New Land Store launch delayed

We had hoped to launch the new Land Store today but unfortunately we’re not finished polishing and testing and hitting it with hammers just yet; we want it to be as bug free as possible before going live. So no new Land Store today I’m afraid. I can’t offer a final date for launch, but hopefully it’s not much more than a couple of weeks away. As soon as we have more information about how it will launch, I will post it here.

This means that the Island price change will also be on hold, until the new Land Store is ready. In the meantime we will switch off the old Land Store to avoid any confusion. That will happen today. If you want to order at the old price, ahead of the new Land Store launch, please contact the Concierge support team via the support portal.

As stated previously, any whole mainland regions we put to auction from today onwards should have the new starting price of USD$750. We’re busily preparing the new continent, carving out Linden land and ensuring the waterways are protected. I’ll blog again when we are ready to begin offering that land at auction.

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  1. Batman says:


  2. Awww man, that’s really upsetting, I had on order an open-space sim at 415 USD has waited over 18 days and it wasn’t delivered I cancelled it in hopes of being able to take advantage of the 250 USD PRICE and now it’s delayed :/ And no open-space sim :/ Very disappointed. But I still love SL. I do however think I might be cashing out all my money since this is delayed tired of having it tied up for a land purchase that don’t even know when it will happen.

  3. Darien Caldwell says:

    *lends Jack her favorite hammer* ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Ciaran Laval says:

    Two things:

    One, are you still allowing resident to resident sales of islands because some people are advertising islands for well over the new RRP and not everyone reads the blog, whereas that is quite possibly their own fault if they pay over the odds, surely a notification on a support ticket requests would help?

    Two, you missed your office hour and we rioted in your office :p

  5. Zep Palen says:

    Weird that people complain about this particular delay. It WAS actually announced that it could happend.

    I am just wondering if a couple of weeks turns into a couple of months.

  6. Lillie Yifu says:

    This was inevitable. We sort of knew that the new land store and new prices would be delayed, that’s why the decision to require that open space sims be taken offline to get the refund was ill-advised and poor business.

    Instead, what LL should have done was simply offer to give a credit on island fees of the difference, or a bit over two months island fees. We’d all have stayed, rather than this whole recycle.

  7. Zep Palen says:

    And besides. Reading the first post about the new land store would make it obvious that this would be delayed. Not sure how many really believed this date of release would be kept.

  8. Always the same story, just boring…

  9. Chronic says:

    Here are the rules for posting in the blog:

    1. If something is released on time, scream at Linden Lab because there are bugs that could have been found if more testing was done.

    2. If something is delayed so they can do more testing, scream at Linden Lab because it’s not released NOW.

  10. Kizna Oh says:

    Somehow i think the “it’s not fair” discussion comes up again…

    Just to state how a market works:

    Prices of things will anytime fall ore raise depending on th market situation and stuff. Thats market risk. And in SL that risk is very small compared to RL buisness.

  11. Inri Ah says:

    The new land store opening will coincide with the new HBO special on SL to be released first week of summer — not before.

    Jack needs to get up to speed on his memos.

    And when SL goes public Q4 this year, Jack better start splaining why he doesn’t read memos.

  12. Tom says:

    I would have thought you guys would have tested this before you stated a date for launch. I never order stock for my outlets if i dont have a shelf space to sell them or atleast I make sure that my stores can display stock and the tills are inplace before we open the doors to the public lol anyways its all good fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the great work it will get better

  13. JR Unknown says:

    Jack, Just curious who the person is that sets up the actual land types when you design and layout plans for a new continent? The reason I ask is who keeps thinking SL residents want more ugly rockland? From my experience it’s the least desirable land in SL and yet you guys keep stamping out tons of it. Is this just to drive market prices down since no one really likes it? How about some nice flat green sims like you used to make or nice waterfronts instead. I’m not sure who the fan of rockland is on your staff but they really are out of touch with what the players of SL want and like. I just figured I’d mention it on the off chance that someone really cares what residents want and think:-) JR

  14. dragger allen says:

    Well think its time to take themoney back out of the account canceled the openspace islands and the full island i had ordered waiting on this and now not gonna happen for a few weeks if ever

    sighs and goes and plays checkers

  15. Lena Franciosa says:

    I was sure it will be delayed. It’s always like that with Linden Lab now. It’s going to be a bit exasperating isn’t it ?

  16. concerned says:

    I fully agree with 14 JR is correct lets have more green or snowy land.

  17. SLick says:

    @15 KING ME !

  18. Georg Runo says:

    Hey. Please keep in mind the size of this grid. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I am awaiting the lower pricing myself, as we had purchased two sims for the old price. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Our new project will have to wait. Who wants to deal with a buggy land-store?
    keep it up

  19. Walentine Andersson says:

    Well, after all Linden are a company that cares of both sides….

    First they pissed off many of the older simowners, and now they piss off the ones who one week ago was happy for the new prices.

    One day someone should write a book about Linden, and that book should be used in schools. Title: “The best 100 things you can do to make your customers angry”

    The be a customer to Linden is now nothing else then to be pissed of every day. You really cant do anything right

  20. Zep Palen says:

    @14 and @17
    How about first: Lets have a landstore ?

  21. Georg Runo says:

    As i said before: just remember the size of this. LL is experiencing the same probs any government has to cope with. 8)

  22. mikeD Streeter says:

    Since LL hasn’t updated the blog yet I tired ordering a full sim for the $1675 U.S. through concierge as it says and I was told that was an error, no orders will be accepted until the land store is complete. I’m told the blog will be corrected. Had big plans too, is it just me or does 2 weeks in Sl feel like an eternity?

