[Completed] Services and Logins will be down for ~30 minutes

[Completed 12:07 p.m. PDT] Our system engineers have completed work on the Central database cluster and services have resumed.

We are about to undergo a 30 minute downtime in order to work on our Central database cluster. All services including transactions, logins and in world services will be affected.

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152 Responses to [Completed] Services and Logins will be down for ~30 minutes

  1. Cybercat Bekkers says:

    The Short notice of the 30 min down time for the asset cluster is not appreciated, I was wondering why I couldn’t upload a texture. Thanks Guys give us a day or two notice from now on Please!

  2. Fox says:

    You failed to warn us in advance, as usual. Inworld services failed long before you posted this.

  3. les says:

    same old.

    I’ll make money in the next life!

  4. pantaiputih korobase says:

    approx 30 minuts means from 30 minutes to ?? hours, ROFL

  5. BK says:

    Well thanks for the heads-up… NOT. I was just kicked off with NO warning what so ever

  6. Angelica Seaton says:

    Perhaps an in-world notification of an impending downtime would be beneficial LL, I was in the middle of trying to explain to a customer I was not ripping them off because they haven’t received their purchase…now it looks to them like i have!

  7. JackJack Oh says:

    Is this down related to issues in peak time about the database load?

  8. Scree Raymaker says:

    It’d also be nice to have some warning inworld, so we know not to do anything that might be affected.

  9. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Don’t you LOVE how these people work? It’s brings to mind the old joke,
    BANG BANG BANG!!!! “HALT or I’ll SHOOT!”

  10. Noa Noland says:

    It’s really NOT that hard to plan this in advance. I’m sure your people need to know what they have to do too right?

    How about telling YOUR customers too. Afterall, they are the only reason you guys excist!

  11. Raven Dallagio says:

    Yes well a warning about this would have been nice. No warning, the program just logged me off, midstream of me doing something important.

  12. Mira Raymaker says:

    Thanks for the very very very late notice, awesome guys….now I have to do all hard work all over again…thanks again…

  13. alexx babii says:

    Sorry to say this, guys, but SL provision has been getting worse and worse the last several weeks. It’s now more or less chronically unreliable and dysfunctional. Can you explain to your users honestly, before we start leaving in droves, what the problems are, and what you expect to be doing to address them with the degre of professionalism and competence we ought to be able to expect? You’re simply not providing a reliable degree of functionality any more.

  14. Krynch Picnic says:

    your fixing the lag right?

  15. DB says:

    SL is down again, what else is new…

    Hey, I know some good database people if you want to hire someone that can fix your issue once and for all…

  16. This now almost predictable downtime at this time of day is costing people in here real money in lost sales which we never recover.

    Your description of the databases says there are secondary backup systems so why do we see these down periods ?

    For the future do you intend to migrate to a more reliable database technology ?

  17. Nice idea!!! Well, great done. No warning, in info, nothing at all. But I think it is a good idea to shut down the database without any warning…

    The last days we all learnt that the database needed to operate the whole Second Life thing is a crappy bunch of unstable code. And more and more often crashes during peak time. So it is a good idea to simply turn it off during peak times!!!

    Problem recognized, problem solved! Keep on the good work!
    And besides: Who needs info?

  18. Natalie Looming says:


    1. Order. Read the blog before a relog 🙂

  19. TheSmart Guy says:


  20. Blabla2 Eponym says:

    If they just bring back my thousands of items I lost, I will be happy

  21. Plum Planer says:

    next time an inworld warning please ….

  22. Lea Vendetta says:

    What kind of work is being done and is this work expected to fix any of the current problem we have been experiencing?

  23. votslav hax says:

    ..There needs to be some method of informing the residents of this .. My show at top of the hr is now in jeopardy.. this is not good biz practice!!

  24. Meghan Dench says:

    Thanks for the warning guys! NOT
    Please consider that Business’ run within Second Life, meetings are Scheduled, conferences etc. even for Real Life meetings and you are not the only company needing the grid.
    You provide a service, please do it properly and give us warning.

  25. JackJack Oh says:

    @17: LOL
    It’s a nice way to solve database load problems…. unplug network cable 🙂

  26. I have no problem with you doing work on your servers. It is something that is necessary, things happen, things need maintained.

    But PLEASE, give us notice IN WORLD when these things are happening!

