[COMPLETED]Scheduled Voice Chat Service Interruption

[COMPLETED – 3:45 a.m. Pacific] We’ve just received word the scheduled maintenance is now complete and Voice Chat should once again be functioning normally. — Chiyo

[UPDATE – 2:30 a.m. Pacific] Voice Chat maintenance is underway. — Frontier

Inworld Voice Chat will down between 1AM and 5AM on Wednesday, April 16, for a major update in preparation for some additional voice services.

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  1. magnus says:

    Well as nobody can log in I guess that won’t be too much of an issue.

  2. magnus says:

    You guys are unbelievable. Now at least you have the system down message on the viewer after ten minutes of no logins. But yet not a single word about on the blog. Pathetic.

  3. Krimson Gray says:

    Seriously. Teleports are broken. Assset Server is broken. Land Management is Broken. Estate menus are broken. Uploads are broken. Scripting is broken and you’re concerned about voice? Scrap it – most people use Ventrillo or Skype anyways. The service has gone downhill so much, the only way I can even try to get work done is to stay up till 3-4am or earlier so the the grid can handle concurrency. I can’t even call up land or estate menus to ban griefers. Might as well open up the doors and invite the PN right in.

  4. magnus says:

    Voice interruption, thats a funny one. but what is the most funny is that we are actually paying real money for this. Any other product or service that delivered this kind of inadequate stability, service, communication and consideration for its customers would have been run out of business years ago. Well thats what happens when you are the only game in town. I am just waiting for the first company that comes along with a more stable environment with half the bells and whistles and I will watch with glee how the Lindens will lose customers by the thousands. you cant keep screwing the people who pay you bills. Just ask the phone company.

  5. Laelynn Voom says:

    OMG!!!! This is rediculous. We are paying real money that we work for in the real world for a Virtual/fake world and this “GAME” is going downhill. Now ya’ll wana work on the voice chat, when things are still broken form the last “fix”. Once again, I cant attach things, objects wont rezz, and when I log into home, lo-and-behold, its not my home that i return to. Is there anyone my money is going to that can fix SL and keep is running adequately? If the answer is no, I need to close my checkbook, lock it up, and throw away the KEY.

  6. Jared Curtis says:

    I’m going to have to echo what’s been stated all through the blogs I’ve read throughout the day and put out a plea to any LL employee that may be taking these seriously. The stability of the last few weeks has left much to be desired. (as I suspect the metrics for this quarter are going to reflect…) and I’m not telling you anything you don’t know there. The biggest concern I have right now is at least the appearance right now is there seems to be far more focus on adding additional features than fixing the existing business critical problems.

    Today’s unannounced downtime and the plethora of complaints it sparred by itself is a cause for concern. But when this is followed by an announcement not of an apology, an anticipated fix or ETA, but just a seemingly callous announcement of a VC upgrade…

    I’m trying to be fair and reasonable here. Perhaps if you all would at least share with the public and your users what is being done to address the major stability issues BEFORE announcing anticipated upgrades it would do much to give us some assurance we’re at least being heard.

    I’d like to give LL the benefit of any doubts. Perhaps a fix is in the works and just hasn’t been announced yet. PLEASE though don’t keep us in the dark. It does nothing to inspire the confidence of your investors when the complaints are met with this kind of callousness.


  7. Gordon Wendt says:

    I was going to join the chorus of people complaining if only due to the short notice before I realized that it doesn’t really matter for 99% (roughly) of the population who don’t use voice or at least don’t use the built in voice “feature”.

  8. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Something unrelated: Could it be that many if not most of the current problems are caused by the sim servers running 24/7 without a crash?
    I had the full palette of bugs yesterday, rezzing impossible, items I tried to picked up never made it to my inventory, I couldn’t teleport, was unable to add anything to the inventory of prims and so on. “Items selected / sat upon” in the land menu showed more than 9000 btw. After I rebooted the sim everything worked fine again.
    Perhaps LL should simply schedule a daily grid-wide sim reboot?