  23. Georg Runo says:

    I know what u mean. We had the same feeling about that. Yes, i think in SL time does differ. Interesting point to discuss. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Ener Hax says:

    waaah! LOL, i guess i will hold on to my $$$ a little longer! Can’t wait to see it though (i found the old one really confusing). thanks for the update

    *ener stops checking blog every 10 minutes, goes to 20 minute anticipation schedule*


  25. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Yeah, I figured, and this is why I’ve held off announcing a new openspace sim to my residents. I’m still going to announce it beforehand, but I’d prefer to do it a week or two before it’s ready, not 5 or 6 weeks. I hope we get progress updates on the new land store, rather than nothing nothing nothing oh it’s open now.

  26. Georg Runo says:

    Same for me. We are planning to set up a small 2×2 grid of openspaces to add to our 2 full sized sims. We will have to wait.

  27. I prefer wait 2 weeks more than risk 1000usd for a bug… ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. mikeD Streeter says:

    Why not just change the price on the old land store and continue doing open space manually until the new store is ready, I’m confused why that is so difficult and different from what LL has been doing?

  29. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @29: Amen, Tayra. I wasn’t planning to grab my sims for a day or two after the switchover anyway. (Though I guess you don’t actually use the land store for openspace sims…I need to double check that…or maybe you can with the new store. It’s not like the knowledge base its up to date.)

  30. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Actually, it would be kinda neat to suddenly have a new sim appear without any warning to my residents…but some of my estate managers have been blabbing so it’s not really an option now anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  32. Eiram Halasy says:

    Now exactly what does a new web site or store have to do with the price? You can implement the announced price without having the new land store. There is no relation as you can honor the new price regardless of where the parcel is ordered from. In addition, us non-profit and educational organizations will still have to use the special order form.

    And…you said the 15th or 16th..your note says you need to iron out a couple of bugs…and in the same breath, you say a couple more weeks. Sound like a bigger issue. You need to be careful what you write sometimes.

    I suggest you look seriously as some of the resumes for VP of Technical Operations. You do have a resume from someone with an extensive amount of high powered expertise that can get you out of these, let’s say, unorthodox software implementation and support methodologies…and maybe finally bring you to profitability. The experience also includes an extensive amount of experience in a concept sometime forgotten: customer focused with clear messages.

    Note: If you checked out marketing methodologies….you do not make price reductions that are based on the implementation of a software product. Yes the product will automate set-up..but is it holding up the revenue stream. Set a date for the pricing, and go with it. It is no wonder that Linden has not turned a profit since inception.

  33. bobbyb30 zohari says:

    what a surprise…

  34. Leuk Short says:

    What? Two weeks. Sounds like a web/software engineer needs to be spoken to about this significant delay.

    Linden, you let the cat out of the bag about the price. Set an effective date for for the new price based on an order.

    My suggestion to all is cancel orders, and hold off, or demand the new price that has been announced.

    Such a good company, such a great technology, yet a tremendous display of inexperience with a multitude of business practices.

    Think about it.

  35. Starfire Desade says:

    Isn’t because the new land store will set up a sim without any manual intervention one of the factors for the lower price?

  36. Digitaleyes says:

    What was this need to open the mouth two weeks ago. When one has nothing to announce to the custumers, the basic rules is to shut up.

  37. Chaz Longstaff says:

    hey did you guys see that? the Lindens deleted that mention of land over on the OpenLife grid.

  38. woody says:

    GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO PISSED

  39. Kenny says:

    why are you screaming???
    their web/software engineer just went on Bora-Bora for his vacation ๐Ÿ˜€ wanted to taste some real islands before selling virtual

    p.s. oh my God! They killed me! …

  40. Razrcut Brooks says:

    Ok. Not a problem. No complaints here. Thank you LL for the update.

  41. A whole new continent? Now? As if the old ones weren’t full of vacant land, much of it for sale and/or filled with prim litter! *sigh*

    Knowing me, however, I will probably buy more land. I just hope I make aprofit in the long run.

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  43. Dadreena Jewell says:

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s disappointing – true – but I’d rather know that there is now a delay, then be kept in complete silence wondering wth is going on.

    Or even worse – lose $1,000+ – because of issues.

    I personally don’t really care how long you take, as long as it all work right.

  44. Krissy Aurbierre says:

    Is it just me, am I blind? I fail to see anywhere in your blog post, a simple apology. Do you even have a clue how pissed off your customers are? And no apology at all, not even a simple “I’m sorry”.

    This has to be the worst customer service outfit I have ever seen. You don’t even give your phone help people information so they can answer our questions.

    I’m pulling over 4kusd out of my account tonight and untill you can honestly appologise to these estate owners here, you can kiss my white fanny.

  45. Jack Linden says:

    @Ciaran: Yes, resident to resident transfers are still going. And apologies, I was late to the office hours, hope to see you next time.

    @JR: Hey JR, I’m guessing you have been to take a look at some of the new regions that are up. They are a work in progress, so won’t have all that rock when completed (I agree, not the most attractive look).

    @mikeD: That was certainly an option Mike, but at least part of the driver for the new Land Store is that it will handle Openspaces whereas the current one does not, making them a manual process that takes too long. The current Land Store also doesn’t work on all browsers.

    @Sedary: Yes, the new Land Store will handle Openspace orders and whichever type of Island you buy, it will be delivered within a few minutes of completing the purchase, automagically. This is part of why this isn’t a simple tool to deliver on time, it is pushing new regions onto the grid, live.. so we need to be extra sure it is working safely before we go live.

  46. Arifi Saeed says:

    NBD. Software always takes longer than one would like. Take your time and do it right! That’s much better than pushing it out when it is not ready yet!

    All the best,


    Arifi Saeed, Research Director, SL
    Canopus Reseach Inc.

  47. carmichael says:

    people,please stop chipping away the ship we’re all in,this is technology and the lindenlab company is obviously trying to do their very best making it as pleasant as it allows them,give them a break geez
    those threatening to leave,i recommend you just leave and not on top of it bitch about it to everyone else.
    i understand frustration of certain loss of objects etc,ive had that happen but in the end,sl is an exceptional world and be proud you’re part of it instead the constant boohooos.sit back and relax and learn some patience,will help you in your real life as well.

