[RESOLVED] Failed Teleports and Region Crossings

[08:12 AM – RESOLVED] Our Ops Team has confirmed and fixed the cause for this problem. Thank you for bearing with us! – Lotte

[07:40 AM – Update] The search goes on, and we have narrowed the possible causes down, but still need to confirm we’re on the right track. Stay tuned. – Lotte

[06:27 AM – Update] Our Ops Team is back to resume the investigation into these issues. We will keep you posted on our progress. – Lotte

[3:00 AM – Update] For the time being this issue can’t be resolved and will require further investigation later this morning.

[1:00 AM – Update] Time for an update šŸ™‚ We are investigating expired_region_handoff error messages. This issue may prevent residents from crossing over or teleporting into an affected region. — Frontier

If you are experiencing this issue there is a work around you may try that involves setting the Start Location before connecting to Second Life.

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences on the menu bar
  2. Click the General tab
  3. Turn on the option Show Start Location on Login Screen
  4. Exit Second Life
  5. Launch Second Life, but don’t connect!
  6. Enter the name of the region you with to visit into Start Location
  7. Click Connect

A number of regions are experiencing failed teleports and region crossings. The issue is currently under investigation. If you encounter this issue, please contact support with the name of the affected region. At this point, other inworld services such as transactions are unaffected. Please stay tuned to this post for further updates.

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