give more opportunity to those who miss out. Though it was intended to be a memorial and solemn event as well as a celebratory “wake” in remembering the good times in parted people’s lives (virtual and real), I have met many wonderfull people I likely would have never known otherwise. Thanks to all who made this possible and thanks to all of the performers who were able to make it there!

  108. To remember what? says:

    I’ll be using this day to remember when SL was operating in a proper manner – for as long as there still is a Linden SL.
    After that I’ll be using this day to remember the day SL died – as well as to remember the reasons behind the death;
    LACK OF INTEREST from the Lindens.

  109. whiner says:

    couldn’t you have sent that “things are not working message’ some earlier?

    i payed for an object and i never received it.. warn us in time instead of after we payed for objects

  110. Betony Greggan says:

    The event was indeed wonderful. I was lucky enough to get to the parade and the fab performances on the Biloxi stage. Wish you could have doubled the size of the venue–at least four sims’ worth!–and actually I think one non-stop parade would have been just fine.

    I’d like to see more community-wide gatherings of *any* sort. The concierge party earlier in the year was very nice, but excluded a lot of people. I think there’s a yearning for community amongst some SL residents–oh I know, not all, as there’s a diverse range of expectations and views of SL’s purpose. But I think that yearning was even evidenced by the amount of chatter that persisted in the concierge party group, long after that event ended.

    Let’s get creative and find some more reasons/excuses for special public events! We promise not to beat up the Lindens unduly for it. Why, I didn’t see a single person kick Dusty Linden, cute bunny.

  111. Tanya Garcia says:

    Funny people… 🙂

  112. Cappy Frantisek says:

    How long will it be untill we are all back in chat rooms having a “Day of Rememberance” fo SL? Not long, I think.

  113. Kitty Tandino says:

    Since this is related to Losing someone and remembering them i thought i would share it here….. Miki was my SL husband his avi is no more, but his memorie lives on in SL through the people that love him still….. He was a Second Life Mentor and a very active member of SL, Loving husband, Friend and an angel to all whom he crossed paths with.

    We’ll always remember you Miki22 Voom
    ~With love always
    ~Kitty Tandino

  114. Kitty Tandino says:

    (((((Don’t you hate when that happends….. you post the wrong thing somewhere? 😦 heres right link sorry about that)))))

  115. Kitty Tandino says:

    Ok since i got yelled at for changing the video n not posting the right link 😦

    ((((( TOMA! : )))))

    Te amo mi chulo!
    ~Missing you…..

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