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  49. Drakon Cortes says:

    Wondering is anyone has recieved thier free openspace sim yet ? or will those be deliverd when the new land store goes into effect ?

  50. Sean Heying says:

    Thanks Jack for making sure that an expensive purchase works perfectly. It would be terrible to push this out then find residents who put in an order for a US$1000 region lost their money.

    I am sure that people who had cancelled their old regions to buy at a saving will be disappointed but these things happen and in the grand scheme of things a few weeks isn’t a big delay.

  51. Walentine Andersson says:

    To all of you who seem to want to marry the whole Linden Staff…

    I am not pissed because the new land store is delayed. We are pissed because ONCE AGAIN Linden Labs promice things they cant keep up to. No one forced them last week to tell us that the new land store would be up around 16-17 of april. But they did say that and people started to plan, like myself and my partner.

    And this is why we now are f-cking mad because its not the first time this happens, is it. Every day seem to be a new day of disappointments in here and that is not why we spend time in Second Life.

  52. Zep Palen says:

    @45 Jack Linden: “Yes, the new Land Store will handle Openspace orders and whichever type of Island you buy, it will be delivered within a few minutes of completing the purchase, automagically. This is part of why this isnโ€™t a simple tool to deliver on time, it is pushing new regions onto the grid, live.. so we need to be extra sure it is working safely before we go live.”

    So … it is not much more than 1 week ago you announced the new land store to open april 16th.

    Are you telling us that it suddently appeared as a flash from heaven that this “need to be extra sure” will take another 2 weeks ??

    That sounds very untrustfull. Pushing a relase from 1 week to 3 weeks – and then on the announced release date, is either VERY bad time estimating from LL or you are caught up in the Unreallity from inworld in your outworld work.

    Get real for a while please.

  53. Foxxe Wilder says:

    “we want it to be as bug free as possible before going live.”

    HUH??? What’s this? A WHOLE NEW APPROACH by LL?? WOW!! I suppose what with all the NEW BUGS they created recently they might need to start somewhere I suppose.

    One irritating BUG comes to mind…. flying… NOW you don’t have ANY control no matter what tool you use for flight enhancement. Overshooting is FAR too easy (I even overshot once by 2 sims!!! – it is THAT BAD!)

  54. I am very happy and excited with the new land store, I am a little disappointed how we were told last minute that it has been delayed but it is life. And I am also very happy and understanding that it’s a good thing this is something that is being tested and worked out. I am more upset on the fact of the order I originally placed and was told was only a 10 day turnover then 18 days go by and no delivery. Anyways it is life and I am happy we have second life I am looking forward to the new land store. ” I myself would hate to somehow have a buggy land store charge me 1000 USD by mistake lol” So thank you lindens for making sure this is ready before releasing.

  55. cosa nostra says:

    more land = more dump = more residents = more problems

    just stop this whole strategy before second life comes to a general stand still ! Clean the grid up, instead than offering more land, most islands or mainland are just empty or dump places ! People get lost anyhow and get bored within few hours after arriving in sl !

    who the hell decided to launch this strategy ?

    customers who bought 1675 US$ islands are screwed cause new islands are offered @ 1000 US$ = 40 % down !

    You lower rates to have more turnover (short term money impact without profit moving forward), but you dont calculate the performance impact of this operation moving forward ! at the moment your low operational excellence cant cope with >50.000 users !!!

    when are you guys @ linden going to be professional, think it is time for an EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT ! lol, you would immediately see the difference in SL;

    -50 % of the grid closed
    -accounts are free for maximum 2 weeks, then payment required
    -overhead would be cut with at least 50 % worldwide
    -from the other 50 % staff ->75 % would be replaced within 6 months
    -the viewer would be turned back to an worldwide accessible viewer, priority on performance and stability instead of increasing further visual aspect !

    *remind that most people in here are anyhow getting sick due to the unreality they are stuck in, the higher the visual quality the more sick ones gonna be born or created ! lets get back designers in here, people who dont care about freaking unrealistic relationships + dramas, but care about concepts, goals, etc ….

    for the people who gonna start whining and moaning about people like me who indeed know how to approach this situation, please read the remind under point 3 above (lmao)


  56. Neil Glenelg says:

    We are pissed because Linden not only told us to cancel orders .. they canceled it for us – without asking us … so we talked with our customers.. their orders are more than 14 days delayed.. we told them, it will be delivered faster and cheaper .. maxium one week delay (like it was posted on the blog).
    And now? I just “sold” an openspace an hour before this blog post telling the client the landstore will come tomorrow or in a week….
    Sorry.. why are you doing this? Why telling us dates when you have serveral weeks delay?
    The customers are angry not only with you but with us also and its not our fault!
    Why not giving us the sims for new price or give us refund of 2 month of tier manually?
    And we wouldn’t have cancelled anything (we have 4 sims on hold)
    Its time to do something FOR US – not only snubbing us.

  57. Linda Brynner says:

    You know, this might be off topic, but…
    Some Lindens deeply should receive my deep kiss…
    Since my landing in Dec. 2006, it has been quiet a ride…
    But have the Lindens finally have found a way ?
    I may have been a bit harsch, but the economy does give ideas
    of how it could be… Hmm, Maybe I might invest im SL more deeply.
    The scene is to be loved… Pleas do keep the contiouty and we’ll
    be safe.
    Your loyal Linda

  58. Zachary Calhern says:

    If the new land store (when it arrives) can handle the sale of normal islands and openspace sims, can anyone tell me why Linden Labs is still insisting on people buying both ? as in cannot buy openspace without buying islands first. Would it be so terrible if people could just buy an openspace sim on its own ?

