[CLOSED] Login issues and some In World Features not available.

[10:29 AM] The patch has finished rolling in world.  We believe this should solve the rash of stuck presences which have been interfering with some residents’ login attempts this morning.  We’ll be monitoring service portal requests to double-check.  Thanks for your patience!

[9:58 AM] Operations will be deploying a patch within the next few minutes as part of their corrective effort. It should take only a few seconds to visit each region in world, but will momentarily disrupt group prifles and friends online information.

[9:17 AM SLT – Re-opened] Login issues have returned. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

[8:17 AM SLT – Resolved] The difficulties below have now been resolved. Many thanks for you patience whilst we worked on these.

We have been getting multiple reports of logins failing and/or residents with stuck presence (“You are being logged out. Your account will not be available until… ). We are investigating the root cause and will be updating you on our progress as new information becomes available.

Other systems also seem to be affected including the Search tool and possibly Group Info. We will let you know when we can expect things to be returning back to normal as soon as we have a clear picture on what is causing this and what it will take to repair it.

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