  27. Raven Dallagio says:

    Guess I am not the only one upset, I feel better now. NOT!!!!! Crazyness really, this has been unrealiable for me for a week, been crashing all day and to top this off, cant finish planned business due to logs being ceased. Thanks again for the warning.

  28. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Would be SO nice if you announced it inworld before so people dont end up loseing money..really would be nice

  29. SigneyG says:

    This is getting silly. Ever since the new viewer there has been major problems. Sadly many of didn’t even want windlight for everyday use. I love SL and pay my membership fees to support LL, but this is getting depressing. Lindens..you don’t have to rush it along..we love SL just the way it was!

  30. Six Igaly says:

    *#^^*, just 1 second too late…what to do now? Wish i could clean out my inventory in the meanwhile.

  31. Fianna Idora says:

    I’ve noticed the asset server having consistant troubles at about noon every day – I wonder if it runs some kind of dianostic at that time that pooches it.. hmmm

  32. Damen Hax says:

    oo sounds like fun, goodluck~

  33. Amon Dragonash says:

    Very nice to let us know before you do that sort of thing..
    I was trying to log in for at least 15 minutes before this blog was posted..

    Get your act together and respect your often paying customers!

  34. Linda Brynner says:

    Thank you for your notice in advance 😦
    Glad I was doing no transactions !!
    Ohhh, I haven’t been on since a week due so many technical issues.
    Have been on since an hour today… Then, SAME OLD SL Grrrrr
    Shall I buy some Private Islands or should I not…
    That is my question at this point…
    LL is not making it more easier to look it at the bright sight.
    My feeling is not that SL getting more stable at all.

  35. Mirella Dallagio says:

    Thank you for posting this AFTER your servers crashed.
    Thank you also for the great level of service you offer

  36. Torben Trautman says:

    Thanks for warning us in advance. It´s good to be able to plan things. I just announced a business opening and now can´t log back in… Hope the champagne will last until we get back…

  37. Masuyo Aabye says:

    failed to let people know? no they blogged a few days ago actually.

  38. Babs Maynard says:

    This F****ng SL gets worse and worse by week

    IT IS A HELL OF A MESS thousand of excuses but stability is FULL CRAP ! !

  39. andsim Hammerer says:

    that why i couldn’t relogin i was unaware of
    i was have some problem with group before i try relogin
    so this is goig effect to everyone

  40. Rafiki Boa says:

    I would really appreciate it if all restrictions of login were announced in-world always, just like its done some of the time. I was in the midst of a dynamic situation with friends, went for a “quick relog” and now I’m grounded for 20 minutes 😦

    Please always announce login and transaction restrictions in-world, so people can adjust their actions accordingly. Its user friendly, and just a push on the button tor Linden Lab anyway.
    Thanks 🙂

  41. Khashai Steinbeck says:

    Spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t login. Would have been nice if this were posted -before- you started working on it.

    On that note, you already know folks are upset with the downtime. I second (bajillionth?) the request that LL explains, in detail, what exactly is wrong with SL, and what you are doing to fix this.

  42. Stefanie Stringer says:

    When will be celebrate the first day of SL working properly?

  43. Yonsay Gontineac says:

    Guys, I understand u have to do these things, I really do, but I was about to interview someone for a paper, I was cut of mid sentence, received no explanation, and I hope the interviewee is not offended.

  44. Edward Beaumont says:

    Should have been a ingame warning 😦

  45. Abigail says:

    I was wondering…Can you all PLEASE send out IN WORLD NOTICES before shutting things down? That would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean is it really that hard to do?

  46. Roken Price says:

    Holy cow – more downtime, and without warning this time.

    I thought the rollout of Havok 4 was supposed to reduce downtime, not increase it (which it seems to have done).

    Please LL, as much as like all the new features, let’s have no more until at least the major problems are fixed.

  47. Pompeja says:

    hmm can sl get worser then it is the last 6 weeks?I guess not,for business couldnt be worse,problems with uploads and hours to refund people bc dont get what purchased..would be nice to hear some good news once

  48. Rlie Reichmann says:

    30 Minutes means 6 hrs or 24 hrs later lol

  49. Cuffman Payne says:

    SL is getting worse everyday.

    I think I’ll find something else to do.

  50. Sweetly Blessed says:

    And, Again, people lose more money!!!!!!! This is absolutely insane!!