  59. Jini Hammerer says:

    Only thing i have a complaint about and i am sure everyone else that got them at 1600 is you just took 600 bucks off the top of our investments, not very fair bussiness policy for those current customers.

  60. Alvi Halderman says:

    I hope you will deply soon the new Q2 Prices!!!

  61. Solomon Draken says:

    Ugh that throws a monkey wrench in our system the group I run is moving from and old sim to a new sim we’re purchasing. We should be able to manually get the new order done at the new announced pricing. This is rather inconvenient and costly as we will have to renew on our old sim location.

  62. Have you guys even heard of the concept of customer service???

    Having sunk well over 20,000 USD into this game, I really expect better treatment. The way you have all acted in this matter is disgraceful.

    I am so very upset and angry and dissapointed in you Lindenlabs, as a customer, I feel betrayed, and uncared about.

    This kind of thing, is the reason people keep leaving Secondlife.

  63. KT Syakumi says:

    Now this IS a suprise! Knowing that this would happen, we decided to keep our order for a void going, prepared to pay the old price, only to have our ticket cancelled by LL because their new land store comes online on the 16th. What does it take to actually get land here? Prediction – on the day it opens, the new automated land store crashes due to a months backlog hitting it at once.

    KT stops banging her head against the brick wall and starts running full tilt at it.

  64. sharra says:


    we are all upset in LL in the one or other way.
    But if you dont think it will be better in future, why wasting more time in SL?
    Everyone knows its not a final release. Its still work in progress.
    Bugs are normal.
    K, customer service should be much better, but service costs.
    And thousands of questions a day take time from every service-related system.
    They are low on manpower i would say.

  65. zoha boa says:

    @64: They are low on manpower i would say.

    Why lowering the sim prices by 40%. If they lowered them by 10 or 20% they could hire with the difference a lot more QUALIFIED people !!!

  66. kenny humby says:

    Ive been really dissapointed about LL’s strategy these days. i dont know if LL knows these words “responsibility”, “customer service”, “keep a promise”, “apology”, and………..

    LL really wants to keep losing their good customers who have made this world better? okay, im sure LL likes chaos, but i dont!!!!!!!!!

    As any business would, LL must respect their customers.

  67. Walentine Andersson says:

    Jack Linden, is it really so hard to make an apology?

    You obvoius are reading the comments, but do you even care how pissed, angry and sad people are right now?

    You, and Linden Labs, should be ashamed of yourself

  68. Blinders Off says:

    LOL. Why does this come as no surprise?

    You know, we talked to LL two days ago. We were told to cancel our existing land order because the new land store would be available on the 16th and we would save money. Now you’re telling us it could be as long as 2 weeks before the land store is ready?

    Blah. More LL inefficiency. I’m all for making sure something works before releasing it. I’m also all for meeting deadlines. Sometimes that means putting in overtime or putting more people on the job. People make plans based on LL announcments. Seems like that is a really bad idea.

    Your employee told us the Open Space order backlog is tremendous… and yet you’re encouraging people to go ahead and call Concierge if they want to go ahead and order before the land store is ready? My main question is why your people are feeding us constant misinformation and [expletive deleted]?

  69. Blinders Off says:

    @9 Chronic: read the above post. There is a 3rd option to your rant: 3. Linden Lab release the code on time, as promised, and in working order, as they should.

    That’s called business management, Chronic. Rumor is it tends to work.

  70. Elicea Egaly says:

    Please excuse my newness, but I am a newbie who wants to buy land and build a home on the Azure Continent. I understand the continent is not owned by LL. How can I buy land on Azure? Merci!

  71. Immerdar Fredriksson says:

    I suppose my problem is that if, at present, the LandStore and new pricing are “hopefully…not much more than a couple of weeks away”, then I would think when this startup date was announced (not so long ago), someone would have known that the LandStore and new pricing were also then “hopefully…not much more than a couple of weeks away”.

    And to commence a whole new operation when all these people are chomping at the bit for their long-awaited islands… Have you ever seen those shoppers at Target or Wal-Mart the morning after Thanksgiving? Did you see the new baggage system at Heathrow?

    Maybe LL should try a “Please take a number” in advance thing if they are worried about their system becoming overloaded.

  72. Dana Bergson says:

    So first you cancel our manual orders for Open Spaces in the ticket system because “the new land store is right around the corner”, than you delay the new land store AND tell us that you HOPE “itโ€™s not much more than a couple of weeks away”?

    Now this is fun. Especially, when you have a line of customers waiting for the land (and the new prices, of course, because anything else “would be unfair, of course” after you told the market, that sims were worth only 1000 US$

    This is just such a great business practice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. Cory would never have allowed this to happen.

  74. Melissa Superior Lands says:

    I can’t wait for the new landstore to open so I can purchase my first three sims!!!

    If anyone is interested in buying cheap, quality land at a competitive price then my sims will be the place to get it! I will be offering a discounted tier for the first couple of months to any land purchasers. I have 3 years of RL experience in the estate business, so you can be assured that my service will be superior compared to other land sellers.

    So thank you once again LL for this opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. LOL. I do find it interesting that people complain about price reductions, mostly due to the fact that they spent over 600 dollars more for theirs. But really what is this about. How often do you see a company continue to build their product but reduce the price. Most companies I know increase the price of the service.

    But this service is really no different then a web hosting service. Actually thats exactly what this is. When you buy a sim you become a reseller. You then sell web space to other users so that they can create their own content. Check out the history of web space you will see a history of much higher rates for much less. But as hardware improves, costs drop, so does the cost of that space. The same happens here.

