Wednesday Maintenance of Support Portal Canceled

We originally announced a Wednesday morning (Pacific) outage for the support portal.  That outage has been canceled.  All necessary work was completed during the first phase of maintenance.

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29 Responses to Wednesday Maintenance of Support Portal Canceled

  1. Fox says:

    Time to check up on your servers again, logins are failing, tps are failing, search and map are slow as swimming in a tar pit in winter time.. and it’s not even monday!

  2. BK says:

    Thats great but SL is down again… “Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update” did I miss an announcement somewhere? I was just kicked off with no warning at all, just after all payments started failing on me.

  3. pantaiputih korobase says:

    ummmm, login failed

  4. John Trihey says:

    Bring Back Cory before it is too late..:)

  5. Astryl Arai says:

    I never had problems with crashing or flashing screen till the new browser and Havoc. I hate it. I hate because of the problems with it. I love the new look when I get to see it and even my crash reports are not sent in…keep getting this notice of retries. What a mess. i am so ready to cancel accounts and give up my sim and lands. Enough already.

  6. Reka Rockett says:

    Think you need more maintainence on everything else :3

  7. Feel Worse says:

    The SL website is down. I am unable to login. I can see more than 50.000 ppl onlie. Nothing is announced. Guys, I was satisfied with your work. But now, I ask you to work better. I know there could be bugs.
    Please, at least inform us. We are adult and we accept that you sometimes make fault. It is OK. Hiding bad information is not the best way to make your business partner, us, feel better.
    Do not treat me like a child. We did not deserve it.
    Maybe my comment is agaist THE RULES and you ar going to remove it. Please, before removing, think about it.

  8. chel foxley says:

    logins failed again.. wow what a surprise… seems its harder to rp in sl then ever before…O.o

  9. BK says:

    You know what – FORGET the support portal maintenace – may as well since all of my tickets have been IGNORED, why work on something you dont even monitor? Fix the rest of the crap first before you destroy Second Life completely.

  10. Jerr says:

    Well at least fix something while logins are failing and we can’t get in , ya , start out with fixing logins . . .

  11. Oasis says:

    I could sacrifice a day or 2 of SL to get all the darned bugs fixed, once and for all. Having official days of maintenance = good, giving 0 hours of advance info before disabling logins and services = not good.

  12. candi clawtooth says:


  13. Sweetly Blessed says:

    Does this mean all the rolling restarts will be done on Thursday then?

  14. vicenzo spirt says:

    It’s time to consider the layers of problems in technical and management, as being beyond your ability to control, and seek out consultancy advice, before someone gets the bright idea of an RL lawsuit to wrest control of your company for malfeasance.
    You’ve got a wonderful product, and apparently a loyal client base, but he current level of abuse threatens both….Bon Chance

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  16. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Yeah um….since the comments are disabled on the newest blog, gotta post it here.

    Even though the in-world services are said to be up as of 20 minutes ago, Searches, profiles and transactions are still not working.

    Could you make up your minds please?

  17. Thomas Page says:

    I think it is time to realize that Linden Labs does not really care about what happens or how you feel about it . I have been in Second Life for 16 months and it just gets worse and worse. no clear explantion on all the updates and restarts and what value it has for the residents of Secondlife if any. It seems they are just trying to keep the thing running cause it is about to crash and burn. It has gotten so bad that I hardly come on weekends anymore because I know asset servers wont work and the lag will be unbearable. I have given up on weekend concerts at my club on Sundays because guest not been able to tip the performers for the past 4 weeks due to stale transactions. I really hope Linden wakes up to our needs but i am not holding my breath

  18. Adam Spark says:

    Guys come on, Tuesday – there was asset server cluster work scheduled for today days ago. We were warned that there would be impact.

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  20. Scree Raymaker says:

    Sorry Adam, but there’s nothing on the blog mentioning maintenance being done this early.

    Angelic, comments aren’t technically disabled. Each blog post with comments enabled allows 150 comments to be posted. It’s just the comment limit being hit.

  21. Incredible Linden support, NOT says:

    I was asking for a very minor favor, to enhance the view from my land and to optimize access from the seaside – the answer I received was the following;

    “The appearance of the coastline in [Land] is actually due to terraforming which has been performed in neighbouring regions. As such, there is no point in adjusting the terrain in [Land] to match it, since the neighbouring regions may change ownership at some point and be terraformed again.

    So, I’m sorry, but there really is not a lot of point in adjusting the terrain there.”

    There is a lot of point in my small request – I am a paying customer!
    SL created by Lindens, experience overruled by lazy Linden coworkers.

    That should become the new slogan.

  22. Jenna Barbarossa says:

    I’m with Astryl! I have been here over a year now and all it does is keep getting worse and worse. I am seriously considering getting rid of my sim and quitting. I can not justify paying almost $300 U.S. per month for a sim (not to mention another $300 just for in game expenses) that, even when I manage to log in to, I can’t walk around on most of the time, can’t tp off of, can’t get dressed, can’t send money, and the the colors look like crap now. Havok ought to be spelled Havoc, cause that’s all it’s causing since we were FORCED to use it. What is wrong with you, LL? Do you have one ounce of common sense! Start listening to your customers or you soon won’t have any. We love this world, and we don’t want to leave. PLEASE stop screwing it up!

  23. Jenta says:

    Why don’t you do something about all the copyright violations..

  24. Adam Spark says:

    Sorry Scree, but heres the link.

    It was posted on Sunday that this work was being done. Did it say specifically it would be pulled offline for 30 minutes? No. But it did say many regions might experience downtime.

  25. LoLo says:

    @21 incredible
    when you live in the mainland, you know in advance what you get right? No proper terraforming

  26. LoLo says:

    @11 they can’t fix them in two days, that would take at least two years

  27. Argus Collingwood says:

    *sigh* Ticket filed, chim lost, another day in Paradise…*sigh* TIA *if* I get my dance chim back.

  28. Scree Raymaker says:

    Adam, the times in that announcement are completely different from when people started experiencing problems (almost 12 hours difference). The maintenance being done was NOT the maintenance that was scheduled.

  29. Incredible Linden support, NOT says:

    It seems to me that whoever gave the answer on my humble request, couldn’t care less.
    The Lindens are not interested in giving a paying customer the support as requested.
    Terraformed land – Naturally – that is a part of life in SL; Normally neighbors cooperate in similar matters to improve the overall experience of SL and to increase the feeling.
    Though, this is not valid for Linden controlled areas – they rather feel like – we don’t give a f— about how you feel about the surroundings LL control. Accept the fact or beat it.
    Is that really what LL PR section wants?
    Oh btw maybe LL doesn’t have any PR people…
    Main idea is to release new functions and problems, just to try to make the customers to forget about the existing ones.

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