  9. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Heh voice, well log in’s are borked again so what does it matter

  10. Sherilyn Loring says:

    I agree, no one uses voice chat, and i can’t get home, rez clothes, or tp in or out of where i am, let let alone the other concurrent problems. If i log out i know i’ll never get back in. i am considering buying an Island here. but if this doesnt stop messing up I will not invest in SL. I am still using 1.19.0 (5) and willnot test the beta like the 1.18.1-2-3-4 because the vectors mess up and water doesnt show and my roof and walls disapear from my property. the Dazzle or what your calling the new release candidate is as bad as the beta dazzle. and now you put up a second 1.20.1 (xxxxx) and i know it is no better than the first. How about fixing what you have before investing in anything new. That is the correct way to do things. SL you really need a lesson in business admin. Learn about priorities and fix then first,
    Lastly, stop using the general public for your beta testers, I beata test and others i know would not touch the becasue all that is is you beta testing the community becasue the normal testers wouldnt tocuh them. I wont touch the dazzle either, the beta had promise, but the first release candidate is as bad as the the rest. stop using the public as testers. that is the moist foolish thing, you are losing people daily.

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  12. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    Forget voice…it’s the most useless “feature” of SL. Fix the databases, get some professional UI-designers in.

  13. FL0 Cale says:

    AMEN Krimson!

    It’s interesting to see how LL works. It’s amusing sometimes lookin into the codes of the viewers. Professionality looks differently!
    You are worrying about Voice? probably cause you are not able to fix the REAL and difficult problems SL is having lately. Let’s keep it more easy for yas, how about if you take care of a new viewer design, just for fun – oh wait, you already have – the dazzle. Ya, that#s a pretty and cute pieace of work, but if you wanna hear my opinion: That’s pretty much all what comes to my mind seeing that dazzle thing – cute.
    Coming back to the topic: i dun use voice, so i dun care. Have fun playing with it. You may bork that one if u like, i dun mind!

  14. TheDandy Schism says:

    I use voice whenever it is available. However, I’ve had to revert back to the regular viewer because RC doesn’t recognize my system as having voice. Yet, the regular viewer does. Even my laptop’s RC recognizes it. It was working until the last big fiasco crash occurred. Now, it doesn’t. Have looked everywhere in the blogs, the knowledge base, etc. and there is nothing that states anything about whether there is a setting locally w/in one of the .dll files or whatever that will make the “enable voice chat” checkbox appear on the preferences.

    I concur w/ most of the commentary regarding the stability of SL. Maybe you would be better served to improve quality control instead of “on the fly” fixes that more often than not are reopened multiple times to “fix the fix”. Get it together guys and gals. We pay for this and we have expectations of better service and performance than we are getting…

  15. karicus says:

    Voice is great i love the idea, at first i didnt and now i love using it, when it works, but, do we need more features? How about, getting the ones we have already to work? Oh wait, how about getting second life to work?

    Its true, lag has gotten rediculious, lost inventory items (which id like to ask is LL going to buy me my warewolf avy again since thier asset server lost it? hello? ) Havok 4 Ha! thats an apt name for it it brings nothing BUT havok, cant log in, oh every one’s already written this list..

    But yes, why pay money so the Linden labs can have fatter wallets, for something that hardly ever works right? I havnt put real money into this game for a long time now, there is no point in spending my ownmoney on a service you dont get.

    Just to finish up, what is the most heard phrase in Sl???

    thats right ..”F*****G SL!” just to let the lindens know, you dont need these comment boxes, just wander around sl in an alt, not a linden, cus heaven forbid anyone should approach you and ask you anything, and just listen to what your bil payers are saying…

    ‘Monkeys and Shakespear’ come to mind.

  16. i can has voice? no? says:

    was in the middle of a conversation when i was suddenly render speechless as SL voice service was so rudely taken away for me! wtf!! how about a little in-world drop-down message saying ‘Voice Services will be temporarily unavailable to residents for the next 3 hours. sorry for this inconvenience as we add amazingly useless features that no one is really asking for. Thank and have a nice SL” or some such thing.

    c’mon yawl!! i needs mah SL voices cos ah can’t typ 2 sav mah laf tonite!!!

    oh and i’m just dying to see these new voice features, what are gettin, voice mail and call waiting now?!? call RL phones from SL? yay!! hooooooooo!! XD

    how about a coherent call that doesn’t drop out and loop every few seconds, that would be a good feature… well even skype does that kind of stuff too so whtvr…. wot was i talkin ’bout? oh yeah thats right, i was talking about how much i enjoy SL voice! lovit lovit lovit lovit!!!

    no seriously, LL is doing a great job in this time of transformation and evolution…. and revolution…revolutionary….ism… um yeah its time for bed now

  17. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    >>‘Monkeys and Shakespear’ come to mind.

