[BUMPED] Object to object emails failing in-world

[6:45 PM – Bumped] We’re still getting a few reports of rebellious objects which refuse to participate in object-to-object email.

If you are the owner of such an object, please visit https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-688 and comment with as much detail as you’re willing to share of:  The object name, the originating region/coordinates, and the destination region/coordinates.

[11:44 AM – Closed] This bit of detective work is finished, and our internal testing is successful. If you’re still having trouble with an older rezzed script which should be delivering interobject email, please let us know via the support portal. Thanks!

[09:36 AM – Update] We’re still working on the small group of objects which have stopped emailing properly. It will probably take us until early afternoon Pacific today to report significant progress or closure.

[02:43 AM – Update] A script has been run to go through each region and reset some email parameters for each one. Following this, new objects being created appear to be emailing correctly but we are still hearing of a few pre-existing objects not emailing at this time. We will monitor this situation overnight and aim to have an update in the morning.

[01:43 AM – Update] We believe that only around 15 regions are affected by this failure but we are actively working to resolve it. More news as soon as we get it.

We’re getting reports of object to object emails (e.g. vendors) failing across a small number of regions at this time. We are looking into the source of this problem and will update you in due course.

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