  51. Harmony Deschanel says:

    This is really getting old… very old … And the problem is, I can’t even “vote with my dollars” to tell you, Linden Labs, of my disatisfaction because I pay tier fee on land I own …. Problem comes that if I give up owning as much land as I do, someone else will step in and buy it, and take up the slack, and pay what I was before … So even if I leave SL, you’ll only miss my $72 / yr I pay for the premium account …. You plan on making up for all this lost time over the past 4 weeks with a reduced tier fee for us this month, that pay hundreds of dollars each month?

  52. Anal Sinister says:

    Great no warning time, just like second life, still waitng for mr 26,000 lindens worth of furnutiure lost , your solutions do not work. Hey a great idea, we pay a ton of money for this wonderfull servcice…. how a about a refund for all our lost inventory that you seem to lose…

  53. JackJack Oh says:

    anyway, this is the 1st time i see a downtime post with comments open…. 1st and last i think….

    Tomorrow at work i’ll try to upgrade a database with users online, if LL can, why can’t I do the same?


  54. Dream says:

    Ah well, at least this boot has a reason. I never used to crash, but since the update I crash all the time, and despite my vidcard being able to handle it, it refuses to save my “shiny” as on. Its frustrating and angering. Fix whatever it is that needs to be fixed.

  55. David Taylor says:

    Couldn’t take it down at any less of a peak time could you? Or as others have commented, send a message in world so that we know NOT to log off such that we might not get back in. This *is* getting boring now.

  56. Active says:

    seems like they are too affraid to anwser to any of thoes posts here … whatta shame … and Sl is getting worse and worse every day.

  57. Cineldera Markova says:

    Well that was a little nice boot to the butt. A little bit more warning would be really nice. I NEVER got notice til i tried to log back in.And i saw it on the log in screen. What happened to giving people a little bit of warning guys???

  58. Joslynn says:

    It seems SL has more problems with this update then any other, Its upseting that we pay so much money to play a game that we are unable to log into. This is like the 5th time this week i have not been able to login. I think its time i stop paying for something that i cant play. Lindens should seriously think of how they can make it up too all the people that pay good money to play this game.

  59. Stiff ninetails says:

    DB that has me laughing with tears, hahaha’

  60. milissa rossini says:

    Same old suddenly notice, just 2 days before when i was editing my AO. They did the same stuff, that cause my AO disappear forever. Lost of the L for my custom made AO. Sigh… SL now every experience events happen instead of claim less DOWNTIME. I also experience online fore back configuration problem these 2 days. It seem that the system cannot save my new configuration. It seem SL has a very big infrastructure problem.. suspicious..

  61. FoxSan says:

    I’m going outside to look at the stars for 30 minutes \o/

  62. How about an inworld warning BEFORE people try to relog thinking it would solve a problem? And how about not doing this all the time during european peak hours?

  63. Jaenae McLeod says:

    NO in world warning is not appreicated at all.
    How do we know NOT to do transactions?
    Come on SL folks This has got to stop.
    Im tired of losing Lindens and OR bugging the shop owners about loss that is neither of our faults, Due to Sudden shut downs.

  64. skull oyen says:

    Again LL does another one of there database will be down for thirty minutes deals next time warn us inworld before you do anything it would be much apperciated thanks alot for nothing and secondly get rid of havok 4 and go with alienware servers

  65. Aneesa Jarman says:

    Oh goodieeeeeeee!!!! God I hate SL lately. For two weeks it was like walking through mud, then they fixed it. Then we lagged so bad it wasn’t worth logging on. Then every 15 minutes I crashed. Now, I can’t get voice, my SL partner is off to play WoW cause I can’t get on and I won’t see him til tomorrow. I give up.

  66. Pip Torokj says:

    If this “work on your Central Database Cluster” was indeed forced (or perhaps a feasible solution had suddenly occured to someone) some comment about the lack of notice would have been polite. As it is, it appears that the engineers are forgetting who is working for whom. Please tell me this is not so.

  67. freereedfreenote says:

    What is Linden Lab’s business policy as regards their obligation to provide service to those who are running businesses in Second Life? Sudden downtimes mean loss of revenue… not just to those major corporations who have been courted by Linden Labs.. but by the ordinary Second Life citizen who has a shop or a venue.