    With the monkeys doing the UI-work..dazzled by their own ineptitude, the flashy screens that destroy user content on sight (literally)…while Shakespeare is on extended leave…


  18. Chillay says:

    Guys, quit complaining about the game, you complain about how bad it is, but they try update it and u bitch more, you cant be satisfied, STOP PLAYING if its such an inconvenience for you.

    if this game had no voice i dont know why ppl whud bother with it!

  19. Alan Beresford says:

    I understand the Chorus of your Users, i am even a User of this “Game” but you cant make it finaly run, 2 Updates per Week, a new Viewer with this “dazzle” is that a Joke?
    Secondlife has many great problems and you work on Voice.
    All the most People pay Money to you for using your “Game” and become a “Game” with Problems, simple things dont work.
    Many other Virtual Worlds are ready for use, ok, no one can reach SL, but i say: One Day, a great Thing will come and all People can see, ” a new Star is born”..and say goodby to you.

    Please make Second Life ready to use.

    Grreting from Germany, sorry for my bad english
    Alan B.

  20. Trin says:

    And if this “Game” didn’t exist, people wouldn’t complain about it.

    If you weren’t exisiting, no-one would read your comment.

    What’s next ?

    Why is it so bad to ask for improvements ?

  21. Trin says:

    *sorry, I didn’t mean “improvements”… I meant “stability”

  22. Funninonebabe McBride says:

    99% don’t use voice hmmm did you pull that figure out of your backside? A lot of people use voice in SL why do you people have such a problem with voice?? i just don’t get it…

  23. ChatNoir Moonsoo says:

    “99% don’t use voice hmmm did you pull that figure out of your backside? ”

    No, experience. One-on One is fine..but you could do that with Skype (or Yahoo) already. More than that, it becomes counter-productive (unless you’re into meeting up getting drunk and consider yourself the wittiest person on the planet).

    Useless, unneeded feature..the functionality was there already for those who had real use for it, so why bother?

    “A lot of people use voice in SL why do you people have such a problem with voice??”

    Because it diverts much-needed and sparse resources from the real issues.

    “i just don’t get it…”

    That was quite obvious.

  24. Parystec Oh says:

    Well you have all found out that SL is a faithful simulation of RL with all the same problems. I love the comment about no using people for Betas WHAT DO YOU THINK MICROSOFT DO !!! . And yes I think you find that 99% of people with something interesting to say USE VOICE.
    Lol 😉

  25. Mac says:

    Yes Yes its been a crap couple of weeks in SL.. but i must add that i use voice all the time. Everyday!

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  27. RB says:

    Lots of people use voice.

  28. Praedon Dreamscape says:

    I was wondering, if these fixes will fix a NAT issue with SLVoice, where a vast majority of routers can not support more than one person on voice at a time. I’ve submitted a JIRA at http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-5510 and I’ve noticed little bits and pieces elsewhere on the JIRA about the issue but never recognized or even replied by a linden.. I’ve also contacted support numerous times, and they always close out the ticket without one single reply other than “Check your router settings”. I would like to make note I am a certified network administrator, and I actually know what i am talking about in regards to this particular issue…

    So to Twilight Linden : is this going to fix an existing issue with voice, or is this just adding new features without fixing the current issue that actually affects a lot of people, and even more people who don’t even realize this is an issue till someone else in the same household tries to use voice.

    Thank you in advance.

  29. Funninonebabe McBride says:

    On our Sim voice is very much used by nearly everyone, even in group situations not just one on one, if you are going to throw a figure like 99% at least have some data to back the statement up.

    I use voice all the time and i have no problems using SL apart from lag which is not caused by voice chat….

    Quite obvious hmmm not to me and those who choose to use voice, if you don’t like or like to hear it it’s simple uncheck the box…I think you find a great deal of people use voice in SL now…

    As for resources how about getting rid of some of the bling bling people insist on wearing and the particle things they have that cause more lag than voice does…. don’t blame lack of resources just on voice many things in SL take up resources… it’s all about freedom of choice or are you people deciding what we should have or should not have???? It’s a game not a dictatorship!!!!