    I am in agreement that I think that if Linden Labs was planning to due a price decrease they should just set a date and go with it, unless of course the new interface is designed to expedite the process for delivering new sims. This could be extremely important because if the price decrease happens and the system isn’t ready for the increase in sim production the delay could be far greater. I am hoping this is the case. If not, lets set a date and lets pump up the GRID. ^.^

  76. Zinbaco Kattun says:

    I agree with #72, I had orders cancelled even though I had already added a comment to leave them in place after discussing the pricing with the potential new owners. Also this is not good news for those who had openspace islands delivered after April 1 (we had 4 delivered on the 2nd – what bad timing) and the only option to take advantage of the change in price was to have them removed and then re-order via the new land store. Just think of all that extra work for LL too – what was wrong with just a refund in the difference in price. Unlike the full island where there was a refund in the way of an openspace and free tiers for a few monthsl. I had 2 residents pick up all their stuff so their islands could be returned thinking the new land store was imminent (and this was after checking just yesterday with support that the timeline had not changed) and now I have to tekk them that it will be an unknown length of time before they can move back onto the new island.

  77. cosa nostra says:


    LOL, guess that you still dont understand it, LINDEN reduces there prices on the moment there ‘COMPLEXITY’ is increasing (stability and performance never have been so poor) ! The poor worldwide economy or businesses will not be saved by lowering prices to increase turnovers ! No, it just results in more and more companies going busted, this including moving forward also LINDEN, only a matter of time ofcourse !

    Ok, I do an offer on LINDEN – 1 US$, who bids more ?

  78. cosa nostra says:

    see point 74 for an example on point 75 ….. LOL

    statements as ‘CHEAP, QUALITY, HIGHER SERVICE, SUPERIOR, EXPERIENCE, BETTER, DISCOUNTS’ is an example why businesses get busted ST and economies being affected !

    MELISSA …… You’re FIRED !!!!

  79. cosa nostra says:

    correction (78) ->see point 74 for an example on point 77

  80. I *love* such exact planning…

    “…but hopefully itโ€™s not much more than a couple of weeks away”

    Fortunately I am not in a hurry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  81. Mills Gazov says:

    It is a pitty that the new land store hasn’t gorne online today as I sell terrains for islands but on the upside hopefully they will have fixed all the bugs with the new land store.

  82. Melissa Superior Lands says:


    I don’t know what your problem is, perhaps it is jealousy because you can’t afford a sim, even at the lowered price.

    The new pricing is going to help the economy by allowing more residents to own land at a more affordable price which means that they’ll have more money to spend on buying other things.

    My business has already taken off and I don’t even have my sims yet… I have places reserved on my future sims from owners who want to switch to the cheaper and fairer land tier that I offer… and because they save so much with my discounts they’re willing to get rid of the land they already own at a lower price and best of all… THEY STILL WIN!!!

    As I said in my last post… I am a realtor in RL, have been for 3 years. This is going to be side income for me but I have put aside a large reserve to ensure that those who buy from me will keep their land no matter what. I am going lower in tier than most because I hope to make it back by volume.

    I will be providing quality land for whatever your purpose… I will have a policy of zoning, keeping different land uses for separate sims to guarantee all your needs.

    Don’t look anywhere else… Look for the Superior* Lands brand!

    *company name may change.

  83. jpr short says:

    Hmm….very interesting set of business practices. I guess, if the trend continues, wait until the new land store is actually delivered. The mas orders will bring the system to its knees. How much will it then cost Linden Labs and everyone else?

    Next, a price drop was announced. There are still a large number that will not use the land store because of the verification process needed for Non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

    Linden Labs….keep the revenue flow going and at least honor the price for these organizations since it will take two weeks at least for these organizations to have their product delivered. One is not invoiced until the sims are delivered anyway. In this situation, you are holding up the projects of real life enterprises as well.

    I don’t get it. Are the majority of folks working at Linden young and inexperienced at real business practices?

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  85. Muli Basiat says:

    I put all my sims up for sale over a month ago. Selling at a loss – but trying to preserve my builds by finding a single buyer for all but two sims. This would have kept Acropolis Gardens intact. But after waiting about 20 days for the lousey Concierge service to get around to my transfer SURPRISE! New isalnds are cheaper than OLD ones! Anyone should realise LL is going down the tubes and land here is worthless. I gave away 2 islands this morning and may give away the rest as well. LL does not care about the landowners or they would not have screwed them all.

  86. cosa nostra says:


    sweety, just stick to the topic !

    U know nothing about business, U will never know something about business ! ok ? thx … bye !

  87. Joshe Darkstone says:

    With so many things to be pissed off about – I finally have something to be happy about. I applaud the decision to remove the land store and stop ripping off the un-informed at the old pricing. Although it could have been easily handled with appropriate refunds.

    For those of you with so much pent up frustration regarding not being bale to buy at the old price… geez, are you nuts? announce yourselves, there are a ton of island owners out there that have paid too much and would be willing to wait but cant, buy them from them, you might even be saving their financial a$$. just make the deal, submit the ticket and take over the operation of the sim until the ticket is processed.

    any takers? see me in-world you can have mine.

  88. MadamG Zagato says:


    After all the feedback received about the lower pricing from island owners who felt cheated by the sudden price change, and those who had recently placed an order, why are islands being offered at the normal (higher) price while the Land Store is being completed? Why not offer islands at the new price?

    After all, didn’t you just offer those who had ‘recently’ placed an order the opportunity to cancel their orders at the higher price so they could now purchase at the new price?

    If someone orders now at the old price, will they still have to wait several weeks before the island is delivered?

    It seems counterproductive on both sides to buy an island at $1695 today when the new Land Store may be ready tomorrow where we could buy one for $1000. We want land at the lower pricing, and you apparently want to sell it to us at the lower pricing with the ability to automate the delivery.

