[CLOSED] Reduced Voice and Live Chat Support for Next Few Minutes

[CLOSED 9:45 a.m. Pacific] The power cycling is complete.  All voice and live chat channels are now running at normal capacity.


A minor hardware glitch has prompted us to shut down the power to one of our support teams for about ten or fifteen minutes. This is causing reduced access to voice and live chat for Billing and Outworld support; Concierge support is unaffected. This should take about fifteen or twenty minutes to address at most.

[Edit: in World Support channels are also unaffected.]

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7 Responses to [CLOSED] Reduced Voice and Live Chat Support for Next Few Minutes

  1. Thanks for the update 🙂

  2. Cat Gisel says:

    Really? Reduced Voice? You are teasing us, I bet all that needless chatter is still out there, hehe.

    But it was a nice thought 🙂

  3. bobber alter says:

    i am geting no sound at all and my stuf works good

  4. bobber alter says:

    i got a mandtory update to 1.20.xxxxx i was in wind light now you have fixed it to where i cant use wind light at all it was fine before the update

  5. canipanic maslow says:

    i have a karaoke lounge..voice has been terrible last few days..hope its fixed..its hard to hear someone singing with it cutting out and crappy sound..takes away from the fun of it all..or it could be because of the new update,i am so hoping it was the voice server issue..i’m not selling any products,so i don’t lose money,it just takes away from the fun of it all

  6. JayR Cela says:

    Huh ?????? Voice is broken 😦 !!!! LOL !!!
    Give me a Fricking break / it has never really worked correctly to begin with / and most folks do not even bother with using it anyways

    JayR Cela :_)

  7. Zachy says:

    Huh? It is not working. I and my friends cannot get into voice anymore and in the options menu it says ‘voice not available’. Care to tell us what’s going on?

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