  30. Letti says:

    This is so sad.. I feel really ashamed to be part of SL.. The reason why i’m still in Second Life because i have friends and family who moved, and luckly some of them joined SL.. So I can still talk to them and have fun with them virtually, but then i have to suffer with the lag, the crashes and I can’t even use windlight anymore because ever since that stupid update, i kept on crashing in a sec. Then i read the blog to find out that they are worrying about the voice feature (that hardly anyone wants and only a small percent of people use) instead of the other problems that’s been in Second Life? What the hell?! Looks like Linden Labs will never learn. Linden Labs is a loss cause. Linden Labs is not the future for a virtual world.

  31. To all those posting a complaint in the comments:

    I use voice and have actually wandered around the Grid – More people use voice than you seem to think and quite a few of those were irked that their voice system had not been working recently.

    Aside from that … Linden Lab owes nothing to any one of us. They are a private company with a board of directors and stock holders. Those are the people they owe.

  32. Letti says:

    I have wandered around the grid and my friends have wandered around the grid and not many people use voice. I’m not saying 2 or 4 people use voice but not the higher percent of people that you think.. A lot of people don’t use voice.

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  34. Trin says:

    Yes, it shouldn’t be a dictatorship…
    Unfortunately, some people seem to be considering themselves as important and well-informed as to decide Voice is useless… No matters what are the statistics, no matters if we want to use Voice, THEY have decided once for all that Voice is spoiling their SL.
    I wonder why…..
    But I think it would be very interesting to know the REAL reasons for their hositlity.

  35. Raven Primeau says:

    Voice? *yawns, glad I can’t hear the whining nasal twitterings from across the pond and proktises moi toypin skils hinsted.

    Theres more and more serious things to ponce about with if LL want to tinker with things, things like letting me get on the grid when I come home from work tonight and actually be able to build something reliably.

    For now Linden Labs, put voice, put Dazlze, silly gimmicky controllers etc etc on the back burner and pool resources and bloody fix something serious. I know I’ll prolly get the different folks do different things line but F.F.S. SL is slipping deeper and deeper into the mire and it really saddens me.

  36. susyn stenvaag says:

    Usually I keep my nose out of these things but I have to throw in with the non-voice crowd. Many times I’m building or scripting while I watch television or chat with other people around me IRL. So I don’t use my SL voice. Or if I’m in a club dancing, voice just adds to the background and interferes with the music. In both those situations I’ve had multiple crashes, loss of inventory, lag when creating prims, teleport problems, and on the odd occasion been gray from head to toe because none of my clothing will load.

    PLEASE get the grid stable THEN concentrate on the voice chat. If I have to choose between stable voice and stable teleports, I’ll gladly cut the microphone cable.

  37. Ener Hax says:

    man oh man, what a bunch of friggin’ babies! waaah, waaah. i must be in some other Second Life grid?

    I never crash, the maintenance schedule certainly seems fine, I welcome all downloads (big whoop, they only take like a minute to install – don’t expect state-of-the-art stuff to perform so good on old pcs and dumpy connections).

    i feel for you if you are not able to make the hardware and broadband commitments needed to maximize the technology 😦

    truly i do, but since this is pushing the envelope, i feel (imo) that you need a pretty up-to-date machine and ripping connection to use it well. you can’t have both a 2.0 app and old hardware.

    oh fdang, my old crappy TV does not do high def (those b@st@rds)

  38. misticdesigns says:

    Who cares about voice ? Nothing is working anymore and the new graffic update is forcing people either to quit sl because the graffic boards or cpu cant handle it or they have to invest in a new cpu or graffic, second life as became a bandwich suker to fully enjoy sl for a month you need at least 20-30 GB traffic ? Considering that most of the land have music to download and the graffic also require more, Assset Server always a mess, teleports etc etc etc always not working , grid keeps going down, people crash like 5 times…. Who cares about voice anyway…

  39. Trouble Streeter says:

    Oh good, Voice Chat will be getting an upgrade. Will this include fixing the RC so that I at least have the *option* of using it?

    OTOH, having Voice stable will be nice… my friends and I use it as a way to tell people when we’re crashing. Which is often.

  40. Solar Legion says:

    @ Letti: Try visiting the info hubs and Help Island Public during peak and late evenings – You’d be rather surprised how many people actually do use the public voice channel. I have found that most voice users however have made special folders in their calling card list so that they can chat with their close friends without the need of the public voice channel and without disturbing others.