  68. Ike Sinatra says:

    Hi there however i`m a left winger and very social,and so appreciate your effords. however i must say… if you have freedom of expression its all or nothing! so either you allow your clients to express or not. for all i care politics and secondlife should be seperate, but its unthinkable when all have their own opinion, right or wrong! so subscribe precise whats allowed and what not, because i am confused now hahaha yours Ike Sinatra

  69. Giorgo Nikolaidis says:

    please please stop with al those updates!!!! beter see that it all works without alllllllll those login failures, lost of inventory, groepchats etc etc etc etc etc

  70. ALBi says:

    That’s it! This is the worst investment I have ever made. Your defective product is a danger to me financially. You should stop taking real money from people before the class action lawsuits start to fly. It’s true people don’t have to pay to play, but you take people’s money and deliver a defective product in return. That is grounds for legal action!

  71. Sabine Blackburn says:

    Thank you very much! We should have started our Beach Party with a famous DJ we invited…I’m really angry!!!

  72. Don Duke says:

    Refund. Like any company that cares for it’s customers would.


  73. IONIC Benton says:

    Its ok if you have to work on some stuff 🙂
    One great thing that you could do is —>> having a alternative for at least your premium accounts (users) We pay for premium and have so many times that logins are off etc… when you close the grid then let at least the premium users who pay for it log into that one. Even if that grid is maybe not complete same but at least good to log in and do maybe some minor things insteat to wait and wait and wait

    Think if this happends in future you maybe get also more premium accounts 😉 clever eh? 😉

  74. Missy Charron says:

    I just hope you guys let some of us back in who have events to do. Mine’s like in an hour. So this better really only take 30 minutes! But yeah…a bigger warning this is gonna happen would be nice!

  75. TheSmart Guy says:

    Free MGHG!!!

  76. baz Miles says:

    Why Oh Why can’t you talk to the people who keep you in work?
    All it takes is some warning!!
    Going to spend the next 30mins if thats all it takes looking for another place to spend my time/Money

  77. LKT says:

    This is happening too many times for the past whole month, too many problems on your part and it’s all being pushed on to us without any warnings. It’s just like either you take it or you don’t, OMG!!

  78. Cryssie Carver says:

    Is this a joke? Seriously? Again… does SL have uptime anymore as it constantly seems to be on downtime. I’ll see ya’ll in about 4 hours, because it’s never 30 minutes!!!!!

  79. Sandra Jarvis says:

    I host every day 12-2pm and almost every day my event is screwed up by the Lindens.
    SL down, tp’s not possible, payments down……….
    Chose another time to do things like this like very early in the morning or something.

  80. Mexico Nightfire says:

    not surprised with all the sandbox spammers last few weeks

    have these muppets got nothing better to do ?

    servers run sweet as a nut then some sad lonely bored 10 yr old lags all 30 users to death

    idiots like that DONT help the cause

  81. Nianna says:

    Bottom line…. No one cares about the complaints….because we all keep coming back… no real threat to them…. Listen…. hear it…laughter.

  82. Masuyo Aabye says:

    hello? they blogged about all this weeks downtime? didn’t take the time to read the blog a few days ago? your fault, not LL’s

  83. neon darkstone says:

    come on! fix the lag!

  84. Kelly Oliver says:

    The problems here are nothing new. *crossing fingers* Hope this Downtime wont last to long & that things in SL will get better.

    ~My RL thanks you for your support~

  85. zacthespack fizzle says:

    o come on guys you really need to get your attack together over the last 3 ish weeks sl has been really bad and this is why you not growing any where as big as things like world of warcraft STOP having to do these 30 mins here and there with out any notice please!!! i beg you i love second life but your making it a really pain to play

  86. River Ely says:

    Keep up the good work. grab more coffee, we need you guys to hold all this together.

  87. Sascha says:

    I don’t know how you plan your maintenance, but at peak times a short database break is pretty bah. Well at least at peak times it doesn’t matter, will feel like a normal day 😛

  88. Marlee McDonnell says:

    Yeah, I would have appreciated a little more notice too. But hey, if it sorts out the killer lag, the teleportation and transaction failures…

  89. Seraphena Beck says:

    thanks for the notice.. after the transaction failed! too little too late guys..you can do better!

  90. josu says:

    Hola, hasta los webos ya.

  91. Stiff ninetails says:

    Lets play hangman _ _ _ _ _ _!!

  92. Ike Sinatra says:

    So..GOD%***@ FUC(!&@#$$

  93. Major Darwin says:

    I would have appreciated a warning shot – I was curious as to why no scripts were resetting properly.

    PLEASE do ud a favor and warn us – even a 5 minute warning would have been NICE!!!!!

