[UPDATE] Maintenance Events Scheduled, 13 – 16 April

[UPDATE 15 Apr, 11:22 a.m. Pacific] The Wednesday maintenance for the support portal is canceled.  All the necessary work was completed during the Sunday night maintenance.

[RESOLVED 22:44] The service disruptions caused by tonight’s maintenance should now be taken care of. Thank you for your patience and understanding. – Twilight

[UPDATE 14 APR 22:27] The maintenance is causing some disruption of services for some residents, including logging in, teleporting and transactions. Please refrain from making any transactions until further notice. Please monitor this post for further updates as they occur. – Twilight

We have one maintenance event scheduled for each day between this coming Sunday and Wednesday, inclusive.

The maintenance is of two types, and each event will briefly impact resident experience in one of two ways.

Sunday 13 Apr, 9pm – 10pm Pacific: Our support portal will be off line for one hour for Phase I of a two-step vendor maintenance event. During that time, the support portal will be unavailable for chat or ticketing services.

Monday 14 Apr, 10pm – 1 am (Tuesday) Pacific: Phase I of an essential two-step upgrade to the breaker system at our San Francisco datacenter facility will require a shutdown of a number of our server racks.

Tuesday 15 Apr, 10pm – 1 am (Wednesday) Pacific: Phase II of the breaker maintenance at our San Francisco facility will again require a shutdown of some of our server racks.

Wednesday, 16 Apr, 7 am – 9am Pacific: The final phase of the support portal maintenance. The support portal will again be unavailable during the maintenance window.

Operations is already at work minimizing impact of the Monday and Tuesday maintenance by rerouting essential backbone services. However, we project that a total of approximately 1400 regions will experience three hours of downtime on one or the other of those nights.

Due to the way regions are dynamically assigned, we cannot predict in advance which regions will be affected, but as we get closer to the start times, we’ll publish any particulars that our own Ops team can control or pre-schedule to minimize impact on resident experience.

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