    Warmest regards,

  89. junkyarddog yao says:

    Lets not forget this other issue. When the new land store opens the market for all sims will be flooded with empty sims and we all will fight for customers. This is good for buyers of pieces of sims but terrible for sim owners. I am trying to get my land before the land store opens so i will not have to deal with more people selling there land for tier prices only and under the actual monthly cost of their sim. Trying to buy sims is not a good thing today in sl because the market is going to be flooded with tons of land at this time, spring and summer, that population generally decreases in sl. All business owners know that business during the spring and summer are the worse times. I am just making a point that the timing is wrong for sim owners for this expansion.

    ty junky

  90. Lillie Yifu says:

    Dear Jack,

    Many positive things have been happening in Second Life, including the Havok 4 roll out, improvements in infrastructure, sculpties, and now your new land pricing. However, communications problems often hinder even positive developments.

    Second Life is paid for by the people who pay tier, who are taking the risks of being able to find a market for what they do. You price that way, 300 USD a month is not a consumer price for something, it is a business price. You aren’t dealing with consumers, but with people who run at least side businesses in your world. You are asking them to take huge risks on no salary, while you work on salary and have a chance at an IPO.

    This means that high handed, dishonest, and secretive beahvior is taken very, very, very badly, because many of the people you are talking to have borrowed money to do business here, or have spent a good deal of their liquid cash to do so. While Linden Lab is used to engaging in behavior which is, by the standards of software, shoddy and abusive, it has a cost. That cost is in negative publicity. It is not free, but is coming out of your IPO as it leaks out.

    LL regularly charges premium for what would be regarded as beta software elsewhere. It labels programs release candidates that are loaded with obvious memory leaks and crash bugs, it stiffs its open source developers and takes away tools.

    This is not going to get any better. What you should have done was much simpler: namely quietly put the new land store in operation to handle the open space sims internally. When open space sims were popping instantly, and had no bugs, you could have announced the public use of the new land store. Prices could have been discounted say 20%, and then another 20% when the land store was actually on line.

    Instead, well after you knew the land store was going to be late, you didn’t say anything.

    I am going to say it again, you are dealing with people who are entrepreneurial and in business, even if a side business. You are charging them a lot for very very beta software. Treating them like children, not even ordinary customers, is a very good way to have them write, very publically, about how incompetent and foolish Linden Labs is. Every time someone does that, your IPO price goes down.

    Consider, who would be the market for an LL IPO?

    Let me give you a hint, the very people who you are jerking around right now are the people who are going to deliver the “pop” in what I am told is “the most challenging environment for IPOs” in this decade.

    So don’t do things differently because of some abstract reason, do things differently because you are trying to sell stock to these people, so that you can cash out your options on IPO day and get something more than a nice dinner for your trouble.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Lillie Yifu,

  91. Hiro says:

    @ 82

    This isn’t a place to post your “Superior” company’s advertisement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. junkyarddog yao says:

    nothing like a cheap plug:-)

  93. Second Life is part of the whole development phase of the next generation internet (which will most probably be 3d in some way or another). Basically we’re all beta-testers in a much larger and longer term scheme/development.

    Linden Lab, and with that, Second Life, could be big in that bigger scheme. But it could also collapse. In the larger scheme, that would just be a setback but wouldn’s stop the ultimate global development of that next generation information highway.

    All Linden Lab has to do is stay put and keep up developing, and treating their co-pioneers (which we all are) in a fair way. Don’t treat us as regular customers, because that would mean you have to deliver a finished product. Treat us like beta-testers and offer us a fair deal and open communication.

    If you do that, you will be rewarded for sure. So I would say, set up a professional organization, and postpone your IPO until the moment just before your competitors start getting into the action. That’s when it will take off on a large scale.

    @ 90 (Lillie Yifu): Kudos, well put !!

  94. Ciaran Laval says:

    @75 Wallace McAllister, it’s different to web and server hosting in so much as where the virtual land is influences the worth of the price, there’s a market in location. There’s a market in the type of virtual land too, granite land isn’t generally as valuable as grass land and waterfront land is much more valuable than rock or grass land. This means you can’t make the direct analogy you’re making.

    If all land were flat and grey, with no water and consumers didn’t pay a premium for certain types of land then you’d be right, but that’s not the way it works here.

    If you pop along to a sim like Shermerville or any parcels near Linden owned land you will see they are much more expensive than your average plot. If this were simply a case of server and web hosting that quite clearly wouldn’t be the case.

    @82 Melissa for someone with experience in RL estate business you seem to be making some amazing claims. Tier is by and far the biggest cost factor for any sim owner. After four months of paying tier you’ll have paid more than your island cost, the idea that you will somehow be able to make sweeping savings for consumers on the ongoing costs of their land simply doesn’t add up.

    The way to increase the amount of members who own land isn’t via cuts on island pricing (which still aren’t exactly cheap in consumer terms), it’s cuts in tier and tier needs to become a lot cheaper. LL should be concentrating on bringing down the big cost factor here and passing savings onto their customers that way.

  95. Drakon Cortes says:

    Ok looks like its time for a group hug ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. cosa nostra says:

    just a thought to make more money myself in my RL company !
    yeah why not …. lol …. just called the management team together here in RL today and told them to do like LINDENLABS, gave them ofcourse first straight away each one of them a large salary increase, promised a bigger company car !

    I am gonna cut my prices with 40 % so I can reach a much wider customerplatform, also I am not gonna care anymore about my core customers who are paying for service since years …….my operational costs will increase due to higher turnover, my complexity will go up, I will need to increase the headcount, invest, my core customers will leave me, and …..I get stuck with 40 % more customers where the profit is no profit anymore …

    my profit will suck and soon I will go busted

    oops, will this work folks ??? please advice ….. omg …. LINDEN please advice ………I am screwing my RL business ….oh nooooo


  97. Linda Brynner says:

    Some things I really don’t understand:

    1. Why are you Lindens producing tons of badly designed mainland.
    Land should be sandy and grassy flat and at ocean level; that type is desired.
    Rockland… and huge slope hills is far less desired.