  94. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    I put in a support ticket because I want one week free classified at 30K Linden price since this is what I have been paying each week for a broken SL .. failed logins, failed transactions, broken tp’s, extreme downtime and so on.. and now failure to rez create an object missing from database now. No other respectable company would operate like this. By the way, I filed an abuse report today for some land I bumped into in Durango.. some castle with extreme graphic BSM sexual type of violence dipicting children… wonder when you are going to do something about that or are you just going to let the press get a hold of it? Hmmm.. You guys really need to get it together before you lose your client base. Poor customer service and no point to have a premium account because it means nothing if you are not a concierge.. everyone else is treated like dirt.. don’t rent guys because your rent doesn’t count either becuase you are in effect not a LL client but the client of your landlord.. yeah do I sound disgruntled? That is because I am. More downtime, great.. I refuse to buy more 30KL ads until I get my one week free. I wonder what you would do if everyone else did the same as me and decided to boycott LL ? Downtown.. lovely.. get it together LL as some of us are sick of your incompetenance. Please get the garbage off of SL too.. the graphic child violence. I find it horrendous.

  95. River Ely says:

    Yes we are all having issues, and yes we all have things to do, but whining is not gonna solve anything , lets all be constructive here folks, they are doing their best.

  96. Bruce Boram says:

    It’s incredible, no warning in world I understand and after I waste 10 minutes trying to log on, a post arrives on the blog. I understand that sometimes these things sneak up on you, but you could have put a notice on the login screen saying don’t bother until . I swear if this wasn’t the only way I can be with my fiance and family I’d curl up with a book and say sod it. Stop trying to “improve” SL and get the basics right. Havok 4… should be havok 4 everyone in sl. We can’t hug or kiss without hopping like we’re in there.com. No-one seems able to step over the edge of a rug without walking as though they’ve a stick up their backsides and as for some of the problems with existing scripted items… don’t even get me started.

    SL has a special place in my life, it’s where I met my RL husband to be and I’m usually one of the people saying “yeah but think how complex the whole system is” but yanno what.. give us a break!

  97. Sphire Ziemia says:

    Good thing Linden’s I’m sl married. Else I’d take a vacation for a few months, enjoy the summer and come back hoping sl was still here. Yes…I’m that sick of transactions issues as a builder. And why would I need to check in every other day? When my customers can’t buy anything?

  98. Rafiki Boa says:

    Here is an idea you can actually USE Lindens:

    Make it an automated system that whenever the Blog is updated, everyone in-world is automatically notified. The blog title can be mentioned, which usually says it all, and a link provided for the lazy.

    This gives everybody ample notice, and once its coded nobody has to write notices etc, its all automated.

  99. Tcko Cazalet says:

    I’ve been here since the 5th month of 2007….and every upgrade has slowly deteriorated my experience here. Sure I have a normal home pc which 99% of us do…I beleive the cart is being pushed by the horse. last year i could keep drw distance at around 300 with no problems…and the only thing that happened was the flailing in the air thing. Now I’m lucky to set draw at 64 and i even minimized my screen by an inch. Most of us don’t have 4gig ram gamers pc’s….and I believe LL should roll the viewer back to at least the last one instead of forcing the Windlight hybrid called havoc4 upon us…thats all it is…Windlight.
    I believe Havoc4 needed a lot more than a 6 month beta trial…maybe never……and LL should give us the option of the last viewer or havoc4……the last viewer for those of us who cant afford a gamer pc….my 2 cents…thanks

  100. Chaos Kilara says:

    Well, now what… instead of spending money in SL, Im going to go spend money on a movie. Looks like you’re losing money LL. Oh well, my money is going to something else. maybe i should donate to a charity too… better investment it seems than SL

  101. BK says:

    Not a single Linden response… doesn’t that tell us all we need to know

  102. Uccello Poultry says:

    An In-world notice would have been good. I might not have logged out to clear the memory leak & teleporting problems I was having.

  103. Dania daviau says:

    Well I normally do not complain, I know how problematic computers can be. But this time I am really also pissed. You either lie and this was a break down (which I would understand if you admitted it) or you have zero education not to alert people if this was planned. So either way that is a reason to be pissed this time. Either you lied or you don’t care. Both is no way in business.

  104. Snickers Snook says:

    Translation: We had a major unscheduled internal screw-up that threatened lots of stuff and had to be solved now or we would really be up pixel creek without a paddle. Thank you and have a nice day.