    Public Voice Channel is not the only indicator of who is using Voice and who is not.

  41. Letti says:

    It’s understandable that there is voice in Help Island, I’ve been there and a few places but on the rest pf the SL world, hardly anyone uses voice. Just a small number of them use it.. While a few people play horrible loud music through their mic. Not everyone uses the calling cards. If a lot of people are using that (which i doubt) then that’s awful.. I feel really sorry for the newbies. and still SL.

  42. U M says:

    tp are really going crazy! it fails 2 out of 3 times………..is this really fixed???????????????????

  43. Solar Legion says:

    Meh, the fact remains that no one person really knows how many of the users actually use Voice – we each have our own observations Letti. Observations however do not equate out to absolute truth.

  44. U M says:

    Voice? people use it? It was suppose to be the next big thing. Not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the rah rah people that are those Voice mentors are ( hahahah ) but really I don`t see as many as some assumed it would be………..Its a bust and is just another option that LL ASSumed would be liked………..shakeshead will they ever keep things that users want and dump junk that not……………….

  45. sexina Rayna says:

    and again rezzing a box takes many minutes…
    people don’t rezz and are invisible…
    vendor-systems need many minutes to bring the things out to the customers…
    searching for textures while building in the own inventory? Well If you have the time…
    saving a script? why do you try to scripting… thats your own fault…
    TP to an other location. you will need a huge time waiting for rezz…
    the lindens takes full tier and prevent the contentcreators to sell the stuff….
    the questions is: How long must we wait bevor SecondLife will work like a normal 3D-internet-Game…
    The word Lag is only used in SecondLife This word is not used in any other internet-3D-Game.
    And voice splits the community!

  46. Vic Beresford says:

    Do you know that it is possibe to have private calls, to ???

    Having Voice on SL doesn’t mean you are broadcasting your convo all around. It means being able to talk with friends and/or family, without having to start any additionnal program such ad Skype, which eats a lot of bandwidth, and make SL even slower,

  47. Vic Beresford says:

    at least it is what happen on my pc.

  48. Letti says:

    Vic Beresford…. Skype does not slow down Second Life for me. A lot of people use Skype. Sl voice is the problem. Especially when it breaks up a lot.

    Anyway, I’ve said this before.. A few Lindens should travel around to see how many are using voice. So they can find out for themselves… but then again, they will continue with it anyway.

  49. Vic Beresford says:

    As I said :

    you can’t tell who is using Voice and who isn’t, just by wandering around.

  50. Vic Beresford says:

    Private calls….
    Remember ?

  51. Letti says:

    Still doesn’t mean that a large amount of members are using voice. Most of the time I just see them typing.. Anyway it’s done or we’ll be repeating this over and over..

  52. Raisa says:

    Well i cannot communicate with friends thru IM, also im scared to buy anything. SCARED! In game… Payments work bad today, and yesterday was similar. I was going to set shop but now i think its not good idea when i loose. ;(

  53. Blames Voice says:

    Voice ruined SL™!
    We had 5 years of grid stability until Voice came about.
    Its all voices fault.
    Remove Voice and all will be well.

  54. S says:

    Hows about sorting existing problems eg teleporting,blinking screens,crashes,voice,search,inventory,uploads….etc etc…rather than giving us new shiney interfaces?


  55. U M says:

    laughs……………sure but can`t say i use it more then 1% of the Time. Thats not a feature thats important if its only used less 1% of the time. Person calls less then 1%…………………laughssssssssssss

  56. Vic Beresford says:

    Ok Letti, let’s say that I agree with you, and that you are right.
    I think it is what is most important for you.
    I think YOU really don’t need Voice, by judging how great you are at communicating….


  57. Vic Beresford says:

    I think yes, it is done now.

  58. Crazy Chick says:

    @53 Here’s someone who knows what they are talking about. The grid went to hell when Voice was introduced back in mid 2007. It’s never recovered to the pre-voice stability!

    And for the nay sayers… don’t give me the nonsense about “it runs on seperate servers”. I’m a certified network engineer so if someone can show me how to add new communications features without increased bandwidth I would very thankfull.. and soon, very rich.

  59. richard says:

    is it me or is second life running crappy?