    2. Why are you Lindens again start to overflow SL with new land in
    a short time ? On the moment that the ratio:
    ‘Total sq.m sold by residents MTD / Total sq.m for sale by residents’
    gets below ~3,0 the land business crashes hard (proven).
    The economy simply does not grow fast enough to absorp a much lower ratio. Analog to that the population growth is slowing down, residents logins are decreasing. User hours still grows, but not fast enough to compensate.

    Please do hire a proper economic analyst.

  98. cosa nostra says:


    linda, the answer is very simple !

    LINDEN sees all the big money bypassing there wallets due to the professional approach from a bunch of clever SL residents with brains ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The new LINDEN strategy is to stop these residents to make further money moving forward, offering more and more land at cheaper prices will bring the l$/mยฒ +/- 40 % down again and will destroy/disturb in one go the whole existing economy !

    the outcome is that the money will now go back to LINDEN ! Maybe they have hired an economical analyst, but probably a consultant from the italian maffia ๐Ÿ˜‰

    why him, why not me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. leuk short says:

    cosa nostra – that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of.

    The bread and butter of Linden’s future will be from the corporate enterprises gaining a presence with this technology. And it is a good strategy from a business perspective to lower prices and get more residents to stay in longer. I believe that there are now over 13 million residents that have signed up since inception. Probably 11 million are gone for good never to return. Linden needs to focus on strategies to get people to stay. Pricing is one. Usability is another…hence the continued usability tests. YEs some people make some money here and yes thousands are have a positive case flow..but many are not making what one would call “big money”. Big money is defined differently buy each individual. BUTI would say as a side fun job 500 to 700 US is ok pocket change. 1000 US not bad for a side endeavor..but certainly not a career.

    Again..getting more to stay longer is a priority. many of us in the research field are working on Open free furniture, animations, clothes etc that are made by professionals and offered free to resident. This is the way we are hoping for it to turn where we offer high quality content libraries of free stuff to all who want it.

    Focusing on the larger enterprises that pour millions into this technology rather than 1675 here and there is the way to go. If you all research what is going on….other big players are going to get into this “game” real soon. Linden is in the process of unbundling the avatar from SL to make it a universal standard across all platform on the horizon.

    The pocket change small businesses (and 90% are all small) are certainly valuable, but not a viable strategy of focus especially if profitability is the goal.

    Open source is the way to go..the technology, and the content. And trust me, it is going to happen, and I am one to make sure it will happen. .. here and with software outside of SL..

    The real money with Sl..being an external content designer for corporate enterprises wanting to hop on the band wagon. (0 – 120 / hr US is a pretty typical fee…andI will tell you the wok is fun as well..lots of fun.

    Suggest many to find real jobs outside of Sl.

  100. PKB Rules says:


    I disagree. The reason that LL are reducing the price of their lands is because they are changing their business strategy. Where before their priority was to bring the big players and RL corporations into the game, they’re now starting to see that it can be more profitable to have more land owners and tier payers.

    Naturally, the RL corporations will start to come into the game as the SL population increases to a level that will start attracting RL commercial interests. Everything that LL is doing now is to enable more people to be on SL at the same time without their servers overloading and crashing. Projects such as Havoc 4 and cheaper land are all part of their effort to do this.

    As more money fuels LL, and as technology gets cheaper, land prices will continue to fall to enable more residents to own land, and to allow more money to circulate SL to stimulate content creation which keeps people coming back to SL.

  101. cosa nostra says:

    anyhow, to make it short, I dont see how linden will cope moving forward with there new strategy, cause they are not capable to process >50.000 online users moving forward !

    RL companies (mostly european companies) dont want to be associated with SL, cause 75 % of the users in SL are a non value platform! Most people dont have jobs, disabled, social problems, …..(ofcourse my respect for them), but viewing it from a business point of view ->no value ! American companies dont care cause ripping off there customers ST is the way moving forward, look to the disaster economics in the US.

    Also SL is a beta product that will never become alpha, thats why they try to attract more customers who get addicted in this platform to cover there development costs ..which people they get into those games ? well the 75 % as described above ! people who are weak and therefore easy to be mislead/trapped !

  102. cosa nostra says:


    youre statement : ‘I believe that there are now over 13 million residents that have signed up since inception. Probably 11 million are gone for good never to return’

    leuk, there are only a group of +/- 2500 die hard users in SL and probably this figure is still overestimated ! these are a group of people who are indeed professionals in SL and in RL ! the rest are
    users coming in/coming out (short term), multi-accounts, etc ……so every figure reported in the media above 50.000-60.000 online users is a misleading marketing figure.

    if SL is going to screw the CORE group or dont involve this group moving forward in there strategies, the result or outcome will be known soon !

    2 options for linden moving forward;

    1/ LINDEN asks me and other core users to support them, we will help them moving forward (ofcourse for something belongs something !)
    2/ if they keep treating the CORE as a bunch of idiots, I am gonna critize and attack untill I see SECOND LIFE gone from the WEB and guess I am not alone !


  103. jpr short says:

    actually, there are a large number of American companies getting exposure in Sl, with rapidly evolving standards.

    However, it is also a good strategy to not only attract more members, but to get them to stay. Less expensive land will certainly help that along with reduced tier prices for all. Even with lower tier prices, the increased numbers of land owning residents will make up the shortfall plus some. Even though major spending is going on daily, still the majority of residents refrain from putting too much of their own money into the experience.
    Yes, sad but true, those that are not content designers or vendors that stay are faced with some severe “issues” in Rl…maybe the worst that I have ever been exposed to. It is unfortunate, but it is the nature of this medium.

    Like I said, I am a researcher, and among other things, am working with (currently 1600) researchers from all over to make many of the Pay For items “open source” using highly talented designers, artists, and software engineers from the entertainment game industry. MIT is also involved in this endeavor as a separate project.

