[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance until 1AM

[COMPLETE 2 a.m. Pacific] The scheduled maintenance has been completed! — Frontier

[REMINDER] Phase II of the breaker maintenance at our San Francisco facility will again require a shutdown of some of our server racks. The maintenance will continue until 1AM Pacific Time. Please refer to the original blog post, Maintenance Events Scheduled, 13 – 16 April, for full details.

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36 Responses to [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance until 1AM

  1. Oops says:

    You forgot to disable the comments here 😉

  2. Amaterasu Cinquetti says:

    Really wish you would post times in GMT as well. Most people know what time difference they are from GMT so are easily able to convert that to local time.

  3. Angelic Greenwood says:

    So…server racks. Anyone able to enlighten me about the lingo on this?

    All I can say is I’m stuck dancing on a pole right now…can’t stand up, can’t TP, but searches and profiles are up…..

    would really like to get off this pole…dancing on it is only fun when voluntary…hehe 🙂

  4. Mandork says:

    God created the man, than the man pwned God and the man created the machine, with the machine they created something that would make God kick his ass while biting his tongue, the man with the machine, created a world which can be perfected to each individual perfection, and a world where the mortal human can walk among other noobs, as gods!

    Thanks LL for what u did!

    btw: where do i find premium skins? ;p

  5. A/B Tester says:

    @2: Doesn’t everyone live in pacific time then? 😉

    And some of the server racks? O.O There are more then one?
    Sorry to be sarcastic, but all this fiddling around with server racks and having really bad experience with it in the past (losing USD $150 on stuff from my inventory and never got it payed back by LL nor anything done to try to solve it, after 6 months of sending Emails I gave up)

    So, please make a backup, whatever you do!

  6. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Hehe well Angelic it means if you live on the server you go link dead or like me no log in since it can not find my cute butt although seems to have no problem with my alt

    Oh link dead is what you are experiencing no control since thereis no server to talk to

  7. Angelic Greenwood says:

    Would that affect IMs? I’m talking with someone through those at the moment….

    I guess I should wait this out instead of trying to log off and back in huh?

  8. Tegg B says:

    Cool Maintence dudes, good luck with it 🙂

  9. FL0 Cale says:

    Lemme see if i can start an OOC conversation with one sentence *makes a brave look*


    Ok well, that’s it. Back to the Maintenance thing -.-

  10. Jaranath Aeghin says:

    So A/B Tester, you want LL to drop everything and hunt for your lost _sixty cents_??? You mailed them about it for _six months_???? You are playing the wrong game, amigo. ROFL!

  11. Jaranath Aeghin says:

    Oops, that was USD. *blush* I should sleep more, but then there’s SL…

  12. Jamila Hastings says:

    Jaranth, you might wanna look closer- A/B Tester lose $150 U.S. Dollars worth of stuff, not $150L. Not sixty cents worth.

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  14. kruegerfreddy says:

    Good luck Guys.
    C U all on the Betagrid.

  15. juju37p says:

    vous nous faite chier avec vos maintenance. y a tjr plein de bug meme après lol

  16. Psyke Phaeton says:

    I sit done yet? Is it safe to do things? Can you make the blog us our own time zones?????

  17. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Is the maintenance over LL?

  18. Neo Anderson says:

    It’s not real , never was , there is a way out of here . . .

  19. Trin says:

    Attends, juju37p,
    Ca va empirer…


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  21. Trin says:

    Cool name, Neo !

  22. Balder Miles says:

    Alot of scripts are not working atm; rotationscripts, doorscripts ect. Will these bugs be fixed with the next upupdate ?

  23. hugsalot says:

    so 45 mins after this is supposed to be finished, I get unceremoniously kicked off the gird?

  24. GinaWild Bailey says:

    Thanks Lindens, for the money transfer issues over the last days.
    It’s very hard to run a club and keep staff happy when guests aren’t even able to tip them. I bet your 15% economic growth includes the stale transactions. sorry must have had a clown for breakfast.

  25. U M says:

    Still can`t believe they are having money transfers problems. It seems like this issue is with us to stay . Just like rebaking is……………..

  26. RB says:

    Amaterasu Cinquetti , everyone else manages to calculate their time vs Second Life time, why can’t you?

  27. LegsLover Lusch says:

    Just done maintenance you say,

    Here’s what ya didn’t fix, I’m on the aussie server.

    1, I can’t get into SL cos I keep crashing after log on, check crash logger.

    2, I crash after rezzing a new object brought into my land.

    3, I mostly crash after turning left/right using the arrow keys.

    4, I crash after tp’ing.

    5, I’m crashing more times than a blind man in a dodgem car.

    6, Scripts are still resetting back to previous settings.

    7, Some scripts have stopped working, noticed it in other locations as well.

    8, My glass of milk has gone sour waiting for SL to be fixed, it’s powdered milk too.

    You haven’t fixed anything, it’s obvious the technicians you have don’t have the experience or knowledge, so, how about getting someone who knows how to fix things.

    In all honesty, I said 6 months ago you’ve gone over the top and don’t know how to fix it, you haven’t proved me wrong yet.

    Every new version brings more problems ontop of the ones we have already. Bring back, it worked better than this latest version, much better.

  28. U M says:

    There are more people from around the world on this game.If you havent noticed :/

  29. Linda Brynner says:

    Agree… GMT is the standard, not PST.
    A majority is from outside the US, thank you.

  30. /me laughs at those that want & think a switch to GMT should be considered all because “its the standard”

    i am all for it, as soon as we require all to learn, speak & type english since it is ALSO the standard.

    /me shakes head & walks away laughing to read more of the comics section (blog) with my morning coffee.


  31. U M says:

    Remeber this is the same company switched from PDT TO SLT and then back to PDT.They dont have a ******** of a idea what they are doing Suger

    U sagi Musashi

  32. Vic Beresford says:

    “i am all for it, as soon as we require all to learn, speak & type english since it is ALSO the standard.”

    Well, actually, a LOT of people should learn at least totype english…

  33. sexina Rayna says:

    and again rezzing a box takes many minutes…
    people don’t rezz and are invisible…
    vendor-systems need many minutes to bring the things out to the customers…
    searching for textures while building in the own inventory? Well If you have the time…
    saving a script? why do you try to scripting… thats your own fault…
    TP to an other location. you will need a huge time waiting for rezz…
    the lindens takes full tier and prevent the contentcreators to sell the stuff….
    the questions is: How long must we wait bevor SecondLife will work like a normal 3D-internet-Game…
    The word Lag is only used in SecondLife This word is not used in any other internet-3D-Game.
    And voice splits the community!

  34. U M says:

    Oh its usable for BOTS since they don`t need a graphic client……..:/

  35. Carpatio Bade says:

    Hi, I have much more trouble with Login walking etc… after all the new things, what’s up????

  36. None says:

    No Linden Lab employees read this. You can complain and say things and fill out support tickets and no one cares. As long as they got your money they’re happy. Screw us land owners who lose money whenever something F’s up.

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