  60. Solar Legion says:

    @53 and 58, indeed to all making the same claims:

    Stability? The Grid has never been stable. Instead of using a scapegoat why don’t you sit down and do some real thinking about ‘the past 5 years’. Yes, I’m a newer user – I joined at the end of 2006, however I joined before Voice hit the Grid and guess what? The Grid was having serious problems then as well. At that time there was no easy scapegoat, then a few new features came around and all of a sudden everyone blames all of their woes – which existed well before these features – on something new.

    Here is a fact: No one person knows how many people use Voice and to do a Grid-wide survey of each and every Second Life user would be impossible – the user base grows daily.

    My hat is off to the Lindens for tolerating all of the crap that has been said ever since the inception of Linden World/Second Life. I may have volunteered to help new and existing users in any way I am capable but I gotta tell you – if it were up to me the plug on Second Life would have been pulled a long time ago. No one would be able to use Second Life then as the whole Grid would have simply been reformatted, disassembled and the servers sold off to the highest bidder.

  61. LoLo says:

    I join the chorsu.. why worry about voice when the basics are malfunctioning? and do something about content theft

  62. Veronique McMillan says:

    Hmmm. Just a small comment on SL in general.
    The idea to create a second life is great, Many people love it, because they can be what they don”t can be at RL, So thats good. Than we have to deal with some IT freaks. In my opinion the Sl side must be not the best side on internet, but must fulfill the needs of the visitors. And the needs of the visitors are simple. : To have a second identity. To do some things what is not possible at RL. To be a hooker, a club owner, a builder, a manager, whatever.
    They are not waiting for the newest things. As mentioned, the most of us are using Skype, it works perfect. But: as long as we have IT freaks at SL with the intention to be better as all the other IT people in the world we never would have what WE need. The people of Linden have to realize, that they not have to create the best site of the world. Again the idea of this side is perfect. But don’t try to get the best website or whatever in the world. Its the idea of this side that counts. Well Its my birthday today, I hope that you will enjoy your stay at SL. :)) I get a party at RL :))

  63. [Ms] Tachikawa says:

    I can’t make shirts because I every time I attempt to upload a texture I crash, I mean my computer does fairly well on SL (its not rubbish by all means) but I guess I can’t attempt to lauch a business if I can’t upload textures for my shirts :\ Also the new windlight that bright blue is really ugly & too hard to get used to. Not to mention Windlight Test Software you can’t use voice! Oh well.

  64. pantaiputih korobase says:

    firstly, nominates
    37 Ener Hax Says:

    I never crash, the maintenance schedule certainly seems fine, I welcome all downloads (big whoop, they only take like a minute to install – don’t expect state-of-the-art stuff to perform so good on old pcs and dumpy connections).

    nominates Ener for LL new propaganda minister 🙂

    Secondly, I am happy for Ener that he has state of the art dingies and the money to buy them and update them each 3 months

    Next: there is even pretty new and powerful hardware that seems not to be compatible with SL

    Next: there are plenty of issues in SL that are not dependent on hardware or internet connection speed, i.e. TP failures, money transaction failures etc etc

    Lastly, what did I want to say? SL runs for me satisfactory and I can work around some bugs and issues, but I saw lots of people who could run SL pretty well for a while but with one or the other update it did not anymore. Hope you will not come to that point, Ener. But of course, if so, just get new equipment LOL

    To LL: please get new servers for your updates, they are incredibly slow.

    p.s. Love that game and keep up the EFFORTS (TM)


  65. Tonio Roffo says:

    Seems we have a lot of selfish people in here, thinking 99% of the grid doesn’t use voice, because they don’t… Stop pulling percentages out of nowhere, and yes, stop biting the hand that feeds you. All I see here is complaints complaints complaints, yet we all love this world and are part of the first generation of people living in virtual worlds finally worth calling it. BE HAPPY.

  66. Vic Beresford says:

    mmhhh… fresh air….
    thanks Tonio !


  67. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    @65 Most people dont use voice and dude stop being such a fanboy its kinda discusting…
    If something is wrong people can have thier say about it if you dont like it..dont read it!

  68. Maklin Deckard says:

    #18 Guys, quit complaining about the game, you complain about how bad it is, but they try update it and u bitch more, you cant be satisfied, STOP PLAYING if its such an inconvenience for you.