    In the end, the real money is not from some vendor that owns a single sim for a club or some store. Attracting more folks into the environment and giving them more for less money is the way to go. And it is perfectly fine for linden to have the money directed to Linden Labs, and not to some flexi hair store, or a club.

    If I were a vendor, I would not keep to much invested in real estate, especially sell real estate. That market has dwindled considerably. With the new prices of sims coupled with a potential reduction in tier, residents can “chip in” with friends and just buy their own regions, islands, and open spaces. What a fantastic strategy.

    And of prime importance for Linden to clean up all the “inappropriate stuff” contained within. There is enough of that on the internet already. Continuing to pollute the environment further attracts the “types” mentioned by cosa nostra above. As this type of technology permeates a time goes on, what a perfect time to nip this crap at the bud…

  104. Modesta Heying says:

    I hope that on the new continent, LL starts using better terrain, like the terrain in sims such as Chagall and Monet. And will the 10sims/day start on the new continent or will it start on the corsica continent?

  105. Breeze Herrey says:

    Well this will put us all behind for those in the Real Estate Business. But I look at it this way, I guess I can take a rest and go on vaction with my Partner, Hope all is doing well, Jack has done a tremdous job keeping us posted. WTG Jack, From the Herreys

  106. Stetson Rail says:

    change is never easy but without it nothing would ever improve, sometimes I am the 1st to fly off the handle before I think things through, when the new land store is ready so will i be ready to use it, its always better to do something right the 1st time then to do it 10 times to get it right, keep up the good work L.L. and just take care of the small stuff the big stuff will work it self out.

  107. Walentine Andersson says:

    Still no apoligies from Linden Labs. Still the same ignorance to their customers. Still the same silence.

    Homer Simpson would run this better.

  108. Phil Zenith Design says:



    “Like I said, I am a researcher, and among other things, am working with (currently 1600) researchers from all over to make many of the Pay For items โ€œopen sourceโ€ using highly talented designers, artists, and software engineers from the entertainment game industry. MIT is also involved in this endeavor as a separate project.

    In the end, the real money is not from some vendor that owns a single sim for a club or some store. Attracting more folks into the environment and giving them more for less money is the way to go. And it is perfectly fine for linden to have the money directed to Linden Labs, and not to some flexi hair store, or a club.”

    For someone who claims to know alot about games, you obviously don’t have a single clue. Let me fill you in on the facts as I am in the industry working as a professional modeller and animator who has helped produce big titles. Second Life is a hobby of mine which allows me the freedom to make whatever I like without the constriction of a brief.

    Linden Labs was developed so the user can create their own world, it’s their whole selling point. They’ve invest alot of money so residents can have the in-world tools to create their own content. 70% of the Second Life code is to allow this – you really think they would put some much time and effort into coding a world which was so malleable for its users??

    There are other games which exist which has objects created by professional content creators, such as World of War craft, and numerous other MMORPGS. Most of these content creators work on contracts which move them from company to company – Once you’ve worked in the field it’s easy to get other work with your portfolio.

    Another thing… Sculpties. Sculpties is one of the major turning points in SL content creation which allows users to create meshes using bitmaps. They’re excellent for expression… BUT not the most ideal method for importing meshes into a game. They’re inaccurate, clumsy and pretty much hit and miss… IF Linden Labs’ intention is to have professional content creators, they wouldn’t have developed sculpties in the first place. Sculpties is a form of displacement mapping applied to a primitive, normally used in games to add an extra level of detail, but never used to create forms because it creates unnecessary polygon counts.

    You haven’t been in SL very long have you? Before SL supported the payment system, you couldn’t buy objects in game – That’s why SLexchange was set up, so users could buy other user content. Even if SL got rid of the payment system, other ways of buying items would be created on 3rd party sites. As a ‘research’ *giggle*, you probably would know that most of the items bought and sold on MMORPGS happen on Ebay.

    While you are right that land prices and tier may continual to drop, content creation by the users seems to be the most viable and effective solution to keep the SL economy alive. It is also the cheapest long term solution to enable SL to remain continually refreshed with new content. As a ‘researcher’ *giggle* – you may want to look at other sites like YouTube, have you heard of that? hehehe – why is that site so popular?

    Keep researching, hahahaha.



  109. Aleena Silverspar says:

    First: @55 “One irritating BUG comes to mindโ€ฆ. flyingโ€ฆ NOW you donโ€™t have ANY control no matter what tool you use for flight enhancement. Overshooting is FAR too easy (I even overshot once by 2 sims!!! – it is THAT BAD!)”

    Personally, I think someone needs to learn how to fly. Because I never have problems with it. Maybe thats because I don’t use any fly enhancers other then ones that allow me to fly really high.

    Second: Personally, I would rather LL wait to put out this product then have it come out and have people order land, and not have their islands show up! As this program puts up your island without the help of real people. Bugs are not fun to deal with, as we all know. And when it comes to spending large amounts of money, I’m sure you all want to get your money’s worth.

  110. Please start new land store! It`s soon?

  111. Stephen Howitt says:

    I really would appreciate any information about the estimated start of the new land store now. It is nearly a week since the last blog post about this topic.

  112. Matisse Vendetta says:

    Anyone? Anyone?



    Ferris Bueller?

  113. Tena says:

    Jack, any word on when the land store going to open. I tried to log in and it keeps going back to the login screen. I’m hoping that means that the store is opening very soon. Before, It was saying it was closed now it’s not. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  114. Callie Martinek says:

    /me is desperate for the Land Store to be up and running, so she can see her “plans” to come to fruition!! Getting really restless now!!

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  116. Ener Hax says:

    hello Jack, i was looking for any new ETAs on a store. i know that it is like “everyone goes nuts” here if you give any date. but for some of the level-headed peeps, i sure would love a ballpark date (and being a reasonable person, i know that dates change). thank you and best of luck with this mammoth endeavor ๐Ÿ™‚

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