  105. Mini Pinion says:

    Downtimes are ok and needed .. downtimes with no prior notice are just a pain though 😦

  106. Tomi Lovenkraft says:

    This is exactly why I dropped down to a free account. I cannot justify paying for nothing being done; old, old, -old- issues still haunt SL.

  107. Active says:

    JUST take that damn Sl down for a week or two and fix the problems onece and for all jesus!!!!!!

  108. Stiff ninetails says:

    F _ _ _ S _!!

  109. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Here’s an idea. Why not stop this unlimited free account rubbish and you delete the load on the asset server by wiping out any accounts that haven’t logged on in over a year?
    Yes.. I know you like to market that fake bloated population number to advertisers and investors, but your actual customers are getting sick of being unable to do the basics every weekday afternoon.
    You have until school lets out this summer to get this fixed or SL is dead, because yes, underage vistors to the grid are getting in thanks to the lack of a manditory age verification and a lack of credit card requirement, and this has been spiraling out of control since June 2006.
    Windlight sure is pretty, but why not stop distracting us with magic tricks and fix what you’ve broken and let remain broken for months and months? The inventory loss bug that’s costing citizens RL money, money which you don’t reimburse to the citizens who file bug reports. It is YOUR responsibility, own up to it.

  110. Vitolo Rossini says:

    Well I have not been happy with the quality of ANYTHING isn sl since lasted forced update. I was in the middle of doing business. Passed a 7500 Linden dog to someone…they were about to pay.. and “click”.. I am left to hope that I can find them, and have them be honest. All other plannedmeetings are obviously not going to happen. I miss the old version. As far as the here and now goes… A warning (even 60 second warning) is in order.

  111. Alfons says:

    Next time an in world warning would be great!

    What kind of company are you???

  112. silke gausman says:

    I was wondering about the system running so faulty the last days. I had to go back from RC to normal client. 😦

  113. Saz Upshaw says:

    *puts the kettle on…. anyone else want one?

  114. Redmond Dollinger says:

    Good lord…. I completely understand the need to update servers, but come on! Some notice next time, please!

  115. silke gausman says:

    sure, what kind of?

  116. JackJack Oh says:

    @72 i’m a basic account, but don’t u think our data are different records on same database table?

  117. Congratulations Damen Hax @ 31 !!!!!

    Of about 100 comments to this post, you have the only positive one! Or might you just be cynical? [grin]

    To LL: Please give us some kind of warning next time, so we can save our souls. Even 15 minutes would do. Thank you.

  118. Wolvie Howton says:

    It would have been great if it popped up in that blue popup grid width and not when payments go tale and i have to login to the blog to find this out ….

    thanx in advance

  119. Vryl Valkyrie says:

    Did I forget to mention all the other things you guys messed up on? nevermind, the list is too long.. you want us to make your business grow and prosper while you kill ours.. guess what? if you kill our business and do not take responsibility or accountability in the end your business will suffer because you are nothing with us.. and.. once we are gone, the corporate clients will not want to be here either. Yes you are making way for a newer and better brave new virtual world to come along and sink your ship.. trademark this.

  120. Jethro Zanetti says:

    Es wäre mehr als wundervoll, wenn die zuständigen Techniker glaich auch die restlichen Probleme beheben könnten, wie z.B. dass eine Menge an Scripten nach dem letzten Update nicht mehr geht. Paymentscript, Rotationsscripte, time delays, bitte , liebe Techniker, macht keinen halben Kram, nehmt Euch die Zeit und bringt Second Life wieder dahin, wo es vor dem Update war. Zu einem Lagfreien und coolen game. Momentan bröckelt es an allen Ecken und Kanten.

  121. Zep Palen says:

    Well I agree with the crowd. Lousy service. Amateurish in fact.

    And anyway..30 minutes will be more like 30 promises without content.

    How in earth can LL speak about attracting businesses to SL when then cant provide a service for them ?

  122. Rylie Reichmann says:

    People should get paid for all the problems they have on that game its nuts and I dont blame any one of you for getting mad they should give notice but LL is to Lazy to do anything.

  123. Christos Atlantis says:

    Awsome its open again!

  124. Devilman Kohime says:

    First turning services off and the login. Then posting this message.
    My volume of sales is getting constantly lower since the last month because of your problems. But of cause Linden wants to have the money prompt.

  125. S Lemaire says:

    @ 78 there are people all over the world using SL it’s never a good time to close down.