    No, you got it wrong in your rush to suck up to the lindens (which by the way, will get you two things, jack and sh*t). I’d be perfectly content if they stopped TRYING to update it and ACTUALLY updated it….you know, with real working patches that add rather than detract from my ingame experience. What a concept!

    And unlike your kind that BAAAH! with the rest of the sheeple and take whatever is presented to you by LL, some of us expect them to show a basic competency in providing the services for which they never fail to charge on time (notice the game dies nearly daily, website frequently, always doing phone system maintenance…but billing runs like clockwork to charge tier)….which they do not.

  69. Tomi Lovenkraft says:

    Hmmm, I still see no word on the issues that still affect the grid; incomplete inv, cannot wear items (even stuff i made i am told to seek the vendors help), no content in recent purchases, etc etc… as a matter of fact, I see no word here at all from LL. Nice.

  70. None says:

    Screw voice. The only people I ever hear using it are people who shouldn’t use it in the first place. Annoying high pitched voices that sound like nails on a chalk board. Give up voice BS and get with fixing the real issues. TP screw ups, attachment problems, the server not being able to handle jack. Really, I am waiting for something to come around that’s the rival of SL and as soon as that happens I’m jumping ship.

  71. Dante Tucker says:

    Voice does not cause lag.
    Voice does not use resources.
    Voice will not affect the rest of sl.
    voice does not cause database problems.

    Voice is not run by Linden Labs, It is run by Vivox. The servers are in a completely diferent part of the world and do not interact with LL’s servers at all. I am really sick of people thinking voice is responsible for the rest of SL’s problems.. Linden Labs is responsible for SL’s problems, and voice is not one of them.

  72. Dana Vanmoer says:

    Since the new update on 1.20 I have been unable to use voice anyway.
    no idea why and i love voice.
    This update seems worse rather than better I have been crashing so much I went back to using the normal viewer.
    I hope you manage to sort it out

  73. Tonio Roffo says:

    @67, Now read what you said and look in the mirror :p

  74. maxim says:

    This is rediculous. We are paying real money that we work for in the real world for a Virtual/fake world and this “GAME” is going downhill. Now ya’ll wana work on the voice chat, when things are still broken form the last “fix”. Once again, I cant attach things, objects wont rezz, and when I log into home, lo-and-behold, its not my home that i return to. Is there anyone my money is going to that can fix SL and keep is running adequately? If the answer is no, I need to close my checkbook, lock it up, and throw away the KEY.

  75. Crazy Chick says:

    @71 And just how does the Vivox server know who is standing in earshot then? Read my previous post and send me your credit card number.

  76. LoLo says:

    would you stop if it was paying you a hell of a lotta money and making you rich? 0_o

  77. Letti says:



  78. Solar Legion says:


    Yes, yes I would still pull the plug even if I was getting rich.

    Helping normal people I can handle – Irate users who state that they are always right no matter what the facts say however would drive me insane.

  79. 67: “@65 Most people dont use voice and dude stop being such a fanboy its kinda discusting… If something is wrong people can have thier say about it if you dont like it..dont read it!”

    Exactly! Don’t like voice? Then don’t use it! And leave the rest of us free to choose whether to use it or not.

    Usually I don’t make a big deal of technical issues, but this touches on basic principles. Live and let live.

  80. Trin Bailey says:

    “Voice Chat should once again be functioning normally.”

    Well…. it doesn’t seem to be functionning normally…

    Is anyone having the same problem as me, that is : white dot, but no green waves at all,..
    The input seems to be ok,
    But Voice simply doesn’t worK !

  81. Winter Sideways says:

    Voice isnt even clickable in my options on the preference scrren. I can click on the tab but all the options within the tab are grey…What is up with that.

  82. Giggy Handrick says:

    I am still not able to voice with the new windlight. Can someone help me on that please?

  83. Giggy Handrick says:

    @ 80 i am having the same problems….is there anyone to help me/us?

  84. Trin Bailey says:

    3 days later…..

    still no voice…

  85. vic says:

    Same problem !

    A with dot, voice enabled, but no green waves.

    But who cares ?
    No one, apparently….

  86. Trin Bailey says:

    8 DAYS LATER :

    STILL NO VOICE !!!!!!!!!!

  87. Alaban says:

    I have many problem. wtf?

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