    I am a tad annoyed but it’s not the end of the world.

  126. It is time for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Linden Labs.

    Are there any lawyers here??? It is time… Linden Labs is costing us millions of dollars. They make us lose inventory items, they make us lose Lindens…. It is time we the users of Second Life take action.

    Linden Labs is NOT fixing anything or they would have last year. They want stuff to break because it cost us to lose money…

    Please I’m begging for something to start a lawsuit against Linden Labs. This is why Linden Labs won’t IPO. If they do the FCC would be all over them!!!!

    Look at Project Open Letter it was from LAST YEAR!!!! not any of those things are fixed. http://projectopenletter.com/

  127. LKT says:

    *80, yeah, i do read SL Blogs every day, every mins, it’s just that after they have solved something some other crops up, Oh Lord!

  128. Grant Jacobus says:

    You know, I believe it is rather funny that Linden Labs just SHUTS DOWN the grid whenever they please. I do greatly understand the importance of why they closed it down, but they seem to lack comprehension of something called courtesy.

  129. Saz Upshaw says:

    I’m back in 🙂 x

  130. Anaka Destiny says:


  131. silke gausman says:

    @118 well spoken, but true. something is very buggy with operations. rotation scripts are running, after u copied the item with the script in it. 🙂

  132. Zep Palen says:

    [Completed 12:07 p.m. PDT] Our system engineers have completed work on the Central database cluster and services have resumed.

    H… no…Payments from items are still not working.

  133. Windchaser Rhode says:

    You know, this kind of crap’s been going on for, oh…about a month! Get it together and quit the shyt. The updates well before the last 5 you did were so much better and a hell of a lot more stable than these others. Quit messing around and get someone who’s more qualified in to fix the problems that you obviously cannot fix. I do know of a few very intelligent ppl who can. Get it together, LL!

  134. Grant Jacobus says:

    Wow okay never mind it works now 😀

  135. silke gausman says:

    well seems to be a prob of us software. think about billie gates wonderful world of doors…. ey… windows. 😉 any complaints? well.. everybody seems to use it for decades.

  136. Dekka Raymaker says:

    the thing is, you’ve cried wolf so many times in the past, made many promises to inform us about what is happening in advance, but you don’t, even if it’s down to the fact that you have problems communicating with us in-world that’s not an excuse at all, seeing that you preach about how SL is about communication, it’s going to be long time to regain the confidence of your customers, however hard you push at getting everything working better

  137. There seems to be many complaints about no warning around here. I guess that’s some experience, and something that should be done with. I haven’t been able to log on my self for a few days, but that’s my own computer problems causing it. Meaning that I’m not totaly updated about the situations is SL.

    — I Agree that there you should give atleast a five to three minute warnings before choking the SL power. It would make less unhappy customers. People like Angelica Seaton would be able to be understood that it wasn’t an attempt to escape an scam, and people would be able to safe keep their work. — Or say bye to the people they were chatting to, not being worried that the people thought the Resident bailed the chat. A warning is the only best option there is.

    I weren’t affected by this, so I say my opinions lightly. Even IF I were affected, I wouldn’t react like the residents stated over me. I usualy keep it to my self, respect the Linden Labs employees for working hard to keep the grid stable, and hope there’s going to be an better end of this.


    — Faxian Marksman

  138. Georgette Whitfield says:

    For everyone moaning about the lack of warning, please vote on Jira WEB-585. I filed this over 10-days ago about this very problem. Surprise surprise this Jira is still Unassigned.

    /me spanks the Lindens

  139. 4DaWin says:

    For those that are talking about getting an hour warning before they disable login’s, maybe you should read the following:
    Central Database Cluster
    What is it: A cluster of databases that store the core persistent information about Second Life – including resident profiles, groups, regions, parcels, L$ transactions and classifieds.

    How it can fail: The database can become loaded enough during normal operations that some fraction of transactions fail and either must be manually retried or are automatically retried. Hardware failure and software bugs in the database code can also cause the database to crash or stop responding. Logins will fail, transactions in-world and on the web site will fail, and so forth.

    How we fix it: If the primary database fails, we swap to one of the secondaries. If the database load is high but hasn’t failed we can turn off services to try and reduce the load.

    Also, for those people that think they should just go and “fix” all the code problems, you should probably start to think things through, if you script in SL, even the most complex script I have ever seen is not exceeding 250kb. Second Life if 15MB of code. Trust me; it is not easy to just “FIX” these things, especially when each of their “customers” is using a different type of computer and a different SL viewer. Speaking of which, using the most recent view, even if it does crash you a lot, well help them fix YOUR crashes much quicker, because everyone’s crashes are not always caused by the same thing, most are hardware conflicts.

  140. Liv Leigh says:

    Well.. another ad hoc fix to something that ‘popped up’. I’m getting used to it the past few weeks. Recent stability of the grid is dreadful.

  141. While it would have been nice to get a message on the server, I have been banging my head wondering what I did to my computer now..
    and even though i may have been hacked… but i am glad at least after reseting my system, that there was a notice on the web site..
    I know servers need maintained , but a suggestion if i may.. Please announce to those of us who are working in world..
    have a great day

  142. BK says:

    No it is NOT complete, its completely screwed up, I can’t even get home now

  143. Fredo Chaplin says:

    And as usual right at the moment where European people begin to login for the evening……

    The only thing you enhanced those past 4 weeks was your blog’s pruning abilities !

    Thanks for your efforts, but still to do !!!

  144. jag Voom says:

    I know there are alot of us engaged in commerce on SL that have been extremely patient the last few weeks, while SL seems to tumble consistantly downhill, but these issues of late are costing us real money. Not to sound like an echo, but serious focus needs to be given to stability of all inworld services. Truthfully the skies in SL are lovely, but feature functionality is was more important.

  145. Anhk says:

    hmmmm seems it is a trend for SL to be constantly problematic. I know someone who pays alot a month for the sim but doesn’t get what the proper action the sim is to be…..but….when it is brought to the attention of SL….what happens…..his account gets frozen….and he still is being charged for the sim…hmmmmm how does that work…sorry doesn’t…..alot of people pay fees for using your system….and they are not getting their monies worth…..inventory lost right out of inventory without rezzing…but you don’t replace it or give lindens back for the losses…..that isn’t proper business actions….no notice of the downtime…and yes i knew something was happening today but no time on when it was….just like those that posted here….i was in the middle of doing some things and now I have to start from scratch again……lag….omg it is getting annoying with the lag everywhere i go….some sims it is fine others….it takes me twenty minutes to walk 5 meters…. come now…..you have customers….and i am talking about those that spend hundreds…or thousands of dollars for this service…and they are not getting what they paid for….

  146. Gavin Hird says:

    Everyone who has worked professionally with database clusters knows they scale up to a certain load and after that all kinds of synchronization problems occur, which is what we now see on a daily basis.

    Throwing more hardware at it actually degrades performance as even more machines need to stay in sync. This simply does not cut it Linden.

    You urgently need to switch to and develop the grid for a SCALABLE database technology your and your customers can rely on. Otherwise the grid will crack and sink very fast like the Titanic did from use of substandard rivets.

    The asset server has now become Linden’s substandard rivet.

  147. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I think the login screen should have a bright yellow warning label that states “the grid is currently undergoing maintenance”. I know LL did post yesterday about these service interruptions (I saw them) but it appears that a lot of other members missed it.

  148. richard says:

    you need to get this money transfer stale thing fix, man oh man this is on going with you people(second life)

  149. pantaiputih korobase says:

    I think it could be very intersting for LL PR department that there are 130+ posts of dissapointed users within 20 minutes.
    pls think about that, LL, and act towards your customers and make your consequences in terms of communication, support, stability and IMPROVEMENT.

    btw, the grid is open again

  150. Vendors are not working, scripts not working, map blank, IM errors…….

  151. Khashai Steinbeck says:

    Well, back in much faster than 30 minutes good work there.

    Let’s see if you can keep it going for 24 hours for once.

  152. Mina Ward says:

    This is rediculous. Can’t you give us a some warning ingame before you pull this crap you used to. You didnt even put it on the site till after the fact. This has been what you do everytime lately. I understand having things needing updates but geez can’t you give us that pay you to be on here some sort of warning. Or do your paying ppl mean nothing to you. Ever since you did your last update everythings getting screwed up dint you even test it 1st to see what it was going to screw up. I know of at least 10 people me included that were forced to buy new computers or equipment. And the rollback to the old version did not help. Now i have a new computer and spend most of my time frozen kicked or logged out due to these spure of the moment shut downs. The least u could do is give us a little warning in game before you do this crap. I can understand why people are all talking about not paying any further for this since the support is non existant and clearly does not